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A trip around Europe with no real aims or goals, no timestamp on any job or country. For a change I'm using a fully qualified and experienced manager so I can have a good run in the top leagues around Europe. It may eventually open up into a worldwide journey, time will tell.

Roma is a great job to get. Wish you luck!
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Some high profile offers you got there, if it was me I'd have also picked Roma, great club and gorgeous kits. Good luck!
We had plenty of offers on the table @tongey But Roma was always my preferred club.

Thanks @SirWerGaming, I do like Roma!

Thanks @r96Skinner

Bit jobs indeed @bigmattb28 but it was always Roma for me from the start of the summer.
Roma - Pre Season Round Up - June 2024


I ended up with just over forty days before our first competitive fixture since taking the reigns at Roma. So a quick flight to Italy, find a place to stay and then get to work. Luckily I had already managed to assess the squad and see what I had to work with and I already knew what we had financially. So, I got straight to work, scanning the player market to see what was about in our price range, along with what we could sell, I also quickly assessed the younger squads to see what we had available there.


The transfer window looks busy with the revolving door on the way out but not too many new faces. A couple deals were done before I arrived. Both Karim Rekik who cost the club £26.5million from rivals Inter Milan and Juan Bernat who arrived on a free transfer from PSG were done before my arrival. My first deal coming in was to snap up free transfer Alexandre Lacazette. Despite being 33 years old now, the French striker still boasts plenty of quality. The only incoming deal that I personally spent money on was to bring in Federico Valverde, another coming from our rivals, this time from Napoli in another deal costing us £26.5million.

On the other side of the revolving door again a couple of deals before I arrived. A couple of free deals but the most notable, the exit of Lucas Hernandesz was a big one, he joins PSG for £38.5million. He will be a huge loss to us, but the deal could rise to just short of £50million. A couple of cheap deals since my arrival but plenty of loan action. I let almost the whole of the under 20 squad leave on loan to get some valuable first team action.


A very, very busy summer on the pitch but a very pleasing one too. It looks like the squad are adapting to the tactics straight away. Plenty of goals, plenty of wins and just the one draw. A fair few of the teams we played were much lower in quality to us, however we did beat the likes of Atletico Madrid and Boca which shows good signs to come this season ahead. Time to head to the competitive side of things.

Next Post: Roma - Mid Season Round Up - January 2025
Whilst Lazazette still has good stats, 80 goals in 240 games for Arsenal isn't the best for an elite forward, hwoever even if he jsut gets you important goals here and there am sure he'll do fine.

Here's hoping you have a good season man
Whilst Lacazette still has good stats, 80 goals in 240 games for Arsenal isn't the best for an elite forward, however even if he just gets you important goals here and there am sure he'll do fine.

Here's hoping you have a good season man
That much green is always pleasing, even if it is only friendlies
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Cracking preseason results, hope it carries over. Are you trying anything special tactically?
Its not a great record is it @bigmattb28 but it'll do for cover. He still has some strong attributes.

Sure is @r96Skinner just need to take it into the season now.

Sure was @KEZ_7 it was against a fair few smaller clubs though. Nothing big tactically, currently running @VP.'s 3-2-3-2 formation.
Roma - Mid Season Round Up - January 2025


I'm enjoying life in Italy, moving away from English football and Fulham has definitely brightened up my end of the save again a little bit. Not that Fulham was demotivating me but its always nice to jump into another fresh challenge. A strong pre season on and off the bench saw me boast a strong side as we looked to get Roma back into Champions League football next season. We've had no domestic cup competition games as of yet, but have had plenty of European action along with half the league season, lets delve straight into that...


My first ever taste of Euro Cup ll action. Strange to think a side as big as Roma are in this competition but its one we now look to win. A dominant showing against Dutch opposition FC Utrecht saw us beat them over two legs, 9-3 in the Best Placed fourth qualifying round. This easily led us into the group. As expected, an easy group which saw us win five our of six of our games, drawing one which we were reduced to ten men for. Conceding just two goals along the way, our opponents for the Second Knockout Round haven't been drawn yet.


We take the top spot in the group and this was never really in doubt from the moment the balls were drawn. Taking the top spot is a nice advantage as it means we skip the first knockout round, where Rijeka are going instead. We finish six points clear having scored sixteen goals and conceding just two along the way.


