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I once again embark on my mission to win every trophy possible on the game. It's not going to happen and I have no set route I want to complete it in. Let the journey start.

@liverpool8, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I think this is the furthest I've ever been in my saves too so I'm impressed with myself. This league is really frustrating me, but I am still enjoying it. The salary cap is the most annoying thing, but I can't do anything about it.

@Dan, I'm glad you've stuck around since the start, to be honest. I think you should get your saves back going again! There is definitely something about trying to win everything on the game, even if it does take a while!


Colorado Rapids // Season 2046




It was another belting way to end the season! It wasn't as convincing end to the season as I was hoping for and we didn't end up where I wanted, but we did perform well! We hit a slump in the middle when we lost 3 on the bounce to teams we could probably have beaten. Towards the end of the season, we may not have lost many, but we definitely drew too many and I'll be looking at how we can change that next season. Our record over the last 18 games was:


[i]We ended up coming runners up in the MLS Western Conference which also meant we were straight through to the Semi-Finals of the Western Conference Finals. To come second only 1 point behind San Jose is a bit gutting as we deserved to win it I think. Not that it makes a difference anyway, as we both qualify for the Semi-Finals.

MLS Western Conference Finals


We were drawn against Minnesota United in the Semi-Finals and having lost heavily to them the last time we met, I wasn't confident at all. We managed to sneak a draw in the first leg which set us up for a spectacle in the second leg. We totally surprised ourselves by beating them 3-1 and with that, we sailed through to the Western Conference Final. We were drawn against Seattle Sounders, and this time I was quite confident that we could progress to the MLS Cup Final. Once again we drew in the first leg, but this time in the second leg we drew again and it went to the drama of a penalty shootout. We just about edged it and won 4-3 after 6 penalties each.

The MLS Cup Final is where the Western Conference Winner meets the Eastern Conference Winner. This time around it was ourselves against New England Revolution. What a game it was as we were edged out 3-2. I'm disappointed we couldn't hold on to win after being 2-0 up. Once again we can't hold on to a lead and we let it slip which cost us my first silverware in the USA.

MLS Supporters Shield


In the overall standings in the Supporters Shield, we finished in 4th position which is an improvement on where we were at the halfway stage. We need to improve though next season and I fully expect us to win it next time around.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Manuel Bell // 7.37
2. Mark Crane // 7.26
3. Tyrone Wright // 7.20

1. Omar Brovsky // 21
2. Efrain Cruiz // 9
3. Manuel Bell, Mark Crane, Humberto Grajales // 6

1. Mark Crane // 8
2. Tyrone Wright, Pat Hines-Ike // 7
3. Omar Brovsky, Efrain Cruz // 5

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Rapids eh? Do me a favour and have a wee on Stan Kroenke's mausoleum, cheers

All jokes aside looks like you're doing pretty well for yourself so far
070563 - 120815
280323 - 160620

I'll see you
@Dan, I'm glad you've stuck around since the start, to be honest. I think you should get your saves back going again! There is definitely something about trying to win everything on the game, even if it does take a while!

Won't be anything from me this side of the next version to be released, but I'm sure once thats here i'll come back with a similar save to this.
You're doing a good work ..

Next season will be the season!
Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

@Eric Portapotty, I'll certainly go and do that for you, just because you asked so nicely! Thank-you for the comment

@Dan, That's a shame, but I look forward to FM20 and your attempt, they are always a good read! Maybe we should do a joint one?

@SirWerGaming, I did OK work last season, it needs to be GREAT work this time around. I want to win the treble this season!


Colorado Rapids // Season 2047




I feel like this is the year for us! We've started outrageously well and I just hope we can keep it up. As you can see from the fixture list above, we have so much green on there. In-fact I thought we weren't going to lose a game in the league all season but we ended up losing against Philadelphia towards the end of the first half of the season! Brovsky and McGregor have been a hell of a partnership up front and scare most defences in the league. We've scored a total of 50 goals in the 18 games, and have let in only 20 which is an outstanding ratio. I can't complain too much.
14 WINS, 3 DRAWS and 1 LOSS


[i]We lie at the top of the Western Conference at the half-way stage, 9 points ahead of Seattle who are in 2nd position. They do have 2 games in hand but that still would love us 3 points ahead if they were to win both. Can we hold out on top of the league and win our first Conference Title?

US Cup


In the US Cup Fourth Round, we were drawn against local rivals Colorado Springs who play in the USL Western Conference. We've already done better than last year by advancing through this round. An easy 4-0 win was enough to send us through. We now face our big rivals Real Salt Lake in the 5th Round.

