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A journey across the Americas as Santiago Nunez looks to gain redemption for a number of also rans.

After having a bug with my hall of fame save, and finding a bug in the add on leagues for my second attempt at a career to post, I've decided to go with something diferent, and no added databases for this 1. Third time lucky and all that.

I take absolutely zero credit for the idea behind this save, I have added some 'extras' into it though. The idea came from some great reads from a user over on the SI Forums, not sure if I'm okay to post the thread or the user here, I have spoken to him and got his blessing to post this here though. The threads are about the 'nearly men' of football, as in the runners up of the Champions Leagues as he takes those teams and attempts to win the Champions League with them,. He's done it in Europe and currently Africa, however my idea takes place in North & South America. So without further ado, let's get into it.

The Copa Libertadores is the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League and since it's inception the Libertadores has seen many winners from the South American teams, and more recently Mexican sides. It has also seen 18 teams get to the final but come up short. The CONCACAF Champions League is the North American version of our Champions League, it used to be in a cup format before changing to mimic our own version and has been dominated by Mexican teams, with 22 teams getting to the final and leaving as the losing side. I am including teams from the previous format of the CONCACAF Champions League for this challenge.

This thread is about those teams who have got to the final and ended up losing.

Housekeeping first. I'm only using leagues that come with the 'vanilla' version of the game, so no added leagues. Due to this, there are some teams that I can't manage, such as teams from Ecuador, Paraguay and so on. The reason for this is I've not had much luck using databases created in the editor recently, that's not a knock against the guys using their own time to make them, it's just I've not been that lucky and encountered game breaking issues.

At the start of the game, the following playable teams have got to the final of the Copa Libertadores and failed to win it:

1985, 1986, 1987, 1996 America de Cali (Colombia)
1978, 1999 Deportivo Cali (Colombia)
1981, 1982 Cobreloa (Chile)
1988, 1992 Newell's Old Boys (Argentina)
1972 Universitaro de Deportes (Peru)
1975 Union Espanola (Chile)
1993 Universidad Catolica (Chile)
1997 Sporting Cristal (Peru)
2001 Cruz Azul (Mexico) Not eligible for this part of the challenge
2002 Sao Caetano (Brazil)
2005 Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
2008 Fluminense (Brazil)
2010 Guadalajara (Mexico) Not eligible for this part of the challenge
2015 Tigres UANL (Mexico) Not eligible for this part of the challenge
2017 Lanus (Argentina)
2018 Defensor Sporting (Uruguay) Became eligible in game

Also at the start of the game, the below teams have got to the CONCACAF Champions League final and left as the losing team:

1978 Leones Negros (Mexico) This final was cancelled in real life, so that's why Leones are eligible
2002, 2003 Morelia (Mexico)
2012, 2013 Santos Laguna (Mexico)
2016, 2017 Tigres UNAL (Mexico)
1993 Club Leon (Mexico)
2011 Real Salt Lake (USA)
2014 Deportivo Toluca (Mexico)
2015 Montreal Impact (USA)
2018 Toronto (USA)

The aim for this save is to win the competition the above teams failed to win. If any of the above teams win the Libertadores or CONCACAF Champions League they are removed form the challenge. Likewise if any other team, as in not listed above gets to the final of any of the competitions and fails to win it, they become eligible. I had intended to include the Copa Sudamericana as well, however that would bring the eligible teams at the start up to 35, and no way I'd manage to get all those in.

There are no set in stone rules for this save, I just want to have fun and try and do in game what the above teams couldn't in real life. However the only thing I am putting in place is if I win the Libertadores or Champions League I must leave that team. I am allowing myself to leave a team at my own free will but ONLY to an eligible team or nation (see below). There are a total of 22 eligible club teams at the start of the game and I'm expecting some of those to win the competition in game and others to become eligible. I'll be as realistic as possible, I probably won't even manage all of these teams but I'll give it a good go.

As a 'bonus' challenge, in it's current format the CONCACAF Gold Cup (since 1991) has seen Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica & Panama get to the final only to lose. I will include those nations in the game set up to make sure I can manage them. Likewise if any other North American nation becomes eligible they will be included if they are playable. The South American equivalent the Copa America there are no eligible teams as all who had got to a final have also won it. Ecuador & Venezuela haven't got to a final in real life, however if they do in game, they become eligible.



To make this challenge as realistic as possible, I am going to start with the lowest rep team that is playable from the start. Note my above comment that I am allowing myself to move on before winning the Libertadores, but only to another eligible team.

Hailing from the bright lights of Mexico City, Santiago Nunez sets out on a journey of epic proportions, so grab some popcorn, get comfy because all being well, this is going to be 1 hell of a ride.