Our league form is currently nothing short of fantastic! We carried our very positive pre season form into the league and are on course to smash it. Scoring plenty and picking up a few clean sheets along the way. Only one side have managed to take all the points from us this season, and thats current title holders and giants, Juventus as they beat us one nil away from home. A couple of annoying slip ups, mainly that of losing away at Salernitana, the leagues bottom side at that point and not taking our chances against Lazio and Fiorentina, but plenty of positives including putting four past Udinese, Genoa and Torino, five past Frosinone and six past Empoli! Goals galore.


A couple games short of the halfway stage this season but we are in control at Christmas and going into the New Year. Its not a massive gap, just four points clear of second place Inter Milan and a further two points clear of Napoli who are chasing us down in third place. Current title holders, Juventus are off the pace this season. Fourteen points off us struggling down in sixth place. It seems to be ours to lose right now. We've currently scored the second most amount of goals at this stage of the season, just two less than second place Inter Milan, whilst conceding the joint least. Just ten goals have gone past us so far, the same as Atalanta in fifth have conceded.

Next Post: Roma - End Of Season Round Up - May 2025
Sure was @KEZ_7 it was against a fair few smaller clubs though. Nothing big tactically, currently running @VP.'s 3-2-3-2 formation.

http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif
Wow some good form there mate, at this rate the league and that Europa conference thing will just be a formality
Why did you decide to play so many friendlies? FFS @Dan.

I'd also like to say that you're smashing Europe as well, but with that group, well, you should've walked it.

Keep it up though bud.
You're absolutely smashing it here at Roma!

That Forte looks to be a decent player, what're his stats like? He's scoring a fair few!

Great first half of the season, time to go and win the treble!
Its working a treat so far @VP.

It seems to be @bigmattb28, I wasn't expecting such little challenge in the league mind.

Friendlies are great to get the team working on the tactics early @Shedender and it paid off. This Euro Cup does seem a bit below our level.

Treble? That'd be nice @tongey and not out the question. Lets see though. Also, here is Forte for you.
Roma - End Of Season Round Up - May 2025


I've seemed to of absolutely flown through my first season here in Italy, at the helm of Roma. I wasn't expecting to play through it so quickly but I've been that engrossed into this save that I just can't put it down. When I last updated you, we had qualified for the Second Knockout Round of the Euro Cup ll having topped our group with ease, remaining unbeaten. As well as sitting pretty at the top of the league. But the challengers weren't too far behind. The second half of the season is now rounded up below, as we also head into the Italian Cup...


We shipped out a couple more players in January to try and get the bank balance back in the Green. With us not having Champions League football, financially the club are taking a big hit but hopefully this'll help rectify things a little bit. A couple of outside players who weren't really seeing too much league football which we make a nice bit of money on.


In the Euro Cup ll we managed to make it all the way to the Final, as I had previously expected and as the board expected of us from the start of the season. We faced Turkish side Basaksehir F.K in the Second Knockout Round following our group progression. And it seemed like we mistaken the quality of them as we slipped to a two one away defeat. However we came back to win four nil at home, which saw all four goals come after the 75th minute! Talk about leaving it late. It would be a return to Belgium for me, for the first time since leaving Genk as we faced Club Burgge in the Quarter Finals, proving to be a walk over as we won both legs three one. Wolves awaited us in the Semi Finals. Two really good legs saw us snatch a late away win, winning 3-2 in England before we returned home to claim a 2-0 win at home to set us up in the final against Borussia M'gladbach


CHAMPIONS! Maybe not the biggest of European trophies to win, but we've got our hands on the Euro Cup ll for the first time ever as we beat the German side three goals to one after extra time. It was the Germans who took the lead, twenty six minutes in through Muslija. However a second half fight back saw inform and wanted man Riccardi level for us. It was that man again to fire us into the lead, eight minutes into Extra Time. And as Borussia chased the game, we countered to wrap up the win with young Forte claiming a late goal to lift the trophy.


Things weren't quite as successful in the Italian Cup however. The First Round drew us at home against Bologna in which we comfortably won two nil, both our goals coming within two minutes of each other. The Quarter Final drew us on the road to Inter where we claimed a two one victory. However the Semi Final would be our last step, as we were knocked out to eventual winners Napoli. They were superb, battered the storm and beat us in both legs, two one away from home and then beating us two nil at home. No treble this year.


