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A new version of our data update was released with 246381 changes from 783 contributors.

It's a challenge I have never been able to conquer but now I'm determined to try it once and for all. The British Steel challenge is back and it's a challenge in which I start unemployed, with the reputation of a Sunday League footballer and with no footballing qualifications - can I conquer the United Kingdom and Ireland? Probably not but only time will tell.

Shedender's British Steel Challenge!


This is it folks! I'm back on the Susie career section for the first time in donkeys as I look to finally complete the British Steel Challenge once and for all and of course it's going to be an immense challenge due to the one important rule in this type of career - you're only allowed to sign players who are English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish and any foreign based players must be shipped on as soon as possible, or they need to "rot" in the reserve/U23/U21 sides. On this challenge I will begin unemployed with no coaching badges and the reputation of a Sunday League footballer but I will be allowed to go for coaching badges at whatever clubs take me on.


Without further ado these are the countries and leagues that need to be loaded for this type of career - all the playable divisions of England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the one in Wales have all been made playable and it'll be interesting to see who'll want to take on a nobody in the football management world but one things for sure, I'll be attempting to not start in England as that'll probably kill my interest from the get go, that's a country I'd rather manage in down the line. Just remember Brexit hits in this game but that won't bother me as I won't be signing foreign nations who may or may not need work permits.


Similar to @DNZY I too have vacancies available at Scottish League Two side Albion Rovers, National League South side Hemel Hempstead and Northern Irish Championship side Dergview but because the game had an update I've also got two vacancies in Republic of Ireland with First Division side Shelbourne and Premier Division side Derry City while there's been three more jobs made available in England as well as League Two's Macclesfield Town parted company with their gaffer while jobs at Braintree and Eastleigh are also available.


Finally this is just the prove that I have started with the lowest reputation available on Football Manager 2019 and that's one of a Sunday League footballer. I'm already disliked my Jack Ross, Colin Nixon and Brendan Rodgers but of course that's down to the clubs that I support as I'm a Bangor, Newcastle and Rangers fan. It says my coaching style is "attacking" and I don't agree with that as I don't even know if I'd be applying an attacking stance at any club I choose to manage.

Trophies Available:


  1. Premier League
  2. Championship
  3. League One
  4. League Two
  5. National League
  6. National League North/South
  7. FA Cup
  8. League Cup
  9. Community Shield
  10. EFL Cup
  11. FA Trophy
  12. Challenge Cup (can also be won with clubs in Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)

  1. Premiership
  2. Championship
  3. League One
  4. League Two
  5. Scottish Cup
  6. Scottish League Cup
  7. Challenge Cup (can also be won with clubs in England, Ireland, Wales or Northern Ireland)

  1. Premier League
  2. Welsh Cup
  3. Welsh League Cup
  4. Challenge Cup (can also be won with clubs in England, Ireland, Scotland or Northern Ireland)

  1. Premier Division
  2. First Division
  3. FAI Cup
  4. League Cup
  5. Munster Senior Cup
  6. Leinster Senior Cup
  7. President's Cup
  8. Challenge Cup (can also be won with clubs in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)

  1. Premiership
  2. Championship
  3. Premier Intermediate League
  4. Irish Cup
  5. League Cup
  6. Co. Antrim Shield
  7. Steel & Sons Cup
  8. Intermediate Cup
  9. Mid Ulster Cup
  10. Charity Shield
  11. Challenge Cup (can also be won with clubs in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland)
Trophy Count:

https://i.imgur.com/uYxKeNg.png https://i.imgur.com/axnaWWz.png Steel & Sons Cup 2019 (https://i.imgur.com/Bo46VcK.png)
https://i.imgur.com/uYxKeNg.png https://i.imgur.com/KjOPghS.png Premier Intermediate League 2019/20 (https://i.imgur.com/Bo46VcK.png)
https://i.imgur.com/uYxKeNg.png https://i.imgur.com/PPdKOWN.png Intermediate Cup: 2021 (https://i.imgur.com/Bo46VcK.png)

Managerial History:
https://i.imgur.com/uYxKeNg.png https://i.imgur.com/DnR3KJx.png Dergview: 5 July 2018 - 25 June 2019
https://i.imgur.com/uYxKeNg.png https://i.imgur.com/Bo46VcK.png Bangor 15 July 2019 -
Love s good British & Irish steel challenge, never completed it myself though, best of luck.
Best of luck! Will be following!
My Careers:
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FM20Beta: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) / Full Release: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
Cheers @Dan, I really didn't know what type of career to do and I thought I'd keep it "generic" with the BSC.

