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No real aim, no real objectives. Manage a team and enjoy managing them or move elsewhere. I've not got a timescale on how long I'll be at each club or what I want to win, just see where the journey takes me over the years. One main save for FM19.

Congrats on adding to the trophy cabinet, Pain looks a player too for his age! As a Swansea fan I’ve mixed opinions about Ki, but hopefully he’ll deliver for you!
Congrats on adding to the trophy cabinet, Pain looks a player too for his age! As a Swansea fan I’ve mixed opinions about Ki, but hopefully he’ll deliver for you!

As a Newcastle fan he;s done well in the handful of games he's played. That cross he made for Perez winner against Watford was sublime.

Back on topic, looking forward to seeing where you go from Dan
I'm sure you'll beat Melbourne City to secure the FFA Cup - if you do, would that be Australia completed or is still work to do?
It certainly was a lot of friendlies @bigmattb28 the assistant seems to get a little carried away. We had a solid summer though.Yeah the rules are still the same, not transferring between clubs. Fingers crossed.

They should both be top signings for us @r96Skinner

Agreed @KEZ_7

Thanks @AdamRK. I get ya, hopefully he'll perform for us.

Fingers crossed @Shedender that would indeed tick off Australia.

Melbourne Victory - Mid Season Round Up - January 2024

We've managed to blitz through the first half of the season. No long winter break because of the Qatar World Cup this year around so come the end of January we've played over half the league season. Are we going to be on course for a second Regular Season title and could we scope a third Grand Final title come the end of the season? We also have the FFA Cup Final to play this update as we faced off against fierce rivals Melbourne City.


Our form has been anything but regular for the first half of the season. We're struggling for goals and struggling to keep clean sheets. Things started okay with three wins on the bounce and then going on to win four of our opening six with two defeats in there. Following that, we struck three wins in the next nine games and that has seen us struggle to hit back.


And I think you could say it without seeing it, we were never going to be top with form like that. Fifteen out of twenty seven league games played in the Regular season and we're currently sat down in fourth place, sitting just four points off the top which is currently occupied by Sydney FC. Central Coast Mariners occupy second place for the second season running whilst Western Sydney Wanderers are currently third. Just six points separate the top six currently in the Grand Final qualification spots.


Thankfully, there is some good news to round off this update with though, We are Champions of the FFA Cup which sees us win everything possible in Australia domestically now. A good derby day game which saw us take the lead a minute after the half hour mark when Melling scored a well placed shot. However Melbourne City striker Nick Parkhouse levelled things up just before the break. Second half we were the better side and it eventually paid off when we won a penalty in the sixty second minute, converted by summer signing Ki Suny-Yeung which secured us the trophy.

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - End Of Regular Season Round Up - April 2024
So that means you will be leaving the country at the end of the season with this now.
Nothings set in stone @HawkAussie but that is the plan

Melbourne Victory - End Of Regular Season Round Up - April 2024

The season has come to an end, the Regular season here in Australia anyway and that sees my second full season come to an end and I would be heading to my third Grand Series as long as we could secure our spot in the top six. Could we manage to build on our FFA Cup success in the previous update and defend our Regular Series crown? Could we also go on and defend the Grand Series for a third season running and the Champions League has started too.


The second half of the Regular Season has been a lot better than the first half. Our inconsistency that we faced throughout the first sixteen games has sort of faded away and we've only lost two games in this stint. Seven wins from those eleven games and three draws. It was good to see our inconsistency has gone and hopefully this will lead us on to qualifying for the Grand Series, but was it enough to defend our crown of the Regular Series?​


Dam! Not this time, we gave it our all but we finish runners up in the Regular Series and fail to defend our crown. Its Western Sydney Wanderers who take the title with fifty points, pipping us to the top spot by just two points. Brisbane Roar finish in third with our fierce rivals and FFA Cup runners up Melbourne City in fourth just two points behind us. Sydney FC and last seasons runners up Central Coast Mariners round up the top six heading to the Grand Series.​


