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No real aim, no real objectives. Manage a team and enjoy managing them or move elsewhere. I've not got a timescale on how long I'll be at each club or what I want to win, just see where the journey takes me over the years. One main save for FM19.

Oh man, just 1 win away from the top, heartbreaking stuff. But that form must've had you thinking you were going to win something this season, unlucky not to win anything but a damn fine season all around I'd say.

What's your plans next then, are you staying to build on this or are you looking to see what else is out there?
WOW, how have you not won the league after that form in the second half of the season! That's unbelievable! Incredible job since you took over!
FM19 Careers:

Great season there, unfortunate to finish second only three points off top spot but puts you in good stead for next season to go one better hopefully, gives you a solid foundation to build on!
That’s some great form @Dan! Heartbreaking not to win anything but congrats on the continental qualification, excited to see how you get on!
So annoying when you pull together a run like that, other teams keep up and yet when you're on a stinker they always pull away from you! Typical FM

Great achievements, though
Great challenge man, I follow you
Fino alla fine
Amazing performance, you did well man. Congratulations @Dan
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My Saves:

I didn't think we could possibly lose that league title with our form @r96Skinner

Thanks @Shedender and I don't know how we didn't

So frustration @bigmattb28 but that's football, we'll go again, I think I'll spend at least one more season here and see what happens.

I'm not sure @tongey we'll go again.

We've definitely got a solid foundation @Brick Tamland

Heartbreaking indeed @AdamRK but just gives me a burning desire to go again.

Annoying it was @KEZ_7 true about being FM'd

Thanks @bcsaulJ

Thanks as always @SrWerGaming

PSM - Pre Season Review - March 2020

A season of heartbreak, getting so close to my first trophy, my first league title but denied by some excellent form by Bali United. The winter was all about strengthening where we can, getting the boys back from the holidays and going again. Pushing for the title was the boards aims this time around and I need to make sure that I meet the expectations. Heres to another season in charge here in Indonesia. lets see what happens.


So early pre season news as always, another new contract signed keeps me here for another 18 months should I be here that long. However I think this could be my last twelve months here depending on how successful we are and what pops up at the end of the season. Secondly we're heading for continental football with the Asian Confederation Cup group, hopefully its one we can get through and make a name for the club and myself.


So no out goings, at least on proper deals anyway, we've managed to keep the majority of the squad from last year together. We've also managed to bring four new faces in. All details in the squad picture below.


Once again, a big squad to go into the season, again with a few players who clearly aren't good enough but due to only being allowed four foreigners in the squad it limits me to the squad. We've got so many strikers and attacking players. But that is just their best position, a lot of the squad are versatile and hopefully its a squad we can compete for the top spot with.


Another very successful winter pre season on the pitch, we played mainly weaker sides so I guess it was heavily expected to be so strong. We've also started our Confederation cup journey with the group stage kicking off in pre season, two matches played, one win and a draw so far. Annoyingly the draw we absolutely dominated but were just too weak at the back. Hopefully we can press on and ensure we compete across all competitions.


Top spot or bust it seems.

Next Post: PSM - Mid Season Review - July 2020
It'd be nice if you could make it out of your confederations cup group
Link: https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/44860

Link: https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/44394

That's the plan @Looch I don't see why we can't.

PSM - Mid Season Review - July 2020

This update marks my two years in charge of PSM and two years into management. Things are going so much better than I expected. I thought when I took over it'd be a year job and then I'd be looking to move on. However in reality I'm genuinely enjoying my time here at PSM and although at the start of the season I said this could be the last year here. I'm looking at potentially extending my stay here, but time will tell. Its time to update you on how the season is going to date.


Only 'news' from the first half of the season is seeing me begin studying for the third qualification in my bid to be fully qualified. Its been brilliant to be able to get a third qualification here. Now to ensure I complete it and continue to improve myself. This will open up more opportunities as time goes on.


Our form has been brilliant especially in the early stages of the season. Extending our overall winning run to twenty five plus games! We had a real tough start to the season having to face Persib and then league champions Bali United in the first two games but drawing to them both made me imagine we'd be off to a sensational start. We managed to put together a strong winning run and losing just three times in the opening half of the season. Progression in the first round of the Indonesian Cup again with a draw in the Second Round first leg, important we get through.