Only a few people have actually completed the challenge @bigmattb28 and I hope I'm next.

Cheers @r96Skinner.
British Steel Challenge: The Starting Point


As you all seen from the previous post I didn't want to begin in England so that ruled out four vacancies and I didn't want to copy a fellow Susie member so didn't bother applying for the Albion Rovers job in Scotland, they did offer me an interview but I turned it down. I did apply for both vacancies at League of Ireland clubs Shelbourne and Derry City but I was unsuccessful in both without even getting a job interview - that only left one vacancy available and not one I ideally wanted to go for but c'est le vie.


Yep I am beginning my challenge in my homeland with Northern Irish Championship side Dergview who are predicted to finish rock bottom of the table so it could be a long season ahead for the Castlederg outfit. They've only offered me a one year deal at Darragh Park but I'll be earning a "staggering" £250 per week and as one of the proposals I had to keep the Director of Football Adrian Forbes at the club which is fine.

Ah, back in the leagues were non-contracts rule the division, I expect any good players to be moved on with me having no control.

The squad's small, signings will need to be made to add some much need depth but I'm confident we won't finish bottom.


Wow. There's 12 current players at the club who don't believe we can beat the drop. Negative Nancy's.


Preseason went quite well though with just the one defeat from seven games, losing to, as expected, Premiership side Ballymena United. The side did manage to beat Ballymena Premier outfit Newtowne 2-0 but we drew 2-2 at Coagh United. Omagh Hospitals were beaten 6-1, North West side Strabane were beaten 4-1, Drum United were disposed off 5-2 and then the preseason preperations concluded with a 1-1 draw at the Riada Stadium against another Ballymena Premier outfit in Ballymoney United.


Signings had to be made. Signings were made and I still expect a few more to arrive throughout the campaign.

Dergview: August 2018


And here we finally are, the first month of competitive fixtures is upon us in what could turn out to be a long season ahead at Darragh Park as we're still predicted to finish rock bottom in the Championship and be relegated to the third tier of local football but I'm quietly confident we can avoid the drop, even if some players don't agree with me. The league campaign begins in East Belfast with a trip to Dundela before hosting Harland & Wolff Welders, travelling to Ballinamallard in a local(ish) derby before concluding the month with a home League Cup second round tie against fellow Championship side Welders.


The first month of the season has gone better than I expected with two wins and a defeat from our opening three league matches as the season kicked off with a 2-0 away win at Dundela who had ten men for the majority of the game but Wilgar Park's a hard place to go but we were dominate and deserved maximum points we then faced another East Belfast outfit in Harland & Wolff Welders and began the 2018/19 season with two wins from two games following this 3-2 success - we were 3-0 up and seemingly cruising but let the Welders back in but held on for the win.

It was then time for derby day and a trip to Ballinamallard United who inflicted our first league defeat of the season as the Mallard's won the game 2-1 at Ferney Park, they were 2-0 up but a late goal from our left winger Dougherty made it a tense finish but my Dergview side just couldn't find the equaliser. The final game of the month saw our run in this seasons League Cup come to an end as Harland & Wolff Welders got revenge for the league defeat by securing a 3-1 win at Darragh Park, and deservedly so. I'm not too upset about the League Cup exit as the league has to be the priority.


It's still very early days but I'm pleased with how well we've began the league season as the Dergs are currently lying in third place after three league games although the majority of the league have games in hand so we could fall as far as sixth if results go against us, but, at least we're not propping up the table unlike the East Belfast trio of Knockbreda, Dundela and Harland & Wolff Welders who're all pointless after their first two games.


September produces some tough looking fixtures and I wouldn't be surprised if we suffered some more league defeats - I expect us to lose in both trips to Carrick and Portadown so anything from those games will be a bonus - we face bottom of the table Knockbreda at home while we also welcome Limavady United and PSNI to Darragh Park. Tough looking month but we've to remain confident.
Good start, which was needed ahead of the next bunch of fixtures. League definitely the priority!
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A decent enough start considering where the players think they'll end up. I'd say definitely consolidate this year and maybe push on for promotion next.
Yeah September is looking like it'll be a tough month @r96Skinner but this league is unpredictable so anything can happen.

It's pretty mental @bigmattb28 that the majority of the squad thinks we aren't good enough to survive.

