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If I remember correctly, I've tried this challenge two years running, alongside Shedender, trying to battle through all the European leagues and trying to win every trophy going. The furthest I got was Denmark, a couple years ago which saw me tick off six countries by 2033! This time I look to complete them all, the whole World! As with this challenge I'll start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and without any coaching badges.

Thanks Tommo. I expect it to come to an end in the cup now we face a side like Videoton.

Yeah it wasn't a brilliant month Johno but we certainly done enough to stay top.

We like the give our fans value for money bmg033, what can I say!?
Vasas - Winter Break Round Up 2016/2017


The winter break was here and it was a very quiet one in the back room as well as on the pitch. No transfers came in or out of the club this winter. I've renewed the contracts I could early days but some are now trying to be stole from us as they won't negotiate or accept new deals.


So just five games over the winter and as always with my friendlies, it took a little while for us to get going, losing the opening two before drawing and winning two with two clean sheets, hopefully we don't take quite as long to get going in the competitive fixtures.

Not sure if anyone knows, But I was studying for my coaching licence at the start of July, being told it would take approximately four months, I'm not six months forward from the start of it and still heard nothing, my information screen says I'm still studying.

Next Post: Vasas - February 2017
Vasas - February 2017


With that short, uneventful winter break done and dusted, put behind us, it was time to return to competitive action and hopefully the form we were hitting, maybe not in October, as that was a bit up and down but back to the good times we have been having this season which sees us going into the second half of the season on top of the pack.


We faced just three games in the tail end of January, winning two of them, both our home games as it becomes our fortress, two cup games and one league game.

Firstly we travelled to top tier side Videoton and certainly didn't embarass ourselves! Adam gave us a fourteenth minute lead but goals either side of the break for the host turned the game on its head and saw the favorites take a narrow two one lead into the second leg.

We returned to league action by welcoming third place side Szeged 2011, they beat us early in the season but we beat them easily here, with a clean sheet and a two nil victroy. Martin Adam once again taking us to the points single handedly! He netted two first half goals to secure a two one win.

Then came the Second Leg of the Cup, welcoming Videoton and what a game! We led after just six minutes from Piller, before the top tier side levelled on the tenth minute. We thought back though, just after the half hour mark Martin Adam had his fourth goal in three games to put us two one ahead. It stayed that way, forcing the game into extra time. We only went and took the lead in extra time, Berecz on as a sub making it three one and we looked to cause an upset. But when Videoton had their second away goal, just ten minutes from time, we knew we weren't quite going to make it. Out on away goal, creditable performance though!


With that league win we not only stay top of the table but open up a little bit of breathing space at the top now. We sit five points clear over both second and third place teams Kaposvar and Dunaujvaros. Whilst Szegard, the team we beat, move down to fourth and trail us by six points, as do fifth place ZTE. With us now out both cups, we can focus on the league and only the league.

Next Post: Vasas - March 2017
Great start in Hungary. Top performance against Videoton in the cup as well.
Thanks itchycoo, never managed here before but enjoying it so far, I think it shows how close we are to the likes of Videoton, both games were very tight with them.
Vasas - March 2017


So I had returned to competitive action last month and I must say, it was a very good way to return. We picked up two wins including a win over top tier side Videoton who eventually beat us in the cup on away goals after two legs. Now with just league action remaining and fourteen games left this season, we were hunting a league title and promotion to the top tier, could we continue that form in our four league games this month?


Four games throughout March and performing very well with three wins and just the one defeat, our defence also seemed to be tightened up a little, conceding four goals in four games.

We kicked off the month with a win and a clean sheet. We travelled to Balmazujvaros and claimed a one nil victory. Fairly boring game with the only goal of the game coming from Lazok, netting a spot kick after four minutes.

Papa then beat us at their ground, we played poorly. Adam netted after eighteen minutes as his fine season continued. But two goals in the second half from the hose proved to be enough to send them to all the points.

Back at home and two good wins came. Nanasi gave us the lead against ZTE before they levelled after ten minutes. Second half the goals rained in over the next seventeen minutes, Adam, Remili and Preklet finding the net for us as we sailed to a four on victory.

Finally, a trip from Szigetszentmiklos to us saw us claim a two one victory. Kekesi sending us ahead after just thirteen minutes. Second half Takacs made it two nil before an injury time goal from the travelling side saw them grab a consolation.


