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I am attempting to conquer Europe and then quite possibly the World in what will be my only save on FM15. I will be aiming to win every trophy in the playable countries on the game starting with Europe. This will see me travelling round taking on many different challenges which will hopefully be fun.

The Beginnings

So here I am again, after failing to save my game and then my computer crashing, I've set out on my European dream once again. I will be following in the footsteps of fellow managers Dan and Shedender and aiming to win every trophy available, firstly in Europe and then in the world one continent at a time.

I will be setting up my game with one nation loaded at a time in order for my game to run smoothly and quickly enough, then once I have gained success in the loaded league I can load up my next victims. For this career, I will be looking at starting in Denmark and moving on, to who knows where, but wherever it is, I will be taking my lucky backpack which will be filled with my trophy photo album and my thermos flask full of hot bovril.

So here goes, next up will be my Manager Profile.

My Career:
http://i.imgur.com/UCSZta9.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/24TOI2u.pngKolding IF - 04.11.14 - 14.06.15
http://i.imgur.com/UCSZta9.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/MOVjQmZ.pngGVI - 01.11.15 - 29.06.16
http://i.imgur.com/TMXfzIQ.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/OSWYYSj.png East Stirlingshire - 26.10.16. - 03.02.18
http://i.imgur.com/ixgiMkB.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/xfEgjex.png Smolevichi - 15.02.18 - 17.06.19
http://i.imgur.com/R6iudUe.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/USQBuiq.png FC Linköping - 28.06.19 - 06.08.22
http://i.imgur.com/R6iudUe.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/XDnp3b2.png Falkenberg - 16.09.22 - Present

Trophies Won:
http://i.imgur.com/R6iudUe.png Division 2 Östra Götaland - 2020
http://i.imgur.com/R6iudUe.png Division 1 Södaretten - 2023
http://i.imgur.com/R6iudUe.png Swedish Rookie All Star - 2023

Trophy Completion
http://i.imgur.com/UCSZta9.pngDenmark 0/4
http://i.imgur.com/TMXfzIQ.png Scotland 0/7
http://i.imgur.com/ixgiMkB.png Belarus 0/4
http://i.imgur.com/R6iudUe.png Sweden 3/6
FM19 Careers:

Good luck Tongey!
Cheers Tommo. Hopefully I'll remember to save this one.


I present to you...


Mark Tonge, born and bred in Northwich, just outside of Manchester in rural Cheshire. Growing up watching the beautiful attractive football of Northwich Victoria, one of the oldest football teams in the land, and the world. I am 21 year old manager with only Sunday League experience behind me.



I have decided to give myself no coaching qualifications which mirrors my real life, giving me the very lowly stats you see above. Hopefully as my journey evolves my stats will follow suit.

Now to move to Denmark and find myself a job...hopefully.
FM19 Careers:

The First Job



After living in a moderately nice 1 bedroom flat in the middle of Copenhagen for a few months and trying to get by on the little income that I was earning selling fruit and veg at the local market, it was time to get my name out and about in the world of Danish Football. It wasn't long until I had an interview and then that interview turned into my first job offer.


Kolding IF had approached me to fill the vacant managers role. It was only a few days after I had attended the interview which I thought had gone particularly well. The board expects me to finish mid table with no agreed philosophies. They expect me to keep the Director of Football and all of the backroom staff which was discussed in the interview. These backroom staff will hopefully help me settle in the area and into my new surroundings. They also don't want me to apply for other jobs which I have no intention of doing until I have won the league with them.


So I signed my contracts which isn't pretty to look at. An amateur contract on £0 a week. I will hope to get this changed asap as I will have to keep on working at the fruit and veg stay to keep my income coming in.

I will be posting the state of the club with league tables, club information and team information in the next update.
FM19 Careers:

Good luck at Kolding! A lot of promises to keep there but pretty much straight forward
Welcome to Kolding


The club plays it's home football at the Kolding Stadion and supply their trade in the 2nd Division West of Denmark. Playing in front of an average of 15 season ticket holders and their dogs the club is worth around £600k





Now for the important part, the club is currently 13 games into the current season and sit 2nd bottom with 11 points. The board want me to achieve a mid table position at least and I think we can do this. Hopefully I can start off well and create some momentum and who knows...we are only 15 points off the league leaders with 16 games remaining.


So the team as it stands doesn't have that much quality, but my two CBs seem to be the best at the club so I will look to be solid at the back and then work forward. Of course as it's an amateur club I can always bring players in whenever I want which I will look to do in order to create a more rounded squad. Hopefully Friis upfront can score a few for me as he has the best recommendation from my assistant.

I'll update when we hit the Winter break, but first, the small matter of my first three games of my management career.
FM19 Careers:

Up Until Winter Break.

