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VP. completed a season in their Football Manager career: My FM20 Career

If I remember correctly, I've tried this challenge two years running, alongside Shedender, trying to battle through all the European leagues and trying to win every trophy going. The furthest I got was Denmark, a couple years ago which saw me tick off six countries by 2033! This time I look to complete them all, the whole World! As with this challenge I'll start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and without any coaching badges.

Wow Kyle Robinson is a nob. Think i'll avoid Rhyl if I ever manager in Wales!
What a bunch of nongs.
Had the chairman of Maritimo tell me that when I finally left after that dismal season in Portugal in my save Dan! Oh well, don't fret, get back on that horserino!
Wales, probably one of the toughest challenges you will face it. Not only you but any football manager!
At least you ended up resigning and not getting the boot, thus damaging your reputation.
It was poor from the board Tommo.

He sure is bmg033, I think I'll avoid Wales altogether for a while!

Thats the plan van6969 no point wasting time!

Sure was Picchioni, I wont be going back there in a hurry!

True Shedender
Coming Home! 9th July 2021


December 2020, the last time I had a job! I had to wait six months to find a new job and it would be back in my home country of England. Welcome home and all that! Hoping this will be a long term job which I am about to take on, returning to England for my first managerial trip here will be a big one and hopefully its come at the right time.


Yes, Woking! They were relegated from the Conference Premier last season, finishing in twenty third from a possible twenty four. They had no manager when England was loaded in so this attracted me, I made sure they had staff which was all important and then it was done! A good transfer budget to work with, some wages to. I'm going to be playing attacking direct football!

Next Post: Woking FC - Pre Season Round Up - 2021
Good luck at Woking mate, it can't be worse than yer stint at Rhyl?
I'd have thought the squad might still be fairly strong given they're dropping down a division? (Although they did perform poorly!) Bit of a morale boost with a few wins and I reckon this has the potential to kickstart your career. As I'm sure you'll know, doing well in England will probably make getting jobs elsewhere much, much easier
Good luck in England Dan!
Best of luck Dan, Woking are a strong conference side irl so hopefully they've kept a good nucleus of players to help make things a bit easier!
Good luck mate. There's a lot of potential trophies you could cross off your list...
Wow, guess they was expecting miracles straight away

Good luck with Woking!
Good luck at Woking Dan. Get those trophies ticked off!
I hope not Shedender!

I thought that too KEZ_7 but it appears its not quite as strong as I thought.

Thanks Tommo.

They are indeed rossiheslopi, I'm just hoping I can help them in this division.

Thanks Simoncoyne, I think there is a potential eleven trophies here.

Yeah Johno, it just didn't work out, but hopefully here will be better

Thanks tongey, plenty to do here.
Woking FC - Pre Season Round Up 2021


After being out of a job over the last six months I almost forgot what was going on and what it felt like to be in the thick of it. But here at Woking its fair to say I'm definitely back in the thick of it now. I thought this would be an easyish job to take on with them recently relegated, however once I really assess the team and the club, I realised it could be a little tough journey I've got on my hands here.


Four players went out this summer, four players left the club upon my arrival, three went out on free transfers whilst Giueseppe Sole left for three thousand pounds as he joined Harrogate.


Lots of new faces this summer however not a penny spent in the transfer window, we made the most of the loan system though. First in was goalkeeper Scott Furlong as its an area where I needed to improve. Ian Balmain also joined on the same day, the centre back on a free transfer should hopefully strengthen the back line. We then brought in four loan players. Jay Connor from Portsmouth gives us another attacking option whilst Stuart Reece should strengthen the attacking midfield areas. Another keeper then joined the ranks in young Jemal Clarke from Spurs, he should really provide competition to our other keepers. Our final loan deal was attacking midfielder Scott Walden from West Brom. Finally striker Kaine Sheppard was the next and last through the door to date, also on a loan deal.


As you can see, the squad isn't the strongest, especially not as strong as you'd think when they were relegated from the Conference Premier last season. The players I've brought in clearly adds strength to the squad which hopefully will boost us up the table this year and meet the boards expectations of hitting that top spot.


A good summer on the pitch, the team seemed to have gotten use to the new tactics quickly and this certainly will help us. Five wins, one draw and two defeats certainly sees a good year ahead on the schedule for us.


