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Simple. WIN. EVERYTHING. WORLDWIDE. Journeyman Save.



Welcome to my annual 'Journeyman Save' where I will be attempting to travel around the world with no real aim, other than trying to win every trophy possible in the base version of the game. Of course, this probably isn't possible in any realistic lifetime, but I will once again put myself through the trials and tribulations of this strenuous challenge.

Now, of course, there are a few rules to this challenge, that I will outline below. They are pretty obvious rules, but it's always better to set them out for all to see.
- The manager must start with NO COACHING QUALIFICATIONS & SUNDAY LEAGUE FOOTBALLER playing experience
- I must win all competitions on the game. [being promoted via the playoffs, also counts as winning the league]


I will be using this opening post now as a record of my Career History. This is the ideal place for you all to see where I've been, and what's been going on, OR you could take the time to read through the posts and I'll be extremely grateful for this.


https://i.imgur.com/PV50jmS.png https://i.imgur.com/89C0kAQ.png FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti | 15.12.2019 - 03.12.2022 (1084 DAYS)
(105 games | 50 WINS, 33 DRAWS, 22 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/OTQo4fT.png https://i.imgur.com/r8RoufC.png Caernarfon Town | 30.01.2023 - 02.05.2027 (1553 DAYS)
(178 games | 103 WINS, 38 DRAWS, 37 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/jcryHPd.png . Limavady United | 30.05.2027 - 24.02.2029 (636 DAYS
(60 games | 27 WINS, 19 DRAWS, 14 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/3jPQDsT.png . https://i.imgur.com/mjr9tpU.png Larne | 24.02.2030 - 11.05.2031 (806 DAYS)
(112 games | 77 WINS, 10 DRAWS, 25 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/JUEk8Mh.png . https://i.imgur.com/bjSNelq.png . ND Ilirije 1911 Llubljana | 21.07.2031 - 23.07.2032 (363 DAYS)
(32 games | 6 WINS, 10 DRAWS, 16 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/8CbzPTU.png . https://i.imgur.com/A3zLrSM.png Metalist 1925 Kharkiv | 31.10.2032 - 14/03/2035
(74 games | 30 WINS, 19 DRAWS, 25 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/vDrWRNq.png . https://i.imgur.com/6bWx7Jh.png PAS Lamia | 11.07.2035 - 17.12.2036
(55 games | 23 WINS, 11 DRAWS, 21 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/vDrWRNq.png . https://i.imgur.com/rKIBTKO.png AEK Athens | 17.12.2036 - 16.05.2039
(133 games | 74 WINS, 25 DRAWS, 34 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/bnuEM65.png . https://i.imgur.com/t94PKjZ.png Suwon FC | 05.06.2039 - 07.10.2041
(68 games | 30 WINS, 21 DRAWS, 17 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/bnuEM65.png . https://i.imgur.com/XN1EF2B.png Pohang Steelers | 07.10.2041 - 30.11.2043
(103 games | 61 WINS, 23 DRAWS, 19 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/5Y1NC5i.png . https://i.imgur.com/eaO6pzP.png Philadelphia Union | 08.12.2043 - 12.11.2046
(138 games | 74 WINS, 38 DRAWS, 26 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/c4Krspz.png . https://i.imgur.com/KMEptB9.png Universidad de Guadalajara | 20.12.2046 - 01.11.2047
(37 games | 12 WINS, 9 DRAWS, 16 LOSSES.)

https://i.imgur.com/93yf4wb.png . https://i.imgur.com/g2g1gKQ.png Perth Glory | 02.12.2047 - Present


https://i.imgur.com/3rrXIzD.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/89C0kAQ.png | Romanian Liga III | FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti | 28th May 2021
https://i.imgur.com/OTQo4fT.png https://i.imgur.com/r8RoufC.png JD Cymru North | Caernarfon Town | May 2024
https://i.imgur.com/OTQo4fT.png https://i.imgur.com/r8RoufC.png Nathaniel MG Cup | Caernarfon Town | 18th January 2025
https://i.imgur.com/OTQo4fT.png https://i.imgur.com/r8RoufC.png JD Cymru Prem | Caernarfon Town | 23rd April 2027
https://i.imgur.com/OTQo4fT.png https://i.imgur.com/r8RoufC.png JD Welsh Cup| Caernarfon Town | 1st May 2027
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/jcryHPd.png Bluefin Sports Premier Intermediate League | Limavady United | 8th April 2028
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/jcryHPd.png Northern Irish Intermediate Cup | Limavady United | 9th May 2028
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/mjr9tpU.png Steel & Sons Cup | Larne Olympic (Reserve Side) | 25th December 2029
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/mjr9tpU.png Bet McClean Cup | Larne | 16th February 2030
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/mjr9tpU.png County Antrim Shield | Larne | 21st January 2031
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/mjr9tpU.png Danske Bank Premiership | Larne | 26th April 2031
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png https://i.imgur.com/mjr9tpU.png Northern Irish League Cup | Larne | 10th May 2031
https://i.imgur.com/8CbzPTU.png https://i.imgur.com/A3zLrSM.png Ukrainian Second League | Metalist 1925 | 27th May 2034
https://i.imgur.com/vDrWRNq.png https://i.imgur.com/6bWx7Jh.png Greek Superleague 2 | PAS Lamia | 11th May 2036
https://i.imgur.com/vDrWRNq.png . https://i.imgur.com/rKIBTKO.png Greek Cup | AEK Athens | 23rd May 2037
https://i.imgur.com/vDrWRNq.png . https://i.imgur.com/rKIBTKO.png Greek Superleague | AEK Athens | 15th May 2039
https://i.imgur.com/bnuEM65.png . https://i.imgur.com/t94PKjZ.png Hana 1Q K League 2 | FC Suwon | 17th December 2040 (via Playoffs)
https://i.imgur.com/bnuEM65.png . https://i.imgur.com/XN1EF2B.png Hana 1Q K League 1 | Pohang Steelers | 6th December 2042
https://i.imgur.com/bnuEM65.png . https://i.imgur.com/XN1EF2B.png Korean FA Cup | Pohang Steelers | 8th November 2043
https://i.imgur.com/5Y1NC5i.png . https://i.imgur.com/eaO6pzP.png US Open Cup | Philadelphia Union | 23rd August 2044
https://i.imgur.com/5Y1NC5i.png . https://i.imgur.com/eaO6pzP.png MLS Eastern Conference Final | Philadelphia Union | 7th October 2046
https://i.imgur.com/5Y1NC5i.png . https://i.imgur.com/eaO6pzP.png MLS Supporters Shield | Philadelphia Union | 3rd November 2046
https://i.imgur.com/5Y1NC5i.png . https://i.imgur.com/eaO6pzP.png MLS Cup | Philadelphia Union | 11th November 2046


https://i.imgur.com/93yf4wb.png Australia - 0/2
https://i.imgur.com/bnuEM65.png South Korea - 3/3 *COMPLETED*

https://i.imgur.com/vDrWRNq.png Greece - 3/3 *COMPLETED*
https://i.imgur.com/3rrXIzD.png Romania - 1/4
https://i.imgur.com/qMAbF7a.png Northern Ireland - 7/9
https://i.imgur.com/JUEk8Mh.png Slovenia - 0/3
https://i.imgur.com/8CbzPTU.png Ukraine - 1/4
https://i.imgur.com/OTQo4fT.png Wales - 4/4 *COMPLETED*

North America
https://i.imgur.com/5Y1NC5i.png USA - 4/4 *COMPLETED*
https://i.imgur.com/c4Krspz.png Mexico - 0/5
Best of luck, as always! I'm sure this will be just as productive as your 'travels the world' journeyman was.
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FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)


I've finally got my first job in football management. After getting only a couple of sniffs at jobs, but nothing of note, little old FC Metaloglobys got in touch and offered me an interview. I jumped at the chance and must've impressed the powers at be, as they quickly offered me the job, and with that, I was on my way to Romania.

