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If I remember correctly, I've tried this challenge two years running, alongside Shedender, trying to battle through all the European leagues and trying to win every trophy going. The furthest I got was Denmark, a couple years ago which saw me tick off six countries by 2033! This time I look to complete them all, the whole World! As with this challenge I'll start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and without any coaching badges.

Thanks Shedender the first, of many, ticked off!

Definitely tensed it all up Wilc94, thought we were set to blow it but we came back strong.

Johno I thought we had blown it, especially when we went on to lose two on the bounce! Thanks man!

Cheers Tommo. one of many I can only hope!

Thanks van6969
FC Liefering - Season Records & Stats 2015/2016


We had done it, last season we were celebrating surviving in the division after I turned the teams fortunes around, this year we are celebrating promotion to the top tier. Our players were superb all through the season and despite our blip at the end, we crossed the line first, now to look back on a few records and stats from the season.


Not a bad statistical record to hold, I have guided FC Liefering to an all new high finish, their previous high was third place, we now have the top spot in the second division with next season another guarantee high finish.


Along with our all time high finish in the league, we broke a league record in the amount of goals scored by a single team in the league. We ended up netting ninety one league goals and amazingly, we broke the record by just a single goal! Unbelievable stuff!


Thoroughly deserved! Both strikers were superb all season and both were named among the top goal scorers as they pinched first and second place. Dwamena netted thirty three league goals whilst his strike partner, Fernandez, ended up netting twenty four times.


Here are my stats from my time in charge of FC Liefering so far. I've spent five hundred and thirteen days in charge of the Austrian club. This has seen us play fifty four matches, winning twenty six and drawing twelve. Along the way we have lost just sixteen times. A win percentage of forty eight isn't too bad at all, whilst we have scored one hundred and twenty five goals, conceding one hundred and one though.


Finally my attributes, another interesting thing to look at as the seasons go on, a few changes with all my mental stats now having gone up one since the end of last season and my attack coaching going up this season. My reputation, media handling and managing finances appear to be my strongest attributes to date.

Next Post: A Slight Hitch and Twist
Brilliant work winning the league mate! Lots of goals And good too see the awards coming in too!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Nice mate. Much luck in the first League...

Where you made the screens of the results? I can not find a site where the Logos, the Club Names and the Scorers...
Thanks as always George14brfc we were brilliant going forward and deserved the goals!

Thanks Totos Autographs however slight hitch in this post with the First League business. As for the logos it comes up after the matches I just screenshot it and crop it down.
FC Liefering - A Slight Hitch And Twist
1st June 2016


Well, only a few days have gone by since we won promotion and the league came to an end, but as we prepared to go away for the summer and the league reset itself I found out a little issue which could half progress a little bit...


Here was the issue, the league reset and we were still in the second tier as FC Wacker Innsbruk earn promotion and not us. I looked to see if I had missed anything but the only explanation I can think of is due to our close link with Redbull Salzburg? But that would mean I can't continue with these as I'm missing a place in the top flight.


And with that, I had no choice but to resign, I already have the league title in this division and if I can't go up there is next to no point me staying here as we aren't going to bring in the quality required to win the cup when we are in the second tier! I am going to add a couple more leagues in and try for a new job, it will more than likely be out this country as I feel to get anywhere in Austria I am going to have to be Rebull Salzburg.

Next Post: Hopefully A New Job
That's madness
Yeah thats right. I come from Germany and am fan of RB Leipzig. Liefering is a feeder club of Leipzig and especially Salzburg. Red Bull buyed the license of USK Anif 'cause they wanted to have a 2nd League feeder team and the 2nd Squad of RB Salzburg is not allowed to play in "Liga 2".

Good Luck for the next team...
Wow, incredible twist in the story already! Certainly didn't see that coming. Hopefully you can find a new job and hit the ground running!
Unlucky there but the league win should help you get a decent job
I know Johno! Didn't even realise!

That would be what it is Totos Autographs jus surprised really, it never crossed my mind!

Sure was a twist, unexpected one at that Wilc94 for you and me! Now to try and find another project club!

You'd think wouldn't you Tommo. however my reputation will have hardly changed
Welcome To Hungary
5th July 2016

So as it says, a trip to Hungary was on the cards next for me. Just a short four hour drive from Austria to Hungary and it wasn't long until I found a new job, I had only added Hungary in along with Austria so after filtering through the jobs that were currently available as it become playable and one stood out to me.


