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If I remember correctly, I've tried this challenge two years running, alongside Shedender, trying to battle through all the European leagues and trying to win every trophy going. The furthest I got was Denmark, a couple years ago which saw me tick off six countries by 2033! This time I look to complete them all, the whole World! As with this challenge I'll start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and without any coaching badges.

Things progressing very well mate.
Easy for the moment ! Keep it up man, you'll do it
Wouldn't say disappointing draw Shedender, they've won the league the last two seasons running!

Very well indeed SBR

Thanks Alveio
TNS - November 2049


Into the penultimate month of the calender year, its not been a year to remember really as I had my second sacking of the career and first relegation of this career, failing to save Shakhtar, but it looks better now as we are truly sailing away with a league title with TNS and proving to be unstoppable it seems here in Wales.


Another strong month with four wins from five games throughout November. Three clean sheets and conceding just three goals this month is very pleasing. We only played three league games, won two and draw to Bangor City nil nil. A win in the Welsh Cup Third Round and the League Cup Semi Final saw us extend our hopes for the treble.

We travelled to Conwy for the first league game of the month and nearly blew a three nil lead which was built up in twenty eight minutes. McCann, Bryan and Joyce netted for us whilst we conceded two second half goals.

A trip to West End saw us narrowly win one nil with Joyce netting in the Welsh Cup Third Round, we should of won by more!

The League Cup Semi Final at a neutral venue saw us beat Llangefni four one. Joyce bagged another double for us whilst McCann netted two as well a romping victory. We face Bala in the Final in January.

A trip to Bangor City saw it end nil nil dull game.

Ended the month with a second game against Llangefni as we welcomed them and beat them for a second time this month, this time three nil. Martin and Joyce netting before the break whilst McCann struck in the second half.


Eight points clear with thirteen league games played this season, just twenty games to play for the remainder of the league season and we are in control and running away with it, still unbeaten in the league as well. Bangor City are trying to keep up the pressure on us but falling a point behind each month it would seem to date.

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Didn't realise they had won the league two seasons in a row, still, as a professional side, it's a poor result.

But as expected you are doing v. well in the league.
Yeah afraid so Shedender however we are set to claim it back this season
TNS - December 2049


The final month of the calender year and the final year in the 40s. We were set to go into 2050 in absolute fine fashion, still flying in the league, in a cup final and playing well in the other cup as well, right now it seemed very little could stop us this season, we were still unbeaten in Wales too.


Unbeaten once again, not a great month for the fans and especially not for the neutrals thats for sure as we saw just seven goals scored for us in four games and one conceded as we battled on to keep three strong clean sheets, we remained picking up the points, thats the main deal.

A nil nil draw with Afan Lido, boring game.

Back at home we welcomed Aberystwyth who we beat two nil. Flynn netting just before the half hour mark whilst Martin netted seven minutes into the second half securing the win.

A trip to Connah's Quay saw us win three one. Bryan and Joyce sending us two nil up at the break. Second half we conceded one, on the back foot but battled back to secure the points as McCann netted in the final minute.

We ended the month with a two nil win away at Haverfordwest. We performed well with Joyce netting a second half brace.


Eleven points clear and we have a game in hand, this league title is ours to lose as long as the board don't start being gay and dismiss me like they did last year then I don't see any reason why we can't go on to wrap up Wales this season.

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Might only be January but surely you can wrap it up.Hope you can keep it up mate.
Yeah I'm more than confident SBR
TNS - January 2050


WELCOME TO 2050!! Never thought I'd say that on the start of this career but we are here, ever nearing fifty years into the future. My third stint here in Wales is proving to be the best I've had yet and I just need to keep it up and make sure we cross the line. Going into the new year unbeaten domestically really puts us in good shape for a busy month in the league and a cup final to deal with.


The perfect month, due to my poor cropping you can see that we beat Bala in the League cup Final, but more on that later. We were superb in the league winning five our of five to round off the initial part of the competition. Wins in both cups continue to put us in great shape for the super treble too.

We beat Bala six one at home to kick off the month. A super showing at Putman and Burnett netted a brace each whilst North and Joyce both grabbed a single goal to take us to this massive win, a replay in the cup final is to come still.

We travelled to league holders Airbus UK and beat them four two Another great showing from my boys as Matthews netted a spot kick before Joyce struck twice, one in either half and Chris Martin had a goal just before the brea.

