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A trip around Europe with no real aims or goals, no timestamp on any job or country. For a change I'm using a fully qualified and experienced manager so I can have a good run in the top leagues around Europe. It may eventually open up into a worldwide journey, time will tell.

BVB Dortmund - Mid Season Round Up - January 2030


My third "and final" season here at Borussia Dortmund has started and we've flown through the first half of the season. I'm hoping to be able to round off this season before I start a new job next week where my playtime will heavily reduce unfortunately. But back to this season. It wasn't the greatest summer for us, as we missed out on two of the opening three trophy opportunities. Losing in the Club World Cup Semi Finals and finishing fourth and then losing the German SuperCup for a second season running. We did finish the summer on a positive note however when we beat Manchester United in the European Super Cup. The Champions League draw looked good for us, could we start all three competitions on the right foot...


As we look to defend our crown for a third season running in the DFB-Pokal things have got off to an easy start as we expectd. Two away trips both where Karatas has shone. He netted all four of our goals in a four nil win over Bonn. Whilst he opened the scoring in the fourth minute of the Second Round tie against Ingolstadt. Markovic was also on target in a two nil win there. Augsburg await us in the Third Round where we travel away from home once again.


The Champions League has not been so easy and we were lucky to even get through following some disastrous form from us. We failed to beat Monaco on both occassions, drawing one all in both ties. Failed to beat Milan, who beat us 2-0 in Italy and draw one a piece at home. Whilst we also drew away in Belgium against AA Gent and a narrow 1-0 win in the final group game proving enough to send us through ahead of Monaco by a single point! Shocking to go through the group on seven points, we've rode our luck big time, meanwhile, Milan looking very good having scored ten and conceded just one, against us!


Up next, French giants Paris Saint-Germain! A side we beat in a friendly in pre season but obviously can't take too much away from that. Having finished second in the group, we have the home leg first which I didn't particularly want, but it justmeans we've got to get the job done.


Despite our woeful Champions League form, our league form has been anything but woeful. We've dropped points on just three occassions, a goalles draw away at Bayer Leverkusen, a one nil defeat away at Mainz and a one all draw away at Schalke. The issue definitely seems to be the travel away from home. We've had a few good wins away though, five nil over Wolfsburg, four nil over both Hannover 96 and Freiburg. Whilst our biggest win of the season was a big 7-1 win over Augsburg at home. Currently we go into the small winter break on a seven game winning run in the league and nine unbeaten.


Top of the pile and in cruise control, but we're not home and safe by any stretch of the imagination. We sit just three points clear of Bayern Munich who occupy second place. They've lost just twice so far this season and match us with two draws. Thats all the difference is early on. We also have a very good looking goal difference, twelve clear of Bayerns, mainly thanks to our astonishing defence, conceding just five goals from the sixteen games we've played so far, scoring forty three along the way. No unbeaten league season this year, but it could well be a new points tally for us if we continue in this form.

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You're absolutely smashing the league once again! Only one loss so far is immense!

Shame to see your playtime reduce but best of luck in your new job mate, you'll smash it!
So far so good @tongey if we can keep it together! Unfortunately I've struggled to get on and play much lately, but the new job is working so that's the priority!
BVB Dortmund - End of Season Round Up - June 2030


So here we go, the final few months of my reign in Germany at Dortmund. Its been a fun stint but every job has times to move on, I was just hoping I could go out on a high now. Still fighting on the competition front in the Champions League, League and cup, so could we add to the super cup?


A completely unforgettable Champions League campaign this year, we really struggled to get going in the groups and didn't improve in the knockout stages either. Losing out heavily to PSG. We're not retaining this trophy.


Cup has been straight forward for us, reaching the Final for the third year running. Its been an easy year for us, not conceding in the last three rounds with a four nil win over Augsburg, three nil win over Hoffenheim and six nil win in the Semi Final against Frankfurt, leading to another Final vs Bayern.


Easy! No need for us to even think about returning the trophy as we smash Bayern Munich to make it three running. We strolled to success here with a more than comfortable four one win. A hattrick for Jonathan David sealed the deal before Bayern got a late consolation.


Our league form was good, hit a small weak patch In the middle of the second half of the season but went on to finish unbeaten in seven following that. With us conceding just once in those seven games! Our defence really have been sensational this year.


CHAMPIONS! Bayern ran us closed! Very close in fact as we pip them to the league title by goal difference only! Thankfully our attacking force and strong defensive display have saved us here and gifted us the league title. Conceding just eighteen goals all season Is whats won us this.


End of season stats for anyone that wishes to see them.


1st of July 2030 and I become unemployed. Three years at Dortmund complete, plenty of trophies to finally get their cabinet looking strong again after a winless run before my arrival. Whats next...

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I'd be hoping Klopp does go there so you get Barca on the merry-go-round
That was the idea I had hoped for @KEZ_7 but unfortunately didn't pay off, Nelson Verissimo took over at Dortmund, formally in charge of Benfica, Roda JC, Academica and more recently Porto.

