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Time for another crack at this.

Looks like things are going your way again fella!
@Dan - Fingers crossed!




New year, new vibes, new nation. Breathing in that brisk Baltic breeze in the land of Estonia and it's capital to take the baton at Infonet, nowadays named FCI Tallinn which they adopted in 2017. The club formed in 2002, bubbling under in the lower divisions but burst onto the scene in 2011 competing in the Esiliiga. One year later they secured promotion to the Estonian top flight with a first placed finish in 2012. Infonet created seismic waves in 2016 with an historic first Meistriliiga title which made a huge statement to the likes of Flora and Levadia Tallinn. However, 2017 was officially their last year under their own name as 2018 sees them merging with Levadia to form FCI Levadia for the foreseeable future. Infonet are also famous for smashing Arbroath's 130 year record of the largest margin of victory in a competitive match, a 36-0 win over amateur side Virtsu in the 2015 Estonian Cup claimed that label. The club play in a black kit with white trim.


The club are located within the Lasnamäe district of Tallinn, Estonia's capital which is the most populous, standing at just under 120,000 people. The overspill of Russian speaking immigrants make up the majority, with the noticeable proliferation of housing blocks in the area ranging from 5 to 16 stories. The Pirita River flows to the very east of the region, a 105km river flowing out to Tallinn Bay and into the Baltic Sea. It famously hosted one of the sailing events during the Moscow 1980 summer Olympic games.


For a club on the rise, their stadium is actually one of the smallest in the Meistriliiga. Infonet Lasnamäe Stadium (or Lasnamäe Kergejõustikuhalli kunstmuruväljak), overlooked by the tall housing buildings only holds an intimate capacity of 544. It is unclear what record attendance was recorded here, or when the stadium was built but their 3-1 defeat to Trans in September 2017 would officially be their last game at this stadium before the merger. The turf is all weather soft synthetic.


With Infonet's popularity growing, so did their trophy cabinet. 2012 was their first honour in winning the second tier Esiliiga with relative ease, a fourteen point gap no less. Afterwards, they cemented into the MeistrIliiga with a midtable 6th placed finish but exponentially got better with more exposure. It was until 2016 that the wait to become champions of Estonia was over, a pulsating season brought to a close with a two point win over their now partners Levadia Tallinn. 2017 was also a success though not in league credentials; it earmarked their first ever Eesti Karikas with a 2-0 win over Tammeka Tartu in the final, furthermore made it a double in cup wins after thumping another close rival, Flora 5-0 in the Eesti Superkarikas. Fast forward almost 30 years and the seeds have further grown into a regular occurrence with six more titles and seven more cups (2017 discounted) but have faced a league drought for over a decade. European competitions were never their forte, failing to make it past the first hurdle in their only two showings.



Nowhere near changing their tune on winning a league but not necessarily a FUBAR situation. Only five points off third placed Kalju, though needing to negotiate with a number of other sides and surmount them will be tricky...especially with only four games left. Wins are scarce too, only 9 out of 32 and our recent form is not too auspicious either.


Draw specialists, I'll say that much. 14 draws is a bit excessive, but considering we've only lost 9 marginally makes up for it. Another thing - extremely goal shy. Maybe not goal shy, but not goal efficient as we've only scored more than one goal only seven times this season. Strikers are probably the top of my agenda post season.



First impressions - quite a mediocre team bar a few, two of whom are injured. Bear in mind these star ratings only account for their ability internally but externally they'd get chucked in a clearance bin at a bigger club. Squad is heavily ageing too with a number of them heading into their thirties with their physical attributes fading fast. A mini reunion too with former Stumbras players Audirus Urbys and Ignas Petrauskas finding homes in Estonia after their releasings. Once the transfer window reopens, a serious trade up job is required.

