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I will be starting unemployed with National C Licence and Sunday League Footballer experience. I don't generally do this type of career so it will be a big challenge for me. I will start with the following leagues loaded and likely add/remove leagues throughout.


Looking through the available jobs I found one that took my interest in Levanger Fotballklubb located in the Norwegian Second Division. I applied and was offered a interview a few days later.


Unfortunately despite impressing in the interview I lost out on the job to another manager, which meant I would be looking for another job.

Good luck matey, will be interesting tracking your progress!
Good luck mate!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Good luck out in depths of Europe.
Cheers Dan!

Thanks George!

Cheers Tongey. Never managed in these countries before so will be a good challenge


So a few jobs became available in a few different countries which quickly became unavailable without even being offered a interview. This was until a team in Poland looked to be a good starting point. I sent in a application and got asked for a interview the next day.


I felt like I done well in the interview and agreed with everything they wanted in a manager. Thankfully I heard back shortly after and was offered the job. They didn't give a great deal of transfer funds or wages to work with but it was manageable. They only wanted me to keep the current staff and get mid-table which is achievable so I took the job.


Looking at the squad depth charts the real weakness in the team was at left back. The problem I have is it is out of the transfer window and my best left back is currently injured. Thankfully I have good depth in the rest of the team so I should be able to deal with it. The main problem I have with the team is I need at least 1 under 21 player in the starting line up. I currently only have two in the first team which are attacker Lazaj and my 5th best CM Jastrzembski. Another possibly problem I have is 20 of my 25 first teamers contracts all run out at the end of the current season, so I will have to try and extend a few of my key players contracts.


We start 10 games into the season sitting 12th out of 18 teams with 24 games left to the season. Its still a tight league at the moment so some wins early on could see me push up the league. I will be aiming to try and finish around 5th if not possibly higher this season then push on next year.

Really not a bad position to pick the team up from Tommo.! Hopefully you can take them near promotion being just ten points from the top
Good luck Tommo. Sounds like you've got a plan in place.
Cheers Dan. Was expecting to be starting with a relegation bound team so glad to have got them.

Thanks Simon. I feel we can achieve it so why not go for it


October 2014/15


I took over with 5 days until my first game which gave me time to look through the squad and find my starting 11.What I did find when looking through the under 19s was two average players I could call up to help with the quota. They where both on short term injuries so I would have to wait to see them in the first team. I also handed contracts to around 10 of my players to tie them down as they where running out at the end of the season.


A great win in the first game. Golebiewski hit the back of the net every chance he had, and was unlucky not to get more goals. The captain gave away a silly pen at the end which allowed them to one behind but the whistle blew shortly after.


Despite scoring Golebiewski really had a off day. He seemed to shoot whenever he had the ball which included missing the target from 5 yards. They caught us off guard at the end of the first half and made us pay with two goals.


Mazurkiewicz my centre back scored a early goal of the season contention when he lobbed the keeper from 40 yards out to make it 1-0. Unfortunately our keeper made a blinding error when he passed out a free kick to the oppositions striker giving them a open goal.


We played poorly in this game and the scoreline could have been easily worse. With them sitting 2 places above us before this game its one we really should have made the most off and got the win.


This was the 3rd league game in a 7 day period so with some players lacking from fitness and a few youth in I am happy with this result. We played well and could have easily came away with a win. The game was sealed when my youth winger cut in from the right to slot one passed the keeper.


Drawing seems to be a common thing this month. It was a close game and on another day either side could have probably won it. We gave away another sloppy penalty. Thankfully the opposition thought it should have been a draw and put it in their own net.


Dropped down to 14th mainly due to the amount of draws we have had. The league is still quite close so we can push up with a win or two next month and hopefully get in the top 10.
Shame you've not turned a few of these draws into wins, however, it's not been a bad start, certainly showing your team can find the net!
Yeah we seem to be scoring Tongey just can't stop conceding


November 14


So we go into November scoring but unable to stop conceding so I aimed to try and fix the defence.


Flota are one of the top teams in the division sitting close to the top so losing a tight game we can be proud of. Conceding in the 2nd minute shows that the defence still has problems despite the change.


Another goal conceded early which then seems to lower the confidence in the players. We pulled one back through our midfield but then let in two easy goals. One problem I have noticed is the lack of goals coming from attack.


Another game against a title challenger to finish the month. We could have easily conceded more then 2 if there attack had hit the target more.


We go into the winter break in the relegation zone and player morale low. One problem I have with the window opening is no money to bring in any players to help out. 2 players have asked to leave which I have agreed to if any teams come in as they are not starters.
Things look a little sour right now, hopefully it'll change soon enough.
Unlucky mate tough run of games! It's seems as if everyone is conceding alot and scoring alot! Hopefully you can stay up!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Cheers Johno

Yeah its not the best start I could have wish for Dan

Yeah I have noticed some high scoring games in the league George. Seen 3 games with one team getting 7 goals


March 15


So shortly before the league restarted in March I was called in for a board meeting. I assured the board that things would be turned around and we would start getting some wins.


