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Time for another crack at this.

@r96Skinner - Thank you my man!




Well this was something! Sean Dempsey gained a call-up to the Ireland senior squad for the 2036 European Championships!

...sadly, didn't get that elusive first cap.


Despite securing a quadruple with Dungannon, it seems that the standard of Northern Irish football took a hit in reputation, causing to lose a Europa League place for the next season. Thankfully, we should be gone by then.


Speaking of reputations, ours skyrocketed over the last twelve months but still only make it as the 7th best club in Northern Ireland.




Our maiden Champions League draw pits us against Armenian champions Pyunik. Just the 4,085 kilometres from Dungannon to Yerevan. Better stock up on the reading entertainment, boys.




We did not look match fit at all, yet snatched the game right at the death to take a slender lead to Armenia. Two quickfire yellows landed Pyunik in hot water for almost an hour of the game left and it helped to slow the game to our advantage. Maintained control of the first half rather persuasively and to my surprise we nudged in front through Sean Dempsey (who else?), sliding one under the keeper. The midfield core were jaded by half time, meaning we switched to a five at the back and it unsettled the balance of the game with Pyunik coming right back into it and snatching an away goal to pressurise us. With the clock ticking, Stephen McSweeney got on the end of a lucky deflection to win the game deep into injury time to erupt Shamrock Park. Dungannon’s first European victory iirc and one to savour for the ages.


May not have been our ground, but we'll take it.


And that too.




Sadly, the return leg ended in failure as the Armenians asserted their dominance to run away with the tie. Stepanov scored twice which was the caveat to fight for the away goal and even with Dempsey spearheading the attack, the supply to him was scarce. Went more direct in the closing stages with young Sean Clarke coming on to switch it up to a 4-2-4. Best chance fell to the teen, though Dempsey perhaps should have gone himself but instead pulled the ball into Clarke on two on two situation but cushioned it straight at the keeper. Peter Beggs also came close but headed over from just six yards out. Beaten, but not disgraced.


And there ends my reign in Northern Ireland, leaving behind irreplaceable memories that Dungannon fans will cherish for generations.


Fans said their final farewells.

Onto the next one.

It's a shame you decided to step down as Dungannon boss after an excellent campaign at Stangmore. Looking forward to your next journey.


Marco Golunucci (GK) – "Intelligent goalkeeping brain on young shoulders. Only 16 at the time, he inherited such confidence with a professional manner about him during training sessions. Every one-on-one, every six yard toe poke, every penalty squaring up against, he doesn’t wince, he just squared up to claw nearly anything out that pointed in his direction. Flabbergasted how he only gained one cap for San Marino’s national team in his career."

Alex Somoza (RB) – "Experienced wing back who tore up the right hand channels in Andorra. What got me about Alex was his perceived attitude to games, as an individual and as captain. Organised our Santa Coloma defensive line while also springing forward for attack phases and lambasted those who only gave 50% attitude during games. My vote to go into management down the line."

Conor McParland & Gary Turner (CB) – "Inseparable, dynamic defensive duo that created great synergy both on and off the field. They work in unison with one another and built this malleable shield at the back. McParland used his all of his 5’10” and vertical leap to win the aerial battles while Turner’s quick feet and spatial awareness mopped up in behind. Not sure how many strikers they’ve emptied out of their back pockets."

Redeemer Borg (LB) – "Redeemer by name, Redeemer by nature. A defender who never left my shortlist during my time in Malta and had the pleasure of equipping him to my Valletta side. Two excellent seasons winning two to three key tackles per game and still aimed to dribble it forward without complications. Parents were spot on with name choice."

Rudi Farrugia (CM) – "Model professional who dictated the tempo in midfield, brought so much attacking flair in an already powerful 4-3-3 setup and it was crystal clear how limp Valletta turned in his absence. Dedicated his best years to his boyhood club, never unsettled at any stage when things went wrong, even when we collapsed finishing second best to Birkirkara during my first season in charge. Iron-willed and an all-round great guy to be around."

Mark Holmes (CM) – "Never have I seen such a tireless, ethereal midfielder like Mark. So much stamina, determination, work rate and spatial awareness for someone so young. Sculpted from the leftover clay that created N’Golo Kante. Even in a five man midfield, he’d manoeuvre forward to the 18 yard box on the offensive and immediately trek back to slot in as a defensive midfielder or even an auxiliary defender when exposed on the counter. Fits the definition of ‘workhorse’."

