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It's time for the Eagles of Istanbul to Rise.The sleeping turkish giant won the league in 2015–16 and 2016–17 but then the team went down as performance in the league.The team reached First Knockout Round of the Champions League also in season 2017–18 but even this wasn't enough for Senol Gunes to keep his job as the manager of Besiktas. It's time for a change.It's time to RISE !

Season 2018-19.First days in Istanbul !


The Club !

Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü (English: Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club), also known simply as Beşiktaş,is a Turkish sports club founded in 1903, and based in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, Turkey.

The club's football team is one of the most successful teams in Turkey, having never been relegated to a lower division. The team last won the Turkish Süper Lig championship during the 2016–17 season.

The home ground of Beşiktaş is Vodafone Park, a 41,903 capacity all-seater stadium located next to Dolmabahçe Palace.

Beşiktaş play their home games at Vodafone Park. Completed in 2016, it was built on the site of Beşiktaş's former home, BJK İnönü Stadium.


The Legend Of The Black Eagle.

There is a legend surrounding the nicknaming of the team as "The Black Eagles". Beşiktaş, the title holder of the previous two seasons, started the 1940–41 season with a young and renewed team. As the weeks went by, the team had built up a sizeable lead at the top of the league table. With five weeks remaining in the season, the opponent was Süleymaniye. Beşiktaş had started the game in Şeref Stadium on Sunday 19 January 1941, with the following players: Faruk, Yavuz, İbrahim, Rıfat, Halil, Hüseyin, Şakir, Hakkı, Şükrü, Şeref, Eşref. The team went ahead in the first half. Midway through the second half of the game, Beşiktaş attacked continuously, despite being in front. And then, according to legend, a voice was heard from the stands towards which Beşiktaş was attacking. The voice said, "Come on, Black Eagles! Attack, Black Eagles!" The story goes that the owner of the voice from the stands was a fisherman called Mehmet Galin. Beşiktaş finished the game with a 6–0 win. The Beşiktaş players, who had very successfully defeated their opponents that season, were being described as "Black Eagles", and the football they played was being compared to "Attacking like Black Eagles". The comparison resonated with the team and the fans, and so it was adopted by the Beşiktaş community as their team's nickname.



The Squad


This is the squad that the team will use in season 2018-19.After selling Fabricio to Fulham FC,Loris Karius was loaned to replace him on the goalkeeping position.The team have Vida (injured) and Pepe in defence with Adriano and Gonul as Full Backs.The most loved and in the same time hated footballer of Besiktas is also in the team for this season Ricardo Quaresma.The hot headed winger will have to show a change in his attitude to keep his place in the team with the new head coach.

The first incoming transfer for Besiktas was made and the team signed with Benfica's striker Facundo Ferreyra.This was noted also as the first incoming transfer of the new manager of Besiktas.

Young Prospects.


Dorukhan Tokoz is one of the two hot prospects this season as he won already won a place in the first eleven already.The young midfielder will be a huge boost to the confidance of the team and also will please the needs of the fans watching young players getting chances and playing for Besitkas.


The second one is the young striker Guven Yalcin who will try to show that the team doesn't need a foreign striker to succeed in Turkish Super Lig.The young player have amazing potential but the only one that can make that happen is the new manager of the team.

Start Of The Season

Friendly Games


Besiktas played 5 friendly games winning 4 of them.The defeat came against Bordeaux with 1:2 in the first game for the season.After the defeat the team showed improvement and all the games till the end of the pre-season.

First Official Games - Europa League Qualifiers !


The team started the Europa League journey from the 2nd Qualifiyng Round against Tobol.The team showed great efficiency infront of the goal and scored 5 goals which decided the 2nd leg game in Kazakhstan.
In the next round the team faced Beitar Jerusalem from Israle destroying them with 6:1 at Vodafone Park and 4:1 away from home.The team qualified for the 4th Qualifying Round where they will face Atalanta in a very interesting game.


Next Part Coming Soon !
Besiktas are one of my favourite teams in Europe. I have a couple of their shirts from the last few seasons so can't wait to see what you do with them!

First things first, get rid of that clown Karius in net. You have a quality spine of players and some good looking youngsters coming through. Yalcin looks to be a hell of a player to watch out for!

