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I once again embark on my mission to win every trophy possible on the game. It's not going to happen and I have no set route I want to complete it in. Let the journey start.

Has the problem fixed itself with vacancies? Good luck in China this time around!
Unfortunately I was away for a few days but I'm back and nothing better than to go back and read your story.

I believe that if you had won the final with Spain you might not be in China right now. It won't be an easy task but even so, good luck in CHINA mate!
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Fm 2020 - Saves

This is a series and a half Tongey lad.

Seeing what else you can achieve in this remarkable career. Spain's loss will be someone else's gain for sure.
The Man formerly known on SUSIE as Poolie Exile
Give my story a read - Now I would walk 500 miles...

@Dan, I think it has, but can't be 100% as not loaded a new league since I took the job in China. Here's hoping though as would be a shame after coming so far.

@SirWerGaming, hey man! Thanks for that kind words again! Love that it's keeping everyone involved! Yeah, I was going to resign as Spain manager if I wasn't sacked as wanted to get my club career back on track! China will be conquered soon!

@HockeyBhoy, thank you!! Such kind words mate! I'm actually really enjoying just going from club to club seeing what we can do in each country. Holland actually offered me the role of manager a week later but I turned it down so I could go back to club management.


Tianjin Quanjian 2053


Transfers // IN

Xie Bo // RB // £105k // Liaoning
Xie Bo is a talented right back, and at the age of 27, he provides some much-needed experience to the squad. He will be battling it out for the starting position and hopefully can bomb on down the wing and grab me some assists too.

Zheng Dabo // CAM // £160k // Huanghai
To be honest, Zheng has been brought in as a back up to the CAM role. He's got ability but he's not amazing. That being said, I'm sure he will still chip in a few goals and assists when he gets his chance.

Jin Wen // CAM // Loan // Renhe
Jin is another CAM that I've brought in, this time on loan from Super League club Renhe. He is an assist machine and even at such a young age he's got a cool and calm head on his shoulders.

Andre // CB // Loan // Shandong
Andre has come in from Chinese giants Shandong. He's a young CB and one that I desperately needed due to a few of my previous CBs leaving the club. He will provide me with some much need consistency and stability at the back from day one.

Xu Hang // ML // Loan // Shanggang
Xu was the first one in from my parent club. He's a quality youngster who represents the China U20s team. He's got so much ability and I'm hoping he will win points on his own for us.

Wang Yong // ST // Loan // Shanggang
Wang is another player in from the parent club. He's got goals in him if he can find a spot in the starting 11. If not I'm sure he can pick a few goals up from sub appearances. He's got a lot of ability too.

Cui Wei // ST // £200k // Henan
Cui comes in from fellow First Division side Henan and slots straight in up top as my number one striker. Hopefully, he can repay me by scoring lots and lots of goals.

Chinese First Division


Look at that form for a team that struggled a bit last season. We finished last season in an all-time low position apparently so the new boys have come in and have worked wonders. Confidence is up and results are flowing. In fact, we've just gone on an unbeaten run of 9 matches to close out the first half of the season! Incredible. Game of the season so far has to be the 7-4 thriller between ourselves and Chongqing. We absolutely smashed Yongchang as well who everyone thought was going to walk the league. Let's hope we can continue this form and get an automatic promotion spot at the very least.



We're currently in 2nd Position, sitting only 1 point behind the league leaders Tianjian who coincidentally are our biggest rivals. What a title race this could be if we both continue to shine in the league. The pressure is behind us too as we sit on the same amount of points as Chongqing & Liaoning.

Chinese FA Cup


[i]We didn't exactly shine in this year's competition, eventually going out to Superleague side Huaxia Xingfu after a 4-2 defeat. In the 3rd round, we smashed Nantong. My eyes weren't set on winning this competition this year, but instead trying to get out of this league and into the big time once more.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Jin Wen // 7.30
2. Xu Hang // 7.26
3. Wang Yong // 7.25

1. Wang Yong // 8
2. Ciu Wei // 6
3. Jin Wen // 4

1. Sun Jun // 6
2. Zhou Changming // 4
3. Jin Wen // 3

Next Post: End of Season 2053/2054 Update


Tianjin Quanjian 2053


Chinese First Division


Things got better, so much better!! I'm astounded at what these lads have been able to do. It's amazing once they get a bit of confidence in them then they go out and perform week in, week out. As you can see we only lost once in the last 15 games. We went on a winning run of 9 games during the middle of the second half of the season. I kept thinking that it would come to an end, then it didn't and the cycle would repeat itself again. Incredible stuff. We even managed a good win against biggest rivals Tianjian to start it off. I'm speechless.