KEY PLAYER - Ignas Petrauskas - D(L)/D(R)


Always had a soft spot for Ignas during his early developments at Stumbras, training his right side while he was raw to become that little bit more accomplished. It seems to have worked and is comfortable on either side of the fence. He's a long way from quality I know, but strong stamina and strength make him a key player in the camp. I mean if he's our best player, you can sure as hell guess what the rest of the team is like...oh boy.



Isn't taking long for the board to coerce immediate miracles out of me, expecting Europa League AND a cup semi final at this early stage. Calm down mate, have you seen our team? The transfer kitty sum isn't huge either but that's due to a massive puncture in the balance and is hissing out money slowly but surely to the red. All the problems tied into a nice little club called Infonet.


Schedule is rather unkind too, facing not only third placed Kalju and second placed Flora back to back to back...but champions Levadia are there too...


'Mon then.



An interesting piece of news to kick it all off, linking with Czech side Slovan Liberec to be our parent club. Good for a little payment and a way into loaning a few youth products perhaps.




Devilishly unlucky. Infonet were the better side but two factors prevented us, a clumsy defender and a hesitant striker. Kalju countered a corner after Konstantin Kink hit the ball at our own player, allowing them to drive forward with Vitali Stokas finishing. We were given a gift to equalise before half time, a one on one situation gone wrong when Anton Saks hit it straight at the keeper...TWICE..we also struck the post to leave us trailing at HT. Beginning to look hopeless, we eventually squared the game with skipper Albert Kübar putting away a neat free kick on the edge of the D. Kink was at fault again for Kalju's second, missing the aerial ball and allowing Stokas to tuck it in for his second. From that point on it looked like we downed tools to hand the match ball to Stokas for a debut defeat. Positives for sure, just a bit more work required.


Hooray, now we're without our two best strikers. What have I gotten into?





Bruh, are you even surprised that we didn't score? This puts Mourinho's 'park the bus' scheme to shame in what was a godawful game to sit through. Of course we dominated possession and of course we had more chances but the lack of a finisher was so apparent. The lottery of penalties was unkind, missing three of our four to show us the door. Positives again, just on the wrong end of the result once more.


More unpleasant news, our best attacking midfielder is about to have his career stifled.




Same result, totally reversed roles. Flora perhaps wanted to test their defensive endurance in the cup game and tire us out for this game a few days later, but backfired. Again, an unpleasant game to watch but third choice teenage keeper Priit Apet was rock solid to keep back to back clean sheets. Red card to Jaanus Vazinski looked to have been the caveat to Flora opening the sluice but held on we did, albeit ending any chance of European football this campaign.






I'm going to defend our performance here, yes we were absolutely powerless in the first half but looked a changed side in the second - too little too late. Champions Levadia have only lost once in the league this season and toyed with us in the first 45 and superb movement combined with technique from Indrek Visnapuu helped powered in a header to hand them the lead. Numerous half chances came our way and the movement on the wings was a lot more lucid, again an absent striker didn't help matters. Inevitably Levadia extended their lead with a low drilled effort by Priit Mutle to close the casket.



It was the worst possible run in so no surprise we didn't pick up a win. Injuries to strikers yielded goals and only a set piece was the source of our only goal of the month. It's not as if we're playing badly, just don't have the quality to compete with them, simple as.



Good news is we won't be relegated, bad news is we can only finish as high as 5th should we win our final match. Levadia are rampant with a massive league win, I mean they have double our points tally which is frightening.



Final game of the season is at home to Paide, can we end our winless woes to close the curtains on a disappointing season?





I swear I'm absolutely cursed in this nation, YET AGAIN we failed to make our possession count and hit with a sucker punch. It was a 30 yard howitzer from Albert Kubber to hand Paide a rather unlikely victory but with our shots to on target ratio at only 8%, it's plain to see how we lost this. Bitter end to this season and next season is seriously requiring a plan B.



Disappointed to finish 6th, but I'm determined to make a swift U-turn next year when I completely strip the squad with better players. Levadia clear and outright winners ahead of Flora while Paide leapfrogged Kalju into third on the final day. Tulevik go down with Tammeka Tartu hung on with a relegation playoff victory.



