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Having got to grips with FM20, it now feels time to start an unemployed, rags to riches career. No badges, no experience, no money...

And off we go. No work or money, no badges, no hope.

Keep an eye out for my first job opportunity.
It seems to me that something will come out of this very interesting. Feel good to see you back in these bands.
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Fm 2020 - Saves

January 2020
I have taken to beat-boxing while hula-hooping on the streets of Slough in hope of making a bit of money. I will literally take any job at this point.
Hopefully a job opens soon where there'll trust you at the helm!
No badges and Sunday league rep, you're starting in the Conference North / South mate
Northampton is a bit of a step too high for you at this stage. Got to set the bar lower I'm afraid!

March 2020
Forfar Athletic
Scottish League One

Finally! Speaks volumes of the state of Scottish Football when they take a punt on a literal bloke walking in off the streets of Slough (I'm not from Slough, but I just imagine the busking to be good)






Best of luck in Scotland! Hope you go (For)far! (sorry)
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b | FM19a | FM19b | FM19c
FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
Best of luck in Scotland! Hope you go (For)far! (sorry)


May 2020

Well bugger...


It all turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. Losing every match bar one. The good news is, they've given me another season to get them into the playoffs.



Not the first season you had in mind eh? Might be a blessing in disguise as you can build them up from the bottom now! I like Scottish saves, so best of luck next season mate!
Not the first season you had in mind eh? Might be a blessing in disguise as you can build them up from the bottom now! I like Scottish saves, so best of luck next season mate!

Thanks mate. Yeah I think you could be right. Clearly the team were low when I came in and not having any pre and early season to settle them into my tactics would really have an impact. They were predicted mid table so were utterly shocking in the grand scheme of things.

July 2020

First up, a squad rebuild. Let most of the team go and replaced with some good freebies and loans. Expecting good thing from my midfield duo Carrasco and Attys.


Being the team relegated and with some good signings, I'm also favourite for the league which I could really do without to be honest. More pressure to get this right.


As for games so far, the Scottish League Cup is already underway and I've taken some mighty scalps from Hearts and Dundee United. Gives me a good feeling for the season. Watch this space.

August 2020

And so the cup run continues with a 3-0 win over Premiership side Kilmarnock. Totally unexpected.


Next up in the quarter final, another toughy against Hibs.


And a record broken, which is always nice...


October 2020

And with that, it's all over. A spectacular end considering I wasn't expected to get out of the group stage.


Winter Update
January 2021
Forfar Athletic

Halfway through the season and all is well in the league, though I've had a bit of a wobble in the last few games. A 3 point advantage at the top is a good place to be fore the Christmas break. Also still going strong in the tasty named Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup, with a semi-final match against Ross County.
Ancient right-winger Tita has some work permit concerns so is off to Elazigspor (me neither) for free. He wasn't first choice so no great shakes. I'll still jump into the free agent market for a back up RM. My 2 strikers have done wonders for me; Dale Hilson, who was here when I took over and Jamie Thomas, who I picked up at the tail end of the doomed last season have both struck well into double figures.
One thing I've found this year is that team cohesion is more important than skill, as such, I've pretty much stuck with the same team all through the year. It annoys the rest of the squad and this is mostly why I've kept a small one this year.



Next update will hopefully be a cup win!

Transfer Update
February 2021
Forfar Athletic

Although I had no intention of entering the market, I had to replace some outgoing players. The only player of consequence that I didn't want to lose was RB Ross Meechan, but his contract was up so I let him go.
Coming in, all the lads are under 19 to play back up roles as I didn't want to shake the team up. Adelio Singeis may get a look in up front and I think he could be good shout in this division.


Sometimes you've gotta go down to go up, rebuild and make sure when you go up this time you stay up. Fingers crossed
Nice to see you doing well after your early relegation! You'll be able to build your team properly now and should rise through the leagues eventually! Good work!

Season Review
May 2021
Forfar Athletic

And that's us. A well earned league title and an instant return to League 1. Highlights in the cups would be reaching the final of the Challenge Cup, losing badly 4-0 to Partick Thistle.


The team remained consistent throughout the year and I plan to keep them like this throughout my tenure. The only real injury of note was Dale Hilson, who went out for 8 weeks, subsequently losing his place to Josh Jack. He won't win it, but left-winger Abilio Vaconcelos was my player of the year. 14 goals and 4 assist from the left was amazing. A big loss will be Sergio Carrasco whose contract expires and he's refusing to sign a new one. Jamie Thomas tore the league to shreds, scoring 37 and assisting 13. It will be a tough task keeping the bigger clubs from coming in for him, both north and south of the border.


To throw an unknown into the new season, the club has just been sold. Hopefully I'm recognised for my good work and not moved on.


July 2021

Here we go, back where it all started. But now I've come here with a full summer, a decent team and hopefully everyone behind me. First up, a bit of churn with out of contract players and loans leaving that all needed replacing. £50k transfer budget was available, but I see no benefit in investing in players at this level when the free market is so workable. I've learned that the German lower league loans are a real good shout, as they're more than happy to not charge the wages.
Although it seems I've bought a new team, some of these players are purely to cover the squad so I'll be trying to stick to last seasons spine. However some notable players; Magnus Norman in goal is a definite upgrade having just been released by Fulham. Alessio Brambilla can play anywhere through the centre (CM/DMC/DC) which gives me the flexibility I crave. The crown signing I wanted to show everyone is this poor chap. Left with a skin condition leaving him looking like a red lobster, Sergio Silva is here to prove the world that no matter what primary colour your skin is, goals will come.
It's worth pointing out that the board have set an expectation of signing players under 30. As simple as this seems, it means I've lost a valuable source of signing aged veterans on small contracts. So thanks mr chairman....



