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No real aim, no real objectives. Manage a team and enjoy managing them or move elsewhere. I've not got a timescale on how long I'll be at each club or what I want to win, just see where the journey takes me over the years. One main save for FM19.


So I'm back again, I think I may of had one story on here last year, taking my beloved home club, Yeovil Town from League Two to the Premier League. It was all going well until a laptop crash lost the save and I was back to square one. I then moved into an online network save with my brother, racking up near 20 seasons traveling around some big clubs along the way.

This time, rather than sticking to one club, I'm planning another long term save, like so many we see these days, a complete journeyman effort. Using the default database and leagues with no add ons, I'll start unemployed with no badges and my past reputation set to a Sunday league footballer. No rules, aims or goals, travel the footballing world, enjoy my time at each club and when the times right, get up and move on to somewhere new.

Job History:
PSM Makassar - 4th August 2018 - 12th December 2021 (Resigned after 1225 days)

2018 - Indonesian League One - 5th (54 points).
2018 - Indonesian League One - 2nd (75 points), Indonesian Cup - Quarter Finalists.
2019 - Indonesian League One - 1st (80 points) https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Indonesian Cup - Second Round, Confederations Cup - ASEAN Final.
2020 - Indonesian Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Indonesian League One - 1st (76 points) https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Indonesian Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Champions League - Second Round.

Melbourne Victory - 13th April 2022 - 1st June 2024 (Resigned after 779 days)
2021/22 - Hyundai A-League - 5th (38 points), A-League Finals Series - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Asian Champions League - Quarter Final
2022/23 - Hyundai A-League - 1st (57 points) https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, A-League Finals Series - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, FFA Cup - Quarter Final
2023/24 - Hyundai A-League - 2nd (48 points), A-League Finals Series - Runners Up, FFA Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Asian Champions League - Quarter Finalist upon departure

East Bengal - 25th June 2024 - 17th May 2026 (Resigned after 691 days)
2024/25 - Durrand Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Asian Confederation Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2 National Football League - 1st (54 points) https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Federation Cup - Semi Final.
2025/26 - Durrand Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Asian Confederation Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2 National Football League - 1st (52 points) https://i.imgur.com/pTXE2Br.png?2, Federation Cup - Semi Final.

Trophy Cabinet:
Indonesiean Legaue One - 2020, 2021
Indonesian Super Cup - 2021
Indonesian Cup - 2021
Australian A-League Grand Final - 2022, 2023
Australian A-League Regular Season - 2023
FFA Cup - 2024
Indian Durrand Cup -2024, 2025
Confederation Cup - 2024, 2025
Indian Super Cup - 2024, 2025
Indian National Football League - 2025, 2026

Trophies Won Per Country:
Australia - 3/3
India - 3/4
Indonesia - 3/4
I look forward to this, Dan!
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
This could be fun or this could fail miserably, either way though I'll be following. Good luck with it @Dan.
Following. Absolutely love journeyman saves. @Shedender & @r96Skinner lets have a friendly bet where @Dan will start, I reckon either somewhere in Asia.
Hell yeah! I'm definitely pumped for this @Dan !

Always look forward to your careers, @Dan
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Thank you @r96Skinner, @Shedender, @bigmattb28, @DNZY and @Suffolk Seasider, lets get the show on the road.

Here we go then, with the full game released and installed, facepacks and logos all loaded into the game, its time to get playing and see what develops over the years on this worldwide journey. I want to try and start away from the normal crowd and see what happens over the years. I've had a little bit of time to think about what leagues to go with so without further ado, heres what is going to unfold over the next few years:


So we're steering away from Europe and the almost 'normal' leagues that many go with. I've decided to go ahead and load up all the leagues possible from Africa, Asia and North America. This totals up to 11 different countries to give me a wide range of possibilities from the start. League wise, we'll load up seventeen leagues from the 11 countries with a start date in South Africa, early 2018/19 season on the 16th July 2018. An initial large database with 35,400 players loaded.


The usual manager profile, nothing changes each year. A brand new face to management with no qualifications and only sunday league footballer as past experiece. I've gone for the defaul manager stat points and haven't relocated these. An English man, from Chard who supports Liverpool and follows Yeovil. Where will this lead to and whos going to employ this complete unknown.


At the very start of the save, these are the jobs that were available and as you can see, I put my name forward for every single one. I know I'll ruled out the majority of these especially the two big international jobs. But you've got to start somewhere so applying for absolutely everything that comes about over the time I wait for a job is going to be key.