The second half of the league season, looked very much like the first half, a lot of green dots, a couple of orange ones and just the one defeat. Surprisingly this time the defeat came away at Torino whilst we managed to beat the likes of Juventus this time around. We also enjoyed a few big wins, four nil over Perugia and Salemitana. Five one over Sasuolo as well as a seven nil win over Frosinone nearing the end of the season, it remains little in doubt but, heres the league table...


Very little doubt about it as we romp through to the league title. We've definitely been handed this by Juventus not playing anywhere near this best this season. They recovered from a poor first half of the season to finish in fourth place and just two points off third place Napoli, the Italian Cup winners. Inter Milan finished second, some twelve points behind us. Fiorentina and Bologna head to the Europa League. Milan missing out (may get an EL 2 spot). Lazio were someway down the table, however just four points off the European spots.


We unexpectedly end the season with PSG coming in with an interview offer. I attended it but had no ambitions to join them, especially at this stage. Its time to take Roma into the Champions League and build a dynasty, I'm enjoying life here in Italy so far. As for Fulham, it proved to be a wise decision to leave them as they finished rock bottom of the Premier League, twelve points from safety.

Next Post: Roma - Pre Season Round Up - August 2025.
Great season in Rome, and PSG came calling proves that. Can't wait to see Roma lift that Champions League under you
It sure was a good first season @bigmattb28, finally back into the Champions League where they belong, now to see if we can make an impact in it.
Roma - Pre Season Round Up - August 2025


Pre season come and gone, my first 'full' one in Italy as technically I joined halfway through the summer last year. The board didn't give me loads to spend originally. Just under ten million pounds was made available for transfers due to our low bank balance at the start. However our balance is looking much better now. We went into the transfer window looking to ship out a few players again whilst offering as many as we can on loan. Plenty of work with the board and on the pitch too.


As I said, a busy transfer window on the way out, but not the way in. Four new players join us again this summer, three of them costing us nothing as we look for the best deals. Spending just five million pounds. I snapped up Andre Anderson back in January when I noticed his Lazio contract was expiring In the summer. A bargain on a free shown by his thirty five million pound valuation. Our head of youth development bought in both Ustaomer and Concas, the second of the two looking very promising. Finally, after fighting with the board to allow the transfer, we got versatile English midfielder Calum Hudson-Odoi in. On the way out, it doesn't show, but Lacazette has gone for free, he didn't even score a goal for us. A few other older players have left whilst Igor is the man who brings in the money, thirty nine million pounds from Norwich.


It looks like I'm on a good wavelength with the board currently. Obviously they are happy with the fee we got for Igor. But they've also started planning to improve three of our facilities. The training facilities, youth facilities and data analysis facilities are all on their way for an upgrade. Annoyingly the first two won't be completed until next December, so a lengthy spell but in the long run its a step forward.


Another great summer on the pitch, entertaining the fans with plenty of goals and wins. Eight wins, most at a neural or home venue. A draw with Bologna and annoyingly losing to Atletico. Hopefully its not a sign of things to come and we can sort ourselves out against the bigger sides in Europe. We also had a couple bigger wins, winning ten nil against Angizia and nine nil against Pomezia.


Finally, we're back in the Champions League and this is the group we've got. We went into the group as First Seeds and didn't have to face any qualifiers. Its a group I would expect us to qualify from and hopefully we can take the top spot in it. We're joined by Dutch giants Ajax, the French side I turned down when I joined Roma last year, Lyon, as well as Russian side Spartak Moscow.

Next Post: Roma - Mid Season Round Up - January 2026
Oooh Ajax and Spartak should't be too much trouble to dispose of mate, Lyon may be the biggest threat to your progression. Good luck.
Cracking work getting the board to agree to improve every facility! That's amazing news for the long term future of the club!

Champions league group-wise, it's a decent enough group for you. Top 2 definitely but you should be winning it to be honest!
I fully believe that you will shine in the league of champions, congratulate you on winning the championship last year, how wonderful.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

I think Lyon may only be a threat because of the money they had offered me to spend last year @bigmattb28 but I'd fully expect us to qualify.

I see Roma as a bit more of a long term project @tongey, much more than Genk and Fulham were at least, so getting the facilities to be upgraded is a key plan to sticking around and improving the club over the years. We definitely should be topping that group, but remember, Lyon offered me over £100million to spend on transfers only last summer.

