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If I remember correctly, I've tried this challenge two years running, alongside Shedender, trying to battle through all the European leagues and trying to win every trophy going. The furthest I got was Denmark, a couple years ago which saw me tick off six countries by 2033! This time I look to complete them all, the whole World! As with this challenge I'll start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and without any coaching badges.

It was straight forward in Australia DP91 except maybe the final two games where they were just goal fests! The Champions League does continue over the next few months however I won't be here in charge and the fact we've just crashed out this month.

That they sure did Tommo. It was a thrilling final series!
The Australian Send Off - May 2020


So there it was, it had been a thrilling season in Australia, we were superb! We dominated the league season, the FFA Cup was a stroll in the park and the Final Series was a thrilling goal fest! We were put out the Champions League by Seoul, as we lost 7-5 on aggregate that swayed my decision to pack my bags, but first, the awards.


Not a bad awards night for myself and the club, Waterson and Makarounas were superb this season, scoring for fun and they both deserved the awards! I also scooped another manager of the year award. It seemed the perfect way to sign off from Melbourne Victory.


So there it is, I have stepped down from Melbourne Victory with no trophies left to win here as the Champions League isn't a high priority. This job in Australia becomes my shortest yet, lasting just three hundred and thirteen days in charge after taking over last July. We played forty three games in that time, winning thirty three (seventy six percent) whilst drawing two and losing eight. We scored an amazing one hundred and thirty five times this year, conceded seventy five. One cup win and two league wins here (Reguluar Season & Final Series)


This dominant and fairly easy season here in Australia has boosted my stats somewhat! We have now taken charge of two hundred and forty one games, winning one hundred and fifty four of them (sixty three percent) so well over half which pleases me. Drawing thirty three and losing fifty four times. We've netted five hundred and ninety seven times, conceded three hundred and seventy one. In total I've scooped eight trophies so far, three cups and five leagues whilst ticking off two countries completely, Hungary and Australia.

As well as Austria still being loaded, I've also got Iceland in and Wales being added in over the next couple months whilst Australia will be removed.

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What a way to win it! Well done on completing another country! 2 down, plenty more to go Good luck in your next job!
Probably your easiest stint in football management, well done in getting Australia marked off quickly.
I have just read through everything I have missed and your form has been amazing at every club you have been at! Great work on all that silverware! And the badges keep coming in to
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Wow, your journey in Australia didn't last long
It was superb Wilc94, thought we blew it a couple times but it was superb!

It sure was Shedender I doubt I'll have a quicker one either!

Thanks for catching up George14brfc! Always appreciate your comments. I've been at 'big clubs' for the last two jobs so its been alright, this will test me a bit more!

It didn't Johno I enjoyed it there too!
Back To Europe - 12th July 2020

With life in Australia flying by, just over three hundred days spent there, it was time to pack my bags once again. I had three countries loaded, Austria, as I still have two trophies to win there, Iceland and Wales, neither of which I have played in yet. Hopefully this will be a strong start. I had two interview offers Breiablik in Iceland and Rhyl in Wales...


Rhyl were the side that would go on to approach me in the end. Just a two year deal on two hundred and forty pounds per week, its not millions, but its a small income I suppose. The board want us to survive relegation whilst also play direct yet defensive football. Small transfer budget, small wage budget available.


So I took this job on, its been plain sailing for me in this career to date, I needed a project kind of career and with Rhyl predicted to struggle, it seemed the perfect job to come out with. With Wales having just the one league and two cups, it could be a while until I get out of Wales, but I may not stay until I win all three, I could jump ships!


Oh, and heres my staff room, a challenge this job will be indeed!

Next Post: Rhyl - Pre Season Round Up 2020
Ohmazing job Dan-O! lol Rhyl. I've managed in Wales and Ireland, it's different.
Good luck in Wales Dan! Interesting staff you have there
Good luck in Wales
You're going to need to make drastic cuts to the staff team, too many on board.

Good luck at Rhyl, you're going to need it mate.
Well you conquered Down Under quickly! Great season in Melbourne! Best of luck and Rhyl!
Well done on completing Australia, and now you're off! Seems like you just got here.

Good luck in Wales.
Thanks Van6969 I think something is going to change here in Wales!

Thanks Tommo. interesting is one word for it

Thanks Johno

I should of checked the staffing situation before I joined Shedender this is going to be tough!

