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Time for another crack at this.



This turned out to be my final match as Ordino manager with a job offer on the way from F.C. Santa Coloma, sadly it ended in misery...but you could see it coming from a mile away.


Call me a mercenary, but the paperwork is done. I'm now manager at F.C. Santa Coloma. Why?

a). Ordino were never going anywhere other than second or third at the highest with the current squad.
b). FCSC are far wealthier, more quality and higher stature. Plus they can attract better players.
c). May look good on my CV if things don't exactly go to plan.


Goals outlined are pretty straight forward and are what the club should be aiming for. Getting to the cup final may let me down but as long as the boys get to Europe it'll be the very minimum.



Definitely have a team worthy of a title, but are aging and the depth isn't quite there yet. Need to delve into the transfer window.



A familiar face joins, plus three other who may breathe new life into the current team.


Manuel Rocha - D(L) - free transfer from Ordino

Yes, the plucky maestro himself Manuel Rocha switching gold to red at F.C. Santa Coloma. Didn't have a worthy left back, so it was a no brainer. Obviously his star rating takes a hit as it is put in perspective with a bigger club, I still think he has what it takes to succeed.


Hugo Silva - M(L) - free transfer from Lusitans

Would have brought in Manzano if his agent weren't a complete knob. Nevertheless, we settled with Hugo Silva for the left side of midfield. Possesses a good amount of quickness combined with good crossing for this division, also is able to stick in a more advanced role too. Personally a very good signing for what is left in the scouting options.


Emmanuel Esparza - AM(C)/ST(C) - free transfer from U.E. Santa Coloma

First of two signings from 'rivals' UESC. Emmanuel can act as the secondary striker, but also could adapt being a shadow striker just behind. Looks like a decent poacher too with finishing of 10 and composure of 9.


Gerard Aloy - M(C) - free transfer from U.E. Santa Coloma (£230 add-ons)

Finally, Gerard Aloy will look to give more options in central midfield. Lacks a lot on the mental side, but technically quite solid. Hopefully it balances itself out.



Again, a mixed bag but decent preparation. Somehow managed to get nearly 2,000 to see Bordeaux Reserves yet only 68 for the Marseille Reserves.


Second favourites behind the odds on hotshots Lusitans. Nice to see Ordino now predicted to finish 4th by the bookmakers.


Final bit of news, just in time for the new season I've secured the National B License coaching qualification.

NEXT UPDATE: September 2018

Good luck with the new job @DNZY hopefully it turns out a successful stint
@Dan - Here's hoping! Need to get my feet off the ground with the first trophy.





OH. MY. GOD. We just cannot beat this side, FOURTH draw against FS Massana. This was daylight robbery, despite it not being a great match we looked in control at 1-0 up before a clear penalty was waved away. Classic counter attack left us flatfooted and had to settle with one point. Not the fairytale start I was hoping for.


Another banker turned out to be another draw. Second goal in two games for centre back Martinez and we could and should have been three up by half time. Of course, their only shot on target from yet another counter turned out to be the equaliser. Just the way it goes, innit?



Two draws, but they sure do feel like two defeats. Robbed late in both games.



Lusitans are already building a steady lead and we're already losing ground. We face them in our next match so defeat could see our title hopes dashed early on.

NEXT UPDATE: October 2018



What a huge boost. First win of the season, away at Lusitans no less! Statuesque opening goal from Riera to put the champions in front, however Xavier Andorrà ensured honours even at the break. Took a gamble by changing the 4-4-1-1 to a 4-2-3-1 wide formation and up pops Hugo Silva in the more advanced role to cut in and seal the deal. Off the mark!


The Santa Coloma 'derby' debut ending in victory. Granted, it did come from a penalty from Esparza against his former club to take the cake. Quite an even game but the right result in the end.


Trip down memory lane to face my former employers Ordino and it was far from enjoyable to watch. Two nil up after only a quarter of an hour felt we were home and hosed, but by God did they wake up in the second half. Superb curling effort from Jonathan Fernandez brought the game back to 2-1 and they kept us on their toes. Guida missing a free header for the equaliser. Bittersweet but relieved to get three points.