MLS Supporters Shield


In the overall standings in the Supporters Shield, we are currently in 1st. Once again we lie 9 points ahead of the pack but they have 2 games in hand. I'd love to get this one ticked off this season!

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Efrain Cruz // 7.75
2. Raul Lopez // 7.60
3. Manuel Bell // 7.44

1. Omar Brovsky // 11
2. Raul Lopez, Efrain Cruz // 8
3. Manuel Bell // 7

1. Tyrone Wright // 8
2. Raul Lopez, Omar Brovsky, Efrain Cruiz // 6
3. Jose Eduardo Gutierrez // 4

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that first half .. if so on the second, my god .. they probably started calling the king of America instead of king of africa.
Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

@SirWerGaming, if only we could replicate the first half of the season in the second half of it....! I'm going to start calling you the king of nicknames!


Colorado Rapids // Season 2047




The first half of the season, as you know was incredible with us only losing the one league game. I knew we couldn't quite match that form but we came pretty darn close. We lost 3 games, against Real Salt Lake, Seattle Sounders & Sporting Kansas City. I was annoyed to lose to our fierce rivals but I guess that's why they call them Derby days: anything can happen eh? Anyway, our form was definitely what I wanted and we were pretty incredible throughout the whole campaign notching up:
11 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 3 LOSS


[i]We absolutely romped to the league title. I know you don't win anything for winning your conference apart from a bye into the semi-finals but it's a pretty good statement of intent. We ended on 80 points with our nearest rivals Seattle a massive 17 points behind us. What a ridiculous margin! Anyway, that put us into the MLS Finals

MLS Finals


In the Semi-Final we were drawn against LA Galaxy. Our first leg victory sent us on our way as we smashed them 6-0 which put it beyond doubt that we were going to make the Western Conference Finals. We incidentally won the second leg 3-2 to make it 9-2 on aggregate. A thoroughly good semi-final for us.

In the Final, we played against Seattle who put us under a more difficult test. We scraped through the first leg with a 2-1 win thanks to 2 goals from Efrain Cruz. The second leg was equally shared in a 1-1 draw and meant that we were into the MLS Final.

We were drawn against Montreal Impact in the overall MLS Final. I'm not going to lie, I was confident we were going to win, and we did just that. We put down a resounding attacking performance and ended up hammering them 6-3. Omar Brovsky netted a hattrick for us and ultimately earnt us the MLS Cup My first trophy in charge of Colorado Rapids


US Cup


We made it 2 cups from 2 competitions as we ended up winning the US Cup too. After dispatching Chicago in the Quarter Finals with a 4-2 victory we went on to play New England in the Semi-Finals. What a game it was and we just about edged it 3-2. The final was a much less fun game to watch even though we ended up winning it. It was a pretty boring game, to be honest, but a win is a win. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!



MLS Supporters Shield


[i]As you saw with the league form, we finished in top position in the Western Conference with a huge gap between us and second position. We also finished at the top of the pile in the Supporters Shield but had a smaller gap between us and second-placed Columbus Crew. It was only 10 points this time



Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Efrain Cruz // 7.59
2. Raul Lopez // 7.52
3. Manuel Bell // 7.42

1. Omar Brovsky // 27
2. Efrain Cruz // 20
3. Raul Lopez // 15

1. Efrain Cruz // 14
2. Raul Lopez, Tyrone Wright // 13
3. Omar Brovsky // 8


Jamie McGregor was also voted as the MLS Newcomer of the Year. What a season he had!

I've also decided that the North American Champions League is not a realistic target for Colorado Rapids so will try and compete for that when I take on Mexico as they always seem to have the winning team.

Next Post: Where next?





I've decided to take the step back into European management and set my eyes upon the wonderful country of Holland or The Netherlands depending which one you call it. I'm excited to try my management here as it's quite a fun place to manage in. The youth systems are always top-notch so I'll be reliant on that in my new role. ADO Den Haag has offered me the role and I quickly accepted. In fact, once I had declared my interest in the job, they sacked their manager Kevin Strootman. They must have wanted me.

