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A trip around Europe with no real aims or goals, no timestamp on any job or country. For a change I'm using a fully qualified and experienced manager so I can have a good run in the top leagues around Europe. It may eventually open up into a worldwide journey, time will tell.

Lets go on a European journey, man!

I had this idea already on the back burner, following my brother starting something similar and taking that idea basically. And following my 'abrupt' but not surprising end on my Yeovil Town career so early on, I thought I'd get straight back into things. Unlike that career, where my main aim was to take Yeovil Town to be one of the biggest clusb in England, this time we're going around Europe but with no real aims. Its time to enjoy the save and not feel restricted by staying at one club for a set amount of time.


As you'd already be able to tell, from the title alone, this will be a European adventure and here is the database I'm loading (probably the largest database I've ever gone with on a save). A wide range of countries and leagues loaded with 11 countries loaded fully into the game (with all playable leagues from those countries loaded) as well as a further 7 on view only, just so I can monitor whats going on in those leagues a little better and maybe one day I'll add them fully in and take control over there. I've loaded the game on 3rd June 2019 at one of the earliest points possible to give me enough time to get to grips with the club I choose, which will be interesting as I've ticked the box to "prevent control of teams with managers in place".


This will be one of the very few times you'll see me start with a manager who already has a full set of coaching qualifications as well as a full background in the sport. Despite being just 27 years old, a footballing career was cut short and now 'Dan' from Chard will head into the world of football management. Having quickly gathered together all his coaching qualifications, he now goes on to see which team will take him on. With the 'prevent control of teams with managers in place" being picked it won't be a free range of choice, however I have picked a team to begin with rather than going through the interview stages.

Management History:

3rd June 2019 - 4th July 2022
KRC Genk
2019/20 - Belgian Super Cup - Winnershttps://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Belgian Cup - Winnershttps://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Pro League A - 1st (60 points)https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Group Stage
2020/21 - Belgian Super Cup - Winnershttps://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Belgian Cup - Winnershttps://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Pro League A - 1st (59 points)https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Group Stage
2021/22 - Belgian Super Cup - Runners Up, Belgian Cup - Runners Up, Pro League A - 1st (55 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Group Stage

14th January 2023 - 5th July 2024

2022/2023 - FA Cup - Fourth Round, Championship - 6th (82 points), Championship Playoffs - Semi Finals
2023/2024 - Carabao Cup - Quarter Final - FA Cup - Quarter Final, Championship - 5th (86 points), Championship Playoffs - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1

5th July 2024 - 29th June 2027

2024/2025 - Italian Cup - Semi Final, Serie A - 1st (94 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Euro Cup ll - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2025/2026 - Italian Cup - Quarter Final, Italian Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Serie A - 3rd (76 points), Champions League - Quarter Final
2026/2027 - Italian Cup - Quarter Final, Serie A - 1st (92 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1

29th June 2027 - 1st July 2030

2027/2028 - DFB-Pokal - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Bundesliga - 1st (71 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Euro Cup ll - Runners Up
2028/2029 - Super Cup - Runners Up, DFB-Pokal - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Bundesliga - 1st (77 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2029/2030 - Club World Championship - Fourth, Super Cup - Runners Up, European Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, DFB-Pokal - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Bundesliga - 1st (75 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - First Knockout Round

21st July 2030 - 11th July 2038 *Sacked*

2031 - European International League - Runners Up
2032 - European Championship - Semi Final
2033 - European Nations League - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2034 - World Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2035 - European Nations League - Fourth
2036 - European Championship - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2037 - European Nations League - Group Stage
2038 - World Cup - Fourth

19th February 2031 - 2nd June 2031

2030/2031 - Ukraine Cup - Semi Final, Premier League 1st (76 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1

26th June 2031 - Present

2031/2032 - Carabao Cup - Quarter Final. FA Cup - Quarter Final, Champions League - Semi Final, Premier League 1st (95 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2032/2033 - Community Shield - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Carabao Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1. FA Cup - Runners Up, Champions League - Quarter Final, Premier League 1st (94 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2033/2034 - Community Shield - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1,Carabao Cup - Third Round. FA Cup - Runners Up, Champions League - Quarter Final, Premier League 2nd (85 points)
2034/2035 - Carabao Cup - Quarter Final. FA Cup - Runners Up, Champions League - Winnershttps://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1 , Premier League 1st (100 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2035/2036 - Community Shield - Runners Up, European Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Carabao Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, FA Cup - Quarter Final, Champions League - Quarter Final, Premier League - 1st (94 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
2036/2037 - Community Shield - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Carabao Cup - Fourth Round, FA Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Premier League 2nd (93 points), Club World Cup - Fourth
2036/2037 - Community Shield - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, European Super Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Carabao Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, FA Cup - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Champions League - Winners https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1, Premier League - 1st (97 points) https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1

