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After suffering relegation from the Football League for the first time in their history, Notts County, the oldest professional football club in the world, has been dissolved and replaced by the first English-American football club to join the English pyramid, Nine Elms United F.C. Nicknamed "The Ambassadors," Nine Elms was formed by the U.S. Department of State as an initiative to promote and improve the United States' standing in the world of football, with the club boasting one of the brightest youth academies in the world comparable to those of Barcelona and Ajax. The club plays its matches in the massive Embassy Stadium in Nine Elms, London, U.K., and the players reside in the U.S. Embassy on 33 Nine Elms Lane, London, U.K. This means that all (or most) of the players that come through the Nine Elms academy will be American, despite playing in the English football pyramid. Can "The Ambassadors" make it all the way to the top of England and beyond? Stay tuned!

I clicked on this career and was about to block it from my memory as you had the '1874 Northwich' badge as your team. Thought you were managing them. Northwich Victoria are the only team in Northwich!
Nine Elms United F.C. - A Background

Headquartered in the U.S. Embassy in London, Nine Elms United F.C. was formed in 2018 to spur a growth in the popularity of soccer in the United States while developing young American talent in a much more competitive environment. Controversially, Nine Elms will replace the oldest football club in the world, Notts County, following their relegation from the Football League for the first time in their history at the end of last season. The club will therefore play the 2018/19 season in the Vanarama National League, the 5th tier of the English pyramid.
Nine Elms is an area within the Battersea district of London, England. The U.S. Embassy in London is located on 33 Nine Elms Ln, along the Thames River in the northeast corner of the Nine Elms area. Naturally, Nine Elms was a fitting name for the London/U.S.-based club. I also think it has an espionage-esque ring to it and considering the involvement of the U.S. State Department, that's fitting.
The Embassy Stadium replaces the decommissioned coal-fired Battersea Power Station right on the Thames River in the northwest corner of Nine Elms, a perfect location for the massive 115,000 capacity all-seater. The club will play it's matches in the stadium which is technically in England, but because the club is headquartered and it's players reside in the U.S. Embassy (on U.S. soil), the club is technically an American soccer team. Nine Elms United fits in essentially as an extension of the ruling that allowed Swansea and Cardiff to join the English Football League despite being situated in Wales.
The Ambassadors' training grounds are situated in Battersea Park, right next to the Embassy Stadium where the Battersea Power Station formerly stood. The training and youth facilities have been significantly upgraded, among the best in the world. Due to the fact that Nine Elms is technically based in the U.S., the majority of the youth players that come through are Americans. As Nine Elms rises up the divisions the standard of youth quality will hopefully improve and the U.S. could potentially become a powerhouse in the football world for the first time in history. The youth rating for the U.S.A. nation in-game has not been changed, and I'll only be attempting to raise the quality of American soccer by improving Nine Elms. Let the challenge begin!
What a great challenge! Best of luck mate!
2018/19 Season Preview

We're predicted to be in the playoff discussion in our debut season in the Vanarama National League. The title odds are very tight all the way down to mid-table, so the early season predictions are often inaccurate at this level. Having only formed the club at the end of June, the squad and staff are all still blending together and there could be a period of adjustment.

Board Expectations

The board's expectations for the upcoming season are relatively attainable, only aiming to reach the playoffs and the 1st round of the FA Cup. Hopefully I can go much further than that and gain promotion into the Football League ASAP.


I made a total of 24 signings between June 25 and August 10, which I believe to be an enormous feat. We currently have no academy players as the first round of regens for this save has not occurred yet. That should happen around March, when the first generation of American-bred Nine Elms academy players will be revealed. I'm excited.

Jon-Paul Pittman
June 28, 2018 marked a hugely important day in the young history of Nine Elms United F.C., when 31-year-old journeyman striker Jon-Paul Pittman became the first American to sign for the club. He was one of the 3 pioneering players to sign for the club that day, the other two being of English origin. With an abundance of past experience in the Vanarama North, Vanarama National, League Two, and League One, Pittman will surely be an important player in the first chapter of this club's history.

Gabriel Rosario
An exciting young goalkeeper, Gabriel Rosario became the second American to join the club after being released by Reading. He's currently on a "Hot Prospect" contract but he's already good enough to feature at this level at just 18. He could go on to play an important role in our rise up the divisions, particularly in League Two and League One.

Jermaine Jones
U.S.A. legend (not really, but he was part of an exciting World Cup run), Jermaine Jones signed with the club as the new U18s assistant manager after retiring from professional soccer in 2017 following a spell with L.A. Galaxy. He amassed 69 caps as a defensive midfielder with the U.S.A. national team during his playing career, and I remember watching him play in the World Cup when I was a kid. I'm now his boss, it's an odd dynamic.

Dressing Room

Understandably, our team cohesion is still "Poor" after only a month or so of preparation with an entirely new squad of players and staff. At this level that probably won't have too much of an impact because overhauls are common. I started with a Continental Pro License because the U.S. government likely wouldn't hire someone who was completely unqualified, but I left my playing experience at the Sunday football league level to balance it out. Despite only having half a star reputation, the players respect me due to my relatively high reputation compared to them.

Barrow v Nine Elms United F.C.

We're the favorites for our debut game in English football, it will be a historic moment as we take on Barrow A.F.C., a club with a 118-year history. It should be a fascinating match and I'll post the result of our first game after this post, and then the following updates will likely be in 6 month increments along with various other noteworthy pieces mixed in.

I'm listening....

What did you do in the editor to have the team based in "US"? I'd like to do the same with an Irish team based in London.

Also, what are your finances like?
I'm listening....

What did you do in the editor to have the team based in "US"? I'd like to do the same with an Irish team based in London.

Also, what are your finances like?

For "Nation" you'll want to put England so they can compete in English competitions. Then for "Based Nation" you will put Ireland or whatever country you want your club to be based in. This won't affect your academy though, at least in my experience, so you should use a city in the based nation (Ireland). I abstractly chose New York for mine, and then I tested out the setting by checking the "Add Players to Playable Teams" option in the career setup and the entire squad was filled with almost all American regens including the academy. When I tested the setup with the U.S. as the based nation and the city as London this didn't happen so make sure you do both. You can then put your stadium and training grounds in whatever city you choose so that the club can still play in your preferred city.