Vasas were the side that approached me after a good interview, I attended two interviews, one for some lower team who I guess only just got promoted into the second tier and then Vasas, this was my prefered job and my only actual offer. The only tough thing, they expect us to challenge for the title! With small transfer budget and wages available, its time to get down to business, the nitty gritty information is here, time to accept?


Yes, course I was going to accept it, a side wanting me as manager who really want to challenge for the title, I couldn't give this opportunity up now! A two year deal, hopefully we can hit the ground running.

Next Post: Who are Vasas
Interesting challenge in Hungary. Hopefully you can make it in 3-4 years.

For this screens? Do you play FMC or have any other skin, because i can not find this scoreboard with the blue box.
Good luck in Hungary. First time I have seen a team want you to make the most from set pieces
The skin I'm using Totos Autographs is this one here, with any luck we'll be out this league first time of asking!

Thanks Tommo. don't remember managing here before so it'll be interesting, most of my interviews I've attended say they slightly agree with that so I've said it to keep them happy!
Who Are Vasas


Before I get going in Hungary, its only fair to show you a little more of who Vasas are and the situation the club are in. I have already told you they play in the second tier of Hungarian football. This is the lowest possible playable tier so I've started in the place I need to be. They are also favorites to go up this season, so that should pay on my side.


The finances, well they are pretty good and I'm pleased with what I have to work with here! The balance is over half a million, in the black!! The transfer budget is suitable and gives me a little bit to play with whilst the wages are so far in control I could bring in a big number of free transfers, should I be able to find the right players.


Here is the team! Obviously I know little about them as it is, we haven't had a friendly or anything just yet, but looking at my assistant managers ratings I have taken on a very good team. I've already seen a few areas and players that could leave this summer should I be able to find the suitable replacement, for example we don't need three keepers.


Bit of good news, I spoke to the board during my first day in charge and asked them if I could study my National C License as it would only make me a better manager, they agreed that the qualification would be beneficial and have paid for and sent me on the course. Now to wait four months to see if I am successful.

Next Post: Vasas - Pre season Round Up 2016
A lot of high potential players in your team. Will be good to see how they develop
A great title win last time out! Looking forward to seeing what you can do in Hungary! Hopefully your stay will be a longer one than mine? I have a very cheap shack that I can rent out to you if you'd like?
Disappointing news about Austria, but at least you've got your first trophy under your belt. Now make a name for yourself in Hungary and maybe RB Salzburg will come calling. I hope so, Salzburg's a lovely city...
So wait a minute, you won the league but you didn't get promotion to the Bundesliga? Ridiculous. It's a shame yer stint at Liefering had to end in that way but cest le vie. Good luck in Hungary, it's an interesting twist and feel this challenge is 'better' if we don't go alphabetically. KIU pal, will continue to follow.
Not a bad squad to work with, let's hope you can be successful here!
Good luck in Hungary! Also very good news that you are getting your C licence!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Good luck with Vasas Surprised to see you're on coaching course
Yeah hopefully they can produce Tommo.

The shack would be wonderful thank you Tongey I'll pay you in peanuts? Hopefully I can last longer than you here!

Thats the plan Simoncoyne make a name for myself here in Hungary, scoop as many trophies as possible and hope Redbull Salzburg come running for me

It sure was ridiculous Shedender but thats life, I still have the trophy, just not the promotion I needed so I had to up sticks and go! Definitely is better not going alphabetically.

Hopefully it will be a successful squad Wilc94

Thanks George14brfc, I needed to get on that qualification as soon as possible.

Thanks Johno I had to get on it as soon as I could.
Vasas - Pre season Round Up 2016


Life in Hungary didn't start to bad, once I made the four hour drive from my wooden hut in Austria to renting Tongey's shack in Hungary. I had joined the perfect time, whilst the summer is here, I can build the squad up and hopefully get them use to my tactics before the competitive side of the football here begins.


Four players have left this summer, loads of players made noise about moving and these are the four I ended up letting going in the end. We only made twenty thousand pounds but its twenty thousand more than we would of had if the transfers didn't happen. I did make sure we were able to cover the players in the squad we had.


