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Right, this will be my last career/save before the new FM comes out and it's one I'm very excited about. I have just returned from America coaching soccer for the last ten weeks and it's great to see how big the MLS is getting over there. It got me thinking about a FM career and here goes.


Above are the leagues that I will be loading and as the career advances I will probably be adding/removing leagues as I feel like it. I will be starting as an unemployed Sunday League Footballer with the ambition of one day managing in the MLS and also taking over the American national team. Within 5 years I hope to be a manager of an international side but we will see.


From the my initial leagues loaded, I would like to either start my managerial career in either South Africa, China or India but we will have to see what comes of that.

Overall Objectives

- Manage in the MLS
- Take over the American National team
- Win the World Cup
- Make the most successful franchise in American history
- Manage the New York Red Bulls

Career History

2014/15 - African Warriors - National First Division - SACKED after 9 games
2014/15 - Cape Town All Stars - National First Division - RESIGNED due to relegation
2015/16 - Leca - Campeonato Nacional Group B - RESIGNED due to relegation
2016/17- Braga B - Campeonato Nacional Group H - Survived relegation on the last day
2017/18- Braga B - Campeonato Nacional Group G - RESIGNED due to board interference
2018 - Geylang International - S League - 8th & Singaporean League Cup Winners
2019 - Geylang International - S League - 2nd & Singaporean League Cup Winners
2019 - China Under 23's - Asian Games - Runner Up
2020 - Geylang International - S League - League Champions
2020 - El Salvador 23's - Olympic Games - Knocked Out In Group Stages
2021 - Geylang International - S League - SACKED due to too many job applications for other clubs
2021 - Fuli - Chinese Super League - SACKED due to poor form
2022 - Qingdao - Chinese Super League - 11th
2023 - Sporting Kansas City - MLS -

Career History - International Level
2021 - 2023 - Senegal

Personal Achievements

2019 - S-League Manager Of The Year
2020 - S-League Manager Of The Year
2020 - 10th In The Singaporean Hall Of Fame

Wish me luck.
Welcome back Fola! I look forward to this!
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
All those pesky MLS rules, tho.

Good luck Fola!
Hexagon Challenge Conqueror: October 15, 2015

British Steel Conqueror: August 14, 2013
The Tactic

Throughout this career I will be using one tactic and one tactic only. Just tactic will be purely based on keeping the ball out of our goal, playing defensive football and relying on team spirit, work rate and set pieces to get us through matches. My aim is to hopefully get a side that will fit the criteria set below. Obviously, without finance, this is unlikely to happen quickly however I am hoping within about 5 seasons, whichever club I may be at, will have players to fit the roles I would like.

Within my side, I would like to have at least one player who possesses a flat bullet throw in, 'Rory Delap esque' which we will look to use to our advantage. I will also be looking for a corner and free kick taker of over 15/20 as I will be relying strongly on set pieces. The pitch will be at the minimum size to play towards these long throw tactics.

I will be playing the following tactic:

Goalkeeper: My goalkeeper will be preferably over 6ft in height and will possess high strength stats however this is probably the least specific role in my tactic. A good overall keeper will do me just fine.

Right Back and Left Back: Both my right and left backs will need to have high heading, jumping and strength attributes as they will be vital for us from set pieces. These can be centre backs whom I will train to play at either side of the defence.

Centre Backs: I will be looking for pretty much the exact same attributes as I am for my LB and RB. Strength, heading and jumping are vital.

Defensive Midfielders: One of my CDM's will be in the role of an Anchor man. I will be looking for high work rate, aggression, tackling. The other CDM will be a Ball Winning Midfielder whom will have pretty much the exact same attributes as my Anchor Man but he will have a higher stamina rating.

Left and Right Midfielders: These will both be Defensive Wingers who will need to possess high work rate and stamina attributes. Also a high crossing rating would be desirable. Think Dirk Kuyt... I want two of these types of players.

Centre Midfielder: Pretty much the guy who is going to run and run and run all game. I will be looking at high work rate, stamina and hopefully a good long shot. This player will be set as a box to box midfielder so pretty much the avenue between the defence and the lone striker.