Ignoring the postseason report because...well..it wasn't one to remember in the Infonet camp, awarded the honour of being the biggest underachievers this season. Not to mention that Rasmus Ljas was labelled as one of the worst signings of the season. Notice also that former Stumbras novelty Adrian Burca has found a new home at Kalju and still banging in the goals. Ah, memories. (sheds tear)


On the financial side of things, I was not lying about this money puncture when I took over. Our numbers are in the tanker and the board came up with an amazing solution for this.


Let's spend even more! However I'll defend this movement, we're never going to get money in with a 544 capacity stadium. For the time being we'll be placed at Wismari Stadium which does peak the one thousand mark...except it ground shares with about seven other non league clubs. The pitch is going to be a mess next season.


This is going to be a painful wait and significantly clamps any transfer kitty ringfenced beforehand. Wouldn't be surprised if the club go into meltdown by the end of the season.


Finally, a sad day as our top spot status in Estonia (yes, I don't understand that either) has been emphatically triumphed by Levadia who return as the best side in the nation.




Didn't hold back with the refurbishment job, letting go of the dead appliances, most notably Kink, Vinogradov and Saks. With the press of Rasmus Ljas being a complete flop when he arrived at Infonet, I decided to allow him to move away into the arms of Kalju. Inb4 he becomes the Estonian De Bruyne.



With a centre back on the top of the shopping list, I had to dig deep to find one...and then Levadia swooped in to take him out of our hands. Cutthroat business in here it seems.


Nevertheless, we stocked up on some bright new recruits to have us aiming higher than last season. One name in particular is back under my wing and one is an absolute coup.


Kareel Tarvis - ST(C) - unattached free agent

A gamble as he's not had too much exposure to the big leagues at the age of 26. The plus is he may bring harmony to the squad with his advanced leadership while simultaneously score a couple of goals. OTB and anticipation is seriously crummy but for a crummy league it should check out. I'm more focused on him composing himself when the big chances go begging.


Definitely no pressure Tarvis, you're now practically our only hope.


Jaanus Martin - M(R)/AM(R) -
unattached free agent

Didn't only sign him for his flawless face fuzz but a quality winger to taunt the channels. Formerly on Flora's books, I'm determined he'll deliver some exquisite crosses and leave his marker for dead. Weak technique and dribbling plus fairly average stamina and work rate lead me to believe he'll be a grenade without a pin and just fall to pieces without delivering impact. Always nice to focus on the negatives of a freebie, eh?


Jair Flórez - AM(C) - free transfer from Alexis García

Now THIS is a signing. Still a pup, but look at what he could provide for a team of our capacity. Surely will bring the South American flair the club is in desperate need of, quick, ambitious and an all round bag of tricks (or at least what I'm hoping). Hoping he'll adapt despite not knowing "don't bottle this" in Estonian. Could be a statement signing.


Milko Filic - M(C) - unattached free agent

The Milkman is back! The former Pyunik midfield maestro comes to Estonia to add even more creativity to the team. Definitely past his prime but experience could make him into a Chiorescu-like figure (see Stumbras stint for that reference) in the middle. Excellent passing coupled with good vision will aid Flórez wonderfully to hopefully unlock some defences. His wage settlement was greeted with discontent by the board, I know he'll prevail if fit. In fact, he's not even the best midfielder we've brought in this window.


Miroslav Divis - M(C) - season long loan from Slovan Liberec

Say hello to this chap. Far more well rounded than a lot of players around him and to fuse with Filic will surely make sparks fly. Low determination isn't a big deal as he's only here for a season but getting first team football may reignite his love for the beautiful game or at least some bog standard Estonian equivalent. This central midfield troika of Filic, Flórez and Divis will ooze flair.


