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I didn't notice but in a lot of my players contracts, they had promotion wage rises. Adil Chihi, despite being one of my best players, wages rose up to £2.7k a week and he wasn't budging on it. I decided to let him go on a free transfer to gain a bit of cash, hope I don't regret this one though.

The season is about to start but I'll just give you a quick update on a few backroom advances within our club.

We now have 10 scouts and after being granted scouting all across Europe, I'm hoping my scouts can find me some top players from across the globe. For a club that was in the Conference two seasons ago, we have made huge strides forward.



I don't have FM open at the moment but I think we now have 43 staff members which is great for a club the size of ours. I've brought in some new coaches and my training has really improved so I'm hoping my players will reap the benefits.
August '16- October '16

First few months finished and it's gone a lot better than I expected. The board want me to finish 14th this season which I feel is a bit harsh but we'll have to wait and see. Play offs would be great, three consecutive promotions would be nice.


Tendayi Darikwa has been our star man so far this season from the right wing. We've looked pretty solid all over the pitch to be honest but we do look quite light up top. Reid, Bowman and Sims aren't playing too well but fortunately we are getting goals from all over the pitch instead. If we can manage to bring in a top quality striker, we will have a great shot this season.


We 're out of the Capital One cup after a loss to Championship side Watford.


Still in the JPT though, I really couldn't care less about this competition though.


Signed this guy on a free transfer. I'm hoping he can bang the goals in for us. Previously I said, if we get a top class striker, we could potentially do well, hopefully this can be the guy. He was released by Swindon in the Summer after only bagging a disappointing three goals last term.

I declined the interview at bottom placed side Leyton Orient. My contract is up at the end of the season and the board aren't currently interested in offering me a new deal. I'm hoping that I don't live to reject turning down these clubs if the board don't offer me a new deal. I don't want to leave any time soon though.
Good Luck for the future
Signed this guy on a free transfer after being recommended by one of my scouts who was over in Italy. What you guys think? I'm looking at re-training him as a striker. I've got one of my more experienced players tutoring him and i don't expect him to make an impact any time soon.


Anderlecht to Udinese to Torquay... Living the dream.
Tried to get a longer deal but the board weren't having it. Happy to have secured my future for another year though.
Season 16/17 - Twenty League Matches In

Another ten games gone and we are currently sitting in the play off positions. I'm really happy with how we have been playing recently so I'm hoping we can keep up this good form for the rest of the season. We aren't even halfway through the season so I'm not getting too excited just yet.


Jonathan Obika has done quite well since he's arrived and is now my first choice striker. I'm looking to offload Reuben Reid because unfortunately it's just not worked out for him here. Gary Roberts has impressed for me after a slow start and is banging a few in from the left of midfield. Luke Young has been an absolute revelation for me again this season, what a player.

Unfortunately, Levi Ives has kicked up a fuss and now wants to leave the club. Reading were apparently interested and he came to me asking if a bid was a made, could it be accepted... I refused. I will probably look at cashing in on him in the January transfer window. He has 4 years left on his contract so I'm hoping he will just let this blow over because it's not a player I want to lose, especially after his progression over the past few seasons.



We were knocked out of the JTP in the quarter finals to Portsmouth. However, like I said earlier, I wasn't arsed about this competition.


Through to the third round of the FA Cup which is good for our finances. We face League Two side Chesterfield in the third round which gives us a good chance of progressing.

My first bid has come in for Ives. I'm not sure whether to reject it straight away or try and more money. Forest are a Premier League side so surely they can afford to spend a bit more for someone with as much potential as Ives.

Reject it. They'd probably never play him anyway.
Looking good Fola. Some great signings, you're doing a good job with the scouting. And the results are solid too.
Maybe try and keep him on loan as one of the clauses?
Season 16/17 - Thirty games in, sixteen to go

January is over and we managed to keep Levi Ives which I'm absolutely buzzing about. I brought in a few youngsters and put them into my youth side and only brought one player in to my first team squad. Former Manchester City striker Alex Nimely joins us from fellow League One side Swindon. Obika, Bowman and Reid have failed to do it for me up top, with me relying more on the youngsters of Jaadi, Sims and Sorensen, hopefully Nimely can give us something different up there.


