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An impossible journey to win every trophy in the game.

Manager Seasons 9
Nah you gota lose to someone in the league @Shedender just how it is.

Thanks again @SpinSwimScream we are indeed building a healthy goal difference here.
End Of Season Round Up - October 2021


The season has come to an end and we performed very well in the second half of the season breaking records in the process and building up a seventeen game plus unbeaten run. With us still in the title hunt and two cup competitions, it was proving to be a successful enough season here at Bray, but could we get the silverware we were hunting for this year around.


The fixtures inside the red box are those of the second half of the season. We caused a cupset in the League Cup as we knocked out Derry City in the Semi Finals. A superb showing from us saw us beat them three one and head into the Final where we'd face another Premier side, Cork City, more on that game later. We entered the Senior Challenge Cup i the third round. We beat Cockhill five four after being five nil up with seventy one minutes played!! We went on to knockout Malahide United in the Quarter Finals. The Semi Finals saw us cause another cupset, beating Premier strugglers Bohemians one nil to set up a final with the biggest team in Ireland, Dundalk.


We were narrow losers against Cork City in the League Cup Final. We done well just to reach the Final and weren't expecting to win it. They lead two nil with forty minutes left on the clock. We created enough chances, Benson brought one back for us with twenty minutes to go and despite how much we pushed on, we just couldn't get ourselves back in the game.


The Senior Challenge Cup Final was won a little more convincingly than the previous Final was as Dundalk showed us what a top team they are in Ireland and made an impact very early as they raced into a four goal lead inside twenty five minutes. I was worried it could of been a hiding especially when we were five nil down. We went on to save a penalty and then score one of our own before the break. Second half we continued to press and made a name for ourselves, losing out six three in the end, a superb final.


The second half of our league form ended up being superb, possibly one of the best runs I've ever picked up on football manager. We ended up going twenty one games unbeaten in all competitions at one point as our form looked to go on. UCD were eventually the team in the league to beat us with just two league games to go. We finally got past Drogheda United twice, beating them five two both times. Surely this was the form of champions this time around.


And indeed it was, before our little blip at the end of the season we had gone thirteen points clear to clinch the title with three of four games remaining. However in the end we won it by seven points of Waterford United who didn't have the best second half of the season on all accounts. It was just myself who won promotion to after Cabinteely beat Waterford United but lost to Shelbourne in the Final.


And come the end of the season, the thirty first of October, I handed in my resignation and hit the bike again, time to find another new job and continue the trophy winning form i currently find myself in Britain. This here at Bray Wanderers has been good and I've enjoyed it. If this wasn't about trophies I'd probably stay and I believe they'll compete for trophies next season, but its not the job to keep me here. I'll find something new soon with any luck.

Next Post: The Next Adventure...
Dan, aka the littlest Hobo!

Congrats on the league title
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

It's a shame about those two Cup final defeats but when you're playing Cork and Dundalk then it's to be expected I suppose.

Congrats on promotion.
Congrats on the promotion! Just a shame you couldn't giant kill one more time!
Thanks @Suffolk Seasider live in a box, easier to move from country to country.

We expected to lose them @Shedender would of been nice to bag one in a shock though!

Sure was @tongey thats football eh!
Returning 'Home' - January 2022


We've just entered the new calender year and its a big Happy New Year for me as I've landed myself my next job and as you can tell, I'm heading back home to my own country England. Still yet to venture up north to Scotland but eventually I'll probably get there. The side I've taken on are predicted to finish second this year, however find themselves struggling a little.


And its to AFC Fylde who become my fifth team to take charge of. They find themselves struggling in the Vanarama National League, currently sitting down in eleventh place having lost three of their last five games, this includes a defeat against my former side Kidderminster who are fairing well in this league. It'll be a tough ask to turn it around this season.


We're currently eight points outside the playoff spaces and it'll be tough to make the ground up and catch them. However this is a team predicted to finish second this year and hopefully with a bit of guidance we can do that. It'll all be down to the tactics, there is no money in the club so I can't spend anything on the remaining time in January. I may try sneak a couple loan deals in though!


