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Welcome to my Worldwide Journeyman save as I am going to be battling my way to becoming the greatest manager of all time (sorry Ferguson).


I'll be starting off unemployed with no coaching badges and a playing experience of a Sunday League footballer. There are no rules on this save but one goal I do have is to become the best manager of all time and take the number 1 spot.

Born in Perth, Australia on the 19th August 1997, Matt Eskins has decided to start his managerial career at the young age of 20. An attacking minded manager, his dream job is to become the manager of Manchester United. Currently unemployed, one day he'd also like to take the hands of his home club Perth Glory and he'd also like to manage Dinamo Zagreb as his family has a Croatian origin.

Job History:
(Jul 2018-Dec 2020) https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/id.png Borneo FC
(Sep 2018-Jul 2020) https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/za.png South Africa U23s
(Jan 2021-) https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/my.png Selangor

Countries Completed:

Malaysia - 0/3
Indonesia - 3/3

Trophy Cabinet:
https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/id.png Piala Indonesia - 2018
https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/id.png Piala Super Indonesia - 2019, 2020
https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/id.png Indonesian League One - 2019, 2020
https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/za.png CAF U-23 Cup Of Nations - 2019

https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/id.png Entered Indonesia Hall Of Fame - 2019
https://www.fmscout.com/images/flags/id.png Liga 1 Best Coach Of Month - (Jun, Oct) 2019, (Aug) 2020

Manager Profile:
Matt Eskins barely has a reputation and although he has no coaching badges or good playing experience, he has got 6 adaptability which will help with his polyglot skills as he can speak English, the Yugoslavian languages which are very similar (Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian & Bosnian) as well as Spanish (which will also help with South American countries), German and Italian.

New Job:
I've joined Borneo FC midway through the GO-JEK Traveloka Liga 1 as we're going to be battling Borneo FC out of relegation from 17th place in the table. We're 5 points off being safe of relegation so it's going to be a hard job but do-able.

Borneo FC. Cracking place to start! Loved Borneo when I visited so looking forward to seeing you in control. Come on the Orangutangs!
Good luck with Borneo!
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
Good luck on this quest, interesting place to Start Indonesia.
We've definitely started off an improvement for Borneo FC this month and let's not forget that it's the only start of what is yet to happen. We started off our managerial career with a 3-1 win in the Piala Indonesia Cup 3rd round leg 1. Next up was 2nd place Persiba at home which was only a narrow 2-1 loss which is pretty impressive and then we continued the good form when we advanced to the Indonesia Cup 3rd round with a 2-1 win in the 2nd leg at home. We then played top of the table Persija AWAY from home and we only lost 1-0 which is fantastic and shows with a few good signings, we can win this league possibly. PS Tira was the next team we played and we won 3-2 in an exciting goal-thrilling match. The following match against Persebaya was very frustrating after the full-time whistle as we got a goal to make it 1-0 and then followed it with a 2nd goal in the 81st minute which seemed to seal the match only for them to pull one back in the 84th minute. In the last part of the match where we were expecting the final whistle any second, they get another goal JUST SECONDS (approximately 2) before the full-time whistle which cost us 2 important points which would've put us 2 points outside relegation, not 4. To end off the month we got a nice 1-0 win to put us in a strong position for the 2nd leg of the Piala Indonesia Cup 3rd round.

My target for next month is to make my way out of the relegation and we're only 4 points off 14th place so it is very possible, but I'm pleased with the progression in our performances and the only matches we lost we're to the top 2 teams in the league right now which we're very close matches.

To continue our league campaign, we play Bhayangkara FC where we win a nice 1-0 away from home. Following that match, we played an absolute cracker of a match against PSIM which is undoubtedly one of the craziest matches I've played on FM in my life!