Thanks @SirWerGaming, hopefully we can!
Roma - Mid Season Round Up - January 2026


Last season we were league and Euro Cup ll champions, crowning off a very successful first year over in Italy and rebuilding Roma seemed to have started off on the right foot. We were helped massively by Juventus slipping up in the early parts of the season, this allowing us to run clear. However this season was all about finding ourselves in the Champions League again. We had a group which I was expecting us to be winning, whilst I also wanted to see the same sort of form shine through in the league. I want to break records with Roma. An all time points record would be good, to make my mark on the league whilst I'm here. But lets see how my second season in Italy is fairing...


Shall we start with the positives of the negatvies from this Champions League campaign!? Unbeaten throughout all six games is great, however I was expecting more wins. We started the group stage off on the right foot with a two nil win away at Ajax. But then three draws on the bounce followed, two of them goalless as we draw at home to both Spartak moscow and Lyon 0-0. The game in between was away in France where a late Riccardi strike saved us a point in a 3-3 draw. We beat Ajax 2-0 again, this time at home, before grapping another single point against Spartak Moscow in a one all draw in Rusia. Not great, but it saw us advance in second place, finishing on ten points. The only team we beat, twice at that, finished top of the group, two points ahead of us. Whilst Lyon head to the Europa League after finishing fourth on six points.


We are going to need to raise our game if we want to advance into the next round having been given a tough draw against English giants Manchester United. Annoyingly, the first leg will be played at home, before we head to Old Trafford for the second leg a couple weeks later. We'll need to be at our best if we are to beat United, who currently sit sixth in the Premier League.


Our form in the league is rocky, we seemed to have pulled it back together as of late, but midway through the first half of the season it looked a struggle. We started off the season well, beating Sampdoria and Benevento by three nil and two one respectively. A draw at home to Atalanta began the slide. Losing to Milan before picking up jut one win in eight games which came against Torino. Forte scored a hatrick in five minutes against Parma in the opening fifteen minutes of the game, a game where we still drew 4-4! After the Napoli loss, a team meeting was held and it seemed to work, smashing Genoa 6-2 and then beating Lazio 3-1. However a narrow one nil loss to Inter at home and then a big defeat against Juventus showed we were off the pace this year. We rounded off 2025 with three wins on the bounce, beating Udinese 3-1, Fiorentina 2-0 and Crotone 3-0. Hopefully we take that form into 2026.


Juventus look to be back to their best and sit back on the top of the pile after seventeen games, sitting a point clear of Inter. Napoli lie third, a further five points behind whilst Milan currently occupy the fourth and final Champions League spot at this stage of the season, a further two points behind. Lazio sit fifth, eleven points off the pace whilst Torino, having played a game more than us, sit a point above us in sixth. We are already thirteen points off the league leaders of Juventus, last year we won the league by twelve points. I can't see us swinging this one back in our favor, but securing a top four spot is crucial. Five points seperate us and Milan at this stage.

Next Post: Roma - End Of Season Round Up - May 2026
That league form has indeed been a bit https://yt3.ggpht.com/a/AGF-l7922NcU1CWzQF5EAFp3QLmFRWmBt1m6Aef3og=s48-c-k-c0xffffffff-no-rj-mo
Title hopes look over as you mention, so hopefully you can get top four at least.
also hope you get beat by United
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Not the greatest form but with the squad you have at your disposal am sure you'll turn it around soon enough.
It is noted that the team has suffered from the effort of the Champions League games .. And you won't have an easy game against Man Utd but I believe you can defeat them!

In the league , winning is a difficult mission but you can reach at the top 3.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

Struggling in the league isn't ideal but unfortunately it's one of those things. Wish you the best of luck against Man United though @Dan, hopefully you can progress.
League form has suffered but at least you're through in the Champions League! Your form in that wasn't that good either but anything can happen in the knockout rounds!

This may take you a few years to turn into a successful team though! Keep it going!
It sure hasn't been great @r96Skinner but hopefully the second half of the season will be better.

Hope so @bigmattb28

Agreed its not been great @r96Skinner but theres still chance to bounce back. United will be a tough task.

Hope we can progress @Shedender as the money would be most welcomed and continue to build our reputation back up.

Suffered big time on all fronts @tongey, work to be done!
Roma - End Of Season Round Up - May 2026


Once again I've missed a bit of time to play the game but have finally been able to smash through the remainder of the league season. Following a more than rocky first half of the season, we had just about managed to sneak through a Champions league group which in fairness, we should of been winning. Our league form was off too, sitting down in seventh, some twelve points off the top and only five points off the top four, which had to be our main aim now.


