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I once again embark on my mission to win every trophy possible on the game. It's not going to happen and I have no set route I want to complete it in. Let the journey start.

@Dan, Thank you mate! The step up into the Premiership is a big one so survival is the main aim!

@bigmattb28, 2 trophies ticked off in Scotland, only 5 more to go. Not sure they will be with St Mirren though...

@jameo_94, A last day title win is always exciting! Our form definitely dipped and it was getting a little bit tight at the death but we came through with flying colours. To avoid relegation would be seem as a great result, and maybe win a trophy.


We're half way through our debut campaign back in the Scottish Premiership and things aren't looking too bad. There are definite things to improve on but our players are developing nicely into quality players and our results aren't to bad considering we are meant to be the whipping boys of the league. I am looking at other jobs because I don't think we will win the league anytime soon and I'm in a rush to gain trophies. If a suitable job comes up then I'll be applying in an instant but for now I'm still here and still enjoying it



We've done alright through the first 16 games of the season. I'm pretty happy with how things are going. We've gained some big results against the so called TOP teams showing we aren't just here to make the numbers up. As you can see, there are a lot of draws creeping in again which is frustrating as they could so easily have been maximum points. The aim for the second half of the season is to do just that. We need more wins on the board in order to cement our top-flight status.

Our record this season so far is: 5 WINS, 7 DRAWS, and 4 LOSSES.


As things stand, we currently sit in 7th position. Just below the top half and things aren't looking too bad. We sit on 22 points, 16 points ahead of the relegation zone which is the important thing. We actually only lie 5 points behind the European Qualification spot so that is an aim for us. Obviously, it's an outside aim but if we could nick a place in that it would mark a good season at the club.



We improved on our result in this competition from last season as we managed to get out of the group stage this time around. We actually performed excellently in the group stage as we went unbeaten and finished top of the tree. Wins against Morton, Motherwell, Kilmarnock and Berwick all with clean sheets was a great way to start the season. In the second round we were drawn against Hearts and once again they beat us, this time on penalties which was a gut-wrenching way to exit the competition.


1. Chris Hendry - 8
2. Scott Guest - 6
3. Nathan Craig - 5

1. Chris Waugh - 10
2. John Dingwall, John MacLeod, Jim Alexander - 3
3. Lee Hyam - 2

1. Chris Waugh - 7.21
2. David Thomson - 7.20
3. Nathan Craig - 7.17

Next Post: End of Season Update


We're done this season. No more football to play and it's been a better season than I think anyone could've thought of. We didn't win any trophies so nothing to tick off there but we made great progress as a team and we are in a position to challenge for domestic trophies next season. We probably need an addition or two to add real quality in certain positions but nothing major. Overall, I'm pleased with how we've performed and I'm excited to see what we can do next season.



I didn't realise that once the regular season has finished, the league splits into two, and the top 6 play each other and the bottom 6 play each other. We were lucky enough to finish inside the top 6 at this stage and therefore cemented ourselves as a top 6 finisher. Our form was patchy right at the end and we couldn't quite finish the season off with a European place falling at the last hurdle to Aberdeen who secured the final place when they beat us on the penultimate weekend. Our form had peaked before this and I was reasonably confident of a qualification spot but it wasn't to be I'm afraid.

Our record in the second half of the season was : 9 WINS, 5 DRAWS, and 8 LOSSES.


A final finish in 6th position, frustratingly one place out of the qualification for the Europa Leauge but nevermind. I'm really pleased with how we performed this season and it looks good for next season where hopefully we can challenge for the upper echelons of the league. Who knows? A league title may be out of the question though right?



Things were looking so good in the cup until we were drawn against champions and superteam Celtic in the Qtr Final. We had beaten Hibernian and Inverness CT in the previous rounds and I was hopeful of at least making the semi-final before the draw killed out chances. They put us to the sword in a 4-2 defeat.


