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For FM17 rather than doing the usual Careers i do. i will try something i wanted to do on a Previous FM is to win every single Trophy in the game i probably not complete it but well may aswell try

Conquering The World An Jamie3 Career

Hello and welcome to what i hope is my First and last FM 17 save as i Attempt something i have never Attempted is to win Every single trophy in the game ill probably not do it but i may aswell try at least


My Journey starts with The Home Nations not sure how ill go country to country picking up trophy's and winning League Title's and Playoffs but im sure ill figure it out in due course


And heres the Leagues selected in the Home Nations and now see if i can get a job and start picking up Trophies

Next Update: The Manager
Meet The Manager


so heres the Manager 24 Year old Jamie From Rotherham in South Yorkshire Favorite Team Sheffield Wednesday and Glasgow Rangers in Scotland


We will start with no Coaching Badges and Sunday League Experience


Here's whats is Available im not bothering applying for jobs im not going to get. So ill apply for Jobs LIke Cardiff Met Uni see what i can get to get my Career Going

Next Update: My First Job

Managerial History

http://i.imgur.com/fZu4SdJ.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/Exvwcvg.png Newry City AFC: 12/7/16- 2/1/18 (New Job Offer)
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.png[/img[img]http://i.imgur.com/JBmNRNV.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/JBmNRNV.png Guiseley 2/1/18 - 30/10/18 (Offered New Job)
http://i.imgur.com/EA4ibOF.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/vxp00Ny.png Wexford Youth's 30/10/18 - 3/11/19 (Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.png[/img[img]http://i.imgur.com/JBmNRNV.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/kBFdO0e.pngDag & Red 13/12/19 - 30/6/2021 (Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/2ApQzBc.pngHartlepool United 22/11/2021 - 5/6/2022 (Resigned)
http://i.imgur.com/EA4ibOF.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/cYbGwup.png Shamrock Rovers 30/7/2022 - Present

Trophy Cabinet

http://i.imgur.com/fZu4SdJ.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/SKJwzsT.pngNIFL Premier Intermediate League (Winners) 2017
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.png[/img[img]http://i.imgur.com/JBmNRNV.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/B55rdL6.pngVanarama National League North (Playoff Winners) 2018
http://i.imgur.com/EA4ibOF.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/CrvCLPf.png SSE Airtricity First Division (Winners) 2019
http://i.imgur.com/EA4ibOF.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/xNqe8RN.png FAI Irish Daily Mail Senior Cup (Winners) 2019
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.png[/img[img]http://i.imgur.com/JBmNRNV.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/f3PrS2i.png Buildbase FA Trophy (Winners) 2020
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.png[/img[img]http://i.imgur.com/JBmNRNV.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/9O2hCpd.png Vanarama National League (Winners) 2021
http://i.imgur.com/cHQtDjG.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/aQqGNV7.png EFL League Two (Winners) 2022

Countries Conquered
First Step Into Management


Northern Ireland Bound


So i take the Newry City AFC Job a club in Northern Ireland's Bottom Tier as i look to make a name for myself and get my First Trophy. They expect me to fight for a playoff place will be a challenge but we have to start somewhere.

Next Update: Newry City AFC Squad
Aha, another one attempting to win it all!

Good luck with this! Always nice to see a start at a club that isn't Stirling!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

No pressure @Jamie3, I expect a treble this season.
Thanks @Suffolk Seasider i wanted something different rather than doing a nornal career i didnt fancy Stirling as a lot have started there

@Shedender i shall try if i dont get sacked first

An Preview Of Newry City AFC


Squad needs some work


Something that needs to be Addressed as theres the Chairman and me and ive sent out job lists so hopefully theres more to the staff soon

Next Update: Preseason 2016
Preseason Roundup


A good preseason for us sees us with 1 Draw and 3 Victories


First signing as Luke Grinley joins the club from Armagh


Managed to Bring in some staff Members least help us rather than just relaying on me

Next Update: Mid Season Round Up
Mid-Season Round Up




We have Enjoyed a cup Run only seen us loose once on penalties to Larne we have 2 ties coming up.First in the Irish Cup 5th round against Portadown and Intermediate Cup against Warrenpoint



We have enjoyed a Decent run in the league just 3 Losses so far. Which sees us with our aim of Achieving what the board wants a Playoff place


At The Moment its tight 4 Teams so far have chance going up were in pole sitting first 4 clear off third Newington and with a Better Goal Difference +28 but lot can still change still


Also the board are letting me gain my National C Licence which takes 4 months of hard studying and the club are coughing on £600 for the course

Next Update: May 2017
Looking forward to seeing how you cope

1st Trophy to come this season hopefully!!