Next Post: End Of Season Round up - May 2022
I have a soft spot for AFC Fylde for some reason. I hope you manage to get them up the league to where they belong!
Great work so far. Interesting choice to keep resigning and finding a new club to manage. Any intentions to stick at a club for a few years and tick off that country's trophies as you progress through the leagues?
@Suffolk Seasider is now your mate. Good luck at Flyde.
Woohoo! Another Fylde coaster!

Hopefully you can raise some funds by selling half your left wingers!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

I think most people do @tongey me included, not sure why!

Thats the aim to get as many trophies as possible @Ice Man its not about building a legacy, perhaps in future leagues if I feel I've a chance of back to back promotions etc I'll stick it out.

Everyone loves Fylde @Shedender

Yeah with any luck a short stint @Suffolk Seasider
End Of Season Round up - May 2022


Having taken charge of an underperforming AFC Fylde side in January we had one main aim this season, hit those playoff spots! They were predicted to finished second before the season began and I've taken charge with them outside the top ten! We were still in the FA Cup and not too far off the playoff spots, hopefully a bit of direct, attacking football could pay in our favor...


After just a month in charge the TNS job came up in Wales, the biggest job going in Wales and easiest one, I had to apply. Unfortunately I didn't get past the interview stage. I think because I asked them if I could see the season out with AFC Fylde it didn't pay in my favor.


My first cup game in charge of AFC Fylde was indeed the Third Round of the FA Trophy against Solihull Moors. Here we triumphed, winning three one to send us into the fourth round, the quarter Finals. Wrexham however stood strong and despite us coming back from three behind to three two, we couldn't quite get past them.


Now this is the sort of form AFC Fylde should of been hitting all season, my 4-2-2-2 tactics on a direct, attacking playstyle has worked once again as we went on to pick up eleven wins, two draws and just three defeats in my fifteen games in charge to the end of the season. We went on a couple of good runs again, surely we had done enough to steal a playoff spot in that form..


We had indeed, and it wasn't even like we had just scraped into the playoffs, we finished all the way up in third place and just nine points off the league title in the end. This has now set us for another playoff adventure, first we'll face York in a double header in the Semi Finals. If we can bypass them we will be set for a Final against Wrexham or Chester.


First leg done and dusted and its ended with us claiming a two one victory. We raced ahead after just twelve minutes, Borg opening the scoring. Fourteen minutes into the second half Collins had doubled our lead and we looked safe away from home. We conceded a late consolation goal which I'm hoping won't come back to haunt us in the second leg.


Very much the same performance for us in the second leg, again winning two one which saw us claim a four two win on aggregate. Murphy gave us the lead however Terrace had leveled things up come the break. Seal put us into the final four minutes from time as we countered against a very heavily attacking York side.


Well I never saw this coming, we had lost to Wrexham in both my games in charge against them at AFC Fylde, but here we battled for a hard thought win! We were one nil down after eleven minutes and I thought it was another one of those games. However come the break we lead two one, a Kyle Taylor double, two minutes apart doing it for us. Two goals for Wrexham in the second half saw them go three one up however we fought back again, Seal netting a penalty three minutes from time. And in extra time we sealed the deal, Seal with a second goal for us on the night, securing promotion!

The only bad news is, I will need to come back to the Vanarama Conference National league to win the FA Trophy.

Next Post: ...
Ooh such a pity the TNS job had to come up at the most inconvienent time @Dan but congrats on another promotion/title.
Wow a hard fought playoff battle there! Congrats on that trophy, can be a hard one to life considering the amount of quality in that league!

TNS would have been a great job to take as well!
Unlucky with the T.N.S job, but big congrats on the promotion. Like you said its just a shame that you couldn't win the FA Trophy at the same time.
It was a shame @Shedender but sure it'll pop up again!

By far my favorite set of playoffs yet @tongey it could of gone either way, glad we had it just a shame to come back for the FA Trophy.