This is where I got lazy for my save, I didn't want to have to deal with the financial stresses of the lower divisions because I've done it so many times before and because the premise of the save somewhat justifies the club being rich from the beginning. All I did was change the "Sugar Daddy" option to "Foreground" in the editor and then let the game do the rest.
In the Vanarama National League we're significantly richer than the other clubs with a £6m balance and relatively higher transfer and wage budgets. Obviously we're not filthy rich at the moment and most players at this level move around on frees, so we're not at a huge advantage compared to the other clubs this season but the money will definitely help drive our rise through the Football League. Anyways that's how I set up the save and I definitely recommend the challenge! I might do a save in the future with more English-speaking nations involved in the pyramid but for now keep an eye out for Nine Elms United F.C.!
The First Game

Nine Elms United F.C.'s first official game as a professional soccer team was a dominant away win against Barrow A.F.C. We only managed to win 1-0, but we had 57% of the possession and were relentless in offensive pressure with 21 shots compared to their 4. This is a promising start and gives us a platform to build a strong run of form that could carry us into the promotion battle. The sole goal in the relatively one-sided affair was fittingly scored by American striker Jon-Paul Pittman, marking a great beginning to the Nine Elms story.
Obviously it's still early days in the Vanarama National League but with 3 points on the board and the media backing us to be in the playoff battle, we could end up being promoted in our debut season which would be ideal.


In what the media described as a "massive coup," we pulled off the signing of former Premier League striker Leon Best. Clearly, his stock has fallen significantly since scoring 10 goals in 29 Premier League appearances for Newcastle between 2010 and 2012. But at the age of 31, I think Best still has a couple more good years in him to help Nine Elms through its first chapter of its history. With a 4 1/2 star current rating according to my coaching staff, and relatively high technical attributes when compared with other strikers in the league, Best could prove to be a key player over the next 2 seasons as our first high-profile signing.
Something different from what usually accompanies it. A different challenge. I'll follow up! Good Luck!
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Fm 2020 - Saves

2018/19 Mid-Season Review

Following our initial 1-0 win away at Barrow A.F.C., we won another 3 matches in a row before going on a 3 match losing streak in which we failed to score a single goal. However, we bounced back with a 3-1 win against relegation-tipped Chorley and continued with an impressive run of form throughout the remainder of the first half of the season. We're now exactly halfway through the league season with 23 matches played and 23 more to play. We also exceeded the board's expectations by advancing through to the FA Cup 2nd Round before being eliminated by the struggling League One side, Doncaster Rovers.

Exactly halfway through the season we're leading the pack with 50 points from 23 games, and average of roughly 2.2 points per game. We were originally tipped to be in the playoff battle, but I certainly didn't expect to be relatively comfortable in 1st at this point in the season, so it's a pleasant surprise. Hopefully we can go on and secure the title so we can take the next step towards the Premier League.

Standout Performers

Billy King
Billy King is by far and away the best player on my payroll, with previous experience playing for Hearts, Rangers, Inverness CT, and most recently Dundee Utd in the Ladbroke's Championship (second tier of Scotland) where he made 35 appearances and scored 5 goals. He's currently operating at a League Two level, and at the age of 24 he could still improve to a League One level. As a result he's managed to score 5 goals and get 1 assist in 8(2) appearances in all competitions since I signed him. With a contract until 2021, Billy King could become a club legend over the coming years as we rise up the divisions.

Kyle Connell
One of several promising young talents in the first team, Kyle Connell has amazingly established himself as my #1 striker ahead of former Premier League striker Leon Best at just 17 years old. Having been released by Blackburn last season, I picked Connell up on a free as a rotation striker but as we struggled for goals early on Connell stepped up and scored 7 goals in 11(3) league appearances this season. His preferred role is as a pressing forward which fits my system perfectly, so if Connell continues to develop at this rate he could play an important role in our journey to the top.

Millen Baars
Baars is a former Manchester United academy player, and is potentially my most promising prospect at the moment. At just 18 years old he's already a key player for me, playing as an inside forward on the right wing but also on the left wing depending on my demands. He's versatile in that regard, and is also relatively ambidextrous so he can use either foot when cutting in from either wing. Due to his young age and relative inexperience, Baars is pretty inconsistent so far but he has the potential to become a League One quality winger so I believe Baars and King could remain my primary inside forwards all the way through League One. This is one of the primary benefits of having state-of-the-art facilities in the lower divisions, players can remain with the club for much longer as they develop.

Ted Moulden
Another young first team talent, Moulden has established himself as my go-to right back already and could potentially improve enough to play a role for us once we get promoted to League Two. He's the youngest of 3 natural right backs that I signed for the role, and he wasn't originally supposed to be my starting right back but he's made the spot his own, gaining a whopping 5 assists and scoring a goal in 11(4) league appearances. Those numbers are quite honestly astounding for a 17 year old right back, Moulden could become my very own TAA!

Jon-Paul Pittman
As the only American player to really play a role in the team so far, Pittman has managed to score a number of important late winners for me despite having irregular playing time. I generally start Leon Best or Kyle Connelly ahead of Pittman, but more often that not he will come off the bench late in the game. As a result he's managed to score 3 goals in 1(7) league appearances while also scoring a hat-trick in our 4-2 FA Cup win against Hendon.

Other News

Leon Worst?
Originally meant to be my marquee signing, Leon Best has not lived up to the expectations. He's only managed to score 4 goals in 11(4) league appearances, 1 of which was a penalty. He's also just turned 32, and with the 17 year old Kyle Connell boasting a much better scoring record than the aging Best I may need to start thinking about selling. If he can't produce at this level he certainly won't be able to hold down a spot in the team if we get promoted to League Two next season. As a result of all this I've decided to change his nickname to Leon Worst in the game until he picks up his form again.

New Contract
Only 5 months into my reign as Nine Elms United F.C. manager, they've extended my contract another season. This is a nice change from my last save, when Mike Ashley sacked me after 6 months. Onwards and upwards!

It remains to be seen how difficult it will be to develop American talent in England with the registration rules in place, and now with the introduction of the Brexit work permit rules this will become even more complicated. It may be that American academy players will be forced to be loaned out, with only players that meet the minimum wage and international appearance requirements able to actually stay and play for the club at any level. This would be disappointing as the whole point of the save is based around the development of American talent, so I will check back on this later when the first influx of American regens comes through and the new rules are implemented.
More Americans!

Kyle Scott
In what my be my best signing yet, former Chelsea youth midfielder Kyle Scott has just joined the club halfway through the season on a free, and he's American! While we already had significant depth in CM, when I found Scott I simply couldn't pass him up. He's currently operating at a League Two level and has the potential to be a Sky Bet Championship player in the future! I've decided to send him on a leadership course as I believe he could be the perfect man to lead us to the Championship while representing our nation as our captain.

