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It's time ONCE MORE to try and make Ludogorest the biggest on the Balkans and in European tournaments so we can be recognized as we deserve !

Season 1




One of the goals is of course to make large as possible our trophy room ( most importantly the league ) and to dominate in Bulgaria.



So i wont talk much about the transfers but with the plan i have on my mind i needed them ( and of course Ludogorets got them in real life ) but to make a resume we got Plamen Iliev from Astra as the plan is to sell Renan to a big club for a good offer and Iliev to replace him in the goal.

Serkan,Mahlangu,Bakalov and Popa are here to strenghten the midfield as we need a central midfielder and a wing player ( wont need Popa permanently at the club so thats why we loaned him,you'll understand why later if you read )

As for Nedyalkov and Grigore we need to reduce the mistakes at the defence to the minimum and thats why they are here.





Lets talk a little bit about the club transfer goals.The club avarege age is not that good so we need refreshment and thats why those players are here.If we manage to get them the club will have huge success in the upcoming seasons not only in the League but also in the European Tournaments.

Bulgarian Super Cup


Started the season with a trophy (not that much of important but still its a motivational way to start the season).

Bulgarian First League


First Half Of The Season.


League Table.

Bulgarian League Cup


We are out from the competition after a defeat on penalties against our Rivals CSKA-SOFIA but overall our performance was good and im happy with the way the season is going on ( Next season is ours ! )

Uefa Champions League


Yes we managed to qualify for the group stage and not only that but also to go trough after the groups with some really good games.



Eagles vs Eagles !

Ludogorets it's always a very beautiful save to see!

About the championship. Three points are nothing special, I believe you will soon be first. in the champions you have been very well, an excellent job until entering the group stage and then in the group stage you assure the passage even more with a remarkable victory over the Juventus.

Against the benfica will not be easy, because I know the team very well (fan club) but who knows, the ball is round.
Official SirWerGaming ©

My Saves:

Amazing performance in the Champions League! That's not an easy group to get out of at all, so well done!

You'll be challenging for the league title at the end of the season! Good luck fella!
FM19 Careers:

Always love a Ludo save, good luck, you've made a strong start especially with advancing from that CL group.
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
@SirWerGaming Thank you ! To be honest that fairytale in the Champions League was really amazing and even i was amazed after the victory against Juve in the groups.As for the league its our main objective ( we need it to qualify for CL ).Happy that you guys are following this !

@tongey The group stage performance was amazing yeah but it was one season wonder and we should change that and make it permanently happening ! Happy that you guys are following this !

@Dan Thanks dude ! Happy that you guys are following this !

End Of Season 1


Bulgarian First League


If i have to say something ... that probably will be that it was hell of a season the players were so tired after that RUN in the Champions League and we had so many problems in the league but we managed to win it in the end literally .We've won the league title in the last matchday against Etar with victory 1:0 while our rivals CSKA lost to Cherno More 2:4 at their home.


Two points difference in the last day made us once again Champions.The trophy cabinet already has 8 titles and we gonna fight for another one next season.



UEFA Champions League


Our romance in the Champions League ended against Benfica in Portugal.After 1:1 at Ludogorets Arena and a defeat with 1:0 away from home Benfica eliminated us from the tournament.Well it was a performance to remember.All the players actually amazed me and im pretty sure we can do that happening permanently with a little bit more class and strength in the squad.


Second place for our Goalkeeper Renan in the Champions League !

Season Review



Well we gonna have an interesting summer i think ( Gonna upload the 2nd Season soon ).

Very good, a beautiful season .. and now for the year with this money, always give to bring some good players for the club. Eager to see!
Official SirWerGaming ©

My Saves:

That's a hell of a season you've had there. It's a shame you lost the battle of the Eagles but it was a tough draw to be honest!

You've got a lot of money to play with as well, so get some reenforcements in and get going for next season!
FM19 Careers:

Congrats on the league title, unlucky in the CL it was always going to be difficult, advancing from the group has done wonders financially tho it would seem with that budget to play with this summer,.
New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
@SirWerGaming Thanks dude ! I wasnt expecting the money too but that means only one thing its time to improve the team to the maximum.