Ten league games to go and we remain top of the table, and despite picking up nine points from a possible twelve, our gap has been reduced by a point as we now sit just four points clear! The rest of the pack seem to be continuing to pick up results and really put the pressure on to us to deliver now.


First badge ticked off! Vasas sent me on my National C License and now it is completed, the first step to becoming one of the best managers in the world, potentially!


And with that, I went back to the board, asking them if they would fund my next qualification immediately, my national B License and to my surprise they accepted. Again it will take anywhere form four months it seems, taking me through to July time, I think I'll be here for another year anyway so it makes sense to continue developing if they are willing to fund it.

Next Post: Vasas - April 2017
Vasas - April 2017


Into the penultimate month of the season, April and just ten league games to go, we sat top of the table but barely had any breathing space going into it. With five of our ten remaining games to be played throughout April we really needed to have another good month to open the gap up.


Well, five games in total this month and three wins along with two defeats. It started well, got a bit 'poor' in the middle then we picked it up to beat second place at the end of the month.

We firstly travelled to Kaposvar where we played brilliantly! A good game where we were superb up top and solid at the back as we kept a great clean sheet. Adam netted twice, six minutes before the break and three minutes from the end of the game with an own goal ten minutes after the break.

Back to back away games, this time travelling to Ajka who we beat one nil. Great keeping back to back clean sheets and once again it was Martin Adam who went on to find the net.

We then struggled a bit, losing two nil at home to Gyirmot, we played poorly, especially going forward not taking the few chances we created.

It was almost the same story against Bekescaba. We trailed by two goals before the opening half an hour as we started ever so slowly. Takacs netted sixteen minutes from time but we couldn't get back in it.

We then faced Dunaujvaros, the side currently sitting second in the league as we faced our third home game on the bounce. It looked set to be a nil nil draw, with neither team doing much. But in the eighty sixth minute we took the lead through Remili before Dunaujvaros levelled just moments later. Just when it looked like it would be a one all draw, Takacs popped up two minutes into injury time to guide us to a massive win.


We are top, with five games to go, for us anyway, the other teams have just four to go and with us sitting six points clear with a game in hand it really looks like its going to be our season! Not far away now!

Next Post: Vasas - May 2017
Despite a small bump in the middle of the month, the road to promotion looks straight and smooth.
Is it too early to say "Well done on promotion" ?
Oh Vasas is a historic team that was amazing back in the 60s...they deserve a better place in the hungarian league!
I like the way you've put that itchycoo however nothings certain until its written on paper, or something like that

Yes it could be bmg033 nothings certain yet

They sure are Bukinapreto just hope I can take them to their former glories
Vasas - May 2017


And so here we go, the final month of my third season in this brilliant challenge. However it is only my first season here in Hungary and as we go into the last five league games, its really looking likely that my first piece of Hungarian silverware was just a couple games away. We led the table by nine points with five games left to play. Was it to be..


Here was our final run in, three games on the road before facing two home games where we ended our season. Three wins, one draw and then a defeat would end the season, I think we now how it ended.

Firstly we travelled to Cegled where we battled to a brilliant three two victory. Remili fired us infront after twenty minutes before the host levelled. Takacs put us two one ahead before the break with Adam then making it three one. A late goal for the host couldn't bring them back into this tie.

Another win on the road, this time at Veszprem who we came back from behind to beat two one. We trailed after just twenty minutes following a careless start and poor defending. But Nanasi levelled for us before the break with an own goal just after the restart.

Three wins from three in May and the promotion was secured. We kept a clean sheet at Csakvar as well with a brilliant two nil win. Both goals came in the opening forty two minutes with Remili and Takacs both netting.

Back at home to end our season with our final two games, neither went to plan. Soroksar claimed a two all draw from us, after we led two nil. Remili netted his third goal in four games before Adam netted with half an hour to go putting us two up. But goals in the seventy fifth and eightieth minute saw the travellers take a point.

It got worse in our final game of the season too. Szolnok came to us and stole all three points as we failed to score and lost two nil.


Champions! We are promoted to the top tier of Hungarian football with the top spot! We played superbly this season, winning the league by nine points come the end of the season despite not winning either of our last two league games. We scored the most goals this season, along with Cegled whilst only conceding the third least all season, thats a surprise even for me!

Next Post: Vasas - End Of Season Awards 2016/2017
Well done on promotion! You dominated the season so deserve to go up. Another trophy to add to the collection.
Thats 1 trophy down. Many, many more to go!
Thanks tongey we played superbly bar a couple of games this season! Delighted we are going up.