I don't think it's the worst place to start, but as you'll see later on in this post, we're not in the greatest position to succeed straight away, but at least I've got my foot in the door now and can get on the road to conquering the world. First stop is the Romanian Liga II. I think it's also important to know that the club has immediately granted me permission to start my first coaching qualification, so as of now, I'm studying for my Continental C License.


FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti are a professional football team from Romania, who were founded in 1956. They play their home games at Metaloglobus Stadionul which has a massive capacity of 350. The training facilities are adequate, and the youth facilities are poor, so it shows what the club is dealing with. They also have adequate youth recruitment so I don't think we will be having the next big thing coming through our ranks.

The club has 4 affiliate teams, and have arrangements with them to be able to loan players without the fee. Astra Giurgiu, Dinamo Bucuresti, FC Voluntari & FC Steaua Bucuresti. These could be crucial, as we may need to get some loan players in who have more quality than we already have.

The club is currently coming off their best ever spell, having won the Romanian Liga III in 2017, and are aiming to stick around in the Liga II for the next couple of years, before making a charge for promotion.



The squad is small but has everything it needs in order to stay in the league. It seems to have a good core spine within the squad, We could do with a good intake of youth as we have an ageing squad. Experience may be key to our chances of success though.

Ovidiu Herea is the best player on the books at the moment, but won't be sticking around for much longer as he's at the grand old age of 34. He's an attacking midfielder who has all the creativity needed to unlock a defence.


Robert Vilceanu is the best prospect in the squad, as the young 22-year-old, has 5-star potential. I'll be looking for the winger to be using his high flair to get around players and provide plenty of assists for our main striker Claudiu Herea



We are currently just over half-way through the season, and the team is performing as most people were expecting them too. They sit in the relegation zone but aren't out of the race to stay in the division just yet. There is only a 2 point gap between us and safety so I'm sure I can please the board in keeping us in the league. 17 games to go, a maximum of 51 points. I think we will need about 20 points to stay in the league, so that's my target first of all.

The team also got knocked out of the Romanian Cup, in the Fourth Round, after a 2-0 defeat at the hands of AS Daco-Getica who sit mid-table in our division.

League Table


Next Post: End of Season Update 2019/2020

@r96Skinner, I'd like to think it is as successful as my previous attempt at this challenge, but it will take a lot of time to get there. We shall see how it goes!




Having taken over of FC Metaloglobus Burucesti, my first ever job in football management, my job was to steer the club to safety and to remain in the Romanian Liga II. The club was in a precarious position sitting in the relegation zone, without many players that had enough quality to mount a serious push towards safety. The transfer period was over, so I couldn't bring anyone in, and I was simply, just up against it.

One bit of good news that came for me, was that I completed my first coaching qualification, and I am now an official Continental C License holder. This should hopefully pay off over time, and things should start to improve. I'll be asking the board to fund my next coaching badge, which they should approve in order to help the club in the future.



Over the course of the 17 matches that I have been in charge of SO FAR, things haven't gone exactly to plan, with us only managing 3 wins in that span. Those wins came against Csikszereda, ACS Viitorul Targu Jiu & Farul Contanta. We did manage a lot of draws but didn't play very well, to be honest. I've yet to find a system that is working for us, and we went on a run of 9 games without a win at the most crucial stage of the season. You can probably guess where we finished in the league...



NO, we didn't finish rock bottom of the league, which I'm sure will surprise you all after our form. We did get relegated, however, finishing in 18th position. We ended up being 8 points adrift of safety and only 6 points off finishing bottom. We will be headed into the Liga III next season, and I'm hopeful we can bounce back up straight away.



The first thing you'll notice here is that morale is down on nearly every player. This is mostly down to the recent relegation, but also down to the fact I fell out with a key member of the squad and he has a big circle of friends apparently. I'll be looking at making it up to him, and assuring him of his place in the team so that everyone else will fall into line. I will also be looking at replacing a few of the ageing players and refreshing the squad with youth players so we have a young, dynamic team.

Claudiu Herea finished as the clubs top goalscorer this campaign, with a staggering 9 goals. HUGE I know! He was some way ahead of 2nd placed Velentin Ghenovici, Alexandru Coman & Ovidiu Herea.

I've got a big job to refresh this squad in the off-season so that we are able to challenge immediately for the league title at the first attempt.


After the 1/2 season we just had, I was expecting the worst, and so was the media. The clouds seemed to be circling in as every week a news story would pop up saying I was on my last leg, and if I lost, then I would be sacked. But, loss after loss kept coming, and I kept my job...In fact, I actually improved my standing at the club as the club offered me a contract extension, worth a massive £300 a week until June 2021.


Next Post: Pre-Season Round Up 2020/2021
Always disappointing to get relegated, but fingers crossed you can bounce back next campaign!
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@r96Skinner, I know relegation is a bad feeling, but I think it could be good for us. It may also kick start our trophy haul as we are the favourites to bounce straight back up! #SilverLining



After realising we were headed back down to the lower echelons of the Romanian Football League System, more specifically, the Romanian Liga III I knew I'd be up against it to try and keep my players with us at the club. I had no less than 7 first-team players wanting to leave, and I agreed that if someone would come in with a realistic transfer bid, then I'd let them go and pursue their dreams of playing in the higher leagues. This only happened to one player, and I'll update you on this later in the post.

I also found out that the board somehow had got some money pumped into the club, and had decided to build a new stadium for us, due to the apparent increase in demand for tickets. (even though we got relegated). Think I've found a winner of a club for ambition to be honest. You can't fault the owner, can you?



I thought that I would go into pre-season chasing a lot of players and making a lot of new signings to bolster the first-team squad, but this simply wasn't the case. I actually checked out the youth system first and promoted a few players that could play a bit-part role in the first-team, alongside one particularly good prospect who will be playing a starring role. Saying that I did make a number of signings and you can see them below. Two of the signings, Robert Petre & Sergiu Arnautu came in at the end of the season but couldn't join until the transfer window opened, and are quality players that will be key for us this season. Our final signing came in on loan, as I desperately needed a new number one. Stefan Dobre is that man, and he is by far the best goalkeeper we have and will be playing every game for us in the number one position.

Departure wise, you'll see a load of players going out on loan to different levels of clubs. I wanted my youth players to get a lot of playing time, so I made the decision to offer most of them for a loan, and they got snapped up pretty quickly which should help their development. There was one main departure though, in the form of Eduard Vraciu who has gone on to Gaz Metan Medias for a massive £45k. He wasn't going to play a big role, so I cashed in when I could, and got his wage off the list too.

