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I know what you're thinking, "OMG another Man Utd story, why would I be interested." Well no, I very much doubt this will be any more or less interesting that any other Man Utd save. I have strived year on year to get the "The Greatest" and "Club Legend" Steam achievements, but I never quite have the will power to get there. I really want FM19 to be the year I get these, and I'm hoping that logging my progress here will drive me to do it. So join me as I attempt to become the greatest manager of all time at Man Utd, emulating and surpassing the great Sir Alex Ferguson himself. GLORY, GLORY!

June 2020

So an overall great season, with the only blemish being the early FA Cup exit.

The Premier League, on the face of it, looks like I walked it. But as you can see in the form table, this really wasn't the case. We didn't take top spot from Chelsea until the 28th game of the season, so it was a hard chase all year.

A few awards, including one for yours truly, and a special note for Julian Brandt who was irreplaceable on the right.



So let's talk about the team. Who was good, who was poor, who is potentially leaving.
David De Gea was as ever, peerless in goal. There's a reason I've signed him up for another 5 years, I just do not see him getting any worse.
In defence, there was a slight oddity in that I signed the young Vagnoman to act as back up for Luke Shaw on the left. Instead, he managed to squeeze both Antonio Valencia and Matteo Darmian out of the RB slot which was a real surprise. Naturally, he now wants a new contract...I've mentioned previously that Valencia would not be offered a new deal, and with Diego Dalot tearing up the championship with Wolves on loan, I feel the right is duly covered. I also think it's time for Darmian to leave, who has now been listed. I have Nacho coming in from Real on a free, who can play anywhere across the back. De Ligt and Lindelof formed the bedrock of the team in central defence, with Phil Jones dipping in as needed. It's a shame I couldn't get TFM involved as much as I'd liked, but the first two were imperious all season long.
The middle of the park belonged to Matic and Pogba, with Fred and Ander Herrara duly filling as needed. I've had Pogba attend leadership courses as a natural heir for the captains armband for the next 5-7 years. Matic and Herrera however have one year left on their contracts, as seeing as they are both 31-32, there may be better out there in the market. I suspect one will go, I'll have to flip a coin.
At the top of the midfield, Asensio proved good business, nailing the spot and rarely troubled by Mata and Pereira, though to be fair Mata was out for most of the season with a broken leg and did not return the same player. Again, his contract has 12 months on it and with James coming in on a free, there's no more room for him.
On the wings, Sancho and Brandt have pretty much been my go to, with Sanchez, Rashford and Martial rotating on the wings as well as up top. They're firmly established as first choice with the others providing back up. Rashford is also up on his contract, but wants £250kpw to stay. For a rational/backup winger-one-striker, this is too much for me, English or not.
Finally Lukaku. Who seems to play on FM as he does in real life. Can go missing in matches at times, but will suddenly pop up with a goal or two in the final ten minutes. Frustrating and great in equal measures. On that note I have to wonder if I can afford to keep him after agreeing a fee for this chap...

Wow, Mbappe is going to get you very far.
Link: https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/44860

Link: https://sortitoutsi.net/careers/story/44394

Superb season it seems mate well in!
Wow, Mbappe is going to get you very far.

Let’s hope so. The alternative is that he will upset the balance of the squad. As I only play one up top, he is quite the departure from the bustling powerhouse that is Lukaku. As things stand, Lukaku is still here. I don’t know whether to sell now on the back of a good season, or see if he doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to Mbappe. He still has two years left on his contract.
August 2020

