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My journey as a unfamous manager around the world

Crashoburn: His story around the world


Hello everyone and welcome to my first manager story ever. I'll be taking you all on a trip around the world in my journey to win every possible price in the game.

I'll be starting unemployed, with sunday league reputation and no coaching qualifications at all.

I've put every playable country in a random picker and let fate decide which 5 countries I activate at the start of this save.

Those will be the starting 5:


Besides my home country I have no knowledge of the other leagues, so it should be a fun start.

And so it begins...


No money in my pockets and no job. Time to hit the office and see which positions are available for me.

Unlucky for me it took some days to see some open positions on the market.


It seems I'll have to take a trip to Finland If I manage to get a interview for one of the open positions.

https://i.imgur.com/1ltM9zd.png https://i.imgur.com/CSlzfCY.png https://i.imgur.com/sNNRWbQ.png

My first job

With not much available the chance was big I’ll end up in finland for my first job as a manager.

Ekenas Tammisaari offered me my first contract and the job is simple, avoid relegation


Only 10 games left this season to prove myself and keep the team up.



First match already a tough one against the leader. No preparations as we walk in on matchday.
The squad doesn’t give me much to work with at the moment. Might bring some youngsters to fill in gaps for now.


Wish me luck!
Thx @r96Skinner


July 2017

First game against the leader I did not expect much of the team in such a short time I was at the club. However, we did very well. We took the lead after 26 minutes and doubled the score at minute 36. Fortunately, we did not manage to keep the lead. In minute 72 Honka FC pulled one back and in injury time they managed to score the equalizer. Not a bad start from the team although we could have snapped up the 3 points.


The second game was one that needed to be won so we could take a step away from relegation spots.
I would be happy with just a win but my team ended up smashing the opposite.


That’s it for july and we can be very happy how we started out in this challenge. I hope I can keep up with good results next month
Good luck with this and welcome to the site! Great seeing someone try out somewhere new
thx @Dan for the support. Enjoying the save already


August 2017

After the great start in July, we needed to confirm in the four games coming in august.

The first one was again a crucial one against bottom team FC Haka.


Another deserved win for the lads and we can afford some points dropped against 2nd in the league OPS Oulu


Matchday 22 gave us a 4-1 win against KPV kokkola


The last match of august was drawn against AC Oulu but it gave us 6 points clear of relegation



Four more games left this season and i’m confident we can stay out of the danger zone
September 2017

End of season is upon us, four games left to avoid relegation. Currently 6 points clear but the schedule for the last games won’t be a walk in the park.

Starting September with a game against GIFK, which should be one of the easier games left to play.


We only managed to draw against them in late game but one point more and coming closer to saving ourselves.
Next match brings us a home game against FF Jaro, standing 3rd in the league.


An unexpected win but every point we get is welcome in our struggle against relegation.
The last home game of the season sees us losing against Fc Honka with a goal in the last minute of the game.


We lost despite a good game but we managed to stay clear of relegation as both Fc Haka and Gnistan Helsinki lost their game aswell.
The last game of the season doesn’t matter much more but we ended the season with a loss.


With 30 points we stayed 6 point above a relegation spot


A good start of my manager career but if we want to do better next season we have a lot of work to do. First things first, my players deserve a well-earned vacation. I might as well take some time off so we can all start fresh.

See you all in pre-season
Nice work avoiding the drop @Crashoburn. Onwards and upwards!
Great work to stay up! Never managed in Finland before so looking forward to seeing how you fare...
Season 2017-2018: Pre-season

Last season we managed to stay clear of relegation in the few months I was at the club. With many players not willing to sign a new contract or leaving the club, I only took a small vacation to my country so I could use the maximum amount of time to rebuild the squad from almost scratch.
We managed to keep top scorer Felix De Bona in our ranks and goalkeeper Jantti. At the moment, we even Have promising youngster Lindqvist aboard, but that could change quickly as bigger teams are showing interest.
With no money made from transfers and no positive balance it wasn’t easy to find the players I needed to achieve atleast a safe mid-table finish this season.

We made these transfers so far:


With some players advancing from youth and the akademi the squad for this season


We had four friendlies arrange before the Suomen cup started and we did good, even if it was against smaller teams. Team’s morale enjoyed a great boost and we are ready for the group stage of the cup!


Season 2017-2018: Suomen Cup group stage

For this year's cup we've drawn a group with Gnistan Helsinki, Fc Ilves, KuPS, JäPS and FF Jaro.
Not the hardest group in the cup but qualifying for the next round would be hard with 2 teams from top tier division in it.

We started with a win over non league Gniasten Helsinski, then we managed to keep the score leveled against both top tier teams. But then suddenly we started losing against non league JäPS and on the final day against FF Jaro.
We were close of getting into the second round but at the end we finished a 5th place. Better luck next season.



In meanwhile I had to negotiate with the board to start a coaching course. First they didn't want me to take want but in the end they would let me take it if I signed a new contract with the club. So I did



Due to the elimination in the cup and the season only starting in 52 days I've arranged some more friendlies to keep the team fit.

Season 17-18: Friendlies, friendlies and more friendlies

Due to the knock out of the cup we had a gap of almost 2 months untill next competetive match. We planned several friendlies with mixed results. It seems we have still some work to do if we want an average season this year.


Season 17-18: Competition April and May

Only one competition game in April but 8 in the month of May. We didn't start that bad the first 9 games. Only lost 2 games, Draw 2 and won 5.


Hope we can confirm in the next month. Currently in a 4th place.


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