1. Chris Hendry - 28
2. James Jack, Nathan Craig - 10
3. Scott Guest - 8

1. Chris Waugh - 17
2. Chris Hendry - 8
3. Scott Guest - 7

1. Chris Hendry - 7.31
2. David Thomson - 7.12
3. Nathan Craig - 7.09

Next Post: Pre-Season Update


I'm just about to kick off my 3rd full-season in charge of St. Mirren, and I'm confident we can challenge for those European places and also win a trophy or two. The league title is probably still too far away for us but you never know. The media actually think we will finish 3rd bottom but what do they know. I've made a couple of signings to help bolster the squad and a couple of players have left us in their bid for first-team football.


Callum Alexander // CB // Celtic // Free
Callum is a young exciting prospect who will join our ranks as our 4th CB. In fact, all our CBs are young prospects so there will be a rotation. He's definitely one for the next few years so we shall see how he progresses. Can't go wrong a free though. As you can see from his stats he has insane physical skills and is very good mentally.

Ivan Gonzalez // CM // Bradford City // Free
We needed another CM as we were lacking in numbers there and Ivan is just what we needed. He's more of an attacking player but I'm hopeful he can defend as well. He has decent technical skills so should slot into the team quite well.



We actually played a fair amount of friendlies this season so we should be fit and ready to go for the league campaign. We played a total of 7 and managed to grab 2 WINS, 3 DRAWS and 2 LOSSES. All the games were really close, but as I've said before, the results don't matter too much. It's about getting minutes in the legs.



We were drawn in a group alongside Stranraer, Airdrie, Hearts and Queen of the South in the annual cup competition. I fancied our chances in this when I saw the group and we didn't disappoint. We ran out as group winners after beating Stranraer, Hearts and Queen of the South. We didn't grab full points as we lost on penalties to Aidrie. Onto the next round we go...

Next Post: Mid-Season Update


Half way through the 2032/2033 season and things are promising. We've performed miracles in the league campaign and we also have silverware to shout about. An incredible achievement and I'm so proud of the team and club that I've been a part of building. The club has a new chairman who has backed me and we have improved the youth facilities to no end. At the moment we currently have a number of players that have come through the ranks with us challenging and playing in the first team.




It's been a while since I've given an update of myself so now is the time to do so. I'm going to post my stats below so you can see how I've improved. I've also reached my 500 games in management and I have the following record:

250 WINS, 117 DRAWS and 133 LOSSES




What a start to the campaign it's been. We've managed to get rid of the draws that plagued us last season and turn them into wins. We only drew the one game in the first 16 which is an improvement. Our record for the first 16 games is: 10 WINS, 1 DRAW and 5 LOSSES. That's impressive and to have more wins than losses is always a good thing in my eyes. The only downside is that we haven't kept many clean sheets and that's something I need to look at improving on. My keeper is a quality keeper but is it my tactic or my players? I'll look into it.


We sit in 4th position at the half way stage. The teams above us are the ones you'd expect to find: Celtic, Rangers and Dundee. At the moment we are only 4 points off top spot but the top two have games in hand so that'll be 7 points most likely. We sit 10 points ahead of 5th so we have a little cushion to help us protect our European qualification with.



WHAT A SET OF PERFORMANCES! WE WENT AND WON THE CUP! Incredible results against Celtic and Rangers in the final meant that we lifted the Betfred Cup. I can't quite believe it but we won it on penalties. The final score in penalties was 9-8 with my keeper Luciano netting the winner. Incredible!!



1. James Jack - 15
2. Chris Hendry - 13
3. Chris Waugh, Billy Munro - 7

1. Chris Hendry - 10
2. Billy Munro - 7
3. Chris Waugh - 6

1. Chris Waugh - 7.34
2. James Jack - 7.33
3. Chris Hendry - 7.31

Next Post: End of Season Update



Another season in the books and it's been even better than last time out. We managed to secure a trophy as explained in the last update (The Betfred Cup) and also managed to qualify for the EURO Cup. That's some achievement considering we were in the Championship not long ago. The amount of young players I've brought through via the youth teams and also signed from rivals is really helping as they are improving season upon season and that's a good thing.




Just a little update regarding my manager and it's a really nice update to bring to you. I've been voted as the 'Scottish Players Manager of the Year. They voted me as their manager of the year and that's really nice to receive! Happy days!