12 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 1 LOSS.


[i]WE DID IT! We've gone up to the Chinese Super League by winning the Chinese National First Division. We ended up winning by some way with a gap of 7 points between ourselves in 1st and Liaoning in 2nd. Absolute scenes for this cash strapped Chinese club.



Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Wang Yong // 7.52
2. Jin Wen // 7.38
3. Xu Wang // 7.20

1. Wang Yong // 18
2. Jin Wen, Li Xaiolong, Ciu Wei // 7
3. Jaime Serrano, Zhang Dabao // 5

1. Sun Jun // 8
2. Li Xaiolong // 7
3. Zhou Changming // 6

Now, I'm not sure whether I will stay with Tianjian for their battle in the Super League or whether I will try and move on up the pyramid so I stand a better chance of winning the League and the Cup? I'll see what comes my way.

Next Post: Mid-Season 2053/54 Update
I think that now, after the hard battle, you should stay another season and see how things go! Congratulations on the climb and what a series of victories followed there, this is being a charm @tongey
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Fm 2020 - Saves

Bloody hell mate, there is no stopping you!
@SirWerGaming, I tried to stay, I really did, but I had another club calling for me. I had to go!

@Dan, something will stop me one day, it's bound to get harder!


Tianjin Quanjian 2054


So things have changed a little bit since being promoted into the Chinese Super League. Things were going OK but not spectacular so I started checking the job vacancies. An interesting and exciting prospect came up in Australia at Wellington Phoenix, so I chanced my arm and applied. The board at Tianjian tried to convince me to stay by offering me a new contract but I refused it, and within the next week, Wellington Phoenix had interviewed me and offered me the role as their first team manager which I have accepted. A few reasons why:

1 - I didn't think that I could win the Super League with Tianjian.
2 - There was no money at my team, we were losing millions and that meant no transfer budget/wage budget so I could reinforce my squad.
3 - I've wanted to manage in Australia for a while so took my chance.

China I'll be back for a 3rd bite at the cherry soon.




From these valid reasons, I understand. May you be lucky as you already had in other countries!
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Fm 2020 - Saves


Wellington Phoenix


Club Overview

Wellington Phoenix are a professional team playing in the Hyundai A League in Australia. They were founded in 2007 and haven't had a huge amount of success having only won the FFA Cup back to back, in 2050, and 2051, so really not that long ago.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £9 and they average 6,000 season ticket holders. They don't have any fierce rivals since they are actually based in New Zealand.

The team play their home games at Wellington Regional Stadium which is a 34,500 capacity all-seater stadium.
Training Facilities: Below Average
Youth Facilities: Below Average


The Squad


Steve Davis is the strongest player at the club. The New Zealand born goalkeeper will be key in the upcoming season. He's a distributor who can still improve as well being only 22 years old.

Next Post: Mid-Season Update 2054


Wellington Phoenix 2054/2055


Transfers // IN

Gerard Gullo // CM // Western Sydney Wanderers // Free
Gerard has a tonne of experience being 31 years old. He's been there and done it and will slot straight into the starting line up as the elder statesman in the middle of the park. He's going to have to be a leader out there and tame this young squad of mine.

Jordan Webster // CB // Western Sydney Wanderers // Free
Jordan is the opposite end of the age scale, as he's only a youngster. He's automatically come in as my best CB though and I'll be looking at him to sure that back line up. He's got all the physical traits you'd want, but needs to improve his technical skills in order to realise his potential!