In the league, we surprisingly sit top of the table with sixteen matches to go. We still have a long way to go but we're on great form at the moment so I'm quietly confident we can grab our third promotion in as many years. Despite not sticking with a striker, we have been scoring lots of goals from midfield with Darikwa, Roberts and Young all banging them in for me. I'm so happy that players such as Pearce, Ives, Gavanon, Ruz and Young are still a pivotal figure in our side after being with us since the Conference.


We also managed to have our most successful FA Cup run managing to make it to the fifth round. We managed to beat League Two side Chesterfield and beat Championship side Cardiff thanks to a goal from John Bostock who has been brilliant for us this season. We ended up being knocked out by Premier League side Southampton but I never expected to progress against them. The cup run has helped our finances but now we can concentrate purely on the league.

Season 16/17 - Fourty games in, promotion on the cards?!

Promotion looks pretty much sealed after another great set of results which leaves us top of the table with six matches to go. I'm absolutely delighted that we look on course to gain our third successive promotion. I've never enjoyed an FM game as much as this one and I hope you're all enjoying reading.


I'm so impressed with how my midfielders have been doing. As discussed previously, my strikers weren't doing it for me. I've offered Ruben Reid out on a free but nobody is interested. Jonathan Obika is joining Millwall on a free transfer at the end of the season and I'm probably going to sell Alex Nimely after he's failed to impress. It's a shame but Ryan Bowman also wants to leave after his form has trailed off this season. He was my top goalscorer the past two seasons but he'll probably be leaving soon as well. Jaadi and Sorensen are young and are doing well for me so I'll look at bringing in a few other youngsters soon. Jared Sims has struggled too this season but I don't want to sell him, I may look at loaning him out next season or maybe retraining him to a different position.

So here we are, six games to go and we should seal the League One title soon if we don't completely fuck it up.

Brilliant run in FA Cup Such a shame your strikers isn't firing goals in
Season 16/17 - Champions!

Champions! We have done it, we have gained our third consecutive promotion and have won promotion to the Championship. I'm absolutely delighted to have gained another promotion but next season I am not expecting to be as successful. Three years ago we were in the Conference, next season we will be playing sides who are well established within English football. Survival is my priority, it's going to be tough but we will see.


We managed to win five of our last six matches and finished comfortably above MK Dons. I'm delighted with how we have performed and I have decided that I won't be making drastic changes for the new season. I owe these players a shot at Championship football after many of them have helped us gain promotion from the Conference, League Two and One. I'm looking forward to seeing how players such as Luke Young and Krystian Pearce fare in the Championship.


Surprised to see Blackpool relegated, I'll look to see if they have any players that I can bring in to help us hopefully secure survival next season.

I will give a more detailed breakdown on my players performances this season but here are their initial stats.


As you can see, my strikers didn't set the world alight but Luke Young, Darikwa and Roberts managed to score nearly 60 goals between them from midfield. Luke Young is our very own Frank Lampard and has scored over 15 goals from centre midfield in the past three seasons and he doesn't even take penalties. I will post more of his stats soon.

Gavanon, Ruz, Pearce, Ives, and Young all featured for me regularly which is nice as they have since I took over the club in our Conference days. Hopefully now that we have been promoted, we will be able to keep Levi Ives but we will have to see on that front.

We'll be playing our matches at Plymouth's ground until our expansion is completed at the end of the year. Hopefully now we have expanded our stadium, it will help us progress in the future.

It's all looking good on the sponsorship front too which is pleasing. We also gained information on who produced the most shirt sales. It's very pleasing to see Luke Young there as his good work is definitely being noticed.


Super Luke Young! Captain fantastic...



Buzzing to see Darikwa win the award for player of the season. I brought him to the club from Chesterfield last Summer for £60k and his value has now rocketed. From right wing he managed to score eighteen goals also grabbing twenty assists which is great for someone playing in his position. He has improved drastically over the last twelve months and I expect clubs from higher leagues to take notice so I'm thinking of offering him a new long term deal.


Third Manager Of The Year on the trot.


