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Level 10 custom database save with Chadderton in Hallmark Security League NW Div One North

First post ever on here, was going to create a youtube series from it but it didn't come out great.

So, I fancied a new challenge on Football Manager, getting the taste of non-league football with Wealdstone I decided to go a step further and download a custom database for the English level 10 leagues.

Starting off I decided I wanted to go for a Northern team, being from Swansea I usually end up being drawn to clubs down south, after some searching I found Chadderton. Basically a shell of a team with no staff or players, a team I felt I could make my own. I want to try and get to a point where we are self-sufficient, producing youth players to sell on or bring into the first team.

July 2019 - Signing day

The board seemed to share a similar vision with me, asking for youth signings, well under 23s.


As mentioned I had no team and no staff members, so the first thing I had to do was recruitment. I didn't want to sign a full staff roster as they would have to be on a full contract, so I just got an assistant manager. Obviously there's going to be no decent assistant managers that I can sign, so I went with the first one, he's not worth mentioning.

With the squad, I was planning on using a 4-3-3 (tactic to follow), so this is who I managed to pick up:

The Squad


I managed to fill the positions but don't have much cover, I'm relying on this team not picking up injuries or suspensions.

Star Player - Romario Vieira


4-3-3 - hoping the mezzala does what it says


August 2019
August was a month packed with games, no less than 8 in fact, couple of tough ones in there against the likes of Nelson and AFC Liverpool who were both predicted to finish in the top 2.

Well, we did a pretty good job, unbeaten for the month in league and cup.


September 2019
The fixture list in September was much lighter, only 4 games to play and none against anyone who would be challenging us for the title


We are well on track to have a pretty successful season.
Standings after these last 2 months:


As predicted by the media at the start of the season, Nelson and AFC Liverpool are right up there, although we are now the surprise package sitting at the top.

Moses Abioye has also been a revelation, it's been a while since I've had a striker this consistent. 11 goals in as many games in the league.


I'll come back in December with the next update
Two big months followed with 7 fixtures per month, I really don't know how these players manage this if that's what this league is like in real life.

October 2019
October was a month of draws, too many of them, which meant second place were able to catch up so much ground.

Game of the month was a 6-2 win with goals from Will Dennis, Obaro Edobor and Myles Mason. Strange game where 4 goals came from defenders, Dennis and Edobor getting two goals each.


November 2019
November got back on track winning 6 out of 7 and drawing that final game with a rare 0-0 draw at this level. With 2 FA Vase games, we are through to the fourth round, and also through to the second round of the league cup, both cup runs will be essential to bringing money into the club.

We have remained unbeaten so far, 4 months without a loss in league and cups, I think the way it's going I'll be disappointed if we don't get an unbeaten season.

Game of the month has to go to the 8-0 win against Ashton Town in the league cup, Moses Aboiye getting a hattrick, he's been in amazing form with 27 in 27 so far this season.


Next update will be in a few months time (Game months that is )




You know you're doing well when the boards only complaints are draws

Keep up the good work.
The Man formerly known on SUSIE as Poolie Exile
Give my story a read - Now I would walk 500 miles...

Being 4 months without defeats is a very difficult job to achieve, mostly because of the balance of team morale.
I would like to know if your team achieves promotion and if it manages to stay in the next category the following season

nice job for the moment
Being 4 months without defeats is a very difficult job to achieve, mostly because of the balance of team morale.
I would like to know if your team achieves promotion and if it manages to stay in the next category the following season

nice job for the moment
Being 4 months without defeats is a very difficult job to achieve, mostly because of the balance of team morale.
I would like to know if your team achieves promotion and if it manages to stay in the next category the following season

nice job for the moment
Being 4 months without defeats is a very difficult job to achieve, mostly because of the balance of team morale.
I would like to know if your team achieves promotion and if it manages to stay in the next category the following season

nice job for the moment

Thanks! I'm hoping I can go all the way unbeaten but I'm not too confident
Still going strong
I know this might seem like a bit of a spoiler but we've remained unbeaten. Moses Abioye has slowed down his goal scoring recently but luckily someone I've not mentioned in previous posts has stepped up. James Sunderland, my primary penalty taker has come into some goal scoring form, in the last 2 months has managed 8 goals in 12 games but has missed 3 penalties in that time too, moving him up to 25 this season.



December 2019
The month of December was as you would expect, full of rain, with 3 games being postponed. For a change, it was a quiet month with only 3 games being playable and a 100% record from those games.


The cup game this month was against Skelmersdale, this was a tough game against a team top of their league, Myles Mason getting the only goal of the game to send us into the next round. The cup games are very important for us as we don't have many fans and they are our only way to make some money through prizes. I'll get into the finances at the end but it looks like we might have to put everything into both cups as we go along, not that we weren't doing that already.