Club Overview

ADO Den Haag are a professional team playing in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie in the Netherlands. They go by the name: De Residentieclub They were founded in 1905 and haven't had a huge amount of success. That being said, they have won the Eredivisie on two separate occasions which is no mean feat. (back in 1943) They have been going up and down from the Eredivisie to the Keuken Kampioen Divisie over the last few seasons so I'd like to, first of all, get us promoted and then to challenge for the top flight.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £14 and they average 6,000 season ticket holders. The clubs main rival is Ajax, but also have a historic rival in FC Den Bosch

The team play their home games at Cars Jeans Stadion which is a 15,000 capacity all-seater stadium. It's a compact little stadium but it's exactly what we need..
Training Facilities: Excellent
Youth Facilities: Superb


The Squad


Teun Tuasamu is by far the best player at the club. He's a young Dutch player with immense creativity. He'll be the key in unlocking most defences for me. Let's hope he shines.[/b]

Season So Far



It's been a pretty average season for the club. The board want me to challenge for promotion so I'll be setting my eyes on those play-offs that we aren't too far away from at the moment. The form has been so up and down and that's something that needs addressing straight away. We need to go on a run of good results quickly so we can catapult ourselves up to the top of the league. With 12 games to go in the league, we are more than in with a chance of going up.

Cup wise, we are already out of the Dutch Cup after being knocked out by VVV-Venlo in the Second Round.

Next Post: End of Season Update


ADO Den Haag // Season 2047/2048


Keuken Kampioen Divisie


Our form before I took over was hit and miss, so I set about with my usual 4-2-3-1 formation and Gegenpress tactic which has worked wonders for me before. It's done the trick here as well as we haven't lost since I took over. Is this because of my stats and my ability, or is it just luck? Things are going so well at the minute. Anyway, my favourite victory was against NAC Breda who sat top of the league and we sent them home with nothing. An absolute dominant performance from my lads! Even with the draws, we should've probably won and that says something. My team is dominant in this league and the previous manager was underperforming so that's why he got the sack!
10 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 0 LOSS

[i]We finished the league in 3rd position meaning we had qualified for the play-offs. This Dutch league system has 3 playoffs rounds so we still had plenty to do if we were to go back to the Eredivisie

Keuken Kampioen Divisie Play-Offs


The first round of the play-offs pitted us against Telstar who had finished the league campaign in 4th position, 1 spot behind us. The first-leg was a boring 0-0 draw and it set us up for a winner takes all match in the second leg. We dominated the return leg and ended up going through 4-2. Job Voorjans grabbed a hattrick and put in a sublime performance just when we needed it most.

It was Fortuna Sittard who awaited us in the second round and this time we had it secured with the first leg win. 3-0 was the final score and I'm glad we put in this performance as we managed to lose the return leg 2-1 which meant we went through 4-2 on aggregate.

The Final was a grudge match against FC Twente who somehow are in this league. I have them down as a mid-table Eredivisie side so to see them here in surprising. It was an eventful 0-0 nervy draw in the first leg which meant it really was winner takes all and takes the promotion spot. Another match, another Job Voorjans hattrick and another big victory in the second leg. 4-1 was the final score and we were UP!!!


I know we only go up via the playoffs but my rules state that I can count that as the division ticked off, just like I did with Tranmere back in the day! So that's the first one in Holland ticked off.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Ibrahima Keita // 7.34
2. William-Jan Van Dijk // 7.13
3. Dehninio Esperance // 7.05

1. Ibrahima Keita, Job Voorjans, Raimond Brama, // 9
2. Teun Tuasamu, Robertico Homoet // 8
3. Roy Jonker // 7

1. Teun Tuasamu // 8
2. Raimond Brama // 7
3. Malik Pottinger, Ibrahima Keita // 5

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Oooh nice work getting promoted with only half a season to work with! Though if that Tuasamu bloke is indeed your best then you'll definitely need some serious reinforcement to stay up imo
070563 - 120815
280323 - 160620

I'll see you
@Eric Portapotty, the team were meant to be winning the division when I took over, so I just needed to give them some confidence and some form! Tuasamu is improving week on week, but agreed, reinforcements were needed! Thanks for commenting!


ADO Den Haag // Season 2048/2049


Transfers // IN


We've strengthened the squad with both youth players and experienced players. In total, I've brought in 10 players this summer. Wartha & Diks are here for the future and are in the B team at the moment or out on loan. Raimond Brama, Cheick Konate, & Maurice Sanogo were brought in to strengthen the middle of the park. Cheick & Maurice are the starting pair and both are only 18 years old. They've been outstanding so far this season so easily worth their money. Marco Van Dongen was my big-money signing from Tranmere Rovers. He wanted a move back to Holland and I offered that to him. He's the rock at the back for me.

Transfers // OUT


There have been a few transfers out of the club. Steeman & Esperance are the big two that have left us. Steeman I had nothing to do with. Napoli put in a bid and the board accepted despite my arguments. At least we got good money for the youngster and he wasn't happy anyway. Esperance was being a pain and I transfer-listed him and probably didn't get enough for him but oh well.