Robert Petre // AMR // Free Transfer

Sergiu Arnautu // ST // Free Transfer

Stefan Dobre // GK // Loan



We had arranged 5 friendlies, against a variety of teams in the Romanian Football Leagues, and had mixed success against them. We stuck with the same tactic as the end of last year so only the new players had to get used to how we play. We had a particularly good win against Vitorul Selimbar as we marched to a 4-0 victory. We had a tough loss though against CSM Foscani and had to use that one as a fitness builder.

Next Post: Mid-Season Update // 2020-2021 Liga III



As we head into the Winter Break, it's time to update you all with how we are faring in the Romanian Liga III after our relegation last season. We had brought in a number of players in the transfer window and looked to set up a solid foundation to build a title challenge upon later in the season. Having never managed in Romania before, I have no idea on what the quality is like in this league, but I know are the media's favourites to win the league and go up as champions back into the Liga II. Here's hoping anyway...

A little bit of news concerning my progression as a manager too is that I have been granted permission to study for my next coaching qualification: the Continental B License, which again will help me improve my stats, and therefore let me improve my stature as a manager in turn.




We started off with a dodgy drawn against a team expected to finish near the bottom of the league (CSM Ramnicu Sarat), and I thought we were going to be in for a disappointing season once again. HOWEVER things picked up after then and we've gone on to win a total of 10 matches in the league. Our most impressive wins were against Dacia Unirea Braila who have been challenging us at the top of the table, as well as a dominant 5-2 victory against Progresul Spartac.

We've only dropped points in 4 of our 15 first leagues games, which is quite impressive (even if I do say so myself). We fell to defeat against our main rivals for the title Farul Constanta, which handed them the early advantage in the race for promotion, before going on to lose a second game in a row against a weaker CS Afumata. You'll be able to see that we have a solid defence and have kept a lot of clean sheets, 13 to be exact out of 19 games. Stefan Dobre has been outstanding.

In amongst the league games, we've been slowly progressing through the rounds of the Romanian Cup, and have been knocking out some big teams along the way. In the third round, we sent Somuz Falticeni out of the competition after a 2-0 Victory. We were rewarded with a match against Farul Constanta (our rivals) and sent them packing too, as we marched on to the 5th Round. This was our first match against higher-ranked opposition, and it took a penalty shootout to separate us. A thrilling end to a quality cup tie. In the next round, we faced Universitatea Craiova
who play their football in the Romanian First League. I thought this would be where our run ended, but we scored an injury-time winner to shock a strong potential winner. Scenes from the Metaloglobal stands.



The table is looking really good for us so far, even though we don't sit in the top spot at the moment. We are in a prime position to mount a challenge in the second half of the season. Farul Constanta occupy first place and have 36 points. We are close behind in 2nd with 33 points. Our goal-difference is less as well which it may come down to, so we will need to score more and concede less. We will also have to fight off Dacia Unirea Braila who are chasing us down in 3rd spot.



The players have all put in a shift, and it's paying off so far this season. Robert Vilceanu leads the way in his rating with a 7.08 rating, alongside Claudiu Herea but Vilceanu gets it as he's played more games. He's been absolutely outstanding on the left-wing, chipping in with both goals and assists. I knew he would turn out to be a great player, and I hope to be able to keep hold of him.

In terms of goals, our leading scorer is new signing Robert Petre, who has a total of 8 goals in 16 games for the club. Not bad for a right-winger. Robert Vilecanu closely follows him in 2nd, with 7 goals. That's 15 goals from our wingers. They each have 3 assists too, so they have been the cornerstones of our squad this season.

What makes me most happy, is that the squad's morale has increased, and most of them, if not all are all enjoying playing their football and for the club. I've promoted a few from the youth team, with Andrei Nagy being the outstanding prospect and performer so far. He's grabbed 2 goals and 4 assists in his game time off the bench so far. He's really impressed me, but has the in-form Robert Petre in-front of him in the starting line-up, unfortunately.

Next Post: End of Season Update / 2020/2021 Liga III
YESSSSSSSS @tongey!!

Been waiting for this one! Shame to be relegated but as you previously stated, it could be a blessing and a good chance of ticking the lower league off slightly easier! Looks like you're in for a battle though for that top spot.
@Dan, glad you're excited about this one! I'm hopeful I can go further than last year! I nearly made it a YouTube series, but decided to stick with the posts for now It's a battle for that top spot indeed.



I'll start off this update with a bit of good news from a personal point of view, with the board deciding to extend my contract until the end of the 2021/2022 season. I'll continue to be paid £300 per week, with a promotion increase of 15% and also a £925 bonus if we win the Romanian Cup. I'm delighted to be staying at the club, and hopefully, I can bring silverware to them sooner, rather than later...(maybe starting with a little league title this season?)


The second bit of good news is that the board allowed me to start my next coaching qualification, so my stats should be on the up and my ability to coach a winning team improving. I asked them at a good time, as we were heading into the Winter Break, so I knew that my time away from training would be minimised. It's all in the timing.




I'll start off with rounding up our performance in the Romanian Cup, as I'm really proud of our performance in this competition. You've got to remember that we are a team in the bottom level of Romanian football, and we ended up getting to the SEMI-FINAL. Quite frankly, that is insane. We carried on our good run, as we beat out Sepsi OSK 3-1, with an absolutely dominant performance. It's amazing what a bit of confidence can do to a team. This win meant that we set up a semi-final against a top tier side Chindia Targoviste. Unfortunately, this is where our journey stopped, as we crashed out after losing both of the two legs involved. The first leg was at home and we went down 1-0 to an early goal. In the second leg, we performed slightly better stats-wise but ended up with a worse result. A 2-1 loss in the 2nd leg, meant that we lost 3-1 on aggregate. A tough ask to go all the way, but I am so proud of the lads for this run this year.

Back to the league, and we were in with a shot of winning the league if we could continue our form all the way until the end of the season. It actually took 12 league games until we lost in this second half of the season, so you would think we would be still challenging for the title. You would be right in thinking that. A win against Dacia Unirea Braila and a draw against title rivals Farul Constanta were the highlights of the second half of the season. I'd have liked to beat Farul, but couldn't argue a draw, as we were so well matched all game. I think the telling part of this half of the season, was that we didn't keep as many clean sheets and didn't score as many goals. I was nervous for the lads, as it could come down to goal difference, and I knew we weren't going to cut it there.

You can see that our form at the end of the season, was not impressive, only winning 2 of the last 6 games, which, unfortunately, is not title-winning form. Would it be enough though?



2nd PLACE FOR US. What a shame that after a wonderful season, we end up coming second in the league, and finishing 2 points behind the leaders and champions. It's a sucker-punch, but we will be back next season and I won't accept anything but the trophy coming back to us. I'm determined to win it this time! We finished 7 points ahead of 3rd placed Dacia Unirea Braila and the 4 teams going down are CS Megidia, Victoria Munteni Buzau, CSM Ramnicu Sarat & Mostistea Ulmu. A fine season for us leaves us lingering in the 3rd tier of Romanian Football for the second year in a row.



After a hard slog of a season, the players will be delighted to have a long break, before we meet again for the start of pre-season. Not all will come back, and there will be new additions but they all deserve their rest after putting in a shift for me.