Oh and then I noticed this just now, I haven't even played a competitively game here in England and already my job is insecure!? I don't get why!

Next Post: Woking FC - August 2021
Surely there must be a flaw that needs sorting by FM for your position at Woking to be insecure already? Nobody get's appointed, starts as well as you have and faces the axe! Mixed array of talent in the Woking squad it seem's too, should make an interesting campaign should the board sort themselves out.
Its a strange one DP91 as I haven't done anything for them to be on my back already, however after this month Im pleased to say I'm not under pressure anymore!
Woking FC - August 2021


So after a busy summer and finding myself on the insecure job list, already, without actually playing a game, it was time to start competitive life here in England. It was a big country to come to but starting from the bottom it was important I got off to a good start, life at Woking wouldn't be too bad I feel!


Six league games in the opening month of the league season, August, and not one defeat! We've started the season in fine style picking up five wins and one draw, just a shame we've only picked up two clean sheets along the way as well.

My first game in England saw us take a trip to Billericay who we stuffed four one, a superb way to return to my home country. We trailed at the break before we saw a brilliant come back. Lonee Connor netted the opener of our campaign before Thomas netted twice and Goddard converted a spot kick.

We welcomed Maidenhead for my first home game in England, a four nil win was the perfect way to celebrate that, all goals came in the first half. An own goal set us on our way before Goddard netted his second in as many games, as did Connor whilst Thomas netted his third of the season moments before the break.

A three one win against a tough Bath side then came. We led seven minutes before the break through Thomas however the hosts levelled before half time. Second half belonged to us though as Thomas netted two more, sealing his hatrick whilst Bath finished with ten men.

A nil nil draw against Hayes & Yeading at home, poor showing but we couldn't do much more in this game.

We beat Dover three one at home. Another solid display. Goddard put us ahead in the sixteenth minute with Connor making it two nil five minutes before the break. Second half Dover pulled one back but Connor put the game beyond doubt twenty minutes from time with his second.

And to end the month, a trip to Margate who we beat three one. We were on top throughout this game, loanee Connor once again on the scoresheet as he opened the scoring. Lewis made it two nil ten minutes into the second half with Jones netting three minutes later. We switched off late on, conceding an injury time goal and blowing our clean sheet.


Forty games to go yet, but we have started the season strongly! Havant & Waterlooville are flying having won all their opening six games so far, Eastleigh have the same record as us but sit ahead on goal difference in second whilst the only other unbeaten side this far into the competition is sixth place Gloucester, however they've played a game less.

Next Post: Woking FC - September 2021
Now that's more like it! I guess the job isn't insecure any more.
I'm certain I just won more games in August with Woking than I did with Rhyl all last season Itchycoo certainly not under pressure no more!
Woking FC - September 2021


A brilliant month in August for my Woking side saw the board and fans really attach to me and feel they have something special here, well I hoped anyway. To be honest we weren't even meeting their expectations, they wanted the top spot and we sat third, however this is only the second month of the season, could we improve again?


Another unbeaten month, four wins and two draws whilst only keeping two clean sheets once again. Four league games and two in the FA Cup saw another solid month for the club.

We started the month welcoming Weston-super-Mare who we beat two nil, keeping a strong clean sheet. Walden netted after eight minutes with Goddard converting from the spot three minutes into injury time.

We then travelled to Gloucester one of the other unbeaten sides and we both stayed unbeaten after this game. It was a goalless first half followed by the host netting ten minutes into the second half. We snatched a point when Cestor netted in the final couple of minutes.

Next up we welcomed Wealdstone and put in another clean sheet performance, winning two nil. Jones netting after three minutes with Thomas netting after fifty three securing the win.

Our final league game of the month saw us face Havant & Waterlooville who we beat five two! Lewis gave us the eleventh minute lead yet we trailed two one at the break. Luckily my team talk spurred the team on, Sheppard netting twice in the second half along with goals from Reece and Connor.

We'd then face Enfield Town in a double header in the FA Cup Second Qualifying Round because we couldn't get the job done first time. Lynn gave us the lead with Walden making it two nil before the host levelled at two all before the break. Second half they went three two up before Walden had his second ensuring a replay was earned. In the Replay we beat them five two comfortably with our goals coming from Sheppard, who netted his first two goals since joining in the summer, Jones, Goddard and Leggett sending us through to the third Qualifying round.


