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Hello there dear reader,

My name is Florin Hangu, and from now on, i will tell you the story of my football manager life.

It all started one day, when I decided it was time to start my career as a football manager and let go of the past not very good as an amateur player, so I gave up to be a player to an age of only 24 years in favor of becoming football manager. For a year, I have received training, I looked at many tactics and many coaches to prepare myself as well and eventually I graduated. Since I was not a well known player in my country, I decided to apply to a smaller team from a lower league.

On my way to success, I found an ad in a regional newspaper by mistake, and I decided to try my luck there. I applied by sending a letter to the club, saying that I can help the team without asking a lot of money. In that letter was written my background as a coach and player. There was not brilliant past, but it was honestly one. However, the club president decided to hire me, and so I became manager of my first football team (Unirea Slobozia - League 2 - Romania).

In my first year at Unirea 04' Slobizia a had to fullfill two goals.


When I first came in the locker room, I was timid and scared that I will not be able to impose myself in front of my team, but I ran into a group homogenized. I was properly received as the new manager.

After a good training and friendly matches, I started the championship. It was difficult, but I managed to get the first match, and without I realize I got used to the atmosphere. I lost, I won, I suffered and I was happy with my team, but eventually I managed to gather a few players who gave a great performance from the team, reaching round 5 of the Romanian Cup and topping us on 4th place at the end of the championship.

My first season as head coach ended, I went on vacation, spent with family, but that time has passed, so we had to get back to my team.

At the meeting, I received a few new players, potential players, young players who I can rely on season 13'-14 '. Unfortunately, only a few of those who come new have also managed to impress and stay in the team.

Sergiu Hanca - He may not have much quality, but he played really well.

Iulian Ghinghina - He was my backup, and each time he played impressive.

Silviu Afrem - This fellow, had a good change to impress me, but he failed when he scored only 2 goals in 10 games.

With many players in the team, including the new ones, I managed to finish in 2nd place competition, promoting league 1. Competitive year was extremely difficult, at the end of the championship, my players had lost interest, they were tired, i had to do something.

I've changed tactics going from 4-2-3-1 with a philosophy of short passes, a team that controls the game flowing at a 4-1-2-2-1 with direct passing, fast, many crosses to the striker and offensive midfielders.

Although it did not work very well even this tactic was enough to be able to finish the season in 2nd place.


Season 14'-15' coming soon with more updates and more news.
Hey there dear reader,

After two seasons, i finally promoted in league 1. A better league, high competition, high standards, better players, better teams, better coaches.I decided it was time to gather only the best football players who i could find it, a free agent. My financial situation is not very good, so i can not spend money on players. However, I managed to gather a team of decent young players with great skills who can handle a stronger atmosphere in league one.

Let's meat my team.



Left Defenders


Right Defenders


Center Defenders


Midfielder Defenders (DC/MC)


Midfielder Center



Atacking Midfielder (Striker)


Strikers (AM)


Transfer window ended, and this team is final. Hopefully good things for the future.

I will keep you posted with first match of league 1.
Hey there dear reader,

I played 12 matches in league one, and so far everything works perfect for me and my team. Currently I am in 11th position in the competitive rankings, and I still have 8 games to play until the transfer window opens in the winter break.I planned to gather 20 points in each tour, so you can stay in one league at the end of the competition gathering a total of 40 points. So far I have managed to collect 14 points, but I trust my team that can get 10 points from 8 matches remaining in 2014.



I still have a long way to beat until I could hope for a European competition, but in time I am confident that I will get there.
Winter transfer window came up, I and my team have managed to keep our position 11, accumulating 26 points. So far everything is okay.



The positive side is that I have managed to keep the same team intact, but the stupidity is that due to a very tight budget, I did not bring any new player to the team. I changed four different tactics during the first tour competitive, I went from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-1-1 reaching the 4-3-3. Now i have a 4-5-1 tactic (1 defender midfielder, 2 center midfielder, 2 attacking midfielder winger), but along the winter break, i had many friendly matches very poor with small teams.

I hope to return in high competition, players will be more motivated to play football, not "football" ...


Let's hopre for the best, enjoy reading and stay tune for more news and updates!!
Hey there dear reader,

The first competitive year, ended. I managed to keep my team in league one, and finish in an excellent position in the table, occupying position 10 with 47 points.


With new competitions starting this year, received 1.9m euros TV rights, and sponsorships worth 200k per year, we changed the kits, moving from hummel to puma.

http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/3497/unireaslobozia1.png http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/8639/unireaslobozia2.png

Transfer windows is open, so i will go to shop now.
See you soon guys and stay tune for more informations!
Hey there.

Season started, transfer window closed in romania, I managed to get a few players, unfortunately had to sell some, I played 7 games in the league, and position ourselves in 11th place with 10 points.

I was expecting a better team, but it seems to be just as weak. My tactic is weaker than the end of the previous tournament, I'm in a huge impasse, unimaginable, and barely manage to handle with pressure.

Here are some players I have managed to bring in this summer break.

Cristian Cartis - 18 Years Old - GK


My main gk, Octavian Ormenisan asked me to let him go to a higher club, so i did.
I did sell him to Pandurii Tg. Jiu for 85k plus 50% of his next transfer.

Andrei Prepelita - 29 Years Old - MC/AMC


Nunos Viveiros - 32 Years Old - AMR


Marius Craciunescu - 19 Years Old - AML


This player has been promoted from the youth team, and I hope I can integrate him in senior squad. In his post, AML, also play another 2 players, aged 28 and 26 years. I am not adept players over 25, but sometimes you need them.

Razvan Gorovei - 21 Years old - ST


He will have a tough year, on that position I still have two very good players, although old, Dimitrie Gafita - 31 years, and Denis Sytnik - 29 years, it will be hard to introduce him in the first 11. But step by step I'm sure he will handle.

What follows is just my joy. Dinamo Bucharest, one of the most titled team in Romania, had one year in the league 2. Unfortunately not stayed there, but fills my heart with joy when I see where she played last season. In real life, they have huge financial problems, and I would not be surprised to see them soon in league 2.


Stay tune, ill be back with more updates!
Unfortunately, competitive year this was disastrous. Although I believe that the team will go well, reaching 4th place after 5-6 stages, I could not keep that place in the table. Now after 20 matches we position ourselves on 15 place, with 20 points accumulated.


Hopefully the championship second tour, will bring us luck and we will be saved from relegation.
Hey there guys,

Some time ago I started this particular topic to tellyou my adventure as a football manager. So far I have managed to promote and to stay in the league one with a team who isn't very strong, either financially nor the players.

Four years have passed and I still did not managed to find a tactic that can help me to develop ourself even more than that. Probably my fault, or the players are too weak?! I do not know, all I know is that I have 1 more year contract and then i think to try another team, but by the end of the championship is long way to go. Anything can happen, who knows. I do not.

2015-2016 season is over, I managed to get 13th place in table, very disappointing. This year I managed to get my hands on some Brazilian, but I find it hard to believe that the team will look better with or without them.

If you, my friend, have any idea how to improve myself and my team, please let me know.
Stay tune, be back with more news.
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