Lee Nishanian
After finding Kyle Scott, I decided to search for other Americans with the right level of quality to recruit, and I found Lee Nishanian. Nishanian most recently played for the Harrisburg City Islanders in the USL Championship, the second tier of American soccer. He's currently operating at a good Vanarama National level and could provide some stability to a somewhat leaky defense. At 26 he's unlikely to improve much more, but he could play a key role in our promotion bid this season and potentially operate as a reliable backup option next season provided we get promoted.
Xavi sacked by Newcastle

We're only 6-ish months into this save and it's already getting weird. Barcelona legend Xavi has been sacked by Newcastle United. I must've missed the story that mentioned Newcastle hiring him because this was all news to me. It seems his first venture into management after his retirement from playing was unsuccessful, which isn't surprising to me all things considered. Xavi and Mike Ashley? I just can't even picture them in the same room.
Two excellent signings in Scott & Nishanian! They should bolster your squad and really help you push for the title straight away. This save is a genius idea and I'm loving it!

Also, Xavi and Mike Ashley?? What the hell is going on
All the Best to Leon Worst

In the latest installment of the Leon Best/Worst saga, he's leaving! After just 5 unsuccessful months at Nine Elms United F.C., I decided to transfer list the experienced Irishman who was originally meant to lead our attack in the first chapter of the club's history. Having failed to score again after I changed his name as a punishment, his name will now remain "Leon Worst" for the rest of this save.
In his short stint with Nine Elms, Leon Worst only managed to score 4 goals in 14(6) appearances in all competitions with an average rating of 6.69. For a star striker in a title winning side, these numbers are very disappointing. It seems Nine Elms will just be another brief stop in Leon Worst's vast journey through the various levels of professional football.
Worst has finally given up on English football, opting to move to Cork City in the Irish Premier Division (League of Ireland Premier Division) where he might finally start scoring again, though I doubt it. I was honestly very surprised that I was able to actually sell Leon Worst to anybody, given his relatively high salary demands and his poor form as well as the fact that he had been steadily declining in ability (particularly physically). However, Cork City came in with £76,000 for a player who only 6 years ago was bought by Blackburn Rovers for £3,000,000, and I accepted. So in the end I actually profited from the business, which I did not expect at all when I originally signed Leon.


Kyle Connell
Kyle Connell has been Leon Worst's main rival for the starting striker spot, so he's a natural replacement choice now that Worst has left. Connell was impressive early in the season, scoring 7 goals in 7(1) games up until October, when he simply stopped scoring altogether. Connell has now played 14(5) games and still only has 7 goals despite several interactions and training changes to try and help him regain his form. It's been over 3 months since his last goal, so it would be unwise to rely on Connell as Worst's only replacement.

Daniel Udoh
I originally signed 22 y/o Nigerian striker Daniel Udoh on loan from Shrewsbury as a first team striker meant to compete with Kyle Connell for the main starting role. I then changed this dynamic by signing Leon Worst whom I believed to be a significantly better striker and therefore worth the depth congestion and all the hassle. Between Connell and Worst, as well as occasionally rotating in veteran American striker Jon-Paul Pittman, Udoh only managed to make a single first team appearance as a substitute in the first half of the season. Now that Worst has gone to Ireland, Udoh now has a chance to play his original role as my first choice striker. I have started him in both matches since Leon Worst was sold, and he scored in each match to bring his record to 2 goals in 2(1) games. If he can keep up at that rate I would back us to gain automatic promotion through winning the title.

Charlie Kelman
One of the brightest young American prospects I've seen so far, Charlie Kelman would be an ideal signing to bring depth into my attack. At the moment Connell and Udoh are really the only 2 strikers I can play, because Leon Worst is gone and Jon-Paul Pittman has a clause in his contract that would see him get another year extension if I play him in another match. As Pittman is already 32 years old, not quite good enough for the Vanarama National League, and he's declining in ability, it would be unwise to secure his contract for another year. Kelman would provide another youthful, high energy option while also being a natural at the pressing forward role which is ideal for my system. However, after lodging a £100,000 bid, Kelman rejected the chance to join the club as he recently signed a new contract for Southend. I'll check back in a few months and try to buy him again, though I need a more short-term solution for my lack of depth in attack.
Nine Elms Class of '23

March 1st marked a huge day in the history of Nine Elms, as the first generation of youth candidates in the club's history signed 2 year contracts. At just 14 years old, our youth candidates are 2 years younger than the average age of other English clubs' intake. I'm assuming this has something to do with us being an American club.

Juan Pablo Nava
Nava is our most promising prospect, operating at a Vanarama North/South level at just 14 years old. He's been earmarked by my youth coaches as our highest potential U18 as well as our best current U18, with enough ability to potentially make a few appearances before the end of the season. Nava is a natural right defensive full-back, so I have put him on a training regime to improve his game as a supporting wing-back.

Philipp "Phil" Flebbe
Phil Flebbe stood out to me in the candidates' list because of his name (seriously, try saying "Phil Flebbe 10 times fast) and it turns out he's actually one of our standout youth players. Flebbe is a natural left wing-back, which is ideal for my playing style. He's currently operating at a Vanarama North/South level and "could improve a lot" in the future according to my youth coaches.

Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez is our most promising youth striker at the moment, though he hasn't reached the level of quality that Flebbe and Nava are already showing. But at 14 years old, Rodriguez still has plenty of time to improve. He's a natural poacher, but I prefer playing with a pressing forward due to the demands of the modern game, so I've started retraining Rodriguez for that role.

Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz plays as a right back, and is actually a natural wing back unlike Juan Pablo Nava. He's not quite the same level as Nava in terms of skill, but he's still got decent potential and he operates with my preferred role.

Tim "Tomorrow" Morrow
And now for my favorite regen of the year, Tim Morrow. I'm not sure what to set his nickname as in the game, whether it should be "Tomorrow" or "Timorrow" or "Timmorrow," I don't know--but there's something there. Morrow operates primarily as a target man, but is relatively versatile as a striker despite his young age. He can comfortably play as a pressing forward, poacher, advanced forward, or even a right winger. This kind of versatility could come in handy in the future if Morrow develops enough to play a role.