Striker: This player will need to have high work rate as he will be running around all game and hopefully winning us free kicks and throw ins for us to capitalise on. I would prefer a striker with high work rate and stamina above of attributes such as finishing.

Remember, throughout these player roles, I will also need a set piece taker and a long throw specialist. I plan to contain sides from the off, then switch to a defensive tactic and hopefully capitalise on a set piece due to the strength and height within the squad. Right, so there is the tactic and my desirable player roles. Now I just need a job.

Some may think this is crazy, people want to play football to entertain... I want to play football to be boring, negative and defensive lets see how far it gets me.

They are meant to finish 11th out of the 16 teams in the South African second division (Only two divisions are loadable). Now I need to try and find players who will fit into my desirable tactic.

So, I have a job... Let the pursuit of the tactical experiment for American Dream begin!
Starting Eleven - 23rd August 2014 - 2014/15 Season To Begin

As I stated a few posts ago, I will be using this tactic for my career. It is something a lot different than I have tried before and it may take a while to work but I am determined to make sure that this tactic will be a success. I will need to hope that my players fit into it well.


I have made quite a few changes and transfers here and there but below will be my starting eleven for the up and coming season. As these players are suited to my tactic I do not intend to drop many of these players unless they pick up an injury. If any of my substitute players feature regularly in the next ten matches then I will post their screenie up. Please see below my starting eleven for the upcoming season:

Goalkeeper: Celi Nwandwe - Bought in on loan for the season. Tall commanding keeper.
Right Back: Fagan Muller- Centre back by trade but fits into the tactic well. High jumping attribute. Cost £5k from fellow African side Santos.
Left Back: Dale Studzinski - Found my long throw specialist. A striker by trade but retraining to be LB. Asset in terms of attacking due to high heading and jumping attributes. Free Transfer.
Centre Back: Thabo Mokgalushi - Strong centre back with high jumping and solid stats. Cost me £15k from Jomo Cosmos.
Centre Back: Ivan Bukenya - Good solid and tall centre back. Bought in on loan for the season; Ugandan international.
CDM Ball Winning: Innocent Marokane - Good tackling, work rate and aggression stats. Was already at the club.
CDM Anchor Man: Scara Mnguni - Much like Marokane, good solid stats for this player role in terms of the standard of this league.
Right Defensive Winger: Jabulane Rahtlo - The star man of this squad. I wanted a Dirk Kuyt kind of player, I think I have found him. Got good feelings about this lad. Was already at the club.
Left Defensive Winger: Tsweu Mokoro - Good work rate but poor stamina, quick player too and experienced so hoping he can do a job for us helping out our left back. Was already at the club.
CM Box to Box Midfielder: Slyabonga Siphika - Has been capped by South Africa and has high work rate and stamina for this position. Managed to sign him for a fee of £3k... absolute bargain.
Striker: Ariza Makukula - Absolutely over the moon to bring a player of this quality to play in a league of this standard. I had stated previously that I wanted a striker with high work rate but I couldn't spurn this opportunity. Will be a threat from set pieces, hoping he can be our secret weapon this season. Managed to get him on a free transfer.

Please when looking at the players, look back to the desirable attributes I was looking for in regards to player roles in the previous post. I'm really looking forward to this season. All of the players seem to fit into the system I want to play despite Makukula but his quality is something I expect will be too good for this league anyway. Yes, it might take a while for my players to learn their new roles but I'm optimistic. I didn't manage to bring in a high quality free kick or corner taker but I did manage to bring in a long throw specialist in Studzinski.

Please click HERE to see a full screenshot of all my transfer activity.


Come on African Warriors! I will update again after ten matches.
Going for my homeland Fola...good luck!!! MLS can be difficult
Dan: Thanks mate, hope you continue to read.
Gendo + Van6969: Hopefully I will be able to manage there one day. I have a feeling it could take a while to be given an opportunity over there. My best bet is getting an international job to improve my reputation, still early days though.
SACKED - 2nd November 2014


Damn. So after only nine games in charge of the African Warriors, I have been sacked.