Our form over the second half of the season was nothing short of amazing! We managed to gain some remarkable results against the top teams including a lovely 3-0 victory against Rangers and a nice 1-0 victory against title winners Celtic. Our biggest win was a ridiculous 8-3 romp against Ayr. The most disappointing result was definitely the 4-2 defeat against Partick Thistle. Anyway, our record over this half of the season was: 10 WINS, 7 DRAWS and 5 LOSSES!


We sat in 4th position at the halfway stage and that's exactly where we ended up! A hell of a season ends with Continental Qualification (and it may just about keep me around in St Mirren). We could actually have finished in 3rd but a draw on the last day meant that we fell to 4th. I'm not disappointed though!



It was an early exit in the Scottish Cup and it was disappointing all around really. We actually got off to a good start in the competition with a 4-0 victory agianst Ayr but we fell to a humiliating defeat against eventual winners Inverness CT. Not to be this year.


1. James Jack, Chris Hendry - 26
2. Chris Waugh - 12
3. Billy Munro - 10


Chris Hendry actually won the leagues top goalscorer award with 23 scored in the league! That's impressive considering the money invovled with Celtic and Rangers. James Jack came in second with 19 which is ridiculous in it's own right. Some firepower we've got.

1. Chris Waugh- 13
2. John Dingwall, Billy Munro, Chris Hendry - 12
3. Ivan Gonzalez - 11

1. Chris Waugh - 7.33
2. David Thomson - 7.26
3. Chris Hendry - 7.22

Next Post: Pre-Season Update
Just read through this entire story! What a read....will be following religiously from here on out!!
@TheNotSoSpecialOne, thank you for taking the time to catch up with this. Means a lot to know that people are enjoying it as much as I am, and it keeps me going.



Last time around, I'd just told you all that we had qualified for the Euro Cup and I was really excited about the prospect of getting going in that. It wasn't to be though and things have taken a turn in my career. I've decided to quit my post as manager of St Mirren. because I think I've taken them as far as I can and I'm just going to stagnate if I stay around any longer. I don't know where I'll end up next but hopefully, I can go somewhere where we can win some trophies quickly.




When the draw came out I knew we were in for a battle. PAOK are definitely a better team than we are so to only lose by one goal is quite an achievement. We did have our chances in both legs but we just couldn't find that goal to help us on our way. This was the final straw for me as if we had stayed in the competition I probably would've stayed at the club.

Next Post: A New Start...


I've got myself a new job after a couple of months searching! I said that I wanted to find a club that would allow me to win trophies quickly and potentially get close to completing another country! I've found that club down to a tee! I've made my way to Finland and the club that's taken a chance on me is FC Inter Turku. Last time out they finished 2nd in the league when they really should be winning the division comfortably which led to the dismissal of the previous manager. I can't wait to get on with this and conquer Finland.


Club Overview


FC Inter Turku are a professional Finnish team playing in the Finnish Premier League. They were founded in 1990 and have won 8 trophies in their history. They've won the top league in Finland on two previous occasions and I'll be looking at adding a third to that list.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £13 and they average 450 season ticket holders. The club has one fierce rival in TPS and they contest the Turku Derby with them.

The team play their home games at the Kuppittaan jalkapallostadion which has a 9,372 capacity but only allows 8,400 for normal matches.
Training Facilities: Good
Youth Facilities: Basic


The Squad


I've got a pretty decent squad at my disposal, once again, like usual I'm going to try and add some experience and some youth prospects to the squad to add some depth and to provide competition to the first 11.

Kari Nygard is the leader at the club. The goalkeeper has ridiculous stats for the league we are in so I'll be hoping for a number of clean sheets!

JoniPenttila is the man in the middle of the park! He's going to be key to us scoring goals as he can unlock the defences. He's got decent ability so hopefully, he can be the star in the midfield.

Next Post: Pre Season Update
Good luck in Finland! Nygard looks like a beast!
Funny seeing you in Finland now as I haven't really moved from my location as I haven't had the time to play FM.
Good luck in Finland mate....hopefully you'll find the quick success you've been looking for and add some trophies to your cabinet this season!
Done a top job in Scotland mate! Good luck with ticking some more off in Finland.
Just catching up, good luck in Finland, that's 1 country I've never managed in all my time playing CM / FM. AM sure you'll fill up that trophy count in no time there
@henrytg, cheers man! Appreciate you reading!

