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I once again embark on my mission to win every trophy possible on the game. It's not going to happen and I have no set route I want to complete it in. Let the journey start.

@AdamRK, Cheers mate, appreciate it. Newcastle are a mid table prem team in the save, seem to have a little bit of money but nothing massive. There was an interesting job available in Holland at NAC Breda who are doing really well lately. Was tempted to apply.

@Dan, Sheffield Wednesday dominated in that second half of the season and pulled away rapidly. We couldn't keep up with them, but I'm happy we went up! (I'm taking that as a trophy by the way haha).

@KEZ_7. yeah, I can imagine Newcastle being quite difficult to progress to the top due to the stupid ownership. Be a big challenge to take Tranmere to the top though...?

@bigmattb28, the board surely can't sack me if I lose a few games right? Newcastle is a big team and it would help my reputation but I think my mind is made up...




As you can see by the lovely logo above, I've made my mind up, and I'm staying at Tranmere Rovers for another season. I turned down the opportunity to interview at Newcastle United and set about trying to build a squad capable of staying in the Championship. I'm honestly not expecting much from the season and neither is the media who predicted us to finish 24th, right at the bottom of the pack. Maybe I'll try and target a cup win but even that's a long shot. Anyway, transfer time.


Nuno Ferraz // ST // Penafiel // £300k
Nuno comes to us as we were in desperate need of a striker after the two main men left to head back to Tottenham Hotspurs after the loans finished. Nuno is a very pacey striker who scored a lot of goals in Portugal. I'm hoping he can be the main contributor of goals this season.

Phil Kljeisten // LB // Tottenham Hotspurs // Loan
Phil fills a massive hole for us as we had no left back on the books. He comes in on loan from Tottenham and is a quality addition to the squad. He should be able to get down the wing and grab us a few assists. Very excited about him agreeing to join us for the year.

Miguel Silva // AMC // Academica // Free
Miguel comes in to strengthen us in the middle of the park. He's an attacking player who should chip in with a few goals and plenty of assists. He has good technical skills and should improve too. Good deal on a free.

Lasse Olikainen // CM // FC Lahti // £195k
Lasse comes into us from Finland and has all the ability in the world to make him a starter at the club in the long run. He may not start at the beginning but if he trains well then who knows. He's one for the future even at 25 years old.

Scott Guest // CM // Dundee United // £2m
Scott is our big money signing and I'm thrilled to be teaming up with him again. He was with me at St Mirren after I brought him in there. He's going to be the cool, calm collected head in the middle of the park and I expect big things from him.



We played a good amount of friendlies in order to gain fitness for our debut season in the Championship. It's not about the results but wins breed confidence right. We grabbed wins against Peterborough, Fleetwood and Barwell who we should be beating to be honest. We lost against Tottenham and Liverpool and a draw against Preston. Results went the expected way in everyone.

NEXT POST: Mid-Season Update
You did the right thing staying mate, hopefully some good performances and you should stay up this year.
Good to see you staying at Tranmere! Kljeisten looks a good player for this level, really phils a hole!
Let see what you can do, i belive you can stay on Championship.
With some good reinforcements it may be that the thing goes, it depends on the injuries and what they show.
For me, let's say the results were good on these friendly ones, and maybe you've got an idea of ​​the players that add value to the starters.
Good Luck "my old rival" (save germany, 2nd Bundesliga)
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Fm 2020 - Saves

@bigmattb28, I think I made the right choice in staying. Definitely going to need a bit of luck and some results to go our way but I believe we can stay up and maybe even surprise everyone whilst we do.

@AdamRK, and that award for the best joke on the forums goes to.....! Seriously though that was shocking ha! He looks to be a bit of a coup for me, hoping to bring him in on a full-time basis but I don't think Tottenham are going to allow me!