Hyundai A-League (Regular Season)


Things have gone pretty well so far in my first season in Australia with the mighty Wellington Phoenix. After missing out on the A-League Finals by one position last season, there are wrongs to be righted and we've set about doing that. We've hit some good form, and we've also hit some bad form, but overall we are doing well. Steve Fox has been in the inspired form up top hitting 2 hattricks in the league so far. We've had a really good win against Sydney FC who are one of the favourites for the league title. I'm really happy with how things have gone so far, and hope they continue into the second half of the season

6 WINS, 5 DRAWS, and 2 LOSSES.


We sit top of the tree at the half-way stage. We're doing really really well and just need to kick on now and really make that position our own giving us the best chance in the Finals. We sit 1 point clear of the rest, but it's really close behind us so we can't sit on our laurels.



Things started out really well for us in the FFA Cup as we beat lower-ranked Kingston City & Devonport City in the 1st and 2nd round respectively. Unfortunately, we were drawn against Sydney FC and they sent us home after an extra time 4-2 victory. Harsh to go out after extra time but that's the way the cookie crumbles. There is always next season.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Steve Fox // 7.54
2. Chris Smith // 7.44
3. Bradley Kyle // 7.43

1. Steve Fox // 14
2. Christian Bell, Eduardo Smith // 6
3. David Smith // 4

1. Eduardo Smith // 8
2. Bradley Kyle // 6
3. David Smith // 3

Next Post: End of Season Update 2054/2055


Wellington Phoenix 2054/2055


Hyundai A-League (Regular Season)


Not exactly the end of the season we were hoping for. We lost all form and just lost game after game and that's not good enough. It didn't help that I lost my only CM to the salary cap, and so had to play a youngster there who clearly wasn't ready for the remainder of the season. I'm not impressed and I'm sure a few players will be leaving so I can get a few more in and manage the salary cap myself a bit better than I did this year. We will be back to win it next year...

5 WINS, 1 DRAW, and 7 LOSSES.


Our form in the first half of the season really carried us through to a 3rd place finish and also into the A-League Finals. I'm still disappointed we couldn't win the Regular Season as we were in a prime position to do so even with our bad form at the back end of the season. Sydney FC ended up regaining the title and Newcastle Jets took the runners up position.

Hyundai A-League Finals


It was one and done for us in the Finals as we lost to a much better Adelaide United. We were struck by injury and also tiredness so I didn't think we would get anything. Onto next season anyway...

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Steve Fox // 7.30
2. Bradley Kyle // 7.20
3. David Smith // 7.19

1. Steve Fox // 18
2. Eduardo Smith // 10
3. Christian Bell // 9

1. Eduardo Smith // 13
2. Bradley Kyle // 7
3. David Smith // 5

Next Post: Mid Season Update 2045/2046
Wow. Not been on the forums for a while just catching up now, what a journey mate keep it up
A season where you didnt win anything 😯🤭

All about building for next season, looks like your games vs Sydney were crackers, especially that 6-5!
@bigmattb28, get yourself back on these forums more often then haha! I had a break to be honest, and came back and loving them again now! Thanks for the support, just need to see how long I can keep going for!

@Dan, these seasons do happen apparently! Was annoyed with our form at the backend of the season as it set us up for failure in the finals!


Wellington Phoenix 2055/2056


Transfers // IN

Ricky Hafal // CB // £275k // Man Utd
Ricky was a late addition to the squad as I realised I needed cover at center half! Ricky is a player with huge potential and to nab him for the United youth team is perfect. I can't wait to see how he develops this season.

Roy Bervoets // CM // £250k // STVV
I was searching for a man to hold down the middle of the park on his own as I had none in the squad. It took ages to find someone but Roy came up and he has immense quality on the ball. He's a true box-to-box midfielder which is what I need as I only play the one in there. We got him on the cheap and I'm happy he's here.

Maxence Pereira // CAM // £85k // Tienan
Max came in early in the transfer window, and is providing cover for Smith in the CAM role. He's young and is amazing on the ball. His game time may be limited though due to Smith being a key player in our squad.

Nya Vyner // RB // Free // West Ham
Nya was the first man in this season and can play in both the LB and RB positions. He's got immense quality on the ball and is one for the future too. He's come in from the West Ham Youth Squad so surely he has something in him.

Edgar Chan // LB // £170k // Lobos BUAP
As you can see, I was in the market for full-backs. Edgar has the stamina for days so can get up and down the wing. That's exactly what I wanted and he's slotted straight in at the LB position in my starting lineup.

