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As said in the title my air miles in this career will be high.Im aiming to win as much as possible in as many places as possible.Similiar to a lot of stories on here I will be moving from country to country moving on when I win it all or feel necessary.

Mostly on this beautiful game I am a one man team and never move about too much.On fm14 I reached 2047 with my Southampton save turning them into the best team in the world and winning 28 league titles in a row not to mention countless other titles.I like the idea that I see on here about travelling and winning in as many trophies in as many countries as possible.Yes I am copying other peoples stories but its something I have never done before so im giving it a go anyway.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Managerial history

http://i.imgur.com/AfgAcgo.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/35c7RH5.png?1 Labasa fc 8/12/13 - 30/8/15
http://i.imgur.com/POftVUk.png?1http://i.imgur.com/0zoZBy7.png?1 Bóltfelagið 1971 28/9/16 - Present

Trophies won
http://i.imgur.com/89J5FfX.jpg?1 Fijian national football league 2014
http://i.imgur.com/hfDSUcS.jpg?2 Fijian interdistrict championship 2014
http://i.imgur.com/hfDSUcS.jpg?2 Fijian champions versus champions 2015
http://i.imgur.com/hfDSUcS.jpg?2 Fijian FA cup
http://i.imgur.com/hfDSUcS.jpg?2 Fijian battle of the giants

Countries progress

http://i.imgur.com/QnF7ddZ.png?1 Fiji 5/5
Interesting places to start Good luck with Labasa fc
Good Luck SBR interesting Career be fiollowing
Best of luck matey!
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
Cheers lads.I was wanting to go somewhere completely new so that was the thinking with Fiji.

Anyway after doing my post 4 times only to get to the bottom and lose it and end up on the sortitoutsi youtube page im not going to make this a long one.Im just too frustrated right now.


With so many of the players in my squad not being real I decided on getting reinforcements.And a lot of them,.I now have a real player for each position and 2 or 3 in some.


Not the best start to the season but unbeaten since then.Great start to the season.The 7-2 win against navua was immense.


Sitting atop the league at just over the halfway mark is very good.3 points clear of our nearest rivals and 10 clear of the team who won every competition last season.

There is 4 other competitions in Fiji.3 of them are 2 groups of 4 and consist of the same teams in each groups.I don't know if its the same teams each year but this year they are.The top 2 teams In each group qualifies for the semi finals and the winners of which for the final.The groups are...


Looking at the league and the groups I think they are spread out fairly evenly in terms of league position.

The first completion (other than the Fijian national league) will be the Fijian FA cup will be played in may.Then will come the battle of the giants in august.And lastly will be the interdistrict championship in spetember/October.

And the last competition in Fiji is the champions versus champions.I don't yet know who along with the national football league champions will contest this as of yet but I suspect itll be the winners of the FA cup.

So there is my first update,I have decided to do this competition by competition with the national football league coming in between them as the year says it goes.
Oh one more thing.I asked the board if I could do my national C licence figuring I will need it eventually and will get me started on this long road.They agreed luckily enough.

The completed competition of the year ended with us losing on penalties in the semi final to eventual winners nadi.


After topping our group we played the runner up in group 1 and were behind at the break 2-0.We pulled it back to 2-2 and had a few chances to win it but it eventually went to penalties and unfortunately our best penalty taker (with penalty rating of 6,finishing on 10 and composure on 8) who missed the very first spot kick.So that's one competition I wont be winning this year.Theres always next year if I do decide to stay but that's a big if.
After the disappointing defeat in the semi final of the FA cup I was wanting to really press on with the league and if possible improve on the 3 point lead I had in the league so maybe I could win the league and tick off my first competition win.


10 points from a possible 12 is great by most teams standards.I also got points against teams who were closest to me so im pretty happy about that.Only 2 games left which will be played after the battle of the giants competition.


Well that proved to be a lot easier than I thought.To be honest though I really think it was the signings as like I said before I have every position filled with real players where none of the others do.Some only have 4 or 5 real players and the fake ones are probably ridiculously bad.Either way I have my first competition win.It might be one of the least reputable ones in world football but its a ticked off competition at least.Now for the rest of the season and the hope of winning at least 1 of the other 2 I will be competing in this calendar year and the champions versus champions I will be playing in early in January 2015.
An interesting place to start SBR, looking forward to seeing how your global career compares to the others! Shame about the cup but a good campaign with Labasa so far!
Thanks dp.Im debating whether or not to play here for another year to try to conquer Fiji as im thinking I could have them all by the end of next year.
I'd try stay to see out the trophies as I've found in my save it's very annoying the fact I need to return to England for a pot of lucky chance in the Capital One cup and the community shield
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
Yeah think I will dan mate.Dont want have keep going back to countries.Ill do it at some point im sure but ill probably stick with these another season.
Unfortunately when I went out I left me laptop on with fm still up and my lads got his hands on it and messed the game up,Have to play the last 2 of the league fixtures again.Will upload the pics again soon.Hopefully itll be same as before but we all know fm doesn't work like that.