Thats actually trophy number two bmg033 as we scooped the league title over in Austria just wasn't warranted with promotion due to complications
Vasas - End Of Season Round Up 2016/2017


My first year in Hungarian football has now come to an end and what a good season it went on to be for us. Promotion to the top tier as I ticked off my second trophy in this career and we had a good cup run, but would we get any end of season mentions.


The only award that we won in the end and I'm delighted to pick up my first managerial award. Hungarian manager of the year for the division, definitely one I dedicate to the team and how well they played this season.


Once again there are a few changes, my working with youngsters is the lowest of my attributes but its hard to bleed youngsters into the squad when your at such a poor club in terms of quality I suppose. My media handling and managing finance are superb attributes it would seem, as is my attacking coaching, man management and Motivating.


Here are my career stats since beginning management back in 2014 over in Austria. I've taken charge of ninety four matches and seeing my team win fifty which equates to fifty three percent whilst we've drawn fifteen and lost twenty nine. Scoring two hundred and three goals, conceding one hundred and sixty four.


Finally our budgets for next season have been announced. The board expect us to avoid relegation at a minimum, I know its not going to be easy but they've backed us with some finances. Not brilliant budgets but its certainly something I can work with.

Next Post: Vasas - Pre Season Round Up 2017
Congrats on the promotion and the title! Now its a new season! Well done!
Congrats on the promotion and the title! Now its a new season! Well done!
Congrats on the promotion
I wasn't sure if that league title counted or not due to the issues you encountered. So I guess its 2 down many more to go then

Should be able to avoid relegation this season. You've got them playing well and winning so i'll guess at a safe mid table position come May
Great season, unlucky to go out the cup but fantastic performances in the league! Well done on silverware #2!
Fantastic work with another promotion. Will be tough next season but you performed well against Videoton so its doable
Congratulations on winning the league with Vasas, two trophies down and an absolute shit load more to go. KIU.
Thanks Picchioni it was a good season for us!

Thanks Johno

Well I'm counting it bmg033 and its on my history as we did win the league title, just couldn't go up due to our parent club or some rubbish! And plus I got a long way to go! Hopefully mid table would be superb this year around

Thanks Wilc94 we surpassed ourselves in the cup whilst keeping a very strong league run.

We did play well against Videoton Tommo. unfortunately not well enough but if we perform like that all this season we'll be just fine.

Well you put that the best possible way I think Shedender cheers man
Vasas - Pre Season Round Up 2017


One year in Hungary down, hopefully not too many more to go. I have taken Vasas to the next level, in fact, the top tier of Hungarian football, but I still had to win the league here and then both cups, so its going to be a little while before I get out this country but hopefully not too long. Maybe I'll do it all with Vasas, maybe not, here is what went on this summer behind the curtains.


Firstly players leaving, not many! We didn't make any money on them either. The only player that we'll really notice gone this season is centre back . who got stole on a free transfer in January after not wanting a new deal. The others I terminated the contracts or let them run dry as I felt they weren't too important to us this year.


Possibly the busiest transfer window I've been involved in during this career to date. We first brought in Istvan Ludanszki on a free transfer from Tatabanya, the defensive midfielder could be a huge rock for us. Mark Nikhazi was one of two cash deals this summer, arriving for thirty five thousand pounds from Kecskemet. Apart from his Robbie Savage like appearance I'm hoping he can do the trick in the attacking midfield role. Tibor Tisza joined on a free, an attacking midfielder come striker I couldn't go without signing whilst the most expensive deal for us saw Alex Szelecski join for just under fiftry thousand pounds from Siofok. Hoping with his experience the centre back will hold us together this year.


Mixed reviews on the pitch this summer, in total we faced seven friendlies against a mixed batch of quality teams. We ended up winning three and losing three whilst drawing the other game we we can't complain to much, we kept two clean sheets whilst also going two games without scoring. Ending the summer with a six nil win could be massive for morale though.


Instead of showing you the whole team, I thought I'd show you my main eleven and here it is. I'm very confident in their abilities and as you can see by my assistant managers ratings, our team really aren't too bad for the league. We possess some players with great quality and great potential quality! If all this ticks there really is no reason we can't finish mid table this year.

Next Post: Vasas - August 2017
Building a nice team there. You have a lot of CAMs it seems
Team's looking good, the transfers look to add some more quality. Hopefully you can build on the wins you've had in your friendlies!
Istvan Ludanszki looks like a good signing, especially as a free transfer.
We do have a lot of CAMs Tommo but they can also play up front and on the wings so its not quite as bad as it looks.

