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An FM19 journeyman career mode.


My first FM career in ages, and my first on FM19! Like many others I have read this year, a globetrotting career, seeing what happens and what I can win. Starting unemployed, Sunday League and with a national C coaching badge (the equivalent of what I have in real life).


There is a bit of a twist though. Partly because I'm doing this on a Macbook Air and want to have silky smooth processing, I'm only loading 5 countries at a time. These will be chosen completely at random every season (obviously, if I'm employed at the end of the season, that would be four random countries chosen). I inputted all the playable countries into a list randomiser, and this is what our first season is looking like:


with all leagues loaded...


Also, I will only be signing players from the country of the club I'm managing. As an Athletic Bilbao fan IRL, this is important to me.

First step: it's the end of June, time to get a job...



June 2018-September 2018: Gallivare Malmbergets FF
So, two jobs available to start off, but only one I was realistically going to get...we're heading to Sweden.

Gällivare Malmbergets FF


Galliväre, to be found in the 4th division in terms of football and essentially the North Pole geographically...


Gallivare fun fact: It was the filming spot for Avicii's single Addicted To you.

So the northernmost club in Swedish football (I assume) is who I have to rescue from relegation to fifth division. 12 games played already as the Swedish season operates in the summer, and in the relegation zone.


The best of the squad...



Well, unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Started off with an absolute madness against Timra, losing 5-8, and I put some decent wins together in July. However that's when the form ended, and we went on a 5 game losing streak before I resigned a few games short of the end of the season.


The high point: coming back from 3 down against Bodens to win.

The low point: the game against Kramfors-Alliansen was the nail in the coffin, and the worst way to lose. 2-0 up and cruising, but they scored at the 87th, 95th, 96th and 98th minute to get the totally undeserved win. FM at its finest right there, there was only supposed to be 95 mins of added time!!

When I started there was no staff or full backs, it was always going to be hard arriving 12 games into the season. But anyway, I'm probably going to be staying in Swedish football, I look forward to taking a team in the offseason and being able to build it as I see fit. Love a challenge!
So after waiting until the season finished in Sweden (start of November), I set my sights on one job in particular that was available. Luckily, after a bit of waiting, I was offered an interview and got the job...

IFK Malmo


Also playing in the 4th tier of Swedish football, it's the other team from Malmo, and the oldest club from the city, founded in 1899. Although they are now in the lower divisions, they once reached the quarterfinals of the European Cup and were a mainstay in the Allsvenskan. So a bit a of a fallen giant that I hope to take back to the top.

What's more they play at the 26,000 capacity Malmo Stadion, which is obviously huge for a 4th division club!

Looking forward to the pre season!
What a ridiculous stadium for a 4th tier team to play in! Can't wait to see if you can get them back to the top!
@Tongey Yeah definitely! We have a bigger wage budget than other teams in the division I think.



So was an insanely long preseason, we played a ton of friendlies. Definitely going with a very adaptable tactical approach, basically looking at the opposition scouting report and going with an approach based off that. Some good wins and a few losses, but can be happy with that as a warmup for the league.


As for season expectations, the board wants mid table but after the signings we've made we're evens to the win the league. Our squad definitely has some quality now, so hopefully we can at least get close to the title.



Speaking of the squad, we had to made a lot of signings. We were severely lacking in quality, so that was the most important thing to bring in. Ended up signing a lot of players from the division above, which is a good sign, and the team is now a lot more ready than it was, with some good depth at all positions.


Here's the signing breakdown...

Filip Thurn: Peter Crouch style forward, over 2 metres tall. Obviously not technical, but gives us a more direct option.
Robin Olsson: Young defender brought in on loan, decent technical ability at the back for this level.
Krister Andersson: Another body at the back.
Phillip Petersson: Good defensive midfielder and our new captain, should be a good anchor in the spine of the side.
Eric Dahlgren: Backup keeper but definitely good enough to come in the side if our number 1 has a bad day.
Anton Olsson: Starting left back.
Mtaka Simba: Looks like a beefy, Micah Richards style right back, four star rating.
Anton Magnusson: Attacking midfielder, gives us options to play more attacking.
Nermin Celjo:Good striker, adds more quality and gives us the option to play 4-3-3.
Koyar Salimi: Quality to play in the division above, and options down the wing.
Sebastian Carlsson: Another player from the division above, brought in last minute to cover for the departure of Backaliden.

Here are our star players for the upcoming season, including some of the signings above...


Our number 1 goalkeeper Backstrom is pretty good too...

So, ready to start the season, hopefully we get a few wins to establish position in the league.
Everything seems in place at IFK Malmo to absolutely walk this division, good luck man!
Current story - Viva la Beta
Love seeing another journeyman and welcome to Sweden! Hopefully you’ll crush it and be in the Allsvenskan in no time!
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