There was 3 players, who played in all 37 games we played in this season which is a magnificent feat. No break for the wicked eh? Stefan Dobre, Robert Vilceanu & Florin Plamada were the ones who achieved this feat. Special mention to Stefan who played every single minute, as the other two were subbed at some point this season.

My two wingers, Robert Vilceanu & Robert Petre ended up as my top two scorers, scoring 14 & 12 respectively. Not bad for wingers eh? The worrying part of this is that my striker didn't even get into double figures. I'd love to see ergiu Arnatau make the step up next season and be my leading scorer come to the end of the season. I also have a decent looking striker coming through the development centre so he may put some pressure on him to take his role.


Next Post: Pre-Season Update / 2021/2022 Liga III
So close on both fronts. I'm sure you'll hit back stronger in 21/22!
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@r96Skinner, we will hit back stronger, if we don't, then I'm off.



After narrowly missing out on promotion to the Romanian Liga II, we had to set our target of winning the league this time around. I've decided that this will be my last season at the club if we don't manage to win the title. I can't be sitting around waiting for things to happen. I didn't have the mass desire from multiple players to leave this time around, which is always good, and I've kept most of my main weapons and have added a couple of players. (Scouting is harder this year I've found).

I've also completed my next coaching badge, and I'm now a fully qualified Continental B Licensed coach. I'm going to be asking the board to fund my next one just before the winter break once again as it worked last time. Hopefully, the board will back me once again. I've also not heard any more news about the potential new stadium, but I'm guessing they are still waiting for permission from the council.


Finances at the club have also rocketed up. I think this is down to a surge in sponsorships, as we now have over £900k in the bank, and the board have backed me with a transfer budget of over £200k. Unfortunately, I've not been able to sign anyone with this as no-one really wants to join us in the lower levels of Romanian Football.


I've managed to persuade a few unlucky souls to join the journey, and hopefully join the title-winning team. We needed a few more re-enforcements as a few of the elder-statesmen decided to move on and leave the club permanently. Andrei Ionescu, Daniel Lung & Alexandru Ciocalteu are the most notable of these to leave. I was umming and aahing whether to resign our experienced striker Claudiu Herea or not as he's getting on a bit, and I left it to the final day to decide. I brought him back on a cheaper deal and hopefully, he can chip in a few goals to repay my faith in him.

I've negotiated a new loan deal for keeper Stefan Dobre, and he's back for another year between the sticks for us. He was impeccable last season and I hope we can keep developing him and he can improve on a quality season. CB George Buliga has come in from FC Voluntari and will slot straight in at the back alongside youth academy product Dan Tomescu who has impressed in pre-season. Mihai Manole has also come in later in pre-season, on a loan deal. He's a defensive midfielder who will rotate in and out for the season.

Departure wise, I've sent a load of young players out on loan so that they can gain match experience and develop as footballers. I'm hoping they can improve and come back to us and mount a challenge for the first-team.

George Buliga // CB // Free Transfer

Mihai Manole // DM // Loan

Stefan Dobre // GK // Loan



We set out to play around the same number of friendlies as last year, as it set us up for a successful season. We started off with a few poor results, but I'll put them down to poor fitness and just getting back into the swing of things. We ended pre-season on a run of 4 wins in a row though, with a pleasing 2-0 victory against CSM Foscani to round things off nicely. Not much more to say really, but bring on the season.

Next Post: Mid-Season Update // 2021-2022 Liga III

Ah so close! Sensational seasons by yourself but the league winners too! Hopefully second season is a charm for you!
It's okay, I've faced two relegations before. Unlucky on both seasons but you'll bounce back!

@Dan, I can't argue with our form, but it's so frustrating that another team has done better than you after a season like that ha! We will move on and win it this year (hopefully)

@DNZY, the first season I was definitely up against it, but the second season I did expect us to bounce back immediately. 3rd seasons a charm eh?



It's that time once again, as we head into the mid-season winter break. It gives us time to recharge our batteries, and clear our minds ready for the end of season madness that is undoubtedly about to come. Before we get to the fixtures round up, I've got a little bit of news regarding myself.

Just before the midway point of the season came, an email flew into my inbox regarding a job interview. Romanian Liga II side, Astra Giurgiu (my senior affiliate team) had offered me the chance to interview for their vacant manager position. I ummed and ahhed about it, but decided that I had to turn it down. We are close to winning the title here, and I can't pass up a chance of a trophy in this career.


I also asked the board to allow me to go and complete my next coaching qualification, and to my surprise, they said no. I can't quite believe it as they needed my presence at training, although we aren't playing for a month and a half. It'll have to be put on the back burner until the end of the season I guess.



Last season, we started off with a nervy draw against a newly promoted team. This time around, we couldn't have started any differently. A 4-0 battering of Axiopolis Cernavoda set us up for a decent first half of the season. We're actually unbeaten in the league, with 9 wins and 6 draws out of 15 games. Pretty impressive stuff from the lads. Once again we managed to keep 11 clean sheets out fo the 15 available. This is in no doubt playing a huge part in our form and our position in the league.

Our most impressive victories were the 3-0 win against Sarichlori & the 4-0 win against Metalul Buzau. We outplayed the opposition and we were ruthless in our chances. We also kept a clean sheet in both of these games, so the whole squad played their part. Our two biggest games against our closest competition (Progresul Spartac & Dacia Unirea Braila came right at the end of this phase, and both ended in a stalemate. Don't get me wrong, the results could've been better, but we played really well in both of these games. I'd rather a point than a horrendous defeat.

Moving onto the cup, and it couldn't have been any more different than last season. We had a cracking run last season that ended up a semi-final defeat at the hands of Chindia Targoviste. This year, we were knocked out at the first opportunity against Liga II side Concordia Chiajna! We took them all the way but lost in a dramatic penalty shootout which is never a nice way to exit a cup competition. Will we be back on a good run next year?



At this stage last season, we were in 2nd position. We've gone one better so far this season which bodes well for us going forward. We are top of the league but it is so so close. Anyone of the teams from 1st to 6th could easily be in top spot within a couple of games. We sit on 33 points, with Dacia Unirea Braila in 2nd on 32 points. Progresul Spartac are in 3rd on 31 points. It's actually crazy how close it is. 15 games to go...what will happen? Who knows.



The players have all put in a shift, and it's paying off so far this season. Robert Vilceanu once again leads the way in terms of average rating. He's improved on last season with a 7.40 after 14 games. He's a tricky little winger down the left-wing, and scores and assists for fun. I'm so glad we managed to keep him as a couple more teams were in for him, but I rejected every bid that came in. Other players to note here are Dan Tomescu who had graduated through our academy and has instantly become one of our most consistent players. Valentin Ghenovici has been quality in the middle of the park as well with a rating of 7.06 through his 15 games.

Goalwise, our top scorers have touched the same level as last season yet (but we had played more games I guess). Robert Vilceanu & Sergiu Arnatau share the top spot having both scored 6 goals apiece. Cultured striker Claudiu Herea has scored 4 this campaign, so he's slowly chipping away at the club record which he may achieve this season if he gets a sprint on.

I've promoted a few more players from the youth squad. Obviously I've already spoken about Dan Tomescu, but George Petre Paoloni has started to make a push for the first-team after impressing me and the coaching staff in training in recent months.