Top of the league with nineteen games played and fifteen to go this season. However the gap at the top of the table is just one point as we've got Persib breathing down our necks. We're matching their goal difference so its looking to be a straight race this season and we've already played them twice this year so its now on how we can do. A big surprise to see current reigning champions, Bali United sitting down in the relegation zone in fifteenth place.


So finally we turn to the continental side of things and they're looking really good. A long way to go yet though. We remained unbeaten throughout our group stage which saw us easily top it and advance through. This put us into the ASEAN Semi Finals where we met fellow Indonesian side Persib and after an encouraging draw away from home, went on to win two one at home to advance, Next we'll face Johor DT in the ASEAN Final over two legs. However this isn't THE FINAL, if we win this we head into another set of semi finals and finals and win in those we head into the actual Final. I'm not expecting us to get that far, but time will tell, things are going well.

Next Post: PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2020
Flying on all fronts!
Going great! Johor tend to be a difficult team to face, from my experience at least. Keep it up!
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Ahh yes the ridiculous format of the AFC Cup but at least the team is going wonders in the league and cup.
Storming the league again this year, but what has happened to Bali United?! A good win over Persib in the cup surely proves you’ve got an edge on them!
Destroying the league mate well done! I;ve done a number of saves in Malaysia and Johor DT are the big boys there however you never know you might just turn them over in the Confed cup.
You're smashing it @Dan. Good job bud.
We are so far @KEZ_7 but we can't get carried away, a lot of football still to play.

Johor are a good team, I'd say a class above us @r96Skinner but we'll give it a good go!

Ridiculous it is @HawkAussie but lets see how we fare.

My head to head with Persib is genuinely quite strong @AdamRK and as for Bali United I've no idea, they could be relegated at this rate.

Thanks as always @bigmattb28 lets see if we can upset the odds against Johor!

Thanks @Shedender

PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2020

Two and a half seasons in charge, a second complete season of Indonesian football now done and when we last looked, my PSM side were sat in a very good looking position at the top of the table. However we now had to try and stay there. It was only a small gap and with us in Confederation cup action and Indonesian Cup action, we had a lot of football still to play so it was important we held our own in the league.


As always, starting with any main news, this happened come the end of the season but it can start the update. I'm studying for my fourth coaching qualification now, the Continental C licence. I've definitely landed a good starting job here at PSM with them having now sent me on and paid for four coaching badges. Its been easy to get them in the first two and a half seasons.


Lets start with the Confederations Cup. We were fairing very well in that continental competition, surprising myself at how far we had come so far as I know little about the competition and Asian/Indonesian football anyway. But Malaysian big boys Johor DT were unfortunately a step to far but only down to an away goal. We drew two a piece at home and drawing one a piece away saw us lose out narrowly. The less said about the Indonesian Cup the better, knocked out in the second round, embarrassing really. What wasn't embarrassing was our league form, just the one defeat in our final fifteen league matches and two draws would surely see us claim the title this time around. However last time I thought that we were still pipped to the post. Impressive that we also managed to go six games without conceding a goal as well.


CHAMPIONS! My first trophy as a manager and its the Indonesian league one title I get to claim. The top tier of Indonesian football. In the end we stormed to the league title winning it by seventeen points over second place Arema whilst Persib finished down in third, some twenty points off us. Maybe we do have the grasp over these teams now. We had the best attack and defence this season, scoring seventy five times and conceding just thirty one in thirty four matches. Last seasons champions Bali United, survive relegation by just two points in a shocking season for them. We also qualify for Champions League football next season.


Player stats for the season, obviously the squad is noticeably smaller now, a few contracts expired mid season and they weren't worth renewing. Mgunda proved to be excellent upfront for us, scoring thirty four goals in forty matches. Armayn and Pergi hitting double figures too.Seven players in total finishing with an avaerage rating of 7+.


What now? A quick look on the job market and there isn't too much about that really 'excites me' and makes me want to get out of Indonesia so to speak. I'm currently enjoying life with PSM. I'll continue to scour the job centre over the winter break to see if anything pops up but with Champions League football next season and the chance to win the Indonesian Super Cup, I think I may stay put another year.

Next Post: PSM - Pre Season Review - March 2020
WOW you absolutely stormed the league this season! Congratulations on the win!