Good luck!
Thanks @tongey hopefully the first Trophy we shall see though

May 2017




we did well loose to 2 higher clubs



Pretty much an Inconsistent 2nd half of the season


Neverless First trophy in the bag as we Secure the Title just 3 points separating us and Queens University


Confirmation we go up as Champions 3 points clear off Queens University


First Qualification Secured

i dunno weather to stay ill see whats out there if nothing takes my fancy ill stay put

Preseason 2017



2 preseason games against Distillery and Dundela which we both won


7 players join us to help us Avoid Relegation but i shall be keeping an eye out for Potential Jobs as i need to win trophy's not loyalty

Next Update: Mid-Season 2017
Only person to win the league first season out us all, well done
Thanks @Dan first trophy on board

Mid-Season 2017




Our Cup run hasnt been good Winning 2 and Loosing 3



Our league form hasnt been bad wasnt going to be as were fighting off Relegation


To be sitting 7th for a side thats suppose to finish bottom is really good and were clear off the bottom 2

England Bound


A few jobs were around i Applied for Whitehwark which i didnt get i had 2 Offers from Guiseley and Havent and Hooverville


I Opted for Guiseley who sit in 15th in the Vanarama National League North and predicted to finish 4th it will be a challenge


Here's the table we sit in 15th near to the bottom than the top Darlington sit in the last playoff place on 41 its going to tough to get up there but i shall try

Next Update: Giuseley Squad Overview
Squad Overview



Here's the squad needs some improvement but dont think too much

plus the clubs Finances are not great so getting new players will be hard

Next Update: End Of Season 2018
End Of Season 2018



Good second of the Season for us sees loose 3 times since ive took over considering we was in 15th place when i took over

Also due to other teams Slipping we Sneak into the Playoffs


We Host Kidderminster Harriers at home in the first leg which we beat them in a trilling encounter 4-3 we take a slender lead in the away leg


The home result sees us through as we drew in the second leg and advance into the Playoff Final


we drew the game 0-0 which needed Penalties to see which team will be in the National League and Guiseley win 8-9 on Penalties and win Promotion to the Vararama National League


Confirmation we Join Maccesfield in the Vanarama National League


After the playoff final we was taken over

Next Update: Preseason 2018
Congrats on the next trophy!

Hopefully you'll make the decision when to leave, not the new board!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

@Dan and I aren't surprised you won promotion.
@Dan and I aren't surprised you won promotion.

You two are a couple now?
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

@Dan and I aren't surprised you won promotion.

Leave me out of this, I said nothing.
Thanks @Suffolk Seasider we was one of the Favorites but needed a shootout t get there

@Shedender i was surprised thought i was going to be thrashed by Kidderminster in the Semi Finals

August To October 2018



Pretty Decent start for us considering were one of Favourites for the drop


I am surprised see us sitting 7th on 24 points clear off the drop

Republic Of Ireland Bound


Despite Guiseleys good form i started the hunt for a new job and saw the Wexford Youths jobs and applied got the interview then Approached


its a shame to leave Guiseley but i wasnt going to win anymore trophies and this Challenge is about Trophies


I Take over a side finished the season in 8th going to be a tough job to turn them into Promotion Contenders but im for a challenge

Next Update: Squad Overview
Mid-Season 2019




A decent cup run loosing to Dundalk and picking up wins over Limrick F.C and Shelbourne



Ive turned the club right round considering the club was bottom when i took over


we sit first 5 points clear off UCD but be hard to stay there i expect UCD to push us for top spot

Next Update: End Of Season 2019
End Of Season 2019




A good cup run Sees us make it to the EA Sports Semi Final Loosing to Cork City

We Also reached the FAI Semi which we beat Bohemians to make it to the Final

FAI Cup Final


i have no Idea how the hell we have won but we lift the FAI Trophy coming behind to win Bray Wanderers 2-1

Another Trophy picked up as we Secure the League Title



Our second half of the season sees us get even stronger only loosing on 3 occasions



We Finish the season on 60 Points ad are Confirmed as Champions
Time To Move On



My time at Wexford youths is up i Resign from the post picking up 2 trophies here but its time to go and win trophies elsewhere

Next Update: My Next Club
A Return To England



After leaving Wexford Youth's i began my search i Applied for the job at Eastleigh first i got the Interview but they didnt hire me i saw the Dag & Red job and Jumped at the chance and luckily eniugh i was Approached


I take over a side in 19th should be doing better but thats now upto me to turn their season around

Next Update Squad Overview
Top work in Ireland, ideally wait for the Dundalk job to open up and then you can finish off Ireland.Good luck with Dag & Red.
Thanks @iceman it would be ice to get the Dundalk job eventually atm im holding out for the TNS job


Heres the squad needs some work nothing too much

Next Update: End Of Season 2020
End Of Season 2020



Here's Our form going into end of the season were through into the FA Trophy Final after winning Lincoln over 2 legs will now face Harrowgate at Wembley

Our league form had been good only loosing out to the top sides


we loose out on the Playoffs on Goal Difference to Newport County

Also my old club Guiseley are Relegated from the National League

FA Trophy Final


Another Trophy ticked off as we win the FA Trophy after an 1-0 win Over Harrowgate Town


and Finally the board are letting my Study my National B Licence

Next Update: Preseason 2020
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