Three from three, no defeats so far. Getting the season on track.



Only unbeaten side in the league, back within touching distance of Lusitans. Ordino suffering a bit.

NEXT UPDATE: November 2018




Convincing performance (sort of) against Engordany. Took a bit of probing before they let us in though, especially since they pretty much contained when they were reduced to ten men. Ribodella had a goal chalked off for offside but the inevitable breakthrough came in the last third, Andorra and Esparza on hand to put them out of their misery.


Jenlai; bottom of the table with no wins in six. Us; top of the table on a four match winning streak. Should be an easy victory, right? WRONG. Fuming after a firmly controlled first half ended in complete capitulation in the second half. Made my feelings pretty clear in the dressing room afterwards.


A kick up the backside seemed to do the trick, as Hugo Silva carried the team to an emphatic win over FS Massana. Yes, we FINALLY beat them! A hat-trick and an assist to round off a sublime 9.7 performance from the left winger.



Six wins from our last seven. That one defeat to Jenlai stands out like a sore thumb.



Top of the table, just. Only head to head keeps us above Lusitans who we play next month, will there be more at stake?

NEXT UPDATE: November 2018



Slender one nil win away at Sant Julià set a good tone to start off December, an unlikely goalscorer in Ribodella popping in a header from a corner. Wouldn't classify this match as a classic by any stretch, long range hoofers was the overall theme.


Pinch me, did we just win back to back games against Lusitans? A 47 second o.g. followed by a proper goal of the season contender by Bousenine, well drilled screamer from 20 yards out. Knocking them off their perch again.


Two points dropped I feel, but this was a better 0-0 than usual. Both 'keepers were kept busy but the majority of the pressure came from our end. Still, a point is a point.


This, however, was a problem. Now down to one natural striker and a number nine-striker hybrid for a while.


I seemed to have taught Ordino well. Negated all of our attacks and Vítor Santos played top notch. That said, we can't be drawing against these teams if we're to mount a serious title charge. Need to work on our attacking over the winter break.



Though we haven't been scoring many, our defence are doing their job nicely. Four games without conceding.



Despite beating Lusitans twice, somehow we lie behind them. Looks like only a two horse race this season. Ordino bouncing back strongly too.

NEXT UPDATE: January 2019



Anxious for the next transfer window to open to get my hands on this guy, scouted him for a solid three months and there was ample reason to convince me to sign him up.


Guayre Nicholás - D(L)/D(R)/WB(L) - free transfer from Pas de la Casa

Questions marks have been raised about Manuel Rocha's ability, Nicholás may be the solution. Bit more well rounded, albeit a little slower and lighter. Terrific leadership may be key to organise the defensive aspect. Capped for Andorra too must mean he's turning heads.

EDIT: Due to a crash dump, this section had to be replayed.


Despite crash dumping, the result remained exactly the same apart from a different goalscorer in Esparza. Impressive solo effort to seal the three points.



One game this month, straight forward win.



Top four all won (again) so it's as you were.


A Santa Coloma derby to sink our teeth into for the first round of the Copa Constitució.

NEXT UPDATE: February 2019



Took Jenlai down a few notches after our previous meeting with them. Esparza with a brace, rounded off with a rare goal from Gerard Aloy. Quite the strike too.


Donald Trump should hire us to build the wall.


Oh...this was...an omnishambles of a performance. We had chances, took none of them and Massana took full advantage. Still in a bit of shock over it.


Tough love 101: get aggressive with the dressing room > give Esparza a formal warning after a 5.7 against Massana > drop Esparza to the bench and relegate him to the B team following a 'harsh' warning > bring him on with 15 minutes to go > scores a nine minute hat-trick. In all seriousness, what a top performance to bounce back from a miserable defeat.


Of course for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is not the opposite reaction I was hoping for at all. In fact, quite a big worry.


Don't let the stats fool you, Lusitans had only 1 shot on target in another tripe quality game of Andorran football. Happy to sit back for a point but still no closer to the leaders.


Closing February off with a cup win over U.E. Santa Coloma. Largely rotated the squad brought the game to extra time. Had prepared myself for a penalty shootout when we were rewarded with a penalty regardless. Esparza sending us to the next round.