The flight from Mexico City to Calama in Chile is a long one, but we're on our way.....


Vamos a hacer un viaje, hombre

This is very familiar to ManUtd1 save in Europe and Africa with this set up.
This is very familiar to ManUtd1 save in Europe and Africa with this set up.

His threads are the inspiration for this
Cracking idea, may have to take a look at some of those saves over there (but SUSIE is where it's at ). Anyway, Chile is a hard place to manage, good luck!
Cracking idea, may have to take a look at some of those saves over there (but SUSIE is where it's at ). Anyway, Chile is a hard place to manage, good luck!

Cheers man, glad to have you on board!

Yeah there's some cracking reads there man. But I like the people on this forum and there's generally a good level of interaction on here.

What's Susie? Not been on there or hears it before, my FM forum experience is literally this and the SI forums.
So in my enthusiasm to get started I made a small oversight. It turns out that Mexican teams aren't in the COPA Libertadores any more so I've removed Cruz Azul & Guadalajara from this challenge as they won't ever get into the Libertadores in game. Tigres are still eligible for the CONCACAF Champions League.

As for the game itself, I haven't had much time over the festive period but I have managed to get a few months played,I will get an update up later today or tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
CD Cobreloa season 2018 update

Here is the start of my journey for redemption. The northern town of Calama and the team Colebra. A young team only founded in 1977 they certainly have had some good times, reaching back to back Copa Libertadores finals only to fall short, this is the reason I am here. As well as those finals this club has also won the top division of Chilean football 8 times as well as a singular Chile cup to their name. Not quite a downfall however the club finds itself in the second tier of Chilean football, and in the short term it is my aim to get us out of this league. As a first time manager, I have absolutely no reputation to speak off, because of this the margin for error is going to be very, very small. however I like to look at the positive side of everything so this is definitely a chance to prove myself.





Pre season odds sees us finishing second, and with that in mind i make no additional signings to the team I inherit from the clubs previous manager. Another thing I notice is this club is in dire financial straits, so first team signings won't happen unless absolutley necesscary.



February - March 2018

My first game in charge and a chance to get rid of any nerves in my system and check out my new team in competitive action.

We ran out 1-0 winners in a game we absolutely dominated. If this is a sign of things to come then this season may just turn out alright.



That first win was followed up by back to back wins against Deportes Capiapo & San Felipe in games we looked pretty good and the results were well deserved.



The wins kept on coming as we saw back to back to back 2-1 victories over Rangers de Talca, Santiago Wanderers & Deportes Puerto Montt. The Wanderers result was pivotal as they were once upon a time the big team here in Chile and have fallen on hard times recently and are also promotion favourites, so a win against a challenger early on is always good and puts the league on notice.




Despite us being undefeated the squad clearly don't like me as their manager. Well sorry lads but I'm the manager and I'm here to stay, for now at least.



Despite the squad not liking me, we recorded our biggest win so far as we played Deportes Valdivia off the park in a resounding 6-0 home victory. A complete performance and another reason why we're considered promotion favourites.


Rounding out my first 2 months here we finished March off with a 2-1 away over Deportes La Serena. Despite going down early on we managed to dig deep and come away with all 3 points.



April 2018

April kicked off with our first loss of the season, 2-1 at home to AC Barnechea. That poor result was followed up with another poor result as we lost 2-0 away to Santiago Morning. With those losses hopefully this doesn't turn into something that could hamper our promotion challenge.



Next up was the 1st leg of our 1st round cup game against lower league Deportes Recoleta. We laboured to a 0-0 in a boring game.


Back in the league we threw away a 3-1 lead late on to draw 3-3 away to Deportivo Nublense. Not the best form at the minute hopefully this is us getting our bad patch out the way early on.


We finished April off top of the league despite those poor results. Definitely something to work on



May 2018

2nd leg of the cup game now and during the game I noticed Recoleta were playing hipster football in the form of a striker less formation. It definitely hindered us as we struggle to overcome their midfield and only just scraped a 1-0 win to put us into the next round against Deportes Antofagasta who are in the same league as us.




Once again I'm asked about the low level of support I have from my team, and once again I say I'm confident of staying here despite this. Whilst we've not played too well the last few weeks, we are still at the right end of the league and looking good value.


To finish off a quiet month of May we recorded back to back victories over Deportes Magallanes and Melpilla which keeps us at the top of the league with a slim 2 point cushion.





As we're top of the league the board are happy with me and I am very secure at the minute.


Rounding off this update are 2 points I'd like to make regarding this challenge. First is Sae Caetano are actually eligible for me, however they currently reside in the lower leagues of Brazilian football, and barring back to back to back to back to back to back to back (I think) promotions they won't be playable for a while.