As previous season, let's have a chat about ins/outs and contract renewals. Transfers;
Let's talk the ins, as there are no real surprises, bar one. As I previously spoke about, I had a good size transfer kitty and was determined to buy one of the best players in the world. Neymar and Kane were not coming no matter what. I could get Griezman, but he wanted £600k per week. So it was a tossup between Dybala or Mbappe and the young Frenchman won out. I believe he's an all round better player, is slightly younger and plays better in my system.
The next two were on a free from Real Madrid. Both in their late twenties, Nacho and James were both worth a 3 year contract for the price of sod-all and I'm happy with Nacho with his masses of flexibility across the back. James will likely play second fiddle to Asensio, so expect a transfer request by next season.
The last signing was Frenkie de Jong from Ajax for a paltry £20m. He's been brought in to play more in the CM, but can pay at the back, ideally playing in tandem with Pogba and rotating with Fred.
So as you can see, all thing considered quite quiet on the ins. As for the outs;
Darmian was the first to go. Despite heavy interest from Villa and Huddersfield, he plumped for (obviously) Savilla. I never thought he'd stay beyond my first season, so he did well to make it this far. Good money too. Joel Pereira left for £5m as I don't need another young back up as I have Dean Henderson. I managed to rip £45m away from Spurs for Ander Herrera, which I was super happy with especially now I have de Jong. Sadly, I got a much rude rate for Juan Mata, who went to Villa for £25m. His powers had wained dramatically after 6 months out with a broken leg. But lets all applaud Villa for coming in for him! Next out, Marcus Rashford, who I think is massively overrated. As I said before, he wanted £200k+ per week for a new contract. Enjoy the North West you little twerp. Next out was Matic, who I actually rated higher than Herrera, but went for half the amount. Odd. Also, to West Ham??
And finally, the biggie. Despite Real Madrid chasing him for 18 months, Lukaku left for PSG for £75m which I was really happy with. I'm hoping Mbappe is a considerable step up.
Overall, a £37m net profit this window which is really a surprise for me to be honest.
The loans to keep an eye on; another year out for Axel Tuanazebe, who will either step up next year and maybe replace Phil Jones, or move onto pastures new. A second year for Mason Greenwood at Hull City. If he ends up any good, I may bump him up to back up next season.Scott McTominay is at Swansea for the year in the prem. He'll be sold next season. Keep an eye on Lukasz Beiger, Angel Gomes and my best prospect Kelvin Harvey.

As for the squad, I just wanted to highlight some notable call ups from the U23s. First up Diogo Dalot at RB, who will play second fiddle to Nacho after playing a great season at Wolves on loan.
James Garner is pretty much unknown but has been doing good things in the U23s and the backroom team seem to really rate him. A run in the first team, even as back up, should really see him come on. One to watch this season. Lastly, it's time for Tahith Chong to step up. I could have flipped a coin between him or Angel Gomes, but he had a really productive year at Norwich last year.

And a defence of the Community Shield against Chelsea.

Leading to an entry into the English Hall of Fame. First step to the greatest!
December 2020

I feel like I can copy and paste exactly what happened last December for the league pursuit, except replace who I'm chasing with Arsenal. I spent the first couple of months struggling in 7th/8th until I finally found some form in late-Autumn. This still leaves Arsenal 13 points ahead of me come Winter. They are truly smashing it and look highly likely to take the title this year.

In terms of chasing trophies to become "The Greatest" I've added other two for the collection to join the Community Shield. Don't be fooled by the World Club Competition, Boca took me to penalties in a 0-0 final.

In terms of the squad Kylian Mbappe has, rightly so, barely been rotated and stayed injury-free and has politely chipped in with 22 goals in 29 games. Those kinds of numbers will quickly see him take over Rooney as all time scorer. James Rodriguez has been largely disappointing when having to deputise for Asensio and I can't see him sticking around longer than next Summer. Tahith Chong has performed well now he has stepped up. His versatility when playing anywhere in midfield is super handy. A shout out to James Garner who has also come along leaps and bounds in just 6 months. I've actually been using him more than Fred when rotating. Nacho has also proved to be a brilliant bargain on a free, and slotted straight into the first team, mostly at RB. Again, his versatility is immense, playing anywhere across the back.
You can probably see a lot of interest in my team, with the strongest coming in from PSG for Matthijs de Ligt. Well they can jog on, he's going nowhere. They're also looking at Lindelof, who I would consider letting go for the right price. The only notable interest is from Real Madrid (again) for Anthony Martial. Martial is currently being used out of position on the left, and with Mbappe completely unmovable up top, it may be a good chance to let go.
As for potential Winter incomings, I have £200m+ unspent from the Summer and I wouldn't mind seeing a stronger LB come in to replace either one of Shaw or Vagnoman. Though both are decent, I know I could do better. I'm also having a sniff around the ore-contract market, so watch this space.

And a long-deserved Goalkeeper of the year aware for Dave, finally prising it away from Courtois.
January 2021

And the new LB is in, and clearly the best one available in the world right now.