Looking at the results you could say I deserved it but I genuinely could see an improvement after the first four matches. The first four games we were atrocious but from then, despite a blip against Santos we actually did seem to improve. It's a real shame because the players did seem to be getting used to my tactics and I was genuinely looking forward to this adventure in South Africa.

I really do think it's quite harsh to sack me after nine matches. They were annoyed with the loss against Santos but we did really well to keep a clean sheet against the Golden Arrows. Unfortunately for myself, my current managerial record is P9-W0-D3-L6 which on paper is terrible. I still have faith in this tactic I just need to find a club that will give me time. It's a shame that my time with the African Warriors was so short as I really did think I had the players to make this tactic a success.


Oh well, on to my next journey and down to the job centre. Lets hope it doesn't take me too long to find a new job, then again I can't see many teams trying to snap my hand off with a record of 3 goals in 9 matches and no wins. Then again, call me deluded but I still genuinely believe that this tactic will be the tactic that will take me to the MLS. I may have to add some more leagues in if no clubs come in for me, hopefully that won't be the case though. It would be nice to stay in South Africa but I can't see that happening to be honest.
Just remembered I signed Ariza Makukula for the African Warriors on a 5-year deal on £1k a week with a few yearly clauses and stuff. I thought it would be beneficial as he would push us up the league but now I've left them, more fool them. Lets hope his wages take them into administration and they fall out of the South African leagues. 1 goal in 9 matches in a league that many pub leagues over here are better than, well played you useless piece of sh*t!


And before you ask, NO I am not bitter at all.

Agent Makukula.
Horror start! No one will want you now
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
Still No Job Offer - 18th January 2015

It's nearly been three months and still no job offer. I have applied for every job that has come available but I keep getting laughed off. Some huge transfer business has just happened though:


Jesus christ... It's like when they bought Thomas Graveson.
I HAVE A JOB! - 4th February 2015

After three months of applying for pretty much every job under the sun, I have got myself a job back in South Africa. I have been appointed as manager of Cape Town All Stars in attempt to save them from relegation. Unfortunately for me, the transfer window has just closed so I will not be able to bring players in to fit my tactic, I will just have to make do with the players I have got.


I have eleven games to keep my job as manager or it's back on the job hunt again. I still haven't won a match as a manager so hopefully I will get a few in my time here. As this is the lowest loadable league in South Africa, I will get sacked if we get relegated so the pressure is on. My former side African Warriors are only one place above us and to be honest, it would be brilliant to push them back into the relegation zone and send them down.


It's Fola-Time!
On The Way To The Job Centre - 18th April 2015


So, after only 11 matches in charge of the Cape Town All Stars I was unable to fight relegation.


I stuck with the tactic that I had initially wanted to use but it was always going to be an uphill battle as I missed the transfer window. I tried to adapt players to fit into the formation but it didn't work. Some of the matches we did really well but the rest of the time we were convincingly beaten. I am hoping to have a new job before the start of next season, if I am given a job I will hopefully be able to bring in players who will fit my tactics.


I highly doubt many clubs will give me an opportunity but fingers crossed they do. I technically resigned from this club but they were going to sack me soon as there were no other playable leagues in South Africa. Back to the job centre again, we will see how it goes.

Hello Portugal - 14th July 2015

I have found myself a new job. I have about a month and a half until the new season which will give me time to bring in players to fit into my tactic. Leca are favourites for relegation so it will another toughie but hopefully this will be the place I can settle down.

These are the leagues I have loaded now:

I'm hoping a for a good few years here and then moving on to a bigger club to hopefully speed up my journey to America.
Ohhh tough start. I believe you'll turn it around though son! Is the new team a lower div Portuguese team?
Ohhh tough start. I believe you'll turn it around though son! Is the new team a lower div Portuguese team?

It sure is my friend. It's the National Championship Group B, it's an absolute killer to get out of this league.

I need a new tactic...
16th January - First Phase Over: New Tactic Needed?!