Eduard Mihhailov - D(LC) - free transfer from Levadia

Played swapsies with Levadia for a centre back after hijacking our loan offer to Verbickas. Kills two birds with one stone too, strengthening depth to the centre and left hand side also. Can tower over for aerial battles, solid physicals plus offers consistency which is desperately required as we're leaking silly goals. There were barely any alternatives to be fair.


Sergejs Punculs - AM(L) - free transfer from RFS

Similarly to the Mihhailov deal, there were barely interested alternatives that had an ounce of talent to make it into the first team. Scouted into our neighbours Latvia where we uncovered this guy. Not too convincing on paper but does possesses the basic attributes to get ahead.

There's just one problem with that...

https://i.imgur.com/E3JXeOe.png?2 https://i.imgur.com/dd2SRDo.png?1

F*cking registration rules. Ughhhhhhhh.


It forced me to disarm Punculs and also Urbys who is one of our better strikers. Absolutely farcical.


Safe to say I raised my concerns with the press.



Preseason went unexpectedly well, Divis and Tarvis amongst the goals winning three out of four. No idea how we beat Rubin Kazan 3-1 with only four shots on goal compared to their twenty-six.



I would say Betfair have gone out on a limb saying we'll finish second at 9-2 behind the Evens favourites of Levadia. Kalju and Flora to fall behind us in third and fourth respectively. Smart money says we probably won't break top two. I do expect us to mount a challenge for European football of some form.






Positive signs from our league opener as we held champions Levadia to a stalemate. Tarvis squandered a massive chance by blazing over despite a clear sight of goal in what was an encouraging opening half. It ensued a rickety second period for us as Levadia woke up; Mihhailov switched off completely and allowed Starodubtsev a golden chance from eight yards, but only for a superb stop by Bastig in net the game wouldn't have ended scoreless.




It took us seven games (nine before I took over), but we finally win in Estonia! Albert Kübar got the ball rolling, scuffling in a scrappy goal from a corner for a bright start. Newly promoted Tallinna Kalev weren't having any of it and did threaten Bastig in net before eventually drawing level, making the most of our inadvertent high defensive line when they countered and skipper Igor Prokudin ploughed home. A moment of genius when Divis had to be stretchered off for Vazinski to come on, and it was his goal that won the game, hitting that sweet spot from 25 yards when Tarvis squared it to him. The curse is broken.


Or is it? Horrible news that our Czech loanee Divis is out for numerous weeks. Nothing to do with my "we'd give an arm or a calf muscle to finally win in Estonia" comment in the pre-match conference...




Brutal game, welcome result. Kareel Tarvis emptying some skeletons from his closet to get off the mark, even if it were from the penalty spot. Red card for Nõmmiste made it tougher for the visitors who couldn't even rely on cherished Adrian Burcă to bail them out. Back to back wins, undefeated in three, have I found my mojo again?




Welp. Obliterated by a dominant Flora side. Vanaveski ran the show and ran circles around our defenders to put us into a 2-0 deficit before a quarter of the game elapsed. To our credit, we fought our corner with Colombian Flórez notching his first goal with a hint of fortune, an error from another familiar face in this save - ex-Stumbras CB Artem Tarasevich. It only delayed an inevitable knee-jerk reaction at the other end, switch off and Karsa applied the third. Back we came with another jab, Juska heading in to conclude a breathless first half. Flora were far more likely to score a fourth than we were to equalise, theory proved itself with Vanaveski deservedly completing a hat-trick as time ran out. Back to the drawing board defensively, Bastig really had a stinker between the sticks.



Starting off lukewarm, but at least we grabbed two victories from our first four. One thing definitely missing is an influential individual; Flórez has been mediocre so far, Tarvis looking agitated, Filic failing to dictate the tempo and our wingers don't use the width presented to them. Food for thought next month.



Smack bang in the middle after four games, three off top but afloat of the teams who are having a slow start. Encouraging that we play some lesser teams next month.



On the road a lot next month with four away days back to back, the last of whom the toughest test. Tammeka and winless Sillamäe Kalev are games we need to impress in.