The first team is nigh-on complete and looks one of the most feared in world football (in my humble opinion)

In terms of outs, I don't need 3 LB's. Luke Shaw has the trump card in being English, so unfortunately, Josh Vagnoman's experiment in England has finished a bit prematurely. Initially on loan, but if he plays 5 games, than £28.5m in the bank, doubling my outlay for him.

I've also raided the pre-contract market. I really have to question Real Madrid and their inability to get players signed up to contracts.
In all honesty, this will probably spell the end for Fred. Casemiro is older, but a definite upgrade on his fellow Brazilian.
February 2021

And one step closer to Greatness
I love what you're doing with them! You're bringing in some young world class talent too! Nice to see United back where they should be!
FM19 Careers:

I feel like this is what they should be doing in real life, yet FM is the only place it seems possible. What does Jose know?
Quad done by February unbelievable stuff, you're making a name for yourself slowly but surely!
I love what you're doing with them! You're bringing in some young world class talent too! Nice to see United back where they should be!

Cheers man. Yeah, a smattering of world class players mixed with wonder kids and kids from the youth system. Gives me a nice balance and keeps up with the tradition of always having youth products in the team.

@Dan Cheating slightly with the minor trophies. This may be it for the year though, you'll see at the end of the season.

@KEZ_7 Yeah, unfortunately the only time we'll see us at the top for some time....
June 2021

So a decent season for smaller cups, but fell short in all the big competitions, so not the best. Getting beaten so badly by Arsenal in the league has really bothered me..

The Premier League was lost in the first few games of the season where we really dropped the ball. Arsenal opened up an immense lead that I just couldn't catch up with. They blew the completion away, manage by Pep Guardiola no less. Look at that points total!

A few awards, Mbappe for top scorer, De Ligt for Best Young Player and best goalkeeper for Dave.

And some European Awards


So let's talk about the team. Who was good, who was poor, who is potentially leaving.
David De Gea was David De Gea. A clean sweep on all goalkeeping award, and I have no intention of replacing him in the next few years.
Vagnoman is definitely on his way out to Internazionale after playing the required games. David Alaba who was brought in as an upgrade has had a solid 6 months with 4 assists and I look forward to a full season. An unexpected success was Nacho, who came in on a free and ponied up 10 assists to the team, attracting PSG in the process. De Ligt and Lindelof continue to form the rock hard base of the team, but I really want an upgrade for Lindelof, who is down to the last 12 months of his contract. My next issue is Jones and Timmy Fosu-Mensah who both are good backups but need new contracts. I'm considering moving Jones on and promoting Tuanazebe after a good year on loan at Cardiff. Not sure yet.
The middle of the park saw Frenkie de Jong step into the breech left by the departed Matic and becoming Pogba's full-time partner. Fred has done well on rotation, but with Casemiro coming in, it might be time to go. I have been really happy however with James Garner. There is nothing better than a local lad making it in the team and coming in with 30 games has done his progression a wonder.
At the top of the midfield, Asensio continues to be the main man which has caused Barca to come knocking. I think we may struggle to keep him. Pereira has been at Backup and probably isn't good enough for the team any more and will be moved on. Maybe time to call in Angel Gomes for a run in the team and see how he ends up? Onto James...UNDERWHELMING. I'm pretty happy I didn't pay for him and if anyone comes in for him I would certainly consider a sale.
On the wings, Sancho and Brandt have once again nailed their spots, with Martial and Sanchez not being able to shift them. Maybe because this isn't their natural positions? Another note for midfield has been having Tahith Chong. As he's so young, he's not complain gin about playing every game, but as he's so versatile, he can play pretty much anywhere except defence. Very handy and another season in the first team for sure.
Finally our star man, Monsieur Mbappe. He played pretty much every game and stayed injury free, right up until the Champions League final (more on that in a minute). He cost an arm and a leg, but 41 goals in 58 games was definitely worth it.
We al know Casemiro is en route, but I've also offered a cheeky contract to someone else. A pure vanity player, but hey, watch this space.

Other competitions;
I've spoken about most of these already, but I just wanted to touch on the Champions league final and a disappointing final loss to Chelsea.A repeat of the Moscow final finished 2-2 and went to penalties, which saw me lose. Gutted. As I mentioned, Mbappe twisted his knee in training leading into the game so had to lead with Martial up top...
Just a very, very quick update. Premier League Winners Arsenal...

That's some league season by Arsenal but looks like its come at a cost missing out on CL the next year!
That's some league season by Arsenal but looks like its come at a cost missing out on CL the next year!

