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After a couple of successful careers with top flight clubs with big histories I wanted a new challenge of a newer club.RB Leipzig are one of the youngest clubs in world football after being formed in 2009.Can I make them into one of the biggest clubs in the world?Only time will tell.

This will be my 4th career on this site.With 2 of the others I have had very good success with both spartak moskow and burnley.Spartak had a reviving a sleeping giant (albeit domestically) theme to it.Burnley was a survival story then building each year to progress the club and challenge for trophies.Both teams where in the respective top divisions and established.In this challenge/career I take a team not at the bottom division in Germany but certainly one without any history after being formed in 2009.This is the RasenBallsport Leipzig story.


After forming in 2009 the new boys in german football have had a meteoric rise in the ladder of the german leagues and have had 3 promotions in 5 years and never finished outside the top 4 in the divisions they have been in.The 2.Bundesliga will be they're biggest challenge yet and thats where I come in.I am going to attempt to take this Pretty much brand new club right to the top of world football and challenge domestically with the biggest clubs steeped in history before challenging the biggest clubs in world football.


With this club being new it was only fitting the manager was the same.I will have to do all my badges from scratch and also have very little experience in football.


No real background to the club but 2 trophies already.Every club had to start from somewhere and create they're own history and tradition.


Considering the age of the club Leipzig do boast some pretty impressive facilities.Junior coaching and youth recruitment will have to be made better in time but the training and youth facilities are very good.The stadium itself is very impressive and will hopefully be regularly full in the next few years.



The finances are very healthy.With Red bull not able to incorporate the brands name into the clubs name they took advantage of not only having naming rights to the stadium but also sponsoring the kit which will give the club 25m a season.For at least another year.We do have a decent sum on money to play with so I will be debating where that goes and hopefully be dishing it out in the right places.

Next update - The playing side of RB - Leipzig

With everything within the club all set for top flight football with great facilities,great stadium and the finances to be able to compete in the top flight things are looking promising.But as we all know its the players that matter and only they can get us there.


We are blessed with a good looking squad and only a couple of additions seem necessary.I think a new defender or 2 is needed aswell as maybe a couple of midfielders but on the whole it is a good squad.


Easily the most promising player at the club and already has 10 of europes elite sniffing round him.With only a year left on his contract it make sense to offer a new contract right away.


Another one of my more important players.Not really got the attributes to be a great goalscorer but physically and mentally he isn't too bad at all.


Marvin compper is going to be an important member of the team this season but probably wont after this season.Still he is one of our better defenders.


I am looking forward to seeing kimmich and Kaiser dominate games in midfield.I will be hoping to keep them both injury free and happy for as long as possible as I think they both have the ability to compete in the top flight.


Only have this guy on loan but I think he will be very important this season.A very good prospect for the future if I can make the deal permanent.

I also have a couple of good players out on loan who wouldn't of been had I been in charge earlier in the summer and with the squad we have now there should be no reason I cant get promoted first time but it wont be that easy.I am hoping to make the majority of my transfers early on and wont be buying too many players from outside our region.



These will be my 2 primary tactics this season.We aren't blessed with too many great wide players but the options to play wide football is there if we want too.

Next update - Transfers and pre season
Good luck

Guess you will be giving players red bulls at half time
Come on johno your better than that mate Nice one though mate.First time managing in Germany for quite a while and I am looking forward to the challenge.



First step on the road to bagging my licences.



Good to see the board getting on board with the one philosophy I asked to be judged on and then helping me by making the youth facilities better.As always I want to bring players through the academy and into the first team and the facilities do need to be better to achieve that.


Very happy with this link.Schalke have a few decent youngsters and I hope to take advantage of that as much as I can.


Not spent much at all given the standard of the 2.bundesliga not being too high.Faye and boyata are both easily good enough for this division and will play a lot this season.Pablo aimar will certainly be the first choice amc.Just hope he can perform well as I have had mixed experiences with his type of free transfer.Murray and mason are both going to be rotation players but an improvement on the majority of what we have now.Finally advijaj will be one of my starting strikers.I am sure he will bang a few in this season.


My expectations for this season are different to the boards whereas mine are higher.I am happy though as I only have to get through one round in the cup and guide us to mid table.Im not too bothered about the cup but I do want a top 5 place come the end of the season.


The media are predicting 10th place.Just below mid table.Again I am expecting higher than that but I am happy there isn't too much pressure.


I am happy with the cup draw.Kaiserslautern are one of the better teams in our current division but I think we can get passed them.


Pre season went very well.5 wins out of 6 and only 4 conceded.Morale is high going into the season.