Other News

Udoh Left
After selecting Udoh as Leon Worst's replacement in the first team (see last post) he suffered a damaged achilles tendon and has been sidelined for 6-8 months. I swear I can't go a full season without at least one of my players suffering from a season-ending injury.
As Udoh was only a loan player, he has now returned to his parent club following his serious injury. Udoh only made 4(2) appearances during his time with Nine Elms, scoring twice, but if it weren't for his injury I believe he would've had a strong finish to the season with the increased game time I started giving him. It's a shame, but with only 10 games left in the season I don't have any time to worry about Daniel Udoh anymore.

Leon Worst's Replacement's Replacement
I mentioned Charlie Kelman in my last post, presenting him as a potential replacement for Leon Worst to increase my depth in attack. I failed to actually sign Kelman, but I managed to get him on loan for the rest of the season. So far Kelman has made 3(2) appearances and scored once, in his debut. That's an average of 296 minutes per goal, so hopefully he can step up his game for the remainder of the season and create some much needed goals. Connell has still failed to score since October, and now that Udoh has been sent back to Shrewsbury it's likely that I won't have a reliable striker for the last 10 matches of the season.

Bank Roll
Thanks to my generous owners, the United States of America, my transfer budget has been increased to £2,200,000. This number is honestly a little ridiculous for this level, but if the U.S. created a soccer team for the sole purpose of raising the entire nation's quality in the game, they'd probably throw some money at it. Hopefully next season this will allow me to sign a more reliable, experienced striker.
Your writing has me in stitches haha!

LEON WORST! He will forever be known as that from now on! Excellent stuff mate!
2018/19 Season Review

We did it! In our debut season we've managed to gain automatic promotion into the Football League by winning the Vanarama National League title. We were leading the table for the majority of the season and I'm delighted to have secured the title rather than having to compete in the nerve-wracking playoffs.

Towards the end of the season, a real title race began after a dip in form in our attack. Wrexham came very close to actually stealing the title away and it came down to the last day of fixtures for us to actually secure the title. Nevertheless, we did it, and we'll be spending the next season in the Sky Bet League Two.

As you can see, we struggled for a period between January and February, going 5 whole matches without a win at one point. We managed to snatch a few draws during that time which helped keep us afloat in the title race. After that we finally started scoring again and we were able to put together a strong run of form at the end of the season to secure the title, winning 9 of our last 11 matches,

Standout Performers

Kyle Connell
Connell finally returned to his scoring ways in the tail end of the season, having not scored for 5 long months between early October and the beginning of March. Connell scored 7 goals in 7(1) appearances at the start of the season, and then scored 0 goals in 9(7) appearances before finishing the season with a solid run of 8 goals in 5(2) appearances. This brought his total tally up to 15 goals in 21(10) appearances, which is a pretty respectable number for a 17 year old. Those 8 goals at the end of the season were what really solidified our title run, ensuring we didn't drop any points while Wrexham made a final push for the title.

Billy King
Billy King is our most technically gifted player in attack, operating on a good League Two level. However, he didn't play particularly well for the majority of the season until the end, when his strong form helped us win the title. King scored 9 goals and registered 5 assists in 27(2) league appearances, and his attacking partnership with Baars on the other wing helped us massively on the home stretch.

Millen Baars
Our very own Dutch wonderkid contributed greatly to our debut season, putting up 5 goals and 10 assists in 29(5) league appearances. At just 18, I think he could continue to play a part in our journey up the divisions. I'm not sure if he'll be a starter next season in League Two, but he will definitely be in and around the squad in some capacity while he continues to develop. Baars is currently wanted by QPR, so hopefully I can hold onto him for next season.

Elliott Durrell
Durrell was originally my starting right inside forward, but once I signed Billy King I began using Durrell as more of a rotation option with Baars on the right side. For this reason Durrell didn't play nearly as much during the middle of the season as he did at the beginning, but towards the end he actually played a huge role in securing the title. Millen Baars was called up to the Dutch U19 National Team for 4 whole games at the end of the season, so I had to rely on Durrell to fill in the role. Luckily, Durrell actually did better than Baars had been doing, and he ended up scoring 4 goals and grabbing 2 assists in his last 8 matches. This brought his total contribution up to 10 goals and 4 assists in 25(10) league appearances throughout the season. It's likely that I will keep Durrell next season to provide depth on the right wing.

Ted Moulden
Ted Moulden, or Ted Alexander-Arnold as I like to call him, had a very impressive end to the season. While putting in some impressive defensive displays, Moulden actually managed to grab a couple goals at the end of the season which actually won both of the matches that he scored in. Moulden is my go-to for set pieces, having scored 4 goals and gotten 6 assists during the season, most of which were from corners and free kicks. At just 18, Moulden has the potential to be a League One right back one day, so I intend to keep him on as my starting right back for next season.

Lee Nishanian
Nishanian brought some much-needed stability to the backline about halfway through the season. In the first half of the season, I was rotating the center backs much more than I probably should've been, as they just weren't solid enough to warrant any kind of preference between them. Once Nishanian came in, however, he made the spot his own and formed a solid partnership with Awuah.

Gideon Adu-Peprah
I'm not sure that I've actually mentioned Adu-Peprah before in this thread, but he was one of my most reliable players throughout the season, making 35(1) appearances primarily as a left back but also as a LCB on occasion. Adu-Peprah managed to get 4 assists and a goal during his 35(1) appearances and I intend to keep him as my starting left back for next season. He's currently operating at a Sky Bet League Two level and he has the potential to be a League One left back in the future, so it's really a no-brainer to keep him on.

Notable Departures

Jon-Paul Pittman
Jon-Paul Pittman, the first American to ever play or score for Nine Elms United F.C., has announced his retirement from professional football. At 32 years old, Pittman is past his best but I was surprised that he retired as there was interest being shown in him from various USL teams such as Forward Madison FC. Pittman was more of a mascot to our team than an actual striker, as he only appeared in 3(9) matches in the first half of the season before I realized his contract clause would automatically extend his contract if I played him again. He managed to score 6 goals in that brief period, a very respectable tally given the limited game time he was given. However, it's now time for Pittman to move on and maybe he will return one day as a staff member!

Marvin Elliott
34 y/o Jamaican defensive midfielder Marvin Elliott has been released after appearing in 19(7) matches during the 2018/19 season as our backup DM. My primary defensive midfielder, Lewis Montrose, had several disciplinary issues including several multiple-game suspensions which required Elliott to come in and do the job. He did well, keeping an average rating of 6.9 which is about as high as you can expect for that position. I wish him all the best for the future and maybe a couple years down the role he could return in a coaching capacity!