Yeah they really went on an immense run, as you can see from the graph, I pretty much spent the whole season in 2nd place. I can't help but think I could've run them closer if I hadn't gone through that early-season malaise.

Have you ever seen this happen with the Champions League? I've never seen this before. I assume it's FFP?
Yeah they really went on an immense run, as you can see from the graph, I pretty much spent the whole season in 2nd place. I can't help but think I could've run them closer if I hadn't gone through that early-season malaise.

Have you ever seen this happen with the Champions League? I've never seen this before. I assume it's FFP?

I can't say I've personally seen it, but the reason is FFP yes.
August 2021

Transfers first and there's been a few;

So let's start with the notable outs;
As I allayed to in Winter, with the pre-contract signing of Casemiro from Real Madrid, I was a CM too heavy. In terms of youth and quality, Fred was the odd one out on this occasion. Ever-helpful Spurs were happy to pony up £36m and I obliged.

After angling for a move in the second half of the season and coming into the last year of his contract, it was time for another youth product to leave the club. Don't get me wrong, he has been decent if unspectacular. £18m to West Ham was good money.

One of the more difficult players to let go was former Golden Boy Victor Lindelof. The big V has been an ever-present at the back of my defence, but with time ticking on his contract, I could either sell and upgrade or pony up for a number contract, I chose the former. PSG finally got the man that they had been chasing for over 18 months, at a snip of £40m.

Not so tough this one. Mr Jones has been at Man Utd for 10 years (game time) and has never quite hit the levels expected of him. During my tenure, he's mainly played back up, racking up around 15-20 games per season and making up my English quota. Now 29 and in the last year of his contract, I'd have much rather given a chance to a youth team player or an up and comer. Celtic obliged with 20m, which I was surprised that they could afford his salary.

Another youth product and another wrench to lose. Usually my next in line if one of my main CB's were injured, Timmy Mensah has been a great servant. Unfortunately, I think he got a little too big for his boots and wanted a better role in the team and a higher salary. I wasn't willing to meet his demands, so cut my losses to Valencia for £13m. I'll miss his versatility, but won't be held to new contract ransoms.

And the biggest loss of the window, was that of Julian Brandt to Real Madrid, who had been scouting him all season, turning his head during the close season. If he wanted to go, than I wouldn't hold him back, but if they wanted the man that has given me the most assists over the two season, they'll need to pony up good. They gladly did, £89m and beating my sold transfer record.

And to finish my outs with a whimper, Scott McTominay to the geordies for £5.75m. In all honesty, I wasn't going to mention this one as I don't think he played a game for me.

So let's talk about this gains;
Our first notable in, and our first major regen signing, Christian Gies was picked up from Bayern for a release fee £5.5m after the scouting team majorly rated him. The coaching team believe him good enough for a backup slot and so he did, taking over from Phil Jones. Let's keep an eye on this one!

And what about the replacement for Big V Lindelof? In steps Alessio Romagnoli for a cool £58m. This seems a steep price, but a snip for a ready made world class CB. There's not too much to say, other than he will be slipping straight into the first team alongside de Ligt.

The last in, and probably the biggest signing of the season had to replace the massive hole that Julian Brandt left. In comes Ousmane Dembele from Barca. He left with the hump after Barca just weren't playing him. Considering his age, potential resell value and she talent, £92m seems decent business for what I think is an upgrade.

Another window in a roll with an £87m profit, keeping the clubs books in order. This is especially important now I've seen what's happened to Arsenal!

A few notable callups form the u23s and who will be stepping into feel some of the gaps. Axel Tuanazebe has finally been called up to replace TFM as a backup centre back after spending 3 seasons in the Championship on loan at Villa, Cardiff and Swansea. A new contract was given to tie him down for the next three years, either leading to a cemented place in the squad or moving on.
Apart from that another u23 alumni who has been on loan for a few years and some attacking versatility to cover for the departing Pereira. Angel Gomes has been at Norwich and Boro in the Championship, but more importantly, last season in the BPL with Burnley playing 33 games and clocking up 8 goals and 6 assists.

No Community shield this year, so next update will be in Winter.
Good job you didn't spend a lot on him then
FM19 Careers:

Another busy tansfer window, really building the team up now and Im sure more success is on the horizon
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