Hyundai A-League (Regular Season)


After our end of season slump last time around, we've found our feet again. It's quite clear that we have the best squad in the league now with our new additions and it's showing in our results. We've had big wins against Newcastle Jets and Melbourne Victory whilst also beating last years winners Sydney FC on the second matchday of the season. I've been really impressed with our goalscoring potential and we've also kept it fairly tight at the back only conceding 8 goals in the 14 games we've played.

10 WINS, 2 DRAW, and 2 LOSSES.


Look at that gap at the top of the league. We occupy the top position whilst Melbourne City are our nearest rivals but are 8 points adrift of us. Sydney FC sit one place and one point further back so things are looking really good. They did last season though and we all know what happened there...



We've only gone and won our first trophy in Australia. The FFA Cup plagued me last season as we were knocked out in the Qtr FInals by Sydney FC. This time was different though as we breezed through the first and second rounds with victories against Sutherland Sharks & Cairns FC. We played A-League side Brisbane Roar in the Qtr Finals and needed extra time to secure our place in the semi-finals. The team who knocked us out last season aimed to do the same this year as we faced Sydney FC in the semi-finals. We got our revenge though s we ran our 4-2 winners. It was all too easy in the final against Melbourne City as we collected our trophy after a comfortable 3-0 victory.



Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Bradley Kyle/b] // 7.69
2. [b]Steve Fox
// 7.61
3. Chris Smith // 7.58

1. Steve Fox // 17
2. Eduardo Smith, Chris Smith, Bradley Kyle // 6
3. Christian Bell // 4

1. Bradley Kyle // 11
2. Chris Smith // 9
3. Steve Fox // 8

Next Post: End of Season Update 2055/2056
Congratulations on the cup and now it's the championship .. Difference of points is considerable, most likely it will be the new champion! Only if there is any disaster ..
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Fm 2020 - Saves

@SirWerGaming, exactly, one competition at a time! Match by match!


Wellington Phoenix 2055/2056


Hyundai A-League (Regular Season)


Once again, our form in the second half of the season wasn't that inspiring when you compare it to the first half. We could've quite easily thrown our good work away if other teams around us had performed. I don't think we had a win against a team around us in this half which was disappointing but we managed to pick up wins where we would normally expect them and at important times to keep the points ticking over. Anyway, how did our record fare?

6 WINS, 2 DRAWS, and 5 LOSSES.


Other teams around us kept dropping points when we did, which meant that we finished top of the tree, handing me another trophy! The Hyundai A-League (Regular Season) title in the bag, and we also qualify for the A-League Finals once again! Excellent work, as we finish 6 points clear of Brisbane Roar.


A-League Finals

A-League Finals Semi Final
Western Sydney Wanderers // Home


We came away from a tightly contested battle with a 1-0 victory which meant we had qualifed for the Final. Youngster Dean Kettings netted a neat finish in the 56th minute which was enough for us to progress.

A-League Finals Final
Sydney FC // Home


If the semi-final against Western Sydney Wanderers was a close affair, this was the total opposite. We absolutely smashed them and I'm overjoyed with how we performed. We were on it from the first minute to the last and our superior quality showed. Bradley Kyle put a first past Sydney just before half-time in the 42nd minute. Eduardo Smith made it 2-0 on the stroke of half-time with a cool slotted finish from just inside the area. We made it 3-0 with a penalty converted by Eduardo Smith just after the break in the 49th minute. Eduardo Smith completed his hattrick and perfect day as he scored a header in the 67th minute before 2 minutes later David Smith put the finishing touches to our victory. 5-0 the final score.


Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Bradley Kylep // 7.60
2. Steve Fox // 7.40
3. Chris Smith // 7.34

1. Steve Fox // 27
2. Eduardo Smith, // 11
3. Bradley Kyle // 8

1. Bradley Kyle // 16
2. Chris Smith // 13
3. Eduardo Smith // 10

Australia, it's been a pleasure, but it's time to leave...

Next Post: A new country maybe?