Havant and Waterlooville have had a nightmare month, slipping from the top all the way down to fourth place whilst we go to the top of the table and now take control. We lead the way by three points, remaining the only unbeaten side in the competition and whilst a defeat won't be too far away, we need to try and crack on now.

Next Post: Woking FC - November 2021
Impressive start to the season but I'm not surprised as I'm sure promotion is the absolute minimum from the board (correct?) but I do find it weird that you were under pressure without playing a competitive game - you no longer under pressure now?
only a mentalist would turn down the loveliness of iceland (and a team called Thor!) to stay in shitty Rhyl!
The board expect the league title Shedender and the way we are playing right now I don't see why we can't do that! It was strange to be under pressure before even playing a game but sorted now, they love me now!

It proved to hit me steveekay! staying in Wales wasn't the best choice!
Woking FC - October 2021


The form was brilliant, morale was brilliant, mentality is brilliant, life here in England is just fine by me, I understand the game, the board and players understand my way of management and we don't seem to have any issues picking up results just yet.


Another 'near perfect' yet strong, unbeaten month for the club! The busiest month we've faced to date with seven games in total, five in the league and two in the FA Cup as we kept our run going in both competitions.

First up was a home game, welcoming Eastleigh and this was also our only clean sheet this month in a four nil win, the goals were shared between Walden and Lewis who hit two each.

The FA Cup Third Qualifying Round saw us travel to Tonbridge and win four two Goddard, Lewis and Connor netted in the opening twenty three minutes to see us three nil up. Conceding either side of the break saw it back to three two but Shappard netted late on to seal the win.

We stayed in Tonbridge as we faced them three days later, in the league this time where we could only muster up a three all draw. Lewis netting two first half goals before the host came back at us. Murtagh netting eight minutes from time to save our unbeaten run.

We got back to winning ways in the league as we welcomed Hendon and beat them two one. We took a one nil lead into the break thanks to Goddard before Lynn doubled our lead from the restart. We conceded late on.

Very lucky to remain in the FA Cup as we welcomed Hampton & Richmond and beat them two one. We trailed come half time and were playing poorly, but two goals late on, Lynn in the eighty fourth minute and Balmain a minute into injury time, saved our run! We faced Sheffield United in the First Round.

Another clash against Hampton & Richmond followed, this time up at their place and in the league where we beat them four one. Lewis netted our first half goal with the host leveling. Second half belonged to us though with Shappard, Walden and Connor all finding the net, securing a four one victory.

We would end the month at home welcoming Hemel Hempstead who we went on to beat two one, again coming back from behind. We trailed at the break but Lynn and Lewis netted late second half goals to secure the win.


Fifteen league games done and dusted and thirty one to go, we are in control and pulling away from the league. Surprised we are still unbeaten this far into the season. Whilst being nine points clear from second place we are fifteen points clear of falling out the playoff zone! In control and going nowhere!


My first monthly award! Now to scoop a few more and who knows, maybe the yearly one come the end of the season!

Next Post: Woking FC - November 2021
Unbeaten in the opening fifteen games, scoring freely and barely conceding goals, it's a good time to be a Woking fan.

Ah, the Dan bulldozer has landed in Woking and started demolishing everything then I see

And turning down a team named Thor? Sacrilege
Nice to see the gap opening up Nice to see my local team ( Gloucester) doing well
Its awesome Shedender we seem to be so much stronger than the rest of the teams around us this season!

Yes something like that GG.Com
Woking FC - November 2021


Another month falls by and another successful month for us as well. With my first every monthly managerial award won last month, I wanted to try and continue the run now, scoop a few awards, keep the form coming, oh we also were set to face Sheffield United this month in the FA Cup.


The goals keep reigning in, the wins keep reigning in and another couple of clean sheets have snuck into the results list for this month. Four league wins, to FA Cup ties and our first appearance in the FA Trophy this year.

We began on the road against Kingstonian who we stuffed four one. Connor gave us the lead however things were level at the break. Second half an own goal put us back on track and then two late goals from Lewis in the final ten minutes secured the win.