Next update - August
Fantastic pre season Especially a draw against Anderlecht.

Good link up with Schalke
Cheers johno.Pre season went a lot better than I thought it would of.The Anderlecht result was great even if we didn't win.Happy with the schalke link but no doubt it will get terminated if I get promoted.


With a good pre season behind us I was confidant of a good season but I did have a tricky start to the season playing 2 of the favourites very early on.Obviously we do have to play everyone twice so its a matter of not losing them and hoping we are doing well from the start.


The greuther game could of gone either way really so I am glad we won it.Donis advijoj with the only goal of a very close encounter.

fortuna dussledorf proved why they are the favourites for this league.All over me from the off and raced into a 3 goal lead at half time.Our only reason to be happy was a long range sean murray strike late on.

Aalen should be a team I am winning but just like dussledorf they were the better team and a Daniel frahn goal spared our blushes.

heindeheim is another team I should be beating but were 2 up at half time before I switched formations to a 4-3-2-1 with wingers and managed the win.Frahn scored to give us a chance early in the 2nd half before getting injured with what will rule him out for the season before sami khediras brother rani got a double to give us a decent win after being 2 down.


Not too bad of a start but could of been better or worse.Happy to not be below the 10th place the media are predicting us to finish.


I am disappointed with this result more than crashing out of the cup at the first hurdle.After equalizing just before half time I thought we could win it especially when they went down to 10 men but ex wolves striker Stefan maierhofer capitalised on a poor faye mistake to send them through and leave us with just the league to concentrate on.


Decided to bring in bunn as he is a massive improvement on our gks we have.Took advantage of our Salzburg link with 2 good loan signings too.Have a very big squad but have brought in some good players who I am hoping will improve our chances of a top 5 spot at the end.


Very happy the board are agreeing to buy the stadium.A good step in the right direction.

Next update - September
Avdijaj doing well? Always seems to turn out a canny player when I've been Schalke
Decent form to start after that preseason campaign. Here's hoping you do well with this save!
Hexagon Challenge Conqueror: October 15, 2015

British Steel Conqueror: August 14, 2013
Not bad start to the season despite losing to last minute goal. Good loans from Schalke
No kez mate hes not doing well really.He scored that winner in the first game of the season and since then hes failed to scored and hasn't had a match rating above 6.7.He has always turned out very good on my saves too.

Cheers gendo.Been a good start so far and I am hoping of a good career with Leipzig.

Nice one johno.Wasn't too happy about the manner of the cup defeat but the cup was never going to be a priority but a little run wouldn't of been a bad thing.I am encouraged about the start but we have to pick it up more otherwise we could end up mid table and I want top 5.


Not too bad a start but as I just mentioned we do need to pick it up a bit.I think my expectations are a little high.Im still not going to lower them though.We have only the league to play for so no distractions or extra games to give us injuries.


The ingolstadt result was a big one I think.Could of turned into a banana skin but it was important to continue winning after the defeat and draw before the heindenheim game.Kaiser,palacios-martinez and quaschner with the goals in this one.

The aue game was closer than the scoreline suggested.Compper got 2 goals from corners either side of a rani khedira strike.Was a bit gutted we couldn't go on and add to the scoreline but I am happy we didn't concede so our goal difference got better.

The great result against aue didn't count for nothing after this one I don't think.Darmstadt had only just got their first win of the season the match before but the destroyed us even if it was only 2-0.

Good to get back into winning ways against karlsruher and a good performance too.Rebic and klostermann with the goals in this one.


After 3 wins and a loss in September the table is looking pretty well.It is a very close table really but to be where we are is very good and encouraging.

Next update - October
Looking good in the league
Nice one johno.We are doing great especially at home.We are the only team with a 100% home record.Our away form has been hit and miss though.


As mentioned above we are performing very well in the league.If we can keep up the form then we will be right in the mix for promotion come the end of the season.We have been fairly lucky with injuries so far but we all know that could change.


October started off with a trip to st pauli and a 3-3 thriller.Kaiser with a brace and a kimmich stunner with our goals.A shame we couldn't get the win after Kaisers 2nd put us ahead but a good point.

Then came another away game this time at eintracht braunschweig and another draw.Kimmich again showing why he is one of our best players with another nice finish but again we couldn't hang on but again I am happy with the point.

The home game against Bochum saw us get back to winning ways with Terrence boyd scoring his first of the campaign before donis advijoj got his 2nd of the season.I am happy we got the clean sheet too as we were under the cosh for periods in this game.