I think we have a very good strong team this year Wilc94 and if they can all blend in together quickly we should beat the drop this year.

He was too good to turn away bmg033.
Vasas - Augusts 2017


Here we were, going into the top tier of Hungarian football. Its been a while since Vasas were last here and even longer since they last won the top tier of Hungarian football. Well I got them back here and now look forward to what this season will bring. We opened the season in July with just one game and then went into August where we faced a further six games, how would we fair against the big boys?


Wow! What a start that is, no one would of expected us to start the season in that fashion! No one! Not even myself! I was shocked on the opening day of July let alone come the end of August.

We kicked off the season at home, welcoming Gyor and started it superbly, picking up a four one victory. Kekesi gave us a third minute lead before Berecz ade it two nil. After the break Gyor came back into the game with a goal before two goals in two minutes from Vida and Takacs secured a four one victory.

Then came our first and only defeat of the opening month. We played poorly here as we travelled to Diosgyor, two early goals conceded left us on the back foot. Gruz netted a spot kick for us second half but it wasn't to be as the host netted a third, putting it beyond doubt.

As we returned home, we returned back to winning ways with a three two win against a strong Haladas side. We trailed inside he opening ten minutes before Berecz had his second of the season, netting from close range and as Nanasi put us ahead on the stroke of half time things looked rosier. It looked like we would blow it though, Haladas grabbing a goal with fifteen to go before Jova put the ball in his own net, swinging the result back in our favour.

A trip to Pecs gave us our first away win of the season and in good fashion, a four two victory as we showed great strength. Adam and Piller sent us on our way putting us two up in the first half, but as ever, we made it hard for ourselves, conceding two quick second half goals. But our 'never die attitude' saved us again here, Piller grabbing a second three minutes from time to put us three two up and then Gruz nettin a penalty two minutes into injury time.

Back at home we copied our previous result and netted four for the third time this season in five games as we beat Puskas Akademia four goals to two. We fell behind inside ten minutes as we were caught slow getting out but Ludanski levelled from the spot for us with his first of the season before Adam quickly followed up with his first of the season. Berecz sent us three one up in the second half with Szedlar making it four one. We switched off late on to concede a second.


Our Magyar Kupa started on the road against Ajka the second tier team who we faced last year with this milestone, my first one hundred games in management. Takacs netted six minutes into the second half to finally get us off the mark before Piller also netted, making it two nil and sending us comfortably through to the next round.

Our final game of the month was a big one, a trip to the slow starting Debrecen and we only went and beat them! We trailed around the half hour mark, sitting back in the first half just didn't pay off. But when we went a little more attacking in the second forty five it worked late on. Adam bringing us level just seven minutes from time before Gruz made it two one two minutes later, sending us to a fantastic win.


If you had told me we would be sitting up in second place after the first six games of the new league season, I'd be laughing at you and probably deleting you from this thread, you'd probably be drunk or something, or we'd be sitting in the second tier. But no, we have made a flying start to the season, trailing only Videoton on goal difference. Look how badly Debrecen have started the league season all the way down in fourteenth place. Now I'm monitoring that to see if their manager gets the sack, then it would be a tough decision whether to go for it or hold my own here.

Next Post: Vasas - September 2017
Aren't Videoton the best team in Hungry these days? I definitely know of Honved but their glory days are as far back as the Puskas era and Debrecen did play in the CL in the last decade. But still, great start to the season.
Thanks for the comment GG.Com, Videoton and Debrecen are probably the two best teams in Hungary yes, seen in the early rounds of the Champions League a few years ago.
Vasas - September 2017


We had made a superb start to life in the top tier, the pressure of the top teams really wasn't getting to us and we were really starting to show the other teams that we aren't scared of them and we really can hold our own. Into September and its going to be another busy month as we faced seven games across three competitions.


Not a bad month on paper viewings but when you narrow it down and see we won just once in the league this month it doesn't look quite as good, however we only lost once.

We began September by welcoming Paks who stole a point from us, well, we grabbed it late on. Nikhazi pulled us back from one down before the break to level things. We then fell behind with ten to go before going on overload and Nikhazi grabbing his and our second to save a point.

We then welcomed second tier side Kaposvar in the Ligakupa group stage and smashed four past then. Takacs netted after just six minutes to start us off before Nikhazi made it two nil by the break. Second half Takacs made it three nil with his second of the game before Adam made it four nil, a clean sheet!