Trophy Cabinet:
Belgian Super Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Belgian Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Pro League A - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
English Championship Playoff - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Italian Serie A - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Euro Cup ll - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Italian Super Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
European Champions League - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
DFB-Pokal - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Bundesliga - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
European Super Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Ukrainian Premier League - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
English Premier League - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Community Shield - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
Carabao Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
European Nations League - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
World Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
European Championships - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1
FA Cup - https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1https://i.imgur.com/650QM1r.png?1

I love a good Dan Journeyman Save! This may get my Journeyman taste buds going a bit for after my York City save!

Best of luck!
I find it hard to stay at one club more 3/4 seasons usually and that's why I move around so much generally in my saves. It's good when after a few years you start to get the odd big side slip down the league and you get the chance to take them over.
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Thanks for your support even after that woeful Yeovil start @tongey

Yeah it was partly your Journeymen careers over the last few years that tempted me to do this too @VP.
Landing in Belgium


As I said in the opening posts, my first job was going to be not of a wide choice. I had the box ticked to be unable to start at a club who already had a manager. As I deleved through the lists of available teams, KRC Genk were the one that stood out the most. So I quickly packed a bag to Belgium to begin my new job.


The board have wasted no time in laying out their expectations of me at the helm. With a two year contract to my name its important we can get the ball rolling straight away and get some success. They want me to focus on signing young players,under 30 which suits me down to a tee. Finish in the top four this league season, reach the Belgian Cup Final and the Super cup isn't important to them. Win the league within four seasons.


Pre season came and went, very quickly. Despite the club having £110million in the balance, I was left with just £1million to spend,so no improvements were made this summer. The friendlies went extremely well which set us up nicely for the Belgian Super cup...


A game which we absolutely dominated and was very good to see. We could of scored several but in the end, we done enough to crown ourselves champions with a 1-0 win. Giving me my first piece of silverware here and something to build on.


A very, very tough champions league draw for us. I originally thought we could finish in the top three and could head to the Europa league. We now are looking lucky to get any points from such a tough group. But we shall see what we can do. You'd fully expect Barcelona and Napoli to beat us, home and away, Lyon aren't a weak side either so its looking likely we'll be bottom of this pile.

Next Post: Mid Season Update - January 2020
Already a trophy in the bag, nice! I can only wish you luck with that UCL group!
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One trophy in the bag, not a bad start to life in Belgium!
Looks like a group of death to me, a few points out of the group and you'll be pleased!

Good to win the first trophy straight away! Horrible CL group you're in though! Good luck!
Not bad to start with Genk. Good luck, especially at champions LUL
I'll be watching!!
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Fm 2020 - Saves

It must feel weird to see all that green @Dan, even if they're only friendlies. Good luck!
We've started well @r96Skinner with that trophy so early. Shame we've been drawn in a torrid CL group though!

Its a good start @tongey a good base to build on! unlike our CL group.

Thanks @Wilcox09

@SirWerGaming its nice starting slightly higher and fully qualified, lets see how it goes.

It does indeed @Shedender almost as weird as it is to start with badges and rep!
KRC Genk Mid Season Update - January 2020


Right then, we're six months into Belgium football as we move past the halfway stage of the season and into the New calender year. This update comes as of the 1st January 2020 as we head into the transfer window. We've played plenty of football already, across the three different competitions. Lets see how we've been getting on over the last few months.


Our Champions League "group of death" started way better than we could ever imagined or even dreamed of! We went to Italy, and beat Napoli two nil with a brace for Maehle. And things went from good to perfect when we welcomed Barcelona a day ebfore my birthday and beat the Spanish giants three nil. Qualification looking a good option then. But things went back to as we originally expected. Losing 3-0 in France to Lyon before throwing away a 2-1 lead in the injury time to lose 3-2 against the French side at home. Narrow losses to Napolig (3-1) and Barcelona (3-2) left us sitting fourth in the group, despite a better goal difference than third place Napoli, heading out the competition.