Lets kick off the second half of the season with some silverware. We've gone on to win the Italian Super Cup by a narrow one nil margin. We played extremele well and finally got one over on Napoli. The only goal of the game, came in the eighteenth minute when Alessio Riccardi slotted home into the bottom corner.


Moving on to the other domestic cup competition, the Italian Cup, it was the same side we beat in the Super Cup, who knocked us out. We faced Salernitana in the first round, at home, where a Pandolfi brace put us into the Quarter Finals. But it was the same team to dump us out last year, who knocked us out this year. Napoli proved to be narrowly too much this time around, beating us one nil. The Italian Cup continues to avoid my grasps.


The Champions League proved to be a very 'homely' occassion in the knockout rounds. We welcomed Man United in the First Knockout Round, first leg, and narrowly lost two one, not ideal to concede two away goals but a late own goal kept us in the tie. Second Leg in England we were better. A thrilling seven goal game saw us come out on top four three and advancing on the away goal rule. We would return to England for the Quarter Finals, traveling to Spurs where we lost two one, after Scantamburlo put us ahead. The Second Leg, back at home we just couldn't quite do enough to get over the line, drawing one a piece and going out three two on aggregate.


Where was this form in the first half of the season!? The second half of the season proved to be a sensational run for us, we went unbeaten for the first fourteen games of the New calender year in the league, a great run ended by Inter when they beat us three nil. We bounced back from that, beating Juventus three one and then Udinese five nil. Annoyingly our end of season form took a slight hit with defeats against Fiorentina and Cagliari, as well as a draw at home against Bologna, surely form good enough to secure a top four finish and return to the Champions League for a second season running...


Of course it was enough, but not by a wide margin thats for sure. Inter are crowned champions to give Serie A a third league winner in three years. They must of won it on head to head results having finished with the same points tally as Juventus and having a worst goal difference to them too. Very rarely seen and I'm sure Juventus would feel very hard done by. We finished third, a further thirteen points behind. Napoli end the season in fourth, a point behind us, whilst we were just two points inside the top four with Milan finish in fifth, two points behind us. They'll head to the Europa League with Lazio whilst Atalanta will represent us in the EC2. Whilst at the other end, surprisingly, Fiorentina are relegated.


A screen I keep forgetting about at the end of the season. Here is the player stats for the season where you can see whos played and how well.


Shortly after the season had finished and the players had gone away on their holidays, the English FA approached me to take on the mens national team. I quickly rejected it and then no more than a day afterwards, regretted not taking on the opportunity. Perhaps next time I'll do it and put my name to the international world of management.

Next Post: Roma - Pre Season Round Up - August 2026
With the team you have, you couldn't ask for much. I would like to congratulate you on winning the super cup and also qualifying for the champions league. If you stay in Rome, next year you can make a better team and then go for higher flights @Dan . I'm just sorry you didn't accept to be England Manager.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

Thank you as always @SirWerGaming! Always appreciate your insightful views! I think we could of asked for more, the side isn't much different to the one that won the title the season before. The poor first half of the season cost us. Maybe this year...
Roma - Pre Season Round Up - August 2026


Summer of 2026 was going to be an interesting one. We went into it off the back of a recovery season in the league. We were so poor first half of the season which saw us slip down to seventh. Second half of the season saw us lose just three times in the league and claw back to finish in the top three. But it was a big gap to Inter and Juventus in first and second. This summer was going to be about sorting the club out for the season ahead, trying to make sure we are in a better place to get our league trophy back. The Italian Cup was still in my sights too, something I've not won yet in the two seasons I've spend here. I went into the summer, regrettably rejecting the England mens national team post, but that wouldn't be the only offer I would face this summer.


Two huge European clubs came calling for me this summer in Bayern Munich and then Barcelona. Its nice to be head hunted. I attended both interviews, first up, a trip to Germany, however I wasn't sure I'd want this one anyway and then a quick trip to Spain to speak with the Barcelona board and see what they had on offer. Can never turn down interview practice eh!


So it proved to be I had done enough to impress the German board. Bayern Munich quickly coming back with a job offer. Perhaps they had heard I was being head hunted in Spain as well so wanted to get me in quick. I was offered a wage of £48,000 per week, just £1000 more than I'm on now in Italy. But they also had a massive £191million ready for me to spend on new faces and a £4.2million wage budget. It was tempting, but I'm a Dortmund man over a Bayern Munich man, rejected.