Just looking at the review is enough to blow away your mind. We were up 1-0 after the first leg and within 17 minutes we conceded a goal which did not put ourselves in a comfortable position. To make things extremely uncomfortable, we end up getting a red card in the 48th minute, but somehow we manage to keep ourselves in the game as we head in the extra time. We started off very badly in extra time as they get a goal early on, but then OUT OF NOWHERE we score a goal and now all we have to do is extreme park the bus with 10 men and we'll go through on away goals. Anyways, imagine if we win it after this scary match. With our players tired from the extra time against PSIM, we now play Barito who were doing solid in the table and we managed to gain a 2-0 lead only for their player to score a goal in the 80th minute. From there we tried to hold onto the game, but in typical fashion recently, we choke the game as they score a stoppage time goal to get a draw and we miss out on 2 very important points. To end off our month, we have games against Persiba and PSMS where the first one ends in a 3-1 win to put ourselves in a commanding position for the 2nd leg. In our last game of the month, we play PSMS who are luring around the relegation zone, but although they're ranked higher than us in the league, we SMASH them 6-2 in a goalfest where Erliandy gets a hat-trick and scores for the 3rd game in a row while Alves and Bonai make the scoresheet.

After a good month where we should've got a few more points if we weren't so unlucky, we could already be out of the relegation zone, but it's looking increasingly likely we'll make it to safety and maybe even make top 10!

Next Update: October & November 2018

Plenty of time to get out of the relegation zone mate.
Work to do but plenty of time to do it
All the signs point towards securing safety, fingers crossed!
Recently I've applied for these 3 national team roles in Africa and here is what we've got:
Ivory Coast, Morocco and South Africa. These are only the u23s team so I've looked through these countries and find if they have some players in the youth team and I found out that Ivory Coast only has a good 30 or 50 players in the database while Morocco is probably the weakest team in this bunch. When I started to look at South Africa they actually have quite a few players probably because we got the South African league loaded. Anyways, who are we going to choose?

It was a no-brainer to pick the South Africa U23s and hopefully we can bring success to them, but we have to wait until March next year to manage a game for them unless a friendly gets scheduled before that.

We haven't had a great month after we have been marred with suspensions, injuries as well as long international call-ups. We were going great in the first 3 games as we were getting lots of goals and scored at least 3 times in the first 3 games, but then we started to lose 1-0, then drew 2-2, lost again and managed to win on away goals in the Piala Indonesia Quarter-final. Although, at one point we made it out of the relegation zone.

After a drop-off in the league, we're now tied with other teams, but still in relegation zone.

We continued our bad league form as we fall to a defeat. We decided to risk Belaid as he was on an orange, but we desperately needed him and it resulted in two 1-1 draws away from home. Once he had returned, we suffered a 1-0 loss in the cup which followed with an unlucky 2-0 loss. To end off the month nicely, we find some form as we play with 3 at the back as we win 3-1 to advance to the Piala Indonesia Final, a trophy I'd love to win!

After a horrible run of games, we find ourselves in 16th place, but there is very much a chance of us making it out of the relegation zone on the final day. After that we will have the Piala Indonesia Final in which Bonai will most likely return who we've been missing a lot recently.

Next Update: Final League Game

Btw everyone, I've changed the updates to every 2 months and in the posts it will include the two months and the league table updates which means we will be scrapping the awards and squad review. Although I may keep it for the Eskins On Tour story as the challenges are only 1 season but I probably will also change the Man Utd. Comment ur thoughts if u like this or not and also October and November should be up very soon in a few hours as I'm a few games from finishing November.

WHAT AN ENDING TO THE LEAGUE SEASON! The fact our match was so close and that we had to whole a 1-0 lead for 87 minutes was the least of our worries as we had to rely on at least 2 other teams losing/drawing. Thankfully, the results went our way and we even were 2 spots from the relegation zone as PS Tira fell to a 1-0 defeat but all we really needed was for Sriwijaya and Persebaya to draw which luckily they did! It's pretty good timing that our first league win when we need it comes on the last day of the season as we had been on a winless league run for the last 6 league games.

Following our safety from relegation, the board still aren't quite pleased with us probably because of that rough patch of form we experienced as we went through injuries, suspensions and international duties for our key players. Although, if we win the Piala Indonesia final, I'm sure our confidence will rise as we hopefully will get Matt Eskins' first trophy.