Filippo De Luigi (AM) – "A defenders worst nightmare in the Sammarinese league. Ball magnet with an abundance of tricks up his sleeves to blitz the right wing. Such a creative mind in whisking in devastating crosses in the most intricate phases and is a maestro behind the set pieces. Both a goalscorer and a goal maker. Only Sammarinese player to win both young player of the season and player of the season in the same season says it all."

Bardur Sorensen (CF) – "He didn’t offer much in physicality but I saw a glint in him like a diamond in the rough upon signing for my EB/Streymur side. Thirty goals in two seasons proved his value and his career got off the ground as a potential future icon to the club and kick-started an international career. When he got the nod for the Faroe Islands national team I almost shed a tear of joy, it was as if a ‘father-son’ connection had been established. Fantastic talent."

Sean Dempsey (CF) – "Can’t find a superlative high enough to praise what this young lad brought to Dungannon. Eleven goals in the final six games to seal a first ever Irish Premiership, scored in a first ever Irish Cup victory, thirty-five times rustling the back of the net in an unforgettable quadruple winning season. Goal machine, beating heart in a well-oiled machine and will live long in Dungannon Swifts folklore. You’ll never see anyone that golden for generations."

Ben Woodburn (CF) – "Apple of Liverpool fans’ eyes and something of a heat seeking missile in the Welsh leagues. Fit in like a glove to TNS, recapturing his golden years with some outstanding accuracy for goals. I feared this would break the bank but with so much hype on social media, Woodie was a cult hero to Saints fans. Singlehandedly lifted us into an historic Europa League group stage and piled up almost fifty goals in two seasons. A risky, yet genius acquisition."





After some turbulence in Malta, the ship steadied by finally knocking one off my bucket list and lifting the BOV Premier Division with Valletta. Success flowed back into more native territory..well right across the pond at least as The New Saints' resurgence to the top to usurp Bala from the Welsh throne, sealing consecutive league titles and of course the milestone of making it to the Europa League group stages made it all the sweeter. I suppose you can call it a gap year with the forces, flying out to Iraq for a brief stay and contend in international management only for a Chinese brigade to undo the wheels of potential success in the AFC Asian Cup. What better way to wrap up twenty years in management than to clean sweep the Northern Irish crown jewels and inherit endless affinity plus the keys to the land of Dungannon. And we're not even scratching the surface to this perilous adventure...

One of my favorite, on going stories mate, superb post to wrap up 20 years too!
Football Manager 2018 - From A Failed Footballer To A Traveling Manager - Story coming soon...
@Dan - Means a lot, will continue this save surely into FM18. Seems lots of people have been asking me for more updates!




Nation: Spain
World Ranking: 12th
Expectations: "Don't get outclassed in UEFA Nations League"
Pros: It's bloody Spain! 10,000% (no, not an exaggeration) increase to my current earnings. Basically, no pressure to get them far.
Cons: Abundance of injuries to key players. Would sell my soul to lose integrity of this save. Wildly unrealistic.


Be real, I'm nowhere near reputable enough to manage them. Put the crack pipe down, FM.


Nation: Kosovo
Media Prediction (Odds): 4th/12 (11-2)
Expectations: Challenge for league
Pros: Good reputation in Kosovo. Willing to search for parent club.
Cons: Trepça'89 are dominant. Only a squad of 20 players. Very little funds in the black.



Third time Ferronikeli have turned me down, but this time they were adamant to take me. However, I wanted them to get on their hands and knees for me....they didn't comply.


Nation: Luxembourg
Media Prediction (Odds): 4th/14 (8-1)
Expectations: UEFA Europa League qualification
Pros: Obscenely rich for a small club. Brilliant depth in squad. Knocked Rangers out of Europe IRL.
Cons: Competitive league with Differdange, Dudelange and Jeunesse Esch having ex-Ligue 1 players in their squads.



Damn, felt this would have been mine but Cédric Divas is the man to lead the Letzebuergesch Wasps forward.


Nation: Lithuania
Media Prediction (Odds): 2nd/8 (8-1)
Current Position: 8th
Expectations: Reach Champions playoff
Pros: Big reputation. Quality players.
Cons: Underachieving to the max and on brink of relegation. No wins after 16 games with only 8 points. 12 points from safety with only 12 games to go.



Have I just taken the short end of the matchstick? Decisions, decisions...