FC Seoul


Club Overview

FC Seoul are a professional team playing in the K-League 1 in South Korea. They were founded in 1983 and are one of the most recognised teams in South Korean footballing history. They've won the K-League 1 on no less than 22 times, the latest being in 2053. They've also won the Asian Champions League on the one occasion.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £8 and they average 11,000 season ticket holders. Their biggest rival is Suwon, but they also have a smaller rival in Jeonbuk.

The team play their home games at Seoul World Cup Stadium which is a 34,500 capacity all-seater stadium.
Training Facilities: Great
Youth Facilities: Excellent


The Squad


Wang Joon-Hee is clearly the best player ability-wise at the club. He's on loan from Watford and is sure to be the key to our success this season. The striker is only 21 years old and has the pace to burn. I can't wait for him to score the majority of my goals this season

Next Post: Mid-Season Update 2056/2057
And we're soon back into a routine, wiping clear Australia in an instance. Well done mate, sure Seoul will provide little competition too
Damn you've got a serious Midas Touch on this, keep it up
070563 - 120815
280323 - 160620

I'll see you
@Dan, I think you're right, FC Seoul are a top team in the league so I expect to tick a few trophies off quickly before dropping a league and trying to get that one too.

in other news @Dan, the problem I encountered before, still seems to be happening but solves itself by leaving it running for a season so the jobs get taken. Not sure how to solve it fully though.

@Eric Portapotty, let's hope it continues. It's definitely going to get harder the further along I get. I think I've taken an easyish route so far with the teams I've chosen.


FC Seoul // 2057


K-League 1


17 games into the league campaign and things look good on that fixture list. One thing I've noticed is that we score ALOT of goals! There are a lot of high scoring games and that's usually a good thing for us as we can outscore anyone with our firepower up top. We've actually scored 46 goals in the league alone which is huge. We've conceded 26 so we're still in the positive goal difference. We've had some important wins along the way too, most notably against Pohang and Ulsan. Our record is as follows:



After 17 games, we sit top of the tree once again and things are looking good for us to be in the mix of it come to the end of the campaign. We've got 38 points and sit 1 point ahead of Jeonbuk in second. We've got a game in hand on them so could go 4 points clear if we manage to win it.

Korean FA Cup


We've played the 4th & 5th Rounds in this seasons FA Cup and comfortably progressed into the Qtr-Finals after wins. The first victory came against lower-ranked Dongeui University as we beat them 9-0. Our 5th round victory was against Cheonan City who are also lower-ranked and we smashed them 5-0 to make it 2 from 2 in the cup.

Asian Champions League


We were drawn in the group stage alongside Shanggang (China), Melbourne Victory (Australia), & Hachoji Tigre (Japan). This seemed like a tough group but we made it look easy as we finished top of the group. We recorded victories against Shanggang (1), Melbourne Victory (2) and Hachoji Tigre (2). Our only loss in the group stage came against Shanggang but it didn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things.



This set up a 2nd round match against Esteghlal from Iran and after a nervy 1st leg match which ended 1-0 we managed to secure our passage into the next round with a 3-0 victory at home.

Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Kim Joo-Hyun // 7.86
2. Wang Joon-Hee // 7.73
3. Stanley Ezeh // 7.59

1. Wang Joon-Hee // 29
2. Choi Sang-II // 12
3. Kim Joo-Hyun // 10

1. Han Keun-Ho, Stanley Ezeh // 12
2. Choi Sang-II // 9
3. Kim Joo-Hyin // 8

Next Post: End of Season Update 2056/2057
Does the issue mean you can apply for any single team? That would make it pretty simple then surely?


FC Seoul // 2057


K-League 1


We ended exactly how we started, in pretty damn good form. I knew this wouldn't be that tough a job as FC Seoul are one of the more established teams in South Korea but I didn't expect us to do THIS well to be honest. Once again we showed our scoring power by notching up 49 GOALS and showed we are made of stern things at the back by only conceding 25 GOALS. Not bad, not bad. We also had some good wins against Jeonam & Jeju along the way. We didn't show up against the big teams however, shown when we lost against Ulsan & Pohang. After the regular season finished, the league split into two groups with the points just being added to your total from the regular season.