July 2030


Well, how many of you was expecting this? I certainly wasn't! I turned down the opportunity to manager England a few seasons ago and almost immediately after rejecting it, I regretted it. England came knocking again however after only making the Quarter Finals of the 2030 World Cup. Italy and France also came knocking, but I was only interested in my home country.


Here anything you may need to know about the squad at the moment. Spurs are the biggest major club in England currently, won four of the last five league titles. Lost in the Champions League final to Chelsea this year. Jude Bellingham is one of the top players for England, playing in Barcelona currently. We're ranked third in the World and are approaching the European International League, where we're in a group with Denmark, ranked 33rd, Holland ranked 9th and Ukraine ranked 23rd, a group we should be excelling through.


Let me know if you wish to see the stats of any players, this is the current selected squad I've got at my disposal/

I had applied for the Bilbao job this summer, the only one that really stood out despite the likes of Man United and Real Madrid being available. I'll continue the job search along the way, but Bilbao didn't take me on.

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England - End of Year Update 2030


Four months have passed in which time I've guided England through a few games. Its not been a busy schedule of course, with the World Cup being played out in the summer just gone before I took charge. I did however have competitive games to take charge of as we started the European International League. Could I get off to a successful start? Is a club job on the horizon?


So far so good on the international front. We played through the six group games in the European International League and finished with four wins from six. We kickstarted things with a three nil debut win in charge of Denmark, before beating Holland three days later three goals to two. In October we narrowly lost out two one to Ukraine, before beating Denmark away from home. Two games at Wembley to finish things off, a three nil win over Ukraine as Trent Alexander-Arnold netted a hattrick, whilst we finished the group with a goalless draw against Holland.


Top of the group to qualify with ease as we sit on thirteen points from a possible eighteen. Four points clear of second place finishers Ukraine whilst Denmark were two points further back. Holland surprisingly finish bottom of the group and get relegated to the B league.


Semi Final set up for next June against Portugal who are currently sat in eighth place in the world Rankings. Hopefully we've got enough to reach the final.


Going into February 2031 and this is the current job list, not much is sticking out, I may throw my name in the hat for the Shakhtar job as a part time position only to see me through to the summer when hopefully something more appealing opens up.

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A Quick Break In Ukraine - 19th Feb 2031


I've been out of club management for seven and a half months, pottering around as I awaited the next chapter of this management story. Thankfully had the England job to keep me going for the past few months. But eventually the Shakhtar job popped up and it seemed like an 'easy' job to fill the gap so to speak. I'm not sure how long I'll remain there for but they're in a great position to pick up some easy silverware it would seem.


Confirmation of my arrival in Ukraine, I wanted a contract for four months, until the end of the season but as you can imagine, they weren't all too keen for that. So I've signed a three year deal. Will I be here past the summer? Doubtful, but you never know. Its a job to keep me busy until something more appealing pops up.


Top of the league as I take control, one of the most appealing facts about the club, they're also still in the domestic cup so a potential easy double on the cards if we can hold out nerve. The league splits after the league games you can see, so there are a few more games to play yet. Keeps me busy!


Here is the squad I've inherited and the money that's in the club. Looks pretty strong, for the league we're in anyway. I don't know much about the squad at this stage but lets see what it can do.

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Keep it going mate! Legend in the making.
The Man formerly known on SUSIE as Poolie Exile
Give my story a read - Now I would walk 500 miles...

BAM! Back into club management! This is a great place to be, Shakhtar are a force in the Ukrainian leagues, so success should come quickly!

I'll expect a ticket in the corporate box for your first home game!
Thanks @HockeyBhoy

Its not looking likely to be a lengthy spell here @tongey, free tickets for you wherever I manage
Shakhtar - End of Season Update 2031


So, after the board wouldn't let me sign a short term, four months contract to the end of the season, I put pen to paper on a three year deal, knowing full well I was still planning to leave in the summer. But this would prove to be a nice little stop gap, just to get back into club management after a lengthy spell out. There was one job in particular I was waiting for and for the past couple months, I saw it mention that their manager could leave in the summer, but first, I had things to do...


Things started off very well in Ukraine and in fact, it was looking like we may not only take the double, but stay unbeaten. Until the Ukraine Cup Semi Final, where we got pumped by Dynamo Kyiv four one away from home, just three days after beating them five nil in the league! Nightmare, so that ruled the cup out. We picked up four draws in the league whilst winning the other ten games, surely enough to seal the league title? We were originally three points clear as I took charge...


Easily Champions! In fact, we sailed to the title in the end. Turning a three point lead over Zorya at my arrival, into a twenty point lead over Dynamo Kyiv who finished second come the end of the season! Potentially one of the easiest league titles I'll ever win!


A few days after the final league game, I went on and handed in my resignation, short and sweet. I came here and done what I needed to do and elsewhere, the job I had been eyeing up the last few months, and main one I wanted throughout this whole career had just opened up! I applied straight away...