The Belgian Cup is very straight forward for us this far in. Entering in the sixth round, we beat Molenbeek three goals to nil, away from home. We had to wait until December for the next round, where we beat Lokeren three nil as expected. The Quarter Final saw us face Cercle Brugge at home, a Samatta penalty after half an hour saw us through. The Semi Final of the Belgian Cup draws us against oostende, who I'm confident we can see off, a potential final awaits?


Our league form is looking just fine too! We began the season with a 4-1 thumping of Eupen before shortly losing out in a narrow game against Standard. We then went on an eight game winning run which saw us keep seven consecutive clean sheets in that run. Only conceding in the 7-2 thumping we gave our awaiting semi finalist Oostende. Following that we lost back to back games against Anderlecht and Club Brugge before finding our form again with seven wins on the bounce, notching up another five clean sheets in the process.


That leaves the current league table looking very good, with us currently sitting top of the pile. We only moved back to the top spot in the last game or two with Club Brugge slipping up, putting us back in control. We sit just a point clear of them, knowing they'll be on our tails the whole way. Standard are only four points off the pace, keeping tracks with us. It looks like it'll be a three horse race early on.


Our first look at the youth intake coming this season. Obviously there isn't too much to say or note on this, other than what is already said above.


Finally, the board have put their trust in me and put their money where their mouth is. We started the season with over £110million in the bank balance and the board only trusting me with a mere £1million to spend. But now they've opened the cheque book and put £50million to me for transfers. However despite this, I don't plan on making any moves this January, whilst the squad is working hard and getting results, I don't wish to upset them. There'll be moves in the summer.

Next Post: KRC Genk End Of Season Update - May 2020
What a damn shame about the Champions League after the start you had mate but c'est le vie. You're doing well in the league although it's tight at the top.
Such disappointment to lose four in a row after that superb UCL start, would've fancied you to get a UEL spot at least following matchday two. Domestic form more than making up for it though, keep it going!
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Solid start in the league bud, that CL group looked nasty!

Blowing the lead late on against Lyon in the second game really cost us qualification unfortunately @Shedender

After those first two results I thought we were a sure thing for 3rd at least @r96Skinner. At least domestically we're looking strong.

Group from hell @DNZY, just wasnt a team there we could get maximum points from.
KRC Genk End Of Season Update - May 2020


Absolutely flown through my first season here in charge at Genk, in Belgium and its fair to say its been a much better time than that I was experiencing whilst at Yeovil on my previous attempted career. We've lasted double the time and had a trophy scooped up at the start of the season, when we lifted the Belgian Super Cup. Following a group exit in the Champions League, we had both the league and Belgian Cup to focus on for the last couple of months of the season. Before we get into any competitive football, lets have a quick look at the youth intake that came in this March.


This was 'the best of the batch' so to speak. One real standout player that could make an impact in our first team along the lines will be Mitch Bervoets. There are a couple more in there that could eventually force their way into our squad but it will be some time.


Lets start with the Belgian Cup. We were already into the Semi Finals on the last update I posted and with that were due to face Oostende, a side we had smashed 7-1 earlier in the league. The first leg of the Semi Final, at home was a nervy one, neither side commiting to the win and running out a bore draw. The second leg we showed our superiority, claiming a big four one win away from home. Hrosovsky netted a brace from the spot whilst Hagi and Ndongala also on target to secure our spot in the Final, where we'd face Standard.


Make that two domestic trophies in the bag! We ran out comfortable 3-1 winners here to be crowned Champions of the Belgian Cup. Our leading front man, Samatta fired us into an eighteenth minute lead and things got worse for Standard fifteen minutes later when they were reduced to ten men. We were slow starting second half, immediately being pegged back level, before got up the other end two minutes later with an own goal putting us back infront. With just fourteen minutes left on the clock, Samatta converted again to grab a brace and put the game beyond doubt. There was a late red card for us as well, as De Norre saw a straight red after coming off the bench.


There were only eleven 'regular' league games left to play from January onwards as we seeked to secure ourselves in the Championship group, with the title being our main aim. And our form didn't really change from that of the first half of the season. Seven wins, three draws and just the one defeat, dealt to us by Club Brugge again saw us pushing ourselves at the top and trying to open up a gap. Samatta slightly off the pace with contribution to league goals it would seem. Sander Berge has been isntrumental in the midfield and after thirty games, left the table looking like this:


We go into the Championship group (top 6 teams) sitting top of the pile having amassed seventy two points, sitting two clear of Club Brugge in second place and only five points clear of Standard in third place as we were pushed all the way by those two. Then a sixteen point gap opens to fourth place Anderlecht who really haven't been at the races this season. With a further ten games to go now, it was tight, but our focus was firmly on securing that top spot/


We managed to buil on some great form this season and took that into the Championship group as we remained unbeaten for the ten games we faced in our search for the top spot. Seven wins and three draws, picking up six clean sheets along the way would leave is in great shape. We didn't concede more than 1 goal in any of the games we played in this group of fixtures. But still failed to beat Club Brugge, four games against them this year without winning once. But had we done enough for the league title...