Didn't hand around tongey! however this will take longer!

Wasn't there to make friends Simoncoyne but Wales is going to be harder.
Rhyl - Pre Season Round Up 2020


Well, the summer has been and gone here in Wales and I can't say I enjoyed it too much! It was a tough place to come and its proving difficult and I've not even played a competitive game yet! The summer saw players come and go but I won't show transfers, I'll just show the squad I've got now. A few friendlies were played too.


My staff room as grown in size since I've got here, not sure whether it really has grown in quality though! I sent out several adverts for jobs and this is all I've been able to get in at the moment! Something tells me I may not be here for long!


The squad really doesn't possess a lot of quality! It really was panic buy nearing the end of the month as I tried to bring in enough faces to cover the team!


On the pitch wasn't too bad, but not brilliant. It was only a short summer as I forgot to arrange friendlies and didn't have an assistant originally to sort them. Four games, two draws, two wins.

Next Post: Rhyl - August 2020
Pleased you didn't manage to beat Bangor.
We couldn't lose to them either Shedender :Ninja:
Rhyl - August 2020


Here goes nothing, life in Wales was about to begin competitively and I will warn you now, its not about to be a pretty start as we faced four games in the opening month and I tried my best to grind out results! What would happen in the league and cup...


I warned you it wasn't pretty! Four games to open my account here in Wales and well, I didn't really open it well! Despite an opening game win for me in the League cup, life in the league hasn't gone so well.

We first travelled to non league side Barmouth & Dyffryn who we beat four two. A topsy turvey game could of gone either way but it ended up going our way. Our goals came firstly through an own goal and then Wynne, Stott and Colbeck all netting in the second half.

Our first league game saw us travel to Llangetni and it wasn't pretty, we lost by the same scoreline we won by three days earlier. A four two lead. Carl Jones grabbing both of our goals.

A three all draw in my first home game came as we welcomed Haverfordwest. Our first and only point in the league this month. Stott netting for us again before Hughes and Thompson netted either side of the break. The travelling side netted the equaliser late on.

And then we got stuffed five goals to one at home against Port Talbot. I'm not even going to talk about it. Gosset netted our only goal in the second half.


We are getting relegated, I am getting sacked.

Next Post: Rhyl - September 2020
Patience, you don't know that for sure. I bet that if I stay 5th in the Bundesliga table I will get the sack before you do.
I guarantee you won't Simoncoyne I don't like the patience game!
Rhyl - September 2020


Well, Wales certainly hadn't got off on the foot as my other jobs had to date. After being successful at many other clubs I knew it wasn't going to be easy here, but I never planned it to be quite this hard, until I saw the staff room and the squad and yeah, September saw us play another four games, three league and one cup, could we continue winning in the cup at least?


No, no we couldn't! The side playing in English football knocked us our whilst we continue to search for our first league win too.

We lost to the English Conference Premier side Newport County in the League Cup second round. Four two was a heavy defeat and our two goals ended up coming in the second half with Paul McManus netting both.

Airbus then beat us three two at home, we are really struggling there in front of our own crowd. Funny enough here Jones and an own goal gave us the lead, twice but we blew it.

We drew three a piece with high flying Carmerthen. Not brilliant, the game turned a couple times. We led through Colbeck before the host netted three on the bounce, two before the break, one after. Colbeck netted eight minutes from time before Tache secured a point for us.

We then came back from two down to grab a point away at Connah's Quay as we drew two a piece. We trailed two nil at half time before Bowen and Stott netted.


We are off the bottom of the table! Still going to get relegated though and still getting sacked! The board are already having me under pressure!


This also happened, Por, from Iceland, randomly offered me an interview which I attended and then offered me the job. At the time they sat third with one game to go, which could of seen them move to second and win promotion to the top tier. I rejected it because Shedender said, and I quote: "Stay at Rhyl I love seeing you struggle for once. Ha!"

Next Post: Rhyl - October 2020
I rejected it because Shedender said, and I quote: "Stay at Rhyl I love seeing you struggle for once. Ha!"

And that's indeed true, I cannae tell a lie mate.
Well at least I know that you'll enjoy this seasons updates as I can't see it improving Shedender
Rhyl - October 2020


Not sure how I've survived this long, been under pressure for the last couple of months now yet still plugging away with Rhyl. Struggling away more like! We went into October stil struggling and with another four games this month, could we finally turn the form and start winning?