I didn't really know what to expect when coming up a division! The Eredivisie is such a hard league to win because of the likes of Ajax and PSV dominating between them. It's about time someone else had a go, and that's what I'm trying to do. The form has been inconsistent, with us going on winning runs, then going on losing runs, then going on winning runs again. I'm pretty happy with how we've performed though, and we've even managed to put the cat amongst the pigeons with a late win against PSV and a good win at FC Gronigen (Last Years Runners-Up). We're actually unbeaten against PSV which is always a good thing.
8 WINS, 3 DRAWS and 6 LOSS


[i]We're currently in 7th position at the halfway stage and things are looking quite good for us. We're investing in the youth system and training facilities which can only bring improvements to the first team squad in the future. It's actually quite hard to tell where we are in the league due to everyone playing a different amount of games. Anyway, 7th at the half-way stage suits me, time to kick on now and maybe qualify for Europe.

Dutch Cup


It's so far, so good in the Dutch Cup. We haven't really been tested but I'm not complaining. I may even have a shot of winning this one if things go our way. In the first round, we easily won 4-1 against N.E.C and got handed an easy draw in the 2nd round. A 9-0 hammering against Blauw Geel '38 meant that we qualified for the 3rd round against Roda JC.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Robertico Homoet // 7.38
2. Ibrahima Keita // 7.16
3. Job Voorjans, Maurice Sanogo // 7.15

1. Robertico Homoet // 11
2. Job Voorjans // 10
3. Richard Beekman, Maurice Sanogo, Ibrahima Keita, Yori Zonnveld, Raimond Brama // 3

1. Ibrahima Keita // 6
2. Nathan Bowman, Robertico Homoet // 4
3. Maurice Sanogo, Job Voorjans // 3

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Lol they actually sacked Strootman when you declared your interest?? Was his job security already insecure or did you just kick him outta there? Either way good job man and nice job on securing promotion, I've just done the same!
@liverpool8, I declared my interest in the job and they fired him straight away. His job was on the line due to bad performances so I think they thought it would be better with me


ADO Den Haag // Season 2048/2049


Transfers // IN

Erwin Willemse // RW // £1.9m // Fortuna Sittard
Erwin was highly recommended by my Chief Scout. He had previously been relegated with Fortuna Sittard and clearly has immense quality and wanted to be back in the Eredivisie. He's instantly become my starting RW replacing the impressive Ibrahima Keita. Even better that he's Dutch! I'm starting to think playing homegrown players is a good thing.

Giovanni Hasselbaink // GK // £250k // FC Eindhoven
Giovanni is young and has awesome potential to be a top goalkeeper in the league. I needed a new back up due to my old one leaving me at the end of the season so I snapped him up at a small cost. He should develop into my number one at some point.



As you can see, it's been another mixed half of the season with the form coming and going. I'd love to see where we would be if our form would continue for more than 3 or so games. We went on a really good run in the middle of this half where we won 4 on the bounce. An absolute massive victory against De Graafschaap was the highlight but the lowlight was a shock loss to Roda JC.
10 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 5 LOSS


[i]We finished the league campaign in 3rd position which is a remarkable achievement for us. It's our highest ever league finish for some time in the Eredivisie. Not only did we finish 3rd, but we finished above the mighty Ajax and also qualified for the Champions League. What a season it's been, and who knows, with the money that we get from the champions league, we can reinforce the squad with some quality that could propel us to the league title sooner rather than later.

Dutch Cup


It was 2 victories and out in the Dutch Cup as we were soundly beaten by Roda JC who are now our bogey team! 3-2 was the final score and I'm really disappointed we couldn't find the win and progress to the next round. I'll be looking for a much stronger showing in this competition next season.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Erwin Willemse // 7.32
2. Robertico Homoet // 7.27
3. Richard Beekman // 7.19

1. Job Voorjans // 20
2. Robertico Homoet // 17
3. Maurice Sanogo // 7

1. Ibrahima Keita // 8
2. Robertico Homoet // 7
3. Maurice Sanogo, Nathan Bowman // 6

Next Post: Mid Season Update 2049/2050


ADO Den Haag // Season 2049/2050


Club News


The Board had a little message for me straight after the season finished last year. I had asked for them to buy our ground so that we could expand in the future, and they duly agreed to this. Not only did this happen, but they then decided to splash the cash and just build us a brand new ground. it's going to be a 23,500 all seated stadium and should be massive for us going forward. Good on the board for doing this!