TREBLE! We went on to win it by seven points in the end over Standard who had done enough to leapfrog Club Brugge and finished second. With Club Brugge a further three points behind. It'll be Champions League football for us and Standard, whilst Club Brugge and Anderlecht will both head towards Europa League football. I was always expecting to get trophies in Belgium, but not immediately and not to do the clean sweep domestically! We've still got a long time here, I don't plan on packing up yet, lets make progress in Europe!

Next Post: KRC Genk post season stats and awards - June 2020

Cracking first season!
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Thanks as always @r96Skinner, its something to build on now!
KRC Genk post season stats and awards - June 2020


With season one done and dusted already, there was just the award ceremony to come here in Belgium and following a very successive first season in charge, I was hoping some of the lads would be rewarded for their hard work this summer with a couple more personal awards of their own.


If we still have this man at the club come the end of the transfer window this upcoming summer, I'll be thoroughly surprised. Sander Berge scoops both the 'Pro of the season' as well as the Best Average rating winner for the season. Hes been instrumental for us in the centre of the park, scoring and creating goals.


There's also a brace of awards for our man inbetween the sticks who played all 40 league games for us this season, Gaetan Coucke. Conceding just twenty three goals in forty games along with keeping twenty three clean sheets. Beating the likes of Simon Mignolet to both the Golden Glove and the Goalkeeper of the season awards.


The final player award goas to our twenty seven year old striker, Samatta was very impressive throughout the league season and claims the top goal scorer award, finishing six goalss clear of the runner up.


Little self plug, yours truly takes the manager of the season award. Was it ever in doubt with a seventy five percent win rate?


Player stats for the season. *will update this summery in due course.


The board continue to invest their trust in me with more money coming our way this summer, Almost eighty million pounds to spend now and I've got a target or two in mind. Whilst we don't need to strengthen loads domestically, its time to try and make an impact on European competitions.

Next Post: KRC Genk pre season Round Up - August 2020
You dominated those awards but not at all surprising but what is surprising is the amount the cash the Genk board have given you.
Quality first season, I didn't think there'd be so much money kicking around there mind!
We did indeed @Shedender and I'm glad the board have backed us financially now with whats in the balance.

I didn't originally either @KEZ_7 until I saw what the bank balance was when I took over. Important we keep the finances strong here tho.
KRC Genk pre season Round Up - August 2020


A second summer in sunny* (*may not actually be sunny) Belgium has come and gone. However this time, instead of being armed with £1million in my back pocket, the board had loaded me up with more than £70million free to spend on players to improve the squad. As I said previously, whilst we probably don't need new players domestically, its now about trying to make an impact on European football, so I will try and make some improvements along the line, whilst keeping the club in good stead.


The board are continuing to impress me and invest in the club which is great all round. This summer we're seeing the further developments of our 'Data analysis facilities', Training facilities and junior coaching budget already improved. With the youth facilities update in profress and a second training facilities improvement as we continue to try and produce and develop world class stars to light up the world.


A couple of departures this summer, not really bringing in too much money, a total of four players left for fees with the highest being striker Onuachu to Leganes for £5.75million, potentially rising to £7.25million with addons. A few loan deals were done too. We snapped up Chelsea youngster Kenedy on a free transfer, the deal was done back in January and once the window opened he joined us. A great coup for the club. Next in was a man who needs no introduction, Erling Haaland, the young wonderkid who is on fire right now. He joins for £30million, a big outlay for the youngster, potentially rising to £42million but I'm confident he'll hit the ground running here and we'll make a profit on him when he eventually gets snapped up by one of the big teams. Finally, young Simon Uribe joins from River, for £2.6million, a good fee with someone who looks a bright prospect for the future.


I definitely forgot to arrange friendlies this summer and apparently my assistant only organised three, leaving us with very little pre season football. Thankfully most of the team is still here from last season so there isn't any need to learn new tactics etc. But not much opportunity for pre season fitness here either.