Cheers @Dan, that's all it is though, not a bad start.

Dergview: September 2018


With a decent start behind us it's important that we build on it throughout the month of September but with games against both Carrick Rangers and Portadown both away from home, it's going be a tough month. We have home fixtures against Knockbreda, Limavady United and PSNI and those are the games we should be targeting to win.


What a superb month, unbeaten as we picked up eleven points from the fifteen that were on offer. The month began with a 3-1 victory as Knockbreda were beaten at Darragh Park while just six days later my Dergview side picked up a hard earned point at Taylor's Avenue as the league fixture finished 1-1. Back at Darragh Park, Limavady United were beaten 2-1 to record our third consecutive home win in the Championship.

It was then a frustrating scoreless draw against PSNI and that would've been a game I thought we could've won but the month did conclude with a hard fought and excellent 2-0 win away to the then unbeaten leaders Portadown.


Eight games into the league campaign and Dergview remain in third position and thirteen points clear of the basement side Knockbreda which I'm delighted about and it's important we don't start slipping down the table although I'm sure it's going to happen eventually. We have won five from our eight league games, drew two, lost one and have a positive goal difference of seven. Onwards and upwards.


There's going to be five fixtures next month as the first round of the Intermediate Cup is due to be scheduled but the draw hasn't been made at the moment. We have a daunting trip to the league favourites Larne at Inver Park but that's in between two games at Darragh Park against Ballyclare Comrades and Loughgall. The trip to Knockbreda will more than likely be changed until the Tuesday before or will be postponed for the Intermediate Cup tie.
Great September there, hopefully this form continues into the next month and the big game at Larne, a good result there could really kick start your season.
This month was a spectacle, could you do it next month? Keep going
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Fm 2020 - Saves

"I think we have no chance of us beating the drop" - hands down one of my favourite FM statements I've seen Love the dynamics.

Going good mate keep it up
Larne are the massive league favourites @bigmattb28 so if I can get anything from Inver Park then it'll be a bonus - then again, we did secure a 2-0 win at Portadown at the back end of last month so anything's possible.

It was @SrWerGaming, much better than I expected.

Ha, they're so negative @KEZ_7 but somehow we're exceeding expectations even though "we're not good enough at beating the drop".

Dergview: October 2018


Last month was a month to remember for the Darragh Park side, not just picking up eleven points from a possible fifteen available but we went through the month without a single defeat as we head into October and my third month at the helm. In the Intermediate Cup draw, we were drawn at home to North West outfit Maiden City.


It was almost another perfect month but unfortunately defeat to Larne (as expected) had to ruin all that. October began with a 1-1 draw at home to Ballyclare before that loss at Inver Park, the side returned to Darragh Park and eventually had enough to see off a stubborn Loughgall side and Dergview secured a 3-1 win and then in our final league game against Knockbreda which as expected was rearranged it finished one apiece at Breda Park.

The final fixture of the month saw Derry based side Maiden City make the near hour long journey to Castlederg and we advanced thanks to a comfortable 3-0 success.


That poor enough month that seen us pick up just one league win from the four on offer has seen us slip down a position and into fourth place but still fourteen points clear of the basement club and six points behind the leaders Portadown. We still continue to exceed expectations and hopefully that'll continue and then the football club will be safe from relegation in no time.


And in the penultimate month of the year we will have four league fixtures scheduled with two at home and two away from home. At home we will entertain Dundela and Carrick Rangers while face trips to Tillysburn Park to face Harland & Wolff Welders and Lakeview Park to face Loughgall. The second round of the Intermediate Cup is scheduled to be played at the end of November but the draw hasn't been made yet.
You're still in with a chance of winning this. They are all winnable games next month! Best of luck!
As tongey says, you're definitely in this title fight my man!
Fingers crossed next month goes as well as previous months have, you can do this!
Disappointing to lose to Larne but definitely still in with a shout, just hope other results go your way!
I don't think we'll win the league @tongey and @Dan but the best we could hope for would be a playoff spot and even that would be a stretch.

They're all winnable games @AdamRK so here's hoping...

Unfortunately @bigmattb28 Larne (and Portadown) are a cut above the rest of the league on this save.

Dergview: November 2018


Last month was a tough month as we could only win one single league game - the 3-1 win over Loughgall but drawing two and unfortunately losing to Larne at Inver Park. The penulimate month of the year sees us play three league games against Dundela, Harland & Wolff Welders and Loughgall while we entertain Larne in the second round of the Intermediate Cup.