After a season without the Champions league football last season, we return to it this year with a group stage consisting of Hong Kong side Kitchee, Korean side Jeonbuk and big Chinese side Guangzhou. We opened our return with a four nil win against Kitchee who ended the group winless. Two defeats away from home against the big two in the group followed before we beat Kitchee again, this time two nil, Our home games against Guangzhou and Jeonbuk was much better with a four one and three nil win respectively. We finished top of the group with three teams finishing on twelve points. Jeonbuk missing out on goal difference. The Second Round will see us face Al-Ahli over two legs, however I'm not sure if I'll be in charge at this stage.​

Next Post:Melbourne Victory - Grand Series Round Up - May 2024
Unlucky in the regular season this time round. Good job on topping the Champions League group though! Be interesting to see how you get on if you stay in charge!
Thanks @Ryan9 guess I can't win it every year! We got lucky in the cl I feel.

Melbourne Victory - Grand Series Round Up - May 2024

And that's that, the season has come to an end as we head to the Grand Series Round up and what is likely to be my final few games here. All being well and going to plan, I'll see out four final matches here at Melbourne Victory before packing up my things and heading on to pastures new once again. First up we had the Grand Series Semi Final.


The Grand Series Semi Final was a walk in the park. A derby day against Melbourne City didn't even have us worried as we strolled to a five one victory and comfortably booked our spot in the Third Grand Final on the bounce. We actually fell behind in the opening twenty minutes however come the break we were fortunately level as Lombard scored and then we saved a penalty. Second half two goals from Gjorgjevski, a second for Lombard and one for young Pain saw us ease to the Final.​


Its not to be three on the bounce for me or Melbourne Victory as we lose the Grand Final against Regular Season champions Western Sydney Wanderers. The game ended up being goalless however Ki Sung-Yeung had the chance to win it for us in the seventy first minute from the spot only for him to be denied. Melling was dismissed for a second booking three minutes before full time. Extra Time played out still without a goal and we went on to lose four two on a shootout.​


And my final two games in charge of Melbourne Victory saw two wins on the bounce and securing the club a spot in the next round of the Champions League. The home leg against Al-Ahli saw us win three one with bMichael Pain scoring a brace and one from his strike Partner Gjorgjevski. The second leg, away saw us win two one with the same two scorers, Pain followed by Gjorjevski.​


Australia, its been an absolute pleasure. Maybe one day I'll come back. Who knows. Time to remove Australia from the save for now and move on to pastures new...​

Next Post:Job Three 2024
Excellent job done in Australia. Onto the next one!
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You've done one hell of a job down under Dan! Where's next for you on your world adventure. Maybe South Africa?
FM19 Careers:

Thanks @r96Skinner.

Thanks @tongey It was one of the bigger posts in Australia tho so that helped. China would be an ideal place to go soon but also wouldn't mind south Africa or mexico, just depends what's available when.

Back In The Management Game - 25th June 2024

Unlike last time, its not taken too long to get a new job. Infact, just twenty three days before stepping down and leaving my post at Melbourne Victory in Australia do I now find myself back in the management game. Almost immediately. There were a couple of jobs that popped up available when I stepped down but none that instantly took my eye. But it didn't take long for the seasons to begin to finish and manager casualties begin to fall and I feel a great opportunity popped up here...


I wanted to head to China or Mexico next I felt, however instead we're moving to India as we take control of the East Bengal job. They finished second in the league last season despite being favorites to win it. And just because of this it seemed a hard sacking. I moved In for the post though and almost immediately the fans wanted me on board. I had an interview and within no time, I was back in the management game. Being paid just a thousand pounds a week.​


Its not exactly been an unsuccessful few years since the start of this save for East Bengal, They've won the Indian National football league once back in 2020 and finished runners up the season that's just finished and third place the season before. We aim to go one better this time around. Runner up in the Indian Federation Cup and the Indian Durand Cup. They've won that once too in 2018. Also claiming one Indian Super Cup since the start of the save in 2020.​