Now this was tempting! Again, this time I'm more of a Barcelona man over a Real Madrid man, so for them to come calling was a dream. Over three times the wage offered to me that I'm on now and what Bayern offered me, a whopping £115,000 per week. Along with that, Barcelona are also rolling in the money. £187million available for new transfers along with a £6million wage budget. Boy it was tempting. But I've unfinished work here in Rome, rejected.


As usual here in Rome, the transfers out is a massive list of loan players as we continue to loan out nearly every player in our youth teams to get them some first team football experience. The only permanent transfer and cash deal, was that out Callum Hudson-Odoi, who only joined us last summer on a free. Unfortunately he didn't fit into our tactics and barely featured last season. So I've let him go for a neat £12million. Coming in are six new faces. Jayden Braaf was picked up by one of our team, free transfer, looks okay. Zian Hoever agreed terms with us last August! But due to an injury we couldn't sign him following a failed medical. So I changed my bid for him to join the following summer, and here we are. He'll prove to be a very good player I feel. Elias Machuca was transfer listed by Chelsea, seemed a bargain and we swooped in to get him.Dettori was another bought in by our coaches and again, I'm not sure if he'll develop into anything. Gustavo Rodriguez and Michel Bonnet both look extremely good talents for the future and hopefully we can get them up to first team football quality soon.


Pre season on the pitch looked again very successful. Beating Barcelona felt sweet after rejecting their job offer to end our pre season. Conceding just three goals in the seven games we played. A bright sign of things to come with any luck!


I forgot to get the screenshot of our group, but its not a pretty one. We will face French giants PSG, English giants, and supported side Liverpool and Legia. Being a third seed drawn side really cost us a decent group this time around and we could struggle to qualify from this one. We will be aiming for a top two finish, but right now, I'd probably settle for third and aim to get the Europa League won.

Next Post: Roma - Mid Season Round Up - January 2027
On a scale of 1-10, how close were you to taking the Barca job @Dan?
Probably around a 7/8 @Shedender, I think had I of won the league for a second season running I would of switched. But for now, work to do in Rome.
Roma - Mid Season Round Up - January 2027


After rejecting offers in Spain and Germany after Barcelona and Bayern Munich came knocking for my services in the summer, I got to work in doing what I had to do here in Italy. The league title was my main aim, trying to win it for a second time in three seasons. We had to start the season quicker this time around though as last season our slow start cost us and left us with a third place finish, having won the league the year before. We've also got a very tough Champions League group to try and get through, I'd take third place in the group we've been given.


Well, I wasn't expecting that. We've managed to qualify from our tough group. We started slowly, losing away in France as PSG beat us two nil, and then losing 2-1 to Liverpool at home. Thankfully our back to back games were against Legia, winning two nil at home and three nil away, putting us back in contention. A huge three one victory against PSG at home set us up for a potential qualification needing just a point from Anfield. And we did just that, grabbing a one all draw as Forte netted our goal. Qualification from the group of death, leading us on to this tie...


Real Madrid, the spanish giants. Still the most successful side in the Champions League, having won the competition fifteen times. We will face them at home in the First Leg on the 23rd February, before traveling to Madrid for the Second Leg. Qualification will be tough.


Well, its better than last season, still a couple too many draws slipping in. Infact, we've already drawn five games this season, three of those in games we should be winning. A 0-0 draw against Pescara kicked off the season, not on the greatest of foots. We lost one nil away at Inter Milan and away at Juventus, our only two defeats so far this season in the league.


We currently sit fifth in the league, however have a game in hand over the teams ahead of us. A win in our next game would see us jump up to third place, above Torino and Milan. Interesting note to date, Milan are still unbeaten, halfway into the season, having played nineteen, won nine and massively drawn ten games! I've rarely seen anything like it before. If we can hit a good run of form, we could still be in the title race. Currently sitting ten points off league leaders Inter with a game in hand which could see us split that down to seven points. The race is on.

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Well, a group that theoretically could not pass, you managed to qualify for the next stage. But it seems that luck is not on your side, real madrid, a very difficult task.

It's true, what ac milan is doing i also never seen.
As you said, you're still in the race, so good luck to the rest.
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