Its how it is @Ice Man it'll be up again at some point!
Heading Backwards - 9th October 2022


Things have taken a turn, or two over the last couple of months and I thought it was probably best to bring you up to date with whats happened since we won the league title. Now I've moved on and got myself a new job, as the title suggest, its not really a forward thinking move by myself but hopefully the right one to make.


In the middle of June as the financial situation at AFC Fylde worsened I decided to hand my notice in, we weren't going to have the money to spend to compete for a second promotion on the bounce and that was my queue to leave, unfortuantely there wasn't anything respectable and title challenge worthy that came up at the start, so I waited it out to see what happened.


And this is why its a step backwards, on the 9th October 2022 I have returned to the Vanarama National League as I take over Oldham who were relegated from League Two last season. They've had a torrid start to the season, sitting down in eleventh place after fifteen games. However they are predicted to finish up in second. I'm not here for the league title, i'll be resting my stars for the FA Trophy games when they come about!

Next Post: Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2023
Let's hope you can secure the FA Trophy once and for all @Dan.
..down the road, that's where I'll always be...

Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

With any luck @Shedender third time lucky! Or fourth, I don't know, it feels an age I've been in these leagues already!

You've lost me @Suffolk Seasider ??
Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2023


So I took on the role at Oldham with just under two months of action before we got to the halfway stage of the season. My attention wasn't on the league, although I knew I had to improve our current position to keep the board happy and keep my job. The FA Trophy is what I'm here for and hoping kind draws along the way help us get it this year.


First things first, the board agreed to let me go and study another course. I'm finally getting my National A Licence. After a fair few clubs I've been in charge of the last few seasons have struggled with the funds to get this done, its nice to finally be getting somewhere.


Our cup form is quiet as expected for now. We threw away an early lead against Morecambe in the FA Cup and crashed out in the fourth qualifying round, wasn't too worried about that though. The FA Trophy saw us beat Lincoln in the first round to set up a tie with non league side Kettering in the Second round.


Our league form has been very strong as we've lost just three times since I took charge this season. We've even beat league leaders Chester two nil. As you are probably thinking, this has improved our league position by a mile and we're now sitting in a great position keeping the board happy.


The league title/promotion isn't important to me, I've already done that, last season, however if we're likely to get something come the end of the season I'll see it through, it can only be good for my reputation!

Next Post: End of Season Round Up - 1st June 2023
Lyrics to the littlest hobo theme tune
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

A second home tie in a row in the FAT, hopefully you can ease past Kettering Town. Great league form as well even though that's not important.
Well now it al makes sense @Suffolk Seasider !

The draw has been kind to us thus far @Shedender
End of Season Round Up - 22nd May 2023


The first half of the season had infact been very successful for us, we'd turned around the poor league start the previous manage had and were now sitting in contention for a playoff spot come mid season. But our main aim wasn't winning promotion, we'd already claimed that accolade last season, this was about the FA Trophy in which we would rest players for before each game.


The last update we had played up to the Kettering game and in a game we should of won we ended up drawing, meaning we were forced to replay the Second Round away from home against the non league side. No issues second time around though picking up a more than comfortable four one victory. The Third Round drew us against Solihull Moors, a side a league lower than us and we beat them three nil. It was the same story in the Fourth Round against Havant & Waterlooville beating them two nil again at home. The Semi Final drew us with Newport County, winning three two at home before taking a strong side to defend a draw at least away from home, it finishing one a piece to set up a Final with mid table Boston United.


A thrilling Final against Boston United at Wembley saw us narrowly nick the game with the winner coming in injury time! A fast pace to the game saw us take the lead after just six minutes through Rob Fowler the on loan striker from Norwich. However come the twentieth minute Brooks had netted twice for Boston United seeing them go into half time ahead. There wasn't much we could do except go on overload for the final ten minutes and it paid off! McEneff leveled things up for us eight minutes from time before Rob Fowler struck in the second of three added minutes of injury time, sealing the trophy we needed!