Subconsciously disappointed but at face value a point is a point, especially when we were against the tide. That said we were closest in the first half but Flórez missed an open goal (in his defence it was outside the box and at an angle). The Colombian redeemed himself with some neat dribbling work before a pinpoint squared ball to Tarvis poked us in front on the hour. Tammeka killed us with their set pieces, first Bastig at full stretch denied them from a header before the resistance was broken from a free kick, left back Lavrentjev not picked up at the back stick to stick it in the back of the net. Disappointing but we'll carry on.




Absolutely spanked. Even match on paper, however Sillamäe Kalev were streets ahead in finishing quality. Can't have complaints for the first two goals by Artur Rähn, one blatant penalty and then a 30 yard missile into the top corner had me tearing up my half time notes. The third was avoidable, a string of twenty something passes to it's destination as Gamidov tucked away to gave us a rude awakening at the very start of the second half. Jair Flórez is under fire with his finishing of late, squandered our best chance of the game that didn't even go on target to summarise the game to a tee.




Change of tactic, et voilà! The 4-2-3-1 wide didn't do us favours, where the narrower version granted them. Two very schematic goals in sixteen minutes had us beaming inside, Tarvis and Mihhailov with well struck efforts. Mihhailov nearly turned villain with a careless crossfield pass to Trans striker Freidgeimas which fortunately brought a great save from Priit Apet (coming in for Bastig) to keep a clean sheet. As I always say, "when in doubt with tactics, always copy the other side".




Daylight robbery. Ignoring the early penalty that Tahvanainen put away, we controlled the game from there on in. Seconds ticking to half time, Jair Flórez silenced some critics with a long range belter to deservedly equalise (despite the slight deflection). How we didn't take the lead from there, I'll never know; Paide keeper Siim Peedo called into action seven times, including an unbelievable save on the line to deny Flórez a brace. Of course one f*ckup undid all our hard work, Tomas Juska completely short-circuited with a weak, sloppy backpass to our keeper, not knowing Tahvanainen was lurking to pounce. Overshadows what was quite possibly our best performance this season.


Board trying to cheer me up with a few stacks, but only because our finances are in the urinals.




Winless Pärnu Linnameeskond should have been the road to redemption but instead halted us further. At least Tarvis is getting into some kind of rhythm with one on ones, excellent pass launched forward from the backlines, Kareel made it look simple with his finish. The bottom club fought back with chances and countered us hard for their equaliser, Joel Nõmme evading two players before nestling the ball in at the near post. That goal got their tails up and if it weren't for a save by Priit Apet as the game approached it's conclusion, we'd have lost back to back games.





Seriously? Another penalty conceded? That's three in five matches now. Vlastimil Berger with the winner to condemn us to only one win in seven games. Very dull game but almost escaped with a point, Ignas Petrauskas hit the post in the 88th minute to deny us something. Something's gotta give soon...


Milosavljevic joins Divis in the long term recovery list. Two key central midfielders missing now.



As mentioned, one win in seven. This was a pretty grim month, too many penalties given away leading to defeats. The Paide game still feels like a kick to the ribs. On a plus note, Kareel Tarvis is chipping in with the goods.


Doesn't make for pleasant reading. Seventh and way off the top spots, but at least we're a safe distance away from the drop (for now). Impending sacking?



If we don't get double figure points this month, I'm sure to meet the chop. Flora is the only game I fear after their dominance last meeting, but home advantage might help us. Tallinna Kalev and Trans should be bankers. As for the rest? Anything could happen.





Vintage my ass, we were far from our best but took victory on the day. Square ball by Flórez, chested down by Mihhailov before Albert Kübar finishing off the move with panache for the only goal of the game. Martin Bastig didn't have as quiet a game as he anticipated, denying Tallinna Kalev with a superb catclaw save on the line. Barely anything else to speak of about this game, organised defence did it's job.