Next Update: Piala Indonesia Final

WE LIFT THE PIALA INDONESIA!!! It's our first trophy we've won in our managerial career and hopefully the start of many to come. It was definitely our best performance of the season as we recorded a 5-1 win over the league runner-ups. I think we can definitely win the league next season as I'm pretty sure the team that won the league didn't win 5-1 against Persib and just wait until we get some great players into our team.

A good summary of the Piala Indonesia and you can see here how we made it all the way to the final and I can tell you that we faced many difficulties along the way as we nearly got knocked out several times and have required away goals to advance TWICE with one of those matches being taken to extra time with 10 men down after a red card in the 48th minute only for us to pull one back just minutes after they took a lead in extra time. We then had to hold out that game in extra time as we would win on away goals in the 3rd round.

We've got our first coaching badge! This will inevitably help us in getting better jobs as our reputation increases as the trophy comes while our attributes go up. I have asked the board to start studying another coaching badge and this is what happened:
https://i.imgur.com/87UxfZG.jpgThey rejected...

Next Update: End Of Season Awards

Here is our end of season awards and wrap up. Star player Matias Conti has won the fans' player of the season deservedly with a whopping 51% of votes while his striker partner, Lerby Erliandry came 2nd with 31% of votes while Renan Alves got a minor 9% of the fans' votes. The fans' player of the season, Matias Conti also won the goal of the season after a great strike against Persipura on the 1st August 2018. To wrap up the awards, Arif Satria was our signing of the season and Amrullah was our young player of the year.

I'm kind of pleased with how we did this season, obviously winning the Piala Indonesia is a quality highlight but I am disappointed at the fact that we nearly got relegated on the last day. When I first came to the club we were in the relegation zone and then we improved and had a rough patch of form but being a few places higher doesn't really make a difference and I'm looking forward to the heights we can reach next season.

There is nothing major about our squad dynamics but we don't really have an leaders of highly influential players due to the level that our team plays at, but Ridho seems to be a good leader for some reason while you can see that Conti, Bonai, Erliandry and Belaid are all influential players. After being in the red for dressing room atmosphere and managerial support, we've managed to turn things around as we started to climb our way out of the relegation zone on the last day and then beat the league runner-ups 5-1 in the Piala Indonesia final.

Unfortunately, no-one from our team has made the top 3 but I would've expected that Conti would be very close to the top 3 following his great season.

Our team isn't quite filled with the class of 92, but we do have a few 5* potential players, just they haven't played enough to make this list.

Next Update: Pre-Season 2019

Awesome job saving yourself from relegation! Also, one trophy in the cabinet after the Piala competition! Great job!
Congrats on the season as a whole, if the team are good enough to win the cup then it’ll be interesting to see how you fare over a full campaign!
@tongey Thanks, hopefully in this campaign we can win the title!
@AdamRK We've got so much more additions into the squad so we're very capable of winning the league.

Taufik Hidayat - CB - Bali United - Free
Manahati Lestusen - CB - PS Tira - Free
Arthur Irawan - RB - Persebaya - Free
Engelbert Sani - CAM - Madura United - Free
Ahmad Nur Hardianto - ST - Arema - Free
M. Roby - CB - PSMS - Free
Fandi Eko Utomo - CAM - Persebaya - Free
Shahar Ginanjar - GK - PSM - Free
Andik Rendika - LB - Madura United - Free
Novan Setya - LB - Bali United - Free
Syakir Sulaeman - CM - Atjeh United - Free
Rudolf Basna - CB - Khonkaen - £60K
He's a good centre-back with potential to become a star player and I can't wait to see how well he does alongside Heliton in defence.

Heliton - CB - Santo Andre - £65K
Top quality Brazilian centre-back which used our foreign player slot but is pretty much a replacement for Renan Alves.

Juni Antara - RB - Bhayangkara FC - £75K
Good player but we also managed to get someone of the same quality for free so it feels like a big waste of money but he does have good potential.

