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A 1 club career with the hope of turning burnley into a major team.

Superb double last season and great start to the new year with that community shield win
Good start to the season with winning Community Shield

Good youth signings as well Good to you decided to not get Bakkali in the end
Thanks everyone it was a good season.Looking for same again this season.I don't think it was a fluke though a couple of games were but we have probably got one of the best squads in the league.It doesn't mean I think we will win it again this season im just hoping for something similar.Those expectations are going to be very hard to live up to.We are the 8th biggest spenders on wage in the league and I would hope the board can take that into account.


One last signing this window.19m from real Madrid after he didn't get a contract he wanted.Great player and will be pushing pashev for the st spot.




3 games 3 wins.Good start but I am still concerned with no clean sheets.Brought in royo in the 2nd game and chuffed he got a debut goal.Martinez has started very well again.I didn't have pashev for the first 2 games as he was away at the Olympics.Not going into the matches too much anymore as it takes up a fair bit of times on the busy months and its all shown in the screenshots.


Top of the league after 3 games.Good job but I haven't faced any of the big boys.Chelsea have started off very well as have man utd.Hopefully I can keep it up as I don't think either of them will drop too many points this season.


Another league cup draw and another away game.This time to Barnsley.


Very hard group.Roma were tough opposition last season and will fight me for 2nd place I think.Barcelona aren't the team they were 5 years ago though they have some quality players.Messi is now 33 and I don't fear him as much as I would of done.Maccabi Haifa are just there to make up the numbers I think.

Next update - September
Tough group there but I'm sure you will finish in top 2 Royo looks good.
Horrible CL group again! Royo could be massive in the future!
The group does look very tough but not impossible.Barcelona have a bit of an ageing squad but will still prove hard to beat or even draw against im sure.Would be a good statement of intent if I can beat them in either game.Royo does look good and I am thinking of ways I can play him and pashev up top together.Royo is a beast in the air and pashev is a fast striker so they could work well together.Its just what formation I could play as I think my midfield is my strongest area.Might work out a 3-5-2.




Not the best of months reallyas iwas hoping to win all of these.As is usually the case against weaker teams I dominated all 3 matches in terms of shots.We just have too many from range even if I tell them to shoot less often.Was lucky against stoke having to come from behind but If I want to retain the title I have to win these games.Have a problem against ex players it seems.Will kean and sean robinson both scored against us last season and Thomas carroll did the same for QPR and also got man of the match.Again we had to come from behind.Good win to round off the month against Norwich at least.They were a tough team to beat and finished in a good position but have struggled this season so far.Oliver coming back from injury to score 2 is a good sign.


Not top anymore but we are well in the mix at least.Those draws have cost us a bit but not too much.Good thing was united and Chelsea playing each other with Chelsea winning it.Huddersfield are doing well but just like Norwich last season it will probably be only a matter of time before they drop down the table.


Good win even if it was only barnsely.Zivkovic has started the season in great form and got a good hat trick.


And we finally have a single legged home draw in the league cup.A good one too.Gives us every chance of getting through and with city,united,arsenal and Chelsea all playing each other it knocks out a couple dangerous teams and gives us more of a chance to win it.


Very good win and very important too.Martinez has had a quiet month but he was great in this match.I need to do well against roma if I want to qualify from the group.


Bit of a shakey game in Israel and I was expecting it to be much easier.Miguel royo hasn't been great so far but got a good hat trick in this one.Another match I needed to win.


In a good position in the group with 2 wins from 2 and good to see roma losing both of they're games but the double header against barceloan coming up is going to be vital.Lose both of them and roma win both against maccabi Haifa (which is highly probable.) then I will most probably need to win or avoid defeat in rome.

Next update - October
Good start in the league even draw against Stoke and QPR

Good win over Roma
Well, great start ! Congrats, man !
Surprised how easily you beat Roma! top start mate
Nice one lads.Been a half decent start but the draws were frustrating and should of been winning both games.Roma didn't give much of a fight really.With leo and babacar up top I was nervous about them.





Not a good month.Defeats against man utd and arsenal were terrible.A bright point are our wins but 2 wins and 2 defeats isn't the form of champions.


Those 2 defeats have cost me and we are now 5 points of Man utd.3rd isn't all that bad but we need to start getting clean sheets and more wins.Too much inconsistency after what was a great start.


A win is a win I suppose but it should of been so much more.


Tough draw and I don't think we will get through if we perform anything like we have been doing.


Big match against Barcelona and another defeat.Not happy with any of the goals we conceded with 2 penalties and the last goal coming after Adrian rodriguez missed an easy header to let messi go through.Was a shame our defence was so bad as we could of won it really.Probably shouldn't of gone all out attack after our 3rd goal though.


2nd place still but I have to be a bit worried about roma.Defeat against barca at the nou camp and lose at roma and we will be needing barca to do us a favour against roma.

Cant be happy about October really.4 penalties conceded and 5 goals shipped in through player errors in 6 games.14 goals let in altogether in those 6 games.16 games in this season and still no clean sheet either.Not out of the title race but it will be very very hard to catch up.Play Chelsea soon too and if we lose that we wont be retaining the title.Hopefully we can pick it up a bit.Pashev hasn't been anywhere near the form he was last season.Matinez hasn't been great either.