But before that, we had international duty in the summer with the remaining rounds of the International League. We faced Portugal in the Semi Final, who nearly came back from three down, after we were two up in half an hour through Harris and Noakes, Wood adding our third just after the break. But two later goals in the final seven minutes had us on a knife edge, but we're in the Final, against Spain.


Dammit! We miss out in Extra Time! A cracking five goal game against Spain could of gone either way. We led two nil inside half an hour with Noakes and Wood scoring again! But it was second half we were fell apart, conceding twice in the opening five minutes of the second period had us on the back foot. And into Extra Time, it'd be one of the worlds most expensive players to seal the trophy for Spain as Ansu Fati struck home a powerful penalty in the ninety ninth minutes.


Oh yeah, back to this, I'm heading to my boyhood club Liverpool!

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Welcome To Liverpool - Summer 2031


Here it is then, after twelve years of management I've finally made it into the Liverpool hot seat! They've seen just one other manager bar Jurgen Klopp in that time, who ended his twelve year stint to allow for Steven Gerrard to take over. His reign came to an abrupt end after three years I believe, which left it to me, time to take over and see what I can do with this Liverpool side.


Heres the terms I've agreed to whilst taking the reigns of Liverpool.


Since the save has began, Liverpool have won some silverware, but its not loads, not compared to what it could be for twelve years down the line. They've not been able to add anymore Champions League titles to the tally, but finished runners up on two occasions. Finally clinching the Premier League in 2020 and 2023 whilst finishing second in 2026 and 2029. Four times finishing third including last season. Three FA Cup titles including two runners up medals as well as two Carabao Cup wins and four Community shield titles since 2019.


Confident we will be able to hit all these targets and hopefully end the season with some nice silverware to start a lengthy reign here at Liverpool. As I said before, I don't plan on this one being the normal three seasons or so, we're looking at a long term thing this time around.


As you'd imagine, I inherit a very, very strong squad, however I will be looking to make changes this summer where I need to. The staffing list is a little short so that is something I'll look to improve as soon as possible.

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That's one hell of a talented squad to start off. I see they finished 3rd last time out, how far behind were they and who were the top 2?
Thanks @KEZ_7 sure is a strong squad! They were only 4 points adrift of winners Chelsea last year.!
Liverpool - Pre Season Round Up 2031


Summer has come and gone, board were generous and gave me some money to spend. There isn't quite as much money in the club as I would have liked but I have managed to sort my staff out which was one of the main priorities. I've also done a little bit of work in the transfer window but not too much. The squad got working with the new tactics quickly to produce a good pre season.


Three players left after my arrival, making forty one and a half million pounds. Whilst another batch of players went out on loan. On the other side of the revolving door, before my arrival Duhamel was signed for an initial three point eight million. I then went and bought a striker out using his release clause as promising star Giese.


The squad we take into the 2031/32 season! Still not completely satisfied with it but I'm hoping over time we can continue to improve. Got wingers and wide midfielders currently in the squad that don't fit the tactic so would look to let them go.


Easy pre season for us as expected.


A Champions League group which I'm fully expecting us to not only qualify from, but win. Its been a weird couple seasons where we've struggled in Europe but hopefully this time we can show the real strength of the team.

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Liverpool - Mid Season Round Up January 2032


First half of the season has flown by and it needed to be a good first half with the board expecting us to reach finals this year and win the league. Of course, my main priorities were the league and Champions League but I want to win it all whilst at Liverpool over time. So any trophies we can bag early on will be a great added bonus. Heres how its started so far this season.


There will be no Carabao Cup celebrations this year after we're dumped out by Manchester City in the Quarter Finals. We narrowly edged through the Third Round when we beat Southampton but only on penalties. Before we stuffed Chelsea five nil at home in the Fourth Round. Unfortunately though despite home advantage, we lost out two nil in the Quarter Final to Man City.


We're still alive and kicking in the big one as we advance through our Champions League group, despite a defeat in our opening game. We turned it around to draw with Atletico on both occossaions whilst we beat Fenerbahce three nil twice and Monaco three nil at home too. This saw us finish second in the group, not ideal but we'll take progression. A return trip to Italy now awaits as we now face Juventus over two legs in the First Knockout Round.


Our league form is nothing short of incredible at this stage of the season. We were unbeaten up to the last game of the calendar year where we slipped to a two nil defeat away at Bournemouth annoyingly. We've had a few good wins along the way already, four nil opening day win against Bournemouth whilst also putting four past Man United which was pleasing and West Ham. We've hit five past Leeds, Everton and Crystal Palace too, goals aren't a problem.


Despite only losing once in the first half of the season, we sit down in second place after half the season is played, two points behind current league leaders Manchester City, who have lost two more than us this season but haven't drawn a single game yet, whereas we've drawn four. Long way to go, but it could be a tight finish.


One new signing in January, Jacobs joins from Marseille in a sixty seven million pound deal. A very expensive transfer but he was highly recommended by my scouts as the one to get this year. He'll be registered and fit straight in.


Finally, here is how the calendar year has panned out on the international front. We've moved up from third to second in the World Rankings and have remained unbeaten since our Nationals League Final defeat against Spain in the summer. We've had a few easier friendlies but also played a few teams inside the top twenty to keep us in shape for the upcoming Euros this summer.