@SrWerGaming, I believe we can stay in the Championship too! I think I've brought in some quality players and hopefully, they can do the job! I'm looking to bring back the Koln save soon, I've just been too busy enjoying this save at the moment. The rivalry will return soon






It's that time again! MANAGER UPDATE!! You've been looking forward to this right? Once again it's not as exciting as you'd like it to be. The board have offered me another contract and it was again, a no-brainer to accept. I've decided to try and keep the club progressing and hopefully one day we can get them to the Prem and win the league with them. Up the Rovers! I now earn a huge 2.4k a week




WOW, I thought we would be involved in a relegation battle, and so did the media. I think everyone thought we would struggle, but we've done the opposite. We look like a very good mid-table Championship team and I'm thrilled to be able to say that! We've been the surprise package gaining wins against teams we have no right in winning but then again, we've lost some games that we should be winning but I won't lie, I'm astounded by our form. We had a tricky start to the season but I change my tactic around to go a bit more attacking and it seemed to work. Our form started to turn around and we've done well to climb the table.

In the 23 games so far we've had: 9 WINS, 5 DRAWS and 9 LOSSES. Impressive for a team tipped to be in a relegation battle.


We sit in 13th position at the halfway stage. We have 32 points on the board but we need some more to totally eliminate the relegation possibility. It's so close in the league as the team occupying the last playoff spot are only 4 points ahead of us on 36 points. Crazy!



It was a short journey for us in the Carabao Cup this time around. It started well as we comfortably beat Crewe Alexandra in the first round. We ran out 2-0 winners. We got given a tough draw against Premiership outfit Wolves and they put us to the sword in a 2-0 defeat. I'm a little disappointed we couldn't progress further but let's concentrate on the FA Cup and staying in the Championship.


1. Nuno Ferraz - 9
2. Tim Price, Avdyl Beqiri, Scott Guest - 4
3. Miguel Silva, David Guy, Craig Wright - 3

1. Scott Guest - 5
2. Nuno Ferraz, David Guy, Time Price - 3
3. Abiodun Olaniyi, Avdyl Beqiri, Lasse Ollikainen - 2

1. Scott Guest - 7.04
2. Time Price, David Leach - 6.96
3. Avdyl Beqiri - 6.95

NEXT POST: End of Season Update






2 MANAGER UPDATES IN A ROW!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I really don't think these are as much as a hit as they should be but here we go. I've got another bit of manager news for you, and it's a historic one. I've reached 700 games in management. I've never done that many games before in my FM History so I'm really excited to see how far I can keep it going. My record in these 700 games is:


355 WINS, 167 DRAWS, and 178 LOSSES. Now if my maths is correct, that just short of a 50% win rate, which isn't too shabby considering the number of games I've managed.




The second half of the season has made me question whether to move on once again. I mean we did ok but our true level showed I think. We lost a lot more games this half of the season and dropped down the league a little bit. I'm debating my position but for now, I'm still in charge of Tranmere Rovers. We managed to pick up some key victories against relegation tipped teams which ensured we kept our heads above the water at most points throughout the season...but did we manage to avoid the drop and the first time relegation back to the Sky Bet League One...


In the 23 games in the second half of the season we managed 8 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 13 LOSSES. Impressive for a team tipped to be in a relegation battle.


We ended up in 18th position! We survived our debut season in the Championship which is something to be proud of I guess. I'm in the business for trophies though so I'm in a pickle here. One more season in charge maybe? Burnley stormed the league and ended up winning the competition. It wasn't as good news for Wigan Athletic, Hull City and Reading who were all relegated.



I LOVE the FA Cup, but success wasn't to be for us, and quite frankly I don't expect to win it with Tranmere. We did get further than I thought we would. It was a good opening victory against Forest Green as we sent them out of the competition after a 1-0 win. We got a tough draw against Stoke who are mid table in the Prem and we sent them packing too. A solid 3-2 victory was enough. It wasn't to be against another Premierleague side Southampton who defeated us 2-0 and ended our dreams of lifting the cups.


1. Nuno Ferraz - 19
2. Tim Price - 8
3. David Guy - 7

1. Tim Price - 7
2. David Guy, Scott Guest - 6
3. Robert Rogers-Springthorpe - 5

1. David Leach - 6.96
2. Tim Price, Scott Guest - 6.95
3. Axel Andri Arngrimmson - 6.87

NEXT POST: Pre-Season Update
oh yeah, gotta keep it in the league that was most important. Now is to bring some new players, put up with the best ones you have and who knows, attack the first half of the league ??

In the cups we know that it is difficult but who knows, sometimes a sparkle can emerge.