A trip to Newtown saw us narrowly win two nil, our only clean sheet this month, goals from Flynn and Putman secured the win before the break.

A dominant return home as we smashed five past Port Talbot in this dominant five one win. Martin netted twice in the first half before Putman also netted before the break. There were second half goals for Joyce and Matthews.


Yes, trophy number one of three here in Wales is done and dusted as we battered Bala here in the final five goals to one. We were flying four nil up at the break as there were goals from North, Martin, Whitmore and Joyce. Second half Joyce netted our fifth before a late penalty for Bala gave them a consolation goal late on.

A two one win in our final league game of the month saw us welcome Conwy and secure the points. Evans and Joyce netted before the break and we conceded second half.

We finished with a three two win away at Monmouth in the Welsh Cup Fourth round, goals from Martin, Done and Evans secured a narrow victory again as we should of won by more.


Twenty two points clear, if we blow this league title then I will retire from them game and never play football manager again, promise!

Next Post: TNS - February 2050
Congrats on winning the cup Won't be long til you add the league to it
The gap between 2nd and 11th is only 1 point bigger than the gap between 1st and 2nd. Dominant is the word this season!
Thanks Johno, Hopefully not long now at all!

Its been an incredible season bmg033
TNS - February 2050


With the first of three trophies required in Wales now ticked off after winning the League Cup in January we could wrap up the league title here in February should our unbeatable form continue. We've been unbeaten domestically since I took charge and look set to win our first league title in three years, we just need to do enough to cross the line now.


A superb month in February thus ending up with us being crowned league champions as we continued our form into the Championship group here with three wins and a draw with three league clean sheets too. We also saw us progress in the Welsh Cup Quarter Final after easing past Llangefni two goals to nil.

We kicked off the month with our only home game as we welcomed Port Talbot and battled to a very strong three nil win. Burnett netted just after the half hour mark whilst Matthews netted twice in three minutes, his first from the spot to see us three up before half time and still at full time.

A two nil win on the road against Bangor City saw two early goals. Joyce and Whitmore sending us two up in four minutes. However it wasn't to be an absolute rout as it ended two nil.

Another two nil victory away at Airbus UK. Martin netting after thirteen minutes whilst Miller netted second half for us, a third clean sheet in three games this month.

That was broke as we drew two a piece away at second place Bala. A good game, a goal from Whitmore sent us ahead before the host levelled. We battled back in front just after the break as Joyce sent us two one up. However the host netted five minutes from time to grab a point from us.

The Welsh Cup Quarter Final saw us beat Llangefni two nil. An own goal ten minutes in sent us ahead before Joyce made it two nil before the break.


We are confirmed League champions! Its been an easy season for us as we've ran away domestically, currently not losing in the league or either of the cups. I think our early European exit before the league start has been great to us, allowing us to fully focus here. Twenty three points clear and seven games to go still.

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So easy season. You rolled over this league. Congrats
Been catching up with this and other stories while at work, limited access so read a few posts when quiet. Very impressive and congrats on all that you've won and to getting to 2050.

It was never in doubt, well done.
We have indeed Alveio thanks mate!

Wow thanks Watfordlad81, appreciate that!

It sure was Shedender!
TNS - March - End Of Season 2050


So my third stint here in Wales has definitely been a much nicer stint and my second one at TNS, it followed my first stint here however I didn't get wrongly sacked this time around. With the league and cup double already secured I just have a few league games to go as well as the Welsh Cup Semi Final and hopefully Final to wrap up Wales without ever having to come back here again, that'd be nice!


Well thats one way to go on and end the season. I had a superb final run in, remaining unbeaten in the league and reaching the Welsh Cup Final after absolutely battering Bangor City. I saw my side keep four clean sheets in the final seven games which is pleasing, we scored plenty, had a phenomenal season. The league season was obviously already won but how comfortably would it be come the end...


Easily is one word for it, an unbeaten domestic season, much easier than I ever anticipated it would of been. We ended up winning the league by a massive twenty six points over second place Bala who beat Bangor to second and European football by just three points. We scored ninety one goals conceding just twenty two which gave us a massive plus sixty nine goal difference.


Of course we scooped it! Surprisingly we faced Goytre United in the Welsh Cup Final, the non league side possed little threat to us though as we ran to a two nil victory. Burnett netted a fine second half double with the latter goal coming three minutes into injury time. That means one thing, Wales is now wrapped up!