Hendro Siswanto - CM - Arema - £25K
Great midfielder who should be able to make the starting line-up in our new formation.

Matheus Frizzo - CM - Gremio - £100K
Surely the best player in the team and I'm very confident he can prove his hefty price tag. Great attributes with 15 in passing, first touch, technique, pace and acceleration while he also has 14 tackling which will serve him well in his young career.

Imanuel Wanggai - CM - Persib - £14.5K
Solid signing and another quality midfielder who has experience under his belt at the age of 31.

Arga Permana - ST - Free
Sobri Assauri - CB - Free

Matthew Byrne - RB - Moreton Bay United - £8K
Bayu Pradana - CM - Mitra Kukar - £5.25K
These two players came in on deadline day so I could fill my spare Asian foreign slot which was used on Byrne while I came to a pre-contract agreement for Pradana but we bought him instantly for £5K. Hopefully, these two will serve the team well, but let's hope the team can gel quickly because it's pretty much become a new team in 2 months.

Azamat Baymatov - CB - Shabab - Free
Great to get him out of our club so he doesn't fill up our foreign slot and wage bill as he was barely up to the standard of our non-foreign players.

Renan Alves - CB - Radnicki Nis - Free
Sad to see him go as he was a great player who loved scoring penalties but we got a similar Brazilian to replace him at CB and I'm sure he'll do well in the Serbian league.

Terens Puhiri - RW - Chonburi - £31K
Great profit on this young midfielder who didn't fit into our formation because of his lack of versatility to play in narrow positions and not in wide positions.

Edy Gunawan - LB - PSIS - Free
Ahmad Hisyam - CB - PSPS - Free
Sultan Samma - ST - Persela - £4.2K
Eky Taufik Febriyanto - RB - Persija - £7.5K
Abrizal Umanailo - RW - Arema - £20K
Riswan Yusman - LW - Madura FC - £10K
Risman Yusman - CM - Persiwa - £8.25K (£10.5K)
Firdaus Ramadhan - CB - Barito Putera - £6K
Habibi - RM - Madura FC - £6K
Agus Indra - CAM - Madura FC - Free
Taufik Hidayat - CB - Persiraja - £18K
Tijani Belaid - CAM - Club Africain - £18K

We've had a pretty good pre-season that will hopefully set us up well for the league season. We won most of our matches, some against good teams and some against lower level teams.

Title Odds
https://i.imgur.com/hnB03FU.jpgAfter a great transfer window bringing in title-winning quality players, the media expect us to at least finish 2nd and that relegation is the least of our worries, unlike last season.

Top Goalscorer Odds
Fernando, who used to be on my shortlist was tipped to win the Golden Boot this season but our player Matias Conti was also in there with a very good shout of potentially winning the award.

Top Player Odds
https://i.imgur.com/YVk62Ej.jpgWe have two of our players in a shout of winning the top player award but I'm surprised Fruzzeo isn't in contention for it.

Top Young Player Odds
https://i.imgur.com/xxfChbw.jpgHeliton was already in the mix for the top player so it's quite inevitable the youthful Brazilian centre-back will win the award this season.

Here is an eye on how most of the European leagues are progressing in the save so far. In Spain, it looks like the two Madrid teams will be battling it out while Barcelona are still in there with a shout while in England, Liverpool look like they can take the league home with a bit of competition coming from Man City while PSG are ONLY 2 points off AS Monaco. Moving more east into Europe, Juventus look like they will take the Serie A home again with Ronaldo now in their team while Bayern Munich will be doing the same thing in the Bundesliga. To finish off our European leagues, Benfica and Porto will be battling it out for the title while Sporting are stranded in between 2nd and 4th with a major point difference between both. Now into South America, Santos took out the title by two points beating Palmeiras while Gremio where only 3 points behind. Also if your wondering about Chapecoense, they got relegated as they finished 2nd last. Argentina's league is definitely one to watch as 4 teams are battling it out for the title as only 1 point separates ALL 4 teams.