Home draw with Ranger's FC, a side I've history with in this competition. I've a bone to pick with them.



The big red dot next to a 4-0 was not a pleasing sight in a pretty intense month. Apart from that, a satisfactory month.



To think what it could have meant to beat FS Massana, Lusitans were held on that day. Remaining in second for now.

NEXT UPDATE: March 2019

Lusitans are keeping that fierce pace up, keep fighting @DNZY
Career's warming up nicely, @DNZY! Your record against FS Massana though... Finally beat them then go and get smashed next time out, typical. Keep it up!
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@Dan - Lusitans are unstoppable right now, we're the only team to beat them this season.

@r96Skinner - Tell me about it! I swear they are my bogey side. We won 5-2 against them earlier this season so perhaps they got their revenge in the end.




Bloody hell, talk about déjà vu again! Thankfully, this time we were on the right end of the penalty shootout. Fluffed a lot of opportunities again (what's new?) with a largely rotated side. Lottery of penalties was kind to us, sub goalie Oliveira saving two of the spot kicks before Carlos Sevilla sent us through to the semis.


Another key injury, spell on the sidelines for Ribodella.


We're expected to reach the final. Somehow that may become a problem with our semi-final opponents. F*CK.


On another day I'd be berating my team, this occasion it was U.E. Santa Coloma asking the questions. Hard fought nil nil with Casals on top form to deny them. Had one or two attacks of our own but Miguel del Amo Sanchez just loves frustrating us. Losing more ground on the title race.


WE'RE OFF TO WEM...Estadi Comunal d'Andorra la Vella! Once again taken to extra time, where Hugo Silva helped us to grind out a place in the final of the Copa Constitució! Hard fought game, making the victory all the sweeter!


Our date with destiny is against Pas de la Casa, a second division outfit. No excuses if we bottle it.


Of course having a cup run also leads to repercussions...pinned up against the wall by Ordino for the majority of the game, yet somehow taking the lead from Esparza. The smirk on my face was wiped off immediately from a free kick by Grégory Lopez, before Manzano's low and tame shot somehow deceived Oliveira and trickling into the back of the net. Well and truly haunted at my old stomping ground.


Yep, we have well and truly bottled it. The fatigue is certainly showing with our third game in 7 days but it doesn't excuse losing to a managerless Engordany! They hit us on the counter...TWICE. Andorrà's equaliser gave us hope to find a winner, but pushing too hard left us exposed on the break. Season is surely coming to a grinding halt.


Andorrà spending another spell on the sidelines...terrific..


A change in formation, new found philosophy and somehow we bounced back in roaring fashion. Jenlai were torn to shreds in the second half by Esparza, completing yet another hat-trick before the cherry on top from young upstarter Javier Martínez. WHY CAN'T WE PLAY LIKE THIS EVERY GAME?!



Truly awful month in the league, one win in four. Putting that in perspective to the cup games, seems that our focus leans toward it a bit more.



League split takes effect and boy do we have a mountain to climb. Need to at least beat Lusitans both home and away to wipe the six point gap. Then again, look who lie behind us...could Ordino catch us in a bid to prove me wrong?

NEXT UPDATE: April 2019


Mixed month, to say the least. Cup run could cost you, as you say, but hopefully you can turn it around and perhaps win a double? Hopefully!
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@r96Skinner - Double may be out of reach, but the minimum of the Copa Constitució will count as a good enough season.




At this stage I'm not even surprised, yet another snoozefest against Lusitans. One shot on target in the entire match, and it came to us. This was not the result we wanted.


Might as well hand the title out to Lusitans now. Thought Hugo Silva's free kick sealed us the three points but Joel Martínez silenced the home faithful with a stunning equaliser from 25 yards. Thankfully Lusitans drew too, but still delays the inevitable.


If anything, second place should be sealed. A 79th minute penalty, which did look a bit skeptical at first glance from Esparza. Ten minutes later we were awarded another penalty, but Esparza this time could only put it into the hand of Vítor Santos. We're still alive...just...