In the end, we managed to bag ourselves six interviews across Asia. A couple of these only became available a few days into processing hence why they aren't showing on the screenshot before this one. However we attended every interview that we got offered, and answered the best we could to be able to win the board over from day one and start to build something, now it was just a waiting game to see if someone, anyone would trust this rookie.


We have a job! In the end I only saw and received one job offer and it'd be from Indonesia top tier side PSM. The season is already very much underway. You can already see the board expect a top half finish and I've told them I'm the man to make this happen. A small £160k transfer budget and £31k p/w wage budget will see me have the resources to try and get to work quickly. There will be a match on my first day in charge. However for now, this is it.

Next Post: PSM - Season To Date - August 2018.
What a place to start this off, best of luck in Indonesia!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Good choice of leagues loaded! Big fan of Asian football on FM, will enjoy following this along.
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
Ohhh yeah, looking forward to it. Good luck there in Indonesia, hug mate @Dan
Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

Glad you've chosen to stay away from the big leagues @Dan at least for now. Good luck at PSM.
Ooooh you know I love your Journeyman stories! Is it time I make a return to this worldwide challenge?

PSM always pop up in these challenges as a decent team in Indonesia, great place to start! Good luck, I'll be following!
Hopefully we don't see many Indonesia starts @Suffolk Seasider and it'll be unique!

Yeah I like to venture away from normality on FM especially in the early days @r96Skinner

Thanks again @SrWerGaming

Of course I have @Shedender although, will I be made to rue moving from the stuff I know...

This year I'm not going to try and win everything possible @tongey but meerly enjoy traveling around a little bit. PSM are in the top tier so it seems a great starting place.

PSM - Season To Date - August 2018

Welcome to Indonesia the home of football. I know next to nothing about Indonesia or the football of the country but we can delve into this together. It'll be a good place to start and the fact we're not even managing in the bottom tier means we could well get our name out and about early. Before we get into the management side of things, as the season is already underway here, lets have a quick recap on how things stand as I take my first venture into management.


So, who are PSM, they'rea professional club who play their trade in the top tier of the Indonesian footballing structure (two playable leagues on the default game). Nicknamed JukuEja and the owner loves the club so we're in a good spot. Okay finances whilst we play our trade at the Andi Mattalatta, a 30,000 capacity stadium with 13,000 seats. Basic training facilities and poor youth facilities, we've not landed the jackpot, but a strong opening job I feel.


Just like I know nothing about Indonensian football, I know just as much if not less about this squad. Judging by the early ratings I've recieved form the assistant manager, there is work to be done. And I know I have money to play with but I'm not sure when or how the transfer window works here so that'll be something I need to delve into. Looks like we do have a few standout players tho in Steven Paulle, Wiljan Pluim and Sandro. It'll be key to get the most out of these guys.


Heres whats happened to date on the pitch and why the previous manager is no longer in his role. A season that started off with three wins on the bounce has soon turned sour with one win in the past seven matches which has also seen PSM crash out the cup at the first hurdle. This may not be too bad for me though as it means we only have league football to focus on.


And here is where PSM currently sit in the league table. 18 of the 34 league games played so far this season, so just past the halfway mark and they sit just three points outside the relegation zone whilst 14 points off the top spot! The board want a top half finish, so aiming for 9th or above. We're currently just 2 points off that so a good couple of results early into my stint could really lay down the gauntlet.


Finally, here is the run of fixtures we've got from now to the end of the season in just over 3 months time. My first three games as a manager will see us travel to league leaders Persib, welcome fourth place Madura United and then travel to sixth place Bali United. It certainly won't be an easy start but if we can get a few points from those three games then it'll be a building block for sure.

Next Post: PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2018
Asia is a great place to manage. Especially Malaysia I've loved my time there in multiple FM's

Am sure you'll do well in Indonesia it's a decent enough place to begin. Hopefully consolidate this year and maybe push on to challenge at the top next season.
You might want to get a pair of gloves and go in goal yourself looking at what your assistant thinks of your keepers!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Never managed in Asia myself so I'll be rooting for you! The squad looks good enough to push on for top-half, mind it looks like its ever so slightly ageing in certain areas!
Great introduction Dan, looking forward to seeing how this pans out!
We'll see how it develops @bigmattb28 but I'm sure at some stage I'll be in Malaysia! All focus on Indonesia at the moment and you're right, the aim is to consolodate this year, press on properly in the winter to compete next year.