We then took a trip to Debrecen again in the Ligakupa and for the second time in a month avoided defeat against the big tier side. We led after thirty two minutes through Ludanszki before a late equaliser saw the giants steal a group stage point.

We then lost in the league with a trip to high flying Ujpest, a job I didn't apply for this summer, we led insside sixteen minues when Berecz netted. Two goals from the host saw them come back and lead two one come the break. Again we thought back when Takacs levelling for us but we ended up without point as Ujpest netted fifteen minutes from time.

A trip to non league side Nagybajom saw us surprisingly slip out the Magyar Kupa with a poor performance. We trailed three nil by half time as we played extremely poor at the back. Despite a strong attacking presence second half we could only grab two goals through Adam and Takacs, seeing us out!

Back to league action and against league leaders Videoton we certainly didn't put in a bad performance. We even led for a bit, a sixteenth minute goal from Piller saw us take the lead, but just before the break we were pegged back to level terms and saw out a one all draw.

We would end the month with a home game welcoming Nyiregyhaza saw us back on winning terms for the first time in five games as we strolled to a narrow two one win. Berecz netted in eight minutes with Takacs netting in the forty fourth minute, seeing us two nil up. A second half goal for the travellers didn't see them do enough to come back.


Yes, you are seeing that correctly! We are looking superb this season as we go top, above Videton on goal difference. Whilst our defence is leaking goals somewhat, with the eighth worst in the league, scoring more seems to be paying off as we have scored the most this season, Debrecen continue to struggle down in twelfth.


Our cup group, a group we really should be progressing from looks to be in good stead so far. We sit joint top with Csakvar level on four points and a plus four goal difference whilst at the bottom end Debrecen are seen struggling in this competition too sitting joint bottom on a single point from their opening two games.

Next Post: Vasas - October 2017
Well if Videoton aren't gonna get their act together soon.....then thats another country crossed off the list for you then, Dan.
Well I don't think anyone saw that coming! Do you think you can keep up the early pace for the whole season?
Well you;ve started off really well, great to see. Hopefully you can keep it going. Be a tough ask but you're more than capable.
Not quite another country ticked of GG.Com, as we crashed out one of the cups we can't scoop the treble this season that we need, but it would be both leagues ticked off in Hungary!

I definitely didn't think we'd be anywhere near where we are bmg033, if we can keep it up, it would be superb! But I couldn't call it! We are playing fantastic football

Thanks tongey it would be superb but as you say, it'll be a tough run yet
Vasas - October 2017


Well, who thought we'd be going into October at the top of the league here in Hungary, I certainly didn't thats for sure. We fly into October, the penultimate month before the winter break, in good stead with another big run in this month. We were set to face five more games this month and once again performed very well.


Wow! Another superb month, with three league games and two cup games we only went and produced four more superb wins, slipping up just once by a narrow margin.

October started with us welcoming Honved, a tough team in Hungary but they didn't put up much resistance here with us beating them four one. After going one down, Berecz levelled for us and Nanasi made it two one at the interval. Second half an own goal saw us three one up before they pulled a second back. But a late goal from Adam in injury time secured the points.

Two more Ligakupa games followed, first to group leader Csakvar who we comfortably beat two one. Takacs netted after eleven minutes with the host levelling just before the break. Second half we left it late but Berecz netting just twelve minutes from time secured us another three points in the cup.

And it was pretty much the same result against Kaposvar as we beat them two one. This time both goals came through Tisza as he netted in the eighth minute and then again from the spot nine minutes before the break. A late consolation for the host didn't change anything.

Our only defeat came against Ferencvaros at home. We didn't play brilliantly but couldn't find the net when we had the chance and lost one nil.

Finally we ended the month with a one nil win over Mezokovesd, it wasn't a pretty game but a penaty from Ludanszki with just under half an hour remaining was enough to secure the points.


Following that month I was hoping we'd have some breathing space at the top, but it wasn't to be. Ferencvaros beating us left us ruining the result as they sit joint top with us however we stay top on the amount of goals scored and not on goal difference in this league. Interestingly Videoton slip down to fourth place whilst Debrecen job became available but I didn't apply, they stay struggling in thirteenth.


We are all but through our group now. We sit six points clear at the top with Debrecen still bottom but level on points with the other three clubs.

Next Post: Vasas - November 2017
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