Get in! A glimmer, just a glimmer of hope in the title race by beating Lusitans 3-1 at home. Confident play from our boys in a much better encounter, two from Esparza and Bousenine returned from injury to almost replicate his screamer from the previous meeting. It's not over yet!


Ah...they couldn't let us have this one could they? Wanted to leave a mark on Silva's leg.



Following two draws, two straight wins, hopefully building our momentum for the last two games of the season.



We can hope and pray all we want, but it looks a serious tall order. A). We need to win our last two games regardless and B). Lusitans need to lose both of their games. At least second is confirmed.



Double is indeed unlikely, but you never know. Best of luck for the run-in and cup final!
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It was like watching the Hindenburg come crashing down on top of us before our very eyes. First half was ours and our dominance was rewarded with a terrific effort from Esparza, scoring goals for fun. The Ordino flop that is Roberto dos Santos paid us a rude awakening to equalise before Alexandre Martínez's deflected effort brushed passed a helpless Eloi Casals. State of shock around the players and myself. Season over.


They are truly a dominant force, can't say I'm devastated given the scenario.


The epitome of dead rubber. Ordino were on the beach and our rotated squad just couldn't be arsed. Feel sorry for the 306 fans who turned up.




After all our hard work in trying to stop Lusitans, I feel insulted that we still finished eight points behind them. Europa League once again. Ordino also keeping up their reputation by finishing third for a third year running. Jenlai down, Engordany somehow are immune to relegation.





I suppose every cloud has it's silver lining, winning some silverware in the Copa Constitució. Pas de la Casa showed very little resistance in the first half and we coasted to a 3-0 half time lead. Few spells of complacency that led to their two goals, but an Esparza hat-trick, Hugo Silva and a rare goal from Borja Zapata helped us trash the place. First trophy unlocked!




Well, there you have it. A soul crushing game followed by a pointless game followed by a spirit lifting final.

NEXT UPDATE: Postseason 2018/19


Congrats on the trophy! Hopefully the league title is on the way soon.
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@r96Skinner - Cheers lad, hopefully soon indeed!




Top of the class came Jesus López, probably a surprise candidate but with 10 assists in 25 games and an 85% pass ratio he was certainly up there. Somoza probably deserved it more but ended up second. Surprisingly no mention of Esparza as signing of the season. The goal of the season was well deserved for Bousenine's thunderbolt against Lusitans.

Goal porn. Like an Andorran Paul Scholes.


Esparza was a magician at times, 23 goals including 3 hat-tricks, red hot for this league. Somoza had a fantastic season gaining plenty of consistent seven out of tens plus six man of the match awards. López as mentioned with 10 assists. Sevilla most accurate passer topping with 90% in 14 games plus 10 sub appearances.


Some other big news was this. Somoza had made it pretty clear that he planned to retire at the end of the season, but it seems I've persuaded him to remain for another year. He's an important piece to our puzzle so I'm delighted.


On the commercial side of affairs, new kit sponsors for the forthcoming season. We've teamed up with Joma kit manufacturers plus sponsors MoraBanc to bring you our newly designed kits for the forthcoming 2019/20 season.



In all seriousness, although it isn't crisis mode, a lot of money went down the loo this year. Thankfully the Europa League will replenish these funds.


Oops, well, we should have enough left over! Much needed improvements to our training facilities. Impulse buys and that.


Perks of having a B team is getting TV money for second division matches on top of the regular TV money coming in. Nicely done.


Final bit of scandal, we're heading to the mighty Northern Ireland to face Crusaders in the Europa League. Feeling a lot more confident that we could actually qualify for the next round.

NEXT UPDATE: Preseason 2019/20





A reasonably quiet transfer market this summer, only one out and a few dead wood players released. Looking to mix things up in formation too which is why I've decided to strengthen some areas.


David Rodríguez - AM(R) - free transfer from Inter d'Escaldes

Somebody who can penetrate with right hand side, David possesses a good deal of pace, decent crossing and technique too. Not a natural right midfielder but can act there as well as a central midfielder if required. Adds a bit of depth to our right wingers. Why did we purchase him?


This is the reason why; broken foot rules Lopez out for a great chunk of the season.