No is the simple answer to that. Four games, three more defeats and despite winning a game in the league, it wasn't really anything to soften the blow of a terrible run we are on.

We lost at home again to Prestatyn, losing out four two was poor, I'm not sure what to say that I haven't already. Our goal scorer was Ellams netting twice.

A having five two defeat away at Bangor City as the high flyers upset us big time. Again our two goals coming from one guy, this time Colbeck.

Then we won a game!! We beat Aerystwyth five two! Unbelievable stuff, not only did we score a few we won a game!! Our first league win this season and my first in Wales. Colbeck netted a superb hatrick to continue his good season whilst Stott and Gossett also found themselves on the scoresheet.

We ended the month with a heavy defeat at the hands of TNS though. Losing out six two put us back in the relegation zone and back in trouble.


Still getting relegated and sacked, we're scoring goals, in fact we've scored the joint most this season, its at the back where we are having trouble, conceding thirty seven goals. A point above Port Talbort and a point below Newtown.

Next Post: Rhyl - November 2020
If theres one thing you can take from this job its the fact that they are at least consistent with losses.
It's hard to believe you have scored the same amount of goals as Airbus but conceded the most, no wonder you're second bottom at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if you got lucky and survived easily enough in the end but it's going to be very difficult. Good luck though.
Awful month there Dan
Looks like you've got a tough job on your hands this time! Good luck turning it around.
It's only one point away from safety... You could still get sacked, of course.
Yeah thats right Tommo!

I know Shedender we suck at the back and thats really surprising! However we are scoring for fun which is nice to see I suppose!

That was my best month yet Johno! Haha!

Sure have Wilc94, its a tough old life in Wales

Yes correct itchycoo!
Rhyl - November 2020


Into November and form still poor, last month was our best month in the league season yet! However we still only picked up three points from a possible twelve. This month would see us win a couple of games! I know! A couple!! We faced three league games and one cup game.


Yes! We won two on the bounce! Its a miracle!, Actually, its not, we faced a non league side in the cup and then got a lucky win in the league!

We narrowly lost to Newtown one nil, had we won that we would of jumped above them.

Our first win in what seemed like forever came as we travelled to Cwmbran and beat them four two in the Welsh cup. Once again it was James Colbeck who stole the show, netting another hatrick for the club whilst Stott also netted late on for us.

We then welcomed Llangefni in the league and beat them by the same score line! Hughes netted our first seeing us trail two one at the break. Second half Bowen, Colbeck and Ellams all found the net seeing us come back from behind to win four two.

Another defeat came, struggling Port Talbot was the place we went to and lost at! Stott netting our only goal in the second half but we lost two one.


We now have nine points, however still sit bottom of the table and by quite a bit. We are now four points clear of the safety zone!

Next Post: Rhyl - October 2020
Bottom. It's a real shame you lost to Port Tablot, starting to wonder if you'll turn it around or not.
Unlucky to drop down to the bottom. At least you have some good news in the cup
A very tough start to life in Wales Dan A good couple of wins more recently though suggests things are on the up!
Yes we are Shedender it makes a change to be struggling anyway!

Yeah a cup run would be great Tommo.

I'd like to think so DP91
Rhyl - December 2020


And so the Christmas month was upon us and I was hoping this was going to be the turning point for us. The festive period, a happy squad, plenty of goals and results going in our favour, that was all on my christmas list to santa anyway!


Well, one point from three games before Christmas, not quite the perfect month I wished for from Santa.!

We lost two one away at Haverfordwest, a win would of helped us sneak up a little bit. Hughes gave us the lead after half an hour but we conceded either side of the break losing out two one.

We then blew a two goal lead at home against Carmerthen. So poorly. Wynee netted a half hour penalty before Ellams netted seven minutes into the second half. But two goals in the final half hour, against us, saw us draw!

We then lost to Connoah's Quay at home, one nil, again poor!

The board then requested a meeting...


Well, the board meeting wasn't going well, they first requested nine points from five games which I told them was way too much! They then requested seven points from five games and again I told them it was too much and I accidently clicked too early and resigned from my post and the board were 'pleased'..pricks!

Next Post: The Next Chapter - Anywhere But Wales!
Wow I have never seen a board say that before. Your better off without the team
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