The Frankfurt game was one of my favourites so far for Leipzig.We did go 2 up through kimmich and rebic before they pegged us back with 2 quick goals in the 64th and 68th minute but Stefan hierlander put us back in front very late one.A very entertaining match for the neutral.

I decided to play the Nurnberg match so this update would show all teams play the same and again I am happy with the result.Federico palacios-martinez with both our goals against a very good side.


A 6 game unbeaten run sees us rise to 2nd in the table.Union berlin did have a 7 point lead at one point this month but our good form sees us just 3 points behind them.It is still pretty close just behind us so I am anxious we don't lose a couple in a row and slide down the table.

Next update - November
Good month, hope you can keep the pressure on Union Berlin
Yeah mate it was a great month.Union berlin are looking strong but not unbeatable.It is important for us to not lose too many as not only will we probably lose sight of union berlin but the chasing pack could capitalise.


Not the best of months starting off with a home draw against Kaiserslautern.We did go ahead through advijoj but they levelled to make it 1-1 and the only 100% home record in the league had gone.

Then came the clash between the top 2.On the face of it it is a good point but it should of been more.We had more chances and better chances but our attacking players spurned each one they got.

Another promotion chasing team came to visit us next as we played out another draw this time against sandhausen.Rebic twice put us ahead but a late leveller got sandhausen the point.Not a good month for us with 2 home draws but I am happy with the union berlin point.


After 3 draws in a row it is a relief to see us keep our position in 2nd place but we have gone another point back from union berlin and the chasing pack are closing in.With the season nearly at the halfway stage I am happy with where we are right now but top 5 is still the aim.


With our lads in a good position in the league it is good to see me get a new contract earlier than usual.Usually only get the new contract offer in the first season in the new year.It is only a 1 year extension but I am happy with it.

Next update-December
You're going well in the league fella. Good to see you have signed a new one year extension.
Still in the mix despite 3 draws Brilliant to see you signed new contract.
Nice one lads.Been a good season so far and going into the winter break which stretches to February we are in a very good position.Very happy to of signed a new contract and like I said it was a surprise to get the offer so early.



A great start to the month against 1860 munich.Ante rebic and a stunning Pablo aimar late late goal secured 3 very important points for us.Aimar has been poor for the majority of the season but after he had a moan I decided to give him a start ahead of Kaiser who could of done with a match off.

Poor showing against a struggling greuther side.We never got going and they scored either side of half time before rebic pulled one back late on.

Another good win thanks to another late goal against against fortuna dusseldorf.Advijoj scored early on before they equalised and with the match looking like a draw sean murray scored at the 2nd attempt to give us another 3 massive points against another of our promotion rivals.


Its only when you look at the table you see how big the sean murray goal was.It could be a decisive factor come the end of the season really.2nd place at the turn of the year is very good but I don't think ill be catching union berlin now.It is still pretty tight just underneath me anad again a couple of losses could see us drop a few places.


Another licence coming soon.Hopefully I can keep up this 2 licences per season then I will have them all sooner rather than later.

Next update January friendlies and transfers
Goo month again Seems Union Berlin are running away
Yeah wasn't too bad I was just annoyed about the greuther game.We should of been winning that sort of game but winning the other 2 against teams around us was good.At one point I could of caught them but they have been in good form again and I think they will be promoted as champions at the least.



With there being no restrictions in the amount of loan signings or loan signings I can play in matches I decided to delve into the loan market a bit more and brought in some real quality at this level.Michael keane in my experience isn't too bad at premier league level so I am sure he will be a success in this division.Savitskiy and Clemens are both very good wingers and will only improve my squad.


Very happy with our January friendlies.Decent little tour of spain to start with before 2 good wins at home against teams who play regular European football.The sigma Olomouc draw was a bit disappointing but on the whole it has been a good January.

Next update - February
Sure you'll be there or there abouts come the end of the season
I think I will be too but where will it be is the question.I think 1st is out of reach but maybe 2nd hopefully.I wouldn't want to finish 3rd and go into a playoff match against a top division club which could well be Dortmund or Wolfsburg as both are just above the relegation zone in the top division.



Kicked off 2015 with a home draw to Aalen.Lots of missed chances in this one and we really should of won.New loanee pavel savitskiy opened the scoring before yussuf poulsen put us 2 up but poor defending cost us as they made it 2-2 by the 71st minute and looked like grabbing all 3 points and but for poor finishing they could of done.

Another draw followed.This time away to heindenheim.Ante rebic with our goal in a poor spectacle.The only real highlights of the match were the goals and Dominik Kaiser missing a sitter.