Diego Marinho - M(C)/AM(C)/ST(C) - unattached free agent

Spotted him playing with Jenlai and looked dangerous in the middle, think he became too big for the club and unsurprisingly parted with the club. We've snapped him up in the meantime. May not seem like much apart from his first touch being crisp but I think he'll fit in with our squad.



Fought our way back from two down at Seaview to put the second leg in our favour. Esparza injured himself during a friendly before the game so Rodríguez improvised as penalty taker and succeeded in bringing the tie back to 2-1 before Pousa slotted in under the advancing Sean O'Neill to complete an impressive turnaround.


Football can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Pulsating second leg with Esparza returning from injury and returning to the scoresheet to put our boys ahead in the tie for the first time. Regen Stephen Dillon had other ideas and wiped away our away advantage from the first leg to go 2-1 in front. Christopher Pousa pops up at the right moments and fought the game back to two each again. We were throwing a lot of curveballs at O'Neill who just wouldn't let us have a third. Bousenine's red card meant the pressure was on us again but thankfully Casals held firm to take the game to extra time. Jordan Curtis saw red for the Crues to equal the number of players a side, but the lottery of penalties was the outcome. Decided to put Rodríguez on the first, dumb decision as O'Neill guessed right this time to deny him. Every other kick went in apart from the crucial one from Nicholás which meant we bowed out on penalties. Two breathless, action packed legs, gutted but not down-heartened. Top notch performance until the end.


Soon to be a distant memory as the pay out ain't too shabby.


Took the liberty to keep my badges up to date.


Need to start the new season off with another crunch game over the league champions.


Meanwhile, Esparza's league form did not go unnoticed and gained his first official cap in a 0-0 game with Liechtenstein.


Still second best, 5-2 to win this season.




Good way to ignite this forthcoming season, one goal was all it took to decide it in a somewhat cagey affair. Looked on top for spells but then again so did they. Scrapped our 5-3-2WB to a 4-4-1-1 and Pousa delivered the good, dribbling into the box and tucking it past Richi Paz at his near post. A double swoop for me, all that remains is the league to achieve.



In between the Europa League and Supercup were a number of pre-season friendlies. Very productive and confident results! Looking forward to the new season!

NEXT UPDATE: September 2019

Looks like you could of won both those Europa League matches, shame to crash out at the early stage
@Dan - Yeah, we should have probably won the second leg. Would have played Rangers if we qualified.




Talk about hitting the ground running! The curtain raiser was a confidence raiser away to Sant Julià, Esparza showing complete bravado in notching a hat-trick along with Gerard Aloy plus an own goal. 5-3-2 WB may be our answer to this league as we stretched them in all areas.


This was more of a slow burner, however when the breakthrough came there was to be only one outcome. Esparza and Aloy may be a match made in heaven, even though Aloy is a central midfielder.



Two games, two wins, seven goals with none conceded. Couldn't have asked for a better start.



The next step is to shake off Lusitans, seems that nobody can beat them but us.

NEXT UPDATE: October 2019



Esparza is just a goal machine, two more added to his tally as we returned to Ordino to nab three more points. Not as convincing this time around but are defense yet to be breached.



Our first major setback right after the international break. No Richi Paz in goal, so Lusitans had to rely on their number 2, Manuel Ladeira to frustrate us. That said it was a proper clash of the titans; despite no goals in the first half the deadlock was broken from an absolute gift from Tiago Duarte, passing back to Casals only for Gallego to latch onto it and inevitably finish. Our response was positive with a beautifully directed pass from Bousenine to find who else but Esparza. Just when I thought he couldn't get any better, somehow scored again with a vicious low drive evading three defenders that surrounded him. But that was when the fun ended, Gallego somehow played the role of right winger, crossing in two carbon copy crosses to find a new found enemy, Tiago Valente, scoring both. Our season is kill already?


Okay, now this REALLY cheesed me off. In almost complete control against newly promoted Extremenya, only for us to clean up after our own undoing. Their only two shots on target found the net, meaning we had to scramble in the last twenty minutes. Esparza missed key chances throughout but did convert one before a free kick whipped in by Hugo Silva was met by the head of Luis Martínez on the verge of injury time. No celebrations, but relief and disgust.


