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I’ve seen people mention that the real name fix for FM Touch does not work on iOS directly, I guess due to not being able to place the files in the root data folders like you can on windows. Obviously there is no official editor for FM Touch either.

That got me thinking, couldn’t you just do the real name fix on FM Touch on steam/windows and then cross sync the save game to iOS? Or does the fact the real name fix files do not exist on your iOS version of touch ‘override’ that part of the save so the Germany and Japan national teams go back to having fake players on iOS?

Also could you use FMRTE on the windows/steam FM Touch save to make changes to players then cross sync the edited save over to iOS? Or again would iOS just revert back to the non edited player data?

Many thanks
12 years ago
1 week ago
As far as I remember the real name fix doesn't work on the windows version of touch either in afraid.
12 years ago
8 months ago
Sorry I don’t mean the real name fix editor data .fmf files, just the edt/inc/dbc files from the below (I mainly would like to have real Germany and Japan national team players in FM Touch on iOS, along with editing some of the players using something like FMRTE - wondered if you can get round it with cross sync)


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