May the next season run better than it is.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

Done what needed to be done this season mate. All about how you build this summer to push for a playoff spot ideally, unless a big trophy oppotunity job pops up.
@SrWerGaming, I agree, with the right acquisitions who knows what may happen. I think you're right, if we attack the first half and see where we are at the midway point then re-asses my position. Cups are magical things and upsets happen every year, let's hope we can produce one or two.

@Dan, That's the first job complete, now it's time to see what we're really made of. Unfortunately no big job came up for grabs so I'm staying for the season. Let's see what happens!





Phil Kjleisten // LB // Tottenham // £120k
Phil was here last season on loan from our parent club Tottenham Hotspurs and I saw he was available so I jumped at the chance to bring him in on a permanent basis. He was pretty decent last season so it was a no-brainer. I'm glad to have him here for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Weaver // AML // Sheffield Wednesday // Free
We were in desperate need of someone to come in and fill the AML role and Ryan does just that. He's come into us at the end of his contract and I'm stoked to have him here. He's got a good goalscoring ability and is pretty pacey so should be able to use that to attack down the wing.

Tim Price // CM // Wigan Athletic // £185k
Tim is another that was on loan with me for the past 2 seasons. He was one of my first signings when I took charge and has come up the leagues with me. He's proved himself as a Championship level centre midfielder and I'm happy to have him here permanently. He will play a big role this season once again.

Jesse Kunst // CB //FC Groningen // £230k
As a couple of my centre-halves went back to their parent clubs I needed to bring in some quality. Also, we weren't that good at the back last season so Jesse comes in to help solidify us. He's only a youngster at 24 and has bags of potential.

Brad Burrows // ST // Wolves // Free
I actually signed Brad at the end of last season on loan as a bit of depth up front. We only had the one striker and Brad came in to back him up. I got the chance to sign him on a free transfer and it just made sense as he did ok. Looking forward to seeing if he can make a run at the first team.

Jack Goodridge // CB // Swansea // Free
Jack is the final player we signed this pre-season. I had him on loan once again for the last two seasons and Swansea allowed him to go for free so I snapped him up. He will partner Jesse at the back and hopefully, they can strike up a partnership.



I was given the options of choosing where to go on our pre-season tour by the board and I chose the Algarve in Portugal. We played 3 friendlies whilst out in Portugal and notched up 3 wins against Ferreiras, FC Castrense, and Quarteirense. We played pretty well and scored plenty of goals showing our attacking potential. We also grabbed a clean sheet against FC Castrense which is nice to see. We then came home and played against two big boys in Arsenal and Liverpool and lost both the games. I won't be too disappointed by these as we actually played pretty well in both.

NEXT POST: Mid-Season Update
Well done on avoiding the drop mate, hopefully you can build on that and push on this year, keep it up!
Well done on cracking that 700 barrier in games, now to go for another 700.
Well done keeping them up mate, definitely time to push on now. I'd say a play off spot is definitely within reach.

Massive congrats on the 700 mark. Now aim for the big 1,000.
@AdamRK, Cheers bud, big accomplishment staying in the league. Shows we have the ability to dig in. The real push for the playoffs next time around starts now.

@HawkAussie, Thanks man, don't think I've ever gone this far in a career so it's a big deal for me. Let's get to 1000 now!

@bigmattb28, I think it's an outside chance to get a playoff spot but I'm going to try my best. I've brought so really good players in and I had the second highest league scorer in Ferraz last season so he's a real asset to have! Thanks for the continued support!






What a start to the season we've had! It's been quite incredible to watch and I'm overjoyed with how we've performed. We've improved at the back from last season and we aren't conceding as many goals. Upfront we've continued to pop them in on a regular basis so that's not a problem. We've had some miraculous wins against decent teams such as Nottingham Forest and Swansea. We have lost some stupid games where we should be winning like the matches against Southend and Sheffield United. I can't quite believe what has happened to us from last season. Even though we played well enough to stay in the league last time around, I didn't think we were quite ready enough to mount a playoff challenge but the team have proved me wrong.

Our record this season is as follows: 13 WINS, 2 DRAWS, and 8 LOSSES! We've actually won more games than the league leaders Derby County but have lost more than them too. We've scored a total of 34 GOALS and conceded 26 GOALS. I'm so impressed with us and have such optomism for the second half of the season!