Also I'm going to include the Confederations Cup in this challenge for national teams as well. Reason is Chile are the current runners up in game so they become eligible straight from the off. The original challenge actually has the World Cup runners up included, however as I only have North and South American nations loaded, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary aren't playable in my game, so unless any South American teams other than Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay get to the World Cup final and lose I won't bother including that.

Food for thought now as my first few months here have been good, however the team clearly don't like or respect me. If I don't see out this season, the only way back in terms of this challenge would be the Panama national job due to the reputation. I'm optimistic that I will win the players round and continue our good form.

As always thanks for reading, it is appreciated

TOP OF THE LEAGUE!! That's how to start a career off! Well done mate, and keep on trucking!
TOP OF THE LEAGUE!! That's how to start a career off! Well done mate, and keep on trucking!

Cheers man, can see why this team is favourites for promotion.
CD Cobreloa season 2018 update

June 2018

Kicking off this update sees us take on Cobresal, who are coincidentally our affiliated team as well as our local rivals. Things couldn’t have gone any better for us as they had a man sent off early on however we missed a penalty but buried the rebound. We did concede an equaliser but by the end of the game we were 4-2 winners


Straight after that game an offer was made for Jose Silva which I rejected, the team kicked off so he was transfer listed and put in the reserves. Clearly the team are doing what they can to make it known I’m not liked





After that we’re in the cup against Deportes Antofagasta who have a number of first team players out, so hopefully this can give us an edge in this game.


Or not. We do have the second leg to play maybe we can make that count


Jose Silva gets his move and we get 10k for him. I’m disappointed as he was playing well, but whatever we move on


We do win the second leg of the cup game with a late goal to put us into the next round which we’re drawn against Deportes Iquique who play in the top division.



The quality definitely showed as we were battered 3-0 by them, and this tie was over despite our 1-0 victory in the second leg.



That’s June over with and to greet us at the end of the month is the news striker Lucas Simon has damaged ligaments and is out for around 8 months. His season is over and puts a dent in our promotion hopes.



July 2018

2 games in July and we win them both, first 1-0 over Coquimbo Unido & then 3-1 away to Union San Felipe




August 2018

A great 5-1 victory over Deportes Capiapo started off our August before a news report saying Rampla Juniors are after 1 of my first teamers Firpo.



Lies I tell you, lies!


I offer a contract of my own seeing as how my DOF hasn’t. Ahh well. He’s dropped


Back to back 1-0 victories over Rangers & Santiago Wanderers kept our good form going before another big win over Deporte Puerto Montt ensured a perfect August for us





September 2018

Despite the good form we went down 1-0 away to Deportes Valdivia and this could’ve been a lot worse as we were held on and never looked like getting anything out of this game


To follow up that loss, we got FM’d big time in our game against Deportes La Serena. We just couldn’t get the break through and they had 1 shot and got 1 goal. Frustration at the highest level!



We did manage to get a victory over Barnechea, before a draw with Santiago Morning and another big win over San Marcos to keep us top of the league at the end of August.





We’ve got 4 games to go in the league and promotion is still up for grabs. Despite the form the team’s support for me is still low, however I’m confident of staying here at least until the end of the season.

Next update will be the final games of the season, if we got promoted and a look at how the Copa Libertadroes ended.

Thanks for reading.

CD Cobreloa season 2018 update

October 2018

To kick us off in our final stretch of the season I’m offered and sign a contract extension. Despite the players not backing me the board certainly do.


Our first game of October saw us win 3-1 at home to Deportivo Nublense in a game we absolutely dominated


This win was followed up with another big victory, this one over Deportes Melpilla. Our promotion hunt is most definitely still on.


With 2 games to go we’re behind Cobresal by 1 point, and we play them on the final day


Our penultimate game saw us win a closely fought game 1-0 away to Deportes Magallanes whilst Cobresal got beat 3-0 to put us top of the league by 2 points.



So here we are, the final game of the season against our local rivals. If we avoid defeat we go up as champions, if we lose Cobresal go up as champs and we settle for a play off spot.



Never in doubt! We never looked like losing this one and it showed as we absolutely battered them all over the pitch. We definitely wanted this more than they did.






I am quite happy with how this season has gone, and I definitely think proves to the players I am the man for the job. Next season will all be about staying in the league. I can’t see myself getting a job at any of the current eligible clubs for this challenge next season so I’m going all in to make sure Cobreloa are competitive and we have a good showing next season.

Speaking of the challenge, lets take a look at the Copa Libertadores. From the groups stages a couple of possible eligible teams progressed if any came runners up, however only Defensor Sporting of the potential eligible teams progressed all the way to the final.