Unfortunately we didn't turn things around and lost the first three games after the winter break. We conceded 4 goals in all 3 games and topping it off the first choice keeper agreed to leave at the end of the season. All 3 strikers carried on their goal drought into March and ended it without scoring.


Them loses left us bottom of the table and the inevitable happened of me getting sacked. If I said I didn't expect it coming I would be lying. The team morale was dropping daily and more people wanted to leave every day. I will be looking onto the future and hopefully getting another job soon.

Back to the drawing board then! Unlucky matey!
Yeah Dan I am kind of relieved it happened sooner rather then later allowing me to focus on the next job.





So the one benefit of being sacked in the end of March, is that most leagues will be finishing there seasons soon, therefore meaning more jobs will become available due to managers being sacked. Around the end of may was when teams I was suited for became manager less. The first job that took my eye was a team called Thisted FC (I like to imagine its pronounce Fisted). They are in the 2.Division Vest Danish league. They looked like a good side so I applied and got offered a interview. A few days later I heard back with the news


Never mind I thought as there was plenty of other jobs avaliable and just a few days later another team took my eye in the 2.Disijon Avd.4 Norwegian league. The league had already been going for 2 months with the team currently sitting 10th out of 14th. I was offered a interview and unfortunately I suffered the same fate as I did for the Thisted FC job and was not offered the job.


It went almost a month until I was offered my next chance to impress a boardroom. This was thanks too Kongsvinger in the 2.Disijon Avd.1. The team was sitting 3rd before he manager was strangely sacked. Yet again the board was happy with my interview but chose to go with another manager.


So on I keep looking and travelling around Europe attending job interviews in the hope that within the next few months I will have a job.
Unlucky in your first job! Seemed a tough one. Sure another job will soon pop up for you!
Gutted for you Tommo Hopefully someone will offer you an job soon
Yeah it was a tough job Wilc but I expected that when taking them over.

At a time it seemed like one would never come Johno


July 2015

A New Beginning


So a few weeks after my countless rejections and failures to even get interviews, A Belarusian team in the Persha Liga called FC Lida became open. This interested me due to managing in Belarus before so I quickly sent my CV in and head from them a few days later.


I impressed again and actually got offered the job this time. With the league already in full swing I was given a 1 and a half year contract with £550 wage to try and impress them. I have 4k spare in the wage budget and 26k transfer budget I will look to spend come August when the transfer window re-opens.


The team are currently sitting in 11th place after 14 games. Its quite tight points wise so I can look to push up a few places with some early wins.


The team I take over has a lot of potential with some highly rated youngsters and some good older players. Im going to look to bring through some of the youth and hope they develop as well as they are predicted.


Now as it turns out I recognise one of the names in my first team. I didn't spot him until I took over the job but I have managed him before and know how good he is. That player is FM12 gem Alexey Rudenok. He used to play for Bate in the top division a few years ago and would develop into a good player. He is currently the top scorer in the team so I will look to utilise him as much as I can.

Good luck with Lida
Cheers Johno.


July 2015 Continued

FC Lida


We started off with a easy game against a relegation favourite Zvezda. Obviously we had to make sure we didn't get shown up, which could have been seas as I was still getting to know the players. Thankfully the team rallied round and put in a good performance grabbing our first win of hopefully many.


Another game another win. Yudenkov put us in the lead with a great finish cutting in from the left wing. The we grabbed a second after Rudenok put way his 2nd penalty in as many games in the same corner as the first.


The team where perhaps a little excited from winning two back to back for the first time this season going into the next game. Unfortuatly we got put in our place by a fellow mid-table side. We did not play well at all and got out played across the park.


I was given a hard welcome to the Bulgarian cup after being drawn to play one of the top sides in the country. Thankfully this did not scare the players despite giving away a early penalty. Shreytor carried on his impressive goal scoring from central midfield by getting two goals including the winner. His performance drew interest from other clubs, including a bid of almost double his value which we declined.


I forgot to get a picture of the table but I'm pretty sure I was either 9th or 10th.
Good start with Lida, only downfall being that 5-2 defeat, although certainly made up for it by beating Dinamo Minsk! Great result!
Good start with Lida Hopefully you will start climbing up the table
Cheers Wilc I didn't have the greatest confidence going into that Dinamo game.

Thanks Johno with the league being tight a few points could see me rise a bit.

Note: I had written this all out and mugged myself off by clicking a bookmark and losing it so this is just going to be a shorter version.


August 2015

FC Lida



Rudenok was injured for 6-8 weeks after this game.