@tongey Well thanks dude.In the first game against Benfica we were up 1:0 till the 91min then our goalkeeper did a mistake with the pass and the game ended 1:1 .In the away game we were unable to do anything we played in our half without even 1 shot :\

@Dan Thanks dude ! The league title was hard fought but as you said we were unlucky in the CL.I had a plan even before the budget was set so i did it in that season !

Season 2 - Ludogorets - Fly High Eagles !




After the successful last season in the league and the CL the board set a huge amount of transfer budget so i did my best and got my targets.Won't talk about everyone but some of them are really here to improve the class and get Ludogorets to a higher level.

We got Martin Minchev and Davidzada for the future of the team as Martin Minchev was a transfer target of Porto and some Turkish teams but we won the battle for the winger.

Let's talk about the bigger transfers of the team one of them is Stephane Badji from Bursaspor who was relegated we got the player on 3 years contract with the goal to strenght the midfield zone.

Also we got a trio from Romania in the face of Tucudean,Ianis Hagi (son of Gheorghe Hagi) and Florin Tanase to help the team in forward positions ( we had some problems infront of the goal )

The last transfers we made were the signings of Dan Bitton (my personal favourite) and Jorge Intima (Jorginho from AS Saint Etienne )Why Bitton is my favourite well he is young and creative player and its time for someone to step up and replace our legend Marcelinho in the role of Attacking Midfielder.


Bulgarian SuperCup


Started the season with a trophy once again after a victory against Beroe 3:2 FT.

UEFA Champions League


Now let's talk about our elimination from the Champions League after those transfers we did before the season starts.Everything started fine we destroyed Birkirkara FC after that eliminated Duddelange and Qarabag to be drawn against Viktoria Plzen where we got dominated from them in our home Ludogorets Arena to lose 2:3 and in the away game they played so defensive that we didn't managed to get a clear position for goal....So after 14 millions spent we weren't able to qualify this season group stage of the CL.

Bulgarian League



Our problems weren't only in the Champions League actually they started there after our elimination.The team played poorly the whole half season and when i said that i bought that TRIO FROM ROMANIA to strenght our forward position i wasn't expecting this to happen.We were unable to score more than 3 goals most of the matches even against newly promoted teams as Tsarsko Selo and CSKA 1948.

So now there is 11 points gap between us and CSKA-SOFIA which we should be able to close in the 2nd half of the season with more sweat and passion while playing.

Bulgarian Cup


Another disappointing result in the end of a tournament for us.We are out from the Bulgarian Cup once again in the Quarter-Finals this time against Levski-Sofia losing 3:2 FT.

Europa League



The only positive thing right now in the season is our Europa League campaign.We won our group after some remarkable victories against bigger teams than us ( NOT RAPID (No offense Rapid fans )) and now the goal is to get further as possible in the tournament and to win a CL entry if we can't win the league ? Why not ?


The first knockout draw was kinda good for us as we got At.Bilbao and its not the most strogner opponent in EL so we are happy wit the draw and our chances

I'll upload later the 2nd half of the season.Enjoy !

Well, quite different from last year. You did well to win the super cup but then champions and cup went to forget and championship with 12 points becomes difficult. Can you still get the points back and win the championship?

Only in europe league things are going well..

Looking forward to seeing how things turn out.
Official SirWerGaming ©

My Saves:

@SirWerGaming Well,i think that the european tournaments make us lose the league games for two reasons ( The right motivation for the games in the league games and the UEFA games ) and ( the tiredness after the traveling and the games there ) .... But in the end we are Ludogorets and the only goal is to win the league and qualify for the CL next year so we SHOULD be able to win it.

End of Season 2 - Ludogorets Dominating !


UEFA Europa League


The first game cost us the victory against Bilbao.Losing 2-6 away from home was pretty much the end of us in the tournament for this year...even that the boys showed that they can fight in the 2nd game it wasn't enough after 3:0 victory at Ludogorets Arena.

Bulgarian First League



So the elimination from the EL helped us in the league and our focus was only and ONLY the league games ( there wasn't anything left tho ) and we once more showed why we are the champions of Bulgaria by winning the league once more and closing the gap of 12 points with CSKA to win it with 12 points more than them and 10 more than Levski.The goal is only one again for the next season .....winning the league and achieving something in the CL.


The game that won us the title.





Hagi and Tucudean are becoming favourites of the fans which is very pleasing to see and hopefully they can give even more to the club.

