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So, what's everyone's thoughts on the "use fake players" option? Personally I've never seen the point, as all it seems to do is obfuscate the names of all the real players, and sometimes change their age or their nationality. To me, it seems pointless. In fact, if I'm playing with real players anyway I might as well know who they are.

And it got me thinking. Why not change the whole thing? Why not actually have the "use fake players" option generate a fresh new database of fake players?

For example, if you were to use the editor to take all the players out of every club in the English league system, and start up a new game with the "add players to playable teams" option, it would generate entirely new squads for them all, consisting of mostly English players (except for the Welsh clubs, of course). Likewise if you were to do it with the German leagues, you'd get fresh squads of mostly German players.

The only issue is that players generated this way have their CA and PA capped out around 130. Obviously this is perfect when using this option for its intended purpose, i.e. generating squads for leagues added through the editor with minimal squad information. You wouldn't have many players reaching that 130 CA cap if you were generating squads for teams in Zanzibar, for example. They also seem to have their age capped at around 30, which isn't as much of a big deal, but I'd like to see some more old-timers, lol.

So my idea is to add a new option that generates a new database of players, uncapped CA (but obviously the players' ability would be based on the reputation, facilities, etc. of the club they're at), based on what database size you selected. For example, a small database size with the Premier League loaded will obviously generate squads for all the PL clubs, but also some good players at relevant European clubs, the quintessential South American wonderkids, and so on. You could have it customisable, much like the database size option is now. Perhaps an option to pick and choose specific countries' leagues you want it to generate squads for, including the unplayable ones. I usually load the whole database of players into my game, so the ability to make squads for all the obscure unplayable leagues would be a godsend for me.

Personally I think this would give a really nice new angle to FM, where you step into an unknown footballing landscape and try to build a team from a world of players you don't know. Now, I realise this can be accomplished by simply holidaying many years into the future, but I think it'd be more convenient my way. No need to wait around until the game's simulated 30 years, or download someone else's save, you'd just start the game and every club has a fresh squad of homegrown players. The homegrown part is not that important per se, but I think it'd make it more interesting.

This is just something that's been brewing in my mind for some time. I made a post on the suggestions forum about it, so maybe SI have already vetoed it, lol. Just wanted to hear some other opinions on this, because I really think it'd make for some interesting new challenges.
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It depends on where you start your save, if you start as a top team in a top a division it’s kinda pointless as you wrote it’s quite easy to find the players, but staring as a LLM is absolutely amazing, especially if you turn on masking. All the free players that have been hanging around since year dot disappear, key loans may not be available, thus your forced from the start to scout effectively, the teams are often poor with major gaps to fill, yeah it’s interesting & challenging 

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Yeah, I've been looking for a way to generate a proper fictional player base for quite a while now because when you play a lot or when you do an online-save with others, you just know where to look for talent. You either know the names to check or at the very least you know the clubs. 
Using fake names doesn't really do anything here. Oh well I wonder who this pretty good portuguese bloke in the Saudi League is?

Creating new players by hand in the editor is extremely tedious, as it is, so creating thousands if not tens of thousands of them just for the sake of having a “pseudo-random” fictional player base just isn't feasible. Surely there are people out there who have the skill to create a tool or a script or whatever to allow us to generate random, fictional player bases. Because SI doesn't seem to be interested at all in this judging by how long people have been asking for this.

Right now your best bet is probably to take out the players entirely or add some other custom player base, then use fake names and add players to playable teams, crank up the youth rating and holiday for 5-10 years.

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