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Liverpool - End of Season Round Up May 2032


Another few months have passed and we're now at the end of my first season at Liverpool already. Its been enjoyable and now to cap it off, we needed to add trophies to end on a high. One year down at my boyhood club but many, many more planned. We're in debt so I really need to spend the summer reducing wage budgets and getting some money back into the club. But onto the end of this season, we were competing in the FA Cup, Champions League and the League still, Could we seal the treble? or a trophy at all?


We were given a very kind draw in the first few rounds of the FA Cup which we entered. The Third Round, our first, saw us face League one Reading and beat them five one away from home. The Fourth Round was even easier, League two side Chesterfield welcomed us and we put eight past them in an eight one win. Fifth Round, Championship side Coventry came to us, who we stuffed six nil with all goals coming in the second half. But Tottenham would be the side to eliminate us, losing one nil.


There would be no success on the Champions League front either. We met the boards expectations of reaching the Semi Finals but I really thought we were heading to the Final! We welcomed Juventus in the First Knockout Round and beat them four one before drawing two all in Italy. The Quarter Final saw us welcome Atletico Madrid, again making the most of the home advantage and winning six one at home! A two one defeat in Spain didn't hurt us. But it was fellow English side and eventual runners up Chelsea who knocked us out, beating us two one at their place before we could only manage a draw at Anfield.


Our second half of the league season was nothing short of sensational! We lost two more in January, against City and Tottenham, and bar a single draw in February, we won all the remaining games we played! We stuck four past Chelsea and Crystal Palce as well as Huddersfield, along with West Ham and Norwich, whilst putting five past Burnley, Newcastle and Wolves.


League Champions! The big one, the Premier League! It was tight though, with four games to go, Manchester City, Myself and Spurs were all on the same points, whilst Chelsea were just three points behind. A league which could of gone any way, thankfully went ours as we clinched the league title by just two points, despite our fine form we couldn't shift Man City from our heels, they did however go on and win the Carabao Cup as well as the Champions League.


End of season squad stats.

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Feel like I haven't commented on here in ages (suppose as I've not logged on for a bit) but good to see you're still going strong with this @Dan and wish I could find motivation to start a career. Quick work with Shakhtar and good luck with Liverpool.
Thanks for catching up again @Shedender, truth be told, I've been away a bit and only just picked this back up having to be stuck at home it gave me something to come back to. Shakhtar was always just something to fill the gap.
England - European Championships 2032


Here we go then! My first 'major' tournament in the international stage, yes we've played the Nations League but I never really feel that is a big major competition. I'm talking the World Cup and where we are now, the Euros! We go into the Euros ranked third, slipping down one place again however I have a few friendlies lined up against some big opposition in which I'm hoping will test us and see if we can raise the game.


Oh, early in the year we had two friendly wins, beating Canada at home three one and then Switzerland away two one with our two goals coming in the final nine minutes! But our Euro warm up games weren't anything like that. We drew one a piece with Argentina, thanks to an eighty fifth minute equaliser. Lost three one at Wembley to Brazil and finished our warm up with another draw, one a piece in Germany! Not ideal for the morale.


Thankfully though, our group was nowhere near as difficult as our friendlies were which saw us easily top the group to qualify for the knockout rounds. We began against Poland and narrowly beat them three two. Nearly blowing a three nil lead that we built up before half time. Greece proved to be a much easier task. A five one victory with all of the goals coming in the first half, we could of had so many more here. Finally finishing the group with a six nil win over Croatia, who managed to finish second in the group still. Onto the knockout rounds.


We made a meal of the Second Knockout Round following our group progression in the top spot, we faced Denmark. Off to a flyer when my very own Trent Alexander-Arnold struck inside the opening minute. But it was fellow Liverpool man, Martin Bundgaard who forced the game to extra time, at the complete other end of the scale, scoring in the 92nd minute! Thankfully we put Denmark to bed in Extra time with goals from Noakes who scored twice and Matlou late on.


We move on! Narrowly beating Italy in the Quarter Finals in a five goal thriller. We took the lead after twenty one minutes through Ben Wood which was shortly cut out eight minutes later by Vecchi for Italy. Level at the break. Second half Trent again gave us the lead, but once again Italy came straight back at us just six minutes later. The game went into extra time for the second time running for us, but we would win here again, Phil Foden striking in the 108th minute.


So close but yet so far! The Semi Final would be our exit point. France were the better side here and probably deserved to progress, they also went on to win the competition! We took the lead through Ajayi after eleven minutes and held that lead going into half time. Second half Martinez equalised for the French side nine minutes after the restart. Unfortunately for us, Russell Hammant lost his head, picking up two bookings in four minutes to leave us with ten men through extra time. But it would be penalties where we were unstuck, classic England. Trent and Tomori missing as we lose out seven six.