Nice to see Ruz and Young in the team of the year too. I think they have made it the past three seasons now? But I'm not completely sure. It's weird that Darikwa isn't in there... wins POY but can't make it in Team Of The Year. Out of those players, I am very impressed with Sarcevic from Fleetwood, if he doesn't cost too much I will look at bringing him in.

Fans' Best Eleven

They have just been relegated from the Premier League. It's nice to be offered the job but I don't want to leave Torquay any time soon. I've also been offered the Brentford and Sheffield United jobs but they just don't interest me at the moment. Hopefully I can get a new deal soon to secure my future here.


Here we go again. I didn't think he would want to leave after our promotion but once again, he has decided he wants to leave the club. I have placed a £10 million asking price on him and he is under contract for the next few years so it he is to leave, hopefully we can get a good fee for him.



He's been capped now for Northern Ireland too which will give him more match experience infront of the larger audiences. If I do let him leave, I will try insist on him moving abroad. Now he is playing for Northern Ireland, I'm hoping one of the larger foreign teams may take a punt on him. Reading, West Brom and Leicester are all showing interest in him at the moment.

Luke Young has won the Fans Player Of The Year for past three seasons. He has improved massively over the past three season as you will be able to see in a screenie on the first page. His stats now should suit him in the Championship and I'm hoping he will be able to impress next season as much as he has for the previous three. I've managed to sign him up for the next five seasons so I'm hoping he can be a legend here for a very long time.

I'm really happy to see that my unique individual training schedules are paying off with many of my players improving over the past few seasons. We now have around 50 staff members including youth staff and scouts and all that. If anybody wants any specific training schedules or my coaches or anything just let me know. Our world scouting knowledge has also moved up to 41% now which is great for a side with the stature of ours.


Woaaaaah, Captain Fantastic.



I've made a few signings with only letting a few players leave. I don't have the game open at the moment but off the top of my head, Turnbull, Grandison, Bowman, Reid, Obika and Nimely have all left the club on free transfers. I'm happy to see that the board don't expect too much so I'm happy that if the worst were to happen and we get relegated back to League One, I should be able to keep my job.

I will update you on my transfers in the next few posts.

So here we go, I've only made a few signings for our Championship season but they're all players that I'm very excited about. My scouts found me the three from Belgium so I'm hoping they can be a success. The others were players that I found myself. I'm really happy that my scouting system is finding players of this calibre for me.

I'm a bit gutted about Jonathan Diba, his stats were too good for me to pass up on but he can't get a work permit, does anybody know of any ways I can speed up this process or have I just wasted £150k?!


I've brought him in as one for the future. I am looking at retraining him as a centre midfielder or a winger, not entirely sure yet. I will look at loaning him out I think for this season.


Looks like a top, top goalkeeper. I'm unsure whether to stick with Gavanon or use this guy. He's young and has got good potential, he will probably be my number one for years to come when Gavanon retires. Gavanon is now a player/goalkeeper coach so he'll probably retire in a few seasons.


For his age, this guy has brilliant stats. However like I said, I can't get him a work permit so I'm going to keep applying but I'm a bit stuck with this one at the moment.


Played every game last season for Barnsley in League Two. He has good all round stats and I'm hoping he can adapt to the Championship quickly. He does have to dislodge Bostock, Young, Pearson and Dawson but he's a player I'm looking forward to manage.


Look centre back whom I'm probably look at loaning out this season. Like Zhukov, he's definitely one for the future.


Last season, my strikers struggled to find the net. Liam Hogan has been brought in to become my main striker and I'm hoping he can impress for me. He becomes my highest paid player and despite not scoring for the past three seasons and Brentford, I'm hoping he can refind his scoring boots here. He's a big risk but I'm hoping it will pay off.


The player I'm most excited about. He's a young tricky winger and a player I see as a direct replacement in the future for Gary Roberts who is now 33. If we can keep Ives, I'm hoping Gray and him will be a force to be reckoned with on the left hand side.
We're on the up.


Predicted to finish last. It's going to be a tough, tough season. If we can stay up it will be my greatest achievement in this career, bring it on!
One of my favorite careers going this, superb signings, that keeper is grande for this Championship level!
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