Next update - November
Not a good month at all
Not a good month at all mate.Just shipping in goals too much and making way toomany mistakes yet my defenders are very good.Rodriguez has to be one of the top 3 in the league now.


Quick screenshot




Back to winning ways and a perfect month in the league.Great win against bottom of the league west ham.They were terrible but Martinez was quality.Very good win against Chelsea but was lucky to face 10 men for so long otherwise it could of been a much different result.Huddersfield came next at the end of November and my first clean sheet of the season.Shocked it has took so long but happy its finally here.


League tables looking better even if we are 5 points behind 1st.Need to keep up the last months form if we are to keep up as they look good for the title at the moment.


Wasn't expecting much from this game but they were incredible.Messi at 33 has scored 2 hat tricks in 2 games.Just couldn't handle him.


Diabolical result against roma.They fully deserved to win but not by 4.Correa giving them 2 goals and murru giving them a penalty and getting sent off in the process.Need a win against maccabi Haifa and roma not to win at the nou camp.


We did our bit.Great performance especially from pashev.


We did it.Might be by 2 points but I think by the skin of my teeth as we would of been out if it wasn't for maccabi Haifa getting a draw against roma.

Much better month except for the 2 champions league away games.Still conceding goals but finally got a couple of clean sheets.

Next update - December
You might be conceding lots in Europe, but you made it through which is the main thing!
Tough work in Europe but you coped matey well done! United seem to be having a storming season!
Europe proved to be much tougher than in previous seasons.Barca were just too strong and roma destroyed us away from home and we relied on maccabi Haifa to get that draw against roma to go through.Not the best way to qualify but we did do what we intended to do at the start.United have been very impressive.Just keep winning.







Another good month.Very good start to the month with the 3-0 win at Southampton who look a shadow of the team they could of potentially been by now.Spurs are poor this season just like last but gave me a good game.Good win to continue our form against Swansea but have to be disappointed we conceded 3.Great win at city.Not lost against them now since 2016.We are certainly they're bogey team.Not great draws against Newcastle and Liverpool but still unbeaten in the last 2 months at least.


Despite dropping 4 points at the end of the month the table is looking better than last month.Top 3 do still have a good points cushion on 4th but arsenal are the in form team right now.Maybe they can catch us seen as were dropping points lately.


We were poor and they were good.Not happy the way we just didn't turn up and I wish I could blame it on resting players but I had a very decent team out.


A trip to Bournemouth in the FA cup and a potential banana skin I think.I wont be resting too many players but will have to play pashev up top as royo got injured against southampton at the beginning of the month and will be out till February.


Very happy with that draw but had a good chance of a good draw.Monaco was the only real tough draw I could of faced really.After 7 years of dominating this competition real Madrid haven't even make the knockout stages.In fact they aren't even in Europe after finishing bottom of they're group.


Finally after about 2 years of checking I was able to ask for improvement in the coaching budget.Glad they accepted.

Next post - January
Rodriguez looks insanely good Mixed feelings over 2 months. Can I see screenshot of Martinez? Has there been any interest in him?

Still right up there in the league
Beginning to close the gap on United mate!
Rodriguez is probably the best cb in the premiership in my opinion but he can play terrible the odd game.Going well in the league and looking like a 3 horse race.


That's Martinez these days.Having a decent season but not as good as last season.Not had interest in him for a couple of years I don't think.Cant remember any recently anyway.The most annoying thing about him is once a season he has a good game and wants a new contract hence his high wages now.He is my best player though so I really need to keep him




Very good month.Only thing that frustrated me was the 93rd minute goal conceded in the Fulham game.


After that all 100% month we are now in a quality positionMan utd have gone a bit downhill and find themselves 5 points off the pace of Chelsea.That could be 6 points behind me should I win the game in hand.Got man utd at burnley stadium in the next match.Could prove to be a massive game.


Good win to send me through to the 4th round.Pashev was very good.


Played crawley in the 4th round and it was a thrilling match for the neutral.Not happy with conceding 3 goals at home to them but that's football.


Spurs or Newport at home in the next round.Hoping to get Newport but surely be spurs.


Set up a link with another south American team in defensor sporting.Got good youth facilities so hopefully a couple of decent regens might go itno they're team.




Brought in a couple of decent looking prospects.2 of them were to replace outgoing players. Unfortunately zoko cant get a work permit as with the other ivory coast lad in my team so both are loaned out.Danilo fabiano looks good and I am hoping to change formation to a 3-5-2 with 2 wing backs and he has great stats for a wing back.On the outgoing side I lost murru to inter but he hasn't been great and I got a nice 23m for him.I think I could of got more seen as his valuation was 22m.Wasnt happy I lost simone piras to juventus for 11m.He wanted to go as soon as they came sniffing.