Just in time too, this blip needs to stop ASAP.



From conceding none in three to conceding five in just two games. Disappointing month.



Need a miracle from some other teams to take Lusitans down. Makes from grim reading already.

NEXT UPDATE: November 2019



The first of hopefully many milestones.


Celebrated with a top notch win over 'rivals' U.E. Santa Coloma. Thought the breakthrough would never come, but Aloy against his former club had other ideas. After that, the floodgates opened up with a scorcher from Xavier Andorra and Pousa capped the game off at three.


This was utter garbage. Engordany to their credit held firm defensively to block us out on numerous occasions and hit us on the counter. Looks like our title hopes are already done and dusted.


I'm done, so very done. Tendering my resignation as we speak. How do we end up controlling the game for the most part to collapsing like a tower of cards in the last quarter? Honestly have nothing more to say.



Goals seem to have dried up for Esparza after being so trigger happy at the beginning. Woeful form from our boys.



Shaking my head. Lusitans are unstoppable. No hope.


You thought I was joking about the resignation, right? This may take a while to get out of my system, need a break from Andorra. Since I've only three nations loaded it may be a while before I get a proper job, so bear with me.

NEXT UPDATE: ??? (Finding a new club)


Hard luck, @DNZY. Lusitans do look untouchable. Wish you luck in your next job!
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Wow unlucky @DNZY a horrible bit of form and Lusitans run away again
@r96Skinner @Dan - Think this image below justifies what a waste of time it would be in trying to play catch up. Found a new club, all will be revealed soon.






History repeats itself as I've now found a new home, a club I have particular history with. Sammarinese side Tre Fiori ('Three Flowers') have become a famous outfit in the small nation since their formation in 1949, winning seven titles including a trio from 2009 to 2011. However since then, they've had a bit of a dry spell and have not won the top flight since. The floral team are based in the town of Fiorentino, 490m above sea level towards the southern part of San Marino and share a local rivalry with the team of the same name. Campo Sportivo di Fiorentino (or Federico Crescentini) is their home ground, sharing that with Fiorentino also and use a synthetic playing surface.


Of course I also managed this side in FM16 and won a treble in only nine months in charge.



Good depth, apart from the lack of a good striker and left sided players. Alessandro Saporetti and Maringlen Shoshi are the two 5* players we possess while Luca Paradisi is 4*. The remainder are young and slightly inexperienced, but hopefully can develop them accordingly.



Season is already over when I took charge. Unfortunately, Tre Fiori didn't have the best of seasons. Also, knowing what it's like to manage in San Marino, the playoff system here is absolutely nuts. Here's how it works:
  • Top three teams from Group A and Group B are entered into a playoff system.
  • First round - 2nd in Group A plays 3rd in Group B (match A) and vice versa 3rd in Group A plays 2nd in Group B (match B).
  • Second round - the winners of match A and match B play each other. Meanwhile, the losers from match A and match B play each other too. The overall loser is eliminated.
  • Third round - the winners of Group A play the winners of Group B (the teams who topped the group - match X). While this goes on, the winners of the losers match play the losers of the winners match (match Y). Whoever loses that match is eliminated. Still following?
  • Fourth round - the winning team from match X plays the side the winning side from the match A/match B contest from the second round (match P)- the winners go to the overall final. The losers of match X play the winners of match Y (match Q) and whoever loses that match is eliminated. Brain starting to hurt?
  • Semi-final - the side who loses the first game (match P) of the fourth round plays the side who won the second match (match Q). The winner is through to the overall final and the loser gets a Europa League place.
  • Final - yes, the FINAL TWO TEAMS play each other. The WINNER is the WINNER and the loser only gets Europa League.
I mean Jesus H. Christ....


Hitting the ground running and wasting no time.

NEXT UPDATE: Preseason 2020/21

Another obscure nation, love it. Hopefully you can emulate your previous success with them from FM16. That play-off system is crazy!
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Good luck @DNZY love seeing another lesser country involved
@r96Skinner @Dan - thanks for the support! Love to do obscure nations so there'll be plenty more to come.