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Liverpool Pre Season Round Up - August 2032


The summer flew by, mainly because I was busy with the international side of things. And that made it slightly harder to find new players for the season ahead. I wanted to reduce not only the money I spend here, but also the wages as we are spending almost six million on wages at the moment. This making us fall into debt and then needing an investment from the chairman. So here comes a quiet pre season transfer window and fixtures too.


Expectations from the board, we must do better in domestic cups this year in my eyes.


No new faces at this point in the season, however we do see two players leave the club and make a nice bit of money from them. Urso joins Atletico for eighty million pounds whilst Bruno heads to Barcelona in a one hundred and eleven million pound move. We also saw a couple players leave on a free transfer and of course, a lot of players leave again on loan to get some first team football which they wouldn't normally get here.


This does leave us the slight issue that our squad is quite small now going into the season and whilst I don't think it will be a problem for the first half of the year, my main concern would be after January. So throughout the next couple months my aim is to bring in a few more players, of young age and hopefully English where possible, to boost the main squad we have and hopefully have them on the fringes of first team action immediately.


As I mentioned, quiet pre season but proved to be a very successful one as we win all four games we played.


Champions of the Community Shield! It may only be a tiny trophy and one not many care about but its another to add to the collection and a win over fierce rivals Man United. It was a game that looked set for penalties despite United having a goal ruled out in the first half, we finally took the lead just nine minutes from time with bundgaard scoring. However that was levelled out immediately with Atoui going up the other end from kick off too equalise. We then had one ruled out but put it to bed in injury time as Bundgaard struck his second, in the ninety first minute and then Espina wrapped things up in the ninety fourth.


Hows this for a homely feeling champions League group! We will face two of my former teams in the group as we are drawn alongside Roma and Shakhtar who I only left a season ago. Whilst the group could of been made perfect if our Belgian counterparts were Genk instead of Anderlecht. But a group we should progress from again.

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Good to see this still going!
Hopefully you can add more trophies in 32/33!
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Just about @r96Skinner, mainly due to be stuck at home right now.
iverpool Mid Season Round Up - January 2033 + England Round Up of 2032


First half of the season has come and gone and we're progressing along very nicely early into my second year in charge of Liverpool and third year I believe now in charge of my home national team England. Its been a fun journey this far and still plenty more to see. Having lifted the community shield at the very start of the season, could this be the year we dominate the domestic scene? Lets see how we've got on this far in...


In the Carabao Cup we've been a force to be reckoned with so far, winning all three of our games. We beat fellow Premier league side Birmingham two one in the third round before requiring penalties to overturn Chelsea in the Fourth Round. The Quarter Final was kind to us, giving us Leeds at home who we dispatched easily with a four nil win. A double header against rivals Manchester United now awaits in the Semi Final.


Despite a homely feel to this group, we got going very slowly when we lost in Rome on my first return there since leaving almost six seasons ago now. And it wasn't helped by the two draws at home that followed against Shakhtar and then Anderlecht. Thankfully we turned the corner and pushed on in the second half of the group games, beating Anderlecht one nil in Belgium before thumping Roma four one at Anfield. And a nine goal thriller where we won five four in Shakhtar to advance to the First Knockout round, second in the group and we will face another Italian opponent, this time in inter Milan.


Unstoppable force in the League! Well, that was until we faced Crystal Palace away from home that is. We've playing well once again and scoring plenty, having netted six against Everton, five against Birmingham and four against Newcastle, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest, whilst also keeping plenty of clean sheets.


Top of the table and four points clear going into the second half of the season, pressure is on us to keep hold of this lead and win back to back league titles.


Here is how the calendar year has rounded out in the International front, since I last updated you when France knocked us out the European Championship Semi Finals. We've remained unbeaten since, winning all six of our group games in the European Nations cup. This saw us easily top the group, eight points clear of Belgium. We even had big wins over Romania and relegated Denmark to finish off this stage.


This has given us a tough tie though, World number one France will be awaiting us in the Semi Finals next year.


And finally, here is our World Cup qualifying campaign group. I don't see there being any issues in this group as we are drawn alongside thirty seventh ranked and dear neighbours Scotland, sixtieth ranked Albania, ninety sixth ranked Kosovo and finally the team ranked in one hundredth currently, North Macedonia.

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Liverpool End of Season Round Up + England Nations League Round Up - June 2033


Done! Second season in charge of Liverpool has been smashed and flown through it. Enjoying the save once again, mainly due to this lockdown and there being nothing more I can do and working from home where I can, means I can fire up football manager a little more. As I said before, I was looking to make additions to the squad in January with fears it may be too thin on the ground, well I've done that, so we will start with the transfer window and then move into the cups and league for the rest of the season.