I reckon you can save FK Suduva, and enter another league very few of us know about! I can't wait to get another one of these journeyman saves going for fm18!
Football Manager 2018 - From A Failed Footballer To A Traveling Manager - Story coming soon...
You should take either the Suduva job as @Dan has suggested @DNZY or take the Progres job.
@Dan - Journeyman saves are the best, trust me!

@Shedender - I would, but didn't get it if you checked the spoiler.




My thirteenth job lands me to the Baltic nation of Lithuania, managing FK Sūduva Marijampolė. Founded originally in 1921, this club has had seven different name changes before the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, finally adopting their current name for the foreseeable future. The club play in white with a red trim and are aptly named "the Sudovians".


Marijampolė lies just east of the Russian territory of Kaliningrad Oblast, separating Lithuania from the north Polish border and is roughly two hours away from the nation's capital, Vilnius. It is a small, industrial city that only occupies under 40,000 people following mass immigration since 2005, and was formerly known as Kapuskas during Soviet occupation until the name was restored upon collapse. Basanavičius Square is the focal tourist attraction (seen above) with it's tall column that is topped with the city's coat of arms. Šešupė river flows through here and stretches 300km through Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad) and small portions of Poland.


The ARVI Football Arena, also known as Sūduva Stadium is where the magic happens for this club, opening in 2008 thanks to spare funds from the European Union. ARVI Enterprises Group sponsored the stadium in 2011 to where to brands it's name today. The capacity extended from 4,500 to 6,500 to accommodate the Lithuanian national side playing here on rare occasions, it plays with a grass surface.


Despite solid foundations in a 96 year history, Suduva have not yet seen an A Lyga title reach their trophy cabinet, finishing second best to FBK Kaunas and the now defunct Ekranas in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Two Lithuanian cups were sealed in 2006 versus Ekranas and 2008 versus another defunct club in Tauras Tauragė, both slender 1-0 victories in the finals. Two supercups were also lifted, beating Ekranas in 2009 and a 2018 win over Žalgiris. Most recently, Suduva were a whisker away from creating Lithuanian football history by making it into a UEFA Europa League group stage debut, but were stopped by Bulgaria's top side Ludogorets 2-0 on aggregate to see them miss out.




Boy oh boy did these clowns leave us in a right pickle...anchored to the bottom with only a pathetic seven points from sixteen games and leaving the club on the cusp of relegation with only twelve games remaining. A 1-1 draw to Žalgiris is about as good a result that they've been blessed with so far. Still have a potential entry with the LFF taurė ongoing, dumping out Tera 3-0 which should be the minimum requirement for a club like this. Need to make up at least eight points to at least scrape a relegation playoff, but to retain safety in another challenge altogether, lying twelve behind Žalgiris Kaunas. Let the games begin.



With quite a lot of depth and quality players, I can't quite put my finger on why this club are in disrepute. Terrible average ratings, abysmal pass completion ratios and only 17 goals scored - drastic measures need to be taken. Also doesn't help when your most important player is injured.

KEY PLAYER: Enver Djukic ST(C)


I'd say on par with Sean Dempsey, if not better. 16 finishing and 13 composure with some decent off the ball too, he could be moulded into a mean poacher with the right creative players behind him. Can I turn him into a goal machine?



I kind of see mixed messages being thrown at me; A) to reach the Champions Playoff or B) avoiding relegation. Has to be one or the other in my book. LFF taurė is doable as we're one round away from reaching the quarters anyways. Won't worry too much about budgets for now, need to see how the squad gel in with my tactical philosophy before jumping into the transfer market.


Duty begins with a crucial six pointer at home to Žalgiris Kaunas and three tests of character against sides in the top half: Leitava, Atlantas and Utenis. A cup match against non-league Krazante will see us potentially reach a cup quarter final should all go to plan. Here goes nothing.

Good luck in Suduva.Watched them against Ludogorets.A good team with some really good players.100% you can save them from that position.
Not the best starting situation, but confident you can get them out of danger!
@Shedender - I would, but didn't get it if you checked the spoiler.

Whoops, my bad!
@r96Skinner @GreenFront - Cheers fellas!

@Shedender - Nice to know you read every post properly on this story!




Pen to paper for two new reinforcements, brought in to potentially save us from the drop.


Aurimas Romanov - AM(C)/M(C)/AM(RL) - unattached free agent

Formerly of Utenis, this guy is what the squad is crying out for in the middle of the park - a playmaker. Certainly an upgrade to what we already have, excellent vision with favourable flair and technique, surely will get the ball rolling in the right direction of the field. Major downside is that we'll cost us a few bob in the wage department but it's a risk worth pursuing.