Just one player joins this summer, I struggled to find 'quality' to bring in and in the end David Asztalos was the only one I found. The twenty one year old centre back should hopefully sure up our defence a little, he cost us sixty two thousand pounds from MTK.


On the pitch the friendlies started very slowly and poorly as we won just one in five, however we went on to turn it around, picking up five wins and three draws from our next eight games, this included a four one victory over RAFC in the Magyar Kupa First Round. A strong performance with striker Takacs netting twice after a good pre season.

Next Post: Vasas - August 2016
Vasas - August 2016


The summer has come and gone here in Hungary, admittedly it could of gone better and we could of brought some more players in however we are stuck with what we have now. Going into August and the competitive fixtures we faced three games to open the season, two in the league and then another in the cup which proves to be a group round.


Decent way to open the season with a win, we were at home, welcoming Balazujvaros and claiming a good two one victory. Olah gave us the lead just four minutes before the break, making the half time team talk much better. Gruz made it two nil in the second half before the travelling side pegged one back which was just a consolation goal.


So, so, so disappointed with the team and the defence for this performance. We were in good shape twenty five minutes in as Berecz and Adam both netted for us, seeing us two nil up, which we continued to hold at the break, but second half we collapsed, conceding three times, including two penalties! I told the defence exactly what I thought of their second half performance.


The league isn't too important for us after just two games but we sit sixth, we won't go too much on this.


The cup group stage has well and truly started and we were well beaten. We faced top tier side Ferencvaros who well and truly showed their quality. One goal before the break ruined our morale from our good start before three second half goals put the game beyond doubt.


Heres the cup group after just the opening game. Hopefully we can sneak through, but with two top tier sides in this division I highly doubt we will end up sneaking through.

Next Post: Vasas - September 2016
Decent start Dan! A win and a loss unlucky to lose from 2-0 up especially with 2 penalties. And an expected defeat in the cup.
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Thanks again George14brfc, it was so frustrating throwing away that two nil lead especially with two penalties! The cup game was expected as you say.
Vasas - September 2016


We had started the season 'okay' with one league win and one defeat along with a heavy defeat in the first group game of the cup, but we had three points on the board and I think at this stage, that was the important thing. Now this month was slightly busier here in Hungary and it was important we kepy picking up points. My updates are slightly different, due to being in two cups its easier to show results this way


Decent enough month with us facing six games in three different competition.

We kicked off with a two nil win over Papa, it was important we won this to get back on winning terms and bringing the morale back up. Vida and Adam were on the scoresheet for us either side of the break. A clean sheet as well was massive.

Next our second group game of six in the Ligakupa and we picked up a fantastic four two victory over Puskas Akademia, the top tier side. We left it late but two goals in the final fifteen minutes was enough to see us come back to claim a massive win, once again Adam on target with two goals.

Back to league action and back with a massive win. We smashed ZTE five two with Martin Adam netting four goals! He's found some superb form as of late and netting four here along with Takacs finding the net secured another superb win.

Two defeats then came back to back, firstly we lost in the other cup, the Magyar Kupa Second Round to top tier opposition Kecskemet, we performed well, coming back from behind twice as Piller and Adam both scored, but a second half goal with half an hour remaining saw the away, higher league side go through.

Then we were smashed by Szigetszentmiklos, they picked up their first win of the season as they beat us four one at home. Piller netting our only goal but in truth it was very pool.

We then faced league leaders Kaposvar and claimed a big win, we won one nil to close the gap up on them a little bit, we left it late, very late indeed as Lazok netting a ninety first minute header from a corner, securing the points.


Close in the league, we sit in third place after the opening six league games. Kaposvar stay top having picked up fifteen points from their opening six games. Szegard are second on thirteen points whilst we sit in third on twelve points, exactly where we are predicted to finish, however I want promotion this season!


In the other cup we are almost halfway through, if we can beat Balmazujvaros in the next two meetings with them we could really stand a good chance of going through!

Next Post: Vasas - October 2016
Decent enough month their chief and a solid start to the league campaign.
As always, thanks for the support Shedender its been a steady enough season to date
Vasas - October 2016


Into October and it was the penultimate month of this half of the season, we'd head into a winter break in two months time but we'd have to get through these two first. It was set to be one hell of a busy September, with games, goals, upsets and superb results! But how much of that would go our way and not against us.


Four wins, one draw and two defeats from our seven games throughout October really pleased me, we've performed well in the league once again.