No one departs in January, but we do see five new, young, fresh faces join the club and hopefully get straight to work on trying to work themselves into the first team. Unfortunately, its well known that English regens cost the earth to buy, so we had to pay some big money along the line. First in was Dean Lakin from Wolves. A man who will fit along the back line very soon. Cost us £17.5million but confident we'll see him rise through the years. Christian Due is the only non Englishman to join this summer, picked up by my scouts for his release clause price, could be something, could be nothing. Patrick Still I have high hopes for. Attacking midfielder who costs us £32million from Norwich, only seventeen years of age but already looks like one to watch. Elton Kabashi has been my favorit bit of business so far. Yes he cost a lot at £52million from Newcastle, but the central midfielder has fit straight in and made an impact. Already valued at more than we purchased him for at £62million too. Finally, Chan Ho Yin joined for £28.5million from West Brom, another midfielder, from England who will be one to watch.


No slip ups thus far in the Carabao Cup as we march on to the Final. When I last updated you, we had just put four past Leeds without reply to secure our spot in the Semi Final. Well, they didn't put up much of a fight in the First Leg as we beat them three nil at home. A two all draw in the second leg with both our goals coming after the break was enough to seal our spot in the Final where we will face Tottenham.


The Final marked a special day as I made it 100 games in charge of Liverpool already, they've flown by! And the day was made even better with us being crowned Champions of the Carabao Cup. A dominant display which saw us win four nil, with all four of our goals coming in the first half too. Young January signing Kabashi opened the scoring after ten minutes. Bundgaard made it two nil inside fifteen minutes before Espina and Bundgaard scored within three minutes of each other just after the half hour mark to crown off a dominant display.


We've also marched our way in to the FA Cup Final with some dominant displays on the way. New Years day saw us enter in the Third Round and face a tough Tottenham side, who we beat three one. The Fourth round towards the end of January saw us win five three over Southampton at home, Espina netting four of our five goals. It proved to be a pleasing fifth round as we travelled to our not so noisy neighbours Everton and thumped them four nil, before smashing Aston Villa five one in the Quarter Finals. Goals weren't an issue in the Semi Final either as we beat Crystal Palace five goals to two. We've set up a final with Manchester City.


So close but yet so far. No FA Cup success for us this year. We gave Man City a very good game here, very even but just fell short. They took the lead just nine minutes before half time which was a hammer blow to us. Thankfully Fabricio levelled for us two minutes after the break. But our fans and teams hearts were broken in the eighty eighth minute when Orozco converted a penalty given away by Gangi.


There is no European success in the Champions League for my Liverpool side either yet as Chelsea knock us out for a second season running, this time we only made it to the Quarter Finals.


Our league form was nothing short of incredible all season, the second half very much picking up from the first half. Just one defeat in our final twenty games, and ironically it was the same and only team to beat us in our first eighteen league games, Crystal Palace as a 1-0 win at Anfield saw them do the double over us this year.


Of course this proved to be enough to crown us CHAMPIONS of the Premier League for a second season running! We've got our grip on the trophy now and aren't going to be letting go anytime soon. We finish a single point short of last seasons tally but it doesn't matter as we finished a massive eleven points clear of runners up Tottenham. A further two points clear of third place Chelsea and one further clear of Man City who finish in fourth. Its Europa League football for Crystal Palace and Leicester too as United finish down in seventh and Arsenal even lower in eleventh.


Player stats for the season.


Onto the International side of things almost immediately after the league season is finished as we faced France in the Nations League Semi Final and this time getting one over on them in a dominant display. We beat them five two with all seven goals coming in the first half! We raced into a three nil lead inside sixteen minutes with Bradley netting twice and Harris adding one. France pulled two back through Doumbia netting twice. Foden made it four two before Bradley secured his hattrick three minutes into first half injury time, and that was it.


CHAMPIONS! AND ON PENALTIES! England are International League Champions for the first time ever! A goalless first half left much to be desired as the fans got bored. Thankfully picked up in the second half when Italy took the lead eight minutes after the restart. We snatched an equaliser seven minutes from time through Joe Bradley to force it to Extra Time. A dull Extra Time sent us to penalties where we triumphed four three, not missing a single pen! My first international trophy, in the bag!


This also sends England to the top of the world rankings for the first time ever!

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I lost a little of my time and I was reading and seeing your story, I haven't seen it for some time. And this is something extraordinary. Congratulations on your great journey.

Making history with England, very good to see
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Thanks for checking in @SirWerGaming, I've only recently got back into this the past week or two, having the time to play but making some progress it would seem!
Liverpool Pre Season Round Up August 2033


On the back of a very successful summer, winning Englands first ever Nations League title, we move back to club football and it was a summer where I wasn't expecting too much. I didn't have any new faces to bring in on my radar initially and wanted to continue to get rid of the deadwood where I could. The board fired out their objectives which will be key this year, we had a few friendlies and then went into the Community Shield vs City.


As I said, the season objectives could prove to be vital this year, I'm in the last year of my contract as I start my third season in charge of Liverpool. Many know I normally only spend around three seasons at a club. at least on this save, but I want to extend my stay so need to hit these. They're expecting us to reach the Final in everything and challenge for the league, I want a third straight league title, would love the Champions League too.