Couple stand out players but nothing too much across the whole squad. It lacks a little depth and quality as back up. However the clubs finances aren't in a great shape and that includes the wage budget so I'm going to have to do work here to find some finances as soon as possible if they want me to improve the squad for the upcoming season.​

Next Post:East Bengal - Pre Season Round Up - December 2024
You've landed on your feet in India. Just need a little bit of back up like you said and you should challenge for the league sooner than later.
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Shame you didn't stick around in Aus to see if you win win the Champions League there after a decent KO victory. East Bengal looks a decent new challenge though, can't see it being long before you find success there! Good luck.
Just getting caught up mate not been on here over the weekend. Firstly unlucky to get knocked out of the Final series on pens but was a good showing either way. If it was me I'd have maybe stayed to see if we could get the Champs league after you won in the second round but you've landed on your feet in India. I've never done save there, do Indian teams go into the Champs league or is it the Confederations cup they go to? Good luck though am sure you'll do fine.
I certainly have @tongey its one of the better jobs in India to have. Once we free up some money I can look to improve a couple areas.

It is a bit and at some point I will stick around for a Champions league campaign especailly if I feel a club can win it, Melbourne could of been capable if not this year but in a couple seasons and I'll see how they do this year. We've got a good side here in India @Ryan9 so it'll be interesting to see if I can bring success here.

Thanks to catching up again @bigmattb28. Luckily I hadn't updated much the weekend anyway. We signed off with an annoying outcome at Melbourne not being able to defend either the Regular Season or Grand Series but we gave it a good shot. The Indian clubs go into the Confederations Cup I believe.

East Bengal - Durand Cup Round Up - September 2024

So I was't going to update until the end of pre season which isn't until December. However come the end of August we were drawn into the Durrand Cup, initially a group competition which then sees the top two of each group move into the Semi Final and then the Final. This would be my first chance of 'competitive' football here in India so good guaging point to where this club is domestically and the strength they have. I forgot to take a screenshot of the group come the end of the stage and not at home so can't include that now.


​Hows that for some form them. I'm introduced to a squad capable of winning and scoring comfortably it seems. We may have a bit of a leaky defence, conceding in all five of our group games but we picked up four wins and one defeat from the five, scoring twenty five goals in the process. It started with a comfortable four two win of Chennai City before smashing Real Kashmir five one. A one nil defeat followed bought us back to reality. But a three one and six two win to round off the group saw us finish top.

The Semi Final drew us against second place of Group B, Delhi B. Playing a B side could of been tricky but not on this occassion, we smashed seven past them, coneding once to easily find ourselves sitting in the Final.


Champions! First competition here in India and first cup win, the Durand Cup is ours! We faced Minerva Punjab in the Final, the only side to beat us in the group stage here, a day after the Semi Finals but pumelled them with a five two victory. We actually fell behind four minutes in but hit five goals before the break with our main man of the night Opara netting four of the five goals in his way to an eight point nine rating. We stepped off the gas second half, Minerva Punjab coming back with a second but with only fourteen minutes left on the clock, this one was ours.

Next Post: East Bengal - Pre Season Round Up - December 2024
Congrats on the cup win man! That will help your own rep and no doubt you'll build on this for a good league showing!
You done a solid job with Melbourne Victory in Australia and now I'm sure you'll do an even better job at East Bengal and chalk India off in no time.

And you've already won a cup with EB? Good job fella. KIU.
Thanks @bigmattb28 we had a straight forward journey in the end especially the Semi Final tie against a 'B' team!

Australia was fun @Shedender but I just felt it wasn't much more I could give, time to see how India goes, its off on the right foot that's for sure.

East Bengal - Pre Season Round Up - December 2024

This is the most eager I've been to update the story over the last few seasons, not because I'm not enjoying the save, in fact, I'm loving this one so far and can only see it extending for many years to come yet. Things in India with East Bengal have got off to a brilliant start with us facing the Durrand Cup in pre season and going on to win it. An instant impact from myself on the squad and it was important we now had a good summer and Autumn as the season didn't begin to December, but in that time bar the aforementioned cup, we also had the Confederations Cup and the Super Cup included here.


