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My initial goal is to restore Coventry to the Premier League, after that wherever my save takes me!

Coventry City

Having started the millennium still in the top flight of English Football, the 2000s have not been kind to Coventry city. They slowly started declining down through the tiers, hitting League 2, the lowest league in English league football in 2017. They have since returned to League 1, however with a new manager now look to restore themselves to the heights of the Premier League.

With very limited finances, the new manager will have to be shrewd in the transfer market and utilise the great youth facilities on offer at Coventry City in order to return the Sky Blues back to the top.




Inherited Squad



Start of season schedule


Pre season

Transfers In

Kayne Ramsay (Loan from Southampton)


Lucas Gafarot (Free transfer)


Transfers Out


Friendly Results



All in all I am quite happy with our pre-season. With limited funds I have signed a couple defenders in for depth and managed to keep hold of my best attacking players and stick to the wage budget. Friendly results have gone well and sends us into the season in good form.

Best of luck with Coventry, even though you'll play in Birmingham!
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August & September 2019


Some impressive home form and a strong start to the season, going undefeated and picking up a handful of clean sheets in the process.


September saw some away wins go my way, however I unfortunately got gifted the lovely match-up of Man City away in the 3rd round of the Carabou cup, and unsurprisingly lost 4-1.

Current League Table


Squad performance update




Upcoming Schedule


This update was a bit rushed as I got caught up with playing the start of my season and had to backdate my updates! My next updates will be a bit more detailed with more news, updates and stats.

Best of luck with Coventry, even though you'll play in Birmingham!

Thank you, I know it's a bit weird ground sharing with Birmingham, hopefully we can get a stadium sorted soon!

Good luck with this, its been a strong start!
A difficult task. Good luck
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Fm 2020 - Saves

October 2019 - Coventry City

1st October 2019


The month starts with some good news regarding Jamie Allen, a few games with the reserves and he should be fit and ready to start playing in the first team again after a long 3 months out.


2nd October 2019


A routine home win to start October off nicely.


5th October 2019


After playing only 3 days ago the decision to rest some players backfired with a 1-0 loss here. Try as we might we failed to foul our way to some points. Our unbeaten run in the league is now over unfortunately, but we are still in a respectable position.


7th October 2019


More good injury news with a few players starting to come back to fitness for us now.

8th October 2019


A fairly assertive win. Nice to see another late goal despite it not changing the result.



That win sees us progress in the leasing.com trophy with a game to spare.


19th October 2019


MK Dons' time-wasting tactics came back to bite them when the officials rightly added 7 minutes to the end, giving substitute Wesley Jobello time to pinch a 96th minute winner in a game we deserved to win.


20th October 2019


Rumours of a takeover bid have been all but dismissed by our Chairman.


21st October 2019


The FA Cup draw sees us face Cheltenham in the 1st Round.


23rd October 2019


Today will see us face off against the league leaders: Joey Barton's Fleetwood. We have the home advantage but will have to play well to get something here. Fleetwood are unbeaten in the league so far this season.



Well that went better than I expected, apart from the late red card I am very happy to put Fleetwood's unbeaten run to an end.


Fleetwood manager Joey Barton, known for his cool-headed diplomatic nature shows his restraint yet again as he refuses to comment on claims that we roughed his team up in our 3-0 victory over them.


26th October 2019


I think we were very unfortunate not to win this game based on the match stats, however a 92nd minute equalizer takes the sting out of it a little bit.


27th October 2019


BBC are now reporting that only a very large offer would convince the current Coventry City owner to sell up.


End of month review.


The injury situation is looking promising, giving me an almost fully fit squad to go into November with.


A recap of the months results


This is how the table looks at the end of October. Some pressure on us to win our game in hand to stop Fleetwood steaming ahead from us.


A look at our goals scored stats and assist sources.


Snapshot at the end of Oct 19

Looking ahead


November should be a relatively comfortable month with 4 home games and two matches against teams in the league below us. However we will need to guard against complacency and make sure we get the results.

November 2019

2nd November 2019


We dominated possession and had 10 shots on target but couldn't find a way through. Very frustrating result.


3rd November 2019



After being out injured in the youth team for a while, I have now promoted both Josh Pask and Jodi Jones to the senior team as I think they are ready and this will help them develop.


6th November 2019


I used this game mostly to rest/rotate and still got a 2-0 win to go through to the next round so I'm happy with that.


11th November 2019


The FA Cup draw sees us play Leyton Orient in the next round


12th November 2019


A nice win over Crawley, and my new promotion from the U23s Jodi Jones got on the score-sheet and gave a great performance.


13th November 2019


We are drawn against Northampton in the second round of the leasing.com trophy.


16th November 2019


We nearly threw it away at the end but a messy win is still a win and I'll take the 3 points quite happily.


