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No real aim, no real objectives. Manage a team and enjoy managing them or move elsewhere. I've not got a timescale on how long I'll be at each club or what I want to win, just see where the journey takes me over the years. One main save for FM19.

Brilliant job to secure! Melbourne Victory are the top team over there! Great work! Good luck down under!
@tongey Melbourne Victory are one of the bigger sides in Australia for sure, lets hit the ground running here!

Melbourne Victory - Season To Date - April 2022

One thing I didn't realise is that there wasn't long to go of the season but I still think it makes sense to do a real quick overview of Melbourne Victory FC and where the club are currently at this season and as seasons have passed by. We are a few years into the future now so things do change slightly. Heres a quick recap of whats gone on and where Melbourne Victory stand to date in the League.


Its already known who Melbourne Victory are, they're pretty successful in Australia but I thought if I show this screen it'll update you on recent going ons. Whilst they've not won the Final Series in the three seasons yet they have managed to win the regular season last season which could be the case why the manager was sacked this year sitting fifth. They've also won the FFA Cup a couple seasons ago back in 2019.


As I said, I didn't realise the season was quite so deep in, there are only two league games left but we've not yet qualified for the Final series yet. We're four points inside the qualifying spots so one win in our final two games should see us through. Our fierce rivals Melbourne Victory have scooped the top spot and that's already confirmed with those two games to go.


According to the assistant managers report, I've got a fairly good squad here with him rating it very high. There isn't really any position on the pitch which I'd consider us to be really short of quality on which is great. That is strengthened by the fact I've also got almost three million pounds to spend on new faces this coming transfer window.


So this is whats to come, a minimum of whats to come anyway! We have two league games, firstly we travel to already qualified, fourth place Western Sydney and we end the regular season with a home game against struggling Newcastle Jets in a game that we should win with ease and hopefully secure our spot in the knockout rounds. If we make it through, the update will include the knockout Series Final games. There are also two Champions League fixtures remaining and we currently sit third. We've got to travel to Japan to take on Saitama United and a trip to Korea to face Suwon. Can we get out the group too...

Next Post: Melbourne Victory - End Of Season Update - May 2022
I think you're getting your Melbourne clubs mixed up in the last post's intro, Dan! Knew who you meant, best of luck in the A-League!
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@r96Skinner Damn it that was what I going to say as it's Melbourne City, not Melbourne Victory.
You would be correct @r96Skinner i was trying to get the update out before shooting out so I've edited it now thank you

Other way around @HawkAussie its all fixed though.

Melbourne Victory - End Of Season Update - May 2022

So I had a minimum of four games to play before the season was over, it wasn't going to be a long stint before the football season closed out but I wanted to make an instant impact. If things went right we could see ourselves playing as many as nine games in this update. But thats if I could get the squad to play the way I wanted right from the off, there was next to no time to get them ready as my first day in the job saw me with an Asian Champions League football tie as we searched to get out the group stages. But first we'll turn to the league football.


So I came in needing at least one win from my two league games to secure our spot in the Final series and thankfully we did but we left it to the last game for that win. My reign of league football began with the trip to already confirmed finalist Western Sydney Wanderers and they beat us one nil. However even though we lost, this had confirmed our spot in the finals due to other results. That left no pressure on us in the game against Newcastle Jets however I wanted to win it still, and the boys turned up, winning three win as Kim Shin-Wook hit a brace for us. That left us finishing in fifth, the same place I took over and heads us into the Final Series, heres how they developed...


Unbelievable! The boys have more than turned up now, not only did we win in the Elimnation Final but we also won in the Semi Final, keeping clean sheets in both games! We faced Sydney FC in the Elimination Final, beating them two nil as late goals from Kim Shin-Wook (79th) and Pasquali (85th) sent us on our way to the Semi Finals. There we faced our first rivals Melbourne City. But the boys once again turned up and put on a show. Another brace from Kim Shin-Wook (18th and 31st) saw us head two up at half time. Hoole (64th) netted in the second half and booked our spot in the Grand Final where we'd face Adelaide United.