Next Post: End of Season Update / 2021/2022 Liga III




Once again, the board have decided to extend my contract, so I must be doing something right in the Romanian capital. I'm really enjoying my time here, and we are starting to slowly build something. Finances are on the up and we now have an overall balance of over £1million which is a long way from where we started from. We are still waiting for the planning permission to build our new 3,600 capacity stadium, but I really think we will be waiting a long time (European Builders and all that). I've now got a contract until the end of 2023, and I'm earning a whopping £450 a week. I may even upgrade my rental house with the extra cash, and really live a lavish lifestyle in Bucuresti.




The first thing that I see on that fixture list, is the little red result icon, meaning we lost a game. Our only loss of the season and it came against CS Afumati, in a tight 2-1 defeat. We should have won the game as we played against 10 men for most of it and just couldn't take a chance. Anyway, look at that board again, and we have done insanely well. A total of 19 wins out of 30. We had slightly too many draws for my liking too, with a grand total of 10 on the season.

Our end of season form last year was woeful, but we switched it up a level this year, and ended up beating our two main rivals on the last two matchdays. First of all, we beat Progresul Spartac in a 3-1 hammering, before taking down the previously unbeaten for 10 games team Dacia Unirea Braila on the final day of the season. Claudiu Herea nicked the winner in the 82 minutes.

Our overall record for the season then stood at 19 WINS, 10 DRAWS & 1 LOSS. That's title winning form surely?



WE HAVE DONE IT! We have crowned champions of the Romanian Liga III on the last game of the season. It came down to the final match against Dacia Unirea Braila, and all we needed was a draw. We nicked the win in the 82nd minute, which cemented our position on top of the table.

A total of 67 points was enough to beat out the rest of the competition, and give us the trophy. We ended up 4 points ahead of Dacia Unirea Braila, who finished with 63 points. Progresul Spartac finished 3rd with 63 points also, but a lesser goal-difference. The three of us constantly changed positions game after game, before we went on a little run at the end beating both of them to put us in pole position.

What a season it's been for the mighty FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti. Up the Echipa Pantelimonului!!!




The players deserve a massive rest after their efforts this season. They can go into their summer break, knowing they are the newly crowned champions! They will also need to keep fit in order to be ready to compete in the Romanian Liga II next season!

Only 1 player, played in all 31 games this season! A big congratulations to Robert Petre who achieved this amazing feat. He actually didn't perform as well as last season, but I'm pleased with his efforts over the season as he achieved a rating of 6.88.

Robert Vilceanu, once again earnt himself the 'Top Goalscorer' award at the clubs award night with a total of 11 goals on the season. In the second place, was striker Sergiu Arnatau with 9. Both players were amazing all season and did their best to get the club that league title. Now we have to keep on to both of them in the off-season.

Robert Vilceanu also was the best player at the club performance-wise, ending up with a rating of 7.50 over his 29 games. Valentin Ghenovici, Soto Mino, Dan Tomescu & Sergiu Arnatau also played their hearts out and ended up with average ratings over the magic 7.00 mark. An incredible season with some simply outstanding performers.


Next Post: Pre-Season Update / 2022/2023 Liga II
Congrats! Terrific season.
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@r96Skinner, cheers mate, it was definitely a positive one for the club! Can we now kick on and survive in the league above? It's a tough ask...




After winning the league title in our 3rd season in charge, I've set out to try and build a squad capable of staying in the Liga II next season. It'll be a tough ask, as according to the season preview, we are one of the favourites to go down and finish well in the relegation zone. There are only two teams expected to do worse than us, so that doesn't bode well at all.

I also got a message from the board, saying that a potential takeover rumour is not to be believed. I've had lots of these in FM20, and I'm not sure why we get them, maybe it's just the press trying to stir something up and create some gossip. Anyway, we aren't getting taken over and I think I'm happy about that as the board seem quite supportive, apart from the fact they won't let me start my next coaching badge course which is frustrating me a little bit.




I've actually decided to splash a little bit of cash this off-season, due to the fact the board have backed me in the transfer budget department, has given me over £750k to spend. I haven't spent all of it, as that would be financial stupidity, but I have spent a fair chunk of it, specifically on one well-known player to us. I've brought back Stefan Dobre on a permanent deal this time, as I didn't want to keep loaning him season after season. He did cost a lot, but I thought it was a cracking financial investment. He is currently the Romanian U20 keeper too which is good.

Alongside Dobre, I've brought in 3 midfielders, as we needed more in that area of the pitch. I needed more competition, and more quality so that we can rotate more and give players more of a rest between games. 2 of the 3, are more defensive-minded, and one is a more attacking creative player. Radu Chiriac, Alexandru Mitracu and Danut Opera all come in on free transfers and should all compete for the starting jobs come the start of the season. Our final transfer in is striker Mihata Nastase. He's a poacher and is by far the best striker at the club according to star ratings. He should score for fun, but you never know with FM. Let's hope he lives up to his reports.

Stefan Dobre // GK // £135k // Academica Clinceni

Danut Opera // CM // Free Transfer

Alexandru Mitracu // CM // Free Transfer

Radu Chirac // CM // Free Transfer

Mihati Nastase // ST // £13.5k // Unirea Slobozia



Only four friendlies this season, as we have a bigger number of games in the actual season, so I didn't want to tire the players out before they even got started. We had some decent results, especially against Astra Giurgiu. We did lose against Dacia Unirea Braila, which is annoying, but it's only a friendly. How will we fare this season? Who knows?

Next Post: Mid-Season Update // 2022-2023 Liga III

* I am looking for new jobs now, as I'm not sure we will win this league anytime soon, so my next post may be a new club...




I'm still in charge at Metaloglobus Bucuresti, and things are going alright, nothing special, but not bad. The board want me to stay but have said they will lower the compensation amount if a team comes in for me which is good of them. I have had one offer of a job from Welsh League 1 side Taffs Wells, but the board wouldn't lower the amount as much as they wanted them too, so they couldn't afford me. We move on anyway, and I'll concentrate on trying to maybe push us up one more league if we can.

The board have impressed me once more, by allowing me to complete my next coaching badge. This time I'm currently going for the Continental A License so I'm well on my way to completing that now.




Considering we were meant to be the whipping boys of the division, we've done alright, haven't we? I don't know what it is with me and draws, but I always seem to collect them like they are the most common thing in the world. It's so frustrating, especially when you've done enough to win the game, and the opposition scores a late equaliser and boom, another draw. We've had 9 draws out of the 18 league games we've played. That's 50% of our results, have been drawn. Crazy.

We had an impressive draw against top of the table Universitatea Cluj right at the end of this half of the season. We actually should've won the game but failed to take an easy chance in the last 10 minutes so it ended in a draw. The best game of the season, however, was a cracker for the neutral. We defeated Csikszereda in a thriller. 6-4 it ended and it could've gone either way. We seem to be playing well for patches, and then we don't play well for ages.

In the Romanian Cup we did one better than last season, as we reached the 5th round of the competition. In the 4th round, we beat CS Baloesti on penalties, with Dan Tomescu slotting home the winner. We had a tough draw against FC Vitorul who are top of the Super Liga and they put us to the sword in a 2-0 comfortable win. It wasn't to be this year, but I will be back to win this definitely in the future.