Goodbye TNS! Its been an emotional return, no, scrap that! Its been a delightful return where we've gone and done what we needed to do! A treble and wrapping Wales up! Unfortunately I've stupidly resigned before finding my TNS history stats. But we lost just once I think, winning the majority comfortably as well.


This is whats left loaded, I have ticked nine countries off altogether I think now. With just England and Ukraine thats been played in and now just waiting for me to return and try to tick off eventually. However I am now looking to add three more countries, what are the next three you ask? Well I want your ideas, the top three or the best three I like I'll take into consideration, be quick...!

Next Post: The Recap - 2050
I'd go for Norway, Denmark or Sweden.
I'd go for Norway, Denmark or Sweden.

Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia...nice career
Finland, Uruguay and South Korea.

I'm not surprised one bit that you have chalked Wales off within one season, TNS is the easiest team to manage.
What on earth happened at Shakhtar!?! Surprising stuff! Great to see you finally managed to dominate Wales!

Iceland could be a place to load? Love the league and cup structure there. Also, what about Germany and Switzerland?
Thanks Watfordlad81, Johno, Miimaa, Shedender, and Wilc94, the Shakhtar job threw me completely however some great leagues suggested, Obviously I only want to add three more or so, I've taken them all into consideration here.
Career History 2050:

http://i.imgur.com/dLgc1pj.png?2http://i.imgur.com/K6P8bwZ.png?2 FC Liefering - 01.01.15 - 01.06.16 (517 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3http://i.imgur.com/uaCKSJV.png?2 Vasas - 05.07.16 - 09.12.17 (522 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3http://i.imgur.com/sjPEFSP.png?2 Videoton - 09.12.17 - 01.06.19 (539 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/SKfuE24.png?2http://i.imgur.com/7nHUpWu.png?2 Melbourne Victory - 05.07.19 - 13.05.20 (313 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/GQW9eEd.png?1http://i.imgur.com/JVJmLHX.png?1 Rhyl FC - 12.07.20 - 18.12.20 (159 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1http://i.imgur.com/o0Sb0x5.png?1 Woking - 09.07.21 - 04.11.23 (848 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1http://i.imgur.com/1jKrAu3.png?1 Coventry City - 17.04.23 - 11.06.23 (207 days - Hired At Blackpool)
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1http://i.imgur.com/P5udyru.png?1 Blackpool - 11.06.23 - 27.05.25 (350 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1http://i.imgur.com/lIpEqqf.png?1 Fulham - 04.06.25 - 01.06.26 (362 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1http://i.imgur.com/SFn62zk.png?1 Liverpool - 07.07.26 - 07.06.27 (333 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/dLgc1pj.png?2http://i.imgur.com/5x6aTUU.png?1 Red Bull Salzburg - 09.06.27 - 09.06.28 (366 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/QtvaG1E.png?1http://i.imgur.com/tH8n5z2.png?1 TNS - 05.07.28 - 06.12.28 (154 days - Sacked)
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1http://i.imgur.com/jRDQPWy.png?1 Excelsior - 25.09.29 - 01.06.31 (613 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1http://i.imgur.com/Rlbh82T.png?1 Feyenoord - 25.07.32 - 24.07.33 (364 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1http://i.imgur.com/HuRDwL4.png?1 Benfica - 14.12.34 - 12.08.35 (241 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1http://i.imgur.com/Le24efV.png?1 Dinamo - 27.06.36 - 111.07.37 (379 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1http://i.imgur.com/N70dJMq.png?1 Atletico Madrid - 18.07.37 - 06.06.39 (688 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1http://i.imgur.com/Kj9mm8d.png?1 Cadiz C.F - 20.06.39 - 26.06.40 (370 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1http://i.imgur.com/m4NFO16.png?1 Granada - 03.07.40 - 10.06.41 (342 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/mhIAgLm.png?1http://i.imgur.com/djhIsUD.png?1 Illichivets - 03.12.41 - 07.07.42 (186 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1http://i.imgur.com/Y8jMYXu.png?1 Jagiellonia - 05.01.43 - 07.06.43 (153 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1http://i.imgur.com/BswkpqH.png?1 Lech Poznan - 24.08.43 - 31.07.44 (342 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1http://i.imgur.com/Xhb7p0V.png?1 Feirense - 15.12.44 - 22.05.45 (158 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1http://i.imgur.com/qjVe9rN.png?1 Atletico CP - 03.06.45 - 20.06.46 (358 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1http://i.imgur.com/zU2es66.png?1 NK Zadar - 08.10.46 - 12.07.47 (277 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1http://i.imgur.com/TARp1XC.png?1 - Castilla 27.02.48 - 15.04.48 (48 days - Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/mhIAgLm.png?1http://i.imgur.com/nPezlgo.png?1 Shakhtar - 27.09.48 - 17.04.49 (204 days - Sacked)
http://i.imgur.com/QtvaG1E.png?1http://i.imgur.com/tH8n5z2.png?1 TNS - 21.05.49 - 07.05.50 (351 days - Resigned)