Hmm, so maybe my tactic isn't as good as I thought. Actually, it is definitely as good as I thought but not in this league. The players here are no where near good enough to play to this tactic because I genuinely believe that with money and the players to fit the tactic, it would work well. I have seem glimpses where this tactic has worked well but I need to change. I would like to change my tactic at the start of next season so I can bring in some new players to fit my new tactic but looking at the table now, I may not have that much time.


So, as you can see I did pretty shit in the first phase of this league and only managed two wins.

How it works in the Portuguese lower leagues is that after 18 matches the top two teams go into a promotion league while the bottom eight play in a relegation league. There are 8 mini leagues, meaning 16 teams go into the promotion stage. In the relegation stage, teams points are slashed by 50% and the bottom two sides are relegated while the team third from bottom is placed in a relegation play off.


We play each of these teams twice meaning I have 14 games to save my job. I will be changing my tactic for these last 14 matches but that does not mean this is the end of the tactic, I will definitely be using it again in the future. I would provide screenies of my main players but to be honest, they're all pretty shit. If we stay up I will post them, if not then f*ck it.
16th January 2016 - New Tactic


I have my new tactic sorted and it's one that goes against everything I have been going for the past few seasons on this career. It had all been about defending and shape but all that got me is two sackings so I needed a change. Like I said, I will be going back to it in the future but for now, lets attack!

My lads have 32 days to get used to my new tactic and then the relegation phase starts. Lets hope they can adapt.


This man hasn't scored for me once this season but I'm predicting him to score 10 in this final part of the season and keep us up...
28th March 2016 - 7 Games To Save My Job


My new tactic doesn't seem to be working as well I would liked. We are scoring goals now which is pleasing but my defence are sh*t, the tactic could be blamed for that one but nah, I'm blaming my sh*tty defence. I'm actually really enjoying this save surprisingly and to be honest, I would be gutted if I lost this job.

7 games to go, lets hope when I update next I'm still manager of Leca and not back on the job hunt... AGAIN!

Oh yeah, and Caldas, the player I said would score 10 goals in the final part of the season has scored 2. 8 goals in 7 games? We will see.
7th May 2015 - Two Games To Save My Job


I save two games to save my Job here at Leca. 5 games ago it looked inevitable that I would lose another job but after 3 wins in the last 5, we actually have a chance of surviving. If we finish 5th, we stay in the league. If we finish 6th, I have the relegation play off and obviously if i finish 7th I get sacked and we get relegated.

My final two matches are Felgueriras at home and then FC Famalicao away who are top. It doesn't look to promising but you never know. We have really improved recently so hopefully we can keep it up for our final two matches.

14th May 2016 - So Close


With one game to go we are three points off the play off place for relegation. Our last match is against the league leaders, it's not looking good. We actually deserved to win this one, just defensive mistakes really f*cked us over. Oh well, it's not over yet!

17th May 2016 - New Deal


Right, this is weird.

I have one game left and we are pretty much relegated. This is the lowest loadable league in Portugal so if we don't manage to stay in the league, I will be manager of a team who don't play in a league. Let's hope we manage to defy the odds and stay up then!
21st May 2016 - So Close, Yet So Far


Well, it was expected wasn't it?


After one season at Leca, I am on the job hunt again for the third time in two seasons which is embarrassing. It's a shame really as we had picked up some good form just to fall at the final hurdle. I'm happy the players seemed to adapt to the new attacking tactic that I introduced which we hopefully bode well int the future at which ever club I manage yet. Overall, we deserved to get relegated and by that, I deserved to be sacked. I am hoping I can find a new job pretty quick as it would be nice to have a new one before the season starts... Saying that, again, I can't see many clubs being too interested in me but we will see. I just have to hope that our small improvement in form and my move away from a negative defensive tactic to a vibrant attacking system will go in my benefit.

There were no good players in this team, I was f*cked from the off. Yes, that's right, blame the players not the manager.


So long Leca, it's been sh*t.