Mantas Rimkus - D(R)/D(C) - 6 month loan (end of season) from FBK Kaunas

A back-up option to bleed in if sh*t hits the fan at the back line. Possesses the strength to boulder over any fast attackers and can slot in at the right hand side as we lack numbers there. Sort of a safety net signing.




Suduva hadn’t won one game in sixteen before my reign began, stepped up with the best possible outcome against fellow strugglers Zalgiris Kaunas. Largely in control, keeping the ball mainly in the midfield areas with the goalscoring conviction coming from the wings. A brace from Petkevicius and one from Verbickas helping us to get just that little bit more competitive. A good W to start.




Lietava came into this game on the back of relatively poor form but we were second best all ends up to hang on for a share of the points. Freidgeimas in goal saved our ass from a major chance in the first half to deny Albano Haxhiu from close range. The home side were left puzzled how they hadn't break the deadlock and centre back Suhhomjatnikov had the mother of all goalmouths at his mercy, somehow headed over from two yards out. Eliosius departed the game early with a cynical foul to earn a second yellow but too late to unbalance the game. Dodged a bullet here.


Second choice attacking midfielder ended the game on a stretcher.



Easing in gently with four points from the opening two games. No goals conceded either.



First win on the goal lifts us to within seven points behind Trakai and eleven from the Champions Playoff places. On the right trajectory.





Strange game, but one we were thankful to escape with a point. Defensive howler by Stesko as a blind-sighted backpass allowed Atlantas to stab home the opener just five minutes in. Minutes later we escaped a blatant penalty claim waved away by the ref, meaning for a stern half time team talk. A stroke of luck from new boy Romanov; his shot just outside the box clipped a defender, deceived the keeper and rolled in in slow motion towards the last five minutes. To think we could have won this match without that horrible error of judgement.




Another draw and another game our strikers have failed to hit the back of the net. Perhaps we looked more likely to hit the back of the net with Roman Urbys and Enver Djukic both striking the woodwork and bouncing clear. Rokas Stesko may be our best defender but he his testing my patience lately; first his mistake against Atlantas, now giving away a foolish penalty and getting sent off in the process to allow Utenis to swipe a late advantage. Young goalkeeper Freidgeidas has been impressive with his recent performances and proved it once more with a superb hand to claw out the resulting penalty and preventing defeat.

LFF taurė



I'm in disbelief. How on Earth did this happen?! Oh, that's right because our strikers are utterly pathetic. Nothing clear cut, nothing testing, just an absolute disaster going forward despite the number of shots. To rub salt in the wounds, non-league Krazante were down to ten men going into extra time and still couldn't muster anything. That's where we paid the penalty quite literally; Roman Urbys fired straight at the keeper to dump us out of the cup. I'm so ready to put my fist through the screen.




Done. So very done. Our attacking efforts are a joke with only two goals in our last five, and losing this game to Trakai more or less seals the nail in Suduva's coffin. Zutautas tormented our frail back four to take one goal for every defender and inflicting embarrassment to the home support. Djukic got ironic cheers with his first league goal since May but barely affected the convincing scoreline. Yet again far more shots, yet again proves that stats are meaningless. Crystal Palace would have put up more fight than us.



Just can't score, and if we can't score, we can't win games. Not a single victory this month with a blushing cup exit on top of that.



Twelve points from safety, there really isn't much more we can do. Suduva are doomed.


May seem cowardly, but if a team with the quality it has can't perform with passion or fight, there really isn't much use for a manager of my calibre. 51 days in charge and now back to square one.

Quite impressive that the article states they've been "above expectations sitting 8th"... of 8! Looking forward to seeing your next move
Tough, tough set of results that. I can understand your frustrations, had a few of those jobs myself. Onto the next one, @DNZY!
@KEZ_7 - Eagle eye, didn't even see that! But they were actually predicted to finish 2nd.

@r96Skinner - Yes and no, think we should have won more of them to be honest. Shame our strikers were just absolute muck so we were pretty doomed either way.




Nation: Luxembourg
Media Prediction (Odds): 2nd/14 (5-2)
Current Position: 1st
Expectations: Winners of Nationaldivisioun
Pros: Top of the league. Fourteen games unbeaten, thirteen of those are wins. Strong squad with former Ligue 1 academy players. Two consecutive league titles and holders.
Cons: Only one point clear in the league. Almost £1m in the red. No transfer budget. Terrible depth in defence. Will be seen as a bottle job if I fail to bring the title to them again.