Enoch Andoh
Andoh was my backup left inside forward, featuring in 10(14) matches in all competitions during the season. He managed to score twice and get 4 assists in that time, so his stint at the club has been somewhat forgettable. Nonetheless Andoh helped a lot with rotation during tricky spells when my younger first team players were capped at the youth level in the middle of my gameweeks. I've decided to release him as he's just not good enough to play in League Two.

Charlie Kelman
Kelman has returned to his parent club after a relatively unsuccessful spell with the club, scoring 2 goals and getting an assist in 7(4) appearances. I attempted to sign Kelman again at the end of the season as he's still just 17 years old and he's American, so I thought it would be interesting to see how far he could go with us as we rise up the divisions. Sadly, Kelman doesn't believe our squad is "strong enough to play at a level matching his ambitions," so he will remain at Southend in League One. See you in a couple years Kelman!

Mich'el Parker
In a strange turn of events, my backup center back Mich'el Parker has been signed by San Jose State University in the NCAA, the collegiate level of soccer in America. The NCAA isn't in the base game, but I downloaded a database that would expand the youth levels of U.S. soccer as well as the professional levels. Rather than transferring to another professional team, former Liverpool youth player Mich'el Parker has decided to give up on professional soccer and go to university in San Jose, California, apparently. I'll keep an eye on his progress in the NCAA.

Other News

Initial Budgets
The board has set my initial budgets for the 2019/20 season, giving me £2,200,000 to spend on new players and £98,000 per week in the wage budget. This should be more than enough to construct a solid team to compete in the lowest tier of the Football League, and I'll have a post dedicated to my transfer activity ahead of the new season.

Manager of the Year
As a result of our title-winning debut season, I was awarded Manager of the Year for my efforts, maintaining a 60% win rate throughout the 46-game season. I think I did a pretty good job putting together the team in a system that works, all things considered, but this definitely wasn't the most difficult promotion battle I've ever had before. Hopefully this is just the first of many!

The United Kingdom has officially left the European Union ahead of the 2019/20 season, and I'm still waiting to see how this affects work permits and player registration. I've signed another American but he did not require a work permit before signing, though this happened a couple days before the official Brexit. Whenever I find out more, I'll make an update on this.

Leon is Still the Worst
It seems I was right to move Leon Worst on, as he hasn't improved after moving to Cork City in the Irish Premier Divison. He's only managed to score 3 goals and register 2 assists in 16 appearances as their star striker. Clearly, Worst is past his best and will likely never regain his real name before the end of this save.
Your writing has me in stitches haha!

LEON WORST! He will forever be known as that from now on! Excellent stuff mate!

Lol yeah I'm gonna keep documenting the end of his career to see if he can ever claim his real name again, but I doubt it. Maybe he should follow in Parker's footsteps and go to uni in America!XD
2019/20 Season Preview

The press set our odds at 150-1 to win the title this season, which puts us in the bottom half of the table with a predicted finish of 18th. We overachieved last season, who's to say we can't do it again? Keep in mind I have a relatively young squad with world class training and youth facilities as well as having the highest rated coaching staff in the league, so we have some major advantages at our disposal ahead of the League Two season.

Board Expectations

The board expects us to at least finish mid-table this season, and they also set relatively low expectations for the cup competitions. These are all attainable goals if everything goes to plan, and we could potentially even exceed these expectations if our players continue to develop well this season.


I spent roughly half of my £2.4m budget on 8 first team players during the transfer window, in addition to selling want-away midfielder James Bailey for a surprisingly high £120,000. The 8 signings I made have bolstered my squad in almost all of the departments I needed, though I still have 2 others joining in January from the U.S.

Graham Smith
Smith was my first signing of the window, joining from LA Galaxy II for £400,000 in what is now our record highest purchase in the club's history. I signed him as Nishanian's primary competition for the right ball-playing center back role, and he also adds to the growing number of Americans currently playing for Nine Elms.

Kyle Howkins
Howkins was one of the key signings of the window, joining for £275,000 on the same day as Graham Smith, who plays the same position. Howkins is our best center back and possesses a strong left foot despite his right being his dominant foot, so he will slot comfortably into the left center back role.

Kane Hemmings
Hemmings might be my greatest signing of the window, with the former Notts County striker having plenty of previous experience in League Two and the second tier of Scotland. I think Hemmings will provide a perfect option as my star striker, with Connell and another striker as rotation options for depth. He's injured going into the beginning of the season, but soon he will get his chance to prove himself since being released by the now defunct Notts County.

Duke Lacroix
Lacroix was signed to play backup on the left wing for Billy King, and he adds to the list of American players currently at the club as well as badass names currently employed by the club. "Duke Lacroix" kinda sounds like an American action movie star from the 80s doesn't it? Anyways Lacroix will provide some much-needed depth on the left wing while also possessing the potential to improve slightly in the future.

James Abbott
I'm very excited about James Abbott. Somehow he's already a regen at 22 years old, but as a result he's got some very promising potential as well as being ready to play a role in the upcoming season. His finishing rating is an amazing 15 and his supporting stats are good for his age as well. Abbott was my last signing of the window, bringing the total tally of American players currently in the first team to 8 (not including U18s or U23s).

Other News

Work Permits
After making several new American additions to the playing squad, I've come to the conclusion that due to our status as a U.S.-based club, we don't have to abide by the same work permit rules as the other English clubs. This gives us a distinct advantage, as I haven't had to acquire work permits for my other foreign players either. I'm not sure how this affects registration rules, if at all, as I'm not familiar with the League Two registration rules in this game. There doesn't seem to be a Homegrown requirement, so this could mean that I could fill the entire squad with Americans. This could change as I get promoted through the divisions, though.

First Match Against One of the Big Boys
I arranged a pre-season friendly against my favorite club, Liverpool F.C. as we needed another match in between our training camp schedule and the beginning of the season. We got battered 5-2 by them, but I think the lads had a good time.
2019/20 Mid-Season Review

The early fixtures were kind to us, as our first games in the Football League were against the clubs predicted to be in the relegation battle. We managed to scrape a few wins together against Morecambe, Leyton Orient, and Grimsby before really coming into our own and pushing for promotion.