@HawkAussie, it seems the place to be right now haha! Need to get back to playing my friend!

@Dan, thank you dude, hoping to be a quick turnaround here and move on to the next stop.

@bigmattb28, I don't think I've ever managed here either but not 100% sure. Should be a good stop for me anyway.


Since I took over right at the back end of last season, I've had a long pre-season to get things sorted. In that time, we've had the qualifying for the Finnish Cup and also a massive number of friendlies. I've had fall outs with my players and also brought new ones in. The first bit of news is that Kari Nygard my star goalkeeper wants to leave the club and is not happy at all that I keep rejecting offers for him. He can go when they pay his release clause but not before. Onto the transfers in...


Hèlio // LB // SAN // Loan
I was in desperate need of a left back and Hèlio popped up in my recommendations so I jumped at the chance to get him in for the year. His physical traits are top notch and he's got some decent mental stats to go with that. He's my starting LB for the year.

Usman Nwankwo // CB // Enugu Rangers // Loan
Usman was actually here last season on loan and I immediately set out to renew his loan deal. He's a commanding centre-back and will play at the heart of my defence.

Michael Okoye // CM // Rivers Utd // £275k
Michael came in midway through the pre-season and has already improved. He's mostly going to be used in rotation in the middle of the park. He's only young and should progress nicely into a star midfielder for me.

Thabo Arendse // ST // Bloem Celtic // £350k
I needed depth up top and Thabo was available for a modest fee. He should score plenty for me as his finishing trait is not too shabby at all. He's very pacey so needs to make use of that to make the most of his potential.

Wilson Pinho // RW/ST // Boavista // £150k
I actually signed Wilson on a free transfer but they triggered an extension to his contract at the last moment so I went back and paid for him. He's young and should turn into a quality winger/goalscorer for me in the future.

Stanisa Markovic // CB // Javor // £97k
Stanisa is going to be my back up CB. We needed just a little bit more depth at that position and he's come in quite cheaply. Hopefully, I can keep him happy with his game time and he can produce the goods when called upon.



We have played a huge amount of friendlies this pre-season. I only usually play 4 or 5 but this time I played a massive 9 games. We played a mix of quality teams and performed pretty damn well if you ask me. A good win against CSKA Moscow is always a good result to have. We managed to get: 5 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 2 LOSSES. The main thing is that the team have now learnt my tactic and should be set for the season ahead.



The Finnish Cup qualifying stage takes place in the pre-season as well meaning we had 5 games extra added onto it. We were drawn in a group with RoPS, AC Oulu, Jaro, TPS, and SJK. We were expected to finish top of the group but this didn't happen. I wasn't too disappointed though as the top 4 teams qualify for the second round. Overall we had 1 WINS and 4 DRAWS. Not the greatest of form but we didn't lose which was important.


We finished down in 3rd position meaning we did qualify so that's all that matters! Onwards to the second round we go...

Next Post: Mid-Season Update


I've had such a good run of form in charge of FC Inter Turku, so much so that I've not recorded a loss yet and we are exactly halfway through the season. I've hit the jackpot in terms of the job hunt and things are going so well. If you remember last time, my star goalkeeper wanted to leave. I managed to keep hold of him in the transfer window but he doesn't want to renew his contract so he will more than likely be gone at the end of the season anyway. If things go my way, I'll be gone by then too so no qualms there.



As you can see, it's all either green or yellow on the board so far. More green than yellow to so I can't complain. Things have just gone our way and the players are enjoying their football at the moment. Good player happiness means good results. As of 11 games in the season we've got: 8 WINS and 3 DRAWS. That's incredible and we've scored a total of 22 GOALS and conceded only 6 GOALS. We've managed to keep 6 clean sheets. Impressive stuff from the boys!


Despite our ridiculous form in the league, it's still so tight at the top as TPS are also on a great vein of form and only sit 1 point behind us in the title race. We sit on 27 points and they sit on 26. Meanwhile Jaro are propping the table up on 2 points. Ironically 1 of those points was gained against us.