January 2020
The new year got off to a busy start, and surprisingly no rain so we had to play all 9 games in the month, yes 9 games. Draws against AFC Blackpool and promotion contenders St Helens were the only blips on the record for this month. Luckily we only managed to keep 2 clean sheets this month, I know that sounds like a bad thing but with all the clean sheet bonuses that will mean we get to hold onto some money.

There happened to be 3 cup games this month, 2 in the league cup and the other in the FA Vase, which I checked and the winners get 30k, that has now flipped to the focus this year, we absolutely need that money to stay afloat, although the 20k runners up will also go down nicely. Next month we will be heading into the fifth round of the FA Vase, drawn against a team called Rugby, after seeing our draw and getting slightly confused why there is a team named after a different sport I did some research and there is actually a town in England called Rugby, learning on the job. Rugby are 1st in their league so this might be another tough game, they aren't as free-scoring as us though with their top scorer only having 10 goals, I think we should be able to outscore them. They are in a higher league but I don't think that counts for too much at this level.


As for the league cup, we have made it into the semi-final, drawn against Bootle, they don't seem to be doing too well in the league finding themselves 10th but they are in a league higher than us (I think) or at least it's got a higher reputation than ours.


Another excellent 2 months, dare I say we might be able to pull off the unbeaten season


We do have a load of draws and I'm expecting that to be in double figures come the end of the season, but overall a fantastic season so far, not losing a single game. Fitness is going to be a problem going into these last 3 months, possible that a few new faces might have to come in, the injury to Kisimba Kisimba was not ideal as he was one of the in form players at the time, but somehow despite being out for 2 of the 4 months with a broken foot, his attribute improved


Finances are something that is looking a bit worrying at the moment, as I've mentioned we will need to go about going a bit further in the cups to get some of that prize money in.


Thanks for reading the story so far, if there's anything you want to see or something I can include in these posts then feel free to leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. Next update will probably be at the end of the season as there is 3 months left
Promotion party
So we have finished the season, and it will come to no surprise that we have got promoted as champions, finishing the league season unbeaten (small spoiler there). I'll show some stats at the end but there will definitely be players coming and going over the next few months.

February 2020
February was an incredibly strong month scoring 30 goals in 8 games and winning all of them. As mentioned in the last post there were a couple of important cup games that had become the main goal of our season. We needed to go as far as possible in the hopes of clawing back some of the money we had lost over the season.

Rugby were dispatched pretty comfortably in the FA Vase fifth round, we ended up 3-1 winners, Mason Myles getting a brace and improving his impressive goal record. This set up a quarter final tie against Sporting Khalsa another team in a division higher than us.


The league cup semi final didn't go as smoothly and was a very close game, the only goal coming in the 2nd minute through Moses Abioye. None the less this got us through to the final in March, on closer inspection, this competition won't be the cash cow we needed but we will be going all out for the win.


To round out the month we had an away trip to Sporting Khalsa in the quarter finals of the FA Vase, elsewhere 3rd placed AFC Darwen had to win in the league or we would gain promotion. The cup game wasn't as tough as first thought, with them being a league ahead I was expecting a tough game, ultimately we run out 4-0 winners and moved onto a very tough semi final tie against Jersey bulls, again they are a league ahead, also unbeaten for the season.


Over to the league game where Darwen had to get the win to stop us from being promoted, fortunately for us we managed to get the promotion without actually having to do anything ourselves. A 1-1 draw was enough to see us clinch the promotion.



March 2020
Now, before this month even got going we were in trouble, as we only have players that are on non contracts they were able to move on. Why they would want to during a month where we could potentially win 3 trophies is beyond me, but yes it happened and forced my hand into making some panic signings.

Ben Donnelly-Blackburn -> Peterborough Sports
Rubyn Gill -> Slimbridge

Granted these have both gone to teams in higher divisions, but still, we have a cup final this month


Losing my two of my first choice defenders was not ideal, and I wasn't actually able to find a decent CB replacement for Gill, so I just got fullbacks for either side and Trae Adeyemi and the returning Kisimba Kisimba were going to rotate at CB.

Joe Stanley came in as a free agent to replace Ben Donnelly-Blackburn and I felt like right back was an area needing strengthening so I poached former Man City youngster Callum Bullock from Maltby Main.


With the changes in the team, March was a bit rocky, only picking up 2 wins the entire month. one of which was the league cup final, our first bit of silverware in a hard fought 3-2 win against Hanley. Our strikeforce getting a goal each to win us the cup!


Our league form dipped a bit, we still remained unbeaten in the league but the amount of draws this season meant we would have to wait until April to be crowned champions.

The FA Vase semi final resulted in our first loss of the season, the first leg we managed a draw at home, 2-2 on the day. Given the difference in stature of the teams that was a pretty good result. The second leg was a real disappointment, we responded well after going 1-0 down with Kisimba Kisimba getting the equaliser, then nothing happened for over half an hour, no highlights. Until they scored the winner in the 68th minute which we couldn't come back from. Sadly we suffered the first loss of the season, but given the difference in level we can't really complain.