We were meant to be finishing down in 18th position, but we are in 13th so we are defying the expectations really. We are only 3 points from the relegation zone, so some of those draws need to be turned into wins. We are also only 11 points off the playoffs/promotion spots, so maybe, just maybe we can challenge for those if everything does go our way. I'm pleased with how we are performing and I think we can survive in this league.



Our new players have settled in well, and although no one is performing out of their skin, everyone is playing fairly well. Valentin Ghenovici has been the best player rating wise, notching up a 6.87 rating from 19 games this season, which isn't bad at all. He's been our creative force in midfield and has been crucial when we have been playing well. There is this stupid rule that I need to play 2 under 19s in the lineup, which means I have to leave some of my bigger names out which is annoying.

Our top goalscorer this season is MIhati Nastase, the new signing from Unirea Slobozia. He's been good but can be better and I expect him to comfortably make it over the 10 goal mark this season. Ideally, I'd like him to make it nearer to 20. A shout out to Robert Petre who has 5 goals this season, alongside his 3 assists.

Youth player-wise, Dan Tomescu continues to rise to a key player, but he may not sign a new contract because he believes he can play higher than where we are at. Marius Mantea has also been promoted from the youth team and has slotted into the middle of the pitch fairly well. He will need more game time though to continue to improve.

Next Post: End of Season Update / 2022/2023 Liga III


Just a quick update, to let you all know that I have resigned from my position as manager of FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti and will now be looking for a new job. The form didn't improve and I was about to be pushed out, so I jumped quickly before that happened.

In my 1084 days in charge of the Romanian club, I took charge of 105 games, with 50 WINS, 33 DRAWS and 22 LOSSES.

We got relegated in the first season, which led me to gain my first trophy in my career. The prestigious Romanian Liga III was secured in our 3rd season in charge after narrowly missing out on winning it the year before.

Next Post: A new club, A new country?


After resigning from my post in Romania, I quickly hopped on the plane back to the motherland so I could spend some quality time at home with the family. I started to like being back nearer home so I set my job search around the UK. One team came back to me fairly quickly, and that was the mighty Caernarfon Town. I must've impressed them in the interview as I agreed with all their expectations and their visions going forward for the next 5 years, and they offered me the role of first-team manager within the week.

I'm on a £180 a week contract until the end of the 2024 season. I'll hopefully be around a bit longer, but my aim, of course, is to win the JD Cymru North league within 2 seasons and then attack the league above quickly as well. There are a couple of cups to win in Wales as well so hopefully, I can nick those too.


Caernarfon Town is a semi-professional team playing in the JD Cymru North, which is the 2nd level of Welsh football. They go by the name of Cofis, and play their home games at the magnificent 'Oval' which houses a capacity of 3,250 people (500 seated). They have basic training facilities and poor youth facilities so it looks like I'll be using the transfer and loan market to improve the squad. It's an academy and youth recruitment are basic as well.

The club has been around since 1876 and has won a few trophies in this time. 3 Cymru Alliances, 1 Welsh Alliance League 1, 3 FAW Trophys, 1 Caernarfon and District Division 1, and 4 Cymru Alliance League Cups.



The team is actually in better state than I thought it was going to be, to be honest. It's a very young squad with the majority of players being under the age of 23. Most of the better players at the club are also in that bracket too which is nice to see. Of course, there will be some addition to the team when the transfer window opens up again, but for now, I'm happy with what I've got.

Ioan Peris Jones looks to be the best player at the club ability-wise. The attacking midfielder is a local lad having grown up in Caernarfon, so is playing for his boyhood club. He's only 19 so can improve massively too. I'm looking at him to be the main point of attack from the midfield, and to use his creativity to split open defences with his quality passing.



With only 10 games left in the league, I'm not sure what we can do realistically, but mathematically anything is possible so I'll be aiming to get as close to the top spot as I can. We sit in 9th position at the moment and looking at the season preview, that is exactly where we are meant to finish, so anything above that will be a good start for me. Of course from next season I expect us to mount a serious title challenge.

We have been knocked out of both the JD Welsh Cup & Nathaniel MG Cup so no trophy for us this season. We'll be aiming to do as well as we can next season though.

League Table


Next Post: End of Season Update 2022/2023

How do you play through the game so quickly!? This is crazy!

Well done on promotion, good luck in Wales
@Dan, I have a lot of spare time in an evening ha. I go through stages of loving to play the game though. Cheers mate, don't think I've ever managed in Wales on one of these.




I've settled into my lovely cottage in Caernarfon, within walking distance to the beach, and things have gone well at the club as well. I feel like this has refreshed my love of the game after it had stalled a bit in the Romanian Liga II. For one, I can actually pronounce the names of my players which helps when I'm screaming at them to play harder and put more effort in. I had 10 games left in the season, and 2 days left of the transfer window, so I've been a busy bee.

I've only managed to bring one new boy in though. The lucky guy who gets to play his football for me now is, Julian Williams, a striker from Colwyn Bay. He's been a good signing for us and has gotten the bug for goalscoring straight away. I can't wait to see what he can do next year with a full pre-season and time to adapt to his new tactic.




We've had good and bad moments in my first 10 games in charge. Let's get the bad out of the way first, as we managed to lose against Ruthin, Chirk, Holywell, Bangor City & Gresford. I didn't expect to win against Bangor or Holywell, but I expected a lot more against Ruthin, Chirk & Gresford.. We played fairly well but didn't take our clear cut chances. I think I'll take the 'new tactic' route here and will let the lads off. I expect a bit more though next season and will be looking to beat teams like these in our run to the title.

Good points are we have managed to win some games and stop the losing streak. We had cracking wins against Llangefni, Colwyn Bay, Guilsford, Holyhead & Llanrhhaedr. The most spectacular win was against Colwyn Bay, who is a better team than us. We outplayed them and put on a spectacle for our fans.

5 Wins, and 5 Losses. It's been a so, so start, but we will have to improve next season, and I'm sure we will!



When I took over, we were down in the 9th position. We've managed to move up a few places, after our 5 wins and 5 losses, and ended the season in 7th position. At one point it definitely looked as if we were going to finish as high as 5th, but losing the last two games put an end to the pipedream. I'm happy with how we did though. Lots of positives for next season.



I can't really comment much on the players as I'm still relatively new here. My new signing Julian Williams, performed excellently in his 9 starts, scoring a total of 5 goals, and getting an assist too. He ended on a rating of 7.26 which is a team-high. I'll be looking at him to score 15 goals or more next season.

Our actual top goalscorer on the season was Gareth John-Owens who amassed 9 goals. The CM was excellent in the games I managed in, and he will be key next season if we want to push to the next level.

Next Post: Pre-Season Update / 2023/2024




I've had my first full pre-season in charge of this wonderful club. It's a proper family club and I feel very much at home here. The board sent me an email early on in pre-season saying that they have got the go-ahead to build a brand new stadium to replace the old Oval which was in need of refurbishment. The stadium will have a lower capacity bit will be brand new which will be massive for the club. We will be playing our home games at Caernarfon Park from the 2024/2025 season onwards.