We're currently sat in a playoff position, so how about we just stop the league now and be done with it . We lie in 6th position on 41 points. We only lie 3 points behind the league leaders Derby County so who knows what will happen. The league is so tightly contested and we will have to continue to play to our best in the 2nd half of the season to secure us atleast a playoff spot.



It was one and done for us in the Carabao Cup this season, as we recevied a tough draw in the 1st round. West Ham sent us packing after beating us 2-0. A disappointed cup performance but it allows us to concentrate on the league and helps us with our fitness later on down the stretch. Positive spin eh?


1. Nuno Ferraz - 12
2. Joseph Oliesh - 7
3. David Guy, Miguel Silva - 4

1. David Guy, Ryan Weaver - 5
2. Miguel Silva - 4
3. Brad Burrows - 3

1. Phil Kljeisten - 7.19
2. Joseph Oliesh - 7.15
3. Liam Game - 7.08

NEXT POST: End of Season Update
What a start !! It was a shame to have left the carabao.. But now is to concentrate all the forces in the championship because this year, may be the year of the rise who knows .. ahah
Good luck for the second half
Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

Great start so far dude, wouldn't worry about the cup exit it means you can concentrate on the league even more now.
@SrWerGaming The Carabao Cup in the grand scheme of things isn't as important as the league. Are we going to win the cup (not likely), but the playoffs are a real opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to read again!

@bigmattb28, Exactly, the league is the priority so I'll be concentrating on that for the remainder of the season! Cheers for commenting again bud!






We had played really well in the first half of the season and had totally dumbfounded the media and pretty much everyone in football! At the half way stage we were in the playoffs, but could we stay there? If you look at our form in the second half, it has been up and down, with more highs than lows. Once again we had some really good wins showing our strength, but then we throw that advantage away against teams we should be beating. It's quite frustrating having the form like that. We once again scored lots of goals, but conceded a fair few as well, could goal difference be the crucial factor perhaps?

Our record in the second half of the season is as follows: 11 WINS, 4 DRAWS, and 8 LOSSES! We've scored a total of 21 GOALS and conceded 35 GOALS. As you can see, our form wasn't as good as the first half but still more wins than losses.


[i]WE HAVE SNUCK INTO THE PLAYOFFS! INCREDIBLE SCENES ON THE LAST DAY. We needed to beat Crystal Palace in order to sneak in, and we did just that. We finished in 6th position and qualified as the last ones into the playoffs where we were drawn against Sunderland. An incredible season in just our 2nd season in the Championship. We're on the up!


As I said above, we were drawn against Sunderland who had finished in 3rd position in the league. They finished 7 points ahead of me in the league and we shared the spoils in the league both winning one game against each other. I wasn't too confident going into the game but playoff football is unpredictable so you never know.

1st LEG (HOME)


We narrowly lost the 1st leg 3-2 which was disappointing considering we were at home and we actually played really really well. An 89th-minute winner for Sunderland put them in the commanding seat for the return leg. A killer blow for our hopes of qualifying for the final.

2nd LEG (AWAY)


The away leg was a one-sided affair and we never looked like winning the game. A disappointing way to end the season but I can't be too harsh on the lads. Did anyone really think we could get the playoffs this time around?



The FA Cup was more successful for us than the Carabao Cup but only by one round. We dispatched Oldham Athletic in a 4-0 thrasing and were awarded a television tie against Chelsea. They showed their quality and sent us home after beating us 3-1. Success not to be this season I'm afraid.


1. Nuno Ferraz - 25
2. Joseph Oliesh - 10
3. David Guy - 8

1. David Guy - 11
2. Ryan Weaver - 8
3. Miguel Silva - 6

1. Phil Kljeisten - 7.21
2. Joseph Oliesh, Jack Goodridge - 7.05
3. David Leach - 7.02


Nuno Ferraz came second in the goalscoring ranks last season, but went one better this time around. Not bad for a 21 year old who I signed for a mere £300k. BOOM!


I've got a big decision to make this off-season. Is success on the cards here at Tranmere or do I look for greener pastures in another country. I feel that I am building something here and have some quality youth coming through but can I win the Championship next time around? Maybe? What do you guys think?