Next update - February
I make that 1 loss in 13. Good job!
Just checked and yeah its been a while since my last loss.Been 16 since my 2nd to last loss to roma back in November.Been 11 since my last loss.That horrible league cup game against arsenal.Can see how you would get confused as I don't post screenshots in order of when I played them instead posting in order of competitions.Cheers though mate we are on good form.
Much better month Not bad deal to sell Murru to Inter for 23M

Another decent feeder club link
As I said mate I think I could of got more for him as his value was little under what I sold him for.Happy with the link.For some reason it hasn't boosted my south American knowledge though which was 1 of the aims.






Great win against man utd to start the month of.Could of gone either way to be honest but glad it went my way.Didn't deserve anything from the Norwich game as they bossed it but we took our best chances for a good 2-0 win.The Nottingham forest match really annoyed me.Were fighting for the title and they're battling relegation and we also dominated the match but lost it.We was in great form before the match and to lose like that is frustrating.Arsenal have had the upper hand on us for a while now.They were all over us really but I felt we could of got a point.Just a stupid foul by rodriguez let stones score from the spot.Good recovery from the 2 losses with a good win against sunderland who lost the week before 5-0 to Chelsea.Zivkovic has really stepped it up this season and got a great hat trick.


Not top but still in a good position.Man utd aren't looking that good anymore and it could turn out to be a 2 horse race though as we all know man utd have the ability to come back strong.I have yet to go to Stamford bridge so that could be make or break for us.


Very good win to send us through against tottneham.Zivkovic again in great form.He has had a fantastic season and actually leads our scoring charts though royo,pashev and vadala have all had injury problems this season.


Very tough trip to the emirates next for me and it will be made all the tougher as I dont have a recognized senior striker fit with pashev,moore,vadala and royo all out injured.With them winning 4 of the last 6 games against us and drawing 1 of the others ill consider them overwhelming favourites.Zivkovic has been great as said before so he will be leading the line for us.

Next update - March
Good wins against the big boys

I think if you sign South American scouts, it will boost it tad more
Got south American scouts and coaches.Its at exceptional right now but theres about 5 other regions which are better.Funnily enough uk and irish is only on very good.


Make a point of hiring scouts and coaches from all over the world even if theyre not great.Not sent the scouts out in a while so ill be doing that shortly.



Maximum points this month with 2 decent wins.One very bad part of this month as you might of seen in the first match is tomas Martinez got a broken ankle after a tackle by jose callejon and is now out for another 4 months.That injury could break my entire season.


Back on top now.Chelsea have just lost at west ham to ensure our return to the summit but with Chelsea away in the first match of april that could soon change.Man utd are still lingering about but I don't know if they can catch and overtake us both in the last couple of months.


I wasn't confidant going into this match but a superb win.A very good defensive display.Only 2 wins from retaining the FA cup.


Couldn't of got a tougher draw though.Chelsea are my biggest rivals for the league and now I have to beat them to get to the final.An all Merseyside affair in the other tie should be tasty.


After a 6-2 win in the first leg I was always thinking I would be through.Happy they got the job done but it was much easier once they went down to 10 men.Happy with danilo fabiano getting his first for the club.


That draw couldn't of got any better for us with the 4 toughest teams all playing each other and if we get the winner of schalke and cska I think we will make the final.

Next update - April
Easy pickinsgs the Ajax game and I iimagine the Benfica game will be the same
Just played the 1st leg mate.Anything but easy pickings.You will see what I mean on the next update.
Crushing win over Ajax Another good month in the league.

Not bad, 54% of world knowledge Mine is currently at 47%
I have been trying to get better world knowledge for about 4 years after getting all the youth facilities to a high standard.No real brilliant prospects as yet but one Brazilian came in a couple of years back.


Not too bad but still isn't performing good enough for regular first team spot.




Horrible result against Chelsea as they dominated from start to finish.The Southampton comeback was incredible.Great determination from the lads but we was very lucky with the late goal in injury time.Another good win at Swansea but our defending was horrible.Another poor defensive display to let Huddersfield come back from 2 down but royo had a good game.


Man utd have had a great month whereas Chelsea and ourselves have dropped points.Very tight and it could be anyones.We do have some tough games left though so I don't think we will win it.


A good defensive performance and I was worried all the way through after zivkovic got himself sent off in the 2nd minute.Good to win on penalties though and reach our 2nd successive FA cup final.


Where we will play everton.I think we can and will win it again.I don't think it could of gone better for us.



Only the 17 goals in the 2 ties.Crazy match in the 1st leg.After being 4 down in the 12th minute I didn't think we stood a chance but I will admit I thought about my own teams 4-4 draw against arsenal when ckeik tiote scored that wonder volley to level late on.Great comeback largely thanks to damyan pashev.Good result in the 2nd leg and again pashev was immense.Now through to our 1st semi final in the champions league.Hopefully we can get a good draw and give us every chance of reaching the final.


Man utd stand in our way.Only won 3 out of 18 games against them in this career but encouragingly 2 of those have been in the last 3 games.I would of much preferred schalke but I am happy to avoid Chelsea.

Next update - May
Absolutely insane agg with Benfica Very tight right up there with you and Man Utd.

Tough draw against Man Utd in Champions League.
Brilliant win vs Benfica mate, going to come down to the wire! Nice to see you in the FA Cup final too!
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