Slightly miffed that I've been made third favourites to win the league, I was genuinely hoping for a year to settle.


As for games so far, the Scottish League Cup is already underway and the team have trounced the competition, including a slim win over premiership side Dundee.

Looks like it was worthwhile going down to come up with the title, well done mate/
You absolutely romped to the league title! Well done mate! Now to kick on and live up to that 3rd favourite spot!

November 2021

Absolute scenes as we eek out a 1-0 victory over perennial prem runners up Rangers. The Rangers manager Jack Ross (Gerrard's at West Brom) was mouthing off before the match so this makes it all the sweeter. Don't hold much hope for the final though...



A quick update on the league and we're top and pushing for automatic promotion, but it's tight with Partick Thistle chomping behind us. I suspect this will run all season long, so no time for cock ups.



December 2021


You know what, considering the opposition I am more than happy to have scored two goals. And the runner-up prize was £154k which has swollen the club coffers.
Yet the loss seems to have badly impacted the form of the team, as I've yet to record a win in December. Leading to Partick pulling away at the top of the league. Genuinely think the playoffs may be my best hope.




Season Review
May 2022
Forfar Athletic

My second full season with Forfar, and third overall, has ended in a magical League One win and entrance into the Championship. Partick Thistle couldn't hold keep up the pace of wins (despite beating me in the final run)


Like my previous seasons, I've tried to not alter the team game to game in a bid to keep up the cohesion, which I think really paid off. Only 2 players were purchased in the Winter to cover for a couple of departures, which didn't rock the boat. Really happy for the players that have come with me from League 2 and got me back to back titles. Special praise to the two strikers, Jamie Thomas (in his third season) and Sergio Silva who scored a combined 76 goals between them


Lower-tier premier teams are circling my players, which was always expected. With any hope I can keep them on board and push for the Prem.

A bitter-sweet run in the cups with Final losses in the Betfred Cup and Challenge Cup. I genuinely felt the latter was mine, but the team failed me against the Rangers Reserves. But a final loss to Celtic in the Betfred Cup was nothing to be upset about.

Rangers or Celtic would have to come knocking for me to leave this team. They've really captured the imagination.


July 2022

It's on. Our first time in the championship and a chance to get into the big time. As usual the free market and loan market our our friends here, even though I have a £150k budget I don't want to spend it. I'm trying to make the club financially stable so free transfers and player sales are a must.
Speaking of which, the vultures begun to circle around my best players.
Not including the raft of players whose contracts came to an end, I made good money on three players though to be honest, I was sad to see top goalscorer Sergio Silva leave. He popped in 34 goals last season and I'm not certain I'll do as well with my incoming transfers...
Jay Heaton, on loan from Liverpool is my hopeful saviour. Failing that I still have Jamie Thomas who has now been with me since League 2 and chipped in with 25 goals last season himself. It's easy for all to see that I've pretty much replaced the team, so I suspect a slow start as they gel and get to know each other. The one to watch apart from Heaton is Ruben Gomes on the right wing, who I'm pinning high hopes on for assists and a few goals from the wing.



I'm ever so baffled that we're favourites for the league. Understandably buoyed by back to back titles, but all the way? I think this will be a tough ask


As for games so far, the Scottish League Cup is already underway and we just snuck into the top spot with a point separating top to third. The league has started off with a 0-1 loss to Queen of the South and my fears may be coming true. Next update in Winter!


January 2023


Our obligatory New Year update and season is going well, I think. I'm top of the league, but the mid season change in match engine has suddenly made it difficult. This is highlighted by my poor run in the cup and a lot of draws. Remarkably, my closest rivals Hamilton have also cocked up just as much. I'll do well to be in this position come the end of the season.


Player-wise Jay Heaton has played just as well as I was hoping, though I've recently had to drop him into an AMC role following the engine change. This has seen Bangura step up his goalscoring. Leighton Clarkson was a late loan signing from my new best friends Liverpool, who is amazingly versatile playing anywhere in midfield or on the wings and is perfect for this level. Unfortunately, Hearts have signed my only international player Hamid Reza Ghasemi on a pre-contract so the Iranian will be off in the Summer.


My good work is attracting a lot of attention, with media speculation linking me with SPL sides Dunfermline and Livingstone, neither of which I'm interested in jumping to. Championship side Derby are also interested, but I really want to get Forfar into the Premier League before I consider leaving.

Season Review
May 2023
Forfar Athletic

That's it! We did it! The promised and has been reached and for me, mission accomplished and this was not easy. The championship wasn't confirmed until the last day of the season, with the last half proving particularly tough.


So I mentioned before that the change in the ME really affected me, which I suspect is one of the reasons for getting up by the skin of my teeth. A new ME and a tweak to tactics was needed. Like my previous seasons, I've tried to not alter the team game to game in a bid to keep up the cohesion, which will probably blow up in my face next season as I lose half of my team back to their parent clubs. Special praise to some of my loyal players who have now played with me from League 2 all the way to the Premiership, Jamie Thomas, Hugo Mesbah and Sean Jones, all of which have been given new contracts because I'm nice like that.


As is always the case, my top striker is on the shopping list of a few clubs after bagging 25 goals this season. Saydou Bangura will likely end up in Holland should the right offer come in.

The rest of the cups were probably some of my worst in all of the seasons I've been involved with the club. I feel like I could've one the Challenge Cup this time around after a couple of finals in the last few years, but they just wasn't meant to be.


So, destination SPL
Congratulations on pulling this off. It is really interesting to read your thoughts on team cohesion. I may have to reconsider my approach to signing players like I have been in light of this revelation. So are you going to stay now that you have gotten them to the Premier?

Really enjoying your success
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