I still haven't managed to complete my 'Continental A License' yet, so I'm still working hard to get that completed so that I can ask the board to start my next one. It's massive that I get to complete my coaching qualifications early on so I can get on with winning everything. Here's hoping they will let me, as money at the club is not in a good situation thanks to the new stadium.


I love transfer season in non-league football. You can pretty much get everyone for free, and for minimal contracts, but the only downside is that people can sneak in and steal them at the last minute by offering them £10 more per game. I did my work early and brought in 4 new players to help improve the squad and challenge for the title.

Ethan ap Gareth is a new CM, and helps strengthen that area that was the weakest last season. He's young, has a cracking free-kick on him, and is a hell of a passer apparently. He joins another new CM in the squad, Julian Rawlinson who is more attacking than Ethan. He has insane fitness for this level, and hopefully, he can grab a few assists and goals this season. I also decided that I needed to strengthen the defence, so managed to persuade LB Ricky Gray to come in from Rhyl to join the journey to the top of the Welsh pyramid. Ricky has a tremendous work rate which makes him the perfect fit for my team. My last signing is CB Callum Coleman who is experienced and comes in from Llandudno. I needed another CB as my old-timer retired at the end of the season.

Ricky Gray // LB // Free Transfer // Rhyl

Julian Rawlinson // CM // Free Transfer // Cardiff Met Uni

Ethan ap Gareth // CM // Free Transfer // Cefn Druids

Callum Coleman // CB // Free Transfer // Llandudno



We played a minimal number of friendlies once again this season, due to the cup competitions starting early. We grabbed 3 wins against lower-ranked teams Llandudno Albion, Rhos & Carno but lost to Tottenham Under 20s who really outplayed us. I'm happy with how pre-season has gone and I'm looking forward to seeing how we get on in the league.

Next Post: Mid-Season Update // 2023-2024
Off to Wales it is. Pob Lwc!
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@r96Skinner, Wales indeed! It was time for a change, and the valleys intrigued me!




Good news coming out of North Wales is that I've finally completed my Continental A License badge, and my stats are increasing because of this. I also immediately asked the board if I could start on my next badge, and they said yes, because of the recent form we've been going through which is pleasing to hear. The ambition shown by this club is second to none, and they should be a Welsh Premier League side because of this. I'm hoping I can be the man to take them there again.



Just a little update on where the stadium is at. We seem to be over halfway there, and should be all moved in and ready to play by 28/06/20204. This is an exciting time at the club, and I've got to create a team that can match their ambition on the pitch.




I'll start with the league update, as that's what we want the most. I thought it was going to be a tough campaign when we drew the first 3 games of the season when we should've won at least 2 of them. The only exception here was the match against Porthmadog who outplayed us, and we scraped through with a lucky goal right at the death to claim a point. We managed to grab our first win of the season against Ruthin, and since then it's been good going from us. We've won a total of 7 games in the 15 we've played. Our most impressive wins coming against Colwyn Bay & Prestatyn. We actually went on a run of 8 games where we didn't lose, which comes down to the change of tactic where I wanted to set us up more defensively and play on the counter. This seems to be working a treat.

Bad points in the league, is that massive defeat against Llandudno who blew us away in a 4-1 result. We were atrocious and this is what prompted me to change the tactic. Our only other loss this season was against Bangor City late on in this 1/2 of the season where we lost 1-0. I really can't complain about how we are playing as 2 defeats in 15 games is an awesome record.

Onto the cups, and we have two to talk about. The first being the Nathaniel MG Cup where we did 'OK', but not spectacular. We actually had the result of the tournament, knocking out TNS who are a giant in the Welsh football system in the 2nd round. We then went on to knock out Holywell 3-2 in the next round, before crashing out in the Quarter-Finals at the hands of Cefn Druids. We were the last team in our division to go out and this is something to be proud of.

In the JD Welsh Cup we didn't have as much success, after getting knocked out by Llandudno once again after a 2-0 defeat. I haven't got too much more to say about this one, except that . I will be back next season to win it!



Look at this table! We are riding high in 2nd position even though teams around us have games in hand. They have to win them first though. I'd much rather have the points on the board already. Porthmadog are in the top spot and have a significantly superior goal difference which could be a factor at the crucial end of the season. We are being chased down by Bangor City, Llandudno, Prestatyn, Gresford & Holywell, all who are within 4 points of us. It's going to be a tight, tight finish to the campaign, and hopefully, we can end up above everyone else.



First of all, I've employed a brand new squad view, which combines all the stats together in an easy to look at view, (once you are used to it that is). We've had a couple of standout performers this season so far, the first being Julian Williams, the striker I bought in last season and played well then. He's played in 20 matches and has got a rating of 7.08. He's chipped in with 9 goals so far, so should be on pace to push for 20 at the end of the season if all goes well. He's also notched up 3 assists. He's an all-round team player and is our talisman.

Our young winger John Alex Papirnyk has been outstanding as well, although his stats don't really echo this. He's been a constant threat down the right-hand side and has 3 assists and 4 goals to his name. He only has a rating of 6.82 but should be above 7.00 in my eyes. He's only 18 and has a bright, bright future ahead of him.

Next Post: End of Season Update / 2023/2024




Hello from the little seaside town of Caernarfon in North Wales. There aren't many clubs wise to chat about, apart from the fact that the board decided to extend my contract which I delightfully accepted straight away! I'm now on a massive £200 per week, up until the 26/05/2025. I have another year to ensure the club wins as many trophies as possible. I'm delighted to stay in this lovely welsh town as I feel so at home. Can I win any trophies quickly though, that is the question?




As we were knocked out early in both of the cup competitions in Wales, I haven't got anything to update you on from those. I'll head straight into rounding up the league action, and it's a thriller. We had 15 games left and we were in 2nd position with a pack of teams hunting us down quickly and ferociously.

We didn't have a great start to the second half of the season, winning only 2 of the first 7 games. That definitely isn't title-winning form in any way or form. We lost once again against Llandudno in a 3-1 battering but gained a credible draw against Porthmadog. We beat both Holywell & Conwy by a 3-1 scoreline which helped keep some points ticking over on that table. Our form took a massive upturn after those 7 games, and we went on an unbeaten run until the end of the season which is crazy. I didn't expect it, but I guess we had played some of the stronger teams earlier.

We went on a 5 match winning streak, beating Guilsford, Chirk, Caersws, Colwyn Bay, & Llangefni, scoring 14 goals, and only conceding 2. What a run of games, where everyone definitely played their part. The defence was fantastic, and the attackers did their job magnificently. A 0-0 draw against Prestatyn nearly undid my bid for the title, but a win against the top side Bangor City meant that it all came down to the final day.

We headed into the final matchday with a game against Aberyswyth, needing a win, and a Bangor City loss, or draw against Caersws. I didn't really hold any hope of Caersws gaining anything but they held firm and snatched a draw, which handed us the league title after we beat Aberyswyth 1-0 after John Owens rocketed a shot in from the edge of the area. CRAZY SCENES FOLLOWED!



WE HAVE WON THE JD CYMRU NORTH, but only by the skin of our teeth! We won the league title by goal-difference. 2 goals was all that separated us and Bangor City. I can't quite believe what happened in the last month or so but I'm absolutely ecstatic. Prestatyn finished in 3rd place, with Guilsford, Buckley & Chirk all being relegated from the league.