First trophy of season two ticked off as we win the Belgian Super Cup for a second season running. Standard started the better side here and had the chance to go ahead in the fifteenth minute, however Christian's penalty struck the post. We punished them for this four minutes later, when debutant Erling Haaland slotted home a volley into the top corner. Second half we continued to battle, Sander Berge (who we turned down bids of £64million for this summer) doubled our lead with twelve minutes to go. Bastien gave Standard hope late on but proved only a consolation goal.


And finally, the Champions League group stage draw, another horro group for us and I can't see us advancing once again. I'd be very surprised if we managed to get anything other than fourth place from this group.

Next Post: KRC Genk mid season Round Up - January 2021
Of course you have signed Erling Haaland.

He should tear Belgium up!
Haaland should be a terrific signing Kenedy on a free isn't bad either.
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Damn, what a budget and what a coup in signing Håland second season in! ez pz.

Had to at least try and sign him @Shedender, though I wasn't expecting him to join!

Both are coups for us @r96Skinner

Mad money over in Belgium apparently @DNZY
KRC Genk mid season Round Up - January 2021


Lets get back to competitive football then! We have moved halfway through the second season here in Belgium, looking to defend all three of our domestic crowns which we took last year, but at the same time, trying to make a bigger impact in Europe. Champions League, or Europa League if it came to it. Our Group looked deadly once again this year, would we be able to salvage anything from it this time around?


The answer to that is no, infact, we got less points this year than we did last year. Although we were drawn in another tough group, we barely made an impact in it. A draw at home on the opening day against Manchester City saw us kickstart our campaign. But we were shortly bought back down to earth when PSG beat us eight nil in France. Ajax beat us in Holland, before we claimed a credible draw at home. Two more defeats followed.


Defending the Belgium Cup is well on track it would seem. A trip Hest in the Sixth round saw a single Haaland goal send us through. We required a penalty shootout in the Seventh round to win over AA Gent. Before a dominant home win against Mouscron saw us reach the Semi Final. Haaland with a hattrick along the way. Club Brugge await us in the Semi Final.


Our league form is on point for a second season running so far, although a few draws starting to slip in. We were ten games in before we lost this season, which ended a twenty six game unbeaten run in the league. Pretty impressive. Although poor to lose to a side of KV Mechelen' standard. Our second defeat of the season came just before Christmas losing one nil to Standard. As you can see our young wonderkid Haaland is among the goals, hes missed a couple on penalties along the way too but so far, hes fitting in well.


Nineteen league games into the season and we sit second in the table. Two points off Club Brugge who are leading the way currently. Once again, Standard are in third place and keeping up the fight. Just six points separating the top three means it should be a fun battle for the second half of the season once again.

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Seems that Haaland has been paying back his large transfer fee thus far, hopefully he continues to bang them in. It's a shame about the Champions League but I suppose that's to be expected when managing someone like Genk and you're in a bloody group with Ajax, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.
Ouch, you have some rough luck with Champions League draws!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Quite a thrashing against PSG, did you deserve to lose by that many or was it simply one of those games where every shot they have goes in.
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Read everything till now what a good story ...unlucky in the CL tho and that PSG result i can fully understand it ( with my Ludogorets ).As for the league 2 points are nothing but yet Brugge is not a team that you can just pass trough easily .. ! Keep it up !
What a first season in charge of winning the Treble!! Well done mate!

Hell of signing in bringing in Haaland! He's a talent in the making and is already paying you back!

Terrible luck with Champions League draws and unlucky to bow out again, but won't be long until that second treble is in your hands!

Keep on trucking man!
Never in doubt that Haaland would pay back his fee on the pitch @Shedender but I wouldnt of thought he'd stay with us for too much longer. Champions League draws have been shocking for us on both occassions now.

Don't we just @Grimnir hopefully soon we can move to a third seed rather than 4th seed side, might help!

Bit of both really @VP. they were dominant but took the chances.

Thanks for the kind words @GreenFront I appreciate you catching up. We're definitely still in the league fight, more than can be said about the PSG game haha!

Indeed, the first season seemed a breeze @tongey but its good to see we're being challenged again for the league this year. Haaland was always on the cards for me, and paying us back, just depends how long we can keep him happy here for.
KRC Genk end of season Round Up - May 2021


And that is season 2 done and dusted! We've wrapped up the competitive side of football for the year and its time to have a quick review on how things got on in the second half of the season. I had originally hoped to get this update posted a couple days ago, but I still had a couple of games to play to finish the league season and then never had enough time to get them done, but alas, we're here now! With the treble still on the cards, but a tight fight in the league, it was on us to come back at Club Brugge. *I lost the screenshot of the youth intake, I think we only really had one player who would likely make it to the top of this league again.