​Haven't got the screenshot of the transfers made, but we only bought one face in and I have another joining in a couple weeks. But we've got a good enough squad to compete for trophies this season and that has been backed up not only by winning the Durrand Cup, but also how we've coped in the pre season friendlies, Confederation Cup and the Super cup, all which are below.


A very busy summer for friendlies which has seen us face sixteen friendlies over the four month break. It was busy but the team coped very well as you can see, winning all sixteen. Big positives when you consider we were in Durrand Cup and Confederation Cup action as well over the four months. Its very good to end the summer on the pitch with three straight clean sheets, it boast my confidence for the season ahead.


Our attention turns to Confederation Cup action and what a run we've had, as you can see, we've made it all the way to the Final. My first ever competitive game in India with East Bengal was against Kigwancha which saw us lose three two at home. Thankfully the second leg three weeks later saw us use the home advantage and stroll to a five two win in the Interzone Playoff Semi Final. The Playoff Final then saw us face Pahang, again making the most of the home game which was first, winning three one. Again, waiting three weeks till the second leg, we travelled to Pahang and just about held on, losing four three on the night but advancing six five on aggregate to reach the Confederation Cup Final!


Well I never! Absolute scenes! Champions!! I was never expecting this, this was East Bengal' first ever Confederation Cup Final appearance and we managed to go on and win it one nil! We faced Qadsia and a very nervy start saw us break the deadlock after just fiteen minutes when Joe Mohammed fired us infront. There was little more to say about this final, we had the majority of the chances but couldn't find the second, but staying strong at the back helped us across the line.


Champions again! Treble ticked off and the season hasn't even started! We've won our second of four possible trophies domestically in India already and haven't even started the league season yet. The Super Cup, like the Confederation Cup Final was a very quiet one, which saw us narrowly win one nil. We faced raining league champions Mohun Bagan and it was our main man Opara that sent us ahead in the nineteenth minute. Again we dominated the game and could of had a second when Opara had a penalty with eleven minutes to go however he saw this saved.

With the season only running till May, I'm just going to run the one update that'll come at the end of the season.

Next Post: East Bengal - End Of Season Round Up - May 2025
Too good, Dan! Trophies flying in all over the place.
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Trophies here there and everywhere mate. Looks like the Asian Champs league won't be too far away.
Thanks @r96Skinner trophies are suddenly coming thick and fast!

They sure are suddenly @bigmattb28, we've landed on our feet here in India!

East Bengal - End Of Season Round Up - May 2025

My reign here in India has started extremely well, much better than I could have imagined at the start of taking over East Bengal. Before the league season had started we had already wrapped up the Durrand Cup, Super Cup and the Asian Confederations cup! Now we've played through the whole league season and along with that played the end of season 'Federation Cup'. The league season was short, just twenty games and heres how its unfolded.


Did someone say unbeaten league season? Absolutely terrific performance over the four months of league action as we remain unbeaten throughout the season. Recording seventeen wins and just the three draws off a perfect season. We didn't slip up against the same team at all throughout the season, I couldn't believe how easy this season turned out to be.


And with that, we are crowned league champions, I would of been annoyed if we weren't having remained unbeaten all season mind! We finished the season with fifty four points from a possible sixty. This saw us finish a massive fifteen points ahead of previous champions Mohun Bagan who only lost three times all season respectively. Another three points behind were Gokulam in third place. For some reason Indian Arrows who finished bottom don't go down, instead tenth place Mohammedan do. Three out of four trophies won in India inside a year, could we scoop them all...


Dammit! We don't quite clinch the clean sweep as we fall short in the Federation Cup. We beat Neroca in the Quarter Finals, a big away leg saw us win six nil. The second leg, at home saw us struggle and despite going two nil up, fall to a two all draw. The Semi Finals saw us crash out to eventual winners Mohun Bagan, drawing two a piece at home despite them being reduced to ten men with half hour remaining. The second leg saw us lose out two one.