April 2020
Crowned champions, finally! April looked to be a tough month, with games against 2nd place Nelson and 4th placed AFC Liverpool, points in either of these games would win us the league. Nelson up first and anything but a loss confirms it for us, with the game being away from home they had the advantage with a huge 102 fans compared to my single travelling supporter, hats off to whoever that was. Fortunately, that one supporter saw us clinch the title running out 1-0 winners Abioye getting the winning goal in the 92nd minute!


After winning the league we saved the party for after the game on Saturday, just to make sure we went the entire season unbeaten before hitting the Oldham nightlife. We rounded off the season with another 1-0 win at home to AFC Liverpool, unbeaten in the league with 1 loss all season!







Thanks for reading my story so far, I'll be back for the next season, going to need a big scouting job to replace players that we will lose. See you soon!
2020/21 Preseason and Signings
On the back of last seasons success, I got offered a new contract with a 1 year extension. The point that stands out is the vision of the club, they are expecting us to win the league next year, which is achievable but really ambitious after just getting promoted but of course, I've accepted the contract.

Preview for the season does show us as the favorite to win the league, with a few of our players in the dream 11, some of which are new and will be revealed shortly.


One of the points I've outlined to look to improve was the finances, ending the season on 10k in the red was not ideal, especially as we are likely to be paying players a little bit extra next season. To solve this problem we would have to look at scheduling some preseason friendlies at home against higher rep teams, also a few leagues got organized in the hope that the game would bug out and put them on tv, spoiler, they didn't . After trying to be over ambitious and trying to get some league 2 teams to have friendlies we turned our attention onto conference teams, recently relegated Northampton probably the stand out team. 14 friendlies later and we've finally got the club back into money, coming out the other side of preseason with 5k in the bank!


We didn't actually lose as many players as first thought, I was expecting to have a mass overhaul and pretty much have a different team to start the season. Understandably our most talented player from last season Romario Vieira did leave the club, now getting paid £800 a week and playing in the conference, can't really blame him. Although I outlined him as my start player he didn't actually do all that well compared to another midfielder we lost, Jai Grant, he finished last season with 7 goals and 11 assists with an average rating of 7.27, he is someone we are going to find it difficult to replace.


Coming in the ones to watch are going to be Tate Campbell and Luke Farmer, the latter being the replacement for Jai Grant who happens to have a preferred role of Mezzela


Keeping our deadly strikeforce from last season is going to be a massive plus towards our goal of winning the league, especially top scorer Moses Abioye, getting 40 goals and 11 assists last season.

With the transfers out of the way and the season getting closer here is our starting 11:

Really wanted to make this story into a youtube series and I'm still toying with the idea. Until I've decided I'll carry on with the posts every 2 game months, see you soon!
Starting the season

August 2020
We kicked off our season with a home game against Winsford, a tight game saw us running out 3-2 winners with new boy Lewis Farmer scoring a debut goal in the first minute. As we have moved to a higher league we've been entered into the FA Cup, Baffins Milton Rovers were the visitors for our 1st preliminary round game, looking at the prizes along the way it's clear that if we get a decent run of games in this competition we will rake in a load of money. We ended up moving onto the next round with a 4-1 win, last years player of the season, and top scorer Moses Abioye getting 2 goals, Kisimba Kisimba, and youngster Mike McFarlane getting the others.

Three more league games would follow before the 2nd FA cup game, carrying on last seasons form we managed to win them all 4-1, 5-2 and 3-1. Our league record since the start of this game has been unbelievable. We took that form into the Cup game, beating Chipstead 4-0 to get into the real qualifying rounds.

We rounded off the month with our closest game yet, an away game at New Mills, after going 2-0 up through Stanley and Edobor, the home side started to come into the game. Getting one back in the 66th minute the offside flag came to our rescue, chalking off their 86th minute equaliser. 100% record for the first month of the new season is better than we could have wished for.


September 2020
September was a huge month in terms of the number of fixtures 9 in total with 3 being in the cup. Makes me wonder sometimes how these amateur players who train part time can keep up. Our month got off to a great start with a 2-1 win over last seasons rivals Nelson, then winning the 1st FA Cup qualifier 3-2 Moses Abioye scoring the winner in the 93rd minute! 6 wins also followed keeping our 100% league record, getting through to the 3rd round in the FA Vase and 3rd qualifier in the FA Cup. Then came the dreaded match that I knew would come sooner or later a trip to 17th placed Northwich Victoria, they should have been a comfortable win, a negative goal difference and not won in the last 3, we should have beaten them. Unfortunately for us we just didn't turn up, they managed to get 2 goals on the stroke of half time, we pulled one back and pushed forward to try and get the second. The put the final nail in the coffin in the 64th minute scoring a breakaway goal while we were pushing for the goal and ended our season and a bit unbeaten league run in the process. All 2 away fans were gutted but we will bounce back!


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