14 years ago
15 hours ago
Is there a download to help improve crowd realism in game? I have trawled the internet with no success, perhaps someone has a patch they have worked on and not uploaded?
The current ingame/inmatch crowd noise isn't too great and needs a huge overhaul.

If anyone has a patch please get in touch
4 years ago
1 year ago
I have one that I used for FM16. It’s basically all the old files from the old CM. Really good. I haven’t tried it on FM18 yet. Send me a PM and I’ll try to send it to you. I commented out the vuvuzuela, but you can add it back.
5 years ago
7 months ago
@Crazy Animals I also have mbyrd as my screen name. I guess I have two profiles as I visit this website from two different systems. I have the file and tried to upload it, but it's too big. If you can help me figure out a way to get it to you I can. Just respond to this post or PM the Enos profile. I won't be back at work for a while and that's my other log in profile.

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