May as well stay put until you like the sound of somewhere else!
FM19 Careers:

Domination! Champions League will be fun, if you decide to stay of course.
My Careers:
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Congratulations, a fantastic season!
Fino alla fine
We did @tongey absolutely smashed it. I think I will stay put for the time being.

It was in the end @r96Skinner time to see what the Champions League has to offer.

Thanks @bcsaulJ!

PSM - Pre Season Review - March 2021

So, I gave it a big thought over the winter break and whether I wanted to stay another year with PSM. I had applied for a couple of jobs over the winter but didn't get an interview for either of the posts, one being Tigres in Mexico. So I figured lets stay another year here and see what the Asian Champions League has to offer. It can only be good experience for me as a manager. I've also got a shot at the Indonesian Super Cup with us playing Persib.


So just two new faces to the squad this winter whilst five players left with one of them being on loan. It gives us a very good, already gelled side ready to go for the new season. Despite us not really changing up the squad too much this winter we aren't favorites for the league title. We are fourth favorites but I can see us competing for the top spot once again. A strong, big squad to start the year, still very strong the further forward you look on the pitch.


The winter on the pitch was once again very successful for us. We featured in friendlies facing smaller sides to get the confidence of the squad up and get everyone ready for the new season ahead. Four of the six friendlies saw us keep clean sheets. We managed to score thirty six goals in those six games which is excellent but I always knew we didn't have any issues going forward.


Our first season in the Champions League with me at the helm has started very well. We had two playoff matches first which we came through, beating HK Pegasus in extra time and then FC Hiroshima in a five goal thriller to take us to the group stages. We've already played four of the six group games in the Champions League too as the games started in pre season. Things have got off to a good start there for us, beating Melbourne City and Shangang whilst drawing against Okayama. We have lost the second game vs Melbourne City but lead the way in the group with two games to go.


Indonesian Super Cup CHAMPIONS! We faced Persib in a five goal thriller and came out on top which was fantastic. My first shot at the super cup and we've managed to grab it! We made it difficult for ourselves though as Mgunda put us two up, the second from the spot and Pergi made it three nil after just twenty three minutes. Hadi pulled one back for Persib before the break. Totolom made it three two with twenty four minutes to go, but a red card ten minutes before the end cancelled out any come back hopes.

Next Post: PSM - Mid Season Review - July 2021
That's quite a tricky Champions League group, doing very well to be top after four games. Hopefully you can qualify.
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Fantastic achievement mate am well happy for ya! Definitely give it another year see if you can win back to back titles. The champs league will also be a good test as well.
It is indeed @r96Skinner I was surprised at our result against Melbourne but we completely deserved that win.

Thanks @bigmattb28 its been a good year last year, I'm definitely going to see this season out and then perhaps get on the move.

PSM - Mid Season Review - July 2021

I'm still watching the job centre with one eye whilst the other is firmly set on whats currently going on at PSM. I'm in a good job and a good place with Champions League football this time around and going to try and defend our league title. My big aim is to try and get closer to winning the Indonesian Cup, a competition we've failed miserably at over the years. As always heres a quick half way recap of whats happened so far this season.


Important news first, on a personal level anyway. I'm firstly heading on yet another qualification as my studies begin for the Continental B Licence. The board have been very good to me and this will take close to six months to complete. Secondly I've signed a one year extension which would keep me here till July 2022. However I imagine this could be my last season here and I'll end up resigning come the winter as the season has rounded out.


Another two group games saw us smashing Japenese side Okayama six two at home before falling short to bottom side Shanggang three one in what was their only win of the group stage. That didn't matter though as we had qualified and took the top spot in the group through goal difference. Unfortunately the journey came to an end in the Second Round as a shocking display away at Al-Ahli saw us lose six nil. The second leg, drawing two all at home as we were already out.


Our league form has once again been superb so far which has seen us lose just three times so far, all of them just two one as well. Three draws and the rest are wins so far this season. Everything is still going well for us and we're sailing. Elsewhere the Indonesian Cup has began with us comfortably through the first round, beating Kepri Jaya five three on aggregate and we should be all but through the Second Round following dispatching Persipal eight two away from home in the first leg.


For a second season running we go into the second half of the season and we're currently five points clear of second place Persib who we still need to play once again this season in the league. Barito Putra are also only a further point behind us so its definitely not done quite yet. Fifteen games to try and defend our crown. Bali united are once again struggling, just two points clear of the drop zone.

