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I always enjoy games where I meander around, working at different clubs and building them up. I never intentionally look to move on at a specific point unless I feel it is the right move for me. I began this save as unemployed, with Sunday League experience and a Level 2 coaching qualification - as close as I could to my real life credentials - and set the game to holiday until I was offered a job.

Career History:
Club			Joined		Left	Tenure	  
Torquay United		12/01/2016	11/05/2016	 120 days
Boreham Wood		04/07/2016	26/05/2019	1056 days
Coventry City		26/05/2019	07/01/2021	 592 days
Ipswich Town		07/01/2021	20/06/2026	1990 days
FC Barcelona		03/08/2026	09/06/2027	 310 days
Cruzeiro		19/07/2027	23/06/2028	 340 days
Paris St Germain	28/06/2028	-		 -
Nation			Joined		Left		Tenure	  
France			27/07/2025	13/07/2026	 351 days
France Under 23s	21/05/2028	-		 -
Career Landmarks:
Competition			Club			Seasons Won
World Cup			France			2025/26

Champions League		Ipswich Town		2025/26
				FC Barcelona		2026/27
Premier League			Ipswich Town		2024/25
Sky Bet Championship		Ipswich Town		2021/22
Sky Bet League 1		Boreham Wood		2018/19
				Coventry City		2019/20
Sky Bet League 2		Boreham Wood		2017/18
League Cup			Ipswich Town		2025/26
FA Cup				Ipswich Town		2024/25
				Ipswich Town		2025/26
Football League Trophy		Boreham Wood		2017/18
				Coventry City		2019/20
Vanarama National League	Boreham Wood		2016/17
FA Trophy			Boreham Wood		2016/17

La Liga (Spain)			FC Barcelona		2026/27
Spanish Super Cup		FC Barcelona		2026/27
Spanish Cup			FC Barcelona		2026/27

National 1st Division (Brazil)	Cruzeiro		2027/28
Minas State (Brazil)		Cruzeiro		2028/29
Copa Sudamerica			Cruzeiro		2027/28
Brazilian Cup			Cruzeiro		2027/28
Copa Libertadores		Cruzeiro		2028/29
League Finishes:
Season	League				Club			Position
2015/16	Vanarama National League	Torquay United		14th
2016/17	Vanarama National League	Boreham Wood		 1st
2017/18	Sky Bet League 2		Boreham Wood		 1st
2018/19	Sky Bet League 1		Boreham Wood		 1st
2019/20	Sky Bet League 2		Coventry City		 1st
2020/21	Sky Bet Championship		Ipswich Town		17th
2021/22 Sky Bet Championship		Ipswich Town		 1st
2022/23	Premier League			Ipswich Town		 7th
2023/24	Premier League			Ipswich Town		 4th
2024/25	Premier League			Ipswich Town		 1st
2025/26	Premier League			Ipswich Town		 2nd
2026/27	La Liga (Spain)			FC Barcelona		 1st
2027/28	National 1st Division (Brazil)	Cruzeiro		 1st
2028/29	Minas State (Brazil)		Cruzeiro		 1st
Pentagon Status (2/5):
Competition			Club			Seasons Won
Champions League		Ipswich Town		2025/26
				FC Barcelona		2026/27
Copa Libertadores		Cruzeiro		2028/29
2015/16: Torquay United


Vanarama National League - 14th

So my first role in football came at Torquay United, where I had a short stint for half a season. Picking them up in the relegation zone, we had a successful end of season as we finished 14th. I considered whether to stay at the club or not, but with severe financial restraints in place, I decided to move on.

Nothing major to report really, but onto the next challenge!
2016/17: Boreham Wood


Vanarama National League - 1st

A move to Boreham Wood was next up, as the club had recently secured some investment and they looked a decent challenge. Despite finishing just above Torquay United last season, they were a side I knew very little about.

I also attended interviews at Mansfield Town and Forest Green, but neither offered me a job. Boreham Wood did, and the rest was history!

We finished the season with 101 points, 98 goals scored and the FA Trophy to add to a very successful season. I signed a 1 year extension to my contract as we went into the Football League.

One of the key players for me was Jordan Slew who was top goalscorer for the season!
2017/18: Boreham Wood


Sky Bet League Two - 1st

We got some investment, and boy did it help! A fantastic season where we battled it out with Bury, Portsmouth and Swindon for top spot at times before pulling away in the last two months of the season.

Interestingly, our game against Swindon was rearranged for the midweek before we played them again, so we got our main rivals out of the way in four days and that really helped as we scooped four points.

Only four losses all season in a challenging league was very pleasing, and I signed another one year extension at the club as we went into League One.
2018/19: Boreham Wood


Sky Bet League One - 1st

Another incredible season, and I really cannot fathom how easy this was. Just two defeats all season, 130 goals scored and 108 points! Really overwhelmed by the performance of my players.