November 2014


Jammerbugt FC (A)
So this wasn't the ideal way to start, with all the goals in the first half my team did well to not concede any more in the second half but I am not at all happy with the result or the performance. I will perhaps put it down to the fact that the team ar having to learn a new tactic and formation. Jammerbugt were 3rd in the league so it's no surprise we lost but I wish we had performed better.


FC Svendborg (H)
A much better performance and a terrific comeback from the lads. Again Svendborg are in the top 5 in the league so to grab a draw and a well earned point is pleasing. The performance pleased me with the team starting to learn the tactic.

The league table hasn't really changed much with us still 2nd bottom of the league having gained only a single point. We are still only a single win from safety so I'm hoping to escape the relegation zone as soon as I can.

FM19 Careers:

Im sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but where did you create this newgen type of face for your manager?
Looks like an interesting story to come up! Looking forward to it!!
Fantastic place to start Denmark mate! Best of luck with this one
Just three points behind Middelfart! I'm sure you can blow past those smelly bastards and out of the relegation zone!

(Oh come on, we were all thinking it)
picchioni I simply found it on google images, I think there is a program that allows you to make one but I couldn't find that.

Thanks Dan, I'm enjoying Denmark, however there seems to be about 4 teams from my town, which provides a split fanbase

simoncoyne I thought that when I first saw them, I was leaving it up to someone to point it out to the rest haha!


1st Season Update


So i've played my first 9 games after the mid season break and you can see the results below. I'm quite happy with how we've done considering we are meant to be going down and clearly don't have much quality but some of the performances have been quite pleasing. Still we could do with some more wins but that will come with time.

Ringkøbing IF

FC Sydvest




Bra brand IF


Kolding BK


And after these results, with 6 games to go, we have moved up a place and are still in a captivating relegation battle with 6 teams. This should be an interesting end to a season.


FM19 Careers:

Quite tight between you and 11th so its possible to stay up
Tommo You would have thought so but then a bad run of form started.

Kolding IF are down.


So first bit of bad news, this happened after a run of 6 straight defeats in the league in which we have had no pleasing performances.


So then I decided that before I got sacked, I would go out on my own terms. I resigned as Manager of Kolding IF.


Now to decided whether to stay in Denmark and battle on with the lower leagues or move onto a new country and challenge.
FM19 Careers:

Unlucky there mate. Look forward to seeing where you end up next
I'm Back in the Game!



So after a few months of travelling around Denmark with my Fruit and Veg stall trying to make as much money as I could, I got a call from the Chairman of a GVI or also known as: Gentofte-Vangede Idrætsforening but I will just call them GVI. I was to become their new manager with immediate effect. You can view the club information below:




So with 13 games gone in the sister league to my previous team and a fair few games left to play I sit 3rd bottom of the league with a huge 12 points. I am aiming to battle relegation once again. Lets hope this happens this time.


Next up will be my first games in charge and a team report once I find an assistant manager to judge their potential.
FM19 Careers:

Unlucky to get relegated, good luck with GVI! Sure you'll jump out of the bottom three in no time!
Good luck with GVI Hope you can keep them up.
Unlucky getting relegated! Best of luck in your new job hopefully you can get GVI away from trouble!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
Okay so the smelly bastards proved difficult. Looks like you don't have any stinkers with this league at least.

Good luck with GVI.
Unlucky with the loss of job and relegation! But good luck with the new team!
Cheers Johno, I'm hoping so, then I can build on that next season.

Thanks George14brfc, I'm finding it hard in this league, with amateur contracts.

SimonCoyne, yeah Middlefart were tricky customers on a windy day

Thanks Dan, I will catch you up eventually


The First 5 Games.


Holbæk (A)
Not the best of starts here, an absolute pummelling from a much better team. I tried a new formation and tactic and it didn't really work out. Not much more to be said.

Herlev (A)
A much better performance, again away from home, but just couldn't grab a point which would have been a fair result. The tactic started to show signs of working.

Brønshøj (A)
The 3rd game in a row away from home, and again another loss. Never really got going but we made it to the half at 0-0 which I suppose is something. Just need to learn how to keep them out for longer.

NB Bornholm (H)
So my first home game in charge, and we managed to grab the 1st points of my career at GVI. A massive 3 points against the team directly below me in the table to give us some air. Clung on once we scored but we ground it out.

Svenbølle (A)
Back to the awful away form, a huge loss against a fairly poor team. They are near me in the table and I'm disappointed to have lost in that manner.

So after all that, the league table looked something like this: 3 points off safety and 3rd bottom. Hopefully we can keep the home form going and not play as many away games.

FM19 Careers:

GVI March On


FC Rosklide (H)
A hugely important win at home. Starting to build my own fortress here. I was just about to settle for a draw but then up popped Fritze who scored a screamer in the last few seconds! 3 points.

Fremad Amager (H)
So much for the fortress, well if it was a fortress, it's now a ruin after a demolishing against a team battling it out near the top. Never turned up and disappointing from the whole team.