One offer on the table from the side top of the Luxembourg table. Hard to turn down.


Nation: Lithuania
Media Prediction (Odds): 5th/8 (14-1)
Expectations: Europa League qualification
Pros: Similar quality squad to Suduva, but better. Europa League football in the summer months. Solid depth in squad. Small league that may guarantee European football easily.
Cons: Financially somewhat insecure. Media writing them off already. Zalgiris are a tough nut to crack.



On par to the offer by Differdange, just with a bit more to achieve. Tough decision.


Nation: Gibraltar
World Ranking: (=)172nd
Expectations: Be competitive/don't get outclassed too often.
Pros: Smaller nation in and around my level. No pressure to succeed.
Cons: Drawn with Liechtenstein, Lithuania and Israel in UEFA Nations League. Not even offering me half of the other two clubs.


Rejected it.

You can't be disrespecting those Suduva fans by jumping ship to Trakai, surely! Indeed a big decision between Trakai and Differdange though, both interesting jobs for different reasons.
@r96Skinner - Lol, not as if I had much of a rapport with them in the first place.




After a disappointment in Lithuania, I've decided to head to another country beginning with 'L' - Luxembourg. FC Differdange 03 are a relatively newfound club of only fourteen years, replacing their former sides Red Boys Differdange and AS Differdange to merge as one in 2003, hence why 03 lies in the name. The team is kitted with all red with white trim.


The city of Differdange lies in the very south-westerly point of Luxembourg and shares a border with France and portions of Belgium. A population of just over 25,000 people make it the third largest city in the nation behind Esch-sur-Alzette and of course the nation's capital Luxembourg (city). The city is largely industrial and is home to the majority of Letzebuergesch steel production with the largest steel producing company, ArcelorMittal heavily affiliated here. There is a major link with Miami University here, as it's "Dolibois European Center", allocating 130 or more students to study abroad in Europe, mainly in Differdange castle which dates back to the year 1577.


Stade Municipal de la Ville de Differdange is the new home of the club, moving in (roughly) 2012 upon building completion and transitioning from their old Thillenberg stadium when Red Boys Differdange played their games here before merging. The stadium holds 2,400 which is significantly less than their previous stadium which held over 6,000 but only because of lack of standing here. The surface is grass.


History has been kind to Differdange since their reshuffle in 2003...but not league wise - failing to win any league title pre-FM era but far back as 1979 (as Red Boys Differdange) and even further beyond that in 1933 where they secured their third in a row between 1930 and 1933. Post-FM era, they're doing brilliantly with five Nationaldivisiouns in six seasons. Funnily enough their predecessors are known as record holders, with the most Luxembourg Cups to date (15). As for FC Differdange 03, they have in fact carried that charm over with four cups in 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015. European football has been an interesting factor for the club, most notably the incidence during the 2011-12 season in the Europa League; entering into the Third Qualifying Round to Greek champions Olympiakos but losing 6-0 on aggregate...or so they thought. Olympiakos were thrown out of the competition due to match fixing and allowed one more roll of the dice for the Letzebuergesch side to advance one more step to a potential historic EL group stage. However, PSG had other ideas to brush them aside by the same aggregate scoreline as Olympiakos. Ever since then, it hasn't gone well for them. One major rival is that with F91 Dudelange in a local derby.




All things look rosy for FC Differdange this season, but tightly marked by Dudelange in what looks to be a real battle of rivals this season. Although Dudelange are unbeaten this season, we've secured 13 wins from 15, slipping up only to third place Jeunesse Esch and a stalemate with Dudelange and thus lead by a single point. Jeunesse Esch will certainly not be ruled out either, only four points behind. Speaking of them, we knocked them out of the Luxembourg cup in the fifth round before muscling our way ahead of Avenir Beggin to the quarter finals to a tasty encounter with Mondorf in the quarter finals. Two pieces of silverware on the line, can we secure them both?



I'll admit we have some fine key players and exciting hot prospects, but beneath the surface there is a serious underlying issue...defenders. Virtual NO capable centre backs apart from trying to mount some adolescents from the under 19's. Hopefully it won't be a pitfall because we've some really talented players in all sorts of other areas. Some very high wages in here as well, it's no wonder they're financially crippled on top of that!