We will be playing our football in the JD Cymru Premier division next season, and it's another trophy ticked off my list. 2 down, many many many more to go.




The title-winning squad! We had many players who stood out to me, but the main man Julian Williams was the one for me. He ended up with a 6.99 rating, just below the magic 7.00 mark. His goals this season were vital in the road to the title. He scored a total of 12. That's way below the target I set him of 20, but I don't care. He scored goals in the vital games, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he progresses next season in the top division.

Ethan ap Gareth was the top performed statistically. He finished with a 7.05 from his 34 matches this season. He finished with 7 goals and 3 assists. That's not bad for a CM who plays a bit more defensively than the rest. I'll be looking at locking his contract down for the next couple of years.

Julian Rawlinson & Nick Harrison both finished the season by playing 35 games. That's some achievement, and Nick Harrison was a superb number one. He may not be the number one next season as I have a youngster chomping at the bits to make the first team and his potential is outstanding so I may blood him into the big league straight away.

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Very nicely done! Building that cabinet up nicely.
Random, unimportant, question: Is Alfons Fosu-Mensah, brother of Man. United's Timothy, still knocking around in the Welsh leagues?
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Very nicely done! Building that cabinet up nicely.
Random, unimportant, question: Is Alfons Fosu-Mensah, brother of Man. United's Timothy, still knocking around in the Welsh leagues?


This is Alfons's career, there is a gap because I didn't load the league up straight away...




The players deserved a bit of time off after their heroics at the backend of last season that led us to become JD Cymru North Champions! I gave them a month off, before I wanted them back, so they could all go on holiday with their bonus. Whilst they were all relaxing and enjoying themselves, I locked myself in my office and started to find suitable targets to improve our squad so that we weren't overwhelmed in the league above. I was still completing my Continental Pro License, and there haven't been any updates on that yet, but hopefully, I'll pass soon and I'll be moving onto the next stage of my badges.

We had a bit of bad news regarding the new stadium, in the fact that it was delayed 3 months meaning we were to stay at the 'Oval' for the time being. Hopefully, we will be moving in there soon so we can maximise our fanbase and start afresh in the new league.



As you can imagine, I've been really busy in the transfer market, making sure that we really strengthen the team significantly as I don't think we are strong enough going into the season. I wanted at least 1 striker, 1 winger, a full-back and 1 centre-mid. I think I crossed them all off my list quickly and then got a few bonus players in as well. I've got a feeling, a few of my older players may move on for free, just because I never like having a huge squad and they won't be getting game-time this season, unfortunately. That's just the nature of the game.

My first signing was right-winger, Ricky Freeman, who came in from Holywell on a free. He's pacey and a direct threat for goals. He's an instant upgrade on my makeshift winger Paprynk. Zebb Edwards follows him in through the front-door from Llanelli Town. He's been on my radar for a while, and I finally got him in. He's an energetic midfielder who will be up and down the pitch all match long. Love his name too! I pulled the trigger on another centre-midfield player too in Callum Jenkins. He's more of an attacking player and will be used in rotation. I needed depth and he provides it. My first defensive signing was that of Sion Lloyd, who's naturally a right-back but can play left-back if needed. He's a total utility player but he's quality. I imagine he will be playing a lot of games! Rob Jenkins, also comes in as cover for our defence. He's not amazing, but he's another body and he's an upgrade on what we had. My favourite signing though is striker Elliott Hulse. He has come in from Airbus UK, and comes in with proven goalscoring record from the top league. Hopefully, he can net us 15 goals this season.

Ricky Freeman // RW // Holywell // Free Transfer

Zebb Edwards // CM // Llanelli Town // Free Transfer

Callum Jenkins // CM // Gresford // Free Transfer

Sion Lloyd // RB/LB // Airbus UK // Free Transfer

Rob Jenkins // RB/CB // Gresford // Free Transfer

Elliott Hulse // ST // Airbus UK // Free Transfer



Although the cup competition starts early, I wanted a number of games to get the new lads settled in, and fitness to be at a peak level so we can go straight into the league and battle hard straight away. We had a decent run of games and won most of them. Our hardest and biggest game was against Everton Under 23s, and we showed them some real class after we beat them 5-2. We did, however, lose to our rivals Llandudno in the last pre-season game.

Now, I think we are ready to go and battle hard to achieve a mid-table position, but if we play really really well, then I think we can push for a continental qualification spot...If we are lucky eh?

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We're halfway through our first season back in the JD Cymru Prem. Well actually, we're halfway through the first section. This section is all about qualifying for the next phase: The Championship Group or the Relegation Group. Obviously I'd rather be in the top group rather than the bottom, and we're working hard to do that.

We're finally in our new ground as well, after the long months of hard work and delays, we've moved into the Caernarfon Stadium (imaginative name eh). It has a smaller capacity but it's all seated, and it's modern. It shows how forward-thinking the club is and shows commitment to the town of Caernarfon. Our crowds have steadily increased too, so it seems to be working slowly.




If you look at that set of results, you wouldn't guess that we were a newly promoted team into the top division, would you? I'm really happy with how we are performing, and we are beating some really strong teams along the way. We've still had some dodgy results, and some batterings but they were to be expected from time to time.

We have 5 wins on the board in the league, against Haverfordwest, Cefn Druids, Cambrian & Clydach, Llanelli Town & Newtown. Our best win by far was the hammering of Cambrian & Clydach on the road. Now they do sit bottom of the league but it's always a good confidence booster to hammer someone. That said, we did go and get battered ourselves in the next match against Connahs Quay which was our worst performance of the season. We managed a good draw against league title favourites Barry, and probably could've won it had we took one of our clear cut chances towards the end.

Cup wise, we've only entered the Nathaniel MG Cup so far, and it's all looking rosy at the moment. We beat last years rival team Bangor City in the 2nd round by a 2-1 scoreline, with new boy Elliott Hulse netting a brace and the winner in the 80th minute. We then went on our travels and beat Llangefni in the 3rd round courtesy of a Ioan Peris Jones wonder strike. I'm targetting this cup to win this season and we're currently on the road to do so.



That is not a bad looking table for a newly promoted team. We are currently in 5th position which is a far sight away from where the media expected us to finish (11th). We're on 18 points, and we're only 1 point off the European qualification place but could be 4 soon due to games in hand. The main thing is that we are 14 points ahead of the relegation places, so with a few more wins, we can confirm our spot in the top league for another season. I'm going to really kick on and try and get Europe for next season, which will provide a much-needed cash injection.



We've been performing really well, and that's down to a good team effort. Everyone has chipped in and had good and bad performances. The midfield trio of ap Gareth, Edwards & Peris-Jones are quality and really control games for us. I want to have these for the foreseeable future. I've got 4 players above the magic 7.00 mark. Ioan Peris-Jones, Elliott Hulse & Ethan ap Gareth all have 7.25 from 13 matches, with Daniel McIlvogue in 4th with 7.05 from 13 matches.

Elliott Hulse leads the goalscoring ranks with 7 goals from 13 matches. Ioan Peris Jones & Ethan ap Gareth both have 4 goals to boot. They also have 3 & 2 assists respectively! Not . a bad season so far for the pair.

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