Transfers // IN

Despire gaining massive money for our highest finish in the league and also receiving another big sum for being in the Champions League Group Stage, the board haven't backed me in the transfer market as of yet, so maybe that will come next season.

Mamadou Diouf // CB // £300k // Dakar Sacre-Couer
I desperately needed another CB for depth and Mamadou is only young. He has a massive potential to be a leading CB in the Eredivisie in the future so I'm hoping he lives up to that. He's gone straight in as our number one CB in the team too.

Willem-Jan Van Dijk // CB // £2.2m // FC Gronigen
Willem has been on loan with us since I took over and I decided to make his stay permanent after 2 good seasons with us. He's the commanding CB you want as a manager and he's been solid a sa rock for us. Here's to more like it Willem.



I can't quite believe how we've taken to life in the Eredivisie. We only went on a run of 10 games without a defeat in the league to start it off. That's crazy considering we played PSV, Ajax & De Graafschapp in this time frame. Our good form against PSV carried on with a 3-2 win. Our form dropped towards the back end of this half-season but I definitely am not complaining. Our bogey team struck again as we lost to Roda JC. This has been a dream start but can it get better?



[i]We're currently in 5th position, but have a game in hand on the leaders. If we win this game we can go joint top, but probably behind them on goal difference. What a season this has been so far. Who would've thought we would've been challenging for the title at the half-way stage.

Dutch Cup


It's been a good performance in the Dutch Cup so far as we've come through a tricky tie in the 2nd round. In the first round we beat Spakenburg 4-0 to progress easily into the 2nd round where we drew Vitesse. This was one of the hardest draws we could've had, but we came through this test as we won 3-2. This set up a 3rd round match against De Graafschap who we dispatched with ease as we won 3-0. This seems like the season that things may happen for me so I'm hoping the Dutch Cup is one of them.

Champions League Group D


We went straight into the Champions League Group Stages due to our high finish in the Eredivisie. We were drawn in Group D alongside European Giants Liverpool, previous winners FC Porto and Italian side Atalante. Now, this seems like a tough group, but I think both Liverpool and Porto have dropped a bit in my save. I can't quite believe how we've performed in this competition. It's been amazing to watch and we may have got lucky in more than one of the games but a win is a win.

We opened up with an easy win against Atalante to set us up nicely with an opening 3 points. We then stole 3 points from Liverpool after 2 goals in 2 minutes shocked them and we held firm to take the points. As a United fan, it's always nice to win at Anfield and shut them up. (it's not happened much recently ). It was 3/3 when we beat Porto at home with a 1-0 victory courtesy of a Robertico Homoet goal.

The second round of matches was equally as impressive. Porto managed to grab a draw this time as they went a little more defensive but I'll still take a point. We carried on our good form against Atalante who haven't performed well in the Group Stages. We absolutely took it to Liverpool and sent them home from Holland with a grimace on their face. 3-0 the final score.


We topped the group after 6 very impressive performances and have drawn Everton in the 1st Knockout Round. Looks like I'll be visiting Liverpool again soon.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Robertico Homoet/b] // 7.31
2. [b]Teun Tuasamu
// 7.24
3. Hector Rosales // 7.19

1. Robertico Homoet // 11
2. Job Voorjans // 9
3. Yori Zonneveld // 6

1. Erwin Willemse, Teun Tuasamu // 7
2. Maurice Sanogo // 5
3. Nathan Bowman // 3

Next Post: End of Season Update 2049/2050


ADO Den Haag // Season 2049/2050




Things are looking rosy for me in the Eredivisie and who knows what may happen in the future but I'm enjoying life here right now. Our form is still a little bit up and down but there are definitely more ups than downs at the moment. We finally broke our duck against Roda JC who up to now have been our bogey team but we banished that away with a comprehensive 4-1 victory on a penultimate day. We did go on a 9 match unbeaten run before [b]Vitesse beat us on the final day...[/b]



[i]Vitesse won the league on the final day of the season after they beat us 2-1. We were in the hunt on the final day but needed to beat them and also have Feyenoord lose as well. A 4th placed finish is good enough for the Champions League so that should bring in more money. Let's hope the board back me this time. We actually scored 9 more points than we did last time out but finished one place lower. Weird eh?