Whilst we did rest players for the FA Trophy games, I tried to not desert our league form as there was a chance I could add another trophy to the collection, admittedly one I had already won but if it meant we could add to the cabinet it was worth it. We had only lost two games in the second half of the season, until the final two matches where we went on to lose both and this went on to cost us the league title.


And as you can see, we did hit the playoff spots come the end of the season, finishing up in fourth spot, but this was expected as the club, relegated last season, were predicted to finish in the top two season, perhaps the slow start cost them by the previous manager. Its also worth noting, had we won both our final two matches of the season, we would of won the league!


So it'd be the route of the playoffs once again in this save and this time we would face Wrexham over two legs in the Semi Finals. The first leg saw three goals in eleven minutes then none in the remaining seventy nine minutes. We were behind after the first minute but by the eleventh led two one thanks to McEneff and Omoregie. This is how it stayed as we took a two one lead into the second leg.


But that proved to not be enough as we lost the second leg two nil away from home. Wrexham led one nil at the break and then scored a second with twenty two minutes remaining. We then lost Irving to a second yellow card and this pushed out any chance we had of securing a second promotion from the Vanarama National League in two season.


And so after two hundred and twenty five days in charge at Oldham, on the twenty second of May 2023 it was once again time to pack up my bags and move on to pastures new. This will allow me to remove another league now as the Vanarama National will be chopped out of the game.


For anyone that is wondering, this is now the setup that is left playing to date. As you can see the Vanarama National League will now be removed having gone back for the FA Trophy and winning it third time of asking! I'm tempted to take out Scotland as I've not too much motivation to go there yet so that'll also probably be removed in the Summer this year around. That'll leave me with both top tiers in Ireland and Northern Ireland and Wales as well as the four football leagues in England.

Next Post: Another New Job

I'll stop with the obscure references, and ask in plain language: Ydych chi'n mynd i Gymru?
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

One day @Suffolk Seasider you're going to predict the right thing, as for now, you're wrong again!
Another New Job - December 2023


Its been a long summer and early winter for me as I've been without a job for almost seven months now. I've gone through the summer missing out on two real big jobs which could of both seen me set for the season ahead, however it wasn't to be. I now have three clubs on the table and need to find myself the right job so will need to start looking around the leagues and decide which is best for me.


Here are the two 'big' jobs I missed out on this summer. Cliftonville, reigning Northern Ireland Premiership champions had got rid of their manager this summer. I chucked my name in the hat and attended the interview, unfortunately I didn't impress the big boss enough and was rejected. Then the biggest job in Ireland came up, Dundalk, again reigning champions, however this time I couldn't even succeed in getting an interview, maybe next time around.


First offer I have on the table is League two side Fleetwood the board want the club to be hitting the playoffs this season, my luck in the playoffs this career hasn't been great so far so if we were to hit the playoffs its the fun and games of that. There is a small transfer budget available in the January window which is upcoming but time will tell if thats the path for me.


The second opportunity that has arisen is also in League Two, a club slightly better off as its at Notts County who are sitting in ninth in the same League. However this club are only predicted to finish in the top half, so its not as likely to hit the top spot in the league. They're only a point outside the playoffs and nine points off Ebbsfleet off the top spot.


The last club with the offer on the table is that of Championship side and current league leaders Watford. Currently topping the league over second place Blackburn by three points after twenty matches. Probably my best chance out of the three contracts on offer to seal the league title and another trophy to my cabinet, but at the same time it would mean returning to the two leagues lower.

Next Post: The Chosen Club - December 2023
It was becoming a bit hard to keep track of your current club tbh

I'd say take the Notts County job, but above all I'd avoid Watford, developing youths as a newly promoted side in the PL? I wouldn't last 20 games tbh.
070563 - 120815
280323 - 160620

I'll see you
It was becoming a bit hard to keep track of your current club tbh

I'd say take the Notts County job, but above all I'd avoid Watford, developing youths as a newly promoted side in the PL? I wouldn't last 20 games tbh.