It turned out to be a decent month with two wins from our three league fixtures played but unfortunately our Intermediate Cup hopes were dashed at Darragh Park. The month began with a frustrating 3-2 defeat at Darragh Park against East Belfast outfit Dundela but a week later we headed to the East of Belfast and secured an excellent and well deserved 2-0 win over Harland & Wolff Welders before a single goal win over Loughgall at Lakeview Park secured back to back league wins.

Then came the Intermediate Cup classic to conclude the month was Larne won a seven goal thriller, securing a 4-3 win in Castlederg. If I remember correctly we played very well and count ourselves to be unfortunate that we couldn't at least force extra time against one of the league favourites. C'est le vie.


Still fourth. Still exceeding expectations and we're 19 points clear of the basement side the Welders and we're getting closer to league survival game by game. The club are seven points behind the league leaders Portadown who are only above Larne on goal difference and we're four points behind our rivals Ballinamallard who we face on Boxing Day at Darragh Park. Yes, we are still in the title picture but no, I really don't think we have a chance in winning the title and would be a tad unrealistic to think so.


The final month of the year is going to be a busy one as there's seven matches that are to be played, six of them in the league and an Irish Cup fourth round trip to the Ballymena Premier outfit St. James' Swifts. We will begin with that "mouthwatering" home fixture against Larne before heading to Ballyclare three days later - in a four day period we will be at home to Carrick Rangers and then away to Limavady United while our last two fixtures of this calendar year will be at home to rivals Ballinamallard and current leaders Portadown.
Oh man at least you're riding high and not event thinking about the bottom end of the league. If not this season maybe next season you can get that promotion slot.
Agree with Matt, its unlikely to happen this year around but its a solid base to build on next season.
Nope @bigmattb28 I'm pretty confident we've almost done enough to avoid the drop . . almost.

Changes will need to be made @Dan if we're going to launch a promotion push next season as some of the squad simply aren't good enough - problem? If they're good enough then they'd more than likely get poached by other clubs.

Dergview: December 2018


The final month of two thousand eighteen is upon us and my sixth month in charge of The Constitutes and it's been an enjoyable stint so far as we are well clear of the predicted bottom spot in which we were predicted come the start of the season and as expected we're inconsistent. There's six league matches to be played in a busy December alongside our Irish Cup fourth round tie away to Ballymena Premier outfit St. James' Swifts.


To say December was a frustrating month would be an understatement as the side won two, drew two and lost two of our six Championship matches played this month. Things began with an excellent but perhaps undeserved home success over professional outfit Larne as we won 4-2 with Paul Smith bagging a hat trick but three days later and Ballyclare beat us at Dixon Park but then the side did advance in the Irish Cup, defeating St. James' Swifts 3-1 on the road and our reward was a home tie against Premiership favourites Linfield. Joyful stuff.

Back to league action and it was a 2-2 draw at home to struggling Carrick Rangers before an annoying 2-0 loss at the Limavady Showgrounds but we deserved to lose. On Boxing Day a single goal gave us a 1-0 win over Ballinamallard United at Darragh Park and then the final game of the year saw us draw 2-2 at home to Portadown.


And this is how the league table looks come the end of the calendar year. We are in fourth place, twenty two points clear of the basement club and guaranteed a top half finish this season which has absolutely delighted me and I'm sure the board but I'm just hoping we don't get duffed in every "Championship Group" game as that would destroy morale. I'm quite surprised to see Carrick Rangers struggling as they were predicted to be a title challenger following their relegation from the Premiership.

There's only two games scheduled (thus far) throughout January so I chose not to post the fixtures. We will make the trip to second bottom PSNI before hosting Linfield in the Fifth Round of the Irish Cup.
Tough month, forms a bit inconsistant but compared to where you should be this season you're flying man!
Tough going but at least there's plenty to play for and at least you're guaranteed to finish top half so if there is any slip ups it won't be season ending.
The form is to be expected mate from a team who simply aren't good enough @Dan but are still somehow exceeding expectations.

Correct @bigmattb28 - we have avoided relegation so I can be proud.

Dergview: January 2019


It's a New Year and it's been a tremendous season to date at Darragh Park even if the side stuttered quite a bit in the previous month and this month there's just the one league game heading our way as we travel to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and then host Premiership giants Linfield in the fifth round of the Irish Cup - can we cause a monumental upset against The Blues or they it be a comfortable win for the South Belfast side?