Next Post: PSM - End Season Review - December 2021
Huge congrats on the league and Super Cup wins! What an achievement to top what is on paper a tough Champions League Group!
Thanks @AdamRK last seasons league title was excellent, we deserved it especially coming so close the year before. The Champions League group seemed easier than expected, shame we couldn't advance much more.

PSM - End Of Season Review - December 2021

Here we go then, what is likely to be my last six months in charge here at not only PSM but perhaps Indonesia as if things go well then the chances of me returning are probably quite slim, but who knows what the future will hold. With us now out the Champions League our full focus turned to domestic football. I really want to win the Indonesian cup before parting and if we can defend our league crown as well that'd be perfect....


As has been the case for the past season and a half now, our form remained solid once again with just the one defeat popping in to our final fifteen league matches. Eight clean sheets featured as we won ten, lost one and drew four of the remaining league games. Persib being the team we lost against and with them going into the second half of the season five points behind us, would that defeat against them cost us....


Champions! Two seasons running as we defend our crown and in the end by ease. We may of finished the season come four points short of our tally last year around but we still claimed the league title by a comfortable ten points with Persib in second place. Madura United finish third with them a further six points behind but qualify for Continental football next season. Bali United, champions three seasons ago, once again dodge relegation this time by just four points.


We were already all but through the second round of the Indonesian up when we beat Persipal eight two, the second leg, at home saw us win one nil. Next up we welcome Persih and beat them five one at home and three nil away from our fortress. Persikab in the fourth round provided no challenge for us, winning six two on aggregate. Perhaps the toughest tie of the competition for us was the Quarter Final tie vs Madura United. And we just about stumbled through both legs winning one nil in each to advance to the Semi Final. Three seasons ago I'd of feared playing Bali United here, but they were breeze in the park as we notched up a six one aggregate win to head to the Final vs PSIS...


Champions! We've done the clean sweep domestically! We wrap up the season with a strong performance against PSIS as we won 3-0. A straight forward Final and in faireness a straight forward competition this time around!


The final piece of this post is the news, normally this would come at the start of the post but obviously its bigger news this season. Just before I announced my exit with immediate effect from PSM, I cheekily asked the board to allow me to go on one last coaching qualification which they accepted. So I now begin studying for my Continental A Licence, the penultimate one with the board paying almost two and a half thousand pounds for it. The very next day I announce my resignation from the club.

Next Post: Stop 2 - ??? - 2022
Good job on completing Indonesia. Where you are thinking of going next on your journey?
First job was a big success! Intrigued to see job number two.
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You don't mess around. Massive congrats on conquering Indonesia. Wonder how long before you're in a new job. I'd say give Malaysia a go, I've had loads of fun there
Thanks @HawkAussie, not quite completed Indonesia as I never won the second division but I'm not going there now. You'll see...

It was much more impressive and successful than I imagined @r96Skinner

I sure don't @bigmattb28 not got time to wait for ages, especially after scooping back to back league titles.

Back In The Management Game - 13th April 2022

Its taken some time but after an extensive job search I'm finally back in the management game! Having stepped away from Indonesian Club PSM back in December 2021, its now four months and I've got myself back into management. It took a little while longer than I imagined. I was waiting for the right job to come up to apply for and eventually three of them did, but where am I heading too now...


The first post I put my name forward for was in South Africa. Sundowns are playing their trade in the top tier over there. I managed to bag myself an interview and following it the media got the hype of me taking over. I was also put forward as the 'favorite' for the job, unfortunately I was rejected despite a satisfying interview.


Next post that came up that began to tempt me was CF America in Mexico. One of the favorites for the league and only sat down in fifth place so would of been fairly easy to get them back where they should be I would of imagined. Fans laughed me off early, the board went ahead and gave me the interview but once again, despite being satisfied, they decided I wasn't the right man for the job.


And so then its actually quite a small trip I'll be making as I head 'down under' and take control of Melbourne Victory in Australia. I took the interview just after the CF America one and this came back a couple days after being rejected for the previous post. They're currently sat 5th in the league but I'll do a full round up in the next post.

Next Post: Melbourne Victory - Season To Date - April 2022
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