Great recovery from the draws against the struggling Ingolstadt.Poulsen got himself a good double before Terrence boyd and sean murray made it 4-0.Donis advijaj scored another late on.Dominant display from the lads.

Another draw to round off the month away to aue.This was a good one though given we were trailing 3-0 at half time.After the hairdryer treatment at half time our lads were all over them and were unlucky to not grab the 3 points given the chances we had.Laitgeb,savitskiy and boyd with our goals.


With all the dropped points this month we are lucky fortuna dusseldorf are still below us.We are drawing too many games for my liking and if a couple of those were wins we could be challenging union berlin at the top.It is still tight between us,dusseldorf and 1860 munich and we need to get a few more wins.

Next update - March


Good start to the month against tough opoosition.Darmstadt had a very poor start to the season but now will look for a top 6 spot and we were lucky to win this through a Terrence boyd strike just before the half hour mark.

A very good win at karlsruher.Sure they are in the lower end of the season but ante rebic and pavel savitskiy got 2 good goals to secure 3 points for us.

Another good win against st pauli followed.We probably should of got more goals but 4-1 is a good result for us.Kaiser,advijaj,leitgeb and poulsen with our goals.

After a very good month I was expecting the same against an underperforming Nurnberg side.Twice they led and twice we pegged them back through an own goal and a superb advijaj strike to round off a very decent month.


Would you believe it?Top of the league.Union berlin are in a freefall after a dreadful month.Very close at the top with any one from 4 teams capable of winning it.Luckily enough it is us who have the better goal difference and going into the last 7 games and with home games against union berlin and 1860 munich still to play I am confidant of promotion.Again I do think we have drawn too many and if just 2 or 3 of them were wins we would be sitting very pretty at the top.

Next update - April


Crazy start to the month with a 5-4 win at Bochum.They raced to a 3 goal lead before I switched tactics and went gung ho.It worked though as we scored 5 goals without reply through a diego demme double,yussuf poulsen and cristoph leitgeb.They then scored another before poulsen got him 2nd of the game to ensure we won it.

Eintracht braunschweig came next in another close game which was goalless before ante rebic 82nd minute strike.They equalized in the 91st minute and I thought we had blown it but pavel savitskiy scored in the dying seconds and we got the 3 points.

A more routine win against bottom of the league Frankfurt.Poulsen,keane and Clemens with the goals in a dominant win.

Another crazy 5-4 rounded off the month but we were losers on this occasion against a team who are starting to become a bogey side for us.Sean murray,pavel savitskiy and another yussuf poulsen double with our goals.


Luckily enough that Kaiserslautern game didn't cost us as 1860 munich lost on the same day and dusseldorf had lost the week before.Ouyr remaining games consist of home games against union berlin and 1860 munich (last game of the season) and a trip to sandhausen who are the in form team of the league.It will be close.

Next update - May
Great job getting up to the top! 3 more games, man, finish strong!
Hexagon Challenge Conqueror: October 15, 2015

British Steel Conqueror: August 14, 2013
Come on SBR!!
Nice one gendo.It has been a great season and the lads I brought in in January have proved a big success for us.

Thanks johno.Been a good season with only 3 games to go we can do it if we keep it up.



Going into the last 3 games we couldn't let our foot off the gas and the month started off very well with a solid 4-1 win against union berlin.Started off on fire and were 3 up by the 15th minute through a double from pavel savitskiy and a marvin compper stike before berlin pulled one back.Ante rebic restored our 3 goal lead with a very good strike in the 73rd minute.

A very nervy game followed at sandhausen.Daniel frahn with his 1st appearance since august got a good goal not long before half time.Ante rebic scored in the 78th minute to give us a 2 goal lead before they got 2 goals after that.Again I thought we blew it before pavel savitskiy scored very late on to give us a massive win.

A dire affair to finish off the season in a match of very few chances.Loanee Christian Clemens with the only goal of the game.


I was hoping for a top 5 finish but I am thrilled to finish on top.We did draw too many games but we did enough with the wins and who we won against.We can look back on this with a lot of pride and I know what we need to improve on for next season.Last season 2.bundesliga champions koln are who we want to emulate as they actually finish 3rd and can look forward to the group stage of the champions league next season.


Both training and youth facilities are getting improved.Very good move from the board.


The red bull arena now belongs to us.Another great move from the board.

Next update - summer news
Get in Wow impressive season from Koln
Not surprised to see you win the league!
Congrats dude, great effort. Now to win the bundesliga!!
Brilliant that mate, really healthy goal difference as well.

What was your average attendance? You will be in good shape going up with the developing facilities.
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