After our unbeaten group stage in the qualifying rounds, we managed to go on and win the whole competition! The only game that was close was the final against HJK because it was taken to extra time. The 4-1 result isn't really a true reflection of how it went but we won the trophy!! On the way we beat FC Kontu, KuPS, Jaro and HJK!.


1. Thabo Arendse - 13
2. Jesse Oskanen - 9
3. Tapani Forsman - 5

1. Tapani Forsman, Jesse Oskanen - 6
2. Michael Okoye - 5
3. Jan Riihimåki, Thabo Arendse - 3

1. Jesse Oskanen - 7.52
2. Michael Okoye - 7.38
3. Tapani Forsman - 7.36

Next Post: End of Season Update
Things are going well in Finland mate, looks like the league is yours to lose. Keep it up!
@bigmattb28, You'd like to think so wouldn't you! Things are looking good!


The unbeaten season wasn't to be unfortunately as we lost a couple of games towards the back end of the season. I also apologise as I thought I was halfway through the season but I wasn't. I was only a 1/3 of the way through so yeah...My start keeper signed for another team in Portugal but is only joining at the end of the season so I've had him for the whole of my first campaign in Finland which is a positive. How did we get on then...



Just look at how much green is on that fixture list! An incredible season only sees us lose 2 games out of 33 matches. That's some form! Anyway we carried on our form for a long time and went 27 matches unbeaten until we finally lost to 4-2 to our old friends Jaro. It was some way to lose as well but I'm not angry with the lads. Our 2nd half to the season saw us go: 12 WINS, 10 DRAWS and 2 LOSSES. Can't argue with that. We managed a total of 44 GOALS and concede 24 GOALS.


WE WON THE TITLE COMFORTABLY. It probably could've been even better for us but SJK kept up with us until the very end and we managed to win by a 4 point margin.. CHAMPIONS OF FINLAND ONCE AGAIN FOR FC INTER TURKU!




[i]Following on from last seasons success, it meant that we had qualified for the Euro Cup. We were drawn against Kaisar from Kazhakhstan and managed to dispatch them with ease. It was onto FC Vaduz from Switzerland next and after 2 tight matches we came out on top on aggregate 4-2. We were handed the toughest of draws next as we faced Werder Bremen who sent us packing out of the competition after beating us 3-2 on aggregate. A good run and some money in the bank for the board to use.


1. Thabo Arendse - 24
2. Jesse Oskanen - 19
3. Wilson Pinho - 11

1. Tapani Forsman, Jesse Oskanen - 10
2. Jan Riihimåki - 8
3. Michael Okoyo, Joni Penttila, Thabo Arendse - 6

1. Jesse Oskanen - 7.43
2. Joni Penttila - 7.22
3. Wilson Pinho - 7.20


Next Post: A New Start
That was nice and easy as expected, well done.
@Dan, Just need to head back and win the Finnish First Divsion now and thats another country ticked off. Nice and simple.


I've finally managed to get back to my home country of England. My first management job here and I've got myself a corker in my eyes. Tranmere Rovers have decided to install me as their new club manager and I can't wait to get started. I'm not sure why they've got rid of their previous manager but I'm happy to have taken the helm. You'll be able to see below how they've done in the current season and what I need to do to take them to the next level.


Club Overview


Tranmere Rovers are a professional English team playing in the Sky Bet League Two. They were founded in 1884 and have won 4 trophies in their history. I'll be looking at adding to the trophy cabinet quickly but also be here for a long time and build something special. The club has won the Sky Bet League Two once in 2028. The Checkatrade Trophy had Tranmeres name on it in 1990.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £20 and they average 3,450 season ticket holders. The club has a number of fierce rivals in Wrexham, Everton, Chester and Liverpool. Other rivals include Stockport, Bolton and Blackpool.

The team play their home games at the Prenton Park which has a 16,582 capacity all-seater stadium.
Training Facilities: Average
Youth Facilities: Good


The Squad


Looking at my squad and I definitely need to add some more quality. I've got some amazing talents there but not enough. I'll be looking at adding to the squad at the first chance I can get. My 4 best players are all on loan to me from bigger clubs which is worrying but I'll be embracing them this season to help me achieve my goals!

Carrick Swain is on loan from Chelsea and is the best player at the club at the moment. The centre-half has unbelievable physical attributes and will be one hell of a player one day.