Trophy Cabinet:
http://i.imgur.com/dLgc1pj.png?2 Sky Go Erste Liga - 2016
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3 Merkantil Bank Hunary NB ll - 2017
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3 Ligakupa - 2018
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3 Magyar Kupa - 2019
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3 OTP Bank Liga - 2019
http://i.imgur.com/SKfuE24.png?2 Hyundai A-League (Regular Season) - 2020
http://i.imgur.com/SKfuE24.png?2 FFA Cup - 2020
http://i.imgur.com/SKfuE24.png?2 Hyundai A-League (Final Series) - 2020
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Vanarama Conference South - 2022
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 FA Trophy - 2023
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Vanarama Conference - 2023
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Skybet League Two - 2024
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Skybet League one - 2025
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Johnstone's Paint Trophy - 2025
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Skybet Championship (Runners Up) - 2026
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 Barclays Premier League - 2027
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 FA Cup - 2027
http://i.imgur.com/dLgc1pj.png?2 OFB-Cup - 2028
http://i.imgur.com/dLgc1pj.png?2 Tipico Bundesliga - 2028
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1 Jupiler League (Playoff Winners) - 2031
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1 Eredivisie - 2033
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1 KNVB Beker - 2033
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1 JC Schaal - 2033
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Primeira Liga - 2035
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Taca da Liga - 2035
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Taca de Portugal - 2035
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Supertaca - 2035
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1 MAXtv Prva Liga - 2037
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1 Hrvatski Kup - 2037 + 2047
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 Supercopa - 2037
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 Copa del Rey - 2039
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 La Liga BBVA - 2039
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 Segunda Division B Grupo 4 - 2040
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 Liga Adelante - 2041
http://i.imgur.com/mhIAgLm.png?1 Persha Liha - 2042
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1 l Liga (Runners Up) - 2043
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1 Puchar Polski - 2044
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1 Ekstraklasa - 2044
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1 Superpuchar - 2044
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Segunda Liga - 2045
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Campeonato Nacional - 2046
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1 2.NHL - 2047
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1 Superkup - 2047
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 Copa RFEF - 2048
http://i.imgur.com/GQW9eEd.png?1 League Cup - 2050
http://i.imgur.com/GQW9eEd.png?1 Premier League - 2050
http://i.imgur.com/GQW9eEd.png?1 Welsh Cup - 2050

Country Completion:
http://i.imgur.com/SKfuE24.png?2 Australia: 3/3 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/dLgc1pj.png?2 Austria: 3/3 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/sM9R6lq.png?1 Croatia: 4/4 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/uoLM9p1.png?1 England: 9/11
http://i.imgur.com/4BYP4YH.png?3 Hungary: 4/4 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/cYs9c6O.png?1 Netherlands: 4/4 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/ThaL0WH.png?1 Poland: 4/4 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/QAqy9Ah.png?1 Portugal: 6/6 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/CZFPOa8.png?1 Spain: 6/6 *Completed
http://i.imgur.com/mhIAgLm.png?1 Ukraine: 1/4
http://i.imgur.com/GQW9eEd.png?1 Wales: 3/3 *Completed


The New Setup...


Well, here is the set up going into the 2050/51 seasons. Wales will soon disappear leaving me with five playable nations once again. England and Ukraine stay put with two trophies required in England (Capital One Cup and the Community Shield) whilst I need the league, super cup and the domestic cup in Ukraine still, I'll wait till the perfect job to win those trophies. Czech Republic and Denmark will be playable just after Wales disappears and then Iceland will come in play in November.