I'll upload Season 3 soon....Keep following it means much and don't forget the GOAL for the next season achieving great things in CL !
Season 3 - Ludogorets ! Green Eagles in Europe !


Transfers IN & OUT


Ludogorets finally after 2 season managed to sign with their biggest transfer target Mavis Tchibota from Bnei Yehuda for 2.3M.Tchibota will be a key part of the new season squad of Ludogorets and the expectations are high for him.

The other transfers were made in the defensive position where Ludogorets had problems in the last season and Ionita was the only player that was signed to replace his compatriot Ianis Hagi who was sold to Fulham.


Ianis Hagi wasn't the only one who left Ludogorets after only 1 season at the club.Florin Tanase was also sold after the bad spell in Ludogorets ( mostly injured ) to Konyaspor where he will continue his career.
Another striker was also sold cuz he wasn't in the plans of the manager of Ludogorets.Brandao was on loan for 2 years in Salernitana and the team from Italy finally decided to offer him permanent contract.

Bulgarian Super Cup !


Ludogorets lost the Super Cup game on penalties against Levski Sofia after 1:1 FT.The team lost the SuperCup game for the first time since the appointment of their manager.Ludogorets board,staff and players congratulate Levski for their first trophy since 10 years.

Bulgarian First League



Ludogorets started the league with a derby game against Levski Sofia and this time ( not like in the SuperCup game ) they won with 2:1 at home which gave a huge boost of confidence for the next game.....The best pack of games was in October where Ludogorets won all their games and Levski was once again smashed this time 4:1 away from home.Before the break Ludogorets lost his concentration in the league and the team lost to CSKA-Sofia and got a draw against Botev and Cherno More

Yet the team is in the first place with 3 points advantage againts Dunav ( doing a really good season i can be only happy for them ) while the rivals ( Levski and CSKA) are 3rd and 4th.

Bulgarian Cup


Ludogorets reached the Semi-Finals of the tournament for the first time since the appointment of their manager and they will face CSKA-Sofia in that stage,before the semi-finals the Eagles eliminated CSKA 1948( yeah we have one more CSKA ) , Lokomotiv PL, and Botev Galabovo


UEFA Champions League


Ludogorets started the european campaign against Lincoln and with aggregate score of 10:0 the team qualified for the next round where they played with Viitorul ( Romania ).The best game of the campaing was surely the play-off's where Ludogorets and Beitar game was full of drama but the Green Eagles managed to win with 10 players in the 2nd leg after losing the 1st



In the group stage Ludogorets was drawn with PSG,Barcelona and Dynamo Kyiv.The only chance was Kyiv as the games against PSG and Barcelona were the games that the team was going enjoy the moment talking about 3 points against teams like PSG and Barca was kidna impossible.The team started with defeat against Kyiv at Ludogorets Arena and was losing till the home game against Barcelona where Ludogorets won a point after 1:1 and a victory against Kyiv at their home ( sweet revenge ) was enough to qualify them for Europa League Knockout Rounds.

Europa League


Ludogorets will face Ajax FC in the First Knockout Round of Europa League

Soon part 2 of the 3rd season will be uploaded

So Close But So Far Away - Ludogorets Season 3 Ends.


Bulgarian First League




Once again we managed to win the league title ( so much easier this time ) but something felt off like it wasn't enough Ludogorets is a team that need to dominate to win everything possible and not only the league ....anyway the team played good and showed once more that its not ready to give up on the throne.The last 2 games the team used reserves as the title was already won.Also we shoudl notice that CSKA had an awful season finishing 5th and wont taste the european tournaments the next season.


Bulgarian Cup


We had 2 season that we were eliminated in the Quarter-Finals...this season we managed to reach the final to lose 2:1 against Botev Plovdiv abd get the silver medals only which is not enough for a club like Ludogorets....

Europa League


Reaching the 2nd Knockout Round and eliminating Ajax in the 1st Round was something new for us.....Reaching that stage of the tournament can bring only positives to all of us in the club players staff ..fans !We had a bad 1st leg against OL but the 2nd was also not enough to make the dream continue....Well we have next season for that to happen tho !

Season Review and Awards !







See you all next season !