NEXT POST: Pre-Season Update
Oooooh do you stay or go. After getting beat by the dirty unwashed, especially to a last minute goal too, I'd probably leave if it was me. But what jobs are out there? As it's end of the season there's bound to be some managers leaving anyway, maybe see what comes up, you never know there may be a lower mid table premier league team with your name on it........
That’s unlucky at the end to not go up, but talk about progression over the last two seasons, it’d be interesting to see if you could go further next year! Or, if there’s any interesting jobs abroad then who knows... you’re approxhing a World Cup right? Could see some good club or national jobs open up
@bigmattb28, it's a huge decision, might take me a while to get another Championship team that is challenging for the title or playoffs so if that's the case, I should stay, but I feel like I'm stagnating a bit now and should move on for the good of the career. Who knows what I'll do.

@AdamRK, Huge progression on and off the pitch, we've got the new stadium finished now which should attract more fans so that's good news. I don't fancy an international job just yet, I'm thinking I may head back to South America if I get the chance...

Anyway, the save will be back soon, just been a bit busy with work lately but updates are coming! Stay tuned!
@bigmattb28, it's a huge decision, might take me a while to get another Championship team that is challenging for the title or playoffs so if that's the case, I should stay, but I feel like I'm stagnating a bit now and should move on for the good of the career. Who knows what I'll do.

@AdamRK, Huge progression on and off the pitch, we've got the new stadium finished now which should attract more fans so that's good news. I don't fancy an international job just yet, I'm thinking I may head back to South America if I get the chance...

Anyway, the save will be back soon, just been a bit busy with work lately but updates are coming! Stay tuned!

Hopefully something comes up that's worth while you leaving mate. Maybe look abroad as you say am sure you'll be welcomed with open arms in South America.


I'm back, and I've returned with a new venture on this career. I felt my career was stagnating at Tranmere Rovers so I decided to resign with immediate effect. I did feel that I was building something special there but didn't have the time to do it. This challenge is about winning trophies and I couldn't achieve that quickly enough with Tranmere. I've got myself another job quickly enough though and I have the chance to tick off another country pretty quickly if things go to plan. I'm back in...



Yes, that's right, I'm back to complete Finland and conquer it once and for all. I've landed myself a job in the Finnish First Division with a team performing well in the league to date...PS Kemi is the team to hire me and I have the chance to gain promotion straight away. You'll see why when I update you on the season so far...


Club Overview


PS Kemi are a professional Finnish team playing in the Finnish First Division. They were founded in 1999 and have won 8 trophies in their history. They've won the Finnish First Divsion and the Finnish Second Division twice each in that time. I'll be looking to add a third Finnish First Division title to that list if I can.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £11 and they average 300 season ticket holders. The club has no fierce rivals but has a number of other rivals in RoPS, TP-47 and AC Oulu (all local)

The team play their home games at the PS Kemi Stadium which has a 3,250 capacity but only has 852 seats. I love stadiums like this!
Training Facilities: Average
Youth Facilities: Basic


The Squad


We have a fairly small squad at our disposal here but I prefer it that way. We seem to have the key positions down but I may try to bring in a couple of players very quickly to add to this. We have good ability too which is always a bonus.

Teppo Turpeenniemi is the best player at the club. The striker is very pacey and can finish well. He has 8 in total this season. Not bad, not bad.




The league campaign has gone pretty well, to be honest. There is more green than red and orange on that fixture list which is always good. There have been some good wins against top teams. The team currently sits in 3rd position with only 7 games to go. I'll need to win most of these games to have a chance at the title but the second promotion place is up for grabs. We sit 3 points behind 2nd place HIFK and 8 points behind leaders Haka.

Next Post: End of Season Update
Slight twist there mate going back to Finland, am sure you can conquer it in 1 season!
Good to see this is still going, best of luck in Finland @tongey
@Dan, cheers for sticking with this despite the long breaks. I aim to post more often now I have a bit more time.







With only four games left when I took over and the club lying in 3rd position we had it all to do in order to gain promotion. It would likely take 4 victories out of 4 to complete my goal here in Finland. As you can see above, it wasn't 4 victories that we got. In fact, we were no-where near. We drew against the team lying in 2nd spot Haka which ultimately meant our dream was over before it started. We really needed a victory against them to mount a challenge. A victory away at Gnistan put us back on track before we lost unexpectedly against lower ranked Ilves. A victory on the last day of the season against GrlFK secured us a 3rd place finish, but it's not what I wanted.