Looks that way @Suffolk Seasider, definitely an area to improve over next winter.

Asia is a decent place @AdamRK its nice to get out of comfort zones. The squad could be overhauled in the transfer window.

Thanks @Retro262 it should be an interesting save.

PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2018

So to try and keep motivation high throughout the save I've decided I'll only do two or three updates throughout a whole season, normally this will consist of pre season round up, a mid season update and an end of season update. Obviously if anything major happens then the updates will change slightly. Having taken over the PSM job in Indonesia bang on halfway through the season, I've now completed the three months to finish the season and heres how things have panned out.


I felt this was important to get started. I've only started it over the last month or so, so its in process but we're instantly going on to get our first coaching qualification. A National C licence should be bagged within the next four months with PSM covering the £480 course fee.


We definitely hit some great form throughout my stint to the end of the season, with sixteen games to the end of the season and only focus on league football, we smashed it. Picking up nine wins, four draws and losing just three times. Very happy with whats happened since taking charge. My stint started brilliantly against league leader Persib as we beat them three nil. We went on to be unbeaten in my first four games in charge and ended the season on a six game unbeaten run. Guy Junior the standout striker who bagged plenty for us.


And there we have it. I took control of PSM in twelfth place, three points above the relegation zone and fourteen points off the top spot. Well what a turn around it ended to be. We finished up in fifth placeand nine points above the drop zone. Only three points off a continental qualifying spot come the end of the year and thirteen points off the top. Who knows how it would of panned out if I had longer in the season.


Squad stats for the end of the season. One stand out for me is we've not got enough goal scorers across the pitch. Bar Guy Junior, no one else hit double figures. We need to have a big revamp this upcoming transfer window, get rid of a couple of the older players, free up some wages and bring in some quality including a new keeper.


And just a final bit of information to end the season. The key player stats to the left of the post on anything that needed to be mentioned. The season competition stats, obviously PSM were already out the cup by the time I was put in charge. Finances look comfortable and ready for me to spend a little bit of money come the transfer window.

Next Post: PSM - Pre Season Season Review - March 2019
Good finish to the season there, mad how you were only 1 win away from qualifying for continental competition. Am sure with the right signings you can take that extra step and push on towards the top of the league.

Good idea to do periodic updates mate, may take that stance on my own thread.
You have done well with PSM @Dan and it'll be interesting to see how you fare next season.
That's some turn around in fortunes @Dan! Looking forward to seeing what the pre-season brings and how the next season pans out
Thanks @bigmattb28 it ended up being a very strong finish for us and hopefully we can take that into the season ahead now and throw down the gauntlett. Always feel not updating so much keeps the passion and motivation for the save stronger as you're not saving and leaving the game every month just to update.

Thanks @Shedender time to crack on with a full season in charge.

Thanks @AdamRK

PSM - Pre Season Review - March

My first proper transfer window and chance to get the squad ready for the new season and hopefully a full season in my guidance has come and gone. It didn't hang around for long. Despite having nearly three full months to get the squad ready, I'm not sure if we are any closer to what we were last year quality wise. But heres a quick recap of how things have developed over the summer.


I ended up spending ninety nine thousand pounds on new faces this summer, the majority were on free deals though but we saw no fewer than ten new faces join the club whilst we've lost just one on a free transfer to another club. A couple of players left at the end of last season as their contracts expired but nothing major. Hopefully the players we've bought in will fight for the spots and improve us this year.


I've now got a very big squad at my disposal and have reached the maximum of thirty players registered for the season ahead. Despite my best efforts to strengthen, my assistant isn't so sure and says we're still lacking quality in goal despite now having five keepers to choose from. We're definitely boasting most of our quality further forward with our attacking areas having plenty of stand out players. *screenshots of any players are available upon request.


Finally, the winter on the pitch has been extremely good to us. We only played a couple of good teams but it was important to get the team working towards my formation, my game plan and playing together. Eight wins and one defeat from our nine friendlies, with the defeat being against the expected Austrian side Perth Glory. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come for the season ahead.

Next Post: PSM - Mid Season Review - July 2019
Good to get a lot of wins in friendlies, especially with a big squad like you've got there mate! Barring Perth Glory, who by all accounts are a big team you did well in pre season. The main thing now is keeping all the influential players happy and not kick up a fuss if / when they don't play. Press on from here and you could definitely give the top of the league a good go!
Definitely @bigmattb28 it was key the players got to grips with each other in the friendlies and it definitely seems like its worked. Now hopefully we can transfer it to competitive football.