Next Post: A New Job Hopefully...But Where - 2050
Congratulations on finishing wales off.Great season and very good you have got wales ticked off after problems there before.
Nice job conquering Wales ! Hopefully you're gonna get a goid team in England or Ukraine.I think England would be easier coz you have only the cups to focus on.Obviously you need to win the Prem first to plat the Community Shield.Good luck!
Thanks SBR, its nice to have Wales out the way at last

Thanks again Angelo lonescu, I had to load the extra leagues to ensure I wasn't waiting ages for a job for one of those countries.
Czech Or Denmark - 15th June 2051

For once I had two jobs to choose from, I can't remember if I've been in this situation before on this career but I had applied for two completely different jobs in two different countries. One side had just been relegated from the top tier of the Czech Republic league whilst the other just finished second for the first time since 2015 and missing out on retaining their league title in Denmarks top tier...


Here was the offer from the Czech Republic and it came in the form of FC Zbrojovka Brno, also known as Brno for short. Being relegated from the top tier, they should be in great shape to return straight back up, but it wasn't a luxury job, I had to consider it wisely, but I also had to take into context the other job I had offered...


Accepted! I'm not usually one to go to the top tier before the bottom but this was a job I couldn't give up. Kobenhavn lost their first league and cup title for since 2015 this year, the first year I had it loaded in weirdly. But with the manager sacked for it, I couldn't give up this chance of managing the biggest side in Denmark! Especially after a year out of football!

Next Post: FC Kobenhavn Pre Season Round Up - 2051
Good luck at Kobenhavn mate.
Thanks Shedender, with any luck its a one season jobby! But its certainly a move I couldn't turn down!

They sure are Angelo Ionescu
FC Kobenhavn - Pre Season Round Up 2051


With my mind made up and a job accepted I didn't have too long to get working, mind you, I didn't mind that after facing the last year out of work. Here in Denmark I wanted to relive Kobenhavn's former glories, take them right back to where they belong, so I had to do what I could. I brought just one player in and instead of showing transfers will just post the squad up.


I'm very happy with the squad I have at my hands here in Denmark. The Kobenhavn squad looks great.My only addition was striker Adaozinho who cost just four million from Feyenoord. As you can see we've already played three competitive games, them being the Europa League early rounds which I'll post below this in just a second. But more notably check out Pelle From' form. Hes played three games for us and already netted ten goals, can't complain at that!


A top summer on the pitch, short but sweet. We won every game and conceded just twice and that was in a friendly which we went on to beat Esbjerg four two.

Next Post: FC Kobenhavn - July 2051
Screenshot of Pelle From please? He has been banging them in in Europe, hope he does the same in the league.
Certainly Shedender here is Pelle Form's stats. Hopefully he continues banging them in as you say!
FC Kobenhavn - July 2051


I wasn't originally going to post July as a single update but as a double with August, but seeming I accidently took the screenshots I thought I'd post them anyway. No league table this month as its pointless, we faced two league games and another Europa League qualifying match.


Well, its a confident start to league life as well as continuing our great Europa League winning form to date, I know its against the weaker sides currently but we are not only winning but winning well and its boosting morale in the camp all the time.

The only away game came as we travelled to Esbjerg fB and won two one. We trailed at the break and saw BEnzon and Hansen net to bring us back into the game and claim all three points.

A dominant second leg against Ventspils in the Europa League saw us win four one. Again one down at the break. A De Fanti penalty pulled us level before Hansen netted twice and Adaozinho struck late on to wrap it up.

Finally at home we welcomed FC Vestsjaelland where we won three nil. Nedergaard netted just two minutes into the game whilst Adaozinho made it two nil seven minutes into the second half and From netted late on.

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Looking good so far, with Kobenhavn should be one of your easier countries to complete
Thanks henrytg, maybe ticking off the top tier and cup but not quite the country!
FC Kobenhavn - August 2051


Into August we went after a perfect streak of wins in the competitive games, I've not yet lost a game in Denmark, I'm sure it won't be long till that changes, the league is tight with just two games played but with a busy month coming up it will be hard to keep the perfect run going thats for sure.


No match to match reports for this month as I don't have time and there are way too many matches for me to run through and keep me saine! Its been a steady but busy month with eight games across twenty eight days but we've coped very well. Three wins to nil in the Europa League and a one all draw sees us comfortably reach the group stage which I'm more than happy about. The league form isn't quite as good as we've now lost a game. But with that loss we've went on to win the other three with two of them being to nil as well.


Its not too important just yet, but we do sit top of the league after the opening six league games, twenty seven still to go. League holders Brondby typically sit in second and three points behind us which gives us some breathing space. Silkeborg sit level with them in third place before they have a two point breathing gap.

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