Champions League Knockout Rounds


As you know we were drawn against Everton in the 1st Knockout Round. I was feeling fairly confident but it turns out Everton are quite decent on my save. They took the initiative in the first leg as they won 2-0 at home. We couldn't grab an important away goal which is disappointing and set us up for a hard task at home. In the return leg, we managed a 1-1 draw which obviously wasn't enough and we were out of the competition. We fought bravely and I'm optimistic we can go further next season.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Robertico Homoet // 7.30
2. Cheick Konate, Teun Tuasamu // 7.12
3. Maurice Sanogo // 7.09

1. Robertico Homoet // 17
2. Job Voorjans // 12
3. Yori Zonneveld // 11

1. Teun Tuasamu // 12
2. Erwin Willemse // 10
3. Maurice Sanogo // 8

Next Post: Mid-Season Update 2050/2051
Jesus, I miss a couple days and you complete the USA, move halfway across the world to Netherlands, win promotion within half a season, then win champions league football in back to back seasons in your first two top flight campaigns, incredible!
@Dan, That's what you get for missing a few days eh! You won't do it again now, will you? haha! An incredible first few seasons in charge at ADO Den Haag though you're right!


So I was minding my own business getting my ADO Den Haag squad ready for the new season when an email came along asking me whether I would like to be the Spain manager?



I duly accepted and now I've got two jobs. My main role is to carry on and win the Eredivise with ADO Den Haag but now I can start my International domination and try and tick off a few of those with Spain at the same time.


Good luck with Spain, should be a great basis to tick off some international trophies.
@Dan, Just do it already!! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!! Peer Pressure works sometimes!!



I've had my first tournament in charge of Spain: The Nations League. This absolutely massive tournament has given me a taster of my future in charge of Spain. We were drawn in a group alongside Wales and our old enemy Portugal. It's hard to predict how good teams are now we are way into the future but we shall give it a go anyway...


We kicked things off with a decent win against Wales which sent us top of the group after one game. It was then onto the big game against Portugal where we managed to luckily draw to remain unbeaten. When we next faced Wales, Victor Hugo showed his quality once again as we ran out winners. It all came down to the final game against Portugal which would determine who would top the group and qualify for the next round. Unfortunately Portgual grabbed a 1-0 victory and we finished 2nd. Not too disappointed as Portugal are a quality team but the fans aren't happy unsurprisingly.


We did, however, manage to go up 1 place in the World Rankings to 3rd position.



ADO Den Haag // Season 2050/2051


Transfers // IN

Wesley Meeuwsen // CM // £2.5m // Fortuna Sittard
Wesley is a player full of ability. He's been there and done it before and brings some much-needed experience to the squad even at 24. He won't be starting all the time but will be used in rotation throughout the season!

Gino Christian Lajud // ST // £15m // Toluca
This transfer took ages to get over the line. I tried all summer to get him into the squad to replace the ageing Job Voorjans. Gino is a 19-year-old wonder kid striker from Mexico. He's quick, he's strong, and he can finish! What more can you want? He will be the star of this team for years to come.

Joseph McIntyre // CB // £5.25m // Melbourne City
Another wonder kid in the squad. He's only young but he's already my number one CB. What a player he will be in the future. I can't wait to see how he turns out. He's definitely Captain material in the future once I've put him on a few leadership courses.

Transfers // OUT

Maurice Sanogo // CM // £25m // Tottenham
Maurice was destined to go on to bigger and better things and he had a £25m release clause in his contract so he had to go. He's going to be a superstar in football and I wish him all the best. Not bad for when I bought him for about £200k



Just like last season, we started off with a ridiculous unbeaten run in the league. 10 matches in and we hadn't lost. Our bogey team is not our bogey team anymore as we beat Roda JC and our good form against PSV continue after we smashed them 7-2 as they continue to struggle in the league. We have however lost out in some close matches such as against Feyenoord who beat us with a last-minute sucker punch penalty. We've performed really really well, and I think this is the year after coming so close 2 years in a row.



WE SIT TOP OF THE TREE AT THE HALFWAY STAGE!! Is this the year? We are level with Vitesse who were the servers of our heartbreak last season but we're ahead on goal difference this time around. PSV are the surprise package this year as they struggle down in 12th.

Champions League Group F

We were drawn in Group F alongside Napoli, Shakhtar & Sevilla. This group is full of top quality teams as you'd expect. This seems harder than last years group, but we're not just here to make up the numbers. We're here to stamp our own style on this show and we're here to go far.


We opened up with 2 valiant draws against Sevilla & Napoli. We got our first win in this years competition against Shakhtar courtesy of a Nathan Bowman goal. We then beat Shakhtar again in the reverse fixture and Lajud netted his first career Champions League goal. Just when I thought things were going well, we got our arse handed to us by Sevilla who smashed us 4-0. It came down to the last game against Napoli who we beat 3-1 to send us through and put them out.