PSM - Mid Season Review - July 2019

I've now got to the end of July and this doesn't only mark the halfway stage of the league season, but also marks one year in charge as my managerial career is now well underway. Following a busy winter transfer window on and off the pitch, confidence and spirits were high as we looked to take it into competitive football and make a strong start to league football. Heres how things have developed over the last few months with league and cup action well underway.


Before we go into the fixtures and league standings, we've some good news. The board are obviously impressed with how things are going to date and offered me a year extension on my deal. So now I'm one year into the post and will be contracted here for at least another year depending how things go of course. Secondly after passing the National C Licence coaching qualification, I've managed to start studying the next one almost immediately. I've begun working on gaining my National B Licence and again it'll take around 4 months and PSM cover the £480 fee.


The results to date this season are very pleasing. Following our six match unbeaten run we finished the season on last year we managed to extend that for five more games. We won our first four in a row to kick the season off and were denied by a late goal to make it five on the bounce. Persib were the first team to beat us this season and we've gone on to lose two more since then. We've made a strong start in the cup, beating the manager last year to get into the Second Round. The first leg of that being a 3-3 thriller with the second early next month.


This year, we're definitely in the hunt for that league title. Maybe slightly higher than we are expected to be with the media predicting us to finish sixth this season. Just three points off the top spot and its no surprise to see Persib at the top leading the way once again. One point behind both second and third place as just after the halfway stage its seems like its a four horse, maybe five with Arema title race. We have fifteen league games to go and are still in the cup so bright things to come it feels.

Next Post: PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2019
Wow 10 wins in the league to get you're season well and truly underway! You only lost 1-0 to the leaders who knows the next time you play them the result may just be in your favour. I can't remember if the away goals rule is in effect in the Indonesian cup but at least you go into the second round second leg all square.
Really hope you can keep your title challenge alive. You sit in a pretty decent spot right now! Good luck!
You are in the right way! Good Luck ^^
Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

We've started the first half of the season extremely well @bigmattb28 and we gave Persib a good game. The away goal rule is in play for the cup I believe however it shouldn't be an issue, we were the better side first leg.

So do I @tongey, we're in a much better position than a year ago when i took over thats for sure.

Thanks @SrWerGaming

PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2019

A year and a half in management already, lifes going quick in the management world but I feel like I'm fairing quite well early on. We went into the second half of the season just three points off the league leaders as we sat in fourth spot and still in the cup competition. Whilst its not been plain sailing, we've definitely come a long way from where we were last year. But could we keep up our form and produce a serious title charge...


Look at that form! Just look at it! One defeat across twenty one matches. Boy our morale was good, our form was incredible as we picked up fourteen wins and six draws along with the one defeat over the second half of the season. Annoyingly we didn't have what it took to beat Persib in the cup as they went on to knock us out in the Quarter Finals, beating us four two on aggregate. Surely with that form, and not losing a single game in the second half of the league season, we had to be there or there abouts for the league title...


You have got to be kidding me! Despite avoiding defeat in the league for seventeen games (half a season), we still came up short and missed out on the league title by three points. Our form was nothing short of incredible and I felt we were bound to go on and win the title, however Bali United had other ideas and came up one better, pipping us to the title by 3 points. Bali United won thirteen and drew two (one of them to us) in the second half of the season and were simply uncatchable despite out best efforts. We've made a huge step forward this season and qualifying for continental football as a silver lining.


The final player stats for the season. Not too much to say, disappointing to see only five players cracked an average rating above seven over the whole season. As you can see, two goalkeepers ended up getting game time across the year. And last year when I finished my first 6 months in charge to the end of the season, I moaned the lack of scoring options we had with just Guy Junior making double figures. This year we've seen four finish in double figures with Sandro leading the way.

*A good season in the end, we made the Indonesian cup Quarter Finals, missing out to a strong Persib side and ran eventual League Leaders bali United right the way to the wire for the league title. Securing continental football next year is a huge step foward for not only the club but my managers profile. Time to rebuild over the winter and try and get my hands on a trophy next year around.

Next Post: PSM - Pre Season Review - March 2020
Massive frustration when that happens, stunning form nevertheless! Hard luck, still an excellent season given PSM were 12th when you took over!
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Superb season @Dan, just a shame you couldn't become Champions.
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