Seriously, why can't we play like this week in week out? Honestly the most scintillating first half performance I've seen in charge of Infonet. We made Kalju look like chumps with two in two minutes by Rõivassepp & Kübar followed by an own goal to really rattle them, Kübar also had a goal disallowed dubiously. Settled down in the second half to keep Kalju frustrated but did eventually breakthrough with a former Infonet player Vinogradov handing them one back. Man of the match Jaanus Vazinski covered nearly every blade of grass in their half, assisted two of the three goals prior and capped it all off with a beautiful fourth. Easily our best performance of the season.




Call me a tactical brainbox, two subs combined in injury time to rescue a point from the jaws of defeat. Conceding in the way we did was farcical; Henn and Bastig got lost in translation when chasing a ball back on the edge of the box, ending in an easy tap in for Andrei Kriisa and a half time lead for Flora. With our strategy defective, time came for a bold strategy. Goalshy Tarvis came on up front and instead of going with the two striker option I went for a defensive change - left back Kalinin on for centre back Sinilaid to play as a wing back. 92nd minute came the tilt, Kalinin (56% match sharp by the way) delivers a whipped pass into Tarvis who rifles it first time to sent Infonet fans into raptures. Massive, massive point from nowhere.


Bad news is Vazinski is out for the next game.




Well there goes our form out the window. The hero of last week, was the culprit of how we ended up losing this. Marat Kalinin aimlessly cleared a ball down the flank straight to Tammeka's winger, it was from his cross where Dmitri Vabrit headed in what proved to be the winning goal. With all due respect Kalinin worked hard to redeem himself and set a lovely through ball to Jair Flórez who missed the target to squander our best chance of the game. Bastig prevented it from being two nil, but it wouldn't have stopped the result in a flavourless performance. Vazinski's absence a factor.




If that weren't bad enough, three out our back four are suspended for the next game. Dios mio.




ez pz. Trans were defensively asinine, no wonder they're bottom of the league. Two terrible backpasses laid the red carpet for both Rõivassepp and Tarvis, while rising midfield talent Karl Altosar headed in his first ever Infonet goal in between. Kareel Tarvis is finally finding his self belief again, grabbing a second for numero cuatro and killing the game entirely. Two late Trans goals took a lot of gloss off the win as we took the foot off the gas, a very minor inconvenience on the bigger picture.


Media spewing out some top quality journalism as usual.




Sillamäe f'n Kalev. Always a thorn in my side when managing in Estonia, masterminded yet another win again my tactics. To say we defended during this game would be fallacy, two easy goals for Artur Rähn and Oskars Kurtiss relinquished any chance of being taken seriously in this game. It almost became embarrassing when we conceded a penalty on the hour but Priit Apet came to the rescue while Bastig was on international duty to keep the spot kick out. Suddenly a counter gave us a glint of a comeback, Sabanov floated a cross that hung forever until it made it to the head of Flórez to give us hope. False hope it turned out to be.



I did say we needed at least double figure points this month and that objective was met...only just. A lot more unity and togetherness in the team too, especially in our midfield who were phenomenal over the course, Vazinski in particular. Tarvis back amongst the goals after a mini drought is a positive sign too.



A little less daunting than last month, though fifth feels a bit short of where we should be. Surprise leaders Paide building a healthy lead over Levadia while a chasing pack of four teams lie just behind. Getting into Europe will be a gladiatorial fight by the looks of it.



A month break greets us with a chance to regroup. Transfer window also reopens and the Baltic Cup takes place with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A nice assortment of home games, two against Paide, two against strugglers Pärnu before a return to Sillamäe Kalev. This could end very well or very, very badly.





Oh, I'm rubbing my hands in glee right now. If there's one man to sort out our defensive issues, it has to be the one, the only...