Cracking start in the Europa League! Best of luck mate!
FM19 Careers:

In real life, besiktas is going through great financial difficulties but it is still a great club.
There are great players and I believe that you can achieve great achievements with this team, starting by entering the europe league.
Good luck, I'll be following this.
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FM 2019 Career:
The Fallen Giant

Sorry to be 'that' guy, but surely you can't call Besiktas a sleeping giant? Anyway good luck with this, the team looks good enough for domestic dominance, but as @tongey says drop Karius, he'll hamper you in the Champions League. Good luck, will be following.
Thanks mate ! Besiktas are my favourite turkish team also.As for Karius i don't know but for now we will stick with him as we have no better option than him.

The goal is to make them the dominant power in Turkey and not just one of the top teams.This season is Europa League the next Champions League ! Thanks buddy !

It's all okay buddy we are all here to talk about football ! As for being sleeping giant yeah Besiktas is not actually sleeping giant but ( in real life winning 2 titles and then giving the spot playing bad games this season also is kinda bad situation for a club from the rank of Besiktas.Now let's talk about Karius (imo is not that bad goalkeeper im not from the people that blame him for th CL final night BUT even if i want a better goalkeeper we can't afford it right now so Besiktas will stick with Karius for now.Thank you for following !

First things First - Beşiktaş On The Road of Greatness !


The Start Of The Turkish Super League !



Besiktas started the season with a defeat at home with 1:3 from Alanyaspor.The games from Europa League for sure tired out the players and the bomb went off in the first league game.In the next games the team won 3 and got a draw against Bursaspor in the first MINI derby for the season ! The next game will see Besiktas facing the newly promoted Ankaragucu at Vodafone Park(Arena) for another important 3 points in the fight for the title.


The League Table after the first 5 games in the league.Pretty early to talk about dominance of one of the teams at the top but right now Trabzonspor and Konyaspor are doing much better than the expected from them the same can be said for Bursa too.Besiktas is at the 3rd place with 3 victories 1 draw and 1 defeat.Basaksehir is at the top with 3 points clear from the rest.

Europa League



Besiktas qualified for the group stage of Europa League after 2 difficult games agains Atalanta.The team got what they needed in Italy and finished the job in Turkey with 2:0 at Vodafone Park.


The UEL draw was kind for Besiktas as the team was in the 1st seed and will face FC Zurich,Rapid Vienna and the first timer Sigma Olomouc.The newly appointed manager set the goal-Winning the group and reaching the final in Baku.

Medical Center


The team was strucked with injuries of 2 main players as Ricardo Quaresma and Ryna Babel were injured and they will miss some of the games in the season as for a start the oppening game in Europa League against Rapid Vienna.As for the first eleven Besiktas will have to give a chance to one more youngster who is playing in the right wing.( The team right now have only Lens as a winger ).It will be really interesting to see how the team will be shaped against Rapid in the next game.


Next Part Coming Soon !

Decent enough start, keep it up man
@bigmattb28 Thanks buddy but there is still a lot of work to be done in the club ... tbh we are playing so bad right now and i have some plans in my mind but we will see in the future

First Season-First Dissapointments.


Super Lig


Two defeats in the last 10 games for Besiktas wasn't SO bad but also is not something that can win the league for a team.The team is inconsistent and the bad thing is that doesn't help to the goal of the team.Losing the derby against Fenerbahce was also another strike for the ambitions of the Black Eagles.The team have problems infront of the goal where the top goalscorer is the midfielder of the team and also captain Oghuzah Ozyakup and a fun fact the best pass completion is for Loris Karius.The team needs to improve in that direction if they want the title.



Even that the team lost 2 games in the last 10 games Besiktas is at the 2nd place with 1 point behind from the leader Basaksehir.Galatasaray,Kayserispor and Goztepe are the closest teams to Besitkas with only 1-3 points behind the Black Eagles.Fenerbahce are still strugling ( as in real life thats why i love FM ) but with their victory against Besiktas they are getting closer and closer to Top 5.At the bottom the newly promoted Ankaragucu is trying to get out from the relegation zone where they are with Sivasspor and Erzurumspor too.

Europa League



There is not much to tell as you can see YEP Besiktas is out from the Europa League in the group stages ( in that easy group as would someone say ) The team won the first 2 games but after that something happened and the team lost 2 times against Sigma Olomouc and also the games against Rapid and Zurich.



And no i don't blame Karius for the Europa League this season.

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