Hvidovre IF (A)
A massive win against a team I wasn't expected to get anything against. Hugely impressive performance and we are starting to grind some results out now. I'm pretty sure thats our first points away from home this year under my control.

Vanløse IF (A)
Back to losing ways, can't seem to get anything two games in a row, but never mind. Some good performances on show but we needed a draw at least against a fellow relegation rival.

FC Helsingør (H)
Should't have even bothered turning up. Poor game, poor performances, poor results.

Another 3 points on the road, and a massive 3 points at that. The team below me and bottom of the league. Talk about a last second goal as well. Hugely important in the relegation race.

Frem (H)
From are a team who are battling for promotion so to come away with a point is massive. A point gained on the team above and we should have and could have won the game.

After these games, the league looks like this: with 5 games to go it's looking like a close nail biting finish and sprint to the line.


FM19 Careers:

Wow form is so up and down! Hopefully you do enough to save the club and yourself but its going to be one tough ask now!
Dan it was just too much of an ask, as I've gone down again with one game to go. Disappointing to say the least.


Another Relegation

So it's mathematically confirmed that I am now relegation for the 2nd season in a row. Very disappointing as my team was starting to come together.

Here are my fixtures for the last 5 games and the final league table.

Avedøre (A)

B93 (H)

Holbæk (H)

Herlev (H)

B1908 (A)

League Table:


So it's back to the drawing board, and selling my fruit and veg which is fast becoming my most consistent job. I think it'll be tough to find a job that has any promise of trophies in the near future.
FM19 Careers:

So you ended up getting relegated again? FFS, who is going to employ you now.

In all seriousness though, two relegations (correct?) in two consecutive jobs is very unfortunate and I'm sure your luck will need to change soon. Good luck in your next job, wherever that may be.
Unlucky mate, to be fair relegations are and sackings are what make these saves, I've had two relatively easy jobs to date but I do look forward to picking up a tough job and potentially being sacked, I think it makes the story much more readable and enjoyable!
You may have to pack up your fruit and veg and move to another country where they haven't heard of Danish third division football! I hear Bulgaria is lovely this time of year!

In all seriousness, good luck wherever you find yourself next.
I've been pretty unlucky in my two attempts at keeping them in the league. I always find it hard with amateur teams as clubs can just come in and steal your best players. Hopefully all my seasons won't end in relegations eh Dan.

Thanks Shedender, I hope your luck will come true this time.

The Fruit and Veg stall is moving! It was about time to move anyway after a disappointing few years in Denmark. But I will be back Simoncoyne


Tonge Moves Country


I've moved to Scotland as I'm sure they need Fruit and Veg there. Surely they can't just survive on a liquid diet of alcohol and more alcohol. I sent my CV out to a few clubs to see what was available and one club came back to me.


That's right East Stirlingshire want me as their new manager for some reason. 2 seasons in charge, 2 relegations and they sit bottom of the league. What in gods name have they hired me for.

Anyway you can view the club information here:


My time at the club begins with them sitting pretty at the bottom of the league with 19 games remaining. You can see the table below:


So the tough task begins all over again. Time to get some stability into the team and provide some happy memories for once.
FM19 Careers:

Unlucky on getting relegated again. Scotlands always a enjoyable place to manage so good luck there
Surprisingly Tommo. I've never managed in Scotland before but I intend to enjoy it here.


An Unbeaten Start


So I've been at East Stirlingshire for over a month now and I'm enjoying my best run as a manager (That's not hard but I'm not complaining). I came in to a team that had lost 7 on the bounce and were rock bottom of the league by 7 points.

Stirling (H)
My first game in charge and against a very decent outfit. I put out what I thought to be my strongest team after being at the club for 2 days and they duly delivered their first point for 7 games. A hugely impressive performance but couldn't get the win.

Montrose (A)
Another draw and another point to the tally. I had Lewis Coult back from injury and he delivered with a goal to tie things up. It's a shame we couldn't go on to score the winner, but another point will do.

Stranraer (H)
My first win at the club came against front runners Stranraer. A double from my new striker Jay Doyle was great to see as he's trying to force his way into the starting line up. A massive 3 points for us as it's claws us closer to the safety zone.

Annan (H)
Another game, another point. I will gladly take them and keep the points ticking over. However I was very disappointed not to take all 3. We were 2-0 and cruising but then fell asleep and let 2 late goals in.

Albion Rovers (A)
David McKenna showed everyone why he is the clubs top goalscorer. What a great performance and another 3 to the total. We are on a roll. 5 games unbeaten.

Peterhead (A)
A trip to the league leaders and a game that I thought that we might lose. The players battled hard and duly deserved their point. Leading at one point, but couldn't hang on for long enough.

Berwick (A)
A 3-3 draw. An interesting and great game for the spectators. Another point and I'm happy.

So after all that, a look at the table and we are still bottom of the pile, but only by 4 points, and I'm pretty confident that we can escape the drop.


FM19 Careers:

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