Despite being predicted to finish around the bottom of the table, we've managed to mount a title challenge halfway through the season. We've been top of the table since match 4, roughly 4 months ago, so if we can maintain our form we could be looking at back-to-back promotions. I predicted in the Season Preview post that I thought we'd do better than the press expected due to our infrastructure, staff, and the relatively young average age of our squad. I think making the right additions to the squad in January will be vital in gaining a second wind to see out the season as champions.

Standout Performers

Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott has been my best midfielder this season, making 20(4) appearances in all competitions as a box-to-box midfielder. He's managed to step up his game significantly since last season, scoring 6 goals and grabbing 4 assists in his role. He's still developing as well, with the potential to be a good League One central midfielder in the future. This means he'll likely remain a starter or at least a rotation option next season whether we get promoted or not.

Gideon Adu-Peprah
During pre-season my coaching staff had the opinion that Adu-Peprah was only playing at a Vanarama National League level, but as my preferred left back choice this season he has developed exceedingly well and has remained one of my most reliable defenders. With a 7.11 average rating from 17(3) appearances in all competitions, he has the third highest average rating in the entire squad. At 21 years old, he still has the potential to become a League One quality left back in the future, so he could stay on as my starting left back once we get promoted.

Millen Baars
Like Adu-Peprah, Baars was instrumental in our promotion from the Vanarama National League despite his young age, and has grown into a good League Two right winger. Operating as an attacking inside forward on the right wing, Baars has already contributed more goals than he did in all of last season despite playing in a more difficult division. He's scored 7 goals and provided 5 assists in 19(3) appearances for us during this campaign, which is an improvement on his 5 goals from 31(5) appearances last term. He could potentially become a Sky Bet Championship level player in the future, so I've extended his contract an extra year.

Josh Bowler
Bowler was signed on loan from Everton as a rotation option on the wing as I felt we needed more depth. He may actually be our best winger, however, as he's currently operating at a League One level. As a result, he's scored 4 goals and got 5 assists in just 8(5) appearances on both wings. Everton's also paying his wages, so this may be the best return on a transfer I've ever gotten.

Kyle Howkins
Howkins is my most reliable defender, having joined from Newport County for £275,000 over the summer. He's maintained a 7.10 average rating in 21 appearances this season, and currently operates at a League One level with the potential of being a Championship player in the future. He will certainly play an important role in the upcoming years.

Ted Moulden
Moulden is another one of our young players who stepped up to keep their role in the squad following our promotion from the National League. He's made 22 appearances as my preferred right back this term, maintaining a 7.07 average rating. As a result of his impressive performances, Luton Town are interested in signing Moulden ahead of the January transfer window. Hopefully I can retain him as he has the potential to be a League One right back in the future, so he could maintain his role as a starter when we get promoted.

Juan Pablo Nava
Due to club registration rules, 1 player in the match day 18 has to be homegrown by the club (trained by the club for 3 years before their 21st birthday) and somehow Nava qualifies for that despite only having come to the academy last season. As a result, he's managed to break into the first team at the ridiculously young age of 14, making 3(4) appearances in all competitions with an average rating of 6.68. He clearly isn't ready for a starting role, but I will continue to give him rare game time to encourage his development.


Conor Donovan
I arranged for the free transfer of Conor Donovan over the summer to be my starting center back alongside Howkins, as he currently operates at a good League Two level with the potential to be a League One center back. He also aligns with my philosophy of focusing on American talent when possible, but due to the American Spring-Fall schedule, he couldn't sign until the January window. At this point in the season I've realized I don't really need Donovan, but his presence certainly won't hurt our title chances and he will definitely play a role if we get promoted to League One next year.

Danny Robles
I found 17-year-old Danny Robles playing for the Rochester Rhinos in the USL League One (the third tier of American soccer in a non-promotion system, I just thought I'd emphasize the obscurity of this team's level). I told my scouts to take a look at him and they determined that he was playing at a Vanarama National level with a huge amount of potential. £59,000 was enough to secure his services, and he will join on the same day as Donovan. He signed a Hot Prospect contract so he likely won't feature much until he develops more.

Other News

Sugar Daddy
Uncle Sam has pretty much wrote me a blank check at this point. It's nice never having to check the finances screen for once, and being able to focus on improving our American talent at every opportunity. If we get promoted to League One we'll have to step up our recruitment but we certainly won't have to worry about financial backing in the transfer market.

New Contract
Due to our overachievement in the league, the board have extended my contract early until 2021. I tried to negotiate it to 2022 but they wouldn't budge. I'll take it though!
Signing players from the lower divisions is a great tactic. Do you have to wait until they're 18 though?
Signing players from the lower divisions is a great tactic. Do you have to wait until they're 18 though?

Yes I think so, Robles joined 3 days after Donovan when he turned 18. Hopefully I can find some more hidden gems!
Nine Elms Class of '24

In our second intake of Nine Elms youth players, we signed 8 of the youth candidates with 2 in particular standing out from the rest.

Zach Knowles
Knowles has the highest potential of all the youth candidates that were evaluated, and currently operates at a Vanarama North/South level. I've set him up to train as an attacking sweeper keeper rather his his natural defensive goalkeeper role, as it fits our gegenpress style of play.

Matthew Garzi
Matthew Garzi is our other noteworthy hot prospect, possessing nearly as much potential as Knowles according to my youth coaches. Garzi is a center midfielder, a position that both my U18s and U23s are lacking depth in so he will definitely have plenty of opportunities to develop in the Nine Elms academy.

Nine Elms Class of '23 Progress

Juan Pablo Nava
Nava was singled out as our brightest youth candidate after the first intake last season, and he's managed to break into the first team this season due to squad registration rules requiring me to include an academy-produced player in the match day squad. He's made 3(5) appearances in all competitions at just 14 years old, as well as continuing his development by appearing 18 times for the Nine Elms U23s. He's still operating at a Vanarama North/South level according to my coaches, but many of his attributes have increased and he could still improve a lot.

Phil Flebbe
Like Nava, Flebbe has been able to make some rare appearances for the first team as a result of the registration rules. He's made 4 substitute appearances in recent weeks, and he's actually looking more promising than Juan Pablo Nava is. Flebbe plays as a left back with the supporting wing back role, which is perfect for my style.