CHAMPIONS! Unbelievable! I feel like this is to make up for us being robbed the title with PSM that second season where we went the second half of the season unbeaten. Perhaps it is, but we've done it, we landed the job at a perfect time and have immediately rewarded the board for their confidence in us. We beat Adelaide United two goals to nil, stretching us to three games without conceding on the bounce, Troisi netted just after half time to guide us into the lead. Three minutes later Adelaide were reduced to ten men as White saw red. That opened the game up for us and Tilio secured the win and title with fourteen minuntes left on the clock.


Onto continental football now as we turn to whats happened in the Asian Champions League. As we traveled to Japan to take on Saitama United we grabbed a four two victory as we saw four different scorers for us. Three of our goals came in the second half too. Unfortunately the final group game wasn't quite as straight forward for us, losing four nil in Korea against Suwon. We had done enough to qualify though and then faced Sepahan in the Second Round. We raced into a one nil lead inside two minutes in the first leg but slipped to a two one defeat. Second leg we were much better, grabbing a two one win in normal time before a 117th minute penalty and an injury time fourth sent us through to the next round.

Next Post: Melbourne Victory - Pre Season Round Up - October 2022
Congrats on winning the Finals Series Dan, looking forward to see you dominate continental football now!
Just caught up mate, wow getting the Melbourne job I didn't see that coming! I did a save in Indonesia and ended up only getting a job in Singpaore. Massive congrats on your A league success. Champions League glory to follow!
Thanks again @DrakkardNoir that'd be nice, I need to build on the team though.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up @bigmattb28. I guess because I've got four coaching badges already and studying for the penultimate one its given my rep a big boost so the jobs a good'un! I feel lucky to of won the Grand Final, definitely makes up for that time we (PSM) missed out on the league title despite going unbeaten for 15+ games.

Melbourne Victory - Pre Season Round Up - October 2022

So a trip across the Ocean and my first summer in the blazing hit of Australia. The land down under, spiders and snakes, yuck! But we're here for the football side of things and my first pre season has come and gone here. We've got off to a good start with the Grand Final win within 30 days of me taking charge, now was time to build on that and we had the Champions League still on progress, that first...


Dam! Our Champions League journey ended in the very next round. The Quarter Finals. We were drawn against our previous group opponents Suwon, who beat me four nil recently. We traveled to Korea first and lost out two one, a ninety first minute away goal left me with some hope. However we could only manage a one all draw in the second leg so narrowly crashed out three two on aggregate.


Our squad hasn't changed too much over the summer, we've had some loan players return and I've called up a couple of the youth squad to the main team for the season ahead. We're only allowed 'two dsignated players' here so transfers didn't quite flow, I had tried to get Scott Sinclair but that fell through because of the rule. We did bring three new faces in though whilst one player left. I feel our squad is more than strong enough to compete again this year though.


A massive summer on the pitch for friendlies as I continued to try and get the squad gelling to playing with each other but under the same tactic that I played at PSM as well, as it seemed to work there. In total fourteen friendlies with us winning thirteen of these and keeping twelve clean sheets in those too. Admittedly we were playing a lot of smaller teams, good for morale though. The one game we lost, was narrow agaisnt Basel.


The final part of the update is the FFA Cup which takes place before the league season starts. Things began comfortably enough as we drew Rydalmere Lions in the First round, easily dispensing them with a four one victory away from home. Second Round was again very straight forward as we faced Redlands United at home, beating them five nil. However the Quarter Finals was as far as we went this year. Drawing one a piece in normal time with Newcastle Jets, a team we should be beating. The game went to Extra time, Kim Shin-Wook hit his second to give us a two one lead in the ninety ninth minute. However we conceded late on and it went to penalties, where we paid the penalty! Losing out 4-3 after five penalties. No success in the domesitc cup this year around...

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - Mid Season Round Up - January 2023
Yeah the badges may have played a part in getting the big job mate, well done again. Unlucky in the champs league however hopefully a strong domestic season in store.
Shame Newcastle Jets ruined your FFA Cup hopes but well done on getting the Melbourne Victory job.
Excellent work with PSM @Dan, done very well to turn them around from where you took over from! And what a start in Melbourne, surely better things to come?
Melbourne...what a fantastic city! Excellent work till now!
Fino alla fine
Awesome work in Melbourne! Losing on pens is unfortunate though!
Just caught up after a day or so off, but what a move to Australia and the immediate success to boot! Keep it up!
For god's sake Dan, you make me feel so bad at this game
I'm pretty sure thats what it is @bigmattb28, hoping we get a good CL run sooner rather than later as it'll only improve my rep.