Tre Fiori 2020/21 kits (left: home / right: away)


Nice to know that the bar is set incredibly low for me to start off with. Probably won't be too difficult to motivate them.




Two key players made their exit, Volpinari and Paradisi departing for Tre Penne and La Fiorita respectively. It's difficult to hound off clubs from offering contracts to your players since they're all amateurs. Carlini in retrospect wasn't a huge out, being only a 2* player, 2.5* tops.



We were busy signing five players, each adding an element to our already existing quality.


Andrea Ghion - DM / M(L) - unattached free agent

Quite an impressive coup here, let go by Serie A side Sassuolo to move to San Marino. It's rare I look through agent offers but glad I did on this occasion, Andrea is a good passer, tackler and decision maker however positioning needs quite the improvement. Bit of first team football should help improve that.


Davide Succi - M(C) / AM(C) - free transfer from Libertas

Ah, mister Succ himself. Makes a homecoming return to the flowers and I know from experience that this lad can play. Solid attributes in all the right places, couldn't resist bringing the old boy back. Hopefully his performances are as monumental as FM16.


Luca Sorrentino - ST(C) - free transfer from Domagnano

The fans' reaction to this signing was not as homely as I expected it to be. Sure, he's only a 2* player, but look at that finishing, composure and off the ball...proper poacher. Aiming to prove the fans wrong and get us some goals.


Marco Valentini - D(L) - free transfer from Domagnano

Another purchase from Domagnano in the shape of left back, Valentini. Definitely not the quickest and doesn't look overly well rounded, but just look at the lad's bravery. Solid 20. Fearless individual, also somehow knows how to play as the auxiliary striker.


Massimiliano Bernardi - AM(C) / ST(C) - free transfer from Folgore

Finally, we brought in Bernardi, equipped to play as both an attacking central midfielder and a striker. Again, stats aren't particularly mindblowing but with finishing of 13, could be a useful game changer with the clock running out. A potential shadow striker work in progress.



Busy summer of preparation...didn't do too much good but better to falter here than at the start of the season. Some relatively stronger teams we played too.


The group for the Coppa Titano is a little bit tricky with Folgore and competitive rivals Murata in the mix. San Giovanni could be used as the punchbag team to elevate us to the next phase.


Meanwhile, the league system throws us into Group A with some heavyweights including La Fiorita and Libertas but feeling slightly confident. Also, to explain how this works: you play teams from groups A and B once, and the reverse fixtures only apply to your corresponding group. We need a top three finish to be in with a chance of the league title.


Badges getting well and truly up to date.

NEXT UPDATE: September 2020





Always good to start off with a win and we achieved just that at home to Cosmos. Sorrentino already proving everyone wrong, calmly slotting home the only goal of the game eight minutes into his debut. Also a top performance from young 16 year old 'keeper Marco Gollinucci, saving a penalty on the half hour. It's good to be back.


Proper team performance here, dismantling all of Virtus' game plan in every area. Colombini was a handful down the right, picking out some top direct passes to Sorrentino who scored a brace on top of firing a delightful free kick from 25 yards out. Shoshi converted from the spot as well in this rout.


Quite a scrappy goalless draw but did bring out two pivotal chances for either side. Firstly, Succi lashed one at goal but headed off the line, while late in the game La Fiorita gradually got back into the game and Docente brought out a top drawer save from Gollinucci. Draw probably the fairest result.



Sitting pretty at the top of the group.



In between the two league games was a cup match away to Folgore in front of a sellout crowd. I'm sure they'll be wanting their ninety minutes back after what was a snorefest. Played a weakened team mind, as the league games do tend to sap the energy from these part timers.


The first rivalry ended in a draw. Should have won the game, clipped both the bar and the post and it had looked hopeless for us to break them down. On comes Sorrentino with fifteen minutes to go, six minutes later he puts us one up. Decided to go defensive after that, but it ended up being powerless to stop Murata from poking in a late equaliser. Desperately unlucky here.


Two games, two draws. Need to pick up the pace before we get left behind. Next game takes place in December against San Giovanni.



Good opening month, no defeats but three draws. Sorrentino seems to have found a good home here.

NEXT UPDATE: October 2020

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