As you can see from the league table, things have gone really well for the club. Pre-season media predictions actually predicted them to finish 5th so they are ahead of that so far. My aims for the team this season is to go on and win the title outright and I don't see why we can't do that. As for the cup competitions, Tranmere are still in the Checkatrade Trophy but have been knocked out of the FA Cup and Carabao Cup early doors.

Next Update: End of Season Review


Back to the grind and a ridiculously long season in English football that I haven't been used to for a while. 46 games is a long stretch when you add in cup games as well. I've enjoyed my first season in charge at Tranmere Rovers, probably because I was put into a really positive situation. Finances are good, club position was good. We just needed to bring a couple of players in and that's what I did. I'll detail those below in a second. You'll see how I got on with my attempts to get Tranmere to win the League Two trophy afterwards!


Anthony Clarke-Ioannou // CM // Notts County // £250k
Anthony has come in to plug the gaping hole in midfield. We had a startlingly low number of midfielders in the first team so I needed to address that. He's god amazing physical traits and at 24 years old, he can improve yet. A promising sign for the future.

Alan O'Sullivan-Reynor // CB // Notts Forest // Loan
Alan has come in on loan for the remainder of the season to help plug up the defence. He's strong and quick and should step in easily to command the rest of the defence. A much needed signing at the back.

Axel Andri Arngrímsson // GK // Lincoln City // £9.25k
This is an absolute steal of a transfer. Axel has all the qualities to be a top top goalkeeper as we try and climb the leagues. He's come from League One outfit Lincoln so should be easily good enough for League Two.

Pontus Larsson // CM // Oxford United // £51k
Another midfielder to help come in and stabilise us. Pontus has great stats for a holding midfielder and will be used in rotation with the others. I look forward to him challenging for a first-team role.



As I said in the first update from Tranmere, they had already progressed through the group stage under the previous manager. It was up to me to try and take them as far as I could. We were drawn against Chesterfield in the Northern Second Round. We easily dispatched them 6-2 Our reward for this fine win was a matchup against League One Oldham Athletic. We were put to the sword in this game as we lost 2-0 and that was the end of our involvement in the Chekatrade Trophy for this year.



I came into the club with the team having played 19 games in the league, and were lying in 3rd position in the table. It was up to me to navigate the remaining 27 matches and try and get them to win the title outright. (I'll say it now, promotion via the playoffs is enough for me in this challenge but title wins are better). As you can see I got off to a hot start winning the first 5 matches and going unbeaten for the first 7.. My first loss was to Notts County and was quickly followed by a loss to Oxford United. Our best result was probably the massive 8-2 victory against Leyton Orient where Dylan Pugh grabbed 4 goals. In total, we managed 15 WINS, 7 DRAWS and 5 LOSSES. I couldn't really ask for more from the lads as they gave me everything they had. Was it enough to climb the table and come out on top though?



IT WAS ENOUGH! I'm unbelievably excited about winning the Sky Bet League Two. Granted I was put in a decent position but I'm happy we've managed to finish the job off and win the title. It was a close run into the league as Crewe Alexandra pushed us all the way and were only 2 points behind us at the end. Bury also finished 2 points behind us but finished in 3rd due to goal difference. A close league and one I'm thrilled to have on my achievements.


1. Dylan Pugh - 21
2. Dan Ormsby - 15
3. Abiodun Olaniyi - 13

1. Abiodun Olaniyi - 11
2. Hezron Stern - 9
3. Jake Warren - 8

1. Abiodun Olaniyi, Pontus Larsson - 7.05
2. Lewis Forman - 7.03
3. Alan O'Sullivan-Reynor - 7.02

Next Update: Pre-Season 2035/2036 Update
First off well done on the league win in Finland, as I expected a nice straight forward victory there. Also well don on landing on your feet with Tranmere and taking them up. With a good showing in league 1 you might just get them to the championship within the next 2 years!
@Dan, thanks mate, was squeaky bum time for a while though so I'm glad to have come through it.

@bigmattb28, yeah Finland was easy to be honest, should tick that off quickly when I return there. That's the aim, settle in this season then go for the league the season after this one.