Billy Waters signed from Crewe Alexandra was fantastic and was captain all season despite still being very young. We also managed to snap up Jack Barmby (son of Nicky) and Joe Dodoo from Leicester on free transfers. Both players excelled and we made light work of this division.

Promotion to the Championship saw us needing to expand the stadium, to which a huge loan was taken out to fund the expansion, meaning our budget for the new season was very low.

With my contract expiring, and my beloved Coventry City sacking Martin Allen after failing to secure promotion through the play offs in League Two, I decided to apply for the role at the Ricoh, and got it!
Good to see you back mate, will follow this!
Thanks Dan, appreciate the early comment! This was the very first save I started when I got FM, and I've had a couple of others run alongside but not invested into it. This one has been fun, but by the time I decided to post it as a career, I'd skimmed past a lot of helpful screenshots. Will continue seasonal updates I think, be interesting to see if I can turn Coventry City around!
2019/20: Coventry City


Sky Bet League Two - 1st

Well that was a lot more straight forward than it should have been. Didn't ever really look like we'd miss out on promotion, and managed to go the whole season without losing at home.

A few youngsters that I had brought in on free transfers really excelled, and unfortunately that has led to them moving on. Tarique Fosu was outstanding, and has secured a £1m move to Walsall who are now in the Championship, whilst our player of the year Darren McKenzie moves to Blackburn for £2m.

Both sales were disappointing, but their fees justified me selling them, and I will look to reinvest.

My signing of the season was Jack Colback on loan for the second half of the season, and he was outstanding throughout. Unfortunately, we missed out on making the deal permanent as he moved to QPR. I missed out on Manager of the Year to the Grimsby Town manager, who won the play offs, and was also interviewed for the manager's role at Crystal Palace who had just been relegated from the Premier Division. They decided to hire someone else, and I am happy to continue looking after Coventry.
Good work mate. Really interesting career, working your way up. Do you think that you will stay with Cov for a the long haul or look to move on if you get a chance?
Thanks for commenting Ice Man; it's a tough call because my heart will always be at Coventry and looking to develop them. I'm not sure if I will actively look for a move, but if an interesting opportunity arises then it will have to be considered.

I've brought in some good youngsters to the club so it will be interesting to see them improve, and I'd love to take Coventry City back to the Premier League!
Superb stuff Willz, well done on the promotion with Coventry
2020/21: Coventry City


Sky Bet League One - 1st

Well I didn't get to the end of the season with Coventry City after all! We were walking the league, and the squad looked okay, but I wasn't sure if they'd be ready for the step up yet. I was receiving lots of bids for my star players, and they were becoming increasingly unhappy that I was rejecting the offers.

A board update said they were happy with our performances, as was I, but I was offered three interviews without me applying for any of the jobs. QPR, Watford (both Premiership) and Ipswich Town (Championship) all invited me for interviews, and I was offered the Ipswich Town role.

I wasn't sure whether to accept or not, but in the end I thought I would take the job for a different challenge! Off to Portman Road we go...
2020/21: Ipswich Town


Sky Bet Championship - 17th

I picked up Ipswich Town in the relegation zone, three points adrift but with 21 games remaining. The first order of business was to resolve the financial issues the club were having. With no fewer than eight first team players over 33 all on at least £10k per week, it was an easy decision to move them all on for whatever we could get for them. The fans were disappointed at the time, but with the club comfortably surviving relegation, it was worthwhile!

David McGoldrick was the only older player that I retained from the above list, simply because he was top goalscorer at the club with 13 goals already this season. He proved to be an excellent player for us, and scored some fantastic goals.

In addition, we managed to get all the way to the FA Cup Semi Final, losing to Burnley after extra time. It was a great boost to morale and our finances to get so far, and there was no shame in losing to a much better side so late on in the game.

The rebuild has begun, and I'm hoping some of the youngsters I've given opportunities to this season will continue next year. I need to add a couple of experienced heads to the squad, but the board have already agreed to improve the youth and training facilities. Tim Sherwood moved to Coventry, and they won the title, so we will face them next season which should be very interesting.
Surprised to see you leave Coventry! Hopefully another success story is coming at Ipswich
2021/22: Ipswich Town


Sky Bet Championship - 1st

Wow now that's how you win a league title!! 104 goals, and a new record of 107 points on the board as we blitzed the opposition and secured promotion to the Premier League.

It's crazy to think that in one summer we've turned this club around, but with the additions of Adam Armstrong (Newcastle) and Reece Burke (West Ham) ensured us goals and clean sheets, and we brought in some brilliant loans as well.

Into the Premier League we go, and a new stadium has been commissioned - The Alf Ramsey Stadium! Unfortunately, it plummets us into masses of debt, and it could mean that next year could be very tough.
2022/23: Ipswich Town


Premier League - 7th

A very pleasing first season in the Premier League, as we also managed to get to the Carling Cup Final before losing to Chelsea at Wembley. I was really pleased with how the season has gone, and the transfer budget has been increased to enable us to push on from here.

