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Finally uploading a career on FM20. Don't expect: 100 updates, tactical innovation, success. Do expect: A laugh and a passive-aggressive post when it inevitably goes t*ts up and I get the boot.

Manager Nation France League Ligue 1 Conforama Team Monaco Seasons 3
Finally getting around to uploading a save on this FM - something I haven't done for a while due to a mixture of work and a part-time Masters... but lockdown's afforded me the chance to play and share what I've done!

I'm onto season 3 now and these will likely only be seasonal updates as I ([i]famously
) play pretty slowly![/i]

AS Monaco


Ligue 1 - 2nd
Coupe de la Ligue - 3rd Round lost vs Nimes 2-3
Coupe de France - 1/4 Final lost vs PSG 1-2

Ligue 1 - 1st
Trophee des Champions - Lost vs PSG 2-4
Coupe de France - 1/2 Final lost vs PSG 1-2aet
Champions League - 1/2 Final lost vs Liverpool 0-1

Ligue 1 - 3rd
Trophee des Champions - Won vs Marseille 2-1
Coupe de France - Winners vs Nantes 4-0
Champions League - Winners vs PSG 1-0

Just to cover all bases, here are the transfers from season 1:


Spent a lot of this season worried about the FFP rules and how we were going to scrape through them... we did JUST and with a few decent loans and future fees we were able to build a decent team to go at PSG in 2020/21.

And season 2:


Rugani has a clause in his loan to sign him on the cheap and I was very pleased to use it (and to have the funds to be able to!) Livakovic in goal turned out to be a season-changing signing as he went on to make 20-odd clean sheets in the league and save 4 penalties in our Champions League run too. Bakayoko's price was agreed in the loan deal already and we scraped the money together to do it.

Everyone bar the 3 names mentioned and Marco Van Ginkel are youth players with really exciting potential - the scouting setup at Monaco is immense!
Season 3 So Far


We're at the half-way stage and it's been alright up to now. We went big on transfers with ASM coming in to balance out the brilliance or Martins on the right and Dembele coming in from Lyon as our new striker - he was last season's 2nd top scorer behind our own Ben Yedder so in theory, it's a pretty good move.

Again we signed a couple of young players and regardless of how this season ends I think I'll move on some older players to bring them through. Very Monaco. Pavlovic, for example, is 20 now (I think) and is already as good as Rugani, along with making a cracking habit of scoring late important goals from set-pieces too.

Here's our best 11 to start, Golovin has been brilliant as a 10 but I've dropped him a little deeper this season as we struggled at times to completely control the middle of the park.


In the summer we managed to get one over European Champions and our conquerors last season in Liverpool and then take home the French version of the Community Shield.


In the league up until December, we've looked pretty solid as we've pretty much been beating all of our rivals and predictably only dropping points to some sh*te. Note the late goals from Pav as I mentioned a little earlier.


In the Champions League, we started with a defeat at home to Atalanta and a draw in Valencia but managed to turn it around by winning all 4 of our games after that, starting with the doubleheader with Porto which won us the group. The reward for that is a tie with BMG in the new year.


Right! We're all caught up - the next update will be at the end of 2021/22 and then I'd imagine I might get a little slower in updating!
A small transfer update from January, though the player won't join us until the summer. Really looking at next season for this one and my grand plan to not really sign anyone and bring some of my wonder kids through!

REVENGE! Just hope that the final makes it worthwhile... you can guess who we have to play


(...it's PSG)
Season 3

Well! Who saw this coming? Season 3 you could probably say was a success? We fell to pieces in the last few months of the season, turning an 8 point lead in January into 3rd position by the end. HOWEVER, we managed to take the CdF title and the Champions League, defeating defending Champions Liverpool on the way in a crazy tie and then somewhat beautifully beating PSG in the final with an 89th-minute screamer from Bakayoko.

Not sure what to do next, I kind of like the idea of sticking around for this weird season with WC2022 in it (I haven't got that far this FM!) and I'm half tempted to sell a lot of my squad an bring the youth through. We'll see... although I can't see me hanging on for the Club World Cup we've just qualified for in 2025.

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