Dutch Cup


Once again we're up and running in the Dutch Cup with 2 relatively easy wins against lower-ranked opposition. We smashed AFC 8-0 and then went on to send Achilles '29 after a 2-0 victory with a rotated squad.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Robertico Homoet // 7.36
2. Erwin Willemse // 7.27
3. Marco Van Dongen // 7.26

1. Gino Christian Lajud // 14
2. Robertico Homoet // 10
3. Erwin Willemse // 8

1. Robertico Homoet // 7
2. Erwin Willemse // 6
3. Nathan Bowman, Wesley Meeuwsen // 5

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ADO Den Haag // Season 2050/2051




Look at that board! Only one little tiny red dot on there. One little blemish on our record! The lads really stepped it up and took it to the rest of the Eredivisie. Our one loss came against Sparta after a 4-3 thriller and a last gasp goal. An absolutely huge 6-1 result against Ajax really helped set the momentum for the rest of this half-season. You can see the fire-power this team has, as we scored 3 or more goals in 11 of the 17 games we played: that's immense! I can't quite believe how good we've become in such a short space of time.

12 WINS, 4 DRAWS and 1 LOSS



We ended up winning by a measly 3 points. Vitesse pushed us all the way, and it came down to the last day showcase once again. We drew, they lost. Simple


Champions League Knockout Rounds


We drew Southampton in the 1st Knockout Round and I thought we had done the job after a convincing 3-1 victory at home in the 1st leg. We dominated the game and should've done enough to progress. Unfortunately, we turned off in the away leg and lost 4-1. We just needed 1 more goal, but it wasn't to be. I can't quite believe it!

Dutch Cup


We carried on our good form in the Dutch Cup, with a decent 1-0 victory over VVV-Venlo. To be honest we totally dominated the game and it was a flattering scoreline for VVV-Venlo. We were handed a tough draw in the Quarter Finals as we faced PSV. It took extra time to knock them out, but we did eventually after a 2-1 win in the 118th minute. It was Heracles Almelo in the Semi-Finals and it was back to the dominant performances. 4-0 and we were into the Final.

The final was against Feyenoord and was a close affair. So close that it took penalties to separate us.



Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Gino Christian Lajud // 7.48
2. Robertico Homoet, Nathan Bowman // 7.36
3. Erwin Willemse // 7.32

1. Gino Christian Lajud // 31
2. Robertico Homoet // 18
3. Erwin Willemse // 15

1. Nathan Bowman // 16
2. Wesley Meeuwsen, Robertico Homoet // 13
3. Cheick Konate, Erwin Willemse // 9

We just need to win the Dutch Super Cup and that is another country ticked off. It's been an amazing time in Holland so far!

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Do it.

@tongey - Exceptional read, you're putting my save to shame. MLS is a notoriously difficult league to win but well done on it, also your work with Den Haag. Great stuff!

@DNZY, more peer pressure! He will crack sooner rather than later!

Thanks for the kind words my man! MLS is definitely a struggle as anyone can beat anyone, you have to get a bit lucky in order to succeed!


ADO Den Haag Update


Dutch Super Cup

The Dutch Super Cup is the only trophy that is standing in the way of me completing another country and ticking it off the list. We were drawn against Ajax in this years final due to us winning the league and the cup. I'm not sure why Ajax was involved in it but I couldn't care less.


The Super Cup was a great game of football. We took the lead in the 36th minute thanks to an Erwin Willemse thunderbolt. We were pegged back just before half-time and we went in at the half 1-1. Unfortunately, we went into the locker room with 10 men as Van-Dijk got himself a straight red card for a horrid lunge. Ajax took the lead in the 51st minute and looked to be on their way to securing the trophy but Lajud had other ideas. He netted a one on one in the 71st minute to draw level.

It remained this way until penalties where we managed to keep our cool and win 4-2 on penalties.


and with that...I AM DONE IN HOLLAND!


You two are as bad as each ever. If I start one now I'll bail out at fm20 whereas if I wait now I'll be able to start fresh for fm20
@Dan, I feel like it's working! Soon, you'll be knee-deep in an around the world save again!



It's another Spain update, and this time it's the European Championship Qualifcation competition. We were drawn in a group with Russia, Israel, Albania, Armenia, & Faroe Islands. Qualification should've been easy but was it?