Free Transfer from Khimik Belyavskiy


4*PA cost 22.5k (Club Record) from Neman Grodno



5th ranked striker Tatarniko stepped up in these two games replacing Rudenok.


Was given another top Belarusian team in the cup. Played well but unfortunately gave up a goal to lose.


Great game to end the month with 5 different goal scorers. New signing Savitskiy grabbed his first goal for the club.


Was given Manager of the Month for these results. Probably my best month since starting this save.


Climbed up to 6th place and only 4 points of 4th. Something interesting I noticed this month is that despite the top 3 being promoted, is that with Bereza being 2nd the team in 4th will get promoted. This is because Bereza is a club linked with Dinamo Minsk meaning they can not be promoted.
Good signings for the club. Hope you can snatch the fourth place.
16 goals scored in 4 games, I like it!
Made a great start to life at Lida, definitely treating yourself better here, promotion and the first trophy isn't far off here!
Cheers Johno. Its doable but some tough games coming up in next few months.

Haha thanks BMG. Was probably the easiest run in of clubs this year.

Hopefully Dan. Couldn't see too many teams want a manager who had been sacked in both jobs they had.


September 2015

FC Lida


We started the month off with a mid table team that should have been a win. We played badly in it and luckily snatched a goal in the 88th minute. We scored again in the 90th but the play was called back due to a foul on the keeper.


We started the game strongly grabbing 2 goals in 24 minutes. Belyavskiy made stupid challenge which earner a straight red and allowed them to score from the free kick. Thankfully the team rallied around and got a 3rd goal to put the game to rest.


You will note that they also received a red card in the 88th minute. This effected me more then them, as that challenge caused a long term injury to one of my strikers after scoring a Brace in that same game.


We kicked off the last game of the month with yet another red card for a stupid challenge. Thankfully again the team dug in and grabbed a goal before closing the game out.


We end the month in 5th place 1 point behind 3rd & 4th. In the coming month we have fought games against both 1st place Gorodeya and 3rd place Isloch.

October 2015

FC Lida


We started the month with a good youth intake. 3 players who the scouts rate very high and a few adverse players. Hopefully some of them can push into the first team in the next few years.


The first game of the month was a close game against the top of the division. We took the lead and looked to have held onto it until they grabbed a goal in the last 10 minutes. A few changes to the tactics to push more attacking then seemed to work, when midfielder Shreytor showed why he's leading goalscorer by giving us the win.


Shreytor then carried on his form grabbing a goal just before half time. The team then grabbed 2 in 4 minutes to make it 3-0. The win was finally sealed when Shreytor scored again to make it a brace.


Rudenok managed to get his first goal since coming back from injury after scoring in the 4th minute. We grabbed 2 more before half time to go in with a 3-0 lead. Isloch caused a little scare when they made it 3-1, but a own goal from their keeper made it 4-1, with the game finally ending 4-2.


Unfortunately we could not go unbeaten in the month after falling 2-0 down at half time. Shreytor and Rudenok pulled it level, but the home team pulled ahead to make it 3-2. Shreytor netted his 2nd brace of the month before we gave away the points when we failed them inside the box.


We go into November and the final two games of the season in 2nd position. 2 points will secure a promotion into the top division. With a game against the bottom of the table this should be easily achievable on paper.

November 2015

FC Lida


We went into this game knowing a win would secure promotion and went ahead after 34 minutes through a Shatalov strike. Unfortunately after that goal the team seemed to drop off a gear and allowed Gomza to score either side of half time. My two main goal threats continued on there records with Shreytor scoring a easy 1 on 1 and Rudenok scoring a great goal from a tight angle on the 79th minute mark. I thought the game might have been won but they pulled back after Asnin batted in his own net a cross. We then thought we had sealed the draw but somehow let Fedorenko score 2 goals in 3 minutes to lose 5-3.


Despite the loss results went our way and we managed to secure promotion.


Zvezda went into the final game bottom of the table knowing anything but a win would relegate them. Things turned bad for them on the 35th minute mark when we scored a simple goal. They gained some hope when we gave away a stupid red card shortly before and and goal just after half time. Dobrolovskiy then sent the final blow to them after scoring a goal from just inside the box.


So we ended up finishing 3rd this year but grabbing the 2nd promotion spot. Gorodeya ended up running away with the league and made it hard for them to be catched towards the end.


We had some good stats across the board getting the highest rated player, top goalscorer and the top two assist makers. Shreytor who's mainly played in CM had a amazing season and finishing top goal scorer rounded off the year for him. The top two assist makers are my starting LM & RM who both made it hard this season for anyone to grab their position.


Now this is where the problems start. The finances are not looking too great right now and are currently in the red. One rule about the top division in Belarus is that all teams must have a heated ground which we currently do not. This meant the board took out a loan further worsening the finances. This also meant we was given a low transfer and wage budget meaning not many changes can happen in the off season.


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