CHAMPIONS of SOUTH KOREA. Another one ticked off the list and by some way. We won the title by a staggering 12 points with Ulsan trailing in our dust.


Korean FA Cup


Easy as it comes in the FA Cup. We showed our quality once again and progressed easily through the rounds. We carried on our form and knocked out Suwon 3-0 in the Qtr-Final. It was Jeonbuk who were our next victims as we smashed them 4-0 in the Semi-Final. The final was a 2 legged affair and Pohang were no match for us. An aggregate score 6-2 was enough for us to lift the title.


Asian Champions League


We were drawn against Shanggang once again but this time in a knockout round. We couldn't quite overcome them in the 2 legs but I'm proud we came this far. It was a close game in the first leg which ended 0-0 but then we were put to the sword in a 2-0 defeat in the pivotal second leg.

K-League All Star Cup


I was chosen to manage the K Classic All Stars in this charity cup competition. (It's listed as a trophy I can win, so I went all out in it). Basically, the fans pick the first XI and then you pick the subs from the rest of the pool. It was an easy game to win, and we showed our quality with my impressive tactical knowledge shining through (joking).


Player Stats

Average Rating
1. Wang Joon-Hee // 7.63
2. Kim Joo-Hyun // 7.61
3. Choi Sang-II // 7.41

1. Wang Joon-Hee // 51 (WHAT THE HELL!!, this was in 49 appearances)
2. Choi Sang-II // 16
3. Paulo Ricardo // 15

1. Kim Joo-Hyun // 22
2. Choi Sang-II // 15
3. Stanley Ezeh // 14

Next Post: A New Start
This is what I call, come and dominate, continued!!
Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

@Dan, time for a new challenge and a harder one at that. Bring on England once again.

@SirWerGaming, domination was easy, now it's onto a harder challenge.



Enfield Town // 2057/2058


Club Overview

Enfield Town are a professional team playing in the Vanarama National League South in England. They were founded in 2001 and haven't won much of note. The only thing in their trophy cabinet or more likely a trophy shelf is the Essex Senior League on two occasions. Big time eh.

[i]The average ticket price for a game is £10 and they average 250 season ticket holders. They have a few local rivals in Barnet, Boreham Wood & Billericay.

The team play their home games at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium/b] which is a 3,000 capacity stadium with 750 seats.
Training Facilities: Poor
Youth Facilities: Poor


The Squad


The Squad needs some serious quality added to it in the off-season, but for now, we have an OK squad to work with. It's all about finishing as high as possible.

[b]Tyler Barden
is by far the best player at the club. The 28-year-old striker needs to knock in a few more goals, however.

Season So Far


As you can see from the fixture list, things haven't been going great for the mighty 'Towners' and there is an awful lot of red marks on it. They need to change to green marks quickly. We've been knocked out of both the cup competitions we were in, and are just battling to stay in the league for now.


Next Post: End of Season Update 2057
It's a pretty sad sight to see my beloved Yeovil down in the 6th tier. Anyways best of luck with Enfield!

It's a pretty sad sight to see my beloved Yeovil down in the 6th tier. Anyways best of luck with Enfield!

Mine too! But I guess its the norm heading into this year
@DNZY & @Dan, you'll both be pleased to know, that Yeovil Town are no longer in the 6th tier. They've just won the league and been promoted! Good news eh?


Enfield Town // 2057/2058


Vanarama National League South


So I had 17 games in charge of the season left, in order to try and save us from relegation and keep us in the league. Form has been a bit patchy, but we've had some really good results, and also some really shocking ones. A big win against Bath City who are riding high in the league, and also another good win against high fliers Chippenham. We've actually played rather well against the top teams but in the relegation 6 pointers, we've not fared quite as well. Anyway, our record stands as:



We've actually managed to climb one place in the league which is a positive step. We could've ended a bit higher and I'd have liked to do just that, but one place is better than none. We've ended up in 16th position and it's time now to build on this and really push for a higher mid-table finish next time around.

Next Post: Mid-Season Update 2058/2059
Well, this may be the complicated task at hand. Compared to the others saves perhaps the most complicated, in my opinion.

Even though it was good, new season will be a season of higher expectations.

Good Luck
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Fm 2020 - Saves

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