In the final are Santos of Brazil and Defensor Sporting of Uruguay. Santos have won this competition multiple times and this is Defensor’s first appearance. If Santos win this over the 2 legs, Defensor become eligible.

First leg:

Defensor put in a good showing, but just couldn’t get that priceless away goal to take in to the second leg


Second leg:

Well this was a different story to the first leg as Santos absolutely battered Defensor. With this resounding win for Santos, the runners up Defensor become eligible in the challenge and are added to the list of teams I must manage and bring glory in the Copa Libertadores. Despite getting thumped in the final they did beat 2 big Brazilian teams in Gremio & Palmeiras, as well as Argentine big boys Boca Juniors, so the squad clearly has something about them.






Rounding out this update is something that will definitely help me get other jobs for the eligible teams as I am named manager of the year for the second division. Not being big headed but this was never in doubt as we were clearly the best team over the year, despite some poor form here and there.


Next update will be our pre season leading up to our first season in the top division, a quick look at how the CONCACAF Champions league is looking, our first round of games in the new season and anything else of note. There are some interesting teams eligible for this challenge that I can't wait to manage but if I'm being realistic, only the Chilean sides Universidad Espanola & Universidad Catolica, and possibly the Peruvian teams Universitario & Sporting Cristal would be my next stop, that's IF I have a good season next year with Cabreloa. If not, as noted above the only possible way back into the challenge would be either with the Panama national team, or if Ecuador or Venezuela got to the Copa America or Confederations cup final and lost, or if Sae Caetano get a bunch of back to back promotions . However I'm always optimistic and confident I can have a good showing next season.

Thanks for reading!


CD Cobreloa season 2019 update

We’ll get end of season stuff out of the way first.

Season review is positive of course it is as we won the league and were at the top end of the league all season long.


Unsurprisingly Luna was awarded fans player of the year, however Munizaga got signing of the year. Can’t argue as both are deserving of this acknowledgement


Also after winning the league the players now have a good level of support for me, cheers I guess


Joining us in the next division is our rivals Cobresal. I’m already looking forward to taking 6 points off them next year 😉


Couple of loan extensions next as we see wide man Larenas and box to box midfielder Romo extend their loans with us. I’m happy with this as they’re definite first team players for me and I’m confident they can help us next season



Joining them are 5 free transfers. Now I’m not going to lie, I am disappointed at not having much of a transfer budget, however these 5 players should give the squad the quality to stay up as well as the depth for rotation. I’ll get player profiles of each up later.


During this Mario Parra kicked off demanding a move away so I let him go to Colo-Colo for 300,000 and he was replaced by Esteban Saez.



The fixtures for the new season are announced and we’re at home to San Luis in our first game back in this division.


Unsurprisingly we’re expected to be finishing near the bottom of the league this season, and it’s upto me to make sure we do as well as we can to not get dragged into a relegation battle


Right before our first game in the league news breaks of an injury to new signing Gonzalo Sosa. Not the best news but we’ll do our best without him


So heading into our first game in the top division, my tactics for the coming season look like this. 4-2-3-1 in home games and 4-4-1-1 in away games. I feel with these set ups it gives us the best chance of getting something for the following campaign









So our first game back in the top division, and what a game. We never looked like the promoted team here and ran out confident 3-1 winners.


WE were very lucky in the next game against Universidad de Chile as they were dominant all over the pitch. 0-0 flattered us really


Final game of February saw us go down 3-2 at home to Union la Calera. The game was 3-2 at half time but we just couldn’t break them down for the equaliser



March 2019

First game of March and we beat Deportes Temuco 2-0 in another game where we looked very comfortable and confident.


Next up was the first local derby of the new season against Cobresal and what a game. Despite it seeming like an end to end game, both of us only had 3 shots on target however buried all 3. It was definitely a good game to watch and the late equaliser on our part was well earned.



Final 2 games of March saw back to back losses against Audax Italiano and Curico Unido. Hopefully we can pick up the form from here.




Rounding out the month we’re sitting 8th in the league after the first 2 months back in this league. Definitely something to work on.


Final point of this update is a quick check on the CONCACAF Champions League. At the semi final stage we have Portland Timbers versus Santos Laguna and New York Red Bulls versus Sporting Kansas City. Santos are already an eligible team so if they get to the final and win it, whoever they beat in the final will become eligible and replace Santos. As New York just won the most recent MLS season, I am going to predict they at the very least get to the final. It will be interesting either way as there’s a good chance of 1 of the American teams replacing Santos as eligible for this challenge. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.


Next update will be the next round of games, who won the CONCACAF Champions League and any other business. Thanks for reading.
I'm going to put this save on hold for the time being, I'm just not getting into that much at the minute. I may return to this at some point however.
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