I came here to win the league in this one season, and I failed to do that, so it's time to move on as the club aren't up to challenging again, they don't have the resources to do so I have decided to resign my post and search for another job elsewhere. Time to travel the world again.


Next Post: A New Beginning


After deciding to end my stint after only four games in Finland, I set about trying to find the right job in a new country. I wanted to try a new place that I've never managed in before so I set my heart on Serbia. I have well and truly landed on my feet here, and the club to choose me to take them to the next step is...


FK Zemum


Club Overview

FK Zemum are a professional team playing in the Serbian First League. They go by the name: Gornjovrosani but I'll just call them Zemum. They were founded in 1945 and have had mild success domestically. They've won the Serbian Cup on 3 separate occasions, the most recent being in 2034. They've also won the Serbian First League twice, but not for a while.

The average ticket price for a game is £4 and they average 150 season ticket holders. The club has no fierce rivals but has a number of other rivals in Beznajia, Cukaricki, Vozdovac, Rad and OFK Beograd (all local).

The team play their home games at the Gradzi Stadion which is a 10,000 capacity all-seater stadium.
Training Facilities: Good
Youth Facilities: Great


The Squad


It's a decent looking squad at first sight and I'm happy with what I've got at my disposal. Coming in at the midway point in the season (I think), I won't be making any additions until I see them all play.

Miroljub Tejici is the best player at the club. He's on loan from OFI and is only 21. The holding midfielder will be key for our success going forward./i]




[i]As you can see, we lie at the top of the tree which is why I've landed on my feet. It's my task to continue the challenge for the league title and I fully believe in my ability to do so. We're level on points with Zlatibor so they will provide a stern test. We're not in any of the domestic cups as. we were beaten in a previous round so it's just the league campaign to foucs on this time round.

Next Post: End of Season Update
Shame you couldn't scoop that league title, but plans don't always go the way we plan, good luck in Serbia
@Dan, these things often don't go our way but I'll be back to complete Finland in the future. Can't wait to try and manage in a totally new country for me! Thanks for reading man!


FK Zemum


I know, I said I wasn't going to sign anyone due to the season being nearly over and wanting to give everyone a chance. I had a huge budget of £4m available to me, so I decided to bring in reinforcements to bolster the squad.


Dejan Subasic // CM // Loan // Proleter
Dejan is the kind of player that you need in the centre of the pitch. Good fitness, and good ability on the ball! Decision making is high showing he chooses to do the right thing more than often. I'll hopefully add him to the squad on a full-time basis in the summer!

Mario Mendonca // AMC // £47.5k // Tondelo
I bought Mario in from the Portuguese league to add a bit of creativity and flair that is needed in this league. He has a good goalscorer past from the AMC position and I'm hoping he will continue this over in Serbia.

Vuk Roganovic // AML // £61k // TSC
Vuk was a relatively late signing coming in only 2 days before the first match. He added competition to the left side and assists goals for fun. I can't wait to see what he can do with a run of games under his belt.

First League Preliminary Phase


As of the last update, we were in prime position to win the league as champions. The league table was ridiculously close though and it was up to us to continue the fine form and mount that title challenge. We did just that with a total of 5 WINS, 1 DRAW and 1 Loss. The loss came against fellow title challenge Zlatibor and I thought we were in trouble at that point as they overtook us in the table. Our final day victory against Graficar secured us the top spot going into the Final Phase. A good first 7 games in charge which set us up nicely for the crucial final phase where the title will be decided.


First League Final Phase


The top teams go into Group A and play each other, whilst the bottom teams go into Group B and battle it out to survive relegation. We continued in the same rich vein of form and marched onwards towards that first league title I was looking for. 4 WINS, 2 DRAWS and a final day LOSS was our record in the final group phase but was it to be enough?




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Top work on another title mate, think your first post needs updating too
Now then, I've just trawled entirely through this epic thread, a true globetrotting adventure. I was a bit surprised that you left Tranmere but obviously you thought you had done all you could there. Best wishes in the Serbian Superleague!
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