There were the usual whole host of loan deals this summer, but I've only included the ones that bought in an additional monthly fee. As three of our English youngsters move out on loan where they will get first team football. Chan Ho Yin and Dean Lakin both only arrived in January, but I feel they'll get more out this season going on loan. We bought in one hundred and thirty six million pounds this window, Abel Ruiz, surplus to requirements went to Juventus for sixty seven million pounds and we managed to get them to throw in Raffaelli too who seems a bright player for the future. Two more cash exits saw Cabezas join Schalke 04 for just shy of fifty million pounds and Shea Newcombe head to Crystal Palace for sixteen and a half million pounds. Just one new face which cost us money this summer and that is English youngster Steve Barry who joins from Leeds for thirty million pounds.


A lot more confident with the size of the squad this year, I've got another new tactic in that allows me to play wingers so don't have to worry about losing them or sending them away on loan. The squad size being bolstered is what made me let a few younger players out on loan.


Strikers were on fire in pre season, defence and keepers were bored.


Champions all be it a glorified friendly. We scoop the Community Shield for a second season running in commanding fashion. It was easy really. We took the lead in the thirty eighth minute through Espina to have control at the break. Second half it was all about us taking our chances which City didn't do. Kabashi doubling the score two minutes after the restart before Sabatier made it three in the sixty fifth minute. Two minutes later Espina wrapped the scoring up with his second and our fourth.


Our Champions League group has once again drawn us up against former side Roma, for the second season running. This time we are joined my Dutch giants Ajax and German uprising side Fortuna Dusseldorf.

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England End of Year Update - December 2033


Don't normally do a post for England but had a bit of time whilst playing out December with Liverpool so figured I'd just do a quick run down now of how the whole calander year has gone on the international front. We have got to the end of the year and it was a year where I lifted my first international trophy, the European nations league. We also had the World Cup qualifiers this year, aiming to reach the 2034 World Cup in China, lets see how its gone.


Not only an unbeaten year, but we've won all ten games that were put in front of us. The year started for us in March where we welcomed Albania before traveling to North Macedonia for our first two World Cup Qualifiers. We got off to a solid start winning four two and three one respectively. I've already reported on winning the International Nations League. So back to the World Cup Qualifiers. In September we beat Kosovo six one and then Scotland three nil away from home. October saw us beat Albania away two one and then smashed North Macedonia seven nil at home. Finishing the calendar year with a trip to Kosovo and finally finishing with a one nil home win over Scotland.


Of course this saw us top the group, never in doubt if you play eight and win all eight group games, scoring twenty nine along the way and conceding just six. We finished ten points clear of Albania in second and a further point clear of Scotland in third. Kosovo finish on four points in fourth whilst North Macedonia round up the group, bottom without a win. This also sees us stay first in the World Rankings which we continue to hold on to and hope to take that in to the World Cup.


Talking of the 2034 World Cup, here is our group which we will face in China. We will face Paraguay who are ranked fifty first in the World and the U.S.A who are currently ranked 20th. A group we should be getting out of without any issues.

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Liverpool Mid Season Round Up - January 2034


First half of the season has come and gone, whilst trying to cement Englands place in the upcoming World Cup it was important it didn't distract me from the football season. With this being my last year of my contract at Liverpool I really had to produce something special to ensure I was to stay here as I wish. Normally three years I'd be looking to move on, in this career at least. But now I'm at Liverpool, I don't want to go. However in January the board have declined my requisition for a new contract. Times are tense!


Well, this isn't going to help me getting a new contract. Chelsea dump us out the Carabao Cup in our first match in the competition this year. Not defending our crown as we lose out two one at home, Espina had put us infront after just thirteen minutes before Chelsea turned the tie.


The FA Cup has started slightly earlier this year, with the Third Round coming in on New Years eve. We celebrated the end of year in style as we beat Chesterfield comfortably as expected, winning five nil away from home. We took a strong side out to make sure we get an FA Cup run again. Southampton await us in the Fourth Round in January.


I'm not sure why, but we never really perform to our best in the Champions League, especially in the group stage. But we just about ease through the group again, finishing second behind Roma for a second year running. Three points behind them. Whilst finishing a point clear of Ajax. Remarkably us and Roma had exactly the same goal difference, goals scored and goals conceded. AC Milan await us in the First Knockout Round.


Nearly an unbeaten first half of the season, bar losing to Chelsea (shock) at the start of the season. Bar that we've managed to put together a good run. Perhaps a couple draws too many but still picking up points. Also a couple of fantastic wins along the way including thrashing our local rivals Everton seven nil! SEVEN! and then beating Spurs five nil in December too.


But defending our Premier League title for a third year running looks very unlikely as we sit down in third at the halfway stage and trail league leaders Manchester City by ten points! Chelsea sit second, level on points with us but a much better goal difference whilst Spurs sit fourth a further five points behind us. Still time to turn things around, but keeping my job right now doesn't look to be in the best hands!