Tony Rodriguez
According to my youth team, Rodriguez "has come on leaps and bounds as a footballer over the last three months. This is quite a compliment considering none of the other prospects have this note on their coach report. Rodriguez may be close to breaking into the first team, as our striker issues have persisted from last season with Kane Hemmings disappointing nearly as much as Leon Best did.
2019/20 Season Review

We've managed to clinch back-to-back titles in the Vanarama National League and Sky Bet League Two! Hopefully we can keep up this momentum and challenge for promotion in League One next season. I'm really proud of this achievement as I tried not to overhaul my squad too much when we got promoted despite my relatively high transfer budget. 6 of our starters during the 2018/19 season in the Vanarama National League held their spot in the starting 11 during our title-winning League Two season, and several of them will likely maintain their position next season in League One.

We held our position at the top of the table from match 4 all the way through the end of the season, finishing with a dominant 94 points (exactly double what we had halfway through the season) and a 46 goal difference. The media predicted we would finish 18th in the Season Preview, but we overcame the odds and secured the title.

We maintained our solid form throughout the second half of the season, ensuring we would finish as champions. After we secured promotion I started rotating significantly more which caused us to lose in the last few matches of the season.

Standout Performers

Josh Bowler
Josh Bowler finished with league-highest average rating at a 7.36 from 18(7) appearances in which he scored 9 goals and registered 6 assists. He was essential as a rotation option throughout the season, especially towards the end. His partnership with Billy King on the opposite wing contributed to many of our victories in the second half of the season.

Ted Moulden
Moulden has now developed into a League One-quality right back, having made 64 total league appearances for the club since signing in mid-2018. He was my preferred right back throughout the season and has signed a contract extension to remain my starting right back in League One next season.

Billy King
Billy King had a fantastic end to the season, finishing with 6 goals and 9 assists in 29(3) appearances. He had a somewhat shaky run of form during the middle of the season but he finished really strong and will maintain a first team role next season in League One.

Millen Baars
Baars has continued to impress, attracting interest from numerous Championship clubs which prompted me to offer him a new contract. Baars signed the contract extension which raised his release clause to £550,000 after finishing with 9 goals and 7 assists in 30(6) league appearances. He has the potential to be a Championship-quality winger in the future so I would prefer to keep him than have someone activate his release clause, as money isn't really an issue for us.

Notable Departures

Lewis Montrose
Montrose was my preferred defensive midfielder in our debut season in the Vanarama National League, and still managed to make 22(6) appearances in all competitions for us this season. However, I don't believe he has the quality to play effectively in League One so I've decided to release him.

Lee Nishanian
Nishanian joined on a free in January last season, and has made a total of 36 league appearances in the year and a half since. Despite his generally reliable performances, my coaching staff has decided that he's only operating on a Vanarama National level which will not be good enough in League One, so I've decided to release him as well.

Max Kretzschmar
Somewhat of an unsung hero in this story, Kretzschmar has amassed 38(25) appearances in all competitions since signing for the club 2 seasons ago. He scored 7 goals and got 5 assists in that time, operating as one of my most versatile players in DM, CM, and RW. I have decided to release him, however, to bring in a higher calibre of player for rotation.

Elliott Durrell
Elliott Durrell, or "DJ Durel" as I renamed him, was instrumental in our promotion from the Vanarama National League last season but struggled to make an impact in our first season in the Football League. Having only made 2(7) appearances in all competitions, he will be released at the end of June.

Other News

Millen Baars Transfer Saga
Baars's new contract hasn't fended off the interest from Preston, Sheffield Wednesday, and several other Championship clubs as well as French club Amiens SC.
Oddly enough, Thierry Henry is the Amiens SC manager and was spotted personally scouting Baars at the Doncaster Rovers stadium on a dreary League Two Saturday. Baars seems happy to stay but if one of those clubs comes in and meets his £550,000 release clause there may be no way to stop him from leaving.

Josh Bowler Loan Extension
Due to his impressive performances this year, I decided to extend Bowler's loan so he can compete with Millen Baars for the starting role on the right wing. This is a key signing as Bowler is one of the few players in the squad who already operates at a League One level.
2020/21 Season Preview

We're expected to struggle this season, with the press setting our title odds at 500-1 ahead of the 2020/21 League One season. Place your bets now! This leaves us third from the bottom in the Season Preview, but I'm actually quite happy with the balance of my squad and I believe we'll upset the odds again this season though maybe not to the same extent. Many of our first team players are still under 23 years old, so once they've adapted to the level of play they should develop accordingly.

Board Expectations

While the board expected a mid-table finish after our promotion to the League Two last season, they've lowered their expectations this year to avoiding relegation from League One. I'm aiming for a mid-table finish and would rather not be dragged into the relegation battle, but the players aren't as optimistic about our chances.


I spent a total of £1,000,000 on 8 signings, about £400,000 less than I did last season. Due to our relatively young squad, there wasn't much need for a massive overhaul as I believe many of them are capable of stepping up to the next level this season. I still felt I needed to strengthen some key areas while also keeping an eye on the future by buying some young American prospects, so I ended up with 8 signings.

Sam Rogers
Rogers joined from Tacoma in the USL West for £250,000 to operate as my starting center back alongside Kyle Howkins. At just 21, Rogers has the potential to be a Championship player in the future and he adds to the growing number of Americans in the squad.

Jack McInerney
Somewhat of a journeyman, McInerney signed on a free from Indy Eleven after scoring a respectable 13 goals in 30 league appearances in the USL East. He's played for various American teams in the MLS and the USL, and I believe he will slot well into the pressing forward role in my starting 11 this season.

Bradley Johnson
Johnson comes with a wealth of past playing experience in the Premier League, Championship, and League One as a defensive midfielder. At 34, Johnson's physical attributes are declining but I think he will provide a reliable option for my deep-lying playmaker role.

Tristan Nydam
Nydam was perhaps my best signing of the window, joining for £325,000 from Ipswich. He will play as my preferred Carrilero in center mid, being my best midfielder by some distance. He has the potential to be a Championship player in the future and hopefully he can develop even beyond that.

Joel Asoro
Asoro was a last-second addition as I didn't intend to sign another winger during the window, but when Asoro was offered to me on loan I realized I could certainly use him so I brought him in from Swansea until the end of the season. With 17 pace and acceleration, Asoro will be a nightmare for League One defenses this season and could give Millen Baars, Josh Bowle, and Billy King some very real competition.
Some very very impressive signings there! Mcinerney is a goalscorer man! Had him in a previous save and he scored for fun in the MLS! Asoro should be a cracking signing too!
Some very very impressive signings there! Mcinerney is a goalscorer man! Had him in a previous save and he scored for fun in the MLS! Asoro should be a cracking signing too!