Welcoming League One side Sheffield United was always going to be tough. But at home we took the lead through Kaine Sheppard on the stroke of half time. We conceded in the second half, soaked up the pressure, and stole a replay.

Back to league action we welcomed Maidstone and picked up three points and a clean sheet. Connor netted after eighteen minutes before Walden made it two nil just eleven minutes from time.

A trip to Sheffield United then came and we fell out of the FA Cup in the first round after a replay. We fell behind inside ten minutes before Murtagh brought us level. But we couldn't soak up the pressure, Sheffield United went on to hit four past us to tip us out.

Our second, and final clean sheet of the month came with a trip to Dorchester who we stuffed four nil It was plain sailing for us. Connor netted two in twenty five minutes for us. Then other two goals came late on with Balmain and Black netting in the final six minutes.

The goals continued as our final league game of the month saw us smash Boreham Wood five goals to one! We were amazing! Despite falling behind after fifteen minutes we struck back level just fourteen minutes later through McNerney before he netted again, after the break to give us the lead. Thomas, an own goal and Reece secured the win with them three netting in the final ten minutes.

We ended the month with a seven goal thriller, welcoming Horsham in the FA Trophy Third Qualifying Round as we claimed a four three win. All our goals came from summer signing, striker Kaine Sheppard.


With four wins from four in the league this month we've moved to nineteen league games unbeaten and also move thirteen points clear in the league this season! Hendon in second can't keep up with us. We are scoring for fun, having netted fifty seven goals in nineteen games, averaging three goals a game whilst conceding just fifteen to date.


Two on the bounce now! The awards are beginning to tumble in!

Next Post: Woking FC - December 2021
So you've got the FA Trophy, the Conference South, are there any more competitions you have a realistic chance of winning this year? Where does the FA Vase fit in the picture?
19 games unbeaten in a league like that doesn't happen very often!
Outstanding form. No shame in getting dumped out of the FA Cup by Sheffield United but you done really well to even force a replay against them but the replay away from home proved 'one step too far'. Shame.
Sure is Itchycoo

The FA Trophy is the FA Vase Simoncoyne, that and the league is the two we are left in and I feel realistically we could have a shout at

I know bmg033

We performed well Shedender, the board expected us to get to the first round and that we did, we were never going to beat Sheffield United away from home.
Woking FC - December 2021


The festive month was upon us and I can tell you now, I went into this Christmas a lot happier than I did last year when in Wales at Rhyl. It means Its almost a year on since stepping down from there and where I am now, I'd say I've made the right choice. We'd already gone half way through the league without a defeat, how long could it go on for...


Well, our first league defeat was always going to come and it has, our game before the New Year saw us lose out narrowly against Maidenhead away from home, however we also picked up three wins and a draw to stay on top in the league.

We began the month at St.Albans as we claimed a one all draw. Boring game really, Goddard gave us the lead from a free kick first half before we conceded in the second half to end all square.

Next in the FA Trophy First Round we faced Dover and claimed a three two win to continue our run in the competition. Walden gave us the lead before Clarke made it two nil after half an hour. At the break it was two one and shortly after two a piece. It looked like it was going extra time until Walden grabbed a second and our third.

Two home games followed, either side of Christmas. We welcomed Staines and beat them four two in a very comfortably showing. Despite falling behind we levelled through Sheppard, however found ourselves behind come the break. However Sheppard went ahead and sealed his hatrick putting us back ahead before Lynn netted in injury time.

A five nil win came on Boxing Day as we welcomed Billericay a brilliant, late, Christmas present from the team to the fans. Connor and Sheppard netting before the break. Walden making it three nil second half before Goddard added our fourth and Connor added our fifth.

Then finally slipped to our first league defeat in our final game of 2021 as we travelled to Maidenhead. It was always going to come. Sheppard gave us the lead but we then collapsed, we brought a second back seven minutes from time but we couldn't quite grab an equaliser and save ourselves from defeat.


We've dropped from thirteen points clear in the league to just eleven points clear after dropping five points this month! Hopefully we can get back on track in the New Year, with just the league and FA Trophy to play for it allows us to focus on our form and hopefully pick it back up.

Next Post: Woking FC - January 2022
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