Ah, back here again where I'm going to apply for every job available hoping some desperate f*cker will give this failing 23-year old a chance.

2 seasons, 3 clubs, 1 sacking, 2 resignations, 2 relegations.

Watch out Fergie... It's Fola-Time.
28th May 2015 - Somebody Hired Me?!

After exactly one week unemployed, I have managed to get myself a new job and also thankfully stay in Portugal. The team itself are essentially Braga's (who are in the top division of Portuguese football) reserve side and were relegated from the Second League last season into the National Championship, the same league I was in the season just gone.


Due to the fact that Braga B can not play in the same competition as Braga, we will not play in any cup competitions because we are not allowed to be drawn against each other. There are also a few rules which the league apply which could be a little of a struggle:

So, in our starting eleven next season we are only allowed three players who will be over the age of 23 meaning we will be very inexperienced but that may also be a good thing. We will just have to wait and see. This season has literally just finished so I will have all Summer to assess what players I want in my squad. We have a much bigger budget than last season already with £6k in the transfer budget and even though Braga B will be playing in the same league as Leca were last season, this club is definitely a step up.


We will be playing in a 30,000 seater stadium which is nice. Unfortunately I doubt we will get more than about 500 people watching us but you never know with the 'Fola Factor'. We also have some great training and youth facilities thanks to the 'A' team so hopefully that will be a pull for the players we are looking to bring in.

I can move players from Braga's under 19 squad into my team so hopefully there are a few gems in there. I will update just as the new season is about to start. Really excited about this move. FORZA BRAGA...B!
1st July 2015 - English Football Fwend

In real life, this fella has had trials at Chelsea and Crystal Palace and has just signed for Burnley after a prolific spell for AFC Wimbledon's Youth side. On FM, I have just managed to sign him in the bottom league of Portuguese football. I have heard quite a lot about this guy in real life and I'm hoping he can be a star for me here at Braga 'B'. Obviously his stats are nothing to shout about and he will need time to adapt to Portuguese football as he can't speak any Portuguese but we will just have to wait and see.


One annoying thing about managing a 'B' team is that I can't offer any of my players new deals, that has to be done by the 'A' team and the board. Also, if they want to loan one of my players out, they can do that and they can also move any of my players up to the first team without my say-so. Never mind hey, I'm really looking forward to this new season. I have pretty much finished my starting eleven now so will be posting that up soon, got some real prospects in this squad.
10th July 2015 - Squad Complete

With just less than two months to go until the start of the new season, my new squad is pretty much complete. It is full of 16/17 year olds from Braga's under 19 team as well as a few other that I have brought in on free transfers.


I will be sticking with the same formation that nearly kept me up last season at Leca. Unfortunately this squad has no players who have a good long throw stat which is a shame as it's always a good weapon to have but finances won't allow us to get one. Transfer revenue has been deducted to 0% so the board are obviously having worries.

The squad varies really from poor to average to actually very good. We have quite a mix the majority is average then there's a few sh*t players then there's some real quality for this league. A few players I really don't expect to be with us long and I can see that 'A' team calling them up to their squad before the season starts but we'll have to wait and see.

Below are the three players who I am expecting big things from this season:

As a sixteen year old, this kid has the potential to become a great defender. He's probably better suited to be a right back but in this formation he will have to play in the middle but I'm confident, despite his age, that he will be quality for me.

One of the ones I have signed this Summer and a kid recommended to me by an agent. At our 18 years old, he has some great stats for an all round goalscorer and I'm expecting at least 20 goals from him this season.

And now my star man and a kid I am massively surprised has not managed to force his way into the Braga 'A' team set up despite his age. Last season as a 16 year old, he was Braga 'B's top goalscorer and I was fully expecting him to be move up to the first team. However, he hasn't which is brilliant news for me and for now, he is still my player. I am expecting him to run riot this season... another player I am wanting at least 20 goals from.

Those three are my best three players stats wise. If there are any others who catch my eye, I will post up their screenshots but we will have to wait and see. As I said earlier, this squad varies massively in ability so if I am to be successful, a lot will depend on these three.
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