After winning the Piala Indonesia, Matt Eskins has now made the Hall of Fame as he stakes his claim as one of the best managers to have managed in Indonesia.

Next Update: March 2019

Wow, that's a hell of a lot of movement in the transfer market. Hopefully, it pays off for you this season! Good luck!
Yeah there is a lot of movement for your club, let's just hope that it would be good enough for the team.
@tongey Thanks, hopefully it does pay off!
@HawkAussie The players are definitely good enough to win the title, but hopefully, they're good enough to get together very quickly. We still have a few of last season's players in the starting line-up like Bonai, Elaindry, Conti, Ridho, Ramadhen even Rizko if he starts.

To start off our competitive season, we play the reigning league winners, Barito Putera. Wish a fresh-faced squad, we managed to edge out a 1-0 win thanks to a Matias Conti goal which secures our 2nd trophy which means we've only got 1 more trophy to win in Indonesia, which is the league so this could potentially be our last season here.

We play our first international match which is with the South Africa U23s and we have to beat Chad U23s over 2 legs. The first leg is at home in which we win 3-1 to be in a comfortable position for the 2nd leg. In the 2nd leg, it was much closer for most of the game as we were 1-0 up for around 40 minutes until Mothiba scored a 2nd goal in the 92nd minute during stoppage time.

MARCH 2019
We had a decent month here as we beat the reigning league champions in the Super Cup while we had a close 0-0 draw with Mitra Kukar and recorded a 2-0 away win against Perseru. Hopefully next month we can get more wins on the board and be in a pole position to win the league.

We're only 2 games in the season but we sit 4th in the table, already an improvement from last season's relegation battle.

Next Update: April & May 2019

APRIL 2019
April was a month filled with draws and starting to get the team to gel together. The concerning thing is that in the first 3 games the only goals we could get was an own goal from PSS and one from our midfielder. Luckily in the next game against PSM, we got 4 goals and it looks like we will hopefully be able to score lots of goals from here.

As my contract was set to expire next month during the season, the board decided to offer me a new contract even though I asked them for months and they rejected yet they just want to offer it out of nowhere. I managed to increase my wage to £1.5K per week and although my contract is down by July 2020, I have secret plans to leave the club at the end of the season. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a screenshot of the league table before I played May, but we were 5th in the table but I guess the new contract replaces April's league table.

MAY 2019
May was a month of experimenting with my tactic and we started off with a 4-1 and 3-1 win which got me to start thinking the tactic was great until we played Persib away from home. We actually converted most of our limited chances into goals but we should've created more chances in an embarrassing 6-2 loss. We were at 2-2 then we conceded a goal so we were 3-2 and I just decided to attack more which was risky but a loss is a loss, it doesn't make a difference if we lost 6-2 instead of 3-2 (except for goal difference), especially if we could've got back into the game. In our last game of the month, we did manage to find our feet with the tactics as we got a 2-0 win away from home and when we tweaked something, we instantly started getting more chances which prove experimenting around for a bit can give good results.

10 games into a 34 match season, we stand 3rd place which is a major improvement from last season, but with the quality in our squad, we should be top of the table, but instead, we're 7 points behind. Although, there is plenty of time to catch up as we only need Mitra Kukar to drop a few points and then if we beat them we can gain on them.

Next Update: June & July 2019

JUNE 2019
We've had an absolutely great month here as we won all our matches except for one which we drew 1-1. Starting off the month seemed difficult for us as we're stuck at 1-1 for most of the game until Matias Conti decided it would be a nice thing for him to do to our title chances if he scored a 94th minute stoppage time winner so we could get some vital points on the board. Following up the dramatic game is two consecutive 1-0 wins away from home against Semen Padang and PS Tira, respectively. After that, we drew 1-1 at home vs Madura United and ended off the month with a 2-0 win over the club that has a long name which showed that every match we played, one of our 3 strikers scored.

We've been rewarded for our fantastic efforts this month as we're leading the table by 1 point ahead of Mitra Kukar, who seem like our toughest title rivals so far.