23rd November 2019


A very good win away to Sunderland thanks to a good defensive performance. Recently promoted Jodi Jones gets on the score-sheet from the bench scoring in the 69th minute. Nice.


25th November 2019


They're still going on about the definitely-not-happening-but-maybe-if-lots-of-money-is-involved takeover deal.


27th November 2019


Not the most glamorous of wins, but nice to end the month on a win regardless.


End of month review


A summary of the results this month


A fantastic month has helped us climb to the top of the table, whether we can stay there is another thing but if we keep playing like we have been we will be okay.


A snapshot for the end of November 2019


The leagues top 10 scorers so far.


The leagues top 10 assist(ers?) so far.


Looking Ahead


We have a clean bill of health in the squad currently and only one midweek game so hopefully everyone will be fit and ready to end the calendar year on a high.


December 2019

News: Derby poach Assistant Manager


It's not ideal when your assistant manager gets poached bang in the middle of a season, but we will look to appoint a new AssMan as soon as possible.

Results: December 2019


A mixed bag of results this month, but a penalty shoot-out win sees us defeat Northampton in the leasing.com tin pot trophy. Not happy with the home form this month, although both losses came to teams in the top 6.

Table: End of December 2019


A tough month, but winning our game in hand should see us reclaim our top position.

News: Goal of the Month win


Congratulations to loanee Callum O'Hare for winning goal of the month for December.

End of Month Snapshot


January 2020 Fixtures

January 2020

Results: January 2020


A fantastic month, especially given how many fixtures we had to play. 9 games this month and we lost none of them! A solid end to the month with a very important win over Fleetwood who were hot on my tail in the league table. Joey Barton was not best pleased and tried to goad me through the media. We have our keeper Marko Marosi to thank for our progression in the leasing.com trophy, saving 4 out of the 5 penalties in the shoot-out!


Table: End of January 2020


Well we have a 2 point cushion back at the top of the table now ahead of Ipswich, and a couple of games in hand on Fleetwood who are only a point behind us currently.

Player stats: League 1 - January 31st 2020


Matt Godden & Liam Walsh doing their bit to contribute towards our title push.


I think my defenders aggression is going to cost me some suspensions in the upcoming month... I am saving a fortune on wages via discipline fines however!

Snapshot - End of January 2020


February 2020 Fixtures


On course for a fantastic season, not there yet of course - those games in hand will be crucial!
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FM20I: Trip to: United States (w/ Cincinnati) https://i.imgur.com/FQLsK4I.png / II: Earth Trip https://i.imgur.com/WvSK16U.png (journeyman)
February 2020

News: Coventry Takeover Rumours


Cup Draw: Leasing.com Final


We will have the chance to make it 3 wins out of 3 vs Joey Barton's Fleetwood in the final of the leasing.com trophy.

Results - February 2020


Wow an almost perfect month, we have definitely gained some ground here and are in a very good position pushing into the last couple months!

News - Parkinson feels they were unlucky to lose 5-2


Sunderland boss Phil Parkinson feels hard done by, and that they were the better team in their 5-2 loss against us.

Table - End of February 2020


After a fantastic month we have a nice 5 point cushion going into March.

League Goal Scorers Stats


League Assist Stats


Player of the Month Award - Matt Godden


Matt has been brilliant this month, and deserves his Player of the Month award.

Goal of the Month Award - Wesley Jobello


End of Month Snapshot


Fixtures for March 2020

On course for a fantastic season, not there yet of course - those games in hand will be crucial!

Thank you, it's looking very good so far - hopefully we can see this form out til the end!
March 2020

News: Coventry Takeover Rumours


Leasing.com Final


This was a fiery affair that saw us pick up 8 yellows and a red, but we showed enough to win with 10 men in extra time and see our 3rd win from 3 against Fleetwood this season. It may be one of the smallest trophies but its our first bit of silverware nonetheless!

Results - March 2020


Not the best months overall after starting off with a very good win over Huddersfield in the FA Cup! We were very lucky to be drawn away to Manchester City for the second time this season, with them knocking us out of both the Carabou and FA cup without the extra financial benefits of at least a home visit on either. We outplayed Ipswich and still managed to lose, and I still seem incapable of not drawing with Accrington Stanley.

Table - End of March 2020


With only 6 games remaining we look in good position to become champions, as long as we can hold our nerve until the end.

News: Takeover Rumours


The takeover is yet again on the rocks...

League Player Stats


End of Month Snapshot


News: Takeover rumours


Seriously make it stop! Just take us over or completely cancel it please!

News: Records Broken





Fixtures for April 2020


News: New Head of Youth Development Appointed


News: New Signing


I have signed Adam Henley on a free just to provide some cover/depth at Right Back.

Yearly Youth Intake

Mark Daws:

Louis Flood:

Elliot Moore:

Owen Watkins:

This is very much the best of an average bunch, and we have a lot of work to do before we can start producing wonder-kids still.
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