It is a shame @Shedender but there'll be more opportunities!

Thanks for catching up @Wilcox09 PSM was very enjoyable and I've landed on my feet here at Melbourne.

Thanks @bcsaulJ hopefully it carries on.

Cheers for catching up @AdamRK instant success indeed.

Don't be like that @KEZ_7

Melbourne Victory - Mid Season Round Up - January 20232

So my first proper stint of management here with more than just a couple games to round off a season like it was when I took over some six months or so ago. We've had the summer with some brief champions League action and then the FFA Cup where we crashed out the Quarter Finals. A busy summer on the pitch left us in good shape to aim for the 'Regular Season' title and hopefully defend our 'Grand Finals' title.


With only league games to play, this'll be a short update and having just a 27 game regular season I thought I'd update at the end of January, this is eleven games into the season and despite an initial struggle to get going which saw us win once in our opening four games, we've gone on to win six on the bounce and remain unbeaten in seven now. Form is looking very good to date and heres how it translates to the league table...


Top of the league, eleven games in, but its tight! Only two points clear of second place Central Coast Mariners and Sydney FC are just four points further behind. The league title is certainly not wrapped up yet with us having to face another sixteen league games of the regular season, but if we can continue this new found form there is no reason we can't top the tree.


End of month news, my final coaching qualifcation is underway, Melbourne Victory board stumping up just short of five thousand pounds to send me on it. A twelve month process to get the qualifcation but I'm almost there.

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - End of Season Round Up - May 2023
It doesn't matter how close it is mate you're still top after this batch of games, hopefully a high finish to help you through the finals stage, surely just a formality that you'll progress.
As always thank you for the comment @bigmattb28 indeed you're right, it doesn't matter where we are at this stage anyway.

Melbourne Victory - End Of Regular Season Round Up - April 20232

Eleven games into the league regular season and we were sitting pretty at the top of the tree but the margin was small, a slip in our current good form would easily see us drop down the standings. However with no Champions League football on the agenda this season, we had only league football to focus on and look forward to. Sixteen league games left of the Regular Season, this is how its panned out...


Our form has remained very strong throughout the Regular Season, We extended our current seven game unbeaten run to fifteen games unbeaten as we began the second update with five wins and three draws putting us in a very good position. A defeat to then, second place Central Coast Mariners put us back down to earth before we won five on the bounce again. However we finished the Regular Season on a sour note with a defeat and a draw.


We were pushed all the way, but came out on top as Champions of the Regular Season here in Australia! That now rounds up me winning the Regular and Grand Finals a season apart, we will now look to defend our Grand Finals title in May as we face a Semi Final and then all being well, the Final for a second year running. Centre Coast Mariners ran us the whole way, finishing just three points behind us before the gap opened up to third place Wester Sydney Wanderers.

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - Grand Finals Round Up - May 2023
Great going winning the regular season mate, you're definitely the team to beat in the finals now. Am sure with the results you've had and form you're in you should at the very least make the final. Fingers crossed for ya!
What happened in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?
What happened in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

If you're following my thread I will have my World cup 2022 results in my next update shortly
It's been a good season at Melbourne Victory @Dan. KIU buddy.
Cracking result winning the Regular Season. Fingers crossed you can make the finals now!
Thanks @bigmattb28, We are the team in form that's for sure so we've got a good chance of defending our crown.

Heres the World Cup knockout stage tree @HawkAussie

It has indeed @Shedender thank you.

Thanks @tongey I've finally be able to play the Grand Finals.

Melbourne Victory - Grand Finals Round Up - May 2023

I've been itching to play the Grand Series since I last updated but being away from the game and the computer has been a struggle. Finally, I've been able to play the match and try to reach back to back Grand Finals and with any luck, defend our crown once again. Heres how things have panned out.