Any time I load Bulgaria I tend to get the Lokomotiv Sofia job, I have a soft spot for them. Good going with Ludogorets.
@bigmattb28 Haha y i know right well ill be honest i was a kid watching only Premier League Seria A etc and never thought that one day ill be a HUGE TRUE fan of Ludogorets a Bulgarian side they just have a thing that i can't find in any other team so that must be it for you too. PS ( my friends are like dude are you crazy they are a Bulgarian side you guys have no future in Europe etc ) #WeAreLudogorets

Season 4 ! Making a name in Europe !


Bulgarian First League



Started the season with a derby game against Botev Plovdiv and everything was going fine until the first game against CSKA-Sofia when we lost 1:0 at Ludogorets Arena and gave the 1st place to them.....The games in the european tournaments is making the league more difficutl than it should be but all the tiredness and the right motivation playing one week with Real Madrid and the other with Slavia or Arda ( no offense tho ) Yet we have 2 points gap to close to get on the 1st place in the league.

Bulgarian Cup


In the last season the team lost the final for the Bulgarian Cup but this season the team won a place in the semi-finals once again and will face Lokomotiv Plovdiv in a two legs semi-final game.

Bulgarian Super Cup

The team won his 5th Bulgarian Super Cup against the Bulgarian Cup holders Botev Plovdiv after 1:1 in the FT and winning 5:4 on penalties.This title makes Ludogorets the team with the most Super Cups with 1 more than CSKA-Sofia and 2 more than Levski-Sofia,

UEFA Champions League


The team started really well in the Qualifications of the UCL with 12:0 victory against Llapi and eliminated them 19:0 on aggraget after that "Orlite"eliminated Vardar (Skopie) and Qarabaq to reach the play-offs where the Greek side Olympiakos said STOP to the Bulgarian side eliminating them after victory at their ground with 2:0 and losing 1:3 at Ludogorets Arena where the Green Eagles were so close to reach the group stages but Olympiakos managed to win on away goals..in a very dramatic game.The good news are that if Ludogorets manage to win the league again the next season they will qualify directly without playing in the Qualifications.

UEFA Europa League



As a team that has a goal to play in the CL group playing in Europa League was easier task and the team showed it after winning the group stage with 12 points while Rennes finished 2nd also with 12 points.The team played some really good games like the oppening game against Rennes won with 6:2 at Ludogorets Arena or the victory against FCSB at their ground in Romania with 1:2.

The team will face KRC Genk in the First Knockout Stage and for the first time the team is shown as a favourite to win the tie this shows only that Ludogorets is making a name in Europe and we are one step close the be the kings of the Balkans,(Well we have to improve the things that happens in games like the one vs Olympiakos but still )



With the money of selling Martin Minchev the team signed with not too much players but a little but with quality.As you know the team likes to buy from Romania and Brazil and have a core of Brazilian and Romanian players we decided to continue that tradition so we got the Brazilian Goalkeeper Thiago and the Romanian winger Maliat.Nguinad was just another addition to bolster the quality in the team and he will play in the Wing Back position.
PS: Ivan Saponjic was signed while i write this in the winter transfer window so we will see what he will bring to the team in the 2nd half of the season !


Ludogorets sold his wonderkid Martin Minchev to the italian Salernitana for 6.25M euro which was a pretty good deal for the Bulgarian side in a finnancial way but still it showed that still we can't compete with the teams in the bigger leagues.....the team also decided to side ways with Jody Lukoki and Jablonsky.


Little off-topic wanted to thank Maribor fans and club for the one more great dramatic crazy game in our club history and to say that you guys also deserved to qualify in the UEL Group Stage in real life.Can't wait for the games tho against Espanyol,Ferenc and CSKA Moscow
@bigmattb28 Haha y i know right well ill be honest i was a kid watching only Premier League Seria A etc and never thought that one day ill be a HUGE TRUE fan of Ludogorets a Bulgarian side they just have a thing that i can't find in any other team so that must be it for you too. PS ( my friends are like dude are you crazy they are a Bulgarian side you guys have no future in Europe etc ) #WeAreLudogorets

It doesn't matter who you support how you choose to support man, as long as you're committed that's the only thing!

Unlucky getting knocked out of the Champions League, but well done on getting to the knock out stages of the Europa. Hopefully you can close the gap at the top of the league too.
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