We beat Ajka in the opening game of October, three two in a tightly fought five goal affair. All three of our goals came from Takacs who picked his form up this month. Ajka couldn't pull back a third despite dominating the final half hour.

We then travelled to Balmazujvaros in the cup and grabbed the win we really needed, a two nil win away from home was superb and once again it was Takacs with both out goals, five goals in two games for the striker.

A trip to Gyirmot saw us draw two a piece, but brilliantly we came back from two nil down as we showed a great second half performance. Takacs netted first for us to bring it to two one before an own goal grabbed us a point.

We lost heavily to Ferencvaros, expectedly so I guess, they stuffed us five one in the cup.

But what a way to bounce back, welcoming Cegled who we stuffed seven three, Martin Adam the man of the match once again as he netted four goals in a single game for a second time this season. Nanasi, Takacs and Gruz were all also on target for us in a superb attacking game but not so good at the back.

A four one defeat soon followed on the road against Bekescsaba, a team we should be at least drawing with, no way should we be playing that badly to lose. Olah gave us the lead and it was level at the break, but three goals in the second half for the host secured their points.

We ended the month away at Dunaujvaros who we beat one nil. Tamas Gruz netted a penalty after just two minutes to secure the points for us.


Eleven games down, thirty left to play and we are finally on top of the perch! Delighted to finally be at the top of the table, I just wonder if we can hold onto it now. Obviously we are set to finish third from the media predictions but if we can continue our good form we could really press on for that league title. We are just a single point clear as it stands.


Four games into the cup group stage and we are really pressing for that qualification spot to the Quarter Finals! Ferencvaros have been superb winning all four of their games, we sit second on half the points whilst Puskas Akademia and Balmazujvaros both sit on three points just behind us. One more win and we are through!

Next Post: Vasas - November 2016
Looking good in the league! Hopefully you can see the last 2 games in the cup through and qualify in that second position.
Thanks again tongey it would be good to qualify from that group but two tough games remaining yet!
Vasas - November 2016


The winter break was almost upon us as we headed into November! Just six games to go until we could relax and put our feet up as the cold winter sweeps in! But it wouldn't be that easy this month, we had four league games which would take us to the halfway stage in the competition, which we went into this month at the top. We then had two cup games left to try and get out the group and into the quarter finals.


Six games this month, just three wins and one draw throughout November, our form dropped a little admittedly! But the winter break would now be here.

We first faced Veszprem who we narrowly beat two one. It was to be Takacs who gave us the lead in the fifteenth minute only for us to be level at the break. Second half we pressed on a little more with an own goal finally sending us to all three points.

Back to back wins came and this time it was at home against Balmazujvaros in the cup, with a win, meaning we were through. It was a narrow game and a third minute goal from Berecz, striking a superb free kick sent us through.

Halfway through the month we travelled to Soroksar who grabbed a point from us. Everything happened in the first half. The host took the lead in the opening five minutes but we equalised on the stroke of half time through Lazok.

Then came back to back defeats. Firstly at on the road at top tier side Puskas Akademia, they were always expected to beat us and they did, we held our own well though, losing just one nil.

A one nil defeat at home against Csakvar then came, another poor showing from us.

But we'd go into the winter break with three points as we beat Szolnok away from home in the seven goal game. An own goal put us ahead before Kekesi and Lazok made it three nil by the break. Szolnok came back, netting twice before Vida made it four two. A late injury time goal for the host was purely a consolation.


Yes! Halfway through the season and into the winter break, we go into it at the top of the pile! Delighted we've not only managed to hold our position but once again push our way forward a little more. We sit top now by two points and only three points over third place. We still haven't got the breathing space we need admittedly but we are getting there.


The cup group would finish like this, we caused a little surprise by forcing our way through the cup and making it into the Quarter Finals. Ferencvaros finish with thirteen points at the top, us in second on nine whilst the other top tier side on the competition, Puskas Akademia finished in third on seven points and Balmazujvaros bottom on six points. In the Second Round we will play Videoton.

Next Post: Vasas - Winter Break Round Up 2016/2017
Great work on continuing your stay at the top. Nice to see you do well in the cup too
Doing well in the league despite picking up few loss in this month fixtures.
What the hell October looked a bit mad. Lose 5-1, win 7-3 then lose 4-1.
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