11 months ago
8 months ago
Hi guys,

I've been using CM 4 PreGame Editor for updating the old CM 03/04 according to FM data. I've been editing for a year, and now the game closes suddently with no error message. I can create a new game and I "go on holiday", but after few minutes the game closes. I've edited 8 national leagues, with avarage 40 player in each squad. I've used CA, PA and habilities of FM, I've done player's history also. Have I overloaded the game? Can I fix that? If anyone know about the issue please help me, I'll be very glad.
Eric Portapotty
12 years ago
11 hours ago
You're much better off asking on methinks
1 month ago
1 month ago

Maybe the game edition is not compatible. Or when your one player ability go beyond the CA,the game database or the game occasionally closes.

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