For the first time, Matt Eskins has won an individual award for his efforts. Even though the rest of the top 3 had the same win ratio, Matt Eskins edged them out to come top in the Liga 1 Best Coach Of The Month which will be something he'll remember for a while.

JULY 2019
A very long month for our players which was surely tiring resulted in a slight drop of form where some wins turned into draws. We weren't quite impressive in the first two games as we needed an 83rd minute goal to even draw against Gresik United while we had a 0-0 draw with Mitra Kukar, which I'll take. Our next match was against an easy opposition and we deservedly won 6-1 even though I don't know how we conceded a goal against them but not Mitra Kukar. We continued this wave of drawing form as the matches vs Persela and PSIP we're 1-1 draws. Our last league match of the month ended with a sweet 2-1 victory which we followed up with a 3-0 win in the Piala Indonesia.

We're now in a comfortable position to win the league after Mitra Kukar have been dropping points and struggling with the appointment of their new manager. Matias Conti has been vital to our title fight as he's just behind the leader in the Golden Boot award.

Next Update: August & September 2019

A 1-1 draw was the inevitably the only way to start our month. We then had an easy match which we won 3-1 to advance to the Piala Indonesia 3rd round and then followed that up with a 2-0 win. We had a whopping scoreline next as we somehow win 6-3 AWAY from home. After scoring 6 goals, clearly, we didn't have many goals left in us as we drew 0-0 with Barito. After this game, we started to get some sketchy form as we made a comeback and needed a stoppage-time winner to get through the game. We ended off the month badly with a 3-2 loss to Persib in which was a crazy game where they scored a penalty in stoppage time only for us to pull one back in stoppage time and then for them to get the winner at the very end of the match.

After 24 games, we're nearing the end of the season as we're edging out the league table by 2 points ahead of Persib, who've overtaken Mitra Kukar who have to seem to lost all hope with their form. Our star striker Matias Conti is leading the Golden Boot race so far with 16 goals while our new young quality striker Gilang Alfanzi is rising up the ladder for assists this season. Unfortunately, our Brazilian midfielder, Frizzo has gotten a high amount of yellow cards so far this season.

Our U23 South African side has been drawn in a tough group with Egypt, Ivory Coast and Senegal. Hopefully we can get through the group and qualify for the semi-finals and go on to win our first international team trophy.

September was a very short month as it was interrupted by international games and if we had not still been in the Piala Indonesia, we would've only played 2 games throughout the month. Anyways, we advanced to the fourth round of the Piala Indonesia as we beat PSS. To follow up our 3-1 win, we lost to PSMS 2-1 and then beat Persik 4-0 to put ourselves in a good position to reach the quarterfinals. To end off the month in which we played all away games, we beat Bali United convincingly in a 3-0 win.

Borneo FC are still top of the table following the month of September as we hold a small 3 point lead ahead of Mitra Kukar and Persib. In terms of stats, Matias Conti and Mathesu Frizzo are both equal first for most goals (good) and most yellow cards (bad) while Alfarizi is still climbing up the ladder for assists as he now has 8 of them so far.

Next Update: October & November 2019

We start off the month with our only loss of the month in the 2nd leg of the Piala Indonesia fourth round as we lose 1-0 to Persik, but it doesn't matter as we still advance to the Piala Indonesia quarter-finals. It became time for us to get some league wins as we beat Persija and PS Tira 2-1 and 1-0, respectively. Next up is Persib who we somehow managed to beat 4-3 in an absolutely crazy game in which we scored 2 penalties. We then showed our quality again as we won 4-2 away from home vs Persipura. All we had to do against Persib in the 2nd leg was just hold on from there.

The title race is getting increasingly tight as Persib overtake us when they have a game in hand and all it takes for the title to slip away from us is a loss anytime. Our two strikers are doing great as Conti is only 1 goal off the top goalscorer while Alfarizi now has the most assists! In even better news, Frizzo has now got 12 yellow cards and I think he has the most red cards too.

We've now got our second individual award as we won manager of the month again! Hopefully, we can also take our claim for manager of the year which is definitely something that will help our reputation and lure us to bigger clubs.