We stared off the qualification period with 2 wins against Israel & Faroe Islands to start off with a 100% record. A decent start but one that was expected. It wasn't a great second round of matches as we only managed a draw against Albania that should've been a win, followed up with a win against Armenia.. It was the main rivals Russia up next and we sent them home in disgrace after a 3-0 victory. Once again we should've won the next game but only managed a draw against Israel. We absolutely hammered Faroe Islands as we should do but ended up losing in the return match against Russia. This meant that we needed a win against Albania & Armenia to win the group and qualify in the top spot. We did just that and things are looking rosy going into the European Championships.


Not sure what's happening but each time I now add in a new nation to load into the game, all the teams come in as manageable, but then when I apply it says unsuccessful as the search is over. I think it may be because I am loading them in and I am in charge of Spain. I'm going to see how it is after the European Championship in the Summer, and I'm hoping it sorts itself out or it's bye bye to this save

SPAIN | European Championships 2052


We were drawn in Group C of the European Championships alongside Wales, N.Ireland & Romania. I was really happy with the draw and thought we had a really good chance of progressing whilst winning the group.


We started things off in the tournament with a lovely 1-0 victory against Wales who provided more of a battle than I thought it would be. A victory is a victory anyway. In the second match, we played against N. Ireland and got our best win of the tournament with a 5-1 scoreline. We had already qualified going into the last group game against Romania so we were facing off to see who would finish atop of the group. It was us who prevailed as we won 2-1 against a spirited Romania team.


We faced Russa in the First Knockout Round, an old enemy who defeated us last time we faced off. It took extra time to separate us, but we managed to net the winning goal in the 116th minute to put us into the Quarter Finals.


We were drawn against the mighty France in the Quarter Finals, and I thought we were toast, but we put in a gritty, valiant performance which saw us come out winners after a 2-1 victory. Esparza with both the goals.


In the Semi-Finals we played my home nation England. Funnily enough, me, an Englishman was managing the Spanish team, and a Spanish man Alvaro Morata was managing the English side. Anyway, my Spanish team put them to the sword and sent them home crying once again. 4-0 the final score with Esparza putting in another fine performance netting a hattrick.


We faced Holland in the Final at Hampden Park. I knew we would be up against it due to us losing to them in a friendly a couple of months ago. I thought we could at least score but we didn't manage that, and ended up losing 2-0 which made us Runners-Up.


Staight after the final, the dreaded email came through, and I had been sacked as manager of Spain. A little harsh considering we came 2nd in the tournament. I was going to resign anyway to get my club career back on track, but to get fired is a kick in the teeth.


Tianjin Quanjian


One day I said I'd return to China and today is the day. Last time around in China, I didn't have the best of luck but I was still young in my managerial career. I've learnt a lot since then and I'm back to get my revenge. Quanjian have given me the chance to do just that.


Club Overview

Tianjian Quanjian are a professional team playing in the Chinese First Division in China. They were founded in 2007 and haven't had a huge amount of success. They've won the Chinese FA Cup on the one occasion in 2020, and also have won the Chinese First Division twice, the latest being in 2040.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £6 and they average 12,500 season ticket holders. The clubs main rival is Tianjian because of their locality.

The team play their home games at Tianjian Olympic Centre Stadium 'Water Drop' which is a 60,000 capacity all-seater stadium. It's a gorgeous looking stadium!
Training Facilities: Great
Youth Facilities: Good


The Squad


Connor Bond, the Englishman is the best player at the club currently. The Anchor Man may need to find a new position in my tactic as I don't usually play a DM, but he's definitely got the quality to do that. I'll be looking at him to command from the middle of the park.

Season So Far



It's been an OK start for the club in the league. They currently sit in 7th position with no real shot at the title. The best realistic finish would be to get into the playoffs, but it will require a huge effort. I've done it before so I'm confident we can here too. We need to change the current form first of all having lost a fair few games recently.

Cup wise, we are already out of the Chinese FA Cup after being knocked out by Shenzen FC in the Fourth Round.

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Can you still spend outrageous sums of money in China?
070563 - 120815
280323 - 160620

I'll see you
@Eric Portapotty, I wouldn't know, as my team must be the poorest Chinese team in the history of Chinese football! I'll keep an eye on the Super League transfers and report back!


Tianjin Quanjian 2052


Chinese First Division


Things weren't too good for us at the back end of the season. I wanted to come in command it from the off, but that didn't happen and we sort of just petered out in mediocracy. As you can see, we had a really good win against Wuhan and Henan who are two good teams in this division. We did struggle against the top top teams but with reinforcement next season in the transfer market we should do better in this regard.


I guess you can say that's a success because we won more than we drew or lost, but I want more from the lads.


I started in 7th and finished in 7th. No progress made whatsoever. We will do better next time around.

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