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If I remember correctly, I've tried this challenge two years running, alongside Shedender, trying to battle through all the European leagues and trying to win every trophy going. The furthest I got was Denmark, a couple years ago which saw me tick off six countries by 2033! This time I look to complete them all, the whole World! As with this challenge I'll start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and without any coaching badges.

Weird all that in Italy.Good luck in Germany.Im sure you will be ticking competitions off soon enough.
Thanks Benniewijs, we've got them in a good place thats for sure!

Its strange and very annoying SBR, hopefully can tick them off here,
Braunschweig - End Of Season Update 2105/2106


I've written this update out twice already and managed to accidently shut it down twice therefore losing the update so thats why this post has taken so long to come. Hopefully third time lucky. I've completed the season here at Braunschweig with the board not only expecting promotion, but they wanted the title, could we do this...


Well we certainly had a superb run of form, sixteen wins, four defeats and just the one draw over the twenty games I played here and that really helped us lock in on our hopes of promotion this season. We weren't brilliant along the back line but certainly played the game of scoring one more than your opponents which helped massively, enough for the title...


Enough for promotion but not the title, Heidenheim were unstoppable at the top of the pile and despite us dropping points on just four occassions we couldn't reign them in at all as we ended up finishing six points behind the league champions. However we were eight points ahead of Wehen who finished in third place and now face the playoffs.


Job done in just one hundred and eighty one days, I resigned almost immediately as I found another job after their relegation and it should be another short stint for a title. Just to wrap this one up, twenty one games played, sixteen wins, one draw and four defeats. Fifty seven goals, conceding twenty five. We had a superb win percentage of seventy six percent. And that league promotion is ours.

Next Post: Another German Move - 2106
That is unlucky.Its a shame heidenheim were unstoppable as this is no shame whatsoever in your record.
Its okay SBR, as I've claimed before, promotions are good enough for me, the challenge seems near impossible anyway!
Staying Put In Germany - 13th June 2106


As I said in my last post, the main reason I resigned from Braunschweig was the fact I found another job which dare I say, seems easy! I'm hoping its another instant impact job which can lead to another league being ticked off here.


Thats right, Leverkusen si the team who have just been relegated from the top tier of German football, they were predicted to finish ninth this season however finished second bottom in the league and now face the struggle to try and get back to the top tier of German football I'm sure the boards aim will be to claim the title, I've got the money to improve the team too!


Here is the squad I've acquired, I've now got to assess the contracts we currently have expiring this summer and try to renew them to keep the team at its strongest and ensure we get that immediate return to the top tier this season coming.

Next Post: Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Mid Season Update 2106/2107
Nice job..... it's almost impossible to tick off all indeed. I have problems myself to win India. Just relegated with Mumbai and now got a second job with another club (forgot the name).

Good luck with Leverkussen!
great story dan looking forward to you taking the title gl
Couldn't help noticing this when they confirmed you as manager
"Bayer 04 Leverkusen have today unveiled Dan as the person to replace Dan Wilcox at BayArena" So you are replacing yourself as manager?
good notice bmg033
Thanks Benniewijs, its always nice trying to take on an impossible challenge! haha!

Thanks Buzzindave!

Good spot that bmg033, it seems to be a bug looking at the attached screenshot below

Good luck with Leverkusen and hope you can bring them back to their best times.
Indeed Dan.... succeeding the impossible is always great !
Good luck at Bayer Leverkusen.
Dan! What a save. How the feck do you keep giving yourself such mad challenges. Gonna have a read through as much of thiscas I can!
Pentarchy - gone but never forgotten.
Thanks TheMazzeRunner!

Benniewijs, it sure is, even when it isn't possible!

Thanks Shedender

Look who it is! Been a while Laudrup_11, back for a story or just checking up? Not really sure, the constant country swapping has definitely helped me battle on through this save!
Quick Update

As you can see I haven't played or updated the career for the last two weeks now, I've gone off it a little bit, can't quite get myself motivated to play as Leverkusen, so next opportunity I get to load it up I may leave them in search for a different post maybe a different country, the money is stupid at Leverkusen with nothing to spend and massively over the wages.
Just caught up on the last 6 or 7 pages of this and it's as interesting as ever! Wheni came across your retirement i was right to believe it wasn't over as there were an extra 3 pages thankfully! Been good reading both yours and Shedender's careers, can't believe how many seasons yous have done!
Thanks ChrissBurns1993, appreciate you reading through and now catching up with the comment man! Trying to make this career last, been a little off lately.
A Homely Feel - 2106


My time at Leverkusen lasted just a couple hours. I couldn't load a previous game as it was last saved midway through the last season and I didn't fancy playing all that again, nor could I spend my time here at Leverkusen who are struggling massively financially and no players want new deals. So my shortest ever job is here, a couple hours.


Instead here is the new setup as I'm returning to the United Kingdom for the first time in many, many years! I've loaded in both Northern Ireland and Scotland, all leagues inclusive as well as the Republic of Ireland joining us on the second of January in the New Year. France top tier has stayed in as I await the perfect job there whilst Germany and Italy have once again been removed from the save! Hoping this will now remotivate me to play on!

Next Post: The Next Job - 2106/2107
Be good to see you at Rangers!
Looking forward to the next job. Good luck Dan!
Do something I couldn't do (not my fault) and if the job becomes available, manage Bangor.

Oh and I also hope the motivation can be 'found' so this epic career can resume.
We'll see what the future holds ChrissBurns1993

Thanks as always Benniewijs!

Cheers Shedender, we'll see what happens!
Northern Ireland Bound - 22nd December 2106


For a moment, despite adding the more homely leagues, it looked like I wasn't going to be returning to the UK after the PSG job became available. A job I've been waiting for. However my interview was unsuccessful meaning I'd have to wait for that job to come up again now, however in the winter month of December I have landed a new job, heading to Northern Ireland...


Malachians is where I'm heading in what I believe is the lowest tier of Northern Irish football. Malachians are expected to challenge for the title despite being marked up at 2000-1 at the start of the season, they've not had a manager all season since loading in but now I've noticed they're flying high up in second place, I thought it was an opportunity I couldn't pass!

Next Post: Malachians - End of Season Round Up 2106/2107
Nice names as always in the Northern Irish football. Did this league with Queen University. Other leagues with Ballinamallard (Premier) and Knockbreda (1st)

Good luck. Always liked it when this country is down.
Interesting team. Good luck. !
just back to read mate, that last save i did on here took enough out of me!
Pentarchy - gone but never forgotten.
Thanks guys, apologies for the long wait for the next update!
Malachians - End of Season Round Up 2106/2107


Well its been a long time coming but I'm back with another update and its the end of the season here in Northern Ireland. I'm hoping I was able to hold this ship, flying high as they already were and forcing another trophy into the cabinet. However we only had a handful of games left, how did we cope....


I was hoping for a bit more of an impact here and a cup run, the cup run didn't happen, we crashed out to a reserve side which was very frustrating from my point of view, I felt we could of gone further. However in the league, despite some horrible results, like the 7-4 defeat against Armagh, we held on to finish second and qualify for the playoffs, which we went on to win and earn promotion.


So we finished second place in the league as I originally stated and we went on to win the playoffs which saw us earn promotion to the top tier, I'm defintiely not planning on sticking around here as I want to progress and lost a lot of motivation in this save so i want to try and regain motivation and press on.

Next Post: Another new job... - 2107
Congratz on promotion Dan. Good to have you back.
New job def man. Can so empathize with that season putting you off the save.
wow just seen this career amazing
Would love to see a return of this.

Would love to see a return of this.

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