Haha its all about chopping and changing jobs in this career @Eric Portapotty but if I took the Watford job, I'd aim to leave in May with the title secured! Does this change your mind?
Haha its all about chopping and changing jobs in this career @Eric Portapotty but if I took the Watford job, I'd aim to leave in May with the title secured! Does this change your mind?

Ooohh, that's a very good option then, if you're not planning to stay for the PL campaign.
070563 - 120815
280323 - 160620

I'll see you
Ebbsfleet are top?! How unexpected.

As much as I would like to say go with Fleetwood, I have to agree with @Eric Portapotty and take the Notts County job. Watford will fall away and a better opportunity will arise in the championship again.

Also, your PA is hawt.
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

You need to ideally take a look at the Watford job @Dan and see if you believe they can maintain a promotion push. I'd say head to Fleetwood.
Decision made @Eric Portapotty thanks for your thoughts.

The Ebbsfleet job was available pre season too @Suffolk Seasider and I didn't go for it as I wasn't aware they'd be competing for it, with any luck they'll slip away second half of the season. Oh and please leave Sophia alone, shes busy all hours of the day and night! Lily Smith isn't bad either!

I have now decided @Shedender and you're input made no difference! haha!
The Chosen Club - December 2023


It made a change to have three job offers on the table at once, but come winter time clubs finally get fed up with underachieving managers and therefore the jobs become available. I had the three offers on the table and it took a while and a bit of input from you guys, but eventually the club were chosen that I felt were best to take forward with another possibility of a trophy.


It ended up being overachieving Notts County of League Two that I would take forward. Sitting up in ninth with a small transfer budget and January just around the corner, a tight league, i feel I can bring forward and really compete for the league title. In the end it was a big toss up between these and Watford, I feel Watford will walk to that league title, but it may de motivate me to come back down to League Two and League one. Notts County are out the FA Cup and EFL Cup but remain in the Checkatrade trophy with that being my next game against League One title challengers Bradford. It could be best for us to bow out the competition to help our league season.


We definitely currently have a strong squad here at Notts County and that is probably why they are up in ninth currently this season and just a point off the playoff spots. I'd like to sure up our defence a little bit and perhaps our midfield, focusing on the core of the side to fit my 4-2-2-2 formation and help us push for that automatic promotion spots.


Another club with money behind them and this allows me to study another qualification, not too many to go now and I'll be top qualified and hopefully have bigger clubs finally wanting me in charge, meaning bigger and better trophies! Hopefully!

Next Post: End of Season Round Up - 20th May 2023
Good luck with Notts County, your making this look easy!
Its all about walking into the right job at the right time @Parker26
End of Season Round Up - 20th May 2024


I had walked into another job with trophy ambitions on their mind and now it was time to once again try and work the managerial magic on Notts County. A club sitting just outside the playoff spots with a strong team were capable of winning the league title if they could string results together. Also still in the Checkatrade cup was there a chance of a double on this season.


In red is from when I took over the job we managed to cause two upsets in the Checkatrade trophy, beating League One sides Bradford City and Bolton at home. The latter of the two a big victory over the League One side. But it was Wigan who went on to knock us out in the Norther Quarter Finals, beating us two nil.


Just four league defeats lay in my path from when I took over the job to the end of the season and that include going on a ten game unbeaten run. We've been very good in the league since I took over in the winter and we're really knocking on the door for that league title. But would it be the title, automatic promotion or playoff agony once again. The lose to Stevenage really hit us hard come the end....


Had we of beat Stevenage, we would of been league champions, unfortunately it wasn't the case, however it was enough for us to win automatic promotion and head up another league and it'll be another league I can remove from the game. My contract is up this summer at Notts County and as usual, I don't plan on renewing it. I'll be looking for a side relegated from the Championship.


Before I leave though, I've managed to sneak one more coaching qualification out of the board here at Notts County.

Next Post: Another New Job Coming...
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