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Fantastic update mate. Whats your aims with Liverpool now then? Create a long lasting dyansty, or leave whilst your on top
Thanks @bigmattb28, glad someone is still enjoying it! My plan is to stay at Liverpool long term, boyhood club, really want to create a Dynasty with them,as long as I can win a new deal that is!
Liverpool End Season Round Up - May 2034


So a crucical five months lay ahead. Still no new contract on the table as we head through January and into the remainder of the season. Still competing in the FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League, we surely had to win one to keep myself in a job here? The Premier League looked unlikely, already trailing City by ten points and we never really hit peak form in the Champions League, heres how it all developed.


Well, step one complete as we manage to make it to the FA Cup Final for a second season running. It took a replay to get past Southampton after a goalless draw away from home, but a dominant four nil win at home put us into the Fifth Round. We beat Brighton at the seaside here, winning three nil. In the Quarter Finals we faced rivals Manchester United who we overcome three two after extra time. It was Jacobs scoring in the first minute of injury time to send us through. And it proved to be a nine goal thriller against Chelsea in the Semi Final, which we came out on top of five four to reach the Final against Tottenham.


Not only was it back to back FA Cup Finals for us, but back to back losing FA Cup Finals as Spurs beat us three two. We trailed after just seven minutes and found ourselves two behind come the break. The boys rallied together to produce a comeback as Santarelli and Fabricio scored within three minutes of each other to tie the game with thirteen minutes left. But Ajayi was Spurs lucky man, when he scored six minutes from time to lift them the trophy.


Absolute dismal display in the Champions League from us! Embarrassing! We smashed AC Milan four nil in the First Knockout Round at home, but somehow went to pieces in the away leg, letting in almost everything, thankfully scraping through on away goals despite a six two loss. But it was my former club, Italian side Roma who knocked us out, drawing 1-1 in Rome but losing three one at home. Roma went on to win the Champions League, first time they've done that since I won it with them.


Second half of the seasons form was very good! We managed to finally cut out some of the draws and turn them in to wins, losing just four times in the second half of the fixtures. We also managed to beat Manchester City three two, could that be the result that got us back in the league fight?


No is the answer! For the first time in three seasons that I've been at the club, we fail to win the league. Despite our back to back title winning campaigns previous, Manchester City were just too good for us this time around. They win the league by ten points. Chelsea slipped away in the second half of the season allowing us to take second place, just a point ahead of Tottenham, whilst the boys in blue finished in third, some seven points further behind. Manchester United take fifth and Southampton in sixth join them in the Europa League. It'll be Europa League ll action for Leeds who finished seventh whilst Arsenal really are a mid table team now.


And despite only having won the Community Shield this year, the board kept me on the edge the whole season but eventually I got offered a new contract after asking for the second time. A new three year deal penned.

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England 2034 World Cup Round Up


Its WORLD CUP FEVER! My first World Cup in charge of England and I believe this is marking just short of four years in the job. As far as I can remember I took charge of the national side just after the World Cup previous. I go into this a little more relaxed now my future at club level is safe. But its about making the impact internationally now to keep my role going here. The FA are expecting us to reach the Final and with us being the top ranked in the World, I fully expect that too. Heres a round up of pre World Cup friendlies and the big tournament itself.


We've had four friendlies so far this year. Two back in March where we drew nil nil in Iceland before returning home to beat Panama eight nil in convincing style. Then two pre World Cup as we lost at Wembley against Belgium before beating near rivals Scotland five nil, a good result to take into the World Cup.


Qualification secured and in easy fashion as we go through the group without conceding a goal. We beat Paraguay two nil with Noakes and Ajayi scoring, the first from the spot. And then almost a carbon copy result against USA. Noakes opening the scoring from the spot and Ajayi netting in the second half. Top spot, whilst USA go through second in the group.


A very kind Second Round draw for us saw us take on Australia and dominate the game, taking twenty shots and having sixty one percent of the ball. We fell behind after two minutes however! Warner levelled for us just before the break and second half the boys came out and made the impact as Ajayi added another two goals to his tally.


The Third Round gave us a nice draw too as we went up against Austria. Despite dominating the game, we only managed the one goal. Noakes missed a penalty on the fifty second minute but Ajayi, as cool as ever, struck home with twenty two minute remaining to book our Quarter Final place.


Here come the harder games. And boy did we ride our luck in the Quarter Finals against Argentina. We were on the back foot for most of it and left it late. Falling behind after just four minutes you could tell we were in for a game here. Backed up but couldn't get out. But finally, we found a break through four minutes from time when Darby struck us level. Only for Ajayi to net again three minutes later, sending us in the Semi Finals!


We made the Final! A narrow two one win over Holland sending us there. We took the lead five minutes before the break when Atkinson knocked home a header inside the six yard box. Nine minutes after the break Simons netted a penalty to bring things level. And we'd get a penalty of our own in the eighty first minute, dispatched by the aging Trent Alexander Arnold to send us to the World Cup Final!


ENGLAND ARE WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!! Brazil awaited us in the Final but this game turned out to be all about us, we dominated the game with our attacking football and took the lead through Capitao after just two minutes. Noakes scored for us in the sixty third minute to double our tally and see out the game. Add a second star to that England crest!

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What the hell happened against AC Milan, 6-2?!? Well done on winning the World Cup though!

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