KEY PLAYER: Logan Olivier M(C)


Three goals and nine assists already this season, this lad looks beastly. Very impressed with his physicality and work rate, but the aggression factor is always a catch 22 with ball winning midfielders, leading to a lot of ill-discipline. Doesn't quite look like much of a playmaker so I may have no other option but to set him up that way. For a 21 year old though, bags of potential to further himself and mature greatly.



Being as they are top of the league and their previous manager only left to take the role as Luxembourg manager, it's only natural that they expect me to take them to the league title. Luxembourg cup may not seem important to them, but I'm willing to give it a go. Wage budget is quite healthy to compensate for a poor transfer budget.


Duty begins with RM Hamm Benfica before a long winter break to revitalise us before an action packed second half of the season. Rosport and Una Strassen will be seen as preliminary tests before two consecutive tough games at home to Progrès (a side I almost managed) and a very tricky away day to arch rivals F91 Dudelange. Time to scrub away what was left of my Suduva reign and back to challenging for leagues!





Talk about a let down for my first game in charge. Dominant performance but two set pieces unravelled us to hand RM Hamm Benfica a point late on. Their keeper could only parry a ferocious effort from Cameroonian midfielder Landry Mbondi to put it down as an own goal half an hour in. Unfortunately there was no stopping an unforeseen leveller, Márcio Rodrigues powered in a bullet header from a corner. Less than a minute later, the lead was brought back to us when Girard ploughed in from a low cross. We were the making of our own downfall, cheaply giving away possession for a two on two and giving no choice but to hack the attacker for a penalty which was duly converted. Four times as many shots, yet still come away with a draw.


At least it preserves the unbeaten run.



Only the one game before the winter break settles, a disappointing draw that should have been more.



The good news is that Dudelange suffered their first defeat of the season, the bad news is that Jeunesse Esch won to now keep the league tight. Two points in it between the top three.




UNBELIEVABLE JEFF! A nice sum of £465k churned into the kitty.


Sadly, we're still a distance from the black. Also, how the f*ck does a Luxembourg club lose £12m in four and a half years?!

.....not a very exciting month to be honest.





Relegation threatened Rosport were no match for us, taking a beating by three goals. With Dudelange winning on Saturday, there was no room for error and Titouan Girard set things right, tucking in a rebound after an initial save from Amar Feltes' effort. Did break a sweat before half time where the visitors created two cleat cut chances in a minute; first Rouanet saved from eight yards to concede a corner and their centre back Dirk Schultze with a free header put it over from three yards out. Second half was a frolic more than anything, two powerful efforts by Mbondi and Girard netted his second to wrap things up comfortably. ez pz.



Nothing to write home about here.




One way traffic is the only way this game can be described. Una Strassen made it look like an exhibition as Girard stuck two more home in either half to take our minds off the title race. Scoreline really did flatter the home side with the amount of chances created and Girard was a whisker from a hat-trick but headed onto the bar. Janvier Bâh met the same fate as he also nailed the beam on what was barely a contest.


This though was worrying, our best and only recognised right back is out for a large portion of the calendar year.




The hardest game of the month was professionally handled against waspish Progrès Niederkorn. Did fall behind through a poorly dealt with free kick, allowing Guegan to head home his first goal for the club. Our "best" rated striker Romain Puech was sidelined due to inadequate performances, his replacement Guychel Bangala was the agent to success; equalising five minutes after and then provided the winner late on thanks to a fortunate defensive error. A massive three points with Dudelange on the horizon.


It seems making it a fan day certainly helped boost support and egg us on to victory.


Unstoppable at present.



The winter break has helped us reinvigorate. Three wins from three with Girard and Bangala scoring six between them in three.



The downside is that the other two sides below us also won their last three to keep things as you were with seven games left. Dudelange away next - it may be a title decider.



Jesus Jeff, slow down and put the chequebook away. There's only so much money we can handle in a couple of months.




A lot more to fight for at the Stade Jos Nosbaum as we twice fell behind to rescue an important point. Wasn't happy how easily Dudelange sliced us open to allow Kayombo an easy goal and if it weren't for Rouanet, he'd have stuck a second past us in a matter of moments. On the back foot, we managed to strike before half time though a superb individual effort by Girard to level it up before half time. Concentration lacked as we fell behind again through another soft goal, former Monaco product Kadir Gözükara piledrived Dudelange back in from just 30 seconds into the second half. What they can do, we can do better as Girard turned provider for Bangala who drilled low and hard into the bottom right corner for 2-2. Probably the right result but we seriously had to work for it to stay top of the pile.

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