Well luckily enough the only difference to now and before is 1 goal in the 2nd match I lost (the last one).


Still league champions which is the only important thing really.
Interesting place to start, going well so far too! Well done mate!
Nice one wilc.Yeah this seasons gone great.Only way it could of gone better was a win in the FA cup.Winning the league first time with 2 games to go is a relief as I thought that may of been harder but goes to show I needed the real players.

With the league wrapped up and the FA cup lost on penalties in the semi final I had another chance to tick off a trophy when I played in the battle of the giants.


I lost and drew my first 2 games so I wasn't expecting to go through but a massive 6-0 win against navua in the last group game sent me through as runners up after nadroga did me a massive favour by beating rewa rather than drawing.I played nadi in the semi final and won 2-0.Going into the final I was filled with confidence as I was playing bottom of the league suva in the final.


Then I lost 2-1.Sorry about the lack of screenshot for the final.It doesn't seem to be letting me do any in match on this save so far.If anyone can suggest anything better to take screenshots It would be much appreciated.Either way I went ahead in the 12th minute through wira wama but 2 2nd half goals by them secured the trophy for them and another one I have to claim next season.Gutted isn't quite the word.
There's some issues with screenshots since the update, so you'll have to ues the PrtSc button on your laptop for some screens. Unlucky in the final after coming back to qualify from your group. Good luck next season!
Thanks wilc.I was livid with them as most of the 2nd half (up until theyre first in the 73rd minute) I was playing counter and told them to tighten up every 10 minutes.


Poor ending to the league really but I did have it sewn up already so I cant complain too much.I think the lads are still feeling the final defeat to suva.


That league table still looks good.The gap at the top did close considerably but like I said it was already sewn up.With winning this I have qualified for the oceania champions league so maybe if I get lucky I might just be able to win that.

One more trophy to play for this year.The interdistrict championship.Same group as the other cups so I know my opponents well but hopefully I can continue the trend that seems to be happening with me and go one better to win it.
Superb stuff to date man!
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
Great Work Well Done
Well done mate, KIU
Brilliant season
Cheers lads.Lost out on 2 cups but have the league.One more cup to compete for this year and the champions versus champions cup in January then I only have those other 2 to win should I win the champions versus champions cup.

So going into the interdistrict cup we wasn't on good form in the slightest after 2 defeats in 3 games including that final against suva.I really wanted to win this competition just to get another trophy ticked off but I knew form wasn't on my side and the lads morale wasn't great.


I managed to win my group winning 2 and drawing the other in the process.I then played my conquerors suva in the semi final and revenge was certainly on my mind.The players triumphed with a 3-1 win with 2 goals in the last 6 minutes.I was in my 2nd straight final this time against the heavy favourites ba.


A good result ancd performance and a great cup win.Another trophy in Fiji has been won.2 out of 5 so far.Not bad going in my first season though next year ill need the 3 others if I am to leave and further my progress elsewhere.

More good news as the board have agreed to send me for my 2nd licence.The national B licence is the next step on the coaching ladder.Im not too sure how many more this board will be willing to send me on but I will jeep asking when I can.
Congrats on winning the final

Another competition done and dusted.Fijis answer to the community shield can now be ticked off.Only 2 more to go in Fiji.
Getting There
Great work man! two to go!
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
Nice one lads.Been a disappointing transfer window.Lost 3 of our best players to ba which makes it 5 in all to them.They have been throwing their weight about signing up free transfers quite a bit.Really hoping to get these 2 last trophies as ideally I want get away from the amateur side asap.Though there is a the other oceanic nations I need to visit.

Got a few good wins there including a good win against our tormentors ba.Suva are a bit of a thorn in our sides still.Wira wama has been great and 5 wins on the trot is good in any league.


Cant complain with that too much.5 games to go in this tiny league and top.Going be a close one though I think.

Next update : The Fijian FA cup
The FA cup is one of the last 2 I have to win in Fiji.Lost out in the semi final on penalties last season so I am eager to get this out the way.These cup competitions are proving to be difficult.Getting out of the group isn't too hard but the semi final and final have proven to be my undoing.


So the group went fine with 17 year old Abraham varman doing particularly well.Semi final was easier than that scoreline shows and we were into the final against our group 1 rivals ba.


Great result.Was especially pleasing seeing as they had 4 of our former players in their starting xi with one of them scoring.And now only the battle of the giants to go.

Next update : more from the national football league
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