We were drawn as the 'home side' in the Semi Finals where we faced Adelaide United and we made a very quick start to the game with our man in form Gjorgjievski scoring after just two minutes. And within sixteen minutes we found ourselves two up thanks to a second goal from our star striker. Annoyingly second half we completely let our foot off the gas, giving Adelaide a chance to get back into the game, Turner pulling one back but we held on to reach the Final.


Champions! Double Secured, crown defended! Get in there! We faced Central Coast Mariners in the Final, a fitting final between first and second in the 'Regular Season' this year. They ran us close to that league title but not to the Grand Final here. We sailed to a three nil victory and mainly thanks to our main man Gjorgjievski once again. He scored another brace, a goal either side of the break before Dezic nettied in the final minute to take us to the trophy.

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - Pre Season Round Up - October 2023
http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif
Absolute awesome result there mate back to back grand champions! I can see a dynasty emerging here!

Thanks @bigmattb28 I feel we're already by far the strongest side in Aus judging by last year, we pretty much coasted there. I don't plan on staying to build a dynasty but do plan to try and defend the crown once more.

Melbourne Victory - Pre Season Round Up - October 2023

The summer has been and gone, another long one which has been very busy, not so much on the transfer front as I feel we already have a very good squad on my hands but with friendlies and news for the club more than myself. Following the Regular Season and Grand Final wins last season, I questioned if I wanted to stay another year, but in truth, I'm currently enjoying Australia management, its not somewhere I'm going to stay forever, but a third season certainly won't hurt my management as long as things continue to go smoothly/


As I previously mentioned, there was a lot of news for the club this summer as I decided to spend some of the ten million they had saved up in the balance following two successful seasons. Over the next few months we'll see upgrades to the: Data analysis centre, training and youth facilities, junior coaching budget and the youth recruitment of the club. Now, I know I'm not here long term, but if I can help to make Melbourne dominant after my departure then it'll be a pleasing thing to see.


The only news to concern me this summer was my first ever national team job offer. I hadn't applied for this and didn't even know it was available or that I'd be considered so early into my reign. But the Australian national team came calling for me. At this moment in time, I'm not looking for an international post, this'll be something for the future, rejected.


I said it was a quiet transfer window and this shows it was, just three players coming in this summer with us spending just thirty five thousand pounds. Ki Sung-Yeung from Newcastle will be an absolute steal on a free transfer, you can already see what our assistant manager thinks of him as is nineteen year old striker Michael Pain whos rated four and a half stars at his young age, he has a bright future.


The summers always tend to be very busy for friendlies here in Australia with the assistant setting up the second half of them. I began by setting up the harder games across July, before he went ahead and set up a load more against seemingly much weaker opposition. Its a morale boost, confidence builder and keeps the squad fresh with the tactics and each other.


Finally, as always the FFA Cup commences early into the summer at the same time as pre season so we've already faced four rounds of the competition and are set for the Final for the first timein my reign. Its been a comfortable journey for the first two rounds as we faced non league sides Clarence United and Moreton Bay United. Winning nine nil and ten nil respectively. Its great to see our new young striker Michael Pain hit a hatrick in both games. The Quarter Finals drew us against Central Coast Mariners, the side whochallenged us for both titles last year, but we beat them two one thanks to a fast start. Dezic and Lombard netting in the opening nine minutes. A four two victroy away at Perth Glory, that man Pain scoring again has set us up for the FFA Cup Final against our fierce rivals, a derby day against Melbourne City in December.

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - Mid Season Round Up - January 2024
Wow that's a lot of friendlies! On the transfer thing, I;m sure it was 17 (I gave up on 18) that Australian clubs couldn't buy or sell between them. Not sure if that's changed seeing as Ricciuto joined the Mariners, still Ki is a good signing (I'm a Newcastle fan for my sins) he's been good for us so I'm sure he'll tear the A League up. Just the FFA final to set you up for a no doubt successful threepeat of the Grand Final
The former Newcastle player could be a Ki signing! (sorry) Goals galore so far, Michael Pain might be one for the future.
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Yeah, as @r96Skinner says, Ki is a brilliant coup!! Fantastic season
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