Conor McParland - D(C) - £3.5k from Levadia Tallinn

The third club he's joined under my control and easily one of my favourite players of this save, the sage Northern Irish defender Conor McParland. Entering his thirties, Levadia were letting him gather rust in reserve and paved the way for a swift move to get first team football. Technicals have diminished somewhat but the sheer mental & physical attributes are more than enough to convince me to bring him back to me. Rarely has let me down and I guarantee we'll be a lot sturdier with him at the back. Agent is a proper wanker, had to shell out nearly £12k alone to get this one over the line. #AgainstAgentFees


Despite our finances taking a beating due to this move, our chairman offered a helping hand.


But not all is sunshine and rainbows in Infonet's camp. Punculs is demanding to see the exit, I empathise for this is due to my lack of reading the registration rules. Just hope someone can take him for some cash...if anyone is even interested in him.




Relatively unknown team Puuma Tallinn are the opposition for the restart of the Estonian Cup.






Feasted on much deserved revenge over league leaders Paide Linnameeskond, laying them bare and vulnerable. McParland started on the bench and looked on at what he had to prevent, Ott Stepanjan easily evaded past our centre backs to tap home against the run of play. Our dominance didn't go to waste, Kareel Tarvis headed in to level it up after a lovely lofted ball over the top by Altosar. Second half we beamed confidence, with the help of a penalty after the hour which Tarvis doubled his tally. Less than three minutes later, the match was won; Tarvis completing his hat-trick from a corner to break into double figures in goals. Money well spent?




First of two home matches against Pärnu ended in a slender win. Quickfire goals from Altosar with a wonderful 30 yard free kick, backed up by Kareel Tarvis to leave us in a buoyant mood as full time approached. Perhaps we became a bit too cocky as the second half unfurled, a similarly struck free kick from range had us wobbling and if it weren't for a Bastig one on one save on the counter the game would have ended all square. A teachable moment.




That's three for three this month, racking the same number in goals as we met Pärnu again. In contrast to the previous meetup, we looked uneasy and running on empty in a dull first half. You wait for a bus and two come along side by side, two penalties from free scoring Tarvis eliminated the shakes significantly. Perhaps unfair on the visitors to suffer a third, Vazinski driving home from a corner to shoot us up the league standings. Where was this form earlier in the season?




Egads, (former) league chasers Paide are self-destructing at present with their third defeat in four games, waltzing to another convincing victory. The unsung hero of the team Vazinski hit another peach right into the top corner for an early lead. With almost two thirds of the possession, they could barely contain us with Tarvis hitting the post and Flórez missing a clear cut chance to punish them further. A red card for Villota made it worse for the visitors, and if it weren't bad enough we countered their only corner of the game for Albert Kübar to deliver the final blow. Four wins on the bounce!




Oh, this is just beautiful. Finally stung Sillamäe Kalev where it hurts. Goalkeeper Bastig seemed a bag of nerves, dropping a ball caught from a corner straight to the feet of Alferov to predictably fall behind. Where it differed was our response. Pushed the rats right to the wire but were denied an equaliser after the flag was up for offside against Tarvis. Persistence paid off with the omnipresent Vazinski finally breaking SK's resistance but we weren't letting them off the hook. Karl Altosar played the role of late hero to beat Keris at his near post to overturn the deficit and to gladly piss in SK's face for a change.


I repeat, where was this form earlier on in the season?!



100% green after the June break and look like a different animal to what we were. Tarvis banging them in, so much so he's now the league's top scorer with thirteen. Credit also to our midfield, especially Vazinski who's been absolutely faultless recently.



Wow, air is getting a little thin up here as we catapult into the top three with a game in hand over Tammeka behind us. Levadia and Paide in touching distance despite their game advantage. What a transformation a month can make.



August is stacked like pancakes, opening with the Eesti Karikas first round where we can field some fringe players. Tammeka away is key in the battle for third and Flora also appear on the horizon inbetween the Trans game which should be a banker. Levadia conclude the month, it may be pivotal if everything goes to plan this month.


A big piece of news as we return to a revamped Lasnamäe Kergejõustikuhalli kunstmuruväljak (say that twice on the gargle...) with double the amount of seats we could fill from before. Might bring in the cheese a bit quicker than before.

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