November was a decent month as we're still going well in the league. We did start off disappointingly with a 3-1 loss Alfarizi's former club, Madura United which was away from home. We then settled concerns of bad league form with a 2-1 and 1-0 win, but they were at home and we still need to prove that we can win games on the road. Our Piala Indonesia campaign did end, but I'm not unsettled by that as we have already won it before and we don't need it distracting us in the league either. Anyways, there was nothing I could do as a red card ruined our first leg in a 4-2 loss and to think we can come back from that away from home is just too much.

Nothing has really changed in the stats, Alfarizi is in the top 3 for highest average rating which is something to look out for as he might win player of the year as well as young player of the year (obviously). We are now 1 point behind Persib, but we have a game in hand which is a perfect opportunity to seize a potential 2 point lead.

Next Update: December 2019 (CAF U-23 Cup Of Nations Update After)

In our first match of the month, we had a game in hand and we pretty much had to win it to stand a chance of being in a good position for the final match. We then managed to draw 1-1, but you're going to find out in the next screenshot if we have won the league or not.
It's a very close final day which comes down to the smallest amount of points

OH YESS WE DID!!!!!!!!!!! We've completed all the domestic trophies available to win in Indonesia this season but once again our fate comes down to the final day fo the season. Thankfully Persib lost and got a red card otherwise we wouldn't have won the league with only a draw if they won their match. Anyways, if we were even with them on points it would've come down to goals scored and we were slightly below them in that department. Now the luring question is should I stay or go as we will be having AFC Champions League football next season, but the club's balance is negative £1.23M and they don't want to give me a coaching course due to the club's financial situation; plus, we have won all the domestic title possible in Indonesia and yes, we did apply for the Johor DT job but they went forward with another manager even though I would've loved to take over them. We have been looking around the block for other jobs and we applied for Home United as they have won the Singaporean league recently but I'm concerned by the fact that the league's reputation ranking is lower then the league I am currently in but I guess we have to wait and see what other jobs pop up since the other teams have winter breaks such as India while Malaysia starts in February next year.

We've managed to the double in our second season at Borneo FC!
I've pleased the board in our league win.
Here's a review of the match that led us to win the title.
Since we came first in the league, we have now qualified for the AFC Champions League which could lure me into staying.

Next Update: CAF U-23 Cup Of Nations + Piala Indonesia 3rd place playoff

After we qualified for the competition, we now face Egpyt, Ivory Coast and Senegal U23s whom we all finish higher than in the table. We've came out on top in our group which is a good sign as it will help us in our draw for the semi-final. And this is who we will be playing:
https://i.imgur.com/F9rbdJM.jpgWe've got Mali U23s who we can hopefully beat to advance to the finals of our first international competition.

This definitely has to be the closest match of the competition as overachievers Mali, managed to take us all the way to penalties as we exchanged goals in normal and extra time. Fortunately, our team managed to edge through the penalties as we advance to the final!

Another match that went to extra time for us in the month of December as we win 4-2 in the third place play-off in the Piala Indonesia.

We've got the Ghana U23s side in the final which should be a thriller of a match! The game is going to be held at Alexandria Stadium wherever that is, but I have done my research and found out that the stadium of 13,600 people and that it's in Egpyt.

OHH YESS WE DID (same line as last time when we on the league with Borneo FC)! Another match that got taken to extra time, but we seem to have a good record with this side when it comes to extra time and penalties as we swept them aside 3-1 after extra time which means we've won our first international trophy! We definitely deserved to win as we have fielded better teams than the rest in the competition and I'm sure we were favourites heading into it.

Nice to see that they think I'm having a "growing list of honours to an impressive managerial career".
Looks like we beat the overachievers in the semi-final so that is something nice for us and we also managed to have the top goalscorer in our team and the player with the most assists throughout the competition.

Next Update: End Of Season Awards 2019

Great win with the under-23's dude! Also congrats on the double win in domestic competitions too! Are you staying and giving the Champions League a run or are you leaving while your stock is high?
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