That's good to hear! McInerney has struggled so far but he's just returned from injury so once he gets back to full fitness I think he'll be my starter. If he can score for fun in the MLS hopefully he can manage to in League One!
2020/21 Mid-Season Review

Following a strong run of 3 wins in our first 3 matches in League One, we struggled to maintain any kind of decent form and picked up just 2 wins from 19 matches between August 26th and November 21st. It was an EXTREMELY frustrating period, giving up 5 penalties during that 3 month time while CONSTANTLY dropping points in the dying minutes of every...single...fucking...game. Sorry for the language, but you guys probably know exactly where I'm coming from. However, we have managed to win our last 3 matches in a row including back-to-back wins against 1st and 2nd place Millwall and Ipswich. We're coming for ya lads, watch out!

Having burst into the League One scene with an impressive 3-0-0 record, we were at the top of the table from the start. Once our form started declining we gradually fell to mid-table, where we've bounced around since. Following our most recent 3 match win streak, we've now climbed back up to 8th, just 4 points off the playoff spots. Not bad for a team predicted to finish third from the bottom! While it appears we aren't that far away from the playoff spots, I don't believe promotion is a realistic target this season though I certainly wouldn't be averse to the idea. In the long run, though, it might work better if we spend another season in League One preparing for the next level, as the quality difference is significantly higher between the two divisions than the gulf between League One and League Two is. Either way at least we have Uncle Sam's checkbook to fall back on!

Standout Performers

Zack Knowles
About halfway through September my preferred goalkeeper, Alex Kapp, fractured his arm and was sidelined for about a month and a half. I allowed my backup keeper to step in, as he had a solid season in League Two last year as my first choice and I figured he could still do a job for us given the circumstances. As our poor form continued, I decided to switch up the rotation for a Checkatrade Trophy match as Knowles had a very high training rating. He impressed in his debut, making 6 saves and only conceding once against a far superior Arsenal U23 side. At just 15 years old, and despite my coaches' opinions that Knowles is only operating at a Vanarama North/South level, he has appeared in all of my last 6 matches including our recent wins. I had already arranged a future transfer for a better goalkeeper than my other 2 options, so come January Knowles may have to return to the youth setup unless we just keep winning with him in goal!

Gideon Adu-Peprah
And the legend of Gideon Adu-Peprah continues! He has yet again succeeded in taking the next step up with us, operating as my preferred left back for the third season in a row despite back-to-back promotions. Adu-Peprah has made a total of 87 league appearances for us since joining in 2018, and a total of 98 appearances in all competitions. As a result he's become somewhat of a club legend, listed under the club's "favored personnel" alongside only Josh Bowler and myself. So far this season Adu-Peprah has made 20 league appearances from a possible 23 and has contributed a very impressive 6 assists as a left wing back. I'm seriously wondering if Adu-Peprah has what it takes to go all the way up to the Prem with us at this point!

Kyle Howkins
Howkins has remained an absolute stalwart this season, making 21 league appearances from a possible 23 with an average rating of 7.26, the highest average rating in my entire squad. As a result, he's wanted by Portsmouth who are currently in the promotion battle in the Championship (well done Pompey, but go away). I've tried to offer him a new contract but with only just over 6 months left on his deal, we may end up losing him on a free which would be extremely disappointing. Howkins holds our defense together and still has the potential to be a good Championship player in the future, but he may not want to wait around another year in League One.

Arun Basuljevic
Basuljevic has turned out to be a fantastic signing. Having signed from Fresno in the USL West for £275,000, Basuljevic struggled to find his form early on but has become an essential part of my system, especially over the last few fixtures. He operates as my box-to-box midfielder, and he's got a great eye for goal. He's scored 4 goals in 14(2) league appearances as well as another goal in 2(1) Checkatrade Trophy appearances, maintaining an overall 7.11 average rating.

Kane Hemmings
My striker problems persisted from last season, as we struggled to find the net consistently between August and November before Hemmings stepped up his game more recently. He's scored 7 goals in 11(2) league appearances, though he only scored in 4 of those matches, so I will likely need to find a more consistent striker in January. Nevertheless, his contributions were extremely important in securing some much-needed wins in the past couple matches.

Josh Bowler
Like Adu-Peprah, Bowler is a fan favorite who stepped up from League Two to League One to be a key player this season. There was a bit of an adjustment period for him at the beginning of the season, but since then he's managed to maintain a 7.06 average rating as an inside forward by scoring 4 goals and getting 7 assists in 18(1) appearances. I'm thinking about signing him on a permanent deal, if possible.


Jack McInerney
Much to my disappointment, Jack McInerney has totally and completely flopped since joining 6 months ago. He was meant to be my star striker, and yet he only managed to score once in 8(4) appearances before throwing a hissy fit and demanding more first team football. With an average rating of just 6.58 and our declining form at the time, giving him even more game time was just not a viable option so I showed him the door. I didn't think it was possible, but McInerney actually flopped worse than Leon Worst (we'll come back to him later).

Bradley Johnson
Johnson has been a nightmare. He flopped even worse than McInerney. I signed Johnson to play as a first team/rotation defensive midfielder on the 9th of June. Exactly 3 weeks later I signed central midfielder Tristan Nydam to put in front of Johnson in the SAME lineup. Johnson absolutely lost it. I've never seen anything like it but within 3 weeks of signing for the club, Johnson had already given me an ultimatum to give him more game time. Pre-season literally hadn't even started and he was already complaining about game time. I then played him in the first few matches of the season, and despite winning 3 matches in a row, he had to be subbed off early in the second half each time due to his piss-poor performances. I then stopped playing him in favor of my other defensive midfielder, and then he lost it AGAIN and couldn't seem to figure out why he wasn't getting any playing time despite his poor form, very poor training rating, low morale, weak teammate dynamics, and his poor relationship with me. I then transfer listed him, to which he responded by announcing his retirement at the END of the season. So basically this guy is just showing up to training, being a bad influence, and picking up his paycheck until the end of the season. Not exactly what I had in mind when I signed this "professional."

Other News

Good God boys I think he's actually done it. Leon Worst has earned his name back.
At the ripe old age of 34, it seems Leon Best has found his goalscoring form again, netting 13 goals in 30 matches in the Irish Premier Division this season. That brings his total club tally to 16 goals in 51 matches. Not exactly prolific, but he's scoring again and he made it to 50 league appearances for Cork which triggered a £18,000 payment clause from the previous transfer. Thanks Leon! You can retire now!
Great stuff this, love a different kind of change. Good luck continuing up the leagues
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