We qualify directly for the Europa League Group Stage, and getting past that is my minimum aim. Glory nights as we look to move to the new stadium soon!


After a poor start, we managed to get used to the level of competition, and we had a great run with a number of decent results. We had good runs in the cups too, and I am looking forward to next season already!


Very pleased with this award on top of a fine season, and I really hope that we will improve on this and secure another top half finish next season at the very least. Board expectation is to avoid relegation still, so I intend to do that!
What a superb season that is for your first year in the Premier League man!
2023/24: Ipswich Town


Premier League - 4th

Thanks Dan! If last season was good, this season was great! Appreciate you following.

Things keep getting better and better for us, as we managed to sneak into the top four at the very end of the season. We entered the final game in fifth position, knowing that if we won and either Manchester United or City didn't we would finish in the Champions League places, possibly even third and avoid the play offs if both sides failed to win. City won their game, but United lost meaning we leapfrogged them and secured fourth.

Manchester United then went on to win the Champions League, meaning they qualified as well, although not at the expense of us! Continued growth at the club is very enjoyable, and we move to Alf Ramsey Park to start the new season.
2024/25: Ipswich Town


Premier League - CHAMPIONS!

Well that was a little bit scary! We looked good for the title, until we drew against Swansea in our penultimate game, which allowed Chelsea to go level on points with us. We had the edge on goal difference, and both sides won their final game 1-0 meaning we secured the title... JUST!

It was a great season all round; moving to Sir Alf Ramsey Park, reaching the semi finals of the Champions League before being destroyed by Barcelona - who lost to Real Madrid in the final - and winning the FA Cup against Arsenal.

One of our players also managed to pick up the European Golden Boy award:

And here's a screenshot of him at the time of the award:

Another Manager of the Year award for me:

And an overview of our season as a whole:

I am out of contract at Ipswich this summer, and the club have just had a takeover completed. I have been offered a new deal, but I am contemplating a move away depending on the right job coming up.

I would also quite happily stay at the club for another season, so it will be interesting to see how this one pans out!
2025/26: Ipswich Town


Premier League - 2nd

Manchester United completely dominated this season in the league, but I am pleased to secured 2nd place behind them. We were second for a long time, but we never came close to pushing Manchester United and they secure a very well deserved league win... and I guess we will have to make do with this instead:


A fantastic achievement for us to win the Champions League, and we looked excellent throughout! Highlight of my career to date, and really pleased to have taken Ipswich Town from the Championship relegation fight to the Champions League.


Throw in two more cup wins, with the League Cup and FA Cup also being won, and it's a big treble for us. It was a shame not to get the Community Shield and the league, but we can't be too greedy!


Not too many well known names still around, but Dele Alli and James Ward-Prowse have been incredible players this season. Kevin Moore has come through our youth ranks (hence the + after his name so I didn't forget him!) and has established himself as one of the best right backs in the world!


1990 days after being hired as Ipswich manager, I have decided to resign and look for a new challenge. I have a good number of leagues loaded, but no particular destination in mind as yet... who knows where I will end up!


One final piece of silverware, and France win the World Cup under my stewardship. It's been a fun distraction with the French national side, but with the World Cup won, I have decided to step down and focus on my new role.
2026/27: FC Barcelona


La Liga - 1st

After departing Ipswich Town, I headed for one of the biggest clubs in European football... Barcelona! We went unbeaten all season in the league, crowned with the league title at the first attempt, and also managed to pick up the Spanish Cup and Super Cup.


To top off a very incredible first season, we managed to win the Champions League as well, meaning I had now won the tournament with two different sides. With our haul of trophies, me being named Manager of the Year in Spain, and dominance of the Spanish league, I decided to resign and find a new challenge.


I was linked with Arsenal and Liverpool, and was offered the job at the Emirates, but I decided that I didn't want to return to England's top table just yet, and looked for a club outside of Europe... the next leg of my career takes me to Brazil, and Cruzeiro!
2027/28: Cruzeiro


National First Division - 1st

I've never managed in Brazil before, so this was a very interesting side step. The main aim of this leg of the tour is to win the Copa Libertadores, but as I arrived, Cruzeiro had already been knocked out.


We did however have an excellent run in the other competitions, winning everything. I just have the Minas State division and the Copa Libertadores left to win in Brazil with Cruzeiro, so this hopefully won't last much longer than a season!


Manager of the Year once more, and this time on another continent altogether. Delighted with this career progression, and it has the potential to be a pentagon save!
2028/29: Cruzeiro


Minas State - 1st

Most pointless league ever... highlights were an 11-0 and a 12-0 win. 62 goals scored, zero conceded as we ran all the way through the league and won the play offs to secure another trophy.


Copa Libertadores won, and that's three Champions League trophies won over two continents. I've now loaded South Africa, Australia, Mexico and the MLS as I look to push for the remaining three titles to complete my pentagon.

Just the distraction of the Olympics with France U23, and a quick side step to a club I've been eager to manage for a long time... Paris Saint-Germain!
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