Our defence of the Asian Confederation Cup has already started as well. The group stage draw us against the side we beat Qadsia along with Al-Jaish from Syria and Al-Wahda from UAE. We strolled through the group, topping it with fifteen points from a possible eighteen, scoring twenty goals and conceding six whilst we also managed to keep three clean sheets throughout the group stag. The West Semi Final will see us face Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya.

Next Post: East Bengal - Durrand Cup Round Up - September 2025
Wow, just wow! Unbeaten season is an unreal achievement mate well done! How did tenth get relegated over the bottom team, is there some weird rule in India?
Great season, but with the relegation thing, it could've been something to do with them failing the finances, hence why they got automatically relegated.
Link: https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/44860

Link: https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/44394

To answer that question, its because the Indian Arrows is because of the AIFF development side so that team can't be relegated.
To answer that question, its because the Indian Arrows is because of the AIFF development side so that team can't be relegated.

Ahh right got ya.
Flying as ever, excited to see where you take this next
An unbeaten season AND 3 out of 4 competition wins already, unbelievable stuff mate!
You're flying through India. KIU.
Thanks @bigmattb28 I was just as surprised to not lose a league game!

Thanks @Looch

Thanks for clearing that up @HawkAussie

We are indeed @KEZ_7, maybe a second year in India before moving on.

Yes @AdamRK shame we couldn't wrap them all up in the one year but another year here to try and get that Fed cup.

Thanks @Shedender

East Bengal - Pre Season Round Up - October 2025

This summer I've been debating whether I should stay another year here in India at East Bengal or pack up my bags. In the end, I've decided a second season would be good. We wrapped up three of four possible domestic trophies last season and scooped the Confederation Cup. So now it was time to see if we can defend our crown on the four competitions and to see if we can win the last one available here in India. We've already played through two competitions during pre season.


The squad hasn't changed much over the summer, in fact, only one new face joins the club and one leaves. Its very much still the same side I took control of just over a year ago. Not much quality according to the Assistant Manager, but this is a side that wrapped up three out of four domestic trophies and finished the league season unbeaten.


On the pitch in the friendlies, it was very much the same case as last year, very straight foward for us. Plenty of goals scored and a fair few clean sheets along the way. Most of the friendlies were against lesser teams though, we struggle to arrange any 'higher profile' friendlies.


We began the competitive side of things this summer with the Durrand Cup and trying to defend our first crown of the season. The group stage was very simple for us, staying unbeaten with three wins and a draw. Sixteen goals scored in four games, one clean sheet whilst conceding five goals. Simon Williams clearly loving a Durrand Cup goal. The Semi Final drew us against Ozone FC who we comfortably dispatched four one.


Durrand Cup crown defended! A thrilling Final saw us take on Chennai City and narrowly beat them three two to retain our title. We got off to a strong start, going ahead in the seventeenth minute which we held on to at the break. Second half with just under half an hour to go we went two up and I thought that would do it. However Chennai City had other ideas pulling one back just three minutes later and despite going down to ten men with eighteen minute left they then went on to find an equaliser in the ninety sixth minute to force extra time. A poor disciplinary showing from Chennai saw them reduced to nine men just three minutes into injury time. Our dominance showed and we eventually got the winner in the hundred and first minute.


I missed the screenshot of the West Semi Final ties against Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya which were played back in May and June, we beat them and faced Muharraw in the West Final. Two very close games, seeing us win both the home and away legs three two, good enough to advance to our second ever Final and both have now been in my year and a few months reign. We faced North Korean side Ryomyong in the Confederation Cup Final and absolutely strolled to a six nil win. Opara and WIlliams both smashing in hatricks. Asian Confederation Cup retained!

Onto the league season, again I'll update at the end of the season as its only a short league season.

Next Post: East Bengal - End Of Season Round Up - May 2026
Back to back domestic & confederations cups! Well done man! India is more or less conquered for you now then!
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