The board emailed me at the end of last season with some exciting news. They deemed Prenton Park to be too old and had too high running costs so have decided to build a new stadium. This is excellent news as we look to build for the future. They did stress it would be a long process and they had literally just started.

Preparations had started for the new season in our new league Sky Bet League One and I've been very active in bringing new players in. I was given a budget of £1.5m to spend and I wasn't afraid to use it. I've not actively sold my players but let a couple leave at the end of their contract and put a few youth prospects out on loan if they weren't going to feature for me. The media have predicted us to finish lower mid-table this season in 17th position. I think we can finish higher than that to be honest and will be trying my hardest to get as high as possible. I'll probably focus on a cup competition to try and keep the trophies ticking over as well.



Chris Hayden // CB // Tottenham // Free Transfer
Chris was released from his contract at Tottenham and I jumped at the opportunity to sign him for us. He's got the amazing potential for a young lad and at 18 years of age he's got a while to grow into his new role. One for the future.

Avdyl Beqiri // AMC/AML/AMR // Queen of the South // £18k
Avdyl is a Kosovan star and I had to bring him in when I saw he was transfer listed. We needed someone out on the right-hand side so he will slot straight in there. He's pacey and will use that to his advantage. Looking forward to lots of goals from this lad.

Jack Goodridge // CB // Swansea // Loan
I've never been afraid of using the loan market when there are good players available. Jack is a commanding centre-half who should be a staple in our defence. We've got him for the year but if he does well, I may try and sign him again.

Stamatis Symeonidis // ST // Tottenham // Loan
Stamatis is a late addition. Tottenham (my feeder club) sent me a list of players available for loan and I jumped at him to be honest. He should bang in the goals for us this season. He's far too good for this level already and I don't think we will be short of goals this season.

Sean Chapman // ST // Tottenham // Loan
Sean is another one from the Tottenham academy. I've switched to a 2 up front to accommodate both himself and Stamatis. GOALS, GOALS, GOALS! Sean is the pacey one, who will get in behind the defence and pop the goals in.



We went on a pre-season tour to the sunny region of Manchester! How lucky are we eh? We played a number of friendlies including matches against Manchester United U23s, Tottenham, Liverpool, Crawley and Grays. I'm not quite sure how half of them are from the Manchester region but I'll go with it. We actually performed quite well and got a brilliant win against Manchester United U23s. We scored quite a high number of goals and that's what our fans should expect this season.

Next Update: Mid-Season 2035/2036 Update
Just caught up on everything over Christmas and woah! Great work with St Mirren and like you said it’s hard to see how you could have broken the Celtic/Rangers duopoly! I was surprised to see you head to Finland but with some of the signings you made the league never looked in doubt! Might be worth going in for some of those lads down the line Congrats on the promotion too, excited to see how you get on in League One!
@AdamRK, first of all thank you for taking the time to catch up! Glad you agree that it would've been hard to knock those two of their perches! I think I made the right decision. In terms of Finland, it was simply a decision to go and win some easy trophies! FC Inter are far and away the best team there so it was a no-brainer!





It's a very rare appearance for the ever popular segment of Manager Update, and it's not even that exciting this time around I'm afraid. I'm here to just say that I've been offered a new contract at Tranmere Rovers and I've accepted. It's a no-brainer, to be honest as I look to continue to build the club and climb the English leagues. I now earn a whopping £1.7k a week. Jealous right?




I didn't really know what to expect from my lads, but I did know that I had brought in some real quality in key areas. Our main strength is up-front so it's no surprise that we are scoring goals for fun. We got off to a ridiculously hot start as we only lost the once in the first 13 games. I was astonished, to be honest, but I'll happily take it. That form included a run of 9 wins in a row. Our form then went a bit hit and mix as we picked up wins then lost games and we couldn't really find a run of amazing form again. A successful first half of the season I think. Our first 24 games went a bit like this: 16 WINS, 3 DRAWS and 5 LOSSES! We scored a massive 56 GOALS and conceded 24 GOALS.


So, halfway through the season and we're looking good for another promotion! We sit 2nd in the table, a short way behind table-topping Sheffield Wednesday. We sit on 51 points, only 3 behind them. Who said another title win? (WHO KNOWS).