Our one and only Championship fixture this month, away to second bottom PSNI saw us record a comfortable 3-0 win at Newforge Lane and it perhaps could've been one or two more but it's always nice to score three goals on the road and keep a clean sheet in the process. Four days later we then had the daunting Irish Cup home tie with Linfield and the Premiership side advanced as expected but not without a major scare because we had taken the lead for an entire three minutes before the Premiership side levelled and then won it in extra time.


It seems a little stupid to post the league table due to only one league fixture being played but despite winning though we have slipped down to fifth place on goal difference due to Ballyclare winning their game in hand but a top six finish was guaranteed at the end of last month which now means we've avoided relegation from the Championship with ten matches remaining.

2/2/19: Ballinamallard United (H)
5/2/19: Portadown (A)
19/2/19: Dundela (A)
23/2/19: Ballyclare Comrades (H)
2/3/19: Larne (A)
30/3/19: Ballinamallard United (A)
6/4/19: Portadown (H)
13/4/19: Ballyclare Comrades (A)
20/4/19: Dundela (H)
27/4/19: Larne (H)


And so next month there's going to be four league fixtures awaiting us with two of them being at home and two of them on the road - our two home fixtures will see us entertain rivals Ballinamallard and Ballyclare while we've got back-to-back away trips to Mid Ulster side Portadown and East Belfast outfit Dundela. It's going to be a tough end to the season but at least we can guarantee that relegation CANNOT happen.
Even though survival and a top half finish is confirmed hopefully your team don't take it fro granted, as high a finish as possible should be the aim now. Hope you turn over Ballinamallard at home though!!
Next game is the crucial one, Beat Ballinamallard and you'll be in with a shout of top 3 finish!
I hope they don't @bigmattb28 but at least my aim has been sealed so it's all good...

Yep @Dan but we really need to cut out the inconsistency.

Dergview: February 2019



Another mixed month has been concluded but with just the one defeat I suppose it could be considered a good enough month. It began with a 3-1 home loss to Ballinamallard United which has made our aspirations for an unlikely playoff spot ended even though we then won our next two games away from home, both 1-0 against Portadown at Shamrock Park and Dundela at Wilgar Park. The month ended with a 1-1 draw at home to Ballyclare Comrades.


Back up to fourth mainly due to those back-to-back single goal victories as our chances of a playoff spot continues as the side is just two points behind both Portadown and Ballinamallard. PSNI, Harland & Wolff Welders and Carrick Rangers are embroiled in a relegation battle alongside perhaps Knockbreda as well. I'm still chuffed at how well we have exceeded expectations and remember, some players in preseason didn't think we were good enough to stay up and yet here we are.


There's just two fixtures to be played next month, which will be the penultimate month of my first season at the helm and they're both away from home. At the start of the month we travel to league favourites Larne and then at the end of the month we make the journey to Fermanagh to entertain Ballinamallard United.


But the final piece of news this month is potentially huge news for the future as the Dergview board is allowing me to go on my first ever coaching course which will see me receive the National C Licence if I am successful. The course will take approximately four months of hard graft and studying while the board is covering the £800 fee for the course.
Doing a solid job with Dergview, really really REALLY hope Larne or Portadown win the league.

One of them will win the league for sure @DNZY but it would be better if both of them could get promoted to the top tier.

Dergview: March 2019



Just two league games were played in the penultimate month of the season and they were both defeats and we didn't score in either game which was frustrating enough. It began with a two hour journey up to East Antrim to entertain the potential soon to be champions Larne and the home side eased to a 2-0 win at Inver Park while our second and final game was a 1-0 loss at Ferney Park against Ballinamallard United.


I don't want to say that our playoff hopes have ended but they're looking very slim with just one month and four league games remaining. It's a two horse race between Larne and Portadown to determine who is going to go up to the Premiership as champions but you can't rule out Ballinamallard who have an outside chance - The Welders remain bottom and three points from safety so it's between them, PSNI and Carrick who see who finishes bottom and automatically gets relegated - the second bottom side go into a relegation/promotion playoff.


So there's just the four Championship matches remaining of what has been a solid enough campaign at Darragh Park and there's still three games to be played at home and two of those three home is against the top two in Portadown and Larne while the other fixture is against Dundela. The single away game will be a long trip to Antrim to face Ballyclare.
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