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Essex to Europe.


Club News
Colchester Appoint Tarrant
2nd July 2017



Colchester United are delighted to announce this evening the appointment of Jamie Tarrant, 27, as the club’s new manager. He replaces John McGreal who left the club at the end of last season after the club narrowly missed out on the EFL League Two playoffs.

On his appointment our new manager had this to say:

“I come here with little experience and for that I thank the club for giving me my first venture into football management. I want to take this club as far as I can and with hard work and determination from myself, the staff and the players I’m sure we’ll achieve big things.”

More to follow.

It's great to see you're back @Tarrantino!
Bloody hell! Good to see you are back @Tarrantino


3rd July 2017

I sit here in my new, rather small, blue and white office wondering just how I managed to get here at this stage of my life. Last week I was laying in my bed with the flu doing some architectural drawings for a building firm. I’d done my coaching badges as a hobby and never thought it would lead to something as big as this. Well, Colchester aren’t big but for me this is exactly that: big.

No need to get into how this job came about, I’m instead going to dive straight in and note down what I’ve noticed in my first hour of looking through the squad, pre-season arrangements and some of the training.

First impressions on the squad were quite alarming. We have an average age of 23. That’s rather a scary thought when firstly we have no experience and to get out of these lower leagues that’s what you’d need and secondly that leaves without a standout leader. This is something I must address quickly.

The squad depth however is perfect. 23 players with all positions covered more than once therefore injuries shouldn’t hamper us unless they pile up in a short space of time. Hopefully that can be avoided if our Head of Sports Science is good enough at his job. Thinking about it, I guess I should see what he has to say soon. He may be a gigantic help.

I’ve pinpointed left-back and centre-back as positions I’d like to strengthen. Having had a quick look on the loan list I can see both Joe Riley (RB/LB) and Ro-Shaun Williams (CB) from Manchester United are available. I’d be keen to work with both.

On the pre-season side we face some non-league sides and a French side that I imagine used to be good. I’m not worried about the quality of opposition we’ll be facing as I’ll largely be focusing on fitness and teamwork as I’ll talk about shortly. Below is our pre-season schedule:
  • Kidderminster Harriers
  • FC Clacton
  • FC Sochaux
  • Hampton & Richmond Borough
  • Bishop’s Stortford FC
  • Maldon & Tiptree
Right, training. My long term aim at the club is to play a broken down Tiki-Taka’ style of football. I want us to win the ball quickly and use the ball well whilst being direct. For this I’ll be focusing a lot on ball control and team cohesion to begin with and a little later on also bringing in the tactical side of things.

It’s a process so we’ll be taking it step by step. I’m not expecting wonders straight off the bat. As I said at the beginning though, the average age of the squad is 23 so in a way it can also be a positive as I’ll be able to mould these players over the years into playing my way. Of course, some faces will come and go over that time.

I won’t be going through formations and an in-depth look at tactics just now as I must learn my player’s strengths first before exercising which way to go. So, with that said: Colchester, let’s begin this exciting journey together.

Jamie Tarrant
Colchester Manager
Looking forward to following this, even if it is with Colchester.

Best of luck!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.


Club News
Riley & Williams Join The U's
6th July 2017



Colchester can today announce the double-loan signing of Manchester United U23 players Joe Riley and Ro-Shaun Williams. Both have signed on for the full League Two campaign as new manager Jamie Tarrant boosts his defensive options.

Versatile full back Joe Riley made his debut for the Red Devils in February 2016 in the FA Cup away to Shrewsbury and days later featured in the club’s Europa League win at Old Trafford over Danish side FC Midtjylland.

Ro-Shaun Williams joins Colchester as one of Manchester United’s brightest young stars having made his U21 debut at only 16 years of age. He first came to prominence in August 2014 when beating Olympic gold medal winner Darren Campbell’s 100m record at Whalley Range. Ro-Shaun can play at centre-back or in the centre of midfield.

Tarrant was available to comment on the new incomings:

“I’m delighted to have brought in both Joe & Ro-Shaun. They both have big futures ahead and I believe they’ll both make a big impact on League Two this season. Both are adaptable to different positions which is always something that I like to have in a player.”

Both are expected to feature away to Kidderminster on July 8th as The U’s pre-season campaign kicks off ahead of the 2017/18 season.

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