I thought we would progress a bit further in the Carabao Cup if I'm honest. We sailed through the first round against Hull as we dominated them from start to finish. The scoreline doesn't reflect our dominance but a win is a win. It was to be a penalty nightmare for us as we lost this way to Plymouth Argyle and were ultimately knocked out of the competition.



We were drawn in a group with Wrexham, Blackpool and Tottenham Hotspurs U23s. I thought we could definitely get out of this group with winnable games against Wrexham and Blackpool. We managed the win against Wrexham but failed to beat Blackpool. We got an unlikely win against Tottenham Hotspurs U23 (Who are our Parent Club) and managed to top the group and progress. We got a tough draw in the next round as we were to face Liverpool U23s. We put in a decent performance but they were clinical and knocked us out 3-2. I'm not too disappointed.



I'm so disappointed with how we fared in the FA Cup (the cup for the underdogs.) We had an easy draw in the 1st Round, as we faced Solihull Moors and sent them packing with a 2-0 comfortable win. Colchester United was our fate in the next round and I expected us to dispatch them fairly easily as well but that wasn't to be. A 2-1 defeat meant the end of our FA Cup dreams for another year.



1. Sean Chapman - 17
2. Stamatis Symeonidis - 16
3. Tim Price - 11


1. David Guy - 10
2. Stamatis Symeonidis, Abiodun Olaniyi - 7
3. Sean Chapman, Tim Price - 5


1. Tim Price - 7.33
2. Abiodun Olaniyi - 7.31
3. David Leach, Jack Goodridge - 7.27

Next Update: End of Season 2035/2036 Update





It's not often that I have a bit of crucial information about the club to pass on to you, but today is a day that I do. It's amazing news for the club, but it may not be for me in the long run. Basically, the club got the go-ahead to build the new stadium that they were planning. The new stadium will have a capacity of 12,643 and will be based in Birkenhead. It's going to cost the club a cool £14.25m with £2m of that being secured by selling the old stadium Prenton Park.

I'm excited that the club is moving forward but I'm not sure that I'll be here by the time it's finished. I think that I've taken the club as far as I can (You'll see below) and have received offers from some interesting looking clubs. Who knows what I'll do but anyway, it's amazing news for the club itself.




The second half of the season has come to an end and the season is done and dusted for another year. Last time around I was sat in 2nd position only 3 points behind Sheffield Wednesday. I went on another good run of form but so did they and they kept theirs going longer than we did. Quite frankly they pulled away faster than a Lamborghini at a traffic light. We were quite quickly just playing for the runners-up spot. In the last 22 games we had the following record: 9 WINS, 9 DRAWS and 4 LOSSES. I'm still in shock at how well we actually performed this season coming into the league as a club expected to battle against relegation. We actually ended the season as...


LEAGUE RUNNERS-UP!! We finished in 2nd place in the league, but it was a lot tighter than expected. Crewe pushed us all the way but we prevailed and grabbed that 2nd automatic promotion spot. We're going to be in the Championship next season. This is definitely uncharted territory for the mighty mighty Rovers. You can see why I think I've taken them as far as I can.


I'd love your thoughts on what I should do? I've been offered the Newcastle United job in the Prem. So you're options are:
- take the Newcastle job
- stay on at Tranmere
- resign and find a new job in a new country?

Next Update: A new beginning maybe?
Congrats on going back-to-back, that’s some achievement with Tranmere! What’s the set up like at Newcastle, are they decent, do they have any star players? What jobs are available elsewhere?
Well done on going up again, incredible achievement. Superb season by sheffield Wednesday too but thats no ones surprise. Realistically are you going to win anything with Newcastle in the short term thats the question?
Having managed Newcastle a lot, it isn't as fun as you'd think unless they've started being successful in your save?! Would love to see you try and take Tranmere all the way to the big time!
Wow, well done on the promotion man! I'm going to be abit biased here because as a Newcastle fan I'd say go there, but if Mike Ashley still owns them in game I'd stay at Tranmere, I mean from an unselfish point of view, you deserve the chance to keep them in the Championship and a few losses won't hurt your rep unless you get sacked which I doubt you will. Looking forward to seeing where this goes...
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