League leaders at the time Club Brugge awaited us in the Belgian Cup Semi Final and we managed to ease past them over both legs. We traveled to them for the first of the two semi Final legs, beating them one nil thanks to a lone Hagi goal. Back at home we were stil just as strong defensively, keeping another clean sheet and beating them two nil, three nil on aggregate. First half goals from Hrosovsky and Borges saw us qualify for the Final, where we'd face KV Kortrijk in four months time.


Champions! For the second season running with us at the helm, we scoop the Belgian Cup, setting us up for the double at least this season, whilst we dominated the game, it could of gone another way on another day. We lost Dewaest in just the eighteenth minute to a straight red card in what turned out to be a very card happy game for the referee who went on to brandish thirteen yellow cards and one red! It proved to be the late, late show that won the game though. Ismael Saibari scored a simple finish from close range in the 91st minute, reviewing my VAR but the goal stood.


With us going into January trailing league leaders Club brugge it was important we had a good second half of the league season and that we did, unbeaten in our eleven games picking up nine wins and three draws along the way. We conceded just four goals in those eleven games and once again, no more than one per game we did concede in. We also picked up a vauable win over Club Brugge away from home, meaning they'd need a near perfect record to stay top of the pile before heading into the Champions Group.


And they weren't too far off it in all fairness. We took the top spot of this stage of the league tace with twenty two wins, six draws and just the two defeats from our thirty league games, scoring fifty four and conceding just fourteen goals along the way. Top for now and only by three points over Club Brugge, who as I said, ran us the whole way and our win over them proving vital. Standard again, not ffar off the pace just seven points behind us, before a nine point gap opens to fourth place AA Gent.


The Champions Group gave us a further ten games as always in which we won seven, drew twice and lost once, a loss to Club Brugge which could go on to prove vital if they could produce a strong run of results after we beat them in the opening game. Once again Haaland contributing with goals. Eight for him in the ten matches with Kenedy and Berge also netting a few for us along the way.


Champions! Treble confirmed for a second season running and Belgian domestic football is just looking too easy for a side of Genk' caliber right now. We win the Champions Group/League in the end by five points over runners up Club Brugge who will also head to Champions League football with us next season. Very little more to say, conceding just twenty goals in forty games this season shows wht a force we've been at the back.

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KRC Genk post season stats and awards - June 2021


With season two now done and dusted, there was just the award ceremony to come here in Belgium and following a second successive season in charge, scooping back to back trebles with the club domestically. It was time to see what awards the boys could scoop this season around.


For a second season running there is a brace of goalkeeping awards for our number one between the sticks Coucke. Keeping twenty four clean sheets in the forty league games this season, conceding just twenty for the year. He retains both the Goalkeeper of the season and Golden Glove award for a second season running.


I wasn't expecting this man to scoop this award. Summer signing, free transfer Kenedy takes the 'best average rating' winner award, narrowly pipping Club Brugge' Jean-Eudes Aholou and then our own Erling Haaland in third to the title. He featured in twenty nine of our forty league games this season, scoring ten goals and assisting five on his way to an average 7.36 rating.


A brace of awards for our record summer signing, young 20 year old Erling Haaland. The striker featured in all forty of our league games this season on his way to the brace of awards. He scored twenty nine goals and assisted four on his way. Winning the top scorer award by a massive twelve goals! Haaland also takes the award for Rookie of the season with his rating averaging out at 7.32. In all competitions he scored thirty five goals for the club this season, which smashes the previous record, set a couple seasons ago by Mbwana Samatta by nine goals. Superb first season for the youngster whos only going to get better.

Team Overview to be inserted here


Final piece of news coming out the season, I've successfully agreed a new contract, Commiting to another four years at the club (however I'd be surprised if I stayed for another four years) as my new contract now runs up until the end of June 2025. I missed out on the manager of the year award this season, surprisingly. I was also linked with both the Arsenal and Lazio vacancies this summer, replying to both saying I would be interested, however nothing developed of these two. I'm not set in stone to stay here forever, so